Prison Break Good Fences Live-Blog

Well this live-blog is sort of not since I just woke up like 10 minutes ago. This is what happens when you’re depressed and take Benadryl to sleep and WordPress decides it won’t let you create a new post for 10 minutes but who cares about all that? Fuck my life; Here we go!

What’s in the boooooooooooox? The Prison Break cast talks about the big reveal here and if you really care, an interview with the Executive Producer here.

– Linc is riding down the road looking very disturbed about What’s in the boooooooooooooox? We know by now he has already seen it but we still don’t know what it is.

– Mike is observing what happens when you die in Sona; He watches someone burying the dead. Whistler catches him at it. They mention an electric fence that does not work. I’m sure this meaningless detail will mean something later. Whistler is fighting and threatening. Mike is so hot when he fusses people out.

– Linc gets to Sona cryptically sad. Odd. Michael wants him to get to the gravedigger somehow. Linc isn’t even listening. “All these people that have been hurt b/c of me.” He says and then Mike says “They did this, not you.” Linc leaves, walking down the steps he has flashbacks, he’s having a Michael moment. Head to the wall, he falls, and cries out softly “Sara.” IT WAS SARA’S HEAD IN THE BOX. We were right! I think I’ll watch that part again…Ewwww. Wait til Michael finds out Linc didn’t tell him. The. Shit. Will. Hit. The. Fan.

– Linc is still fucked up over that head in a box. He goes to see Susan. Susan is telling Linc she is just a soldier and did what she had to do. She didn’t want to but she will mail him pieces of LJ if he tries that shit again. She tells him she needs the real book from Whistler. They did a handwriting analysis and they know the handwriting is Linc’s. The Company is pissing me off. He hands over the book.

– Ahahahaha Mike is teasing the b-baller. B says he was the best at basketball at his school and Mike says “All girls?” Ahhahahahahahaha I love TV. Mike bets him he can’t make it again and he wins. B-baller doesn’t have $20 they discussed of course. Mike says he can give him the cross he wears, that his father gave him, instead. He agrees since Mike says he’ll give it back but B-baller is getting hype to Mike’s antics and this time he wants to know why he should help him.

– Lechero is spending quality time with his whore, bitching about his man on the outside who is capitalizing on his misfortune, while his people count money, when the power goes out.

– Mahone is still looking crazy as hell. He looks in the mirror and jumps…I’d jump too. Ewwww did someone touch his shoulder? OK, that shit scared me. He turns around and someone is running. Prison Break is trying to kill me. All of a sudden Mike is at his cell door. Mike tells him he’s in if he can get a pen and get himself together. Bellick is still listening intently from across the way.

– Lechero and his men are trying to fix the power. Bellick goes to try and talk to Mahone who of course blows him off (not to be confused with blows him as that would just be wrong).

– Sofia goes to visit Whistler to tell him she knows he’s been lying. She knows he’s trying to escape. He comes clean. She wants to help. I guess she wants her head to end up in a box.

– Michael is stealing masking tape. Mahone brings him a pen that isn’t a black felt tip like he asked. Mike tells him to keep looking and Mahone goes all crazy looking at his reflection in the water, hearing voices and shit. “Don’t trust him,” the voice says.

– Lechero is getting desperate with no phone and he goes to Mike to try and get help to get the power back on. He tells Mike that he is going to go outside and get it working. LOL Oh man. Poor Mike might get shot.

– Mike agrees to get the electricity on for a particular cell and Hello beautiful Amaury….Mmmmmmmm. Looks like Linc did take Sucre in. Sucre is making a fake ID so he can work. He’s going to pick coffee beans. Linc wants him to translate at a meeting for him. Sucre is trying to make a bus so he’s saying he can’t. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Sofia and she wants to help. Linc decides to use her as the translator instead.

– Linc and Sofia go see the gravedigger who recognizes them from Sona. Linc is trying to bribe him to help them and he seems to be agreeing.

– Lechero is coming unglued. Damn, don’t take this man’s power, pun intended. Someone is short with his money again and he’s ready to kick some ass. He’s leading Mike outside and Mahone sees. He’s going all nuts again. Lechero has set up something with the guards so Scofield and company can dig to fix the electricity and Bellick weasels his way in and is spying the whole time. He tells Mike he knows something is going on and Mike says nothing is and then he says “Yeah and I’m just single cuz I’m choosy.” Ahahahahahaha When he sees Mike putting something in the elctrical lines, he decides it’s quitting time. Whistler knows Mike is from Fox River and they have a little chat. Bellick can’t be trusted, yeah we know. Mahone in on the plan is dumb, Mike says he’s not really in, he just THINKS he is. LOL

– A drug dealer is trying to sell to Mahone. He knows a junkie when he sees one. Mahone tries to get HIS pills but the guy doesn’t have that particular brand b/c “He ain’t a pharmacy.” Mahone would try it but he’s got no money. He suggests Mahone make some money by “servicing the needs of others.” So many good lines this week. Mahone goes batshit crazy on him. He ain’t no man-whore!

– As expected, Bellick goes straight to Lechero. “I don’t know exactly what he’s doing but Michael Scofield is taking you for a ride.” Lechero doesn’t believe it. Bellick tells him that he’s the one that worked at the last prison he broke out of and that Mike buried something in the lines and that he should go find out what it is. Uh oh.

– Lechero’s gonna do just that. And out they go…Mike opens the lines and moves the dirt to reveal that all he did was put duct tape on the lines. Bellick was wrong. Mike is trying to go flip the power switch on his own but now Lechero is sticking to him like glue. A flashback happens and Mike is showing b-baller that when he puts the cross in it takes out the power but now he needs to take it out and they’re watching him. Mike flips the switch and nothing happens. Lechero’s second in command punches him. He reaches for the wall and grabs the cross and sticks it in his pocket without being spotted and voila, power back on. Mike says he’s ready to move into his new cell now. LOL

– T-bag is chatting with the drug dealer and now he’s killing him. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA T-bag body count in Sona: 1. He shoots him up with his own shit after he subdues him.

– Sucre is still working his magic and Linc has a figure: $15,000 for the gravediggers help. Susan says she’ll get the money and Linc is off again but Sofia wants to come. Linc tells her to wait there and she starts yelling and before you know it”They put Sara’s head in a box and they’ve got my son!” Cue shocked face from Sucre and horrified look from Sofia. Sucre is all fucked up now. I bet he stays and helps.

– Lechero sends for T-bag when he finds the dealer dead. Lechero tells him that if he knew he was using and didn’t say, the death is his fault. T-bag talks his way out of it and presto, he’s on Lechero’s crew, seeing how a spot just opened up.

– B-baller got his cross back and Mahone gets Michael his pen. The voice in Mahone’s head, is HAYWIRE’S! Haywire is back as a ghost! YAY!

– Whistler knows what Mike really fixed was the electrified fence. Mike has a plan and that fence is part of it. Now all they need is the gravedigger’s cooperation. Cut to Gravedigger who is counting his money but he’s changed his mind, he doesn’t want 15, he wants more. Linc loses it and throw him around like a ragdoll but Susan stops him. She takes out her gun and shoots his ass. You know what? I like this bitch.

– Mike is packing his shit up to switch cells and while Mahone looks on, Haywire is telling him to kill Mike. T-bag shows up to sell to Mahone who of course refuses. T-bag leaves him a gift for free. Ahahahahahahaha

– Lechero is watching soccer. That’s right soccer, NOT football. Lechero’s second in command welcomes Bellick in and T-bag gets an order. T-bag is pouring Lechero hot coffee and Bellick is about to pay for his bad info. Scalding hot coffee on the back. SHIT…

– Mahone is sitting somewhere after getting high looking elated. All of a sudden he shows up with the pen that Mike left in his old cell. Mahone said it’s funny he could forget something that important. Mahone has a shank. He’s having a little chat with him with the shank next to his head. He tells him that he WILL be going with him when he breaks out and if he tries to play him again he’ll put that piece of metal between his eyes. LOL

– Linc is back to see Mike and. He tells him that Sara and LJ are “fine,” When Mike asks. Oh Linc…The gravedigger is gone but guess who needed a job and will be digging graves at Sona in his place? That’s right. Sucre baby! The team is back!

– Whistler has mail. It’s a bird book that has a note in it. “You’re running out of time,” it says. He goes to see Mike who tells him that the chemical they spray on bodies to cover up the smell can also eat through steel when heated to the proper temperature and guess who is making sure to spray wildly so that some gets on the fence as well as the dead guy before he buries him? HA! The End.

