Prison Break Fire/Water Live-Blog

And away we go…or not.

Dear Prison Break writers,

I told you that Season 2 sucked and it sort of did for the most part. It had its moments but I was mostly rolling my eyes and just kind of doing the hanging in there thing for Went alone and though Went is my main reason for watching, THIS episode has made me a believer in the THE SHOW again. Now don’t make me regret swinging from your nuts and keep up the good work. Good show!

Prison Break is too good to live-blog tonight, sorry, lol. See you after the show!


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  1. neri

    I was wondering how you were gonna do this wfw. WASN’T FREAKIN’ AMAZING!?!?!?!?!?

    btw, I was the blonde cheerleader!!! It was me!!! 😉

  2. Fashion Police

    Oh crap!!! I forgot to watch the show and was hoping you had the recap….guess I’m outta luck.

  3. seza

    i’m sitting waiting…..biting nails……it still hasn’t started here in NZ i’m hanging out for the 3rd instalment……hmmmm might have to you tube it and see what i can find………..I need a fix……

  4. Mink

    It was indeed excellent! I totally understand you not wanting to miss a second, WFW. LMAO.

  5. Dannie

    only 26 more hours to go untill s3 start here in Australia. The suspense is killing me, at least we are only a week behind instead of a decade. I’m so excited I can’t wait, I know, I don’t get out much.

  6. Bugsy

    Well here in South Africa i dont know when season 3 is airing so i really luk forward to any peeks

  7. Ooooh, now I really can’t wait!

  8. cat's meow




    LOVE THAT MAN!!!!!

  9. Juma

    Please! Can you stop tthe teasing!?

  10. WFW

    GOOD FREAKING LORD THAT EP WAS AMAZING! I could not tear my eyes away from the screen and then Heroes came on and then I left my apt to get drunk and then I got laid so yeah, sorry, no recap. Maybe I’ll do one tonight if anyone still cares.

    Went’s getting laid, I’m getting laid, now we just need to get laid TOGETHER. Just one more step and my master plan will be complete…

  11. blip

    you’re killing me WFW!! you are a freaking nutcase!! and i love you for it! don’t you ever go normal on us!

    long live WFW!

  12. simi

    I agree! It felt like the Prison Break of old! I hope they keep the quality up and don’t freak out just because the rating situation is tougher this year.

    Would you consider starting a campaign to keep the show on the air? I heard that Jericho was really successful with theirs because they started early rather than last minute after the cancellation was already in effect because they saw the ratings weren’t the best.

    I really want to see the WHOLE season. Wentworth is doing such a great job.

  13. WFW

    I really don’t think the show is in danger of cancellation before the season ends. Is it in that kind of danger at all?

  14. ilurvemv

    I really don’t think the show is in danger of cancellation before the season ends. Is it in that kind of danger at all?

    WFW, here is Marc Berman’s (Mediaweek writer) analysis of the ratings from last night – the first post in the link:

    To put it into perspective, PB premiered with about 10 million viewers 2 years ago. The highest ratings it ever got was around 12 million in its first season. The first 2 seasons averaged about 9.2 million, though when it was up against football the ratings dropped to 8 million and last year’s sweeps episode Chicago (episode with M/S train makeout scene) had a surge to 10 million again, predictably.

    So the bad news is that the ratings are definitely down this season. The good news, if I were in a mood to spin them, is that they are at least consistent right now (7 million last week, 7 this week). I’ll be honest – I thought last night’s ratings were going to drop like a rock due to ABC’s stupid reality crap and both NBC and CBS having their new show premieres, but last night’s ratings held up remarkably. Which if nothing else at least shows that PB has a consistent, loyal live watching audience.

    Nick Santora doesn’t seem worried either. But then he is the ever optimistic writer so I’d take his opinion with a grain of salt.

  15. Snowflake

    Poor Pretty, looked so sad and desperate at the end of the episode.
    I hope it’s not because of the ratings… *just kidding*
    The answer to better ratings is very simple – as ilurvemv mentioned- more makeout scenes!!

  16. ilurvemv

    There is one bit of news which should be of some concern, from Hollywood Reporter:

    “Prison Break” declined week-to-week but was down 21% in the demo compared with last year.

    Santora said that as long as PB holds up okay in the 18-49 demos, the lower ratings don’t matter. But if that demo keeps sliding downward, then we could have something to worry about…

  17. More make out scenes (although I can’t possibly imagine who would Mikey make out with in all male prison in such a benign show) and more Mikey with no shirt on!

  18. Mink

    Yeah, they need to roll out the tat.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  19. WFW

    *nodding head solemnly* It really is the only sensible thing to do. *folding hands and waiting*

  20. Snowflake

    They should hire you WFW to write some steamy scences for them. We know you have it in you!

  21. LAgurl

    LOVED the epi – Wenty looked so fine 🙂

  22. tanja

    I’m so worried about the show.

    They need to bring shirtless Michael back, that would definitely bring the ratings up.

    But, back to not joking Fox could really do a lot more to promote the show. Why are none of the new characters on magazine covers and doing interviews like the new characters of Heroes are doing? I know Prison Break has it tougher because they shoot in Texas, far away from a lot of mainstream media, but it is very worrysome.

    Maybe it wouldn’t hurt if we encouraged people to just write in to Fox and write them letters how much we are enjoying the show, want it to get a full season and how much we love Wentworth. Or start writing to different magazines and ask them to do a story on Wentworth (or other Prison Break castmembers).

  23. Erika

    My highlights in S2 were: Mahone being just as smart as Mike, Paul helping the brothers, Mike looking hot as he watched Sara get of the train and that cute smile before he hugged her. The kiss, the butt profile shot in his brown corduroy pants *baby was packing some ass* and Mike on top of T-Bag in the scene where he plunges the knife into his wrist. Oh and how could I forget tied up Mike making his demands at the president? That was so sexy. Out of 22 eps *22 bloody hours!* that’s all that stood out for me. So yeah they sucked big time and they better make every second count this season. Last night was a good start making up for the crap they dished out in S2. Actually I hope this is the last season cuz I am so ready to see Went working on another project.

  24. tanja

    The people at television without pity are getting really worried:

    That the show might be yanked off prematurely. I don’t think that that would be a good solution for anyone, even the ones that want PB to end:

    (a) the writing this season is so much better than last season
    (b) the show would just end in the middle before they could do anything to resolve the storylines
    (c) it wouldn’t look that good on Wentworth’s resume
    (d) Wentworth probably wouldn’t be happy either if his story doesn’t get ended properly

    I really think we need to support that they get at least a full season and get the whole season shown.

  25. Mink

    Just to clarify, opinion at TWoP re. how worrying the ratings are is very mixed. Some people think they’re fine, others less so.

    The post you linked, tanja, isn’t really representative, because the poster concerned, Guinevere, has a significant anti-agenda towards the show this season, as she feels that SWC leaving is the fault of Fox and she was a huge Sarah and MiSa fan who is now basically wishing the show to fail in order to teach Fox a lesson (or something along those lines). Her negative posting is clearly reflecting that. (I’ve no idea why she’s still watching the show, frankly.)

    Fox do need to pull their fingers out re. publicity for the show, but they can read the ratings as well as us, and they know what they have to do if they want those numbers to go up. Fox have been treating “PB” like shit with regard to organising publicity for it for the past year or so in the domestic U.S. as far as I can tell. They didn’t even give it a session at the TCA’s panels in the summer.

    They seem to have made little or no effort to create ‘buzz’ around the show (for lessons on that, see the efforts of Sky in the UK).

  26. tanja

    Do we know ratings for Sky One yet?

    Didn’t secretagentsman also say that we should be worried and he is a real insider?

  27. ilurvemv

    Crap on a cracker. I was trying to answer WFW’s question, not elevate everyone’s blood pressures. Everyone please take a deep breath.

    I’ve watched the ratings for PB like a hawk since the show first came out and believe me, I would scream if we had a real problem on our hands. I’m not saying these numbers are happy news, but there are some positive things to consider, too:

    1) Like I said in my comment above, the ratings are lower but they are consistent week-to-week, even when faced with very heavy competition last night. That is definitely a good sign.

