Prison Break Live-Blogging Season Three Premiere Event

I thought I’d try a little something different this year and actually live blog during the show. You will need to refresh your page to see my updates and if you come in at the end, you’ll see them in all of their typo’d, incoherent glory, unless I’ve cleaned them up by then. On with Orientacion!

Last update: 9/18 6:43 a.m. to add a couple caps πŸ™‚

-Oooo Went and Dom walking in slow motion for the promo all serious looking and new credits. Nice!

-FOX wants us to remember that Jodi Lynn O’Keefe is a hot piece of ass so she comes out in her bra and panties and a shirt that she TAKES OFF to do her makeup. OK she’s hot; Duly noted.

-Michael looks sufficiently scared of this new prison as a couple guys battle to the death in the rain while the crowd cheers them on. I know this is supposed to frighten me but men mud wrestling with muscles rippling everywhere is REALLY doing the opposite. Oh shit, I heard a neck break, color me scared.

-Linc is working overtime to get his brother out of Sona and it looks like he’s on to something. He’s been promised a transfer for Michael the next day. Something tells me that was too easy…

-Jesus! Bellick looks like SHIT! He’s walking around all beat up in his underwear and dehydrated. Wade Williams in his underwear is NOT doing it for me.

-Mahone is looking fuckable and angsty while he’s having flashbacks of his misdeeds and his family’s faces. He has some pills left that he’s popping, the junkie.

-Mahone found Michael and he’s freakin’ out. He wants out, NOW! He wants to work together but Michael told him to go fuck himself. My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.

-There’s a girl screaming in…Panamanian. “Bring me my husband,” she says as Linc walks in to see his baby bro.

-Linc is telling him he’s getting out and all he can think about is Sara. What a sap. Linc says “See you tomorrow.”

-It’s time for the newbies to meet the HNIC who looks like he just finished doing the business with a whore dressed as a nun to get in. Michael is already famous in Sona, go figure. Lechero is trying to show them who’s boss and Michael stops him from beating a poor newbie to death for being so afraid he peed on the floor. “Brave Man.” Indeed.

-Ahahahaha Lechero dismisses them and asks the whore if Michael is good-looking and then throws her when she admits he is. OF FUCKING COURSE HE IS! He is a GOD!

-Michael is having flashbacks of Sara and Linc is looking for her. Dom is doing a good job.

-Bellick is being forced to work, for what I don’t know since he still looks hungry and thirsty and like shit.

-Here comes T-bag baby! Haha! And there’s that tongue…Mmmmmm

-Michael has another visitor who is planting the seed for Michael to break out. I smell the coooooompany.

-Some HUGE guy accuses Michael of stealing his stash which is conveniently stashed under his mattress. A plant. Do I smell a fight?

**SIDE NOTE: When Lechero has his man pat Michael down and then tells him to “Check his area,” was I the only one who thought Michael was going to get his very first hand job since this all began? Really? OK, the cheese stands alone…

-Linc gets a call that someone matching Sara’s description has been found at the morgue. Bye bye Sara!

-Bellick and his loser friend clean up the bathroom and burn the shit all day for the leftovers on the bone after the cook finished eating which is basically nothing. Brutal.

-Yay! T-bag Michael reunion! I’m all hot and shit!

-Bellick’s boy has decided to run. Death by CO. Fuck.

-Michael is horrified. I think he’s gonna hyperventilate and here comes the challenge..Someone wants Mike to put his dukes up. I recommend the drop kick he put on Bellick’s ass that time. Hee hee!

-Linc came to identify Sara. Let me guess, it’s not her…

-CALLED IT! It’s not her. And so we wait…

-Mike is trying to talk his way out of his fight. It ain’t gonna work. Mike calls Lechero out on setting him up, he denies it of course even though that’s exactly what he did.

-Bellick is still cleaning up shit for scraps. Someone, please save Bellick. I can’t take this much longer. Just when you start to feel sorry for Bellick, he does something like tell someone to bite him and it all starts to make sense again. Thank you Wade.