Good ep! I like this one almost as much as Fire/Water. You know what would have been even better though? If my cable hadn’t fucked up while I was doing this recap and I actually had Heroes on my Tivo Now Playing List to watch now instead of a black fucking screen. Goodnight.


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  1. AJ

    Ok… “What’s in the booooox” just became that.much.funnier. Or am I the only sick bastard who LOL’d because it actually was Sara’s head in the box?

    I’m also looking forward to Mike going apeshit when he finds out… I think he may very well kill someone. One can only hope, anyway…

  2. Jedi

    AJ, you and me both….Want to see Michael go absolutely ballistic when he finds out. Hopefully he kicks the shit out of his big stupid brother first for attempting to go Rambo and rescue her himself!

  3. LAgurl

    Hey Jedi – but Mike *asked* him to go rescue them since he thought he didn’t have enough time. Anyway, OMG, wow, Sara’s head, eh? I haven’t seen the epi yet, I just got home, I recorded it though…. I have to see it now.

  4. Jen

    I am still in shock. Misa is really dead. I don’t know how I feel about that yet??? Very good episode! Michael is going to go CRAZY.

  5. Jedi

    Well, one reason to keep watching the show, waiting to see Michael go outta his tree when he finds out Sara is gonesville!

  6. Fashion Police

    Your Live blog ROCKS!….I would rather read this than watch the show, it still hasn’t started in LA…thanks again.

  7. Zie

    WOW!! I love reading your live blog! I am from Singapore and i do not know when we will get to see the new Season 😦
    But i can just see the epi in my mind just by reading your blog. Thanks.

  8. ChatJemena

    Guys, what are the chances it was a fake Sara head? A way to make Mike behave in a certain way… I find it hard to believe that The Company–with its tech know-how, money, and experienced soldiers–can not get Whistler or his damn bird book out. I’m guessing Whistler is just a red herring, that The Company is after much bigger goals–an experiment on Scofield.

  9. WFW, this was so much better than watching the epi. I was fuming when Sara’s head turned up in that damn box – even though I knew it would be there. And am I the only one that finds it amusing that there were Seven refrences on two of my shows this week? (Supernatural last week)

  10. Kelleymary

    Nothing to do with this episode as I haven’t watched it yet.
    But, have you noticed the striking ressemblance between Chris Vance and a (young) Harvey Keitel?

    They’re both hooooot!

  11. Kelleymary

    About WOMEN in PB:

    The show is incredibly MACHO and reproduces all the stereotypes of classic Hollywood 20th century films:

    -Women are disposable elements and minor characters (Veronika, LJ’s mum, and now Sara)

    – Women are bitches, preferably dark haired ones (Susan, Mike’s wife), or whores (the blond woman in the Utah house). There are a LOT of whores in PB, particularly in Panama….

    -Women are dirty (Michael in PB is having Bellick checking his rear entry after his conjugal with a comment like “You never know what diseases a woman can give you”. NICE.

    -You need some GOOD women (yes, they do exist!) but you must make sure they are weak and never threaten the male order.
    So you have Sofia, in love with her man and ready to do everything for him. The role is ideal for a Latino (more submissive!)
    Another Latino (Maricruz) is temporarily mothballed while MEN discuss serious matters…

    Sara herself was subdued and pale in PB2, she served a purpose (help Mike to escape) then she was good for the chop…

    I know it’s for Went, but we could have our say….

  12. Kelleymary

    And another woman not to be forgotten: the SUPERBITCH, the incestuous Caroline, who dared occupy the role of President (Fi! A woman! Beware Hilary!)

    Good riddance…;

  13. Amaryllis

    OMG Sarah is gone……..

    I’m speechless

  14. Anonymous

    Spot on,Kellymary!

    I think PB scriptwriters are a bunch of women haters homos!

  15. kiwifan

    i agree with those women comments, went and dom are making jokes about it….

  16. shelley

    It really didn’t matter to me if Sara lived or died. I will say though that I’m really starting to like Dom, what a lovable smartass, and may I add hot too?!?


    It ‘s a cliché to say that PB is full of homosexual references , but it’s also sadistic and very macho. If it wasn’t for Michael, would we be following it?

    The scriptwriters are cashing in on the lowest voyeurist tendencies with this reference to “Seven”.
    Cutting Sara’s head wasn’t necessary, and it’s clear they’re trying to boost the ratings up..

    The show started on a positive point: a man tries to help his brother unjustly jailed. But I feel it has derailed now.

    What do YOU think?

    P.S.:Anonymous at 5:04 am

    I agree with you. There is a strange sick vision of the relationship between men and women in the show:
    – For example, Sara and Michael story, sooo romantic at first sight, never gets consumated. It’s ludicrous!
    Who can believe that a SANE woman would , in real life, abandon a scantily-clad Michael (in his boxers!) in a motel room???

    And now, she’s dead. The story HAD to remain platonic. Because women are depicted either as mother figures or whores.

    The love story between Sucre and Maricruz looked so sweet!
    But now she’s preggers, she’s useless, and she’s set aside. Let her incubate somewhere, that’s what women are only good for!!!

    Note that the only women left on the show are whores or bitches. Sofia is the exception, but she’s submissive and useful…

    Let me guess: her end will be a sad one…..

    Bets are open!

  18. No LiSa?!?!?!?!?! *wailing*

    Well, we can’t fault SWC for wanting to stay home with her little one (thanks kiwifan for the link), but still, I guess this means that Michael will definitely not see any booty ever on this show. *wailing again*

    And Shelley, welcome to the “Dom side.”
    *evil grin*

    KelleyMary said:

    “There are a LOT of whores in PB, particularly in Panama….”

    LMFAO…there are A LOT of whores here on this blog, so it’s all good! 🙂

  19. Mink

    I wouldn’t have expected any of the actors to be that cut up about it when being interviewed about Sara/SWC not returning.

    1) They’ve known about it for ages, and have had time to get over it by this point. 2) It obviously was partly her decision. 3) They all know it’s show biz, and any of them could get fired at any time.

    That said, Went seemed appropriate in his comments to me. When he was joking, it was kind of wry joking at his own expense, not at the expense of anyone else. And he wouldn’t be dragged into Kristin’s network line about it being all SWC’s decision (the “lot of chefs in this kitchen” line).

    And Dom was just being Dom.

  20. Anonymous

    I really thought Mahone was going to kiss Michael (and NAIL him against the wall)…

  21. Splendid recap WFW – and our dream has come true it was Sara in the box, thought Lincs reactions were very good. I’m not sure about the ‘whores and bitches’ reaction, it is prison afterall and they do seem to squeeze a reasonable amount of women charaters in.

    And Mama Bear you’re right about the whores on this board – but don’t we all have fun!!!!!

  22. Sorry about the spelling mistake above – obviously I meant characters not charaters – back to school with me.

  23. WFW

    Holy Feminism Batman!

    Sara was never really supposed to make it past Season 1 the way I understand it so Season 2 was a bonus. I would not imagine that she would want to come back, even briefly, with a new baby unless the circumstances were just right; They weren’t. Most people know I’m not a MiSa fan but if you ever want to pretend they actually fucked, an oldie but goodie. Enjoy!

  24. Kelleymary

    Thanks for that lovely “oldie but goody”, WFW!It’s a discovery for me, and I hope you give us more of the sort!
    You sure are a HOT lady (I hope the men you meet appreciate….)

    It was great and a wonderful compensation for the stupidity, lack of imagination and machismo of PB scriptwriters…

  25. Anonymous

    WHISTLER IS HOT!!!!!!!!

  26. ks

    If Sara wasn’t sticking around, then it was a good thing she was killed off. Now we get to sit back and watch Michael go ballistic!! It’s so exciting to see Wentworth Miller in that form. DP’s acting is sure kicking up a notch. I find myself tearing up alot lately. I was a Misa fan, but sad as it is, I have to admit the death of Sara (for now) makes a great storyline for Michael and Lincoln. I’m even more excited about the next episode! Deep down, I hope SWC and Fox can patch things up and let Sara come back towards the end of the season(last season?). Is it me, did the head looked really dump. Couldn’t they spend a little more money to get something more realistic looking. Or they could have just showed the hair over the face. There’s room for doubts. Like I said if everyone finally work things out, who knows we might get Sara back. Wishful thinking.

  27. Anonymous

    As I said earlier, the PB scriptwriters aren’t the brightest lamposts in the street. Using the SEVEN-head-in-the-box trick is absolute proof of their lack of inspiration.

