Wentworth Miller in TV Guide

Scans from the new TV Guide are available at Prison Break Online.  Enjoy!

Thanks dinamite!


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5 responses to “Wentworth Miller in TV Guide

  1. LAgurl

    I like this 🙂 Wenty is sooo beautiful :):)

  2. Photoshopped or not… Hot damn!

  3. HereKitty

    I like Linc being behind the one behind the fence .. 😀 *snickers* The Pretty is too pretty to put behind a fence. Sort of like no one puts Baby in a corner … hee hee

  4. brit bird

    Even though I wont get to see it for a while…… squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. LOL, HereKitty! With that DD reference, now I know you and me are from same generation. 😉

    I never noticed how much bushier Dom’s eyebrows are when compared to Went’s. Do you think Went “manscapes?” *snicker*

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