Wentworth Miller Press Conference 9/14/07

Photos! Glorious Photos!

More here

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Thanks dinamite!


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65 responses to “Wentworth Miller Press Conference 9/14/07

  1. Van

    One word:


    What’s there more to say?!

  2. brit bird

    **dead** there are no words yet…. just drool

  3. neri

    YEY Are we getting the interview w/ the same answers!?!
    I was beginning to miss them…

    *sigh* i love his scrubby ugly shirts

  4. Dreamy………. oh so DREAMY! *sigh*

  5. Madame! How could you?! I just bid your blog ‘good-bye.’ (BLoddy, blooddy, bloody HELL! I’m horny again…)

  6. *sigh* WfW, baby boy looks very relaxed…at peace. Maraming salamat.

  7. Went, in case you’re visiting this site:

    With One More Look at You
    *uhmm, some words changed to fit the situation…*

    “With one more look at you
    I could learn to tame the clouds and
    let the sun shine through
    Leave a troubled past and I might start anew
    I’ll solve the mysteries if you’re the prize
    Refresh these tired eyes
    With one more look or you
    I might overcome the anger
    That I’ve learned to know
    Find the peace of mind I lost so long ago
    Your gentle touch will make me strong again
    And I’ll belong again
    For when I look at you,
    I’m everything and more than I had dreamed I’ll be
    My spirit feels a promise
    I won’t be alone—
    We’ll love and live more, love and live forever
    Wirh one more look at you–
    I’d learn to change the stars
    And change our fortunes, too
    I’d have the constellations point your portrait, too
    So all the world might share this wondrous sight
    The world could end each night
    With one more look at you
    With one more look at you
    I want one more look at you–“

  8. Angie


  9. neri

    AWWWW that was sooo sweet chatJemena!
    *sigh* so perfect.

  10. PBLUV

    Went inspires a wicked spin of my favorite song from A Star is Born!
    See WHAT you do Baby Boy???
    :::I want one. more.look..at you:::::
    Are you watching me now???
    :::joins the dead pile:::

  11. Anty

    Is that… *stares* gray hair? Completely wrinkle-free but gray hair at 35? Some genetics.

  12. Erika

    Somebody needs to come up with a new word to describe Went’s looks because words like sexy, adorable, lustful, intoxicating, beautiful, elegant, seductive, drooly, angelic, cute, pretty, captivating, wonderful, attractive, etc, ect… just don’t do him justice anymore. He is much, much more then that. *refuse to drop dead cuz i just want to keep looking at the pictures*

  13. Angel

    Is it me or dose sex look a bit thin…but thin as in Looking GooooD. Hot Dammm he looking sexy as hell.

  14. B

    I seriously have no idea how to describe Wentworth, I dont think any word does the man justice…he is just…*sighs*…

  15. LAgurl

    B, I am so with you on these photos. I can’t breathe, I am just lost in those eyes….. Wow, just…..wow. I didn’t know it’s possible for someone to look like this…… *sigh*

  16. He looks very happy…like he just had a really engaging session with his buzzing Bberry. πŸ˜‰

  17. Rosi

    DIVINE WENT!Divine creature!He is not talking but his eyes says too much.The way he is smiling,the way he stands…aaah ”Must’ve been the way he walked ,Or his sweet, sweet talk. Guess I fell in love .It’s in the way he calls my name. I know I’ll never be the same .When I first saw you, I saw love. You’re still the one I run to
    The one that I belong to.
    You’re still the one I want for life.You’re still the one that I love
    The only one I dream of
    You’re still the one I kiss good night ”-Shania Twain lyrics.WENT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE ONE!

  18. cat's meow

    Went is so precious. His smile is contagious. I cannot look at him without smiling myself. He is a ray of sunshine and he brightens up my day!

    Thank you God for bringing such a beautiful man for all of us to enjoy. He is our “angel boy”!!!!!!

    Love you Went!!!!

  19. Ahahahahahaahahahhahaahahaaa Mama!!!

    Thank God I wore a panty liner today.

  20. cat's meow

    Went, because you’re so special, sweet and sexy, I will also serenade you:

    “Close to You”

    “On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true.

    So they sprinkled moondust in your hair and golden starlight in your eyes of blue.

    That is why, all the girls in town, follow you, all around,

    Just like me, they long to be, Close to You!!!!!”

  21. Crystal

    Oh so I guess I’m the only one who noticed that one pocket on his shirt is higher than the other. Bless his sweet little heart! πŸ™‚

  22. Bugsy

    I think wenty is an angel. Thats y we all Love him.

  23. Miller_Thriller

    Wentworth Miller. He’s secrety made of awesome.

