Wentworth Miller in German In Style

Of note: … (Went asked about being a sex symbol)

Went: My life wasn’t glamorous at all. Now, I get invited to a lot of
parties and women, I have never seen before, give me their phone number.

The interviewer (a man!) asks: Rumor has it you prefer men.

Went: I AM NOT GAY but this rumor is still around.
I would like to have a girlfriend and a family but I haven’t found the
right (female!) one yet.
So I concentrate on my job and enjoy every second on the set despite
long shooting days of 14 hours.

Thanks for the email Snowflake! More of the interview here.


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203 responses to “Wentworth Miller in German In Style

  1. Mink

    LMFAO! Oh, Went!

    *stands back and waits for boards to explode*


  2. WFW


    You WILL stop dangling yourself in front of me and then yanking yourself back. Wait, yanking yourself…I need a moment. Excuse me.

  3. DBN

    Well, maybe he isn’t gay. Maybe he’s more, like, you know… “I just like to suck dick on occasion, and you know, take it up the ass sometime. And kissing guys is pretty nice, and I’m up for the occasional snuggle. But other than that, I’m not gay.”

    *stands back alongside Mink*

  4. sara

    I don’t blame him, he wants to save his job

  5. *wants to scream “I TOLD YOU SO!” but has learned better in the past*

  6. brit bird

    I buy my briefs in a pack of three at GAP

    So if I go into GAP and handle the mens ‘briefs’ can I say that I have touched Went’s undies?

    hahaha Went wears briefs, now in his next interview, can someone ask him whether boxers arnt supportive enough for him?

    WFW I’ve been a fan of Angie Harmon for a long time Can we have some target practise on her please?

  7. WFW

    I’m actually more concerned with this love professed for Evian (I’m guessing from the picture that is his water of choice). Went, Evian is GROSS! It’s oily and just, no. I am very disappointed as I would have hoped you had picked Dasani b/c Dasani is the shit. Now I have to rethink my crush altogether. *shaking head* So sad…

  8. Yay! You tell ’em Went!
    *shrug* I like Evian 🙂 Isn’t Dasani the water that’s not even fresh water …it’s tap water bottled from Coca Cola?

  9. WFW

    Dasani doesn’t taste like the water that comes out of my tap! And OK fine, if not Dasani, Deer Park, Aquafina, anything but Evian! Damn you Wentworth! I LOVED YOU!

  10. Mink

    Just to say, as this is a translation from a translation, I wouldn’t get too hung up on the ‘boxers’ v. ‘briefs’ thing. I think it’s probably just about impossible to know what he actually said.

    He’s always said ‘Gap boxers’ in the past.

  11. guesser

    I think this is old material. Ref. to driving from Chicago to L.A. “last year”. P.B. has just started in Germany (1st season).. so this could be re-hashed from a previous interview… and waiting for the right one..(girlfriend).. well he just doesn´t say that any more…after all thats happened I don´t think he would say the same old stuff we´ve already heard.. over and over. This is from more innocent times.
    We still love him, but we are not so easily taken in.

  12. dedep

    Ahhhhh… happy day….

    My fantasies can now revert to being twosomes instead of threesomes. Personally, I think three is a crowd…so thanks for that Went!

  13. B

    September 24th, 2007 at 1:25 pm

    You WILL stop dangling yourself in front of me and then yanking yourself back. Wait, yanking yourself…I need a moment. Excuse me.


  14. tia

    He could be bisexual, people always seem to leave that out of the equation, or is it maybe we only allow women to be bi but not men?

  15. B-minus



  16. WFW

    I think the interview is recent as he was just at the very hotel the interview was given at a little while ago giving international interviews. I don’t know this for sure however. Hell, what DO I know for sure? Not much…

    Oh and like what he wears (although he’s been switching it up lately, nice job there Went), he gives the same answers over and over too.

  17. Bel


    Whatever. I’ll be over here playing threesome with fantasy Went. Come wake me if he’s on some frontpage somewhere kissing his luvah (m/f/both/both in one person).

  18. Erika

    Call me gullible but I choose to believe him. I don’t think he’ll be so foolish to say “I’M NOT GAY” twice.

  19. cat's meow

    YEAH, YEAH…………Went’s NOT GAY!!!!!!!!

    I knew it, I knew it!!!!!!!


    LET THE FANTASIES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (once again!!!!!)


  20. ANON2

    Like he says, the rumour can’t be killed. Of course, his fans are keeping it alive. Nobody can’t blame us thou. People will doubt his honesty until he comes out or gets married. So we have to wait..er..5 years or something? But, Mr. Miller, why did you take a walk with a man who’s, according to rumours, your boyfriend? Because to me it looked like you were rebelling against your current boss FOX by taking it to the streets with a guy who’s been advised to stay hidden by your boss. Or did you just have fun with the press? Not exactly the kind of image that your fans have gotten used to. You see, you’re supposed to be kind, polite and trustworthy. And straight, of course, ’cause you have now said it twice that you are. You’re not supposed to be someone who plays around with rumour by grinning in front of the paparazzi with a (another?) gayguy. They say you’re a smart man. I’m sure you knew that your fans, to whom you owe every dollar you’ve made over this last year or two, (he does girls, he wouldn’t have gotten those endorsement deals without us), would get a little upset by those pictures. So, after all these new interviews what are we left with. He says he is straight but occationally takes walks with gaypals. By the way, Perez is allready on his back with a new post. He won’t quit. There’s a reason for that but I don’t think it’s jealousy over Wents career. The rumour won’t die he says. Well, Wentworth, it’s kind a your fault as well.

  21. wakeup!

    Elequently put Anon2….gives everyone something to think about.

  22. Mink

    I think the interview is recent as he was just at the very hotel the interview was given at a little while ago giving international interviews.

    *Pedant alert*

    Just to say, that recent ‘Hollywood Foreign Press’ press conference was at the Four Seasons, and apparently this was done at the Beverly Wilshire, so it wasn’t done at the same time.

    I’m asking one of our lovely German Churchies to investigate with “In Style” when this interview was given. Enquiring minds want to know. 😉

    Whatever, if you subscribe to the idea that ‘any publicity is good publicity’ (which personally I don’t), then this strategy is fucking genius!

    I wondered when PH would get to it, and I think that was record time.

  23. WFW

    About the hotel, It’s not the same thing? OK, maybe it isn’t but I’m still confused.

    And yeah PH, you lurkin? lol

  24. Poor Went, he can’t be gay; he can’t be straight. He’s cock blocked either way. *sigh*

  25. WFW

    Not blocking. Open, ready, willing, waiting…

  26. For him to justify your love, your love, your love…;)

  27. cocot13

    I love you Went but you really need to pay up or shut up.If your straight get a GIRLFRIEND and if your gay and in the closet get a BEARD lots of leading men in Hollywood have them.

  28. brit bird

    I am just going to imagine Went wearing briefs….

  29. Anya

    @ other Germans:

    Is that the “In Style” issue with Gwen Stefani on the cover? Damn, I looked at that today and didn’t buy it.

    Or is that a special issue of “In Style” for men? “Mann in Style”? Never heard of that.

    I’m willing to contact them and ask when the interview was done, but I’d need to know which publication it actually is.

  30. Anty

    Um, yeah, that was me.


    Well, it *was* last year when season one ended.

  31. Gbaby

    The only thing Went owes to his fans is a good performance as an actor. Whoever he fucks is nobody business.
    He does not have to tell the truth because it is nobody DAMN BUSINESS. He does not have to EXPLAIN his private life to anybody.
    This “gay” issue annoys the shit out of me. GROW UP! for crying out loud.
    What the hell, I do not know why this gets to me. Maybe because I cannot stand stupidity/ narrow mindness.
    *breath in, breath out.*

  32. Snowflake

    @ Anya

    Yes, it’s in the one with Gwen Stefani on the cover. The part of the magazine, where they feature famous men, is called “Men in Style”.

    I will contact IN STYLE and try to find out when the interview actually took place (could take a while because it’s evening here now and there won’t be anybody around).

  33. Anty


    I emailed them about it too, so maybe one of us will get an answer!

  34. DanceForMe

    @ WFW:
    about Evian – I totally agree. It sucks.
    And in the German GQ Photoshot he drank from
    an unlabeled Evian bottle (0,5 L).


    @Mama Bear:
    Poor Went, he can’t be gay; he can’t be straight. He’s cock blocked either way. *sigh*

    LMFAO here. *falling from my chair right now*

    Cock blockage! Would that be something like a chastity belt for men or just a disease of workerholics? Or a public penalty for giving the same answers over and over again, where he should tell us more stuff to dream about in a fangirly way…?

    *yeah, stay blocked ’till you come to Germany, I’ll take care of uncocking you… *

    (to un-cock is now officially my new favourite English word of the month…! Aaaw I just love English, I really do!)

  35. DanceForMe

    before anyone kills me right now:
    I didn’t mean un-cock literally, I used it in the sense of to relax, to chill

    *non-native speaker steals humbly away to Oktoberfest as a appropriate penalty*

  36. sueli

    I’m sure you knew that your fans, to whom you owe every dollar you’ve made over this last year or two, (he does girls, he wouldn’t have gotten those endorsement deals without us), would get a little upset by those pictures.

    Hypothetically, if he was openly/is gay would he have landed this role or would the show have made it this far and produced all these wonderful fans [of his] to whom he owes every dollar he’s made the last few years?

  37. jailbird

    Went-uncocking sounds good to me!

