Wentworth has a new hat!

And it is cuuuuuuuute! Oh and are those new chords and not the usual beige pants of death? BRAVO Mr. Miller! First new digs at the EW party and now this…Almost makes a girl want to fly to Dallas to get more…


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26 responses to “Wentworth has a new hat!

  1. miller_thriller

    He is looking sensational at the moment. Something or someone, is DEFINATELY putting a smile on his face!

    And i LOVE the new hat. I have one just like it! Omg Went, dont share clothes with Luke, come play with me baby! Gotta love boyfriend jeans and mens shirts after sex!

    Babe, we could sooooo co-ordinate!!!
    *rushing out to buy beige*

  2. neri

    seee, much better…home boy is learning!!!
    YEY WENT!!!!

  3. Rosi

    YEAH Went is a hat maniac..kinda love that.Go Went!

  4. Thanks, WfW! Learning…and having extra money helps. Heezus! I know that many have wailed this before, but it bears repeating: How can someone look so, so seductive in everyday clothes? And it really is unfair of the Creator to do this to us.

  5. MT said:

    “Something or someone, is DEFINATELY putting a smile on his face!”

    It’s the Blackberry buzzing in his pocket! πŸ˜‰

  6. and that’s “DEFINITELY” for the spelling Nazis. πŸ˜‰

  7. LAgurl


  8. WFW



  9. Don’t you just wish that who ever took this pic was standing behind him? *sigh*

  10. shortstuff

    THAT is what im talking about! went, dont you dare put that bucket hat back on EVER now that we’ve seen the wonders of this one…


  11. Juma

    OMG!! Look at that smile!
    Went baby, stick to the new hat

  12. Melm

    A paparazzi takes his photo at the airport while he’s putting his shoes back on, and the MAN looks like he’s coming straight out of a Vogue photo-shoot? Boy does he give a whole new meaning to photogenic!
    Yes, those are his usual beige pants of death and his same v-neck tee-shirt, but that hat and that smile… I literally stopped breathing for ten seconds when I saw the picture.
    If I were the security lady at that gate, he would be forced to take off a lot more than his shoes…

  13. Erika

    The sweetest most adorable man ever. The paps must be annoying as hell but he’s always friendly with them. I wish they had taken a picture of his bare feet though…I’m a sucker for Went’s toes and they probably smell like baby powder.

  14. neri

    *still staring at photos* *sigh*

    Things i’ve noticed:
    He has really long fingers…..
    same boots from the party too… πŸ™‚
    I can notice the blackberry in his pocket…;-)

    Maybe just me but….I freakin’ love when guys where those raggedy old v-neck T’s!!!

    So cute!

  15. Snowflake

    God, he looks gorgeous!!
    The pics with the sunglasses are my favorite, soooo hot. Love the cowboy boots too.

  16. Melm

    OMG. I did not see the rest of the pictures before. I just spilled orange-juice all over my desk when I saw the sunglasses shots. HE IS ON FIRE HOT!

  17. Snowflake

    What about a remake of “Top Gun” starring Wentworth? He already has the sunglasses! (Tom Cruise is so over…)
    I am sure we would find some more hot young actors for the other characters!! Any ideas?

  18. brit bird

    **Dead That is all

  19. art girl

    As hot as he looks with clothes on I would like to see his clothes off. I think he should be in a movie like 300 runnimg around wearing nothing but the tiny little leather unerwear. Imagine all those flexing muscles. No cape, so then you can look at his glorious ass. Also wouldn’t you love to be a bead of sweat rolling down his body; starting at his tempels then slowly sliding down his cheak bones, sliping down his neck, rolling down his clavical, then across his pecs dripping off a nipple, gliding down to his, I will let you imagine the rest. Am I right girls?

  20. Anty

    *stares at the third pic on JJ’s site*

    Curve. Of. That. Ass. Curve. Backpack. Curve. Ass. Must. Breathe.

    And holy shit, he’s photogenic. That’s some great skin, there.

  21. Fashion Police

    Well I’m the only one as usual that HATES THE HAT…..but you know Went-baby I will always tell the truth…..you look amazing but you have god-awful taste in hats.

  22. bif

    anty, i notice his back curves too.. from season 1 of prison break actually, ohh that curve.. & that high ass.. he’s back curve is sexier than any woman,damn it!!!!!

  23. Anty


    Yeah, so high… and round… *drools*

    I hope he does some shitty arthouse movie after Prison Break where he goes naked!!

  24. B

    Wentworth looks so good…infact if anyone has heard this one song by Jill Scott Its called
    ”Cross My Mind”…you will know what I mean…*sighs*

  25. jailbird

    I wonder if has sex with this hat on???????

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