Wentworth Miller talks Prison Break with TV Guide

And gives some sort of different answers!

Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller: “Michael Is Twisting in the Wind”
by Arnold Wayne Jones

Prison Break‘s heartthrob Wentworth Miller talked with TV Guide about the new season (airing Mondays at 8 pm/ET, Fox), how he keeps up with the villains and the possibility of a happy ending.TV Guide: What’s it like being back in jail after a season on the run?
Wentworth Miller:
I think it adds something to the show. The first season had a claustrophobic feel, an intimacy — like a space you wanted to break out of. The second season, you never knew what you were going to get, which served the series.

TV Guide: Is it hard being on a show that reinvents itself each season?
That’s the good news. I love shows like Law & Order and The Closer, procedural dramas where the only thing that changes week to week is how the victim dies. They’re self-contained and there is justice meted out in the end. But if I were on one, I might get burned out after a few seasons. We pride ourselves on taking risks, but they are risks — you might turn your show into something no one wants to watch.

TV Guide: How does this instability affect Michael?
Michael has come a long way. He’s lost a lot of his bravado, his arrogance. He’s more suspicious, less trusting. He’s twisting in the wind, but up to more tricks and likely to make more enemies.

TV Guide: And that gives you a lot of fun bad guys to play against, right?
That’s the danger of working with these veteran character actors — they really know what they’re doing. It’s a battle not to get blown off the screen. Our show does villains really well, and I get stuck with the exposition. To be the one who’s always earnest, always sincere, is not glamorous, but it is absolutely necessary.

TV Guide: There’s an adage that you can never step in the same river twice. Does Michael’s life seem that way — like he’ll never be able to undo what he’s done?
His journey is very much about how many times a good guy can cross the line before he can no longer call himself good. He’s taken responsibility for letting people like T-Bag free, and being in prison again is helping him atone for his sins. He isn’t about self-preservation so much as self-sacrifice. He is self-destructive. As much as he planned all this, he’s never been very good at it. He did it to save his brother. It’s always about love and loyalty. At its core, this is a show about brothers.

TV Guide: Do you think there’s a happy ending for the brothers?
I’m not sure. Prison Break is inherently a tragic story. Every murder T-Bag committed in the second season is on Michael’s conscience. I think if both brothers get out of this alive, we’d call it a happy ending. But living happily ever after? I don’t know. I can see them opening a scuba shop on the beach or embracing and then parting ways. It’s a toss-up.


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20 responses to “Wentworth Miller talks Prison Break with TV Guide

  1. tanja

    Cool article. I love him.

  2. Amaryllis

    the hottest guy on earth

  3. Ah, a nicely done patch job from previous interviews. Oh well, at least it flows.

  4. B

    Sound interview…

  5. tanja

    Which answers are new and which ones are old?

  6. News

    English is not my first language so sometimes it’s not easy for me to understand… when se speaks about the necessity to be earnest and sincere what is it referred to? Himself? Michael? The actor profession? I can’t linked it to the question asked.
    I don’t want to add fuel to the fire about the issue lie/truth but you know, everything Went says is honey for my ears 😉
    If my question is inappropriate feel free to delete or move it.

  7. WFW

    He is referring to the character he plays: Michael Scofield. 🙂

  8. ilurvemv

    Call me crazy but I don’t think this interview is a patch job. Other than the “hero’s journey” and “love/loyalty between brothers” quotes, the rest of the quotes don’t seem recycled to me. They express the same ideas he expresses in every interview but the words are different. Maybe this is a new interview?

  9. News

    Thanks WFW, now I can try to understand it.
    And thanks also because reading your blog is my daily english lesson! 😉

  10. brit bird

    Can I be involved int the ‘toss up’?

  11. Dani

    It’s hard for an actor to do his best acting when you get stuck with Exposition…and boring too.

  12. shortstuff

    damn, he ALMOST got through the whole interview without repeating himself, but then he jus had to throw in the “how many times a good guy can cross the line before he can no longer call himself good.”


    its ok. i’d still do you.

  13. sueli

    damn, he ALMOST got through the whole interview without repeating himself, but then he jus had to throw in the “how many times a good guy can cross the line before he can no longer call himself good.”


  14. DanceForMe

    A 5-drinks Interview

    Well, according to the The Season Three Interviews Drinking Game – Rules by twostarlady
    to be found over here:

    it’s only 5 drinks for this interview. This is what I would call relatively new – not enough to make me drunk (more than 10 of his favourite phrases) and nothing really interesting enough either to let me stay sober. Thanx God, he didn’t say the
    alpha dogs in a box – thing again, otherwise I might have been tempted to make a poem out of his most notorious phrases to praise his ability to learn lines by heart.
    *sigh* ilurvemv would you help me with that, just in case?

    Very sorry, I’m being a bit sarcastic today, due to the shitty weather over here. I know answering the same questions over and over again must be straining, too.

    But another 5 drinks for the suspicious stare in the pic on top of this post.
    *Sheeeerioooooh*, ups it’s Cheerio of cause…

    Still love you Went, of cause! *turning to my very private photo album of shirtless Went again to fertile my imagination*

  15. DanceForMe

    Who let the dogs out
    (woof, woof, woof, woof)
    *drunk and silly*

  16. AMARA

    The series 3 is not very good. I watch because of Michael but what is the interst of these dirty prisoners fighting?

    If Sara is gone, it’s is going nowhere. Michael can stay in Sona with Mahone.

  17. ilurvemv

    Isn’t he going to Germany this month to promote PB? Hmm, shall we expect another drinking game soon? 😉

  18. DanceForMe

    @ ilurvemv

    German Press is not really known for being breathtakingly investigative about Hollywood actors. It’s just too far away, really. So I expect some recycling of the drinking verses we already know by heart.
    *woof, woof, woof, woof*

    And then being gay doesn’t seem to be such a big issue over here with a woman chancellor and a _openly_ gay mayor in Berlin…
    But I’m not so sure about Bavaria though, and it’s capital Munich. Let’s see, shall we?

    To cite one of my favourite movies: At least now in my thirties, I can hold my drinks.
    *pukes and stumbles over here own feet*

  19. Dani

    Aawwwww… he’s such a stunner.. so adorable.

    I’d open up anything – anywhere with you.

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