  38. Odey

    Eloquently said Gbaby. I’m also chosing to spend my time productively by day dreaming about Shirtless Went, Boxer Went and *gasp, oxygen* Briefs Went? Maybe Speedo Went…mmm…Seriously can’t we put this issue to rest already? The man said he’s straight, and until the day that there’s 100% undisputable proof saying that’s not true, Speedo Went and I will be happily riding off into the sunset.

  39. Anty


    When at the Oktoberfest, will you go on the biggest-transportable-5-loopings-rollercoaster-in-the-world for me? WILL YOU??

  40. Anty

    @Perez Hilton:

    Go out and get laid, SRSLY. It’s okay you want to get into Wentworth’s pants and know it’ll never happen, because even gay, he’d not go for you if you were the last man (*snort*) on earth.

  41. niknak

    Oh boy! Let the shit hit the fan all over again!

    Good Lord, how I wish he would just go on television and SAY SOMETHING definitive, one way or the other. Of course, “I’m not gay” seems pretty clear, but until we hear him say it, and then subsequently prove it, I don’t think this damn rumor will ever die. Even then, someone will still say he’s gay.

    *raising hand to volunteer to “scientifically” experiment in the hopes of determining WM’s dominant sexual preference*

  42. AJ

    Dude, he’s soooo fuckin’ with us. Ah well, doesn’t fuck up my fantasies, either way. *thanks Jeebus for my over the top imagination, capable of thinking up anything*

    And WFW, I concur…Dasani is the shit, Evian is shit. Big.Fuck.Difference.

  43. Luci

    I’m going to assume this interview was given before the LM pic’s. Otherwise he would have to be completely out of his mind, or being given really bad advice to make that statement at this point. JMO

  44. LAgurl

    I have seen pics of him and his GF (at the time) during the premier of Human Stain.

  45. Anon2 9/24/07 (2:55pm) and Others,

    Suppose you are a friend of mine. Suppose you belong to the third sex (I have no idea if you’re a guy or a gal). How would you feel if I decided to shun you because your sexual proclivities might tarnish my reputation? What kind of person/friend does that make me?

    Second, whatever your sexual tastes, you do have human rights. Are you saying that, as a supposed “gay/bi/les”, you are lower than the hets and should be treated like shit?

    And, if I were Went, why should my friends, fans, my studio dictate whom I should date, fuck, suck, or make friends with? And—when, also? Excuse me?

    People, if you have the time, kindly watch “The Contender” (2000) movie which starred Joan Allen and Gary Oldman. That movie’s message has bearing on this issue.

  46. from perez hilton

    When my friend Karl lived in Connecticut, he dated Wentworth’s sister for five years. Karl is probably the most honest person that I have ever met…and he told me that Wentworth was gay. He told me this without even realizing that there were rumors.

    Notice we never SEE or hear him deny being gay? He’s not saying this on Ellen. It all comes from PR made up foreign print interviews.

    Though if he had any guts, he’d follow Doogie and denounce the lies his management have concocted.

    I do feel a bit bad for him. I’ll stop feeling bad if he ever actually denies it on camera.

  47. shortstuff

    wfw, i have never been known to disagree with you.. but are you fucking kidding me??? DASANI. TASTES.LIKE.SHIT. its not even spring water! its filtered tap water!! gah!!

    oh yeah, and thanks for clearing that up went. can we fuck now?

  48. Anty

    also from Perez Hilton:

    #187 – D says – reply to this
    There were two guys in my acting class who I KNOW FOR SURE had sex with Wentworth. Playhouse West Acting School. 1998. Los Angeles. HE’S GAY! His sexuality is no one’s business, but don’t freaking lie about it.

    Isn’t it amazing, how all of Went’s former acquaintances and their relatives just pop up @ Perez Hilton? I mean, yeah, that does sound sincere and it was his acting school, but any year between ’97 and ’00 will work. Also, I doubt somebody from the business would feel the need to point out that Playhouse West is in LA. Duh! And finally, he goes,

    #300 – D says – reply to this
    HE’S GAY AND HE IS A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. lj

    “When my friend Karl lived in Connecticut, he dated Wentworth’s sister for five years. Karl is probably the most honest person that I have ever met…and he told me that Wentworth was gay. He told me this without even realizing that there were rumors.”

    Not that I don’t believe you Perez but why have we never heard this before? It’s a bit strange for you to post an account like this particularly now. Just sayin’

  50. from perez hilton

    It’s not from perez

    It’s from the comments

  51. SavMed

    Perez, why don’t you give us piccies? You know you want to 😉

    But CAN you? If you can’t, can it.

  52. boss

    I can’t understand one thing…
    I don’t know if Went is gay or not but I think it is sure that he wants us to think that he is straight so, why a lot of you keep on coming him out???
    Even if this interview was taken before Luke, Went said that “the rumor will never be killed” so, to me, this is the tought of a straight guy or of a gay guy who doesn’t want to come out. If he was out and proud we’d know more about it and he didn’t avoid in a first moment to be photographed with Luke.
    I don’t know if he is gay or straight but sometimes it seems to me that even his fans are not very fair with him.
    If he wants us to think he is not gay maybe there are good reasons.
    Trying to show that he lied several times is a bit cruel to me, especially from his fans.

  53. Anonymous

    How can anybody be so gullible???

    This german “interview” is a total REHASH of all we already knew by heart.
    It’s what is called REWRITING in journalism terms: you collect all the material of old interviews and refresh by adding”a new series of Prison break is on the way.

  54. sara

    this interview was done before those scandalous pictures of him with the Brothers and Sisters hottie.

  55. boss

    That “I am not gay. The rumor will never be killed” is surely not the same of the Australian interview so why are we underling that he lied more than once??? mine is just a question but, are we doing a good job as fans???

    Don’t kill me!

  56. sara

    I was pretty sure he was dating Luke MarFarlene, so now I really don’t know what to think anymore….
    I hate to think he’s a liar, sigh….


    I’m pretty certain that Went didn’t give an interview to this German guy. It’s a rewriting of old interviews.

    For God’s sake, Went is a Princeton grad with a bit of culture and probably a rich interior life!

    Do you think he’s got NOTHING new to say?

    Why would he repeat the SAME stories, in the SAME form (“the broken nose prom” “the Angie Harmon crap” “the driving from L.A. to Chicago” “the boxers from Gap” etc…)

    Is he a parrot?

    Or a robot with a limited set of ready-made phrases?

    These quotations come from OLD interviews before he met Luke.

  58. gwen6

    Hmm, well he has never actually said he’s straight either.. He always says “I’m not gay”. He has never said I’m straight. I actually think he’s bi but more with a tendency towards men, although he won’t come out yet, I think it’s just a matter of time. And as far as I’m concerned..I actually do think Luke is his bf and perhaps the one that’s making him so happy as of lately. Rumours are not just created out of thin air me thinks..

  59. me

    He’s out of his f****g mind????
    Why does he keep doing this?
    There are pictures now!!!
    I don’t like liars

  60. lj

    Thanks perez hilton September 25th, 2007 at 5:31 am for pointing out that your comment is not from perez directly but from the comments. So is that supposed to add credibility? Some anonymous person posting on PH? Jeez.

    Kelleymary, the journalist who wrote the story, Andreas Renner, even describes what Wentworth was wearing. “For the interview at the “Beverly Wilshire Hotel” the 35 y.o. shows up in plain GAP jeans and a skin-tight white sweater. He smiles coyly and speaks so quietly as if he’s embarrassed to be the center of attention.” I think it is a bona fide interview and it is recent. I say we should take Wentworth at his word.


    About something completely different:
    As a Swiss, I know a bit about Evian water.

    It come from a high altitude spring in the French side of our Alps. It’s filtered by the rocks and it’s so pure that in Europe it’s the best water to be given to small babies in their formula.
    It’s taste is vey bland and light.
    It may not be to your individual taste.

    But ,please don’t compare it to Dasany tap water which has been filtered after having gone through numerous bodies and through sewers…

  62. Luci

    Hmm I posted my commet here and nowhere else and I just checked P.H. and someone posted my commet’s there. Very strange.


    I feel like re-posting what ANON2 said because it’s excatly what I think and what I would say if my English was good enough:

    September 24th, 2007 at 2:55 pm
    Like he says, the rumour can’t be killed. Of course, his fans are keeping it alive. Nobody can’t blame us thou. People will doubt his honesty until he comes out or gets married. So we have to wait..er..5 years or something? But, Mr. Miller, why did you take a walk with a man who’s, according to rumours, your boyfriend? Because to me it looked like you were rebelling against your current boss FOX by taking it to the streets with a guy who’s been advised to stay hidden by your boss. Or did you just have fun with the press? Not exactly the kind of image that your fans have gotten used to. You see, you’re supposed to be kind, polite and trustworthy. And straight, of course, ’cause you have now said it twice that you are. You’re not supposed to be someone who plays around with rumour by grinning in front of the paparazzi with a (another?) gayguy. They say you’re a smart man. I’m sure you knew that your fans, to whom you owe every dollar you’ve made over this last year or two, (he does girls, he wouldn’t have gotten those endorsement deals without us), would get a little upset by those pictures. So, after all these new interviews what are we left with. He says he is straight but occationally takes walks with gaypals. By the way, Perez is allready on his back with a new post. He won’t quit. There’s a reason for that but I don’t think it’s jealousy over Wents career. The rumour won’t die he says. Well, Wentworth, it’s kind a your fault as well.”