    Thick as pig shit, they truely are, for not understanding that killing Sara was killing all hope for Michael…

    Will ratings force them to bring Sara back?

    I can imagine the next twist, then:
    “No, it wasn’t HER head (but a wax imitation and Linc was too upset to notice), our Sara is alive and well and perfecting her tan in a secret location….

    I wouldn’t be surprised!

    P.S. I only watch the show for Went.

  28. Are you excited about the Michael’s upcoming breakdown too?

  29. crazyforwent

    Yes, I’m excited, and I was a MiSa fan too and it’s sad that she left (even though it’s for a happy thing). If Wentworth Miller doesn’t get nominated for anything this season…….oh and Went is hot!

  30. Rose

    Ha Ha,
    I love “she’s prettier than me”
    GET THE BOY A TIGHTER SHIRT!!! if there is no wentflesh at least there is some definition.
    btw, I can’t help but laugh at Whistler, he played a doctor in an show here in Australia and always smiled even when giving bad news.

  31. Erika

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is all about regarding Sarah being killed off. Come to think about it, she was already dead to me in season 2. Just think about it…the romantic storyline was appealing in season 1 but the MISA ship sank when Sara was only in a couple of episodes and when she was finally reunited with Mike, it was such an anti climax because the two lacked chemistry. Compare them to Sucre and Maricruze and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The dream is over for some but please get over it b’coz PB is not a love story. The writers are creative and I think the show is still worth watching… even if you have to fool yourself and hope that maybe in the next episode Went will take off his pants seeing that he can’t take off his shirt since the tatoo is no longer there.

  32. ChatJemena

    I think I now understand why Miller said in that Sky Access’ PB3 interview (see YouTube) that he thinks Michael could die. Heezus! I hope The PB Powers-That-Be give the brothers a happy ending…Thanks W4W for the recap.

  33. Camila

    OMG! I just saw this episode and I am speechless. Not because Sara’s box but because Linc is such a manipulative bastard! How can he not tell Mickey after everything he did for him??? I’m losing it, Mahone style. I fuc**g love this show.
    I’m sad about Sara’s departure but well, RIP. Bring on Badass Michael!
    At least now Sara can sex it up with Kellerman in PB heaven =O)

  34. Anonymous


    “The writers are creative”


  35. Brit Bird

    Havnt watched it yet so I wont comment on ‘what’s in the boooooooooooox’ (are we allowed spn ref?) boooooooo we want MISA back!

  36. You know, I was going over this with Papa Bear last night, and I think PB’s writers chose to go with the “head-in-the-box” demise because it is indisputably final. I know there are some of us (*whispering: “me included”*) who would love to believe that Susan B. Anthony had the time and the inclination to make a wax head of Sara just to scare Linc into action, but when reason takes over, we know it’s really supposed to be her head.

    Call it morbid curiosity, but what did Linc do with her head? *shrugging*

  37. Kelleymary

    MAMA BEAR:”Call it morbid curiosity, but what did Linc do with her head? ”

    -I was asking myself the same question.
    Are the writers equipped with enough brains (?) to keep the road open for a u-turn in case MiSa fans start rioting in the streets?
    They could say that it was a wax head covered in blood, or a corpse from the morgue looking like Sara ?
    So we can imagine that Linc left the box where he found it instead of taking it to the police who would identify the head as Sara’s…
    He would have been watched all the time in that basement (like he had been when he supposedly killed the President ‘s brother).

  38. Dani

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG – Sarah’s head???????????????????????

    F***********************ck – that’s supposed to air here next week ……. ! ! !


  39. kassie

    As a HUGE MiSa fan, I am devastated on many levels…the dream is dead and PB has degenerated into an ultraviolent freakshow, not appropriate for primetime TV. My teenage daughters did not need that lame rip-off of Seven (which was a total downer of a movie) to make Sara go away. Some have said that PB is not a love story, that it’s about two brothers. I guess that doesn’t seem very realistic to me … I don’t know any grown men who focus everything around their brother and exclude women from their lives. All the hype about how this turn of events will give Wentworth a chance to stretch as an actor, that’s bulls**t. First, did Seven make Brad Pitt an Oscar winner? Has he evolved as an actor? (Oceans 11, 12, and 13???) Second, a LOT of people will quit watching PB now and will never see Went in all his “glory”. I will be among those who will not watch anymore. And it will be a cold day in hell before I decide to invest my time, money, and trust in anything FOX produces.

  40. Kelleymary

    Kassie, I agree with you.

    Prison Break is a gruesome farce without purpose now, and the “brothers’ thing” a piece of flaming bullshit.
    But I’ll keep watching for our Went and Chris Vance.
    And for Mahone, too. I find him very sexy with his new tousled blondish hair!

    P.S. In the Italian mag they seem to suggest that Michael will die . I imagine he could become a symbol of Christ, sacrificing himself for all the unjust crimes in the series?
    It’s my wild guess, but it sounds logical …..

    What do you, people, think?

  41. Kassie

    You might just be right about that, Kelleymary. I won’t watch, though, because I’m boycotting all FOX programming on principle. Another way this could end is for Michael to kill himself, and then it turns out that Sara is still alive…that it wasn’t her head in the box. I do love Went and wish him the very best, and I’ll keep up with what’s happening for him in his career. Same for Sarah Wayne Callies, who seems an admirable, got-it-together young woman.

  42. Kelleymary

    “Another way this could end is for Michael to kill himself, and then it turns out that Sara is still alive…”

    Romeo and Juliet, KASSIE ?

    Phew !I doubt PB writers know Shakespeare. They must have been brought up on a diet of ultra-violent videogames and films like Seven or “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”….

    I posted a question to Nick Santora, (producer and co-writer of PB) asking him what lessons did he and his pals want to convey to young viewers with all this gratuitous violence, did he want to despair people and show them that human lives are expendable and the good not rewarded?

    Instead of giving an intelligent answer he just said :” Yes, that’s what we’re aiming at”.

    Other fans protested at this sarcasm (Not me.)
    He also refused to answer any question about Sara’s shocking death, and all the fans posts to him on the subject are now deleted….

  43. bexyboo

    ARRGHHHHH! Being in England sucks at this very moment. I am the only person who has not seen this head episode that you’re all talking about cos we are behind over here, DAMMIT!
    Tell me people, cos I can’t wait till Monday! Does Lincoln go ape when he sees her head? Does he take her in the box to see Michael??
    Part of me thinks this is a good twist to the story, but another part of me wants to see Michael get frisky and (lets face it) that ain’t gonna happen without Sara!! I loved it in the 1st season when they were flirting in the hospital wing, cos he did his “eye shagging” thing with her. What was wrong with the woman?? Why didn’t she just pin him to the bed and jump his bones!!

  44. Kassie

    Yeah, Bexyboo! She wishes she’d never left that motel room now, and so do I… the fantasy of them together was sooo hot. Two drop-dead gorgeous people who were just so totally meant for each other…there could never be another woman who was so perfect for Michael. I loved the way they were both idealistic and intelligent. Nika, while beautiful, was not the right person for him at all. It pisses me off that all summer the fans were led to believe that Sarah would be back, and then this… 😦

  45. Kelleymary

    True, Bexyboo and Kassie, ! The “unfinished business” between Michael and Sara was a cause of concern for me through series 2!
    Couldn’t they AT LEAST have a little sex ONCE!!

    I came to the conclusion that the show was a caricature of certain aspects of America society (not the one we love, with it’s dynamism and faith in itself), but the ultra-violent side of a society where children can have access to guns but can’t watch two lovers having sex and showing their naked bodies on national TV.

    I love the indignation of all these viewers who complained about Sara’s fate : healthy reaction, don’t you think?

    (P.S.: I hope our American friends don’t take what I just said personnaly. Our European society has also its BIG shortcomings.
    But from a distant vantage point, it’s easier to see what’s wrong elsewhere…..)

    Kassie, I read what you said on” Watch with Kristin “comments, and I’m with you 100% !!!

    I wish heads would roll at Fox…

  46. Kelleymary

    I wish heads would roll at Fox…

    UNLESS…. we’ve been taken down the garden path!

    What IF, instead of the thickos (and sickos) we think they are, the writers were smartasses, and preparing the BEST COUP DE THEATRE in TV history?

    I was a bit taken aback by Nick Santora’s sarcastic answer, and Went’s reaction in the Kristin interview seemed curiously lighthearted… Went has always seemed so preoccupied in investing himself in the family/love aspect of PB, and him joking about his love’s decapitation looked odd!