    2) If you read that Hollywood Reporter article, you’ll see that it’s not just PB’s numbers that are down. Ratings are down all across the board. I doubt Fox will single out PB’s less than great ratings so soon if they know that all the networks are facing this problem.

    3) One big thing to remember about Fox – they are not the network o’plenty. They can’t cancel everything – something has to stick around despite lower numbers. It’s one of the reasons PB got picked up this year, because all their new shows last season tanked. K-Ville has already tanked and I don’t hold out much hope for their other new shows, including the midseason ones. So if want to can PB, they’d have to worry about what to put in its place and that may not be a worry they want to deal with.

    Worse comes to worst, I think one of two things could happen: if the ratings drop really low, they will move the show to Friday nights or some other poor time slot to burn off the rest of the season. They might cut down the number of episodes ordered and not renew for another season but let the writers finish this one. I can’t read the Fox execs’ minds but I find it hard to believe that they’re anxious to pull the trigger on the show already.

  28. tanja

    thank you.

    I didn’t mean to spread a panic.

    I do believe that supporting the show (and particularly Wentworth) through letters is a better be safe than sorry deal. Even if it isn’t necessary it can’t hurt. It’s always good to show that something is appreciated.

    I’m really enjoying the writing this season so far. It feels like classic Prison Break. I would hate for it to get canceled when the writing is so much better than season 2.

  29. ilurvemv

    I wasn’t directing that comment toward you, tanja. I just mean to say that let’s not get too worried about this yet.

    I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I think the best thing for the show is to have this season be great and end it on a high note. I’d be fine with the show ending this season as long as the writers wrapped up all loose ends.

  30. tanja

    I’m crossing my fingers that that will happen. That any season they start will be shown fully and they don’t have to mess up their plotlines.

    (I still think that supporting a bit or writing to magazines is always a good idea. We wouldn’t have to consider it a save our show thing, just casual expression of our Went appreciation or our excitement over the new direction the new season has been taking)

  31. niknak

    I really don’t think the season would be cancelled since the writers could probably wrap up the show before they allowed that to happen.

    However, the show clearly went into the crapper last season, and a lot of people just couldn’t stick with it. I think this season is trying to gain back some of those viewers that had no desire to go “on the run” with the brothers and their peeps. I have heard people who couldn’t make it through mid-season last year, coming back this year because of the “return to roots with the alpha dogs in a box being shaken without big brother around to kick a little ass for the good man who has gone so far that he may no longer be able to be called good even though he is on a hero’s journey”.

    Did I get them all? I think so…

  32. My $0.02
    1) VERY cool ep. In fact…I must admit… the bathed and watered Whistler is mighty delicious. Almost more so than Michael (of course… I love Aussies, but whatever).

    2) Fox is kind of stupid. The station always shafts the interesting shows (i.e. did Firefly ever really stand a chance?).

    3) I think the # of people who watch TV shows online and via download is hardly negligible (i.e. folks like pseudo-Luddite me), so for TV execs to really gauge the success of the show they have to go beyond the Nielsen’s. Also, if the US market declines a bit, but the show continues to be a major international hit, they might just complete the season, muck around w/the scheduling & cut their US losses, banking instead on the international revenues.

    Anyway… I like me some cleaned up Whistler…. umm…Whistler and Victoria Bitter…. ummm…

    Oops, excuse me 😀

  33. simi

    They don’t gain anything from online downloads because online downloads don’t have any ads and that is how Fox makes their money.

  34. art girl

    Is there anybody else out there that is from Panama/or has been there, and is annoyed as me that they are doing so many things wrong about the country? Wentworth is hot, but I find wrong things that make it hard for me to consentrate on the story line.

  35. Hmmm…since a recap is too much to ask for now, would anyone mind posting any hot Michael pics from the epi? Something to ease my thirst. Am not sure if the Philippines will get S3 by October or December. Thanks much.

    Oh, did Mike get laid?

  36. Mink

    I have heard people who couldn’t make it through mid-season last year, coming back this year because of the “return to roots with the alpha dogs in a box being shaken without big brother around to kick a little ass for the good man who has gone so far that he may no longer be able to be called good even though he is on a hero’s journey”.

    Did I get them all? I think so…

    LOL! *applauds* 😀

    Re. the show screwing up re. a realistic portrayal of Panama, I can see that would be annoying if it’s obvious to you, but I have to say, the numbers of people this would effect would be very, very small.

    And U.S. TV shows always screw up re. their representations of foreign countries. I’ve never seen a realistic portrayal of the U.K. (or any European country that I can think of for that matter) on a U.S. TV program.

  37. kiwifan

    hi guys
    mike got laid in a sense well when he was asked if he’d done it with a blonde cheerleader by the boy he said “yes” however we dont know if he was just saying that to capture the boy’s attention or it really did happen – so no nothin on screen yet (just left to our imagination) and yes for those of you who can’t wait check out vietpowder on youtube (be quick before it gets taken down) – although remember you have to watch it and the ads when it comes out so Fox can make some money. see ya next wk


    “mike got laid in a sense well when he was asked if he’d done it with a blonde cheerleader by the boy he said “yes” however we dont know if he was just saying that to capture the boy’s attention or it really did happen – so no nothin on screen yet (just left to our imagination) ”

    ——>Let’s DEMAND a flashback scene, with cheerleader and without tattoo.

    * and no pants, please*

  39. Thank you, kiwifan. (Now, I’m mad with jealousy…)


    I just had a look at fat ass PH’site (I know I shouldn’t, but I hoped to see his reaction to DP’s denial) and I read the comments.

    There’s a lot of hatred expressed there, but I was shocked to read ONE OF MY POSTS from WFW!!! And with my pseudo “Kelleymary”!

    This is absolutely shocking, whoever did that could AT LEAST change the user name and rephrase it if he or her had the same opinion as me (and in a better English, too!)
    I feel soiled to be posted against my will on PH’s site.

  41. WentsSecretLover

    You know, this episode I noticed…. Michael’s the only one in a freakin’ long sleeved shirt, and we know he does have a tee-shirt somewhere… At LEAST put that one on??? *sighs and waits*

  42. SonaSugar

    Hi There WFW family ^_^
    – – Better be blonde 0cheerleader with issues.. LOL

    I’ve read from at least 2 sites mentioned new casting for PB4 : Yvan Attal. So.. we gonna have the 4, right?


    SONASUGAR, I told this story of Yvan Attal as a new recruit for P.B.4 on this site.

    So, there should be PB4

  44. tia

    I wonder if the low ratings has anything to do with the luke pics coming out right before the premiere,cause a lot of stupid fangirls said they would no longer watch the show

  45. Lia

    Trust is a big factor for an actor, if the fans trust you …example Brad Pitt…they will follow you. But if people suspect you are decieving them they will not support you no matter how good looking you are or how good an actor you or how big the ratings are for your TV show.
    Bottom line …Trusting Wentworth when you see pictures of him walking around with another gay guy and he contunies to say he’s straight…..I fell is not going to pay off at the box office. I personally find it hard to watch PB…sorry I’m just being honest.

  46. Anya

    You’re forgetting that ‘Prison Break’ is huge in foreign markets– it’s the #1 show in France and New Zealand, and the DVDs sell like crazy in Asia. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  47. Mink

    I wonder if the low ratings has anything to do with the luke pics coming out right before the premiere,cause a lot of stupid fangirls said they would no longer watch the show

    Just to say, I’ve monitored reaction to PB Season 3 on a number of sites all over the web, and I haven’t seen a single post saying this is why someone isn’t watching. They might have issues with last season (which put them off watching this season), or this season (not liking the plot or Sona setting) or are choosing alternatives, but not one comment to this effect.

    If anyone isn’t watching for this reason, I can only surmise it’s negligible.

  48. Rosi

    And there is going to be water!OK ,I love Michael…but is it weird because i kinda like Lechero…

  49. Rosi

    Name me one male famous person who was not called gay.The female celebs are whores,and the male celebs are gay.Thats it,its always been like this,and there are always going to be rumors.And it is stupied if someone dont watch PB because of that nasty rumors,i think PB is great and when i watch it i watch the acting of the actors and enjoy every second of it.Gay or not,that doesnt consern me.Went is a grown man and he owes an explenation ony to his family,and i am so sure even they dont want one.And to all fangirls who dont watch PB because of that “gaystory” u missing the Best Show EVER.You have eyes-watch,you have sensess-feel.Peace! 😉 🙂

  50. Sara

    Mink …just cause people don’t talk about it on line don’t mean it aint happening. I don’t watch PB anymore cause the fantasy is over. There’s just too much talk about the g*y thing and then the pictures. I just decided it was time for me to stop pretending.