    I’m sure, Anon 2, that many fans think the same as you.

  64. Anya

    You know, just saying, but Wentworth is a smart guy–

    Don’t you think he knows that actively lying, again and again, is going to hurt his career WAY more than coming out in the first place?

    So I say he’s telling the truth. I believe he’s either coffeesexual or anything between 0 and 4 on the Kinsey scale.

  65. Bessie

    Good Lord, how I wish he would just go on television and SAY SOMETHING definitive, one way or the other.

    He has denied that he is gay on camera. It was a televised interview in Australia I think. He said something like (and I am paraphrasing here) ‘I’m not gay. People want to have certain fantasies about me and that’s okay with me’ . I don’t have the link to it though. I just remember it because Joel McHale was taking the piss about it on the Soup and fantasising about ‘Wenticorn’ half Went half unicorn, it was hilarious.

    Those pictures of Luke and him prove nothing, were they holding hands? Kissing? Fondling and groping in public? No they were just walking. I’d hate people to think I was having sex with every person that I walked beside or sat in a car with.

    He might be gay, he might not be. Who cares? All this debating is totally meaningless because at the end of the day nobody knows.

  66. cat's meow

    I agree with YOU, lj!!!! What kind of fans are these to accuse Went of constantly lying. If these are his fans who supposedly love him, then who the hell are his enemies?????

    This statement is definately NEW. I must have read every interview he’s had, and I’ve never read this one. Saying this interview is recycled is ludicrous. You’re all a bunch of idiots!!!!

    WENT SAID: “I’m NOT gay, but that rumor can’t be killed. I’d like to have a girlfriend and a family. But I haven’t met the right one yet. Until then I’m focusing on my job. I had to wait so long for this chance, I savor every second on set even if it means 14 hours of shooting a day.”

    Went’s damned if he does and damned if he don’t. Stop harrassing this man and just believe him. You can’t force someone to admit that they’re gay, especially if they are NOT!!!!

    Why can’t you all just adore and admire him without picking him apart every chance you get. To me, that’s not a real fan. So move on to someone else if you hate him that much. And if you DO LOVE HIM, then SUPPORT HIM!!!!!!!

  67. sara

    Honestly I disagree with you Bessie.
    If he wanted to stay in the closet and keep his private life private it’s fine with me as long as he DOESN’T LIE about it in such a shameless way

    Once he claims he’s straight, if he turns out to be gay (wich for me is a strong possibility) I will be VERY disappointed


    Went, please, darling, put my mind at rest!

    I know that:
    -You’re 35, unmarried without any real gf
    – You’re shy with women
    -You like old actresses like Charlotte Rampling or Isabelle Huppert
    -You like Rampling particularly in “Swimming Pool” directed by gay handsome director François Ozon
    -You like Scissor Sisters (gay)
    -You have been working with gay photographs several times
    -You admire Ang Lee’s films; homosexuality is a prominent element of his work
    -You have been photographed with a gay actor (LMF) wearing the same flip- flops and more or less the same clothes.
    -You left in the same car, looking jolly happy…
    -The most famous gossip whore in Hollywood has time and time again repeated that you are gay, he knows first (or second) hand.

    Tell us, please, dear Went, are you still NOTGAY?????

    Or do you think we’re idiots???

  69. sara

    And cat’s meow I consider myself one of his fan BUT unfortunately I’m not blind

  70. satinfee

    That German guy who did the interview lives and works in LA. He interviewed many A-list actors/actresses and has published in high quality German mags over the last few years. I’m inclined to think he met Wentworth face-to-face.
    By the way, I emailed him and asked him to elaborate on the topic…
    *keeps fingers crossed for a quick reply*

  71. sara

    I tend to agree with you satinfee, the interview is recent and this why from my point of view Went’s behavior is inexcusable this time

  72. genpop40

    PH was the first to “out” him, then all the others reprinted his story. I am not blind or stupid….that is why I DO believe Went over PH.

    Clearly, PH’s minions lurk here to keep track of the current climate on the gay issue, so he knows how to phrase his stories for max impact and believability…even quoting us word for freaking word. And if you don’t think that some of the comments on this blog and others don’t come from PH directly than you are the blind ones.

    And one more thing, Went says the same things over and over and over in interviews. How many times have the hear (and seen) him use the “alpha dogs in a box” or the “Sona makes Fox River look like a trip to the day spa” lines? So I really think this interview is recent and legit.

    Okay, go ahead and start throwing your stones.

  73. sara

    then what about the pictures??

  74. genpop40

    Oh, and WFW, Dasani says on the side of the bottle “PWS”. This means public water supply…it’s tap water my friend.


    Hello, Genpop40!

    “And one more thing, Went says the same things over and over and over in interviews. How many times have the hear (and seen) him use the “alpha dogs in a box” or the “Sona makes Fox River look like a trip to the day spa” lines? So I really think this interview is recent and legit.”

    – So you say.

    You think Went is a robot? hasn’t studied at college how not to repeat and paraphrase oneself?

    I’m inclined to think there’s been NO interview, just a brief handshake and maybe a photo or two, then Went’s PR handed the “interviewer” a paper with all these vintage P.C. quotations to be rehashed for the article.

    Even my fishmonger is capable of varying his comments on the freshness of his fish every week.

    And Went couldn’t???

  76. satinfee

    sara, I don’t know what is “inexcusable” about having your picture taken on the street and in company of a gay friend. If he was seen with a married female, would you scream “adultery”? As if there’s nothing more important to think about than the gay/not gay! I for one am more interested to know where the interviewer’s seen him shirtless… 😉

    *is happy she never set a click on PH’s site*

  77. WFW

    WOW! Leave your apt for a night and all HELL breaks loose, lol.

    I don’t give a shit where Dasani COMES from, it TASTES better. That was my point. I didn’t say it was purified from the piss of Angels, I just said it was better than Evian and god dammit it is!

    And about the gay thing…meh.

  78. anonymous

    He’s never going to openly admit he’s gay as long as he’s making money with the show

  79. genpop40

    Kelleymary, watch his interviews. He does repeat the same words over and over…and I’m not talking about print interview. I’m talking about video interviews.

  80. mina

    Somehow that story reminds me of the gay speculations over swimmer ian thorpe. he could heave done what ever he wanted, many people didn’t believe him that he is not gay. so what could he do?
    and here it’s the same, I’m sorry for him when he is gay and can’t say it but so far his word counts for me. and I think he could say whatever he wants and some people would still say he is gay. and for me hanging out and having a good time with a gayguy makes nobody gay.

  81. Anonymous

    uh…wow..why suddenly WM had sex with many ppl


    Genpop40, I agree with you!

    The question is : WHY does he repeat himself??

    If we find out why, we may get a clue about the REAL Went!

  83. Luci

    Poland springs is the best bottled water!

  84. Mink

    The question is : WHY does he repeat himself??

    Because he keeps getting asked the same questions?

  85. ANON2

    I think that there are three reasons why people are questioning his honesty on the gay-issue, (wow, it’s actually an issue right now!, well at least to a mediafreakmoron like me). Number one: he hasn’t been asked about his private life/love life in front of the camera. He’s been asked why he’s such a private person, but never about having a girlfriend. The only sources that give out these “I wanna have a girlfriend and family someday” come from magazines or www-sources. (In Korea fans asked him but he seemed a bit uncomfortable.) It gives away the fact that interviewers aren’t allowed to ask him that. PR events are controlled and they can be muffled. They ask those questions from guys like George Clooney, Adrian Grenier and others when they are on the red carpet. With cameras on their face. Maybe WM doesn’t wanna connect his face to that kind of statement. Because then he’d be ON camera, lying. Number two: Gossip bloggist Perez Hilton. Maybe it would shine a little light on why he says WM is gay if I had read his very first post on him. Did he declare Wentworth as a gay man in that first post? Or was it just about Wentworth being good looking and such? Did the “I know he’s gay because my good friend dated him but they don’t talk anymore”-information come in later? There are a lot of posts on the comments section of his site where people say that he dated guys from his acting class. And that he’s been seen in gay clubs( ok, that’s total crap, ’cause if he’s in the closet he wouldn’t show up at a gayclub!). And then he was seen holding hands with a man at a party. Many people claim that they know he’s gay. Maybe there is something to information that is given kindly on the matter. People who say that they know that he’s gay but aren’t mean about it are quite believable, I think. Maybe not watertight thou since there are two written comments that supposedly came from him where he states that he’s not gay. Some of the comments from people on PH site are callous and total lies. And should not be believed. Number three: His newest tv interviews. Ellen and Kristin Veitch. Don’t you think that a man who’s success is based on him being a favourite among women would be asked about having a female companion in every single interview?! But yet these women stayed away from the subject. Never happens with other favourite male celebs. They always ask! He seemed grateful and gave them presents. To me it looked like he gave a nice gesture to these women who respect his privacy and know he doesn’t wanna talk about it so they didn’t push it. But you still have to wonder. What would be his explanation to all of these “no, I’m not gay”-comments if he actually was gay. He can’t say that FOX made me do it, or I didn’t say that, it was made up or I did it for the fans. He would look like lying idiot either way. I’m sure his fearcest fans would forgive him but his career as an actor would be over. I guess he can always walk away with his money and become a fulltime writer, but he’s said that he loves acting. That’s Hollywood for you. I’ve always wondered why this man moved to Hollywood in the first place. It’s weird. Where did he get the idea to move to L.A.? What was the push? People don’t go to Hollywood to live on popcorn. They wan’t the fame and fortune. They like to play different characters, maybe to hide what they really are inside. I’m not the biggest WM fan. But my friend is. And she’s pissed because I think that he’s propably gay. This is subject worthy of a thesis! Like I wrote in my first post we’ll have to wait until he comes out or gets married. Because of the reasons one, two, three.

