Dear Blog Readers

I know there have been a lot of rumors swirling around regarding my sexuality and I just wanted to make a statement. I know I wear jeans and flat shoes most of the time. I don’t wear makeup and I’m pretty low maintenance. I’m aggressive and I have gay friends of both sexes that I am sometimes seen with. I don’t obsess over men…much and women are attracted to me. This weekend, while out, I was spotted kissing a girl so before it ends up in the tabloids or in the hands of a gossip blogger, I just wanted to tell you all that I am NOT gay. I’m sorry if this kills the fantasy for some of you; I know how much you all wanted to marry me and have my children. Your life will go on and if it doesn’t, the world will not miss you. I can only ask that my real fans stick by me through this trying time and that they all let me have sex with them. What? I said I wasn’t gay; I didn’t say I wasn’t bi…The point here is that I, WFW, am not gay. DISCUSS!


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30 responses to “Dear Blog Readers

  1. *gasping* This is all too much to take!

    *tearing out hair* Why were you kissing someone who isn’t me?!

    *gnashing teeth* And now you’re soliciting yourself to your blog readers?! You whore! You trollop! You slut!

    I’d still do you. *kisses*

  2. Kelleymary

    WHAT? Not gay?

    What are we going to talk about??

  3. News

    Sorry WFW but the rumor that you are gay can’t be killed πŸ˜‰

  4. Juma

    WFW can we be fuck friends also?…

  5. miller_thriller

    I am truly distraught. We all know i love a gay gay gay *snicker*

    Thank god we still have AJ our regular whore. We all know its not just the men she adores!

    Ahahahah what???

  6. Van

    Girl you are what you are!
    If you are not GAY and you are BI, that only means one thing to me:
    Be yourself πŸ˜‰
    We love anyways πŸ˜€

  7. liyah

    Not gay, but there is still a chance for us girls? What better news can there be? Oh thank god… I don’t want kids with you, just sex so it works out for everyone. Thanks so much for this and the gay blog. I was getting bummed out by all the Went bashing and gay talk. Who really cares? BI is hot. Oh yeah!!! Good job. You’re hilarious.

  8. WFW

    mb, you know you’re still one of my favs but WFW is a woman of the world. She can not be tied down to just one. That would just be wrong…

    Kelleymary, well I think this is the part where I get called a liar. WFW = liar

    News, I know! It’s so frustrating. I keep saying it but no one seems to be listening.

    Of course Juma, what are friends for?

    mt, you left me for AJ long ago. Don’t pretend you love me.

    Van, bi is really the only true sexuality. You heard it here first.

    No problem liyah, I try.

  9. HereKitty

    Wait a minute, wait a minute … stop the presses … you wear flat shoes?!?!?! Gasp! Oh the horror!

  10. WFW said:

    “you know you’re still one of my favs but WFW is a woman of the world. She can not be tied down to just one. That would just be wrong…”

    Fine, but just remember, while you’re busy being Switzerland, I won’t make you take it up the ass!

    *stomps off*

  11. Rosie

    theres such a sense of community here! πŸ™‚
    [how do i invade it?! hahaha!]

    oh and BI the way πŸ˜‰ WFW you just keep us all guessing!

  12. You’re not! – now I’m REALLY disappointed.
    But I’ll love you anyway.

  13. gypsiee

    NOT GAYYYYYYYY ….. Nooooooooooo (leaves weeping)

    P.S. I wear flats too …. another thing we have in common (Wink Wink…)

  14. Sara xSara

    You crazy SLUT!!!….where’s my share.

  15. Erika

    NOT GAY?! Damnit, you’ve just killed the fantasy!

  16. AJ

    Wait, whaaaa??? We went on 2 dates, and you’re telling me you’re just not that into me???

    Well, fuck me…. Oh, wait… you’re not gay. So, that would be an inane comment.

    *runs away crying* I can’t believe you led me on this whole tiiiiiiime!!! That’s the last time I eat sushi and watch awesomely bad movies with YOU!

  17. shortstuff

    LIES!!! thats it, im never watching your show… errr.. reading your blog again!

    *storms off in a huff*

  18. Should we tell them about when you stayed at my house, or should we continue to leave that out of the whole Paley/Where is Went episodes? I mean, you know, since the cat is out of the bag and all…

  19. sueli

    But I know of TWO people who know some friends who are friends with a cousin of someone who posts on this blog who you’ve gone out with! You…you…LIAR!

    *begins gnashing of teeth*

  20. Kelleymary

    As Emmylou Harris:

    Oh the sun’s gonna shine in my life once more love’s gonna live here agaiaiainnnn

    Things’re gonna be the way they were before love’s gonna live here agaiaiainnn

    Went is not gayayayay!!!!

    I hear bells’re ringin’ birds’re singin’ love’s gonna live here agaiaiaiaiainnnnnn!!

  21. Erika

    The rumor about WFW not being gay have now spread like a wild fire on the net. Obviously she’s lying b’cuz i read somewhere that she and Mink were seen together taking a walk wearing matching WFW tank tops *I would link the picture but there is no proof to back this up*. I dont care that they could be friends and both run blogs…she lied, lied, lied!!!

  22. DanceForMe

    WFW, so you are bi – great. But I still believe you are doing it with girls! πŸ˜‰

    But jeans and flat shoes? Are you serious? I always pictured you and your sexy voice in high heels and ehm.. not much more than high heels, really.

    *seriously reconsidering the daily consumption of Wet for Went blog now*
    *fantasy fashion breakdown*
    *tastefully fainting to black*

  23. niknak

    Next thing you know, you’re going to be rockin’ a matching outfit with the woman!

    I really don’t know how much more of this I can take!

    I need to lie down…

  24. shortstuff

    what? only 24 posts?! i thought blog-readers of the world would be flocking to this page to make their voices heard on this oh-so-controversial topic! boo-erns.. i was hoping for a heated debate..

  25. Anonymous

    SHORTSTUFF, I think fatigue is catching us.
    Too many ups and downs….

  26. llychee

    Hey WFW,
    so when are you gonna tell us that you don’t even have a helicopter to take you home at night?? I’m not buying it!
    So confused, but still loving the blog…

  27. liyah

    Not many posts here because we’re all busy trying to hunt her down for our turn!

  28. Dani

    LOL –

    Perez – she’s all yours..

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