Public Enemy Number One

When I went out to get lunch today I noticed this sign on numerous lampposts with a note:

Hey there you smug fucker! What’s this I hear about you sticking your DICK in my boyfriend? Unless you want to get hurt, I suggest you BACK THE FUCK UP!!! Who are you anyway? I never even heard your name before T.R. Knight came out! Stay. away. from. my. man. and kindly, eat shit.

Wow. Whoever put these up is crazy as hell. *looks around whistling*


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43 responses to “Public Enemy Number One

  1. brit bird

    AHHAHAHHA Yes WFW yOU ARE JUST MISUNDERSTOOD….. **slowly backs away towards the door, smiling**

  2. *getting rid of all of her sellotape*

  3. miller_thriller


    What’s this I hear about you sticking your DICK in my boyfriend?

    This person clearly has a way with words!
    And, one question, Went honey, when you look like that, why are you with someone who looks like him???

    Boy look in the mirror and RECOGNISE!

  4. Rosi

    LMFAO ahahahaa go girl!!!!!!To Luke-We dont hate you Luke…lol

  5. SavMed

    Eat shit AND DIE – or am I wrong AJ?

  6. Bel

    One thing’s for sure. This ‘person’ is going about things all wrong. Never heard of friends with ‘benefits’?


  7. brit bird

    MT….. are you developing taste…..?

    BACK THE FUCK UP!!! yeah he can back the fuck up into my vajayjay

  8. neri

    WFW, i will never say you are crazy or a psycho, nope never again will i ever say it… you’re sweet.

    You are sane and healthy…and we love you! 🙂
    *slowly backs away towards the door after brit bird, also smiling*

  9. shelley

    Oh my, things continue to get very interesting around the WFW site! I love watching a good “girl” fight, haven’t seen one since high school though (ahem, we’re talking oh, 13 years ago!)!

  10. Erika

    Yes, YESss!!! This is the kind of shit I’ve been wanting tell Luke for a while now. I LOVE “whoever” wrote that! I just want to add: Luke you’re cute and whatever…I think I could like you but not while you’re FUCKING WITH THE WRONG ASS!!!

  11. Cindy

    1. When did Luke say that?
    2. Public enemy #1 is not luke, its perez. He’s the one that started the rumor.

  12. Mink

    LMAO! Compared to previously rumoured ‘partners’, it has to be said that Luke has been getting off very, very lightly with regard to fangirl wrath.

    Obviously it’s easier not to be cross when it’s not so much that you’re being beaten in the game as that you’re not on the team and you don’t have a chance in hell of ever getting on it, but still…

    I kind of don’t mind Luke. I can see how Went and he *suit* one another. And evidently he makes TPO happy as fuck (pun totally intended).

    However, I will say, on a totally selfish note, he could be a tad hotter. My fantasies would appreciate it. 😉

  13. ilurvemv

    So this is an awkward time to point out that I, er, really like Luke? And that I’m listening to one of his band’s songs while I’m typing this and he has a nice voice? *hangs head*

    Cindy, you do realize this post is marked “humor” don’t you? 🙂

    And Mink, trust me when I say those candids of Luke walking with Went do not do him justice. Go and see some of his pics on his fansites – boy looks HAWT!

    *running away ducking sharp rocks and pointy swords*

  14. Juma

    yeah Luke! Back of and leave Went alone!
    He is ours, we found him first!

  15. evelyn

    *prints pic and hangs it on wall. looks around for darts*

  16. Giulia

    I saw Luke as Scotty on Brothers&Sisters and he was the boyfriend of Kevin Walker… I have to admit that I loved his character and he seems a really nice guy… but Luke an advice: stay away from our Wentworth… we are a bunch of jealous crazy fangirls… and we wanna kick you ass!

  17. AJ

    “Eat shit AND DIE – or am I wrong AJ?”

    Damn straight, SM!! Who does this bish think he is, comin’ up in here and tryin’ to steal our boyfriend? He must not know… *shaking head at Luke*

    I’m totally with y’all on the “ass-kicking” bandwagon. I don’t care if he is a dude, I hate everyone equally who fucks my (tv) boyfriend…I don’t care how sexy they look together….

    *prepares to layeth the smacketh down on Luke’s candy ass*

  18. LAgurl

    Hey Mink, to answer your question about how The Pretty may board the plane (not to take over the space here, sorry WFW) it depends. I have had my share of celebrities on my flight and sometimes they board last, sometimes, they board first, and depending on the configuration of the aircraft, the passengers seated in Economy will not have to walk through the first/business class area. I have seen Kobe Bryant, Alicia Keys, etc. come on with their managers, trainers, what have you, at the end, and I’ve seen other not so high profile people mingle with the others. Normally, though, they don’t get noticed as much, unless you’re Eva Longoria, who my friend has had and she actually makes her presence KNOWN in the gate area by talking loudly, etc. I’m sure Wenty doesn’t do that. I’d LOVE to have him on my flight 🙂 *dreamy eye*

  19. jailbird

    I’m speachless!! 🙂

  20. niknak

    Oh dear! We really need to find whomever put that picture up… and shake her hand! FINALLY, someone points out the pink elephant in the room. Which is:

    We don’t care who/what you are! You are trying to steal our TV boyfriend! Man, woman, child, sheep: NO ONE is safe when it comes to the wrath of Went’s fandom and they are make off (or out) with our Pretty.