  51. I agree with Mink. So some fan girls are retching into their toilets over the mere idea that Went is gay…so what? PB’s fans are diverse and made up of both homo and hetero males and females. In the whole scheme of things, the gay rumor isn’t going to really play a part in the ratings game. Look at the demographic…it’s all in the math.

    PB has a lot of ground to cover with the less-than-riveting plot line that was S2, so FOX will be trying to recoup their lost viewership by making sure S3 is as good, if not better, than S1. So far, I think this season is kicking ass and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops over time.

    What FOX can’t control, however, is the fact that PB is up against “How I Met Your Mother” and “Dancing With the Stars,” two very solid and popular shows.

    Never fear though…if PB continues to “bring it” with future eps, FOX will have nothing to worry about in terms of ratings, and we’ll see our beloved show and Went live a long, healthy life in syndication! Yippee!.

  52. Sara said:

    “I don’t watch PB anymore cause the fantasy is over. There’s just too much talk about the g*y thing and then the pictures. I just decided it was time for me to stop pretending.”

    And yet, you’re still here… 😉

    C’mon, don’t deny your love/lust for Went just because of a silly, enduring rumor and some ill-timed pics.

    I’m going with Dom on this one when he emphatically states: “WENT IS NOT GAY!” But if he is, I’m o.k. with that too.

  53. ilurvemv

    There is something else to consider when thinking of lower ratings. TV, especially network tv, has become too available these days. If you miss an episode of your favorite show, you can easily catch it online (legally or otherwise), through your dvr, on iTunes, dvd, etc. Timeshifting and online viewing have led to fewer people watching live tv. Hence the reduced ratings for some shows.

    PB’s lower ratings don’t necessarily mean fewer people are watching the show. Season 2 may have scared off some viewers, but fans are still watching. They’re just not always watching it live.

  54. Sara

    Mama Bear….I like WFW ….that’s why I visit. Wentworth was the initial attraction but now I just like the crazies on this blog.

    The only reason S3 is better…. because Wentworth will not be in S4, they are trying really hard cause they know 50% will not follow. They will faze him out later this season and turn him into a villian so that Dom can be the good guy/hero.

    All those who will be watching PB when Wentworth leaves next year ….say I.

  55. LAgurl

    Sara – where are you getting these info? Seriously. How do you know this?

  56. PBLUV

    LOL…you actually believe Sara?

  57. LAgurl

    No I don’t believe her – I was being sarcastic, PBLUV.

  58. mana

    you can watch the episodes on stage6


    Sara, I understand your pain because I felt the same after the initial shock of the photos with Luke. I think it’s pretty normal to feel bitter when you discover that your fantasy lover is gay, maybe even more than if you found out that your real life bf is cheating on you.
    You can change boyfriends, there’s enough fish in the sea. But your dreams? You secret fantasies? How many times have you been “using”Went in the bedroom to spice up things with your unsuspecting bf?
    What can you do now when new gruesome unwanted visions suddenly pop up in your mind?

    I felt very sad at first, as if the Went I “knew” had died. Things will never be quite the same for me, as he was my first big crush on an actor.

    He looked so perfect, beautiful, smart and NICE!

    Well, nothing is perfect in life , it’s time we realized it. I don’t know your age, Sara, (I’m 26), but you must accept that it was only an image we loved, not a real man with his weaknesses.

    The real Went is most certainly gay (whatever Purcell says!)and a liar (= a human being) who wants to have a successful career because he had to wait for so long to get his chance.

    Can you really blame him? You would probably do the same!

    Let’s enjoy PB3 and forget the rest, if possible…

  60. Anonymous

    All the gays rumours haven’t affected my fantasies, or my bizarre dreams (Went and I horseriding when we were both sixteen, he was out here as an exchange student) I have at night. Imagination is a powerful thing, but the thought of Went doing anything to anyone is hot. PB without Went is unthinkable and I doubt that I would continue to watch it. How about PB season 4 in Australia I’m sure they could figure some wild plot lines with that one.

  61. Anty

    Is anybody seriously buying this “FOX is making him lie” shit?

    Do you really think that nowadays the networks have written into their contracts that people must not reveal a gay sexuality? They’d be brought before court for that; it’s sexual discrimination. If Went was gay and wanted to tell the world, FOX might not like it, but what were they gonna do? Fire Prison Break’s poster boy? Come on.

  62. Went, you can blow up my pipe any day! 😉

  63. guinevere79

    From Anya: You’re forgetting that ‘Prison Break’ is huge in foreign markets– it’s the #1 show in France and New Zealand, and the DVDs sell like crazy in Asia. I wouldn’t worry too much.

    -Actually DVD sales in Asia are hurt by the massive piracy prevalent here. But I agree that it is huge in terms of tv viewership, although audiences in other countries are not as large (numbers-wise) compared to the US. If they get into the China market, that will be big for the show.


    I never realized that Mink referenced my post in this thread until another regular alerted me.

    For the record, while my posts are certainly influenced about how I feel about the show, I do make it a point to support speculations about ratings with facts/data. And IMO, the numbers are not looking good.

    To say that the ratings are not a cause for concern may be a little too optimistic. While I agree that it is not panic level yet, the trend does not look encouraging. I think the decline is a result of a combination of factors: poor second season, lack of publicity, fans of SWC not returning, stiffer competition etc. But I will agree with Mink that the rumors re WM’s sexuality have no impact on how the show performs. Those rumors didn’t even make a blip in the mainstream media.

  64. guinevere79

    i never realized that Mink referenced my TWoP post here until another regular alerted me.

    Anyways, while I do agree that I have negative feelings about the show this season (but anti-agenda is too much IMO), I try my best to support my posts re ratings with facts/data, which I use as the basis for my speculations/conclusions.

    I think it’s too optimistic to say that the ratings this year are not yet a cause of concern. While I do agree that it’s not yet panic level, the numbers are certainly not encouraging. But I do agree with Mink on this regard: the rumors re Wentworth’s sexuality does not have an impact on the show’s decline this season (the news hardly even registered a blip on the radar, at least as far as the mainstream media is concerned). I think the decline is a combination of factors: poor second season, lack of publicity, the departure of SWC etc.

  65. Mink

    “He looked so perfect, beautiful, smart and NICE!”

    KELLEYMARY, he looked so perfect, beautiful etc, past tense? What, so now he’s no longer those things? Because you now think he’s gay? Or because you now think he’s a liar?

    If it’s the first, then I don’t even know what to say to you, but I’m going to be generous and assume it’s the latter.

    And gay sex is “gruesome”? Um, wow…just, wow! No, that’s not homophobic at all.

    Thanks for being so honest though, because actually I suspect that for so many who are apparently so desperate to cling on to the idea that WM is straight, that this is really a large part of their problem: they are squicked out by the idea of Went ‘doing the dirty’ with another man.

    But rather than admit that, they say they are disappointed because he lied. It’s ironic that these very views of the kind you’ve expressed are of course the whole reason he has to lie in the first place (of course if he’s gay). And thanks for making that so clear to me; I will never judge him for lying on this topic again (if that is, he’s lying).

    guinevere, I did not initially reference your TWoP post here. I was just responding on the topic because it had been specifically linked by tanja re. her “PB” ratings concerns (see up thread). I was just pointing out that it was not necessarily representative of all views being expressed in that thread.

    And as for whether or not you have an “agenda” re. your posting on the show this season, nobody needs to take my word for it. They can just review your own past posts at TWoP, where you have said on more than one occasion that you are actively hoping the show will fail this season due to the way you perceive Fox to have treated SWC, and you are pleased that the ratings are low this season so far. People can make their own minds up based on your own words.


    Thanks for answering my post, Mink.

    I’m not very good in expressing my feelings in English, but I’ll try:

    -Of course I still love Went, otherwise I would read your Church and WFW!
    But MY (our!) Went, COULDN’T be gay because the perfect image of virility can only be woman-orientated to fullfil our fantasies, don’t you think?