  86. sara

    Mink do you really think he’s telling the truth??

  87. cat's meow

    Went has said more than once that he’s NOT gay, and people are still questioning his truthfulness. Alot of good-looking actors have been accused of being gay for no good reason. WHY, just because he is 35 and single???? My hubby was 35 and single when I met him. So what, he’s still a young man who has not met the right girl and wants to concentrate on his career before settling down.

    Like I said, Went is damned if he does and damned if he don’t. Fangirls rip apart any woman he is seen with and then these same people wonder why he’s not seen in public with a woman. Would he continue to take out women in public when he knows it would be splattered all over the internet the next day with everyone ripping her apart. I think NOT. Look what they did to Mariana, Amie and that older woman who was probably his mom. They even ripped her apart.

    Leave the poor guy alone. Some so-called fans of Went’s are worse than PH, that low-life LOSER. Let’s believe Went for once and don’t give that LOSER the satisfaction. I’ve said that we should boycott his site, but people keep going there.

    Enjoy Went, and STOP criticizing him. All he ever does is bring all of us HAPPINESS!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU, WENT!!!!!

  88. Saffy

    To Anon2 @1.30 pm

    The first post by Perez was termed ‘heartbreaker -not so blind item’ and appeared on 11 October 2005. He basically said a little bird had told him a certain star of a new TV series preferred his male co-stars to his female co-stars. He also printed a picture of the top of WM’s head. Oh and he added that this star and Perez ‘belonged together’ as in the Mariah song. The story of the friend who dated Went did not surface until this year. In fact, after Lance Bass came out in 2006, Perez put out an appeal on his site for anyone who knew anything about the sex lives of Neil Patrick Harris, Ricky Martin, Matt Dallas, Wentworth, Michelle Rodriguez, etc, to get in touch with him with details because he was going to ‘drag them all out of the closet’. So it would seem Perez knew feck-all at that point. Suddenly this year though, he has a best friend who dated Went for a long time but he conveniently never saw the two of them in a romantic situation because Went was so closeted even then. Do you think this all adds up? Because I don’t. I rather think some nutter crawled out of the woodwork, as we say here in the UK, and professed to have had a relationship with Went after Perez put out his ‘call to arms’. I don’t say this because I think Went is straight, gay or whatever. My view is he is what he is and I just enjoy seeing him onscreen when it comes down to it. But anyway, Perez did go on a tour of Canadian Universities earlier this year and spoke of this friend, called ‘Darren’ apparently.


    To correct you, Went has indeed been asked about his lovelife on camera. In fact, on a TV interview when he was in Toronto last year, he replied that he would definitely like to settle down and have a wife and kids one day but he had a feeling it would be some time before that happened. He also said pretty much the same thing when being interviewed on a New York radio station last year (I think it was on Z100?) The lady who asked him was one of the DJ’s, Carolina. Carolina replied to him something like ‘hey Wentworth, I want a husband and kids one day’ as a bit of a flirtation.

  89. Anty

    “There are a lot of posts on the comments section of his site where people say that he dated guys from his acting class.”

    In the current thead, it’s just one. #187. From a person who later goes, HE IS A LIAR AND DATING LUKE MCFARLANE!!! three times in a row. That’s credibility for you!

    “And then he was seen holding hands with a man at a party.”

    Ah, the infamous T-Mobile party. Weird thing though is, with everybody having a camera in their cell phones nowadays, and pics of celebrities being drunk, stoned, or half naked at parties leaking all the time… why didn’t anybody take a fucking picture of Went and this guy?? It would have sold for thousands of dollars!

    “Where did he get the idea to move to L.A.?”

    Because he wanted to be involved in film and television, because he loves stories unfold on screen, and Los Angeles is the sun and earth of the theatrical universe? What sort of dumb question is that?

    “He would look like lying idiot either way.”

    Yes, and he has to know that, so… maybe he’s not gay? Maybe bisexual? Straight? Ever consider that?

  90. Anty


    How did you contact the InStyle interviewer? I just sent an email through the magazine’s website (no answer yet); do you have a better contact?

    @Saffy: You rock my world!

  91. anon

    Lainey (LaineyGossip.com) refers to Wentoworth Miller as gaygay Wenty

  92. Erika

    *dumbfounded* ANON above, and your point??? Or is it Lainy trying to plug his site?

  93. cat's meow

    Hey Anon2,

    To answer to some of your questions, on the PH site I believe the first posts were just drool over Went. He didn’t come out with the “my friend dated Went” until much later. That’s why he’s all BULLSHIT!!! I’ve also read the posts in the comments about Went dating guys in his acting classes and holding hands with a guy at a party. That’s all CRAP too. In the Australian radio interview, Went was asked the question about holding hands with a guy at a T-Mobile Party and Went said “No, unless I was shaking hands with my agent for getting me Prison Break! I don’t know where that came from.”

    I wouldn’t read too much into the fact that he brings gifts for Ellen and Kristen. Kristen just got married and she’s been good to the whole cast of Prison Break. I have seen Kristen ask Went about girlfriends. She in fact liked to tease him about being her future husband. And Ellen doesn’t ask every good-looking guy on her show if he’s dating anyone. I watch her show all the time.

    I agree that he does not fit into the “Hollyweird ” set. But he says he needs acting like he needs to breathe. So that’s why he moved to LA LA LAND. He says it was refreshing to drive across country and meet everyday nice people because everyone in L.A. is either an actor or model. He’s a regular guy who is in that world because he loves acting so much. But I don’t think he enjoys the lifestyle of a typical Hollywood celebrity. He’s not materialistic and flamboyant, he just loves the craft of acting.

    Like your friend, I love Went and I’m very dismayed about all the gay rumors. I choose to believe him, especially that he has denied it twice now. If I didn’t believe him then he would be a liar and I don’t see him that way. He is a man of integrity, a class act, and a real gentleman. That’s why we all fell in love him from the start. He’s not just a pretty face, he’s much more than that. Went is special and not like the rest.

  94. anon

    Lainey is a woman and she keep saying Wentworth Miller is gay too.
    The first time I read something about him on her site was 2-3 years ago.
    My point is Perez Hilton is not the only one.

  95. cat's meow

    Hey Saffy,


    PH IS A LYING LOSER!!!! He’s trying to drag people out of the closet, even those who may not be gay. You just proved what he is capable of.

    People wake up, what PH says is not “word”. Look what he said about Castro being dead…….. he’s DEAD WRONG!!!!!!

    And that Lainey woman is a liar too. Don’t believe in rumors, that’s why they’re called “rumors”, it’s all heresay and NOT FACT.

  96. anon

    sooner or later the truth will surface and then his career will be over

  97. WFW

    And let me guess, you’ll be there with bells on, cheering? Seriously, why are you even here?

  98. anon

    Because I don’t like liars
    I don’t care about the gay thing.
    His sexuality is no one’s business, but don’t freaking lie about it.

  99. 100points

    To be right Perez Hilton the very first time said that he met Went and unfortunately he had not gay vibe from him.
    That proves nothing but I wanted to be correct.

    At this point I have to choose… considering that I think that this interview is recent (but I’m ready to be wrong)… is Went officially not gay or is Went officially stupid? *thinking thinking thinking…*

  100. 100points

    …but at least we can say that he officially broke his nose!

  101. LAgurl

    I don’t think he’s lying. I believe him and if I’m wrong oh well. I don’t think he was gay at all until I read rumors on the internet and I was like, ‘really??’ I mean, I work with gay men EVERYDAY I go to work, and I can see if someone is gay or not, pretty well, though it’s not 100%. I have friends who are not a total flamin’ gay and they are sometimes more masculine then straight guys, but I can still tell. I am not naive to think just because they were married before they are straight or that they were pictured with a gay guy that they are gay, but I just don’t think we don’t have anything credible to go by in this case. As far as all these people coming out of the woodworks to claim they knew him back in 1998 or whatever, and posting on PH’s blog, they can be anyone, and I pretty much don’t trust any of them.
    I think the rumor basically took a life of it;s own and now it’s bigger then life, and it’s like forest fire – out of control. Nothing Went can say or do will stop it.

  102. LAgurl

    ‘I DIDN’T think he was gay at all’ sorry – typo

  103. cat's meow


    You’re a real ray of sunshine, aren’t you?????

    Why the hell do you come here anyway???? Just to put Went down???? I never see a flattering post from you ever. Why don’t you go somewhere else if you hate Went so much. Obviously you’re not WFW, so take off on your broom!

  104. cat's meow

    I hear ya, LAgurl!

    I, too, have male gay friends and family members and I am in no way in denial about Went. In my heart of hearts I don’t think that he’s gay. That’s just my gut feeling.

    All these rumors have definately took a life of their own. It’s out of control now and totally ridiculous. Instead of all the time and energy focusing on him possibly being gay, we could be enjoying this wonderful man. These idiotic rumors really put a damper on everything.