    A FALSE decapitation and a happier ending still possible?

    What do YOU think?

  47. bexyboo

    KelleyMary and Kassie, I totally agree. They should have had sex right at the beginning if you ask me! Like you said before what red blooded woman WOULDN’T have???
    She could have easily dropped her stethescope on the floor and undone his trousers for some mouth action on the way back up. Come on Sara, doctors are supposed to be clever! Learn the basics woman, will you??
    You’re spot on Kelleymary, a false head chopping would be best all round. That way there is more hope of them getting back together for some unfinished hot thrusting! And it will also keep my filthy imagination happy!!
    Kassie I know what you mean. Sara is more naturally gorgeous, while Nika was more sexy looking.
    BUT! If you’re looking for porn (which I am) Michael would have had more chance of a hot hard fuck with Nika than he would with Sara!! Then I would finally see some Went rhythm going.
    Don’t you think? x x x

  48. Kassie

    Ah, the lost possibilities…. Michael has unfinished business with Nika also; he is still married to her. Was the marriage ever consummated? We were kind of led to believe that it wasn’t, but imagine the flashback if it were! Or almost were, even…How come the writers never consider what the women fans want to see? I mean, talk about the ratings potential!

    It is my fondest hope that the PB writers and other powers that be will somehow find a way to turn all this around and bring Sara and Sarah back. I want a happy ending! Why shouldn’t there be a happy ending?

  49. Kelleymary

    “She could have easily dropped her stethescope on the floor and undone his trousers for some mouth action on the way back up”

    *Excuse me. Need a shower*

  50. bexyboo

    Too right Kassie. I want a happy ending as well. And yes! Why weren’t we shown the important flashbacks like you say?? Their marriage being consomated is a far better flashback than Linc getting into trouble.
    A happy ending means everyone alive = Michael and Sara getting it on = Michael taking his clothes off for a sex scene = Bexyboo happy at last that I have seen some good explicit Went fucking. Can you imagine his eyes while he’s doing it??!!

    Good thinking Kelleymary, I need a shower as well now after thinking of that. Preferably with the water pressure on full blast!!!!!!!

  51. Kassie

    Kelleymary, you live in Switzerland? I don’t feel very sorry for you. ..BTW, I live in Thailand and it’s still HOT here! They haven’t started showing PB 3 here yet. Which is moot, since I’m boycotting it…unless of course you are right about FOX tricking us and Sara is really still alive. They should offer her big bucks and a deluxe trailer with a nanny (I volunteer), and bring her baaack!! Please FOX…I need my MiSa…

  52. niknak

    How sad is it that I really didn’t care, and actually found it a bit funny? The Michael/Sara chemistry has been lacking all through S2, and even when they almost hooked up on the train, it lacked the luster we deserved. The writers let us down long before Monday’s episode. Whatever the reason, she’s gone. Get over it, move on, and suck it up!!

    My concern is that so many Went fans are going to abandon the show now that Sarah is gone. Our Baby Boy still needs the show supported… He still needs a job, Sarah or not.

    We lasted through the shittiest season of all, and stuck around. Some of you may have done it for your beloved MiSa, but I did it for Wentworth. Maybe it’s just me but I thought the site was called Wet for Went, not Soggy for Sarah.

  53. Dani

    Look.. after reading the interview – clearly Sara had to be given the ultimate chop after Sarah’s irrational spat – she backed the writers into a corner and like they were gonna do her any more favours !! So they dumped her ass – SHE refused to give her own character a dignified exit. Fuck knows why after all that she and the show had achieved together in the last 2 years.

    All her past fancy smiling interviews saying: “I’m not sure I’ll still be here in coming episodes – I’ve been lucky up to this point” Looks like Ms Cocky Callies couldn’t handle being next off after-all!

    The show tried accomodating her all the way to a decent end, but nup –

    So it’s Seeya !

  54. Dani

    Damn straight I’ll be watching the show – does Went look too worried – his ride is just beginning

  55. Kassie

    Went will be fine, whatever happens to PB. This will most likely be its last season anyway. Went will be fine because WENT IS FINE! And you’re right, it’s Wet For Went, but I couldn’t help myself getting all googoo over MiSa–they were just too damn hot together! Sorry… *sadly crumples to the floor, weeping*

  56. Dani

    RIP – the romance was short lived.

    Rather a severed ending to the relationship….



    “SHE refused to give her own character a dignified exit. ”

    DANI, sorry, but I don’t see WHY Michael’s love had to exit!!
    The ALL MALE MORONIC scriptwriters (yes, those who NEVER wrote good lines for women in PB, making them FLAT , expendable characters, Madonnas or bitches, only good for the chop) had sworn to SWC that she would be back for a FULL season!
    Then they decided to get rid of her after a few episodes (they never were really interested in her in the first place and kept the MiSa relationship on a platonic level!). SWC rebelled and refused to act her own illogical death. They took a stupid and gross revenge on her.

    If there had been a WOMAN scriptwriter on PB, things would have been very different, I’m sure and the success of the series more probable.

  58. Kassie

    Agreed, Kelleymary. PB needs a woman writer… The writers on the show can’t seem to get the man/woman thing. Hell, it’s the writers who are gay, not Went!

  59. KELLEYMARY is closing down…


    You can read what Angel says on, but here is some of it:

    “…The main reason I’ve decided to shut down PrisonBreak-Online…the nail in the proverbial coffin…was the whole mess with Sara(h).

    Those who know me know that my #1 pet peeve as a TV fan is when Hollywood mechanics and politics leak into my enjoyment of a show. I don’t care. I don’t care about contracts or who’s making more money or who gets top billing in the credits or who’s sleeping with whom or who hates who. I don’t want to know. Those things invade the little world a show creates and then it’s all I can think about as I watch.

    But Prison Break has spent the last season or so convincing me that whoever is in charge of this show sees the world through misogynistic colored glasses. Prison Break leads us to believe that strong female characters can only be dealt with one way: brutal, violent, dismembering death. Or hey, they’re evil. There have been several deaths on Prison Break, but I find it sad that the female characters meet such a brutal fate compared to other deaths.

    I should note here that I love death! I am one of those people who love a good character death that makes everyone all angsty. I don’t want fluffy, happy endings. I like down and dirty gut-wrenching angst. When there’s a reason for it and when it fits logically into the plot.
    When they killed Veronica at the beginning of season 2, I actually thought it was a gutsy move by the writers. It was a little over-kill (no pun intended) chopping her up into pieces, but at the time I thought, “Hey, now there’ll be all kinds of awesome Lincoln brooding!” Yeah, not so much. What, did he mention her…once?

    So yeah, character death has its place. But Prison Break has made me believe that they may actually HATE WOMEN. That isn’t something I feel good about helping to promote.

    I don’t care that Sarah Wayne Callies was pregnant. I don’t care who’s fault it was…hers for being inflexible, the producers for being too demanding…we’ve heard it all. But in the end, I don’t care. Killing her character off was even ok with me. It could have added a whole new angsty dimension to Michael and Lincoln’s relationship.

    But they didn’t just kill her character off. They cut her head off and put it in a box. They chopped Veronica up into who knows how many pieces and stuffed her in bags. They turned Nika into a money-hungry, love-sick woman. Leticia Barrett was taken out to the woods to be executed, only to be hunted down like a dog and shot while pleading for her life. Lisa Rix was brutally murdered trying to protect her son. President Reynolds was an evil, incestuous, jailor of her own brother. And now we have evil Susan B. Anthony. It’s too soon to figure out what’s going on with Sophie, but if I were a gambling woman I’d count on her meeting a violent death by season’s end.

    Yes, men get killed on this show, too. I’m not crying out against killing women. I never considered myself a feminist. But I am a woman. And as a woman, this show has started to assault my very minor feminist sensibilities.

    Believe me, I’ve thought long and hard about this since the episode aired. I’ve gone back and forth and in the end, I just don’t feel comfortable having anything I’ve created help promote this type of show any further.

    Will I still watch it? Probably. I have to know how it ends. But it probably won’t be at the top of my Tivo list anymore. This isn’t a call to boycott the show or write letters or sign petitions. This is my personal decision. My closing this site shouldn’t affect your viewing habits in the slightest. And there are several other Prison Break sites out there that probably have everything this one does that you can visit.”

    I hope WFW doesn’t mind if I take so much space with this long quote.

    It says so well how many of us feel about the show….