    Back the fuck up is right! And, if you keep pushing us Luke, we’re going to start to push back!

  21. Luci

    Hmm, I guess someone does not like Luke Starfucker.

  22. PBLUV

    I love Luke, I think he is the hotness! Did y’all miss Brothers and Sisters???
    I love the Pretty….ALOT,
    thus…I can’t even joke about Luke
    Went, its just fangirl wrath…nothing serious..

  23. Bwahahahahaha-haaaaa!

    That’s gotta be one of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time!

    WFW, you should do a shirt version.

  24. Niki

    You are all pathetic, and it makes me sad. Your obsessing over a man who doesn’t even know you exist. I dont think he’s gay either but so what if he is. It’s not like he’s out there saving himself for you! Get a life! Oh and whoever created this website is a sick bastard!

  25. Darci

    Niki, Get out of our sight (site) then.

  26. ilurvemv

    Um, Niki? Do me a favor:

    1. Pull the stick out of your butt.
    2. Grow a sense of humor. Yesterday. You’re lacking one more than Sean Penn.
    3. Scroll back up to the post and read the “HUMOR” tag on it. Because somehow, you are failing to notice that this is a blog that is supposed to be funny and all in the name of fun only.

    Humor. Satire. This post is not serious and we’re not really out to get Luke. Okay?

  27. To Niki 12.28: What do you mean W. Miller wasn’t saving himself for me? What have you heard?! Now you’ve made ME sad!

    Listen, mate, I don’t really wanna ask the obvious question, but what happened to your sense of humour, Ms Niki?

    If you can’t find it, then I suggest you use the exit towards your left. Please don’t slam the door on your way out. It’s rude to do so.

    Buh-bye! *waves*

  28. sara


    I had a crappy day but I am laughing hysterically now.
    WFW you are a genius, I think I love you!
    You guys are soooo funny, I love all your comments too

    BTW Niki I really think Went is dating this dude and I DON’T GIVE A SHIT. Like ilurvemv said: grow a sense of humor. Whitouth humor your life is miserable


    HOW MUCH TO BUMP OFF the Luke?

    Make your offers, ladies!


    Can burke that NIKI Killjoy at no extra cost.

    Think about it.

  31. Fuushi

    Hi! Congratulations! You made me laugh inspite of the worst week I´ve ever had.
    And: Congratulations! You -all of you- made the very best homepage about Went on the whole wide www-world. I am totally thankful for that, as I live in Europe and on European TV we haven´t finished season one (!!!) yet. Exept for the German GQ Style, there´s also just little information about Went or Prison Break in the media. THANKS!

  32. WFW

    I’m a sick bastard! I’m a sick bastard! Where’s my award? *waiting*

    And to everyone who found it amusing, I say: Whoa whoa whoa and you’re welcome.

    *The sick bastard is now dancing to the shower*

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  34. B

    Well…what do you call someone who disses someone they dont even know…*WFW* yet visits her blog and has the bloody cheek to comment? a flaming hypocrite! Why was this Niki even here in the first place?! *Sighs*

  35. SavMed

    NIKKI: “It’s not like he’s out there saving himself for you!”

    OMG, Nikki you just killed my dream.

    *reaches for her mother’s antidepressants*

  36. SavMed

    Oh, and Nikki I’m preparing a slumber party so if you want to come, you are welcome.
    Thank you for opening my eyes, you are my new best friend.

  37. Rosi


  38. Rosi

    Luke doesnt know us?OMG THAT IS A BRAND NEW INFORMATION!!!I AM SO SHOCKED!Niki we do have a life!And my life is connected pretty much with wfw’s blog and all of the girls in here.Even now in this 5 min,my life is connected with you by leaving this message.We dont mind gay people.We do have friends or some of us have relatives who are gay…. Dont accuse us so serious for a things you dont know for sure.Yeah we are not perfect but we have some sense of humor 🙂 and we love and enjoy it.

  39. sueli

    [quote]LMAO! Compared to previously rumoured ‘partners’, it has to be said that Luke has been getting off very, very lightly with regard to fangirl wrath.[/quote]
    The man is hot. The mind veers fantastically (in every sense of the word) toward “three-way,” whether it be me or, say, Hugh Jackman regardless of whatever the sexual preference of the two actually is.

    Bed-Head & Scruffy MacFarlane = Who’s That Other Guy, Now?

  40. niknak

    The crosshairs are gone??!!! What happened WFW?

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