-Apparently, they have some people in some kind of bricked up cells in the basement. This place is fucked. The guy in the cell offers Bellick some “chicken” (translation: rat) to run an errand for him.

-There’s been another fight. Someone else is dead.

-T-bag sees who the big dog is and he wants in. He’s sucking up to Lechero, lol.

-Awww Mahone is offering fighting advice. He tells Michael to go for the knee cap. They should totally just fuck already. Michael said “It almost sounds like you care.” Mahone tells Michael he’s his “get out of jail free card.” It’s a Kodak moment.

-Bellick wishes Michael luck while he slips him something. A piece of paper? A shank? I’m glad I’m Tivoing this. I’m blind.

-OK it was a piece of paper. He puts one in the pocket of his opponent as well.

-T-bag is standing up top with Lechero ahahahaha. Way to form an alliance there T-bag!

-It’s fight time! Mike is screaming, “I’m not gonna fight!” Ahahahaha, we’ll see how long that lasts.

Straight for the kneecap baby! BAM! Ahahaha! Michael is kicking ASS! He thinks he’s done so he tries to leave. Lechero says “only one man gets out alive…” Cue horrified Michael aaaaaaand commercial.

-Giagantor is up again miraculously but Mike is still kicking ass. Someone gave big man a shank. Mike is not facing the crowd. Oh no! Is this the end for Michael Scofield?

-Of course not. Haha! Mahone steps in and slices that ass up. HA! He reiterates the rules to Lechero about no weapons. Lechero doesn’t look pleased but hey, they’re his rules.

-Linc shows up at the restaurant he’s supposed to meet his kid at. Oh did I forget to mention that LJ called Linc earlier? Could it be b/c no one matters but Went? MAYBE! Guess who’s there instead? Betty fucking Crocker bombshell of panty and bra fame from earlier and she knows his name and says that he should really talk to Michael and I bet we know what for.

-Cute chick is still outside screaming in not-English while the CO’s bring out the bodies and Michael watches. They shoot them to make sure they’re dead. Well that plan is out. The chick is now going through the pockets of the dead men’s clothes looking for a message on paper. I guess she found it.

-Linc is back to try and convince Mike to break Whistler out. He shows him video of LJ with a newspaper being held captive. Mike has a week to find this Whistler dude for BettyNo-Clothes or LJ and Sara are dead.

—Consensus after the rewatch.

Single greatest moment (yes I’m biased): The smile Michael gives before he says “Fighting dirty?” to Mahone *swoon*

Best Chemistry: Went and Bill. My God, they sizzled!

Best Scene: The fight AND Mahone saving Michael’s ass in the fight. Oh save me Mahone. SAVE ME!

Gripe: Lechero’s accent was in and out, dammit I need consistency!

Random Comment: Dom is looking hot. Who knew?

Overall, good opener! B+ Next week will be even better cuz Heroes will be on after. Sorry K-Ville, you should have picked another timeslot!


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48 responses to “Prison Break Live-Blogging Season Three Premiere Event

  1. nikki

    Oh wfw you rock. Following the steps of other websites, but, instead of emmys, tca etc.. its PB. Which is way better.

  2. miller_thriller

    This is IMMENSE!

    My damn refresh button doesnt know whats hit it!

  3. _isa_

    Thanks God your commercials are shorter then ours!

  4. Great idea, but can you step it up a bit? Record your recap and post the audio for us, and do it totally smashed so that you can sing to all the car commercials…c’mon, do it for us! πŸ˜€

  5. WfW: Ok, Miller and the others are hot, especially in that fight. But why do I get the feeling that you find the plot somewhat schmucky? Sorry, the Philippines will probably get PB3 in December (and the Ellen show? prob next year.)

    PS Thanks for the work you did, though. It got me excited. (Will Michael really kill? Wow. He’s like that story about archangels having always one wing dipped in blood.)