    I’m all right with gay sex per se, when it’s not anal.
    It’s a personal thing. I know many straight couples indulge in it, and I also know that as many gay couples DON’T have anal sex. (I would like to think it’s Went ‘s case!)
    But the thought of Luke…..

    I find anal sex humiliating, dirty, degrading etc..That’s how I feel.And my perfect dream man doing it conjures painful images …

    But as I said, it’s personal. I don’t mean I’m right to feel this way about a gay Went.

    It’s just a “gut ” reaction (no pun intended!)

    P.S.I posted a question to you in”Wentworth Miller is a Ladies Man. It would be great if you could answer. Thanks again.


    Sorry, I meant “I wouldN’T read the Church and WFW”.

  68. guinevere79

    Mink, I did not say that you “initially” referenced my post. But you did mention my name here (whereas Tanja’s post did not), so a friend pointed it out to me.

    And as for whether or not you have an “agenda” re. your posting on the show this season, nobody needs to take my word for it.

    Of course people can make up their own mind about the intention behind my posts, but you did post your own thoughts about it here so those who will read what you’ve said will most likely take your word for it.

    I really did not want our personal issues with each other to be posted for everyone to read, but I had to respond to what you first wrote because you mentioned my name.

    Sorry WFW for bringing this here.

  69. anon

    Everybody knows that you want the show to fail because you hope that it will give you the end to the storyline YOU desire. Why should everybody else lose their job just because SWC doesn’t care about the show? If you hate the show so much, don’t watch and stay away from the boards instead of spreading your filth.

  70. Anonymous

    PB3 is crap up to now.

    Michael is scrumptious as always, but the filming is appaling, too many camera movements (I felt dizzy!) and blurred pictures, lots of action but very little content, too much noise….

    I don’t think those crappy alpha dogs in their shitty environment will mezmerise the viewers.

    I just hope Michael gets out of Sona quickly!

  71. guesser

    All this arguement… None of this is about HIM. Its all about US. Our gratification… What WE EXPECT. The posts, even the fansites. its all to give us, each one of us, what WE WANT. We don´t know Went. and the Went we see in interviews is the “Public Ralations Went”. He´s doing his job & is working it.
    If the reality doesn´t meet our fantasy, we are disappointed. Right now a lot of fans feel deceived as the image we have of him has cracks. Just remember its really our expectations of him that are the problem…….okay I´m a human behaviour freak…..

  72. Anonymous

    “None of this is about HIM. Its all about US. Our gratification… What WE EXPECT. The posts, even the fansites. its all to give us, each one of us, what WE WANT. ”

    -You got it right, Guesser!

    It’s what films, actors, icons are made for: make us dream.
    And we pay the industry for our dreams.

    So we expect our idols to be genuine….

  73. Mink

    “But MY (our!) Went, COULDN’T be gay because the perfect image of virility can only be woman-orientated to fullfil our fantasies, don’t you think?”

    No, KELLEYMARY, I don’t agree. My idea of Went’s “virility’ is not at all affected by whether or not he is gay, or how I imagine or suspect he conducts his personal relationships. It really makes no difference to me in this regard whether he is gay or straight. Honestly.

    Maybe I’m just lucky in this, I don’t know, but I find him as sexy as all hell whatever his preference. (And Went + another hot guy? Well as far as I’m concerned, it’s double your money, double your fun. 😉 )

    I do find your honesty refreshing though, and I’m honestly sorry that you’ve had your fantasies ruined by the gay rumours. I wish you could see it as I do; you’d have a lot more fun.

    guinevere, I haven’t brought our “personal issues” here. All I’ve done is relay some information about your feelings towards the show that you have clearly stated elsewhere. As not everyone reads the TWoP boards with the thoroughness I do, I felt is was important that the post tanja linked (and which was evidently causing her considerable concern) was put into context.

  74. PBLUV

    Mink, I agree with you, after reading the posts there. It’s pretty obvious. Thanks for pointing it out. I guess the hardcore fans refuse to believe that SWC could make this choice.

  75. guinevere79

    Everybody knows that you want the show to fail because you hope that it will give you the end to the storyline YOU desire. Why should everybody else lose their job just because SWC doesn’t care about the show?

    Instead of hiding behind anonymity, why not tell me who you are? As much as Mink and I disagree, at least she’s upfront with me and doesn’t post anonymously.

    If you hate the show so much, don’t watch and stay away from the boards instead of spreading your filth.

    We’re free to post our thoughts here and on TWoP and if you have problems with my opinions, then don’t read them.

    All I’ve done is relay some information about your feelings towards the show that you have clearly stated elsewhere.

    MinkI understand that, but I do think you didn’t have to identify me because anyone who clicked on Tanja’s link would have seen that I wrote it. I wouldn’t even have learned about your post if I wasn’t alerted by another person about it, who thought the way I was identified was unnecessary.

    In any case, I’d really like to take your advice and move on. You and I will probably never ever agree on anything, so let’s just leave it at that.

    And WFW, sorry again for this.



    Yes, Mink, I envy your balanced, fair personality as it appears on FCoWM. You never get carried away by scoops or shocking information. I think that’s what make the success of the Church, along with the thorough investigations.

    As for me, I’m a hopeless passionate romantic with a bird brain.

    And I can’t help loving HIM, in spite of….

    Crikey! I love/hate him!

    A cure, anybody???

  77. Annie

    What did Dominic Purcell say exactly on the Australian interview? It’s difficult to understand if you are a foreigner because DP speaks too quick.

    I heard: “Wentworth is not gay…. he’s a private person etc..”But then the man says something like “You tried with him” and Dom ‘s answer is not clear,I missed the rest of the joke. Nice if you can tell me.
    I love Dom, he’s sexy too, not as much as Went, but he seems nice too.

  78. Mink

    MinkI understand that, but I do think you didn’t have to identify me because anyone who clicked on Tanja’s link would have seen that I wrote it. I wouldn’t even have learned about your post if I wasn’t alerted by another person about it, who thought the way I was identified was unnecessary.

    Guinevere, I’m sorry but I have no idea why you appear to be upset that I referred to you by name. As you say, anyone just needed to click on the link to see your name attached to the post, so why on earth did it matter that I then used your name when referring to said post?

    I’m assuming you stand by your words and have no problem with being linked to them, so why the sensitivity re. the use of your name? I simply don’t understand.

    As I’ve said, I was giving context to the post, and as such obviously I needed to identify who I was talking about.

  79. cat's meow


    That’s just plain GROSS that you are turned on by two men getting it on. Even if it’s two hot men, I think that’s REPULSIVE. It just doesn’t turn me on and I think most normal women feel the same way as I do.

    We want to picture Wentworth as a man who is turned on by a WOMAN, not by another man. Can’t you understand that is how we can fantasize about him??? When I think of him with another guy, I get nauseous.

    And I am in no way homophobic. I have gay friends and family. I’m talking about being sexually attracted to a gay man. I just cannot do it.

    I guess you are the kinky type that can picture anyone having sex with anyone regardless of their gender. I’m sorry, I’m a straight woman who loves only straight men. That’s all there is to it. If it were true that Went was gay, I could NEVER be turned on by him again, regardless how smooth and handsome he is. Gay men don’t float my boat. The whole appeal about Went is that he’s handsome, smart, classy, sexy and STRAIGHT. He’s like the perfect man and perfect fantasy. Take away him being straight, and the fantasy is OVER. I can’t continue to adore a gay man. It just doesn’t work for me.

  80. cat's meow

    BTW I personally don’t think Wentworth is gay. I’ve left many posts here describing how I feel about him. IMO he’s just a “hot nerd” and a bunch of idiots confuse this as being gay. What else is new. This has been going on in Hollywood forever. A handsome, single actor is automatically considered gay in some idiots’ minds. Grow up already and STOP believing in STUPID RUMORS.

    Went is AWESOME and SPECIAL!!!!

  81. Anonymous


  82. Mink

    Cat’s meow, I’m sorry that you find my acceptance of gay sex “gross”. Presumably you feel the same about all the other visitors to and posters on this blog that like to read slash, including, on occasion, the owner of this very blog, who has been known to link the odd piece of slash herself (don’t look at this though, or your head might explode):

    FWIW, I find your views narrow minded and incredibly limited. Different strokes for different folks.