    Went is a unique guy, sweet, smart, soft spoken, well mannered, easy going, polite, shy, and a perfect gentleman. Unfortunately some idiots confuse this with being GAY, when in all reality, Went is a self-professed NERD!!!!! An extremely HOT and SEXY nerd indeed!!!!! lol

  105. Charlie B

    I’m in love with him again

  106. shelley

    Ladies, once again over 100 comments regarding Went’s sexuality?! The. horse. is. dead. Let’s stop beating it!! Pretty please!:)

  107. wentworthcentral

    Yes, finally!

  108. AJ

    Seriously people…….

    ………Evian is disgusting…….
    I don’t care if Dasani is recycled toilet water, it tastes better than Evian, Deer Park, and most other “natural spring waters” combined (except Fiji water, that shit is awesome).

    And as for the “not soon to be squashed” gay rumour, I’ve got nothing to say about that. Cuz really, who gives a flying fuck? Really? Really? No, really??! Who in their right mind gives a shit? Is it preventing you from going about your daily routine? Are you not able to live a normal life and do normal things with this ever-fucking-present question looming over your head? Is it killing you inside not knowing the honest to God truth? Is it?

    Didn’t think so….

    Build a bridge, and get over it.

  109. ilurvemv

    *putting in my vote for Arrowhead bottled water*

  110. niknak

    OK, first and most importantly, the water debate: Dasani is WONDERFUL. It could be that swill Michael Scofield and friends were treading through last night, and it still tastes better than Evian. However, my personal faves are still Aquafina or plain old Sparkletts. Hell, I even love the stuff out of the Glacier machines in front of the grocery stores.

    As for the gay debate: Deja vu all over again! So, I have a song:

    This is the topic that never ends
    It just goes on and on, my friends
    Some people — started debating it, not knowing what it was
    And now they’ll keep on debating it forever just because…

    This is the topic that never ends
    It just goes on and on, my friends
    Some people — started debating it, not knowing what it was
    And now they’ll keep on debating it forever just because…

    This is the topic that never ends
    It just goes on and on, my friends
    Some people — started debating it, not knowing what it was
    And now they’ll keep on debating it forever just because…

    Get my point???

  111. guinevere79

    The fact of the matter is, no matter what Wentworth does or says, even if gives a television interview (or a candid interview, if you wish) no one will believe him if he continues to say that he is NOT GAY. People have already made up their minds about him, based on information that has been spread over the internet, largely by a blogger whose credibility is more than suspect.

    I’m reading some of the comments here and immediately those who have already concluded that he’s gay still consider the possibility that this interview is just a rehash, that there really was no face-to-face interview…just to support their previous conclusion that he’s gay.

    If he’s really gay, I don’t understand why PH just doesn’t give us reliable, verifiable facts (get his friend Darren interviewed, and give us names, for crying out loud!). The answer is simple: he has nothing concrete to prove his claims.

  112. guinevere79

    And as far as I’m concerned, I’d much rather believe what he says, rather than believe what a blogger like PH says. What disappoints me about this whole matter is sometimes, WM’s so-called fans have done more damage re this issue than PH ever has.

  113. EM

    I concur Guinevere.

    Also, *Anon2 1:30pm*, Saffy is correct. Here is a vid of Went stating (on camera) that he wants a wife and kids.

    I personally choose to believe he’s not a liar.

    If in time we find out he is gay, (big deal) I will still like him because he’s an amazing person and I enjoy watching him.

  114. To all the people who are trying to be fair WM: Good job! I salute you.

    To those who are having difficulty with the fairness issue: Keep trying. I know you wouldn’t want others to be unfair to you, too.

    Went’s only responsibility to me? To be a great actor/writer who knows how to choose/write his scripts. (Oh, and to give great pics, occ. shirtless) Although I would like our Divine Dork to have more responsibility towards me, that ain’t gonna happen unless I move into the Twilight Zone. So, there: actor, writer, decent human who is occasionally shirtless. (Or naked! Oh, please, Went!)

    P.S. There is something I don’t understand. Please answer these: What law gave PH the right to “out” anyone? (Am not being rude, I just don’t understand it.) Is homophobia still virulent there in the US? Thanks.

  115. cocot13

    can someone wake me when this bullshit is over?

  116. Honeychildpleaze


    *raises hand*

    I will.

  117. kassie

    There are other men who were supposed to be gay because no one ever saw them with a woman…I’m thinking about an article I read in the newspaper about Glenn Gould, the Canadian pianist, who was assumed to be gay until it was revealed that he was having an affair with another man’s wife! I’m not saying that’s the case with Went, but he does seem shy and reclusive by nature. While he does exhibit some of the characteristics of the gay stereotype, it’s just wrong to hector the poor man about his private life. He has had some pretty weighty issues to deal with in his life, like being biracial and his parent’s divorce. If we love him, really love him, we could just try to accept him exactly as he is, and give him some breathing room! It scares me to think that some people won’t be satisfied until there’s a picture posted of Went in bed with a man taken through his bedroom window. In which case, it will be endlessly debated that the picture was photoshopped…. love you, Went…

  118. sueli

    I second the Arrowhead Spring Water.

    this interview was done before those scandalous pictures of him with the Brothers and Sisters hottie.
    Only in entertainment media could taking a walk and spending a day with someone of the same gender be considered scandalous. I mean that sincerely.

    Whether he is or isn’t, he knows how the media game works and he is playing his part. Who knows? Maybe that part, “right” or “wrong,” is giving his some breathing room from the media really getting up in his business.

  119. sueli

    Or in the business of whomever he may or may not be seeing, who probably doesn’t want to lose privacy any more than he does.

    crap, no edits, I forgot

  120. LOLOLOLOl

    “this interview was done before those scandalous pictures of him with the Brothers and Sisters hottie.”

    Right, Sueli!

    This is evidence number 1.

    Luke just a friend? A friend he went to see in China? A friend who wears the same flip-flops? A friend who is gay and who likes to hang out with gay actors like T.R.Knight in order to boost his own career?

    If Luke and him read some of the comments saying “he’s not gay” they must be in stitches!!

    Can’t you see the “scandalous” photos were a STATEMENT,( and not very courageous way of coming out without saying it with words?)

    I’m afraid it will be the only thing you’ll get from Went on the subject of his orientation. Those pics.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  121. Anty

    “Can’t you see the “scandalous” photos were a STATEMENT, (and not very courageous way of coming out without saying it with words?)”

    Which is why it said next to the pictures when they were first posted that Went and Luke didn’t want to be photographed together. Which, of course, also proves he’s gay. EVERYTHING proves he’s gay!!

    And the OTW (One True Water) is San Pellegrino!

  122. charlie

    LOLOLOLO you can be hired from Perez Hilton, you can help him outing Wentworth, and you are doing a good job.

    Girls, sometimes you are scary!
    I’m a straight man who finds this blog amazing but I can’t honest say that now you are exagerating. Why are some of you trying to demonstrate so hard that Wentworth Miller is gay? That he lied again? After all if he is gay it’s not you duty to out him (it’s Perez’s one 😉 ). Female minds are so strange sometimes!

    WFW I truly appreciate your position in this situation. Too bad I’m not like WM because otherwise I’d be glad to f**k you 😉


  123. Anon2

    Thanks for the PH info. Ok. There are bits and pieces of information that make me believe that he’s gay even more. But I guess I have to believe, at least my Went-fan friend thinks I should, that he is a smart man and indeed would not lie on the radio or in front of the camera. Maybe this Darren person( his former boyfriend according to PH) is a fictional character in PH’s head. Maybe he’s a guy who just has a bad eyesight and after seeing WM on tv realized that he once dated the guy but it wasn’t him after all. I’m still not convinced. You can lie about someone being gay to get hits on your website. And make money in the process. But to put a name on that story? I think that all fangirls are going to be over this guy before anything serious happens in his private life. And then you’re going to be like: “what, he WAS gay and got married in London!!” Or, the other choice: “what, he’s getting married and is becoming a father!!” I don’t know which option is more “fangirl-friendly”? We’ll just have to wait about 5 years for anything to happen. All though, Hollywoodpeople get married after few months of dating, so if he’s straight we will know sooner.

  124. lj

    I agree with you guinevere79. It’s disappointing that so many of Went’s so called fans are prepared to believe the vicious lying Perez Hilton over a sweet man who is by all accounts a genuinely nice person. Regardless of the dates of the interviews recently released he told us in the ‘Who’ story that he does not lie about things that count and I believe him. Because after all what has Went done other than walk down the street with another guy who may or may not be gay? If it wasn’t for the Perez story why would anyone find the photos the slightest bit remarkable?

  125. 100points


    today interview with Dominic and he speaks about Went gay or not… go to listen to!!! I don’t want to anticipate nothing!

  126. 100points

    and consider that under Dominic picture and link to the interview you can read “Dominc shock revelation about Wentworth Miller sexuality…” !!!!!!


  127. Saffy

    Thanks for the link 100poinnts.

    The answer from Dom is an extremeley emphatic ‘Went’s NOT gay’.

  128. LOLOLOLOl

    I listened.

    Not convinced.

    Waiting for Went to open mouth and say: “I’m straight. Always been.

    Pics with Luke were a dubious joke.”

  129. Anya

    Bwahahaaaa, wait for people to scream, “WENT IS A LIAR HE’S MAKING DOMINIC LIE!!”

    Can anybody please tell me what Dom says at 3:51, after Kyle says, “you’ve tried”? My foreign ear can’t understand it.