  6. After all he’s been through (and what he’s about to go through), Michael really needs to be laid badly–by someone who does it sooo well. The boy needs to keep his juices flowing.

  7. Jen

    Love the play by play WFW. Oh how I wish PB came on at 9 instead of 8 here in B-more. Between 8-9 is the most crazy time in my house and I couldn’t here every word OLP said!! I have to Tivo it and rewatch it once the kids are asleep! Lord knows Went needs complete attention and concentration. Great kick-off, can’t wait till next Monday.

  8. Zie

    WOW! Thanks for the blog. I do not know when we in Singapore ever get to watch it!! At least i know what’s happening πŸ™‚

    Love ur blog πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. The Cheese does not stand alone. I was wondering how you got THAT job! By the way, what flavor are you? Can I be Extra Sharp Cheddar?

  10. jailbird

    WFW…You need to do a play by play, record it with pictures and put it on Youtube.

    What happened with the Ellen Show?? I was too darn busy to watch it….anyone got the scoop??

  11. tia

    LOL, “HNIC” don’t think I don’t know what that means WFW

  12. LAgurl

    I LOVE this! I LOVED eps. 1, and can not wait for the second one!!! WENTY πŸ™‚

  13. Darci

    WFW, Thanks for the ball by ball commentry. We, in Sri Lanka won’t get to see season 3 for at least another year. Keep up the pro bono work.

  14. shortstuff

    “When Lechero has his man pat Michael down and then tells him to β€œCheck his area,” was I the only one who thought Michael was going to get his very first hand job since this all began?”

    omg, y0u were NOT the the only one my friend! i was like, :O really? FOX?? but alas, no such luck.. 😦

    ps: panamanians speak spanish.. dont insult me like that! πŸ˜›

    WFW: Spanish? You don't say...Was that an insult? I thought I was being cute. WFW fails again...*runs away crying*

  15. shortstuff

    pps: why does that last smiley look so demented? its suppose to be sticking out its tongue, not panting..

  16. Juma

    WFW did I ever told you that I love you and I wanna give you a big slopy tongue kiss!!?
    Thank you so much for this, I looove reading the episodes while I wait for the show to go on air (2008! F…).
    I’m all excited about the michael/mahone chemistry. Are we going to have a beatifull sex/love story between those 2? πŸ˜‰

  17. Dannie

    Shock horror, we are actually getting to see s3 now, it starts next week, only one week behind. Thankgod Australian tv has finally joined the new millenium. Yeah, yeah, I can’t wait. Thanks for the blow by blow WFW, now i know what i’ve got to look forward to. By the way, the guy that plays Whistler, only just got killed off an Australia show called All Saints, about a month or so ago. He played a spunky doctor, I was thinking why go and get yourself killed off, but then All Saints to Prison Break, it all becomes clear.

  18. Mink

    **SIDE NOTE: When Lechero has his man pat Michael down and then tells him to β€œCheck his area,” was I the only one who thought Michael was going to get his very first hand job since this all began? Really? OK, the cheese stands alone…

    For a glorious split second I thought Michael was going to be forced to ‘bend over’. Alas, no such luck. (But I still that double entendre was totally intentional by the writers; I just know they cracked their own shit up with that one.)

    Loved the very purdy new credits (so much Went!). And I agree the MiMa chemistry was something to behold. Can’t wait for more of that this season. Yum!



    I just heard a few minutes ago on the French radio Europe 1, that a French actor, Yvan Attal, has been recruited by Brett Ratner to join the cast of PB4…

    So, there will be a sequel (I bet SWC will be back then)!!!

  20. Mrs Miller

    WFW – I looooooovvvvveeee yyoooooouu!! XXXXXX (big smacky kisses) I need a tardis to get to next monday – can’t wait that long. need ….it….now

    What’s that – a PB4? There is a creator and she loves us

  21. shelley

    Loved when Mahone helped Michael, almost wept over that! Really for me, it goes back to Went just looks so fucking hot, and then he fights? Even hotter!