  83. WFW

    OK, so I came through and deleted some shit. Now y’all know that personally attacking other posters isn’t allowed right? Maybe you forgot…
    Oh and all those trying to get people who disagree with them to “go away” have no right to do so. The only person that tells anyone to leave is me.

    Cat’s Meow, your continued use of the word WE when stating your opinions could not be be more untrue, especially in this case. My regulars and yes, even the admins of other popular Went boards, are avid Slash fans.

    I guess you are the kinky type that can picture anyone having sex with anyone regardless of their gender.

    You just described me right there, lol. Was that your intention? After 17 posts over the last week on the subject, I think we are WELL AWARE that you absolutely, positively, do not believe Went is gay and if he were, then game over for you. We get it! We know! YOU ARE MAKING ME CRAZY! No amount of yelling at other posters, bad-mouthing PH, or screaming at the top of your lungs will change what he is or is not, nor will it change anyone’s mind about what they believe.

    I’m sorry gay porn doesn’t do it for you; It does for me! Do me a favor though, Stop trying to imply that your opinion is “normal.” In fact, it is NOT normal to put REALISTIC expectations on a FANTASY. Whoever Went fucks, however, whenever, it changes nothing about how I (and a lot of others believe it or not) feel about him so maybe the person not normal here is you.

    Anon 1:53, Motherfucking Word.

  84. ilurvemv

    Hem, Hem. [/Professor Umbridge]

    So in case anyone is interested in talking about Prison Break, Fox has put up a new clip of Went and Knepper from next week’s episode. Went is in full blue steel mode and T-Bag’s first line of dialogue is frakking awesome. Go check it out:

    (On a completely OT note, check out the House clip too. Hilarious!)

  85. Anty

    @cat’s meow:

    When HBO was puzzled why “Queer as Folk” was such a hit with straight women, a female journalist of the San Francisco Chronicle suggested that’s because it’s the hot men getting it on. A guy sent in a letter, saying it’s not the sex but the soap opera factor of the show, because, and I quote, “female sexuality doesn’t work that way”.

    The newspaper got dozens of letters and 800 women signed a petition online, saying that OH YES, their sexuality did work that way!

    A British female journalist called ‘Brokeback Mountain’ the greatest softporn for women that was ever put onto celluloid.

    Straight men like to watch two women. Many straight women like the idea of watching two men. The only difference is that men’s fantasies are socially accepted.

    Personally, I prefer to think the participants of my imaginary men-shows are bisexual, so I can join in at any time. I understand what you’re saying about wanting your fantasy man to want women. But saying “most normal women feel the same way as” you do is both offensive and NOT true.

    And now excuse me; I have to indulge a little in the image of Went getting it up the ass from… hm. Dom… or maybe Bill. Yeah… Mahone nailing Scofield. That’s hot.

    Oh, and sorry of this appears twice; doesn’t seem like it got through the first time. And if it doesn’t now, well, then this place officially doesn’t like me anymore.

  86. WFW

    Well I definitely am, so thanks. 🙂

  87. Anty

    Watched the clip. Just when I thought Michael was about to trade his ass for a favor, it turns out he’s doing blackmail. *le sigh*

  88. oprah

    I think debate is great…keep venting your thoughts about Wentworth, don’t let others stop you, if you think he’s gay and it bugs you, it’s ok to say it…freedom of speach Girls!!…That’s what America’s all about.

  89. AJ

    I haven’t commented in this post yet, because I haven’t seen the episode (I shall get on that immediately, btw). But why am I not surprised to come in here and see yet another countless number of comments dedicated to Wentworth’s ambiguous sexuality and bashing one another for having varying opinions on said subject….

    cat’s meow said, “That’s just plain GROSS that you are turned on by two men getting it on. Even if it’s two hot men, I think that’s REPULSIVE. It just doesn’t turn me on and I think most normal women feel the same way as I do.”

    Dude! This conversation was had MONTHS ago! You are NOT in the majority, here. If getting your rocks off to the thought of gay sex isn’t your thing, then fine. I’m fully aware that it’s not for everyone. But most of us here don’t take any type of issue with it, whatsoever. Fantasizing about two men “getting it on” is not weird, sick, or abnormal just because it’s not something YOU would do. It’s fucking hot! That’s what it is…

    Do I need to bust out the dictionary, yet again, to define the word fantasy for you. Cuz clearly you weren’t paying attention last time.

  90. lj

    Annie, you asked “What did Dominic Purcell say exactly in the Australian interview?” Here’s my rough transcript of what was said. By the way Jackie O is a huge Prison Break fan and absolutely adores Wentworth Miller.

    Jackie O: There are so many rumors going around that Wentworth Miller may be gay. Can you shed light on that.
    Dom: Yeah, I can. Look Wentworth is NOT gay.
    Jackie: Oohhh.
    Kyle: Look I told yuos, I told everyone!
    Dom: But, think about it, think about it, every good looking dude…there are so many rumors about actors being gay. Look Went is one of these guys who is very private. He doesn’t tell the world what he is up to. He is very discrete about his relationships with people and some people like to jump to conclusions. And I can tell you for one that Went is not gay.
    Kyle: You’ve tried. And you know he’s not.
    Dom: I’ve ‘put it on him… I’ve put it on him’ many times and he’s just brushed me aside.
    And here’s the bit when they all crack up laughing.

    It’s a very emphatic denial from Dom delivered in a funny way and you could even take his comment about people jumping to conclusions about his relationships with people as referring to the assumptions that many people have made about his friendship with Luke. Sounds very convincing to me. In fact a Dom denial is just as good if not better than a denial from Went himself. Went has already voiced his view that he will not feed the beast which I take to mean that he will not talk about personal matters publicly. So for all those people waiting for him to specifically talk about the Luke pics. That’s not going to happen. But I think Dom has indirectly addressed them for him in this interview.

  91. prude

    Gay sex is hot????….I’m laughing my ass off…what are you talking about???…that’s just over the top.

  92. niknak

    So… how great was this episode? I, mean, the Sona-ites got a shower thanks to the Pretty, and Michael is back in McGuyver mode! Loved it!

    Sorry to go off topic back onto the real topic of the post, but I just had to get that out.

    Now… gay sex, hetero sex, beastiality, duos, trios… what does it matter? Any way he’s having sex has nothing to do with any of us here unless someone here is actually the one (or two ro three) he is having sex with! Can’t we just admire him for his mind, body, and body of work? Does it really all just come down to where he puts his dick??? God, after the way some of you lovely ladies are behaving, if he isn’t gay, he just may be considering heading that way now!

  93. Oh no

    While you girls are fighting over Went…..I’m just thinking * what does his Oscar Meyer Weiner look like*…hhmm *does it bend to the left or right*..hhmm..* is it kosher..circumised*…hhmm..* what is the length and width*……so many thoughts!!

  94. StraightGirl

    Gay sex hot?

    Not for straight people!
    IF straight sex is repulsive for gay men, it’s perfectly normal that certain acts grosses us out.

    Anal, I do agree is one, check it out on the site http://www.muchosucko. Go to “anal”

    It shows unsanitized images of anal (not like in porn films,in which actors have enemas and the mess is invisible. And the smell too.).

    Go to “anal leakage”: see what happens and tell us that these images are HOT.

    If you’re all adults, make your own opinion.

  95. Amaryllis

    @ StraightGirl
    We live in post Borkeback Mountain times and you could find it hard to believe but there are girls who find two good-looking guys having sex really REALLY HOT!
    I happen to belong to this category and if WM is gay, after reading comments of some fangirls here, I know why he is.
    Honestly I don’t blame him.

  96. Bel

    Two hot guys getting it on? … Is hawt, to ME. What it is to you? If repulsive, then that’s ok too. Sexuality and sexual fantasies are personal, and that’s that. Think about it, how many men have the fantasy of two hot girls getting it on? So there.

    And you know, YOU are the boss of YOUR fantasies. If you do not want to fantasize about two men doing the dirty, you know what? Don’t! Just fantansize about straight Went going down on you or something. It’s what I do… Your imagination can transcend reality you know… If not, then your imagination lacks in the imaginating department.