  61. Rose

    I just watched it last night in Aussieland and it was scary,
    *T-Bag, with the bag *chills*
    *Mahone, threatening baby face pretty, (I was slightly turned on by him up against the wall.
    *Picasso(hehe) a.k.a Haywire, that guy always freaked me out,
    *Lechero’s sidekick punching the pretty(how dare he!
    *Lechero himself, with the coffee
    *Susan, shooting that grave digger

    I loved all the Michael bits especially MiMa against the wall is it Just we or was that HOT!
    I loved when Sucre became grave digger, I had to High-Five myself!

    How much did it sting when Linc said to Sucre “you still here” *sobbing*

    I think I will fall apart if LJ dies. Poor Linc he had to not tell Michael about Sara, he would suicide!

    Oh did I Forget to mention “I hate Susan Bitchface B”
    And Bellick, Tigger wants his pants back Woo hoo hoo hoo

  62. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    You’re not alone! I was turned on by the MiMa against the wall part as well. But then I would be turned on seeing Michael up against a wall with anyone, cos I just mentally blank out their face and put mine in their place!!

    BTW, my friend fancies T Bag!!!! So now I feel better about having my pornographic fantasies about Went, knowing that she does exactly the same about an evil guy with one hand!!

  63. Rose

    T-Bag freaks me out I’m so amazed he hasn’t tried to rape ‘Pretty’,
    I have to say I probably would if I was T-Bag.
    But how can you your friend like T-bag in a sexual way *ewww*

    With the MiMa part if you mute it and forget about the “shank” it’s really Hot!

    I loved the way Michael put his cup down in his new cell. It was Fucking Gold!!!!


    Check out the spoiler photos of “Interference”.
    Sucre is to die for!

    Thanks to


    OK, I didn’t put the link right.
    Who can do it?

    Fernando is a real Susucre (sweetie in French)

  66. Bexyboo

    @ Rose

    I know – I don’t get it either…. Maybe it’s the “evil” thing going on with him, some women are turned on by that.

    There are times when he is actually very funny. In a black humor sort of way. But I’m with you. Could never fancy him in a million years.

    Do you think Mahone has got something? x x

  67. Rose

    @ BexyBoo
    I hated Mahone last Season. He looked nasty and he was an annoying wanker. Especially when he killed Tweener.

    This season I like him more. I think first of all the acting is really good and he is wearing a T-shirt and I’m an Armwhore.

    I like the change, he isn’t marching around with guns like a cop on a power trip.
    I love the whole drug withdrawal Mahone.

    He should also get Mike up against the wall more and maybe his threats could include:
    *stroking his hair or lips or cheek,
    *maybe grabbing Michael by his shirt and ripping it off,
    *stradling him on the floor whilst hold both his hands above his head…to restrain him of course.

    Ok I’ll stop.

  68. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    My God girl, you have totally changed how I look at Mahone and in a f*cking excellent way might I add!

    Remember in S1 when Mike was in the showers? Well it could be like that again! Mahone would come in to start a fight, but couldn’t stop eyeing him up and down. He would lean close in to threaten him in his ear but get sidetracked and his mouth would slowly brush at his neck. Mike would do that “eye thing” and start looking up and moaning etc etc etc


    MiMa fantasies galore from now on.

    I salute you, and don’t you dare stop!

  69. Rose

    @ bexyboo

    I don’t know where it came from.
    Just seeing him in good fences with Mike against the wall, I mean we haven’t seen Mike do much except the fight in ep1.

    I think the drugs/withdrawal make him unpredictable and you never know what he might do. It’s kind of a turn on. Not that I’m into that.

    Mahone threatens Michael with a shank to his neck.
    Michael is holding his breath.
    The blade slowly and lightly make’s it’s way down the side of Michael’s neck, down his chest, snagging his shirt.
    As Mahone gets to the top of Michael’s jeans with the shank he quickly grabs the waist of his jeans, four fingers inside, pulls Michael towards him and slashes the button off at the crotch.


  70. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    Fox people listen up….

    Get rid of all your scriptwriters and employ Rose to do ALL of it. The viewings would be sky high!!

    Ever thought of writing steamy novels Rose?? This is ace……

    Ok here’s another one.

    Mahone is convinced that Michael has some of his drugs hidden in his cell.
    He waits until dark then sneaks into Michael’s cell with a knife. He is angry to the point of seeing red, and shaking from withdrawl symptons but he also has to make sure that no one hears him either.
    He gets inside the cell. He sees Michael asleep in bed. He stands there still and watches him. Slowly he walks over to the bed, watching him the entire time.
    He is shaking all over, and his grip on the knife is so hard, that his arm is tensed and slightly sweaty from the fear of being caught. He never takes his eyes off him as he crouches down next to the bed and slowly puts the knife to his throat.

    Suddenly he hears voices outside the cell. He panics and jumps under the covers next to Michael. Michael wakes up, but Mahone forces his hand over his mouth and lies down behind him.

    The people are walking past the cell. The covers are over both of them, and they’re in pitch darkness. Michael can Mahone’s hot breath on the back of his neck, as they both stay deathly silent. As the people walk past, Michael feels Mahone’s hand slide gently from round his mouth to his throat.
    “I think you have these drugs on you” he hisses loudly in Michael’s ear.His eyes are wild and furious. His hand goes back over Michael’s mouth, while the other slides over the nape of his neck, then slowly SLOWLY down. All the way down his back searching and searching every inch. He pulls Michael closer to him from behind, still convinced he has the tablets. His hand is going round his front now. His arm is still taut, and his fingers are slowly gliding all over Michael’s torso now. Gradually down past the chest, very very slowly down the stomach…… THEN………………

    My god, I am loving this!! Rose I hold you entirely responsible!!!

    *blushing ALOT*

  71. Rose

    @ bexyboo
    Omg that is so hot!

    I’m speechless, You should write for fox!

    I can’t possibly top that.

    I was just about to go to bed, Thank you.


  72. bexyboo

    Yours is hot! All those slashing buttons etc

    Dream of some more!!!

    Night Night!

    Hope you don’t get delayed getting to sleep…*double wink*

  73. Rose


    Michael inhales sharply and closes his eyes.
    He can feel Mahone’s fingers lightly brush his groin and then a firm hand cupping his cock, sliding down his inner thigh and back cupping his cock.
    Mahone’s thumb lingers at the top of Michael’s jeans.
    Michael can feel a mixture of fear and excitement.
    Michael exhales through Mahone’s fingers that cover his mouth.
    Mahone shudders.

    Michael believes Mahone has found a new addiction. (hahaha)

    *beetroot red*

  74. Rose

    btw, is cock too strong a word, dick sounds crap?

  75. bexyboo

    I think cock is the perfect word!

    You are absolutely great at writing this stuff, it was you who got me started on it in the first place!

    I have a new addiction now, never mind Mahone!!

    MiMa porn is AMAZING!!! Mmmmm!

    I am gonna come (cum!) up with an absolutely filthy one for later, but I will need more time!

    Shall I start where you left off or start another scenario?


  76. Rose

    Whatever pleases you bexyboo!!

    I love the “breaths” and “shudders” because I can really picture them doing that.
    WM is always taking deep breaths and exhaling.
    WF is always shuddering and has chills.

    lol MiMaporn

    Now I’m addicted

  77. bexyboo

    Ooh yes. Lots of chills and shudders. From me as well!!

    It is 15.32 in England, I am doing this at work! HEE HEE! You can tell the boss isn’t in!

    Am back home @ 18.00 so should have it done by 20.00 latest (my time)

    No prison break tonight (sob) so I will have to keep myself busy….

    MiMa porn ADDICT! LOL x x

  78. bexyboo

    @ Rose. MiMa Porn!! Hee hee.

