Wentworth Miller on Watch with Kristin

K.W. is at it again! Watch it here.

UPDATE: Looks like there was more to that Interview.  Watch it here.

Thanks mickeydrewme!


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26 responses to “Wentworth Miller on Watch with Kristin

  1. tia

    HAhahaha damn he is a good actor!

  2. Married, huh? She seems to be forgetting that a lot…

  3. WFW

    Awww look how cute he is. Someone please cap the double finger point at the camera. I need that pic. *cracking up*

  4. B

    Kristin and Wentworth have fab chemistry, If I dare say…nice clip…

  5. You know what, fandom? Someone is making Went happy. His whole demeanor is so relaxed and carefree – like someone who’s passed the nervous and uncertain stage in a romantic relationship. I know fuck glow when I see it! 😉

  6. brit bird

    Get your fucking hands off of him kristin.

  7. B

    Mama Bear what a rapt observation, you know something? I think you may be right…

  8. Mink

    Mama Bear, WORD!

  9. Anty


    He’s glowing? Maybe he’s pregnant!

    Seriously, I didn’t notice much of a difference to his interviews from one or two years ago. He’s still fiddling and still gets off on not-meant-to-be-serious conversation and still patiently answering asked-before questions while pretending not to be bored out of his mind.

    And how would you draw the paralell from a professional appearance to what’s going on in his private life anyway?

    Other than that, what a lame interview. Why did Kristen ask readers to send in questions, when she’s just asking the same old shit and talking about herself?

  10. DanceForMe

    loved to see him again, the same old questions, the same old answers… *yawn*

    but Mama Bear, I think you got a point here,
    he really looks a little happier than ususally…
    and I really love the way he points at the camera there…that would be my new desktop backround if only I had a computer of my own…*bursting into tears now, because of sudden memento*

  11. sueli

    He’s glowing? Maybe he’s pregnant!
    That would explain the weight gain last season.

    He’s always had really good chemistry with Kristin.

  12. Odey

    I agree with Anty, he’s pregnant! I dunno where y’all are seeing this glow. It might be just outright pangs of kinkiness he’s showing on his face- hello – dude just presented Kristin with a his and hers prison uniform. He prob handed her a pair of hand-cuffs off camera too! Oh Went you cheeky hotness you!

  13. AJ

    He’s definitely gettin’ sexed up, and I couldn’t be happier, yo! *sigh*

    *turns around and punches Kristin for touching our man*

    He’s just not that into you…

  14. W. Miller: I’m sitting on the tears … *starts getting all choked up*

    Ahahahahahahahaha-haaaaaaaa!!! That was gold! Gold!

  15. Aww, someone hit submit before I could finish. Who did that?

    Anyways, I wanted to add that this is more I like it; W. Miller goofing and yukking it up during interviews.

    AJ 10.33 [to Kirstin]: “He’s just not that into you …”

    *high fives Ms AJ*

  16. Fashion Police

    Same Broke-Ass blue shirt….can’t he see that the pockets don’t line up.

  17. Dannie

    well it’s from the same event( fox media thingy), is it not?

  18. Angie

    My pretty boy! OMG! Such a sweet cookie!;)

  19. LAgurl

    I think he’s the same as any other interview – I don’t think he’s glowing more or anything like that. That Kirsten isn’t *that* annoying though… (sorry WFW)

  20. Juma

    It seems that he’s feeling more confortable and loose in this interviews. So I’ll get along with Mama Bear’s theory, I hope someone is giving him a good fuck glow. What a shame it isn’t me!

  21. I wonder how Went would be like in a comedy? I’d love to see him in one. It has to be well-written and well-made (not high-art, mind you–just not corny).

  22. Dani

    That Kristin bitch is getting cocky !!

    And I, very territorial.

  23. Linds

    Oh my God he’s so cute I just wanna SQUEEZE him!!!

  24. I love it when she says, “This guy can act!”

  25. SavMed

    Wentworthcentral said: “I love it when she says, “This guy can act!”

    And I love it when…

    no wait, I DIDN’T see it, I CAN’T see it, I CAN’T download it. You know what I give up on this game. I’m out.

  26. ilurvemv

    SavMed, here’s the same interview on youtube if you want to try it:

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