    Finally, Went said he is NOT gay. That leaves straight and bi. That means he fucks women. So what the hell is your problem? If he’s lying about not wanting women, then I’m sure your being repulsed has something to do with it.

    Being angry because your fantay does not live up to your expectations is sad, very sad. I wonder if you’d react the same way if a real person in your own environment does not turn out the way you expected. For example, your hypothetical son when he turns eighteen and introduces you to his boyfriend? I can only hope that MY son will feel so welcomed and secure in my acceptance of him that he would not even hesitate about telling me about his first love, his first kiss, and so on… with another boy if that is the case.

    I would not be squicked in any way. Love is love. The end.

  97. StraightGirl

    Certain acts between two guys may be hot for a woman watcher, but not ALL acts.
    Am I clear?

  98. AMARA

    It is great this site! I love it and it is free talk for all.

    Long live Prison Break and very beautiful Wentworth Miller!!!!!

    Wentworth is genius, but if gay,O.K., too.

  99. Dannie

    Well I thought this first episode was back on track and I really enjoyed it. I do feel sorry for Went sweating it out in long sleeves, I’m sure we would all agree a singlet or t-shirt would work better for us, what’s more painful for Went? Putting up with all the rigmarole of the tat or boiling to death in long sleeves.
    As I’ve said before Went comes across as a beautiful person both in body and nature. And I think he’s hot no matter what, and i’m a NORMAL straight woman and boy on boy, girl on girl or any other combination dosen’t faze me. Went doing just about anyone would be hot. I mean look at him, who cares, he’s lovely.

  100. Bel

    That’s all okay as I said. Not okay is being repulsed by Went AS A PERSON if he were to be gay. And that doesn’t necessarily refer to you.

  101. LOLITA KC

    It’s kind of unusual for a good-looking, famous guy of 35 to still not have a girlfriend, or to be “too shy” to call back any girls.

    He seems to have plenty of time to hang out with Luke though. Unusual for a straight guy not to have any time for women, but enough to be with his gay buddy. . .

  102. Mink

    Gay sex hot?

    Not for straight people! IF straight sex is repulsive for gay men, it’s perfectly normal that certain acts grosses us out.

    Certain acts between two guys may be hot for a woman watcher, but not ALL acts.

    Am I clear?

    Grief! Again with the generalisations! Can’t you just comment on what you find hot (or not) and stop trying to make some general point about what ‘all’ straight people like or don’t like, and what is ‘normal’ for them? Because it’s pretty obvious from reading these comments that tastes vary widely. What’s so difficult to accept about that?

  103. Kelleymary

    True, LolitaKC, it doesn’t seem very consistant (I mean the fact that he “hasn’t got time for girlfriends” or “is too shy” and hangs around with Luke.
    There is a principle in logic called “Occam’s razor”which says that the simplest explanation is the best.
    He is still closeted.

  104. AJ


    How ’bout them Ravens?

  105. Annie

    Thank you, Lj, for the translation of Dominic.
    Now I understand the joke!

  106. ilurvemv

    I don’t know which of the following nauseates me most at this point:

    a) the incessant gay/not gay discussion
    b) the OMG SWC is leaving she hates Prison Break why did she have a baby why why why fan freakout
    c) “alpha dogs locked in a box with a man who has gone so far over the line you can no longer call him good and the inmates took over the prison there”

    Believe it or not, a) is actually edging out c) at this point.

    I’m sure we would all agree a singlet or t-shirt would work better for us, what’s more painful for Went? Putting up with all the rigmarole of the tat or boiling to death in long sleeves.

    Dannie, I think I read somewhere that Went has developed an allergy to the tattoo makeup and they had to quit applying it for fear of his health and safety. Movie/tv makeup isn’t very skin friendly. Virginia Hey had to have extensive makeup done for her role on Farscape and she had such a bad reaction to it, she had to be written out of the show.

    God, after the way some of you lovely ladies are behaving, if he isn’t gay, he just may be considering heading that way now!

    LMAO, nik. Word!

  107. Bel


    couldn’t agree with you more.

    BTW, I am a woman into guys. I still think two hot guys x sex = hot.

  108. Dani

    Mink, I couldn’t agree with you less. The whole gay thing is gross

  109. HereKitty

    So WFW, after all this, are you planning a live blog for next week’s epi?! 😀

  110. DanceForMe

    this bashing at each other for not having the same opinion about sex fantasies is really surprising after all I read in this stunning, best ever written blog of WFW. I thought ppl over here are somewhat more liberal and tolerate each others kinky ways…Wasn’t that actually the point of this blog or am I totally wrong?
    *suddenly standing on a battle field, totally confused*

    @ WFW:
    “I guess you are the kinky type that can picture anyone having sex with anyone regardless of their gender.
    You just described me right there, lol. ”

    Puh, so I am not totally mistaken by the nature of this blog. Thanxs God.!!! *truely relieved, smirking*

    And God, I really agree – 2 hot guys making out, one of them being Went really _is_ turning me on. Though Went making out with _me_ cannot be topped by any gay fantasy…or maybe…?!
    *getting strongly distracted by some wild scenes coming up* I just love slash fanfiction.

    @ cat’s meow:
    You don’t know nothing about Went that he didn’t let you know through the media, so how can you even think, you fantasized about the _real_ Went.
    He’s just too clever to let you or anyone of us see his private self.
    You didn’t. You just made up your very own version and had your fun with it. I bet you did.
    So why don’t you just carry on like that, no matter what Wents love interest is like? It’s your private show, choose the characters, the dialogues and the plot yourself. Or the pwp – version will surely do it, too. Right?

    @ Bel, niknak and Mink – thanx for keeping a cool head and a fair, constructive attitude in this blog.

    @ all the ppl who are grossed out by gay sex,
    do some research about the prostates orgasmic potential, to put it in a nice way. You might find some interesting news there. Maybe your boyfriends will appreciate it. Even if you two are straight as hell.

    and finally @ ilurvemv
    a) is definetly becoming _the_ most boring topic ever, though b) and c) are pretty anoying, too. Thank you for summing it up so nicely.

    Can we just go back to the fantasies about Went meeting WFW or anyone of us privatly? This is getting far too serious here.

  111. pemphredo

    WFW – apologies for never commenting here before on your amazingly refreshing blog. I’ve been lurkng and reading it since you started!

    You seem to provide an area for such contesting views and deal with them with such humour and good sense. Thank you for this place.

    On the whole fantasy thing?

    Well my Went fantasies are alive and well and probably hotter since all the speculation started. Apparently the part of my brain that creates them doesn’t care a hoot who Went prefers to bed. But I have to admit to loving all his recent smiley pictures and whoever is the cause of them…Thankyou!

    I guess I’m selfish, I just want the guy to carry on giving me the pics and TV that feed my fantasies. The dilemma seems to be that he’s admitted several times to be quite a private person and all this furore over his sexual orientation must be pretty tough for him.

    I’m also in the camp that feel being gay/ or being rumoured to be gay possibly does not help a young actor trying to develop a career in the mad and homophobic world of TV and Films. Miss Selfish here would hate to think I lose any potential Went screen time because of this current pointless speculation.

    Gay or straight shouldn’t matter as long as the actor can convince me he’s straight when he’s up on the screen playing a straight character and gay when he’s playing a gay character. Went ticks that box for me and I’m sure for many others.

  112. XXX

    …all the fun got sucked out of this site…the gay thing is not my cup of tea.

  113. DBN

    Of course, if it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing, but it should be made plain that anal sex isn’t ‘gross’. Anal stimulation is incredibly powerful for men especially. In fact, regardless of Went’s romantic preference, I think he should be having as full and satisfying a sex life as possible. It’s part of a healthy lifestyle.

    Therefore, I suggest we send him something from the Aneros catalogue.

    Now we just have to pick a model…

    Oh, hey! I think I found it!

    Now, not only can men have penile, anal, and prostate orgasms, but spinal orgasms, too!

    Second, the Progasm has a second tab, which we call the Kundalini Tab, or “K-Tab.” This tab puts pressure on a known accupressure point located right below the sacrum or tailbone. The pressure from this new tab can provide extra sensations up and down the spine in addition to adding to the whole Aneros experience.

    And, let’s see… Due to its size, the Progasm is intended for experienced Aneros users, those experienced with anal play, and/or men experienced with prostate stimulation.