  22. Fairy

    Kickass recap, WFW!
    Hope you continue doing it. Too bad I won’t be able to read them in real time, since not living in the US sucks, as usual.

    I loved the ep, maybe only because the hiatus was so long and I really missed Went being Michael. Although I could have done with more of him. But what else is new.

    The new opening credits are a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

    I squeed and flailed when Mahone cheered after Michael did as advised and went for the kneecap. This is gonna be one MiMalicious season, woot!

  23. AJ

    Michael and Alex sittin’ in a tree f-u-c-k-i-n-g!

    God, they’re so hot together… Bring on the comfort sex!!!

    Oh, and why couldn’t they have just let Sara be dead already? Booooo.

  24. Erika

    Oh WFW, you’re the best! Love your POV,it makes me notice details that I didn’t think of and in a much funnier way. Great recap.

  25. Fairy

    Oh, I forgot, WHERE’S MY SUCRE, sons of bitches?

  26. Gbaby

    Thanks, blog mistress.
    An excellent way to start my Tuesday morning.

  27. Mink

    Single greatest moment (yes I’m biased): The smile Michael gives before he says β€œFighting dirty?” to Mahone *swoon*

    I just saw you updated re. this and just had to say…I am soooo with you. Gorgeous and sexy and sexy and gorgeous. *swoons too*

    And what made me laugh is this little smile and the way it forms on his face is exactly the same as the one that he showed in the car in S2, just after Sara said she wanted filet mignon. Buh bye MiSa, helloooo MiMa. πŸ˜€

  28. WFW

    Ahahahahaha! Long live MiMa!

    I actually updated it too to briefly mention the credits which I really liked and forgot to say last night. And now back to the latest batch of LAX candids. *happy sigh*

    Oh Went, I know it’s rumored you might not like pussy, but have you tried it? (TM Nicbeast)

  29. neri

    that show was freakin’ amazing!!!

    great detail WFW πŸ™‚

    and i agree…Dom is looking hott!! πŸ™‚ I think he’s slightly overlooked….not anymore!! >-D hehehehehe

  30. The music last night was the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssstttttttt!!!!!!
    The beats were infectuous(is that a damn word?)
    I was dancing on my couch. The part with the drumming….I swore I was in Spanish Harlem…… or the subway.

    They need to come out with a soundtrack for this season.

  31. I was so loving seeing Bellick clean up the toilets. And the prisoner who tried to escape? Come on. He couldn’t even run properly. Where the hell was he going? He should’ve stayed and fattened himself up, pumped some weights and then tried to escape. Big picture people!

  32. Mahone helping Mike take down Gigantor…now that was a hot moment.

    Are all the damn men on this show gonna look sexy this season? *sigh*
    Sucre shows up next week! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  33. Great stuff WFW, having just watched the show I agree MiMa could be a great storyline. And Went looks soooo fucking hot. I think you could kill off almost everyone else and it would still be a great show – just a little more flesh and maybe a flash of that tat? And I believe they’re building up Linc to do something bad – maybe that rumour about Linc and Sara having the affair? Then maybe she could just kill herself with the guilt.

  34. So… does anyone know if the episodes will be streamed on Fox again? Being a pseudo-luddite, I don’t have a tv or cable. And I’m seriously jonesing for some Miller.

    Oh…and will someone PLEASE upload the Wenterview from Ellen to YouTube or Google? Pretty please? πŸ™‚

  35. Bel

    Will. not. read. until. I. have. watched. it.