    It’s very long btw, I apologise to others now if I have taken too much space. My filthy mind has gone into overdrive BIG time…

    Michael and Mahone are told to fight by Lecharo.
    It’s raging hot weather, and both of them are wearing t shirts. They walk out into the yard among the chants from the other prisoners. Michael looks apprehensive and is doing his “stare” Mahone is pacing around with that angry look, his eyes never stop looking at Michael.
    The fight begins. Mahone throws the first punch and Michael falls to the floor. Mahone is circling him, still watching him and waiting for him to get up. Michael dives towards him and soon the two of them are brawling on the ground.
    The prisoners want something more violent than this. They are after a proper knife fight. Lecharo gets two others to start fighting and sends Michael and Mahone away from it.
    The pair of them are absolutely filthy. Michael has injured his foot in the fight and can barely walk. Mahone has a cut above his eye. Mahone glares at Michael as he goes back to his cell, and Michael goes to get cleaned up.
    Once in the shower room, Michael switches on the shower and takes his shoes off. His foot and ankle are bruised. He starts to slowly take his t shirt off, unaware that Mahone is standing behind him watching everything that he does.
    Mahone is leaning against the wall with his arms folded. His eyes are burning into Michael as he throws his torn t shirt onto the floor. As he does, he catches sight of Mahone standing there watching him.
    Mahone is still adament that Michael has tablets. He walks over to Michael slowly still staring at him. He has that crazy look in his eyes.
    “You want to carry this fight on in here?” he smoulders. “Hand them over.”
    “I haven’t got your damn tablets Mahone” Michael says staring at him. “Now drop it”
    Michael goes to turn away but Mahone grabs him by the throat and pins him up against the wall. His arms have a strong grip on him, as Michael tries to struggle to get away.
    Mahone looks down then back up at Michael, still gripping him tightly. He leans in closer, and whispers furiously at him.
    “I am not leaving here until I find those pills Scofield. Even if I have to scour your entire body”
    Mahone looks deep into his eyes, breathing heavily. Michael is still struggling to get away. Mahone is watching him trying to escape. His hold on Michael is too strong, and his arms are rigid with the pressure. “Why struggle?” he asks “If you let me do this and I don’t find them,then your conscience is clear”
    Mahone’s hand is still round Michael’s throat. He never takes his eyes off him as he lets his other hand wander downwards. He starts at his shoulders and slides his hand slowly down to his chest. His fingers work in circular motions all over Michael’s chest. Michael breathes out heavily as Mahone’s fingers graze over his nipples. He is scared. But in sick and unexpected way, he doesn’t want it to stop. Mahone’s eyes never leave Michael’s and a slight smile spreads across his face.
    “All clear so far” he hisses. “Now, jeans OFF.”
    Michael is frozen to the spot. He finds himself unable to move. Mahone draws in even closer, so his mouth is almost touching Michael’s. “If you don’t get those damn jeans off now Scofield, I’ll rip them off myself.”
    Michael is still staring at Mahone, breathing heavily. “Ok you’ve had your chance” Mahone says. He moves his hands towards the top of his jeans and pulls fiercely at his belt. Michael’s head is back, and he’s looking upwards. He doesn’t know what to think or feel. Mahone forces down the jeans, and observes Michael’s erection through his boxer shorts.
    He looks back at Michael with icy eyes, his smile still slight. “Well well Scofield” he says softly. “Looks like you didn’t want to escape from what I was doing to you after all.”
    Still looking at him, Michael groaned as Mahone slipped his fingers into his shorts. Still looking at Michael without blinking, he grasped at his throbbing cock and started to move his hand back and forth. Slowly to start with, then building up to a fast steady rhythm. Michael thew his head back and let out a moan until Mahone’s hand clasped over his mouth.
    “Not yet” he whispered. “I’m gonna finish you off properly”
    Still looking at Michael, Mahone slowly kneeled before him, running his tongue along his stomach on the way down. He looked up at Michael before placing his hands around his rock hard cock. Still looking up at him, he slowly opened his mouth and put Michael’s cock into his mouth.
    Very gently he started to suck it. His head went back and to back and to, still very slowly.
    Michael looked down at him, then closed his eyes. He opened them again, watching him for a minute before throwing his head back and closing his eyes. “Oh God” he moaned. Then shouted out louder “OH GOD.”
    He grabbed Mahone’s head and started pushing it down, his hips thrusting furiously. Mahone was getting faster and faster, taking him all the way down his throat.
    Michael could feel himself getting close. He looked down at Mahone eating his cock, and he felt himself start to cum.
    As he exploded inside Mahone’s mouth, Michael’s legs went weak. He could still hear the chants of the fight outside.
    Mahone took Michael out of his mouth and looked up at him.
    “This isn’t over Scofield” he whispered. If I come back to your cell tonight and there is still no tablets, I’ll expect the same in return. Call it paying me back in kind”
    And with his twisted smile, he left the room.

    Well what do you think of that Rose??

    *lobster red*

  79. bexyboo

    @ WFW

    Am so sorry WFW, I just realised how long that last essay of mine went on for!!!

    Can totally understand if you can’t post it (plus the fact it was pretty damn filthy as well!

    Have pity on a girl 4 tryin tho, there’s no PB tonight, am gettin withdrawl symptoms…. :o(


  80. Rose


    I think I’ll have to proof read it! haha

  81. Rose

    Hey Bexyboo someone beat us to it!

    There is a MiMa porn website:

  82. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    OMG, a MiMa porn website??? (just woken up, so thoght had dreamt it!!)

    Did you proof read it?? You like??

    I only realised how long it was until I’d submitted it!! I could have totally understood if WFW had said sorry it can’t go on, put she posted it for me, bless her!!

    x x

  83. Rose

    Oh My God I just read it now.
    It wasn’t there before when I wrote about proof reading it. Excellent Work!!

    You wouldn’t believe this morning in the shower I was thinking of a similar scenario.

  84. Anonymous

    Dear writers,

    MiMa is sooo great!
    Please, don’t kill Mahone before MiMa is consumated!!

  85. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    In the shower eh?? Bet the water pressure was on full blast! LOL

    Keep thinking of certain scenareos but it’s a bit limited in prison! Done the cell, done the shower room. Where else is there?? x x

    @ anonymous

    Hello! Agreed, MiMa porn is the new thing, never thought about MiMa like that until Rose’s comment!

    You’re ace Rose!

  86. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    Have just clicked onto that website, and tried to save one of the pics as my screensaver!

    Wouldn’t let me tho… :o(

    One of the pictures look like they’re about to kiss!


  87. Rose

    @ bexyboo
    Oh god MiMa porn is so hot!

    I have to still write my shower scene.

    I haven’t had enough privacy, you know 😉

  88. Rose

    I forgot to praise you bexyboo.

    Your MiMa porn fucking rocks!

    I loved it! Soooo sexy and scary, so real.

    I had to read it again.

    *crimson red*

  89. bexyboo

    @ Rose,

    Thank you so much! It was you who got me started tho, Hee hee…. I recorded that episode on Sky and did what you said. Muted it and watched it over and over!!! My god it was sexy…
    I know what you mean about privacy. No sooner do I get started tapping away on the keyboard when someone interupts me!!

    I am now officially addicted to MiMa porn! LOL. Yours was amazing, I love all the button slashing and the heavy breathing and the forbidden chemistry between them! That was so hot.
    I have read yours too. About 20 times!

    *tomato red*

  90. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    Oh btw. When that scene was on and Mahone had him up against the wall, I could see what you meant about his arms! GOD!!!
    They were really defined and strong weren’t they??
    x x


  91. Rose

    i wrote a long one what should i do?

  92. bexyboo

    Post it baby, YEAH!!!

    I posted mine, and it said on it “your comment is being moderated” I thought that WFW wouldn’t put it on there, so I wrote a note saying about the length (see above)
    She did put it on tho. It took few hours to go through, I think if its a long comment then it takes a while.
    I can’t wait to read it!! I finish work in 5 mins – thank god…

  93. bexyboo

    I remember now, don’t panic if it takes ages to go on. Mine did that, and I panicked thinking “Oh no it was too long/too dirty etc….

    WFW sounds very understanding to Went porn addicts!!

    Cheers WFW!!!

    x x x

  94. bexyboo

    Did you post it Rose?

    Could be too early yet! Will check again later….

  95. KelleyMary

    BEXYBOO, I see you too have been victim of the “moderation”!
    I feel relieved i’m not the only one , I was becoming even more paranoid than usual!!!

    Cat’s Meow said some of her posts disappeared…



  96. KelleyMary


  97. Rose

    Hold it I haven’t posted it yet, sorry I can’t do till Sunday or Monday so sorry

  98. bexyboo

    ??????????? !!

    what does that mean??

    x x

  99. KelleyMary

    BEXYBOO, it means that every post I write, longer than 3 lines, is “awaiting moderation” and ENDS IN THE BIN!!
    I’m not the only one who complains!

  100. bexyboo


    When I looked at your comment b4, I thought you were writing in Morse code or something! All those little symbols …

    That’s why I asked what it meant.

    LOL x

  101. Rose

    It’s not posting my comments either

  102. Rose

    oh that one worked

  103. KelleyMary

    ‘Course, Rose, it’s very short!
    But try to post longer!