    Yup, that’s the one. 😉

  114. GBoy


    “The prostates orgasmic potential “: We
    know about it.
    But we also know the pain it intails because the rectum is a one way route only.
    We know about the caca issue, and the leakage afterwards (sometimes for days!) .. And possible incontinence in old age….

    Lovely skid marks in your boxers….Glamorous!

    Some gays are grossed out by this, believe me.

    A good handjob or a blowjob, hugging and kissing are a much better (and cleaner )way to express your love when you’re gay.

    Don’t always believe the porn industry.

    About Went: we’re getting contradictory messages from him (“I’m not gay”. “Look, I’m hanging out with my very gay friend”).
    Could be for publicity.

    Let’s be patient, time will tell if all this is true.

  115. LOL

    “About Went: we’re getting contradictory messages from him (”I’m not gay”. “Look, I’m hanging out with my very gay friend”).
    Could be for publicity.”

    Of course, because pretending to be gay is such a smart move for an actor

  116. GBoy


    Any publicity is good, even the negative one, as long as people think of you.

    His photos with Luke are his Britney’s absence of panties.

  117. LOL

    According to Just Jared Luke and Wentworth first avoided being photographed together.
    I have to agree with Kelleymary on this: the simplest explanation is always the best…..

  118. Dannie

    Thanks for the info-ilurvemv, that would be a pain. WFW were are you? you didn’t finish your recap of ep 2, perhaps that might get things back on track, so over all this bs about his sexuality or lack thereoff. Maybe Luke’s got a hot sister or friend we don’t know of’ve, maybe they are just friends, it’s his buisness, not ours

  119. Anonymous

    Take it or leave it:

    In January 2007, before meeting LMF, W.Miller had a brief relationship with a L.A. photographer, Mark L., who he met at a photo session.

  120. Amara

    Where do you get this information?

    I don’t believe you!

  121. lj

    Oh anonymous you really are full of shit. Give it a rest.

  122. angie999

    i dont believe him either
    hey guys am new here
    do i get a welcom or something?!!!

  123. angie999

    i ment a welcome

  124. LOL

    Anonymous 5:37

    I believe you.
    Months ago I read a blind item about a tv actor and a photographer and I always suspected that the actor was WM

  125. Anonymous

    Call me Tom, if you like.

    What I told you is true.
    I know the said photographer, he’s well-known, has photographed many famous people.

    I can give you some physical details.
    He is VERY handsome (could be an actor or a model) quite tall, slender with brown eyes and brown hair. He is a few inches smaller than WM and has elegant features (a little bit like David Beckham, straight nose but with a darker complexion.)

    Yes, I saw them both together in M.L.’s house in the Hills.
    He’s English, if I can judge by his accent.
    He’s quiet, not flashy at all, very much like WM, I can see what attracted them both in each other.

    In my opinion, it’s M.L. who made the first move, as he is a confident person and WM seemed more the shy type.
    I saw them at a private party (near ML’s ,in the Hollywood Hills) and at one moment, towards the end of the said party,I saw a revealing gesture when M.L. rubbed W.’s chest and belly with his hand, in a sensuous way.
    It was very quick, but the person I was with saw it too and started humming: “Love is in the air….”

    That’s all I know.
    Next time I saw M.L. (in March) he had another friend.

  126. gypsiee

    why does that dang sandwhich keep popping into my head all the time ……..

    when ur dreaming sandwhiches its time to go on a diet.

  127. gypsiee

    again … maybe its Mmmmiller and Mmmmcfarlane

  128. Mink

    Ooh, Tom, you little stirrer, you!

    But why so coy with the name? We all know you mean the totally delicious Mark Liddell

    who took those ‘D’ Mag pics back in January.

    I don’t have a pic of him to hand, but I’ve seen one and he is absolutely gorgeous.

    Actually, for my fantasies I wish Went had stayed with Mark. He’s hotter that Luke IMHO.

    (And just for the record, for all those who’ve had a sense of humour bypass re. this topic, I’m just having fun with those comments above. I don’t firmly believe ‘Tom’ or anything, but I’m enjoying the idea. 😉 )

  129. Mink

    Oh, damn, Anon 10.35! We posted the name at the same time! LOL

  130. Amara

    I’m shocked and sad.
    I don’t know what to believe.

  131. lj

    I think you are taking advantage of the anonymity of the web and you see Wentworth Miller as fair game. No fair. And you post this now? Funny about that.

  132. News

    Today blind item:

    One hot and beautiful actor yesterday cut his dick because he was tired about people speaking about it. Rumor says he yelled “It’s no more my dick! Everyone is busy speacing about it! Now they can tell what they want because It is no more my dick! ZAC!”
    This very cute actor is currently filming a tv series not in Los Angeles.

    Take it or leave it.

  133. gypsiee

    News ….. Im choking on my sandwhich now…… (laughin my ass offf……)

  134. jamie

    Wow!!…Anon-Tom….that’s some good gossip. Make sure you stop by again with more news. We just keep finding out more and more about Wentworth Miller.

  135. ANON

    I feel bad, what this guy says seems convincing, this man Mark is so gorgeous that there is chances that it is true, and Luke is beautiful too.

    The photos with Luke, this “Tom” testimony seem to vindicate Fat Ass Perez. He’s not always wrong, unfortunately.
    And there seems to be a campaign in the official medias, spearheaded by Dominic Purcell mainly, to try to convinve us otherwise.
    I suspect it’s a smokescreen.
    I feel bad. I know I should get a life and stop being Wentobsessed.

  136. Bella



    that’s ok anon 11:50 we are all Wentobsessed


    One thing is sure: The Pretty loves handsome hanky-panky partners!


    I need a gay man’s opinion…Do you fella’s think Went is the guy or the girl in these situations??

  140. Kelleymary

    I looked carefully at the infamous picture and I wonder if the pendant round Liddell’s neck is the same as Went’s?
    Difficult to see on the photo…

    Another thing (call me K. the Sleuth) I noticed that Went said in the Ellen interview that he had only smoked 5 or 6 ciggies these last 8 months.


    Didn’t he meet Luke about that time, after his australian trip?

    We can bet that Luke is a non-smoker.
    Love and a new partner are always an incentive to stop a bad habit.

    I’m just guessing, of course, but little detail after little detail, we may one day get a real picture of a real Went….

    ….And not what Fox is trying to sell us.

  141. LOLOLOL

    WENT-LOVER, some people said, here and there, that he was a “power-bottom”.

    Don’t know if it’s true, it may just be a rumor.

  142. AMARA

    What are the ‘D’ Mag pics?

  143. Anonymous

    The pendant looks similar but Went’s is longer.
    It’s a coincidence.


    I know this will sound lame …but what’s a power-bottom?


    #12:43 I know this will sound lame …but what’s a power-bottom?

  146. Anon2

    I feel like I’m sticking my head in to a bees nest here but.. after my last couple of posts I was kind of booted out of here so I stayed away. I think I was writing about this issue quite politely. I didn’t use any foul language or innuendo. I did however call him a liar in one post because after all this unfolds, well..I don’t know him and neither do you. I wouldn’t even begin to guess his reasons for lying. That is IF he’s lying. See, I always leave that option open. I think he hasn’t really done anything to debunk the rumours and there are so many facts/stories/rumours speaking against him being completely straight. Yeeees, I know he said he wasn’t gay in some interview! But he also said that he’s a private person and doesn’t spend time with his co-workers. They don’t know what he does in his free time. Maybe he does have a boyfriend? Maybe that person is willing to stay quiet about their relationship because he knows the business he’s in is not very gay-friendly? Maybe he is just a quiet, boy-ish straight man who hasn’t had any serious realtionships with women yet? But to me that last option would seem a bit weird. I stated in my earlier posts that I think Wenworth is indeed gay. And there’s still no reason for me to think otherwise. I think it’s the aggressiveness that some of you use to yell out your opinion that causes people to stay in the closet. You defend him with such passion that now he’s too afraid to do what he wants to do. What ever that is. He walked with a girl, you ripped her apart, he walks with a man, I called him a liar and a fraud. You can bet that his friends/family members/management read these posts. All actors do. Hollywood actors know what’s going on and what their fans are talking about. He didn’t speak about his private life/relationships on Ellen. He knew that there were fans around watching him and hanging on to his every word. I think that this gay/straight/bi-debate will continue as long as he, or his companion, gets tired and says what he needs to say. All of you who are convinced that he is straight, get ready to hear something that you don’t want to hear. If he’s straight I’m willing to come to this site on the day he talks about his girlfriend and declare that I’m a gullible PH/rumour believing idiot and apologise to all of you for calling him a liar and then you can all call me a stupid meatball and bash my face in.