  24. sueli

    Well, it ain’t a secret no more, MT.

    He looks goooooood. His love of plaid and checks never fails to amuse me in some small way because, regardless of how nice he looks I know there will come a time when I can quote Sixteen Candles: What was he wearing? Well, uh, let’s see, he was wearing a red argyle sweater, and tan trousers, and red shoes… No, he’s not retarded.

  25. HereKitty

    One word .. perfection.

    LMAO, Sueli!

  26. Fashion Police

    GOOD-LORD!!! ….is that awful shirt Luke’s….please tell me you guys are not sharing clothes.

  27. ilurvemv

    Actually, Fashion Police, Went’s been stealing from Tom Welling’s Smallville wardrobe. πŸ˜‰

  28. sara

    He’s sooooooo cute

  29. ChatJemena

    Thank you very much, neri. I’m glad you also approve of the song, pbluv…Yeah, cat’s meow!

    Erika, I think the Churchies have come up with “Wentalicious.”

    Anty!! (stomps foot, cracks cement floor by accident)

  30. Is it always wrong to look at Wentworth Miller’s picture with just one hand ?

  31. ChatJemena

    Surreal (on seeing Miller with just one hand): Just try not to do it in the office or in any crowded place (like the internet cafe). I got hauled to HRDO and couldn’t explain. I’ve been asked to apply for a Sleep Disorder Program to cure my ‘excessive sleepiness’ and noisy dreaming (aaawww, heezus! hmmm, huhm, yes that way…ahuh, if it will please my master…like this? YES! YES! YES!)

    *the last part I attributed to having just watched “When Harry met Sally” the night before. Said I was practising for a possible stage role in”The Vagina Monologues” in 2009. Hmm, I survived.

  32. ChatJemena

    guys, sorry for the repeated posts. WordPress said that there was a small systems error. Ahmm, since I was frustrated, I kept refreshing the page and posting. SOrry, sorry very much, WfW.

  33. Anty


    Well, if you look at the high-res pictures, there *is* gray hair above his left ear. And some on the right side of his head. But it’s OK. He’s wrinkle-free, so he’ll just be able to slap on some color and it’s all good. My mom is almost sixty and she does such a good job at it, people constantly ask her, “um… aren’t you going gray like the rest of us?”

    Interesting dream. I never dream cool stuff like that. And I’d want to mumble such dirty things! Like, “yes, take that strap-on you gorgeous fuck!”

  34. Blarena

    Someone knows his address? I need it!! πŸ˜‰

  35. niknak

    Delayed response to these beauteous photos as I was unable to type from the horrible cramp in my hands that I have been dealing with since the pics arrived.

    I am still astounded that one man can be so fucking gorgeous ALL THE TIME! While he may have a questionable fashion sense, he could be wearing a Hefty bag, and still rock it. He is PERFECTION… or at least as close as us mere mortals can get to it. God bless the two people who made this man!

    Quoting the oh-so-eloquent Britney Spears, “Gimme, gimme more! Gimme more, gimme, gimme, gimme!”

  36. Anty


    How interesting– Madonna steals part of Abba’s melody and Britney the lyrics.

    Um, back on topic: I don’t think the shirt is that bad, and the light blue suits him. You haven’t seen a bad dresser until you’ve followed Robert Sean Leonard around (online).

  37. Fashion Police

    I just checked back to see if there were any new posts but …nothing!!…just Went in his Country-Ass Shirt, how much was it $1 . Even the pockets don’t line up. What?? is this guy not making enough money!!! …perhaps we should take up a collection for Went to buy a new shirt….I’ll give a $1 ….anyone else wanna make a donation?

  38. Fashion Police

    #ilurvemv…hehe….Smallville collection…good one!!

  39. Juma

    The only donation I would make, is to see him naked and not with clothes on.
    I don’t care for what he’s wearing.
    Went is pure perfection!

  40. DanceForMe

    Anty : can you give me some examples (links) of Roberts bad fashion taste, ’cause he was my first favourite fantasy boyfried ever and I kind of lost trace of his fashion development in the last years…is he still wearing that crown of thorns once in a while? (thanx)

    I think the Pretty dresses up like that deliberatly, just imagine him dressing like in the photo shoots he did in everyday life. Who would survive a look at him and not die immediately of total system breakout because of beauty overload? He’s just being kind and thinking about his fans, I think.
    Just like he said in the interview before:
    I’m very protective of the fans…

    *taking all the deads in the comments above as a proof of my theory*

  41. DanceForMe

    ups I meant breakdown, not breakout…

  42. DanceForMe

    and about the picture: awwwwwwwhhh, love it.
    But why is he always hiding his beautyful lean hands? More hand porn, please.
    *singing gimme, gimme more…*

    and about a Went-word: how about wenturous?