  104. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    That’s strange how it’s not posting, obviously short comments are still going through tho..

    Is it on all threads?
    x x


    I’ve left her a message. Those who see their posts disappear should do the same…

  106. bexyboo

    I just wrote “semi” long one & done the same to me!

  107. bexyboo

    @Rose: When the problem is fixed, I hope you still have your story to copy on here! Am missing the MiMa porn!!!


    Sent several messages to WFW. No answer. Either she’s drunk under the table or, simply, Captain has abandoned ship……

  109. bexyboo

    Kelleymary yours is working again!!
    Or is it cause it’s a short comment? Mine wouldn’t post yesterday, but it was about 6 lines….

  110. Rose

    It’s like four pages in word. It’s more than the fucken recap.

  111. Rose

    Lechero let Michael use his shower for the good deed he had served with the water and electricity. Michael had to make it look like he had no alterial motives so he asked for the shower and plus he liked to be clean. Oh and alone whilst naked, he saw the way others looked at him and that made him feel dirtier.

    T-Bag showed him the way and left. No comments, just leering licking his lips.

    Michael took of his shirt and dropped it to the floor. He then started on his belt, whilst kicking off his shoes.

    He stopped.

    T-Bag was leaning against the door frame leering perversely at Michael, his tongue running over his bottom lip, back and forth.

    ‘Do you want me to wash your back, Pretty? I would be ah more than happy to.’ T-Bag said smiling, holding up soap and a towel and looking Michael up and down, his eyes resting on the top of Michael’s undone jeans.

    ‘No thanks.’ Michael said. He took the soap and towel and closed T-Bag out-side the bathroom.

    Michael stood in the shower and let water run over him. He let it wash away Sona. It had been so long he since he was by himself and could just relax. He felt clean. He thought of Sara as he washed himself and imagined their reunion. He started to slowly wash around his waist and could feel himself becoming aroused. He faced the tiled wall, back to the door. It had been so long since he had pleased himself or been pleased. He touched his cock and felt it harden a little more.


    Michael straightened up and turned just his head towards the door. He heard someone breathe. He froze.

    ‘Piss-off T-Bag, this isn’t a kid’s bubble bath.’ he let out a deep breath.

    Michael didn’t know what was worse, exposing his semi-hard-on to T-Bag or keeping his back to him. He chose to face the wall.

    ‘No, no that it is not.’

    Michael spun around, it was Alex. Alex looked down at Michael’s cock and smiled.

    “Having a good time?”

    Michael sighed, put one his hand on his tummy and with the other rubbed his hair, tilting his head back. What now? He asked himself. Alex was so fucken unpredictable.

    Alex stared at Michael’s beautiful naked body. His total attention shifted. He wasn’t focused on threatening Michael anymore, his eyes followed Michael’s hand lightly touching his tummy. Underneath was his tattoo, the tattoo. Alex took a step closer into the spray of the water. Michael watched as the water soaked through Alex’s shirt and clung to his strong chest and arms.

    Michael expected Alex to attack him, he backed against the cool tiles and braced himself.

    Alex’s fingers reached toward Michael’s chest and traced his fingers down the tattooed sword and back up again.

    Michael shuddered, sighed and tilted his head back.

    Alex then ran his fingers down the lines on the left side of Michael’s torso. Alex’s touch was light and tender and Michael felt himself becoming more aroused than the first time. He is thinking that when Alex sees he will most probably be sodomized, but it also feel so good to be touched tenderly.

    Alex knows the tattoo well but he is in awe seeing it first time in the flesh.

    He whispers “Beautiful” as he traces over the angel wings. Then Alex suddenly realises the man he is stroking. Who Alex once saw as an arrogant and manipulative little prick. He now see’s a beautiful man trapped by his selflessness. Alex can also feel that he is now aroused. Confused he takes a step back looking down at Michael who is now, surprisingly harder than ever.

    Michael can see the confusion in Alex’s eyes as he takes a step back into the spray. The water hit’s Alex’s pants and Michael sees he isn’t the only one hard.

    ‘I, er, just…’ Alex says as he looks Michael up and down. That beautiful tattoo, his erection, full lips, chest heaving. Alex leans toward Michael.

    Michael is turned on even more by Alex’s nevousness. Grabs him by the waist of his pants and tugs him close to himself.

    Cock to cock, Alex can feel Michael throbbing through his pants and onto his own throbbing cock. Micheal rips off Alex’s shirt and Alex takes off his pants and shoes.

    They both think “What the fuck am I doing?” and don’t care.

    Now both naked Alex pushes his cock towards Michael’s. They both moan in sync.

    Alex begins to lick down and up the lines of the tattoo. Then they lock eyes, frozen.

    What next? Both never having been with a man before have frozen.

    Michael in a whispery breath, feeling Alex throb against him says ‘I’m, ah ,not…, I mean I’ve never…ah.. oh god.’

    Alex looks into Michael’s beautiful eyes. He can see Michael’s full, red, lips and wants to taste them, he licks his own but can’t touch Michaels. He lets his hand wander down over his hip and reaches to turn him to gain access to his ass.

    Michael exhales deeply, he knows what Alex is doing, but should he go with it?

    Alex stops he notices Michael’s expression change, pain, guilt, he doesn’t want to hurt Michael or have this become a bad experience.

    ‘Michael this doesn’t need to continue… that is only if you want.’ He says the last bit with hunger in his voice.

    Michael opens his eyes, tilts his head back and exhales.

    ‘I don’t want to do this if it tortures you later. I don’t want you to hate yourself because it’s, well um… me.’ he said painfully.

    The pain in Michael’s face deepened, shutting his eyes tightly, he let out a small sob, then bit his bottom lip.

    Alex rubbed Michael’s arm tenderly, “I am so sorry Michael”

    Michael opened his eyes and his face relaxed.

    “I also don’t want you to do this to punish yourself” Alex said knowingly.

    Michael’s eyes widened. How could Alex know him this well? He felt raw, he wanted Alex more now than he has ever wanted anyone.

    He leaned into Alex and rubed his body against his. Alex groaned and leeaned into Michael. Alex kisses and licks Michael’s neck and nips softly at his ear. He lowered his head to Michael’s chest and licked, kissed, nipped and bit, all the way down. Michael shuddered.

    He reached Michaels cock, nuzzling it. Michael starts panting and as his cock entered Alex’s hot, wet, mouth. He moan long and low.

    Alex’s tongue circles the tip. Michael shudders and can feel his whole body weaken.

    Licking, stroking and sucking Michael, Michael thrusting until…

    ‘Ohh God, I’m ohhhhh’

    He comes into Alex’s mouth and Alex swallows ever bit.

    Michael breath’s are sharp and he can bearly stand, he slips down the cool tiles a little. Alex puts two strong hands on hips to steady him.

    Their eyes meet, Alex is blurred to Michael but he can still see his desire and care.

    Michael guides Alex up to face him. Alex looks from eyes to lips and licks his own.

    Michael leans forward, mouth open and kisses him, wet, tongue everywhere, sucking his lips. Alex feels a huge jolt behind his naval.

    Michael turns Alex’s back to the wall and works his lips and tongue down Alex’s chest, abs and lower until he reaches his cock.

    Before Michael even touches it Alex has his hand on Michael’s spikey head, pushing it back so their eyes meet Michael looks up he now has his cock clenched in his fist.

    Against everything Alex is feeling so strongly he says, ‘You… ahhh, you don’t have to.’

    Michael looks at Alex puzzled and loosens his grip on his cock, ‘Um you don’t want me to?’

    Alex can hear slight concern but mostly surprise, he can see his cock inches away from those beautiful, full, red, lips and groans, ‘Oh, fuck of course I do,’ calmer he says ‘It’s just if you don’t, I’ll ahh’ swallowing hard ‘I’ll understand.’

    At that Michael pushes his cock up and runs his tongue down the length of the base, he gets to the tip and circles it with his tongue then exhales, his hot breath, onto the tip and licks again.

    Alex’s shudders, moans and groans out of control and his legs are weak.

    Michael pushes his mouth right over his cock until it is all in his mouth and he sucks. As he draws it out of his mouth, he lets his teeth run lightly over Alex’s cock. Alex screamed out, he has never felt anything this erotic before in his life. Michael continued to suck Alex’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth until Alex came quickly in short gasps of breath.

    The come slid down his chin and mostly all over Michael’s beautifully tattooed chest.

    It was Alex’s turn to slide down the wall. Michael didn’t stop him just guided him down, still kneeling.