  147. SavMed

    OMG! Went is a smoker????????

    *please notice the sarcasm, those of you who don’t have the radar, 19.99$ K-Mart*

  148. Gbaby

    “power-bottom”, look that up in the
    Ah the Internet, the place where you can have endless and pointless discussions but also the place where you can actually learn something (if you want to).


    Anon2: you have made every effort to state your view without offending anyone, I appreciate that and I’m also 99% sure your’re correct but I’m holding out 1% of hope/delusion. It’s clear that you feel passionately about Wentworth or you wouldn’t waste your time. Welcome back the this blog.

    Gbaby: I’m gonna check it out …Thanks for the tip.

  150. anonymous

    another rumored “friend” of Went’s is a broadway actor named Kristopher Cusick who starred in Wicked when Prison Break was filming in Chicago, dont know if it’s true but all signs are pointing towards Went being gay

  151. crazyforwent

    What do you mean that Wentworth is not returning in s4!? I wish everyone would shut up about these gay rumors!

  152. kerry

    You have to admit he dosen’t help himself much by being photographed with a well known gay guy. For the media that’s like frosting on a cake.

  153. OH…DEAR…GOD!

    Are y’all STILL on the gay thing?!

    Aren’t there any folks working as extras on the set, scoring truly Hate-Worthy pics?

    Aren’t any of you casing all the Greater Dallas Starbucks cafes?

    Hasn’t ANYONE seen the bucket hat, or any more of his adorkable fashions lately?

    Aren’t there ANY sane Wentphiles left who just GET that:
    1. He works in an industry full of gay, bi and metro people. So his being seen in the company of gay, bi and metro people…is…not…a…shocker! Damn folks, didn’t your high schools have a drama club?
    2. Went’s whole public history has been a study in doing what he wants, when he wants, how he wants (i.e. that whole Cornel West misunderstanding back in his Tiger days)…without apology…without clarification. Does ANYONE think he’s losing sleep over the homophobic grief of fangirls in Went-rehab?

    Oh WFW…where are you? I miss you. You make me smile almost as much as Went-screw/befriend-whoever-he-wants Miller. Please give your faithful readers something better to talk about.

    Like a poem.

    Or a drunken love ballad.

    Or puppet theater.

    Pretty please. With The Pretty’s nice cherry on top.

    Thank you.

  154. Luci

    Brava Karen… Brava

  155. Anonymous


  156. ANON 9/30/07 (10:26 a.m.)
    Brett Ratner kinda rubbed WM’s chest when he told the actor to put on some muscle (PB Behind the Scenes). My friends sometimes touch my stomach, or my boobs, as part of a joke. One WM fan, upon shaking his hand, got the courage to slide her thumb up his forearm in a light caress (a la Mike with Sara). They didn’t mean “Love is in the air…”

    Am just saying: Be careful about interpreting things.
    Also: I think WM is an actor who’s rather used to people touching him a bit sensuously. He’s one really, really hot dish and a lot of us can’t help it. (Hell, I’d have to cuff my hands together!) BTW, you did not say how WM reacted to said photographer’s caress?

    ANON2 (2:13)
    In other WfW uploaded articles, he said the he spends his free time (a) staring at the wall, sleeping, or watching dvds of Law & Order on weekends because he was damn tired after a week of 14-hour shoots; (b) working on his script; (c) talking to producers and writers, drumming up interest on his script

    “A boyish, straight man who hasn’t had any serious relationships with women yet?” Believe me, it happens to both sexes, especially if you’re the nerdy, geeky, very shy type (as he’d said before). There are many such types in my university.

    KAREN: You go, girl!

  157. Anonymous 12:21am
    The regulars can’t be bothered with this discussion anymore.
    The thing is we take him as he is, no matter what it is, and care about him as a person and as an actor.
    Gay or not, who the fuck cares?!

    So, great episode, huh? And tonight there’s a new one coming… Can we focus on that, please?

  158. Kelleymary

    We don’t know if he can be linked to this actor Kristopher Cusik or not.
    But curious as I am, I looked at his photos (handsome!) and I read his coming out interview in
    I think it’s worth reading because we get an insight on how Went himself must feel right now.

    For example:
    “KC: There was a big thing that was written about a month ago online going on and on about whether or not I was gay. I didn’t respond either way because I don’t need to fuel the fire, piss anybody off. It shouldn’t be important. But, being asked, I admire actors like my friend Chad Allen who have been able to come out and say this who I am. It shouldn’t matter, but unfortunately, like Rupert Everett said in an interview, he would never recommend anybody coming out if they wanted to be a huge movie star because it’s such a closed-minded area of the business.”

    Clear, huh?

    Big money in Hollywood is still anti-gay.

  159. Anon2

    So he has been linked to more men than the one he has been seen around town. So now there is a guy that a certain gossip blogger claims to know, a photographer and two actors. That’s proof enough to me and I won’t discuss this issue again since it seems that he is indeed gay. This is my personal decision and I’m sticking with it. So now I’m going to shut up about it and move on. Is he still going to Germany? And if so when?

  160. Mrs Miller

    WFW – girl, can we pleeeeeeezzzzzee have a change in topic????
    How about a list ( in order of preference) of the 10 things you’d love to do to Went if you got laid together? – That would be…mmmh *eyes glazing over and starting to drool* – sorry I have to go

  161. News

    Anon2 we are all so happy that you are now completely sure about it and so you can move on… I have another proof that can set you free from this nightmare. Now I am ready to share it with you. I live in Chicago and when Wentworth was here filming he had a relationship with my butcher as well. Wentworth used to go to his shop three times a week so people jumped to the right conclusion very fast considering that Went doesn’t coock!!! And they were right because once, the day the truth came up, Went got out the butcher shop with his white t-shirt stained with blood… YES, it was the butcher who rubbed Went chest (just like the photographer!!!) but he had not the grace to wash his hands after ripping an ox!
    So Wentworth is linked to a photographer, two actors and a butcher.
    Hey, don’t jump to conclusion, our butcher is very cute, a bit rude but very very cute.

  162. Kelleymary

    What I like about your site, WFW, is that you let people speak freely about how we all feel in these troubled times on the Went front.

    O.K., as you rightly said, we’re flogging a dead horse about the gay/not gay controversy, but it shows how Wentmad we all are, and how much we CARE about honesty…

    Believe it or not, these apparently sterile exchanges serve as a THERAPY for frustrated fangirls who do not know if the information they’re being fed is true or false.
    (We guess we are puppets for some people : they must be laughing their heads off!!!)

    WFW, like the Church, your site is important to us all. It is a QUALITY site, where people behave when exchanging ideas and never come to blows (unlike other blogs!).

    It has diverged (a bit since the “infamous photos”) from your purpose to keep it as a funny blog: It may be because you have been more subdued lately (Oh, I know you’re entitled to your personal life!) but we hope you’ll find time to put Wet For Went back on the fun track….


  163. Dannie

    According to all you people, who have heard different things about all the men Went has been with, he must be having a regular old fuck fest, no wonder he’s so tired and has to rest so much on the weekends. With that much activity I would need a rest too. And if he got it on with so many different people, how come we haven’t heard anything officially, surely Fox can’t have shut down so many different people, that sounds like a prison break conspiracy of the highest order. hell we hear every time Brittany changes her underpants(or dosen’t or forgets them), how come there aren’t dozens of people running out with tell all stories\books ect. Forgive me if i take all this with a grain of salt.

  164. News

    Before someone is too foolish to believe the butcher story and spread it through the web… obviously I was kidding!!! It was just to show how easy it is to write rubbish and let people believe they are true.
    Sometimes it seems that the only persons who still have humor are WFW and Wentworth who surely laughts a lot about what we write about him.

    Anyway the butcher says hello to the whole blog! 😉

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