  130. ws

    outcome of the interview…he isn’t…bloody hell, will everyone give it a rest already. Can’t believe we all fell into that fat fat motherfracking bastard’s trap, he’s the devil you know, stirs shit and then watches it hit the fan, laughing at all the gullible fucks that believe it. Then again maybe the delusional loser thinks baby boy is, so there may be an inkling of chance for him. Hey fat, ugly fuck if you’re lurking GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD. WENTWORTH wouldn’t go near you with the lengthy pole he yeilds. Give up and do something productive like i don’t know…a visit to the gym…no wait i’ll make it easy for you, wobble your fat ass to the plastic surgeon and liposuct. The only problem then is you’re gonna have to deal with your nasty face.

    All loves to ya Went. Head up and stay strong though knowing the person you are this shit is rolling of right off your back.

  131. Thanks, saffy, for the straight-to-the-point message from Dom’s interview. At least, I won’t have to beat up an officemate just to get a clear link from his computer…

  132. 100points

    Sorry for the suspence… just a little joke, but when I read it I thought that Dom had not the right to say that first, and then I found out that he said the opposite!

    I loved when Kyle said “I told you so! I told everyone!”

    LOLOLO1 after all the rumor can’t be killed…

  133. guesser

    We still need Went to say it… (yes again !!)
    Please Went Please.. You can kill this baby, you know you can…. just do it !!.

  134. cat's meow

    Thanks 100 points!!!! I happen to believe Went and I believe Dom. He’s very straightforward and tells it like it is.

    Everyone should just lighten up and believe Went. If it’s so hard for you to believe him, then just move on. Go find another hottie to drool over. Is that so hard?????

  135. lj

    Well said Cat’s. Went said he’s not gay, Dom said Went’s not gay. So I guess that means he’s NOT GAY!!

    If people chose to believe the a lying gossip blogger over these guys then let them. But I am convinced that Went and Dom are telling the truth. Went is too smart to lie.

  136. 100points

    Honestly I think that Wentworth is completely not gay or completely in the closet (not confortable with it considering that his cast friend is so firm in it) so I can’t understand why some of his fans are trying to out him just like Perez does. We have to take Went like he wants. After all he has a mind, a brilliant one, so if he wants us to think he is not gay I can’t understand the need to doubt it. He can be in the total closet but please, don’t behave like that PH!

    As someone already said, WFW I really appreciate your behaviour in the hole thing, your is the only site (that’s just my opinion, don’t get offended) that has been handling the issue with intelligence and humor! After all nobody knows what’s in that brillian and beautiful mind!

  137. Dani

    You suckers – once again – get over the fad . He’s NOT GAY.

    Straight from the horses mouth !

  138. 100points

    EDITING: I meant the whole thing not hole thing… well, speaking about this issue the hole thing could be right too 😉

  139. satinfee

    I just googled the interviewer’s name (beware of the fat politician of the same name!) and it turned out he has a website… 😉
    He didn’t answer yet and the InStyle lady I talked to said they’re researching the When themselves…


    O.K., then.

    But can you ,please, EXPLAIN the LUKE PHOTOS??

    Don’t tell me that Perez KNEW in June that Went would be hanging with gay friend Luke 2 months later,dressed in the same clothes and flip-flops (after visiting him in China earlier).

    Don’t tell me that PH could see the future back in April!!!!
    I don’t buy this “friend thing”.

    Go on, give me an plausible explanation???

  141. 100points

    LOLOLOLOL I don’t have explanation for nothing. I’m just saying that I think that if Went is gay is not out. He’s not confortable with it if his cast mate is so firm dening it. If Went was quiet about it Dominic could say sorry but I don’t want to speak about other lives or I don’t wanna feed the beast (as Went says).
    Why are you so busy to out him??? My impression is that if Went is gay is not out and proud so, why insisting in it?
    Anyway according to PH it’s Luke that was in Korea with Went. It can be true, I don’t know, nobody knows.

  142. min

    I think I read they have the same manager, perhaps that is the reason they know each other? and why shouldn’t he have gay friends? perhaps ph knew already that both know each other… there are thousands of possible reason.
    and yesterday a friend of mine bought the same top with trousers that I have and that doesn’t make us to lovers.


    How can people be so gullible?
    Actors lie all the time if they still want to have a career. Do you want to know who said this?

    “Look I know lots of gays in Hollywood and most of them are nice guys. Some of them have tried it with me, but I’ve said: “Come on now, you’ve got the wrong guy.”

    Rock Hudson, in 1980. Guess he wasn’t gay after all, because HE SAID SO!!!

  144. ANON2

    “According to spywitnesses, the pair first avoided being photographed together, but eventually walked down the street together with a smile.” This was posted on JustJared with the pictures of WM having a day out with Luke McFarlane. Like I said in my previous post, he’s seen by his fans as somebody who’s honest, polite and so on.. If he was just friends with Luke, after that story on PH’s site he could have said that they are just friends, not lovers. Yet, he did not correct the rumour in any way. And then he shows up in front of the very active West Hollywood paparazzi with this man. If he’s not gay, he’s certainly very thoughtless and a bit mean towards his fans. ‘Cause it was a joke not well received. And he didn’t say anything about McFarlane in his interviews after that. If they really are just friends or met each other for the first time after the PH story and decided to have a little fun with that it wouldn’t kill him to say that. To me everything still points to gay. The ratings of his series dropped a bit apparently this season. A very good reason for him and his colleagues to keep up appearences. They are under contract. End of story. So, until he speaks about Luke McFarlane, the LAST and ONLY person who can bring light to this, I have to listen to my gut instead of my Went-fangirl friend. By the way, just because I think he might be gay doesn’t mean that I don’t like HIM. He’s a good looking guy with amazing pair of ears. Nobody here ever notices the ears..*sigh*


    Do you think Went was stupid enough to walk about for a whole day with a gay man who is , according to PH, his lover, knowing that “those rumors are out there”?????

    Was it a joke?
    Most unlikely, Went doesn’t want to destroy is fledgeling career.


    Find a BETTER explanation if you dare!


    ANON2, I love you .

    You don’t take things at their face value and you use your loaf.

    I agree with you, and I like Went, too.

    But he’s NOT telling the truth.

    And the truth matter even more since the Luke pictures.
    Because they were meant to tell us something !!!!

  147. 100points

    Nothing more to add. LOLOLOLOL and ANON2 go on without me on this subject. But you can contact PH, you are doing the same job after all. You are outing someone who, if he is gay, has not intetion to speak about it.
    Too bad I can’t read the post about 3rd season of PB because where I live we are watching the second one.
    I will wait for new pictures and for new hotness!

  148. LAgurl

    OMG people, straight guys have gay friends! Like I’ve mentioned before, being a flight attendant, there are so many gay men in my industry. There are gay guys who are friends with straight guys, and they have their BF and the straight guy has his wife/GF and they are buddies, lie any two people can be! Jeez! Pig Hilton may have known that they are friends and thought “great! Just what I need to emphasize my point! WHOOOOOOOO!” and wrote his shit*y story back in June?

  149. Juma

    Please, give Went a break!!

  150. cat's meow

    Hey LOLOLOL,

    For your information, Went visited Korea, not China. He was there for the Beanpole photoshoot. There were photos of him arriving at the airport in Korea, and he wasn’t with Luke. So you’re dead wrong. Get your facts straight!!!!!

    If you hate Went that much, why are you here????

  151. Erika

    I was really not interested to comment any further on this post but LOLOLOLOL is really sticking out like a sore thumb. Tell me, are you that bored with your life offline because by the number of times I saw your name in the comments, it sure seems like it. Why is it so important to you convince us that Went is gay, what is your reward? An “I told so”? Last time I checked this blog is a tribute to Went and not a place to shunt or disrespect him. So either play along or skidaddle off to PH where you might be more appreciated.

  152. cat's meow

    ANON2 and LOLOLOL,

    Is it so wrong for Went to befriend a gay guy????? I’m sure living in L.A., there are many gays who are actors/actresses/models. Went has even said that in L.A., every other person is an actor or model. I can’t see Went discriminating against a person if he/she were gay, just like if he/she were a different race. He’s not that type of person. Especially that he is of mixed race himself.

    To me, I took those pics of him and Luke as two friends hanging out for the day while he was in town. They seemed to find it funny that they were photographed together knowing that the rumors were flying around about them. I took it that one of them probably said to the other, “Oh no, all the fangirls are going to go crazy and assume that we’re a couple now!” And that’s why they were smiling and laughing.

    Think about it, if they were a couple hiding their relationship, would they be smiling and laughing in the pictures. NO WAY. They would have looked nervous and worried that Went would be found out. But I didn’t see that at all.

    And I don’t think Went would have done that deliberately to hint that he’s gay or to rebel against Fox or anyone who is making him stay quiet. He’s just not a spiteful and vindictive person. He has said that he loves his job and Prison Break is his “baby”. I don’t think he would jeopardize his job in any way. That is not the Went we all have grown to love. He’s an honest man with integrity. Stop saying he’s a liar and do us all a favor and GO AWAY, WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE!!!!!!

  153. cat's meow

    When I see, hear, observe, savor Went, all I see is a beautiful straight man who’s a bit of a NERD!!!!

    He, himself, has said “When people meet me they think I’m like my character, Michael Scofield, who’s a little mysterious and a little cool, when in reality all I am is a nerd!”