    *wrenches herself away*

  36. brit bird

    I had to do it didn’t I? I had to read the spoiler….
    But hey, best damn 5 minutes I have had all day……
    God only knows when I will get to see it **drops on knees and prays to the lord above**
    -Ahahahaha Lechero dismisses them and asks the whore if Michael is good-looking and then throws her when she admits he is. OF FUCKING COURSE HE IS! He is a GOD! Did he even have to ask that?….. Stoopid

  37. kiwifan

    Hi guys
    the whole episode is on youtube broken into about 5 videos – subscribe to this guy/gal – tom211221 – and he/she’s promised to upload the series each week – awesome!!! especially for us down here in NZ who probably won’t get it til 2009. The quality aint that great but I’ll take what i can get. I have to say i agree MIMA rox. well better get back to my fight scene…see yas next week

  38. ODE

    Oh WFW, there is no other site as friggin high-larious and entertaining as yours! LOVE your Princess Bride Scofield/Mahone moment, hah, pure gold! Anyway thought last nite’s premier was worth the wait and here’s to more men mud wrestling in Sona moments. Maybe there’ll be one where Scofield pants gets ripped off??? Come on FOX, throw us a freaking bone here!

  39. reut

    great commentary. I read it just after watching the show right now and laughed A LOT. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for your great sense of humor. And yes THAT SMILE made me this episode too.

  40. niknak

    I thoroughly enjoyed the season premiere, though I could’ve done without Betty Fuckme, but hey, the guys have to have SOME reason to watch. Also, was I the only one who LOVED the fact that a)the whore was dressed as a nun, and
    b) she only had 15 minutes, and she was already getting dressed when she said that. I guess Lechero is lacking in the stamina department.

    I wasn’t able to read the live blogging since I live on the opposite side of the country and am a lifetime behind, but I read it today, and:

    1. LMAO at the Inigo Montoya reference. I SO thought the same thing. Michael is just missing the long locks and sinister mustache.

    2.“check his area”: No, hon, the cheese does not stand alone. I was right there with you, *raising hand shouting “Pick me, pick me!”*
    and from the looks of it, you’re more “Farmer in the Dell” lugging around the entire farm than “Lonely Cheese” on this one.

    3. HNIC – Takes me back to “Lean on Me,” though Sona is a bit nicer than that shithole school those poor kids went to. Note: No “ghetto pass” for anyone who doesn’t get the acronym or reference

    Amazing job, WFW!! Keep it up!

  41. Fashion Police

    Call me picky….but I just didn’t like how dirty everyone was I had to take a shower after the show just to clense myself.
    Is the budget low for the wardrobe department this season??……just a loin cloth for Belleck & his dirty friend that got shot.

  42. MAY

    Is Fernando Sucre coming back soon?
    And what about this rumour of a PB4?

  43. Bel

    I saw it! Must say I wasn’t too exited about the episode. A lot of potential though, so I hope it will soon pick up speed.

  44. Bel


    The writers TOTALLY read SONA. Just sayin’. Serafina, if you ever come here, you should sue their damn asses.

  45. Bel

    Last comment, I swear!
    I second BTF: Where is my sugar!?!

  46. B

    tom211221 is a bloody genius! I can get my fix from the UK…*squeeee* so amazing, seriously I am officially excited!!


    I just watched PB3 x 01.
    Well, I did something naughty: I downloaded it illegally on a file-sharing site, because it will take eons before they show it here in Switzerland (It’s their fault if I become a criminal!).

    Anyway, I found the episode a bit boring . We’ve seen prison fights so many times, and PB is trying here too much to imitate OZ, in a softer and superficial sort of way… I hope it gets better soon!

    Went, of course was beautiful as in the previous series, and Mahone was very sexy, too…

    One thing about Went: I always find a strange dichotomy between Went-Michael and Real Went, they LOOK different to me!( And it has nothing to do with his acting skills).

    Is it because Michael is made up, well-lit and photographed that I find him SO different to Went in real life?
    Is it the fact that Michael has a stern face, a hard frown and always the same expression as on the Bean Pole photoshoots?

    Personally, I much prefer Real Went with his freckles, moles and skin imperfections, also his shy smile and feminine aspects…

    Do you TOO find him different physically, like two different persons ?

  48. Anonymous

    Just watched the episode tonight in Ireland!THAT smile was so hot!

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