  43. ChatJemena

    Erika: how about “Divine Dork”? Although, to tell you the truth, I like WM in whatever he wears.

    On the shirt: light blue does suit him. It makes him look both innocent and jailbait. As to the unaligned pockets—they are aligned. It’s just that he’s standing again in his usual stance—leaning on one hip.

  44. shelley

    Actually, the pockets aren’t lined up, follow the stripes across, the left one appears to be about 1 inch higher. Not that it matters to me! Just an observation!

  45. Erika

    “wenturous” & “devine dork”…lol that’s cute. I’ve come up with “sexadorlustintoxicatingbeaulegant”(a combination of the words that I listed) πŸ™‚ But seriously though, my word looks more like an insult!

  46. Anya


    I answered your RSL question and provided links, but apparently, “Anty” is now being moderated. Yay. Way to go.

  47. cat's meow

    Went, here is a little poem for you my sweet boy just because I love you:

    “Oh Wenty, you’re such a “Stinky”,

    You got me wrapped around your little pinky!

    It’s unbelieveable the control you have over me,

    And millions of women across the sea!

    You do things to me like no other can,

    In my eyes you are the perfect man!”

  48. Martelka

    My got . He is so sweet!!!! What a great guy!!! Why do we not have such guys in Poland??? crying!!!!

  49. WFW

    Anty, actually comments with an excessive number of links are moderated automatically but since it really has no relevance to Went, I don’t feel the need to approve it.

    Off topic discussion is what the cbox is for people. I know I’ve said that more than once.

  50. cat's meow

    The only thing missing in this picture is the HALO over Went’s head!!!! But trust me it’s there, we just can’t see it!!!!

    I love you, ANGEL BOY!!!! Keep sprinkling your love dust all over me!!!! I’m mesmerized by you!!!

  51. Anty


    I was asked if I could be of help, and was only trying to be. I had never heard of that chatbox.

    Also, honestly, you keep a pretty tough regime– I mean, it’s obviously your blog, but people discuss something born from an entry and its comments, when the thread is not really active anymore anyway, and it’s still too off-topic. Or supposed to be moved to another entry’s comments where you feel it fits better. Sometimes I wonder if we can say anything more here other than, “OMG Went is hot!” and “OMG WFW, you rock our world!”

    I keep coming back, because this page is the ultimate well of Wentnews in one place, but if you don’t want people to discuss, maybe you should restrict who can post here.

    And now… back to your regularly scheduled Wentness.

  52. WFW

    You think I’m tough? Really? I think you’d be in the minority there, lol.

    The blog comments are not for chatting, they’re for discussing the post and/or Went and while another actor’s fashion sense could be loosely regarded as still being about Went, it’s at my discretion whether to let it slide or not. Just like it’s at my discretion as to where someone should post a blind item.

    Maybe some days I’m nicer than other days; I’m not a machine but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want the comments to have something to do with the post. This is not a new concept and had you been around long enough, you’d know that. It is in fact, what the chatbox was created for in the first place. You are also free to trade email addresses and/or IM usernames with someone you’d like to carry on a conversation with. I’m not a tyrant, but hell yeah it’s my blog and I do sometimes send it in the direction I want it to go.

    Actually, I can do whatever the fuck I want. I think sometimes people forget that. And I can restrict who can post here but I choose not to. Why the hell would I want to do that when I can just ask that the comments have something to do with post? I mean, is that too hard to do? I basically have no other rules but that one, lol.

    Perhaps you are a little touchy about this subject b/c you seem to have particular trouble with it? I like a smart ass though; It’s hot.

  53. Anty

    I’d say again that I was polite because neri asked me a question, but again, it seems I can’t post.

    Of course a smart ass is hot. They’re described by two of the world’s sexiest words.

  54. pythia

    i really want him to father my children…i just can’t seem to help it

  55. At the risk of being pelted with rotten eggs [cause I know the Fashion Police patrols this area], I just have to post this:


  56. shortstuff

    dear lord in heavan, please forgive me because i am no longer responsible for my actions after seeing went in that shirt…

  57. LAgurl

    country-ass shirt – LMAO!! But he’s so cuuuuuuuute πŸ™‚ Whoever called him ‘angel boy’ is right on!

  58. kassie

    Must be hard to be that cute…greatest eye candy ever!!! Makes me want some whipped cream…*swoons*

  59. Dani

    God the nerdiness suits him.

  60. Dani

    Looove the hill billy shirts! Yeeha!

  61. ekaaaaaaa

    i love you babi

  62. You have done it again. Great read!

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