    And it so true!!! He’s not a macho man, but he’s definately not effeminate either. He’s extremely intellectual and articulate, loves to read, write, sang with an a cappella group in college, loves classical music and the standards, has no fashion sense, dresses boring in wrinkled clothing, has a maintence-free haircut, he can’t dance, doesn’t drink or go clubbing, he’s shy, quiet, very reserved, polite, well-mannered, well-spoken and his parents and sisters are well educated and reserved as well.

    To me, these are all signs of being a full-fledged nerd, NOT GAY!!! He just happens to be the hottest looking nerd on this planet!!!! Unfortunately, some idiots confuse this with being gay.

  154. guinevere79

    Some points:

    I don’t usually believe what Dominic Purcell says.

    Nobody can confirm what Wentworth’s sexual preferences are, except Wentworth himself. Not Dominic Purcell, not Perez Hilton, not even Wentworth’s own mother.

    But if what we have only are statements:
    1- from a co-star who has been in constant communication with Wentworth over the past three years, AND
    2- a celebrity blogger whose integrity and hidden agenda are usually suspect.

    I would much rather believe the statement from the co-star, rather than the statement from the celebrity blogger.

  155. guinevere79

    sueli: this interview was done before those scandalous pictures of him with the Brothers and Sisters hottie.

    and you know this…how?

    just because the answers seem similar to what he’s given before? we all know that he loves to give recycled answers, because he gets recycled questions.

  156. shortstuff

    are we seriously still arguing about this shit?? *rolls eyes and goes back to bed*

  157. Anonymous

    Cat’s meow,

    It is established that Went went to China to see Luke, well after the Bean Pole contract. He was on his own in Korea.

    The Canadian press (Luke is Canadian) mentioned Went’s visit to China on the set where Luke was filming.

  158. established

    I’m a Luke fan (but I appreciate Wentworth too).
    Anonymous 5:18 do you mean that Wentworth went to China just after his trip to Korea in march, before going back to LA? If you said this, well it is not true, the shooting of Iron Road began more or less on 22nd of April.
    Anyway, Wentworth or not, Luke is a good actor, I hope you can appreciate him as well.

  159. lj

    Anonymous 5:18 that’s a fake report. There has never been any sighting of Went in China despite it being misreported in the Canadian press.

    The story that was reported in the Regina Leader Post was this: “Earlier this year, Miller spent time with MacFarlane in China, where the Ontario-born actor was shooting scenes for the upcoming mini-series Iron Road. According to the News Times in Shanghai, Miller was in the country to help the Zhongbo Media Group promote the Chinese adaptation of Prison Break.” The story about the Chinese adaptation of PB was debunked. WM was never involved in any official trip to China and there were no pictures or reports of it in China or on any of the Went boards or fan sites.

    Nice try to keep a false rumor going.

  160. Anonymous

    We should stop talking about this issue.

    People who studied at Playhouse West Acting School, L.A. in 98/99 know he is gay.

    Sad he has to lie now.

  161. Anonymous

    His trip to China was private and he went to see Luke as the Regina Leader Post reports.

    This is true.

    What was false is the rumor about the Chinese adaptation of PB.

  162. cat's meow


    Show me proof that Went was in China to see Luke. Until then, why should I believe you????? I’d rather choose to believe Went, and not some non-fan of his who only comes here to criticize him. I swear I’ve never read a nice thing about him from you. Get lost!!!!

  163. lj

    Anonymous 6:44 am
    “People who studied at Playhouse West Acting School, L.A. in 98/99 know he is gay.
    Sad he has to lie now.”

    Hmm. Very strange that you’ve taken a PH comment and put it into WFW’s blog. Doesn’t make it any more credible no matter how many times you post this.

    Anonymous 6:49. You’ve just said that according to the Regina Post WM made a private visit to China to see Luke. The exact words in the Regina Post are that it was an official visit to help the Zhongbo Media Group promote the Chinese adaptation of Prison Break. As you admit the Chinese adaptation of PB is false. Clearly there was NO official visit. Now you are saying it was private. That’s not what the article says. Here’ s the link.


  164. cat's meow

    THANK YOU lj!!!!!


    I have friends in China who ADORE Went, and are always asking me when he’ll visit China. So if they have not heard anything about him being there, then what you read was FALSE. Or you are obviously the LIAR here!!!!

    Go AWAY and DON’T COME BACK. You belong at that fat ugly loser, PH’s site, NOT HERE!!!!!!

  165. lj

    No problem Cat’s. I think you are right both counts. The story is false and Anonymous knows it AND he is a liar.

  166. Anonymous

    Do you really think I’m a liar?

    I may simply know more than you do.

    But one question: why do you, girls, become so aggressive when W.M.’s gayness is mentioned?

    You know deep down that he IS gay.

    If you like, let’s say he’s straight but he likes fucking men. This way you may find things more palatable….

    You should work on your perception of homosexuality. It’s not a crime, millions of men are gay. Why can’t you accept the fact that W.M. is gay?
    You make things much more difficult for him. He would like to come out, but people like you aren’t helping.
    If you really loved him you’d accept him as he is.
    Gay and very much in love with LMF for nine months now.

  167. WFW

    Is it really a fact though? That is what is up for debate. It’s all in what you believe and maybe in very few cases know. How can any of us really state our opinion as fact? Even if you really know something others don’t, why would you think someone would believe an anonymous poster on the internet (or even a gossip blogger) over Went himself?

    Here’s a fact: Arguing about it ad nauseum is not going to change anyone’s mind. Why can’t we just enjoy him and believe whatever the hell we want to believe WITHOUT bashing him or each other? We are all making assumptions based on the information available to us. We really shouldn’t be fighting about it b/c when it comes down to it, gay or straight, he’s still the same person he was before.

    If he lied, big fucking deal; Everyone lies. He’s Wentworth Miller not Michael fucking Scofield. He’s not your hero; He’s a man whose job it is to entertain. Who he fucks does not change anything else that you love about him.

    And now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to start us off singing We are the World. Who will sing with me? Who? *swaying and reaching out for hands*

  168. lj

    Dear Anonymous.

    My responses to your questions and points raised are as follows –

    Somehow I don’t think so
    Don’t confuse refusal to accept your bullshit as aggression.
    Oh really. That must be why he says he’s not gay.
    As for the rest of your post. I don’t quite understand what you want but you certainly don’t like being challenged. That post about the Canadian story is fake and you know it.



    Just when I read in “La Tribune de Genève” (Swiss paper) that an American study has found that men with deep voices have statistically more children!

    Think about all those little swimmers in Went’s seed boxes going TO WASTE if he is gay!

    He should be forced to make a deposit in sperm banks around the world.

    Please, Went!




  171. Anonymous

    yeah…he’s gay and you’re not gonna watch PB…we heard you
    now…can we end this

  172. Anonymous

    The truth will set you free…but first it’ll piss you off.

  173. Mink

    The truth will set you free…but first it’ll piss you off.

    Hey! Someone pinched my sig from Church!

    Just to be quite clear, it was not me who posted that sneakily as an Anon. (It is true though. ;))

  174. Erika

    …WE ARE THE ONES WHO’LL MAKE A BETTER PLACE, SO LET’S START LIVING…*i hope to god those were the right words*

  175. perez

    It’s the same thing Perez Hilton says to Wentworth:

    “Wenty, the truth will set you free”


  176. teetee

    Yeah lets out him and ruin his career and therefore never see him again, yeah, that sounds like a good plan to me.

  177. teetee

    got cut off

    Just so all the gaysayers and insiders can say ” I told you so”

    maybe if that happens then you can get on with your pathetic little lives.

    Great fucking plan!!!!!!!!!

  178. ANON2

    On Closeted Hollywood Pressures to Come Out
    “Everyone has their own path. You just have to respect that. I don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes. I know a lot of people who make statements but you have to do it when it’s right for you. I don’t think it’s right to force that. It’s impossible to know. There’s a lot of soul searching you have to do.” T.R.Knight said this on Ellen. And he’s the former boyfriend of Luke McFarlane. What ever you think of the subject, remember not to believe your idols so blindly. Fantazise, but don’t take their word for it. They’re humans too you know. Even though we are living the year -07 in Hollywood everything is still covered with smoke and mirrors. If he is gay he can’t be a very happy person at the moment because he has to pretend. If he’s not, well, I’m sure him and his friends are having a big laugh! Don’t take this too seriously people. Inside all of us there’s a gossip loving little house wife!

  179. Mink

    It’s the same thing Perez Hilton says to Wentworth:

    “Wenty, the truth will set you free”

    Well my use of the phrase is most definitely not directed at WM. If he wants to lie his ass off in order to protect his career (you know, if he’s gay), that’s fine by me. Seeing much of what has been posted as to people’s reaction to the very idea that he may be gay, I am never going to criticise him again for it (if indeed he is being misleading). To say he evidently would have good cause to do so, would be a gross understatement.

  180. ANON2

    Another subject. I went to Wikipedia to see basic information. His page has been “locked” until sebtember 27. What the hell does that mean?! I’ve been there once before and his bio has been completely cleaned up. I thought that Wiki was the free encyclopedia.

  181. Anty

    Well, it’s probably locked because of all the “HE IS A BIG LIAR” statements people edited into the article. Duh. It was unlocked just a couple of days ago.

    BTW, if you want some seriously shitty journalism and wrong facts and rumors, read this:

    It claims that when Wentworth was 12, and telling of his heritage as part of a research paper, his then girlfriend went, “Go back to the plantation, nigger!” The text goes on: Crass! Racism! From one’s own girlfriend!

    And later it says how Went moved to LA and had his first TV job a year later. Right. That’s the BRAVO for you.

  182. Liberiangirl

    Why does Went KEEP shouting out that very married with children chick from law and order! Its like he’s hoping she will holla back…. It makes you wonder if he really would/has messed around with Sarah since he doesn’t seem to care about the whole sanctity of marriage thing….dude let it go! You’re making yourself look bad and desperate….I hate to see you like that!

  183. cat's meow


    Are you still coming here????? Just go away already. But before you go, I’ll answer your stupid questions:

    Yes, I think you’re a LIAR!!! Why do you come here??? To bring us down???? You know we all love Went and you just love to criticize him each and every time. Why is that??? Do you enjoy being the grim reaper??? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time???? Or are you just a loser bully like your friend, PH????

    And it’s not true that we know deep down that Went is gay. You are sadly mistaken. Why would I think that deep down Went is gay???? I’ve explained numerous times what I think of Went. Go check my previous posts. He has denied that he’s gay more than once and I choose to believe him, NOT YOU!!! Is that so horrible of me???? I honestly think he’s telling the truth, and you, Anon2, and that fat, ugly, loser PH, are not going to change my mind with all your lies. So give it up already and move on to some other site. You obviously HATE Wentworth, so take off on your broom and fly away never to be heard from again!!!

    If Went is so much in love with Luke these past nine months, why was he out with 3 ladies, Mariana, Amie and the older woman (that we know of) within these past nine months???? Oh, don’t tell me, you’re going to say those were his “beards”!!!! You love to have an excuse for everything he does, don’t you!!!

    And, if he’s so wild about Luke, wouldn’t he be spending every spare moment with him and not these ladies???? Come on, do you think I was born yesterday???? I’m probably double your age and much wiser than you.

    I have gay friends and relatives. In no way am I in denial. I just don’t believe STUPID RUMORS. That’s why they’re called rumors, it’s all fabrication and heresay. There’s no known sources for this rumor. I’m not about to take your word or anyone else’s over Wentworth’s.

  184. Liberiangirl

    You guys…CAN IT with the whole gay mess….Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps maybe Luke is his friend and he’s not going to NOT hang out with him just because he’s gay….should you not be friends with gay people just because you are strait???

  185. LAgurl

    Cat’s Meow, I am with you on EVERYTHING you said, hun 🙂 PH has an agenda – I mean, who the F*CK does he think he is? He doesn’t know anything, celebs think he’s a joke! Just because people look at his crap doesn’t mean anything. People need to stop quoting the Pig – he’s not credible, OK? And he was interviewed recently and someone asked him why isn’t he naming his so-called friend (his *best* friend, he says) that dated Went, and he said to protect his privacy, but he goes on to say “oh, his name ia Darren” at some University in Canada? Whatev! He is such a loser!

  186. AJ

    *sings loudly and off key*


    Seriously, kids…stop arguing, and start singing, goddammit! KUMBA-FUCKING-YA!

  187. guinevere79

    AJ: I would join you but I don’t know the lyrics!

    As for Anonymous and his various incarnations, could it be…Perez himself?!? Wait, there’s not a single wrong spelling/grammar…so maybe NOT!

  188. kdfkds fklds eofoa mfweiq vfjsakjlf asfk iifj wdk flkdjf jdf dfjsd fasl fksfoa kaekr ,cd kcmk afafk kc a
    jfkjffdk zcoaskc fjsadjasd.

    I didn’t have anything to say, but I’ll be damned if I’m to be left out!

    To the “Nuh-uh, he is / Nuh-uh, he isn’t” debaters: Dudes, seriously … ever considered to stop and think, “Hmm … what does it REALLY matter?”

    I reckon it’s better to just kick back and get our ‘oke [as in ‘kara’] on with WFW.

  189. Annie

    Nobody thinks about Luke Macfarlane. If the rumours were not true, a friend, not a lover, would say”hey, I don’t have sex with Wentworth”

    But he said nothing.

    Because it’s true, no?

  190. min

    As a real friend he wouldn’t say anything, because Went is very privat and doesn’t want to talk much about his privat/love life in public.
    Equal if lover or friend he won’t say anything until Went wants to talk about it. Starting talking would just not be fair if one part wants to keep private life really private, imho.

  191. Penguin

    Luke MF never never never spoke publicy or gave interviews about him or his career (maybe only once) so I think it is impossible he speaks just to say yes or not.
    About Wentworth we all know his attitude in the Princeton “incident” so I think he is not going to say nothing at all unless someone asks.

  192. Anty

    What exactly is the “Princeton incident”?? I only know Princeton rubbing.

  193. dedep

    “I didn’t have anything to say, but I’ll be damned if I’m to be left out!”

    No need to say anything miz brisvegas, just sing, loudly and with feeling….we’re on the chorus now – WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE CHILDREN, WAS ARE THE ONES TO MAKE A BRIGHTER DAY SO LET’S START GIVING…

  194. B

    WFW fairplay to you for keeping everything level headed on this topic 🙂

    Maybe Wentworth ought to take a leaf out of Catherine Tates book…ala Lauren Cooper

    ”Am I bovvered”? “Face. Look at my face. Is my face bovvered?” “Are you disrespectin’ me?” Coz If you are I aint bovvered”!

  195. Anon213

    I must say that I’m still on the fence. I don’t like the whole PH thing outing people. I really don’t like PH at all. I think he is a slug. He is nothing but a big fat ugly animated troll doll. I would really like to delve into his background and pull every nasty horrible thing out for the public to see and ruin him. I really don’t know if Went is gay or not. I remember at the height of Richard Gere’s career (the first time) there were stories about him liking men and gerbils and stuff. 20 years later it was all declared a hoax. I remember when he married Cindy a rumor started that they were both gay and were covering for each other. Whatever…

    This rumor is now circulating about Will and Jada as well (that they are covering for each other). Again, whatever. The thing is, this “rumor” has created a lot of interest in WM, LMc and yes PH as well. Whenever he needs press out visitors to his site, he just pulls this out. Also, it is really the only thing that WM has had drum up attention for him. I mean look, his show is on the skids and he isn’t doing much else outside of that (except for a project that he “says” he has in the works for next summer). He doesn’t go to many celeb gatherings (I suspect unless he is forced by his management), there really isn’t much generating interest in him except for this “rumor”.

    Also, PH seems like many “queens” he likes to embellish and can never keep a story straight. He is a terrible liar. Like how he talks about all these celebs and calls them “friends”. They aren’t his friends at all, no way in hell. Just because someone says hello at a party out of politeness, doesn’t make them your friend. Latina magazine interviewed him several months ago and he told some story about applying for a job there, he conveniently forgot who he interviewed with and what the position was he was trying to forget. It “slipped his mind” he said. Latina even went through their records and were like “Uh, we don’t even have any records of him interviewing with anyone here, no applications, no nothing.” They basically slighted him a bit. They did it again this month when the recommended another blog to their readers saying it was “brainer” than PH.com. I mean who is this “Darren” person anyway. I mean, no last name. Again, it proves nothing. I think the Dallas voice was confronting him a bit when they asked “How do you know? Did you see a picture or something????” And he was like no, he was too closeted to be seen with “my friend” and oh yeah, they conveniently don’t speak anymore. I don’t care how closeted he is, he didn’t take one picture with his friend in the time they were together, just standing somewhere in the same room. Nothing. It is all very convenient. This Darren person is probably another deranged queen with an agenda. Maybe he hit on WM and the boy wasn’t biting so he went off in a little huff. And you notice how “Darren” is supposedly one of PH’s “best friends”. For such an @%#$^@#^ he sure has a lot of “best friends”. But the thing that really rips it for me is his constant glorification of the rich @%!% Paris Hilton. I guess because he feeds off her celebrity he kind of has to kiss her butt. Honestly, if she got fed up with him using that version of her name, she could sue him and make him change it. I’ll throw a little curse out there so maybe the little lady has a change of heart about the company that she associates herself with.

    Like I said, don’t know if the boy is really gay or not but it is his perogative to tell us. I agree with someone recently who said it isn’t the responsibility of celebs to carry torches for causes and to be representatives for people. If that’s the case then what are Lindsay, Paris, Britney and Courtney reps for, how to be a total screw up??? People need to learn to be their on rep and support themselves and stand on their own @$%%$#%#^ feet.

    Peace out!

  196. LOL

    I agree on a thing he said: this rumour will never die.
    There always will be bloggers claiming is gay
    There always will be people’s reports saying he has or have had a relationship with a man
    There always will be a a risk of pictures popping out of him talking a walk with a male “close friend” or a gay “companion” and he is perfectly aware of that.
    And do you know why?
    Because he is indeed gay and this will never change no matter how much or how loud we pray

  197. Dannie

    Okay i totally agree with AJ, Mink and Cat’s Meow it’s really very simple move on , if you think his gay and are just coming here to hate and bitch move on. I beleive him (maybe i’m in denial, but I was the one who brought up bi, about a hundred years ago). It simply dosen’t matter, his gorgeous and talented, leave him the f-ck alone.

  198. lulz

    People choose to believe what they like. Some will stick to their beliefs and some will change their minds based on facts, rumours and whatever else. You’re free to believe him or you’re free to call him a liar or worse. His lies could be amendable or justifiable but they’re lies anyway. My two-cent opinion: he could have managed differently the whole situation just from the start. Obviously he chose to hear the wrong advices.

  199. cocot13

    I got nothing new to add just wanted to be the 200th poster

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