    Alex opened his eyes and looked at Michael with a slight smile, ‘That was to good to have been your first time Michael,’ he slurred drowsly waving an accusing finger.

    Michael blushed.

    Alex spotted the come on Michael’s, chest dripping down, ‘Sorry’ he reached to wipe it away but missed.

    Michael smiled, ‘just take a minute’

    Alex laughed.

  112. Rose

    My appologies in advance WFW.


    WFW, WHERE ARE YOU????????????????


    WE WANT TO TALK!!!!!

  115. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    4 pages of MiMa porn!!! Lord have mercy…..
    This sounds as though it is SO gonna be worth waiting for!

    Maybe WFW is on her holiday? x x

  116. Rose

    I am so embarressed
    I am seriously
    *fire engine red*

  117. Rose

    Its five posts u bexyboo
    look up

  118. Rose

    I meant five posts up, (which is now six)
    It has appeared and I can’t help but hide my face.
    I am blushing at a computer and I am nervous about what you will think. I hope you like it. xx


    SEX! JustJared has posted pics from “Bang (yeeeesss!) and Burn” (use lube, Went!)! It’s MiWHI hot sex in mid-air!


    Look at Went’s thighs, look at Vance’s package!
    Wish Michael’s hand went a little south….Woaaa!!!!


    Oh, Rose, I hadn’t seen your wonderful piece of porn!!! LOVED IT!!! MORE, please!!!
    What about aerial sex over Dallas, With grey shirts and pants falling from the helicopter?


    WFW, now that you’ve woken from your drunken stupor, may be you could use the helicopter embrace as “Spoiler pic of the week”? Rose and other could unleash their creativity on it?


    Euh, WFW, about the “drunken stupor” thing, I didn’t want to be sassy, but honestly your silence was frightening!
    Have you bumped off the moderator?

  124. bexyboo

    Rose that was absolutely INCREDIBLE.
    I woke up about an hour ago, and I must have read it about 3 times already!! While I was reading it I could actually imagine their faces, the way they said stuff and their actions etc, …
    I love it, and it was so worth waiting for, how long did it take? x x

  125. Rose

    About 3-4 days. Can’t remember but I’m a perfectionist and kept adding to it. It’s been in my mind since the 22nd of October.

    I’m glad you liked it! I couldn’t wait for you to read it! Thank you.
    I have a second part in the works. It just comes to me. I feel so embaressed

    I don’t have a good imagination so i can’t just do something that all of a sudden people just start fucking. I felt it had to fit into the story realistically.

    I can picture the way they would say and do stuff too. xx

  126. Snowflake

    Wow Rose, that was awesome! So real.
    I read a lot of MiMa porn on the website you mentioned earlier but yours is even hotter, steamier…
    Please, we want more!

  127. bexyboo

    I think it must take a long time to post porn! The one I did on 22nd took quite long, and I was quite worried too.
    God bless you WFW!!


    Oh, that helicopter photo!! it burned my eyes….
    Bang and Burn, bang and burn…….

  129. bexyboo

    @ Kelleymary

    Which photo? Is it a sexy one??? Where do I find it??
    Still trying to find that one that someone told me about on here. Apparently Went is in leather (excuse me for a minute) and he is on a bed with a cigarette. Really REALLY need to see that! :o)


    Sorry, Bexyboo! I was talking about the new spoiler pics on JustJared! You MUST see those thighs!! As I’m crappy with links, go to JustJared, then Wentworth Miller… Tell me what you think!


    I think Chris Vance has got a hard-on…..

  132. bexyboo

    @ Kelleymary
    What an absolutely horny photo, what I would give to be Whistler. How can he concentrate on holding on while Wentworth is doing that I have no idea…
    Oh my god, and yes he has got a hard on!!!
    And who can blame him?…. ;o)

  133. Rose

    Oh fuck that picture is so hot! I can’t stop looking at it.
    @ Kelleymary that’s unfortunatly not a Hard On on:

    You can see Chris Smile Vance’s Harness up through his shirt, there is a cord.

    Thank you Snowflake

  134. Rose

    That’s not a Hard On it’s a Harness you can see the cord extending up his sleeve from his waist. How fake is the floor? Go to Just Jared it’s bigger when you click the pic Twice.

    Fuck he is hot I want that wrapped around me for Christmas

  135. Rose

    Oh god his thighs,
    Guy’s wear those nasty skinny jeans these days and I look on in shock. My legs look ten times the size! Wentworth has such a great set of pins and that ass oh god, I need a shower.

    Thank you Snowfake, watch this space there maybe another instalment soon!

  136. Rose

    What am I saying where is Mahone no more MiMa scenes boo hoo.

  137. Rose

    Bexyboo I thanked you for your comment but it didn’t go through.

  138. Rose

    I have another MiMa porn in the work’s It need’s tweeking. hehe

    @Snowflake, I read some too and not to offend Michael came off as a girl and weak, I know Mahone is strong but Michael isn’t too submissive just because he is emotional.

  139. bexyboo

    No…thank YOU Rose! THANK YOU!
    You made me a very happy girlie after I read your story this morning…(if you know what I mean! ;o)

    Oh yes I never thought of that. If Michael goes, he won’t have a chance to get in on with Mahone..NOOOOO!!! Do you think they’ll take him with them??? x x

  140. Rose

    I don’t think so maybe they’ll meet some day in the future.
    I’m very glad you enjoyed it. I had to make it realistic. I don’t have a very good imagination.

  141. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    I want Michael AND Mahone for Christmas!! Hee hee. I want them in my Christmas stocking at the end of the bed. And if they both want to come and “wake me up” before Christmas morning, that’s fine by me baby!!! x x

  142. Rose

    Fuck I love to see that boy move I can’t wait to watch that scene in slow motion!

  143. Rose

    I am working on “the next day”

    I hope You think it’s Hot and Funny. Prison Break hasn’t got enough smiles. When Wentworth smiles you can hear the birds sing. Oh I love him.
    It just comes to me!

  144. Rose

    I honestly find Mahone/WF very unattractive sorry.
    I can’t look at him closely, so that in my minds eye he looks better. (when he is ‘with’ Michael)

  145. bexyboo

    YEEEEES more porn….. This is ace!
    What is your job?? If it’s not writing steamy books then it should be! Especially as we’re all a bunch of little pervs on this site and we all LOVE IT!

  146. bexyboo

    I thought he was unattractive in the 2nd season, but look at those arms Rosie! I don’t think his face is that attractive, although he has got the “eye” thing going on.
    Do you like Lincoln and Whistler? x

  147. Rose

    Lincoln looks so so hot in that white t-shirt he also has good arms

    I’m an Aussie and Whistler is from this crap aussie medical drama and was really annoying. He smiles too much like when giving people really bad news.

    I think I’m warming to him. Good on Chris Vance he is truly onto bigger and better things (or are they hanging off him, hehe)

  148. Rose

    I have never writen any type of story in my life! Ok maybe at school.
    Especially not porn *blushing*

    This blog is great I could never have expressed this to anyone anywhere.

    Thank you for letting me share Bexyboo. xx

  149. Rose

    Somewhere in the bowels of Sona.
    Michael Schofield is pushed up against a wall, pants around his ankles shirt on the floor… rolling his eyes.
    Alexander Mahone is kneeling in front of Michael….giggling. Like a fucken 16 year old girl who drunk too much champagne.

    Earlier, Michael had told Alex exactly when and where to meet him.
    Alex arrived in the dimly lit corridor, he could see Michael standing to the side in his hoodie hands in pockets, smouldering.
    He couldn’t be sure if they were here to continue what happened in the shower or to discuss a plan. Alex was nervous he hoped it was the first but he still didn’t really feel worthy to be pleased by Michael, he felt guilty.

    Whatever Alex was feeling was hidden when he cooly said, ‘Is this where we escape?’
    Intellectual Michael loved the double meaning, smiled, slyly and kissed him.
    Michael in between kisses whispered, ‘I think we should go, um, further.’
    Alex stopped kissing, jaw dropping, Michael blushed and pointed further down the corridor, starting to walk Alex followed.

    Alex was in ecstacy, who needed fucken drugs when you had a beautiful thing like Michael Fucking Schofield to play with. They kissed, hands sliding up shirts, in hair, over nipples, undoing zips, buttons, until they were both shirtless with there pants undone.
    Alex leaned into Michael’s neck and kissed tenderly, ‘I am so, so sorry Michael’ He put his arms around him.

    Fast and angry, Michael slammed Alex against the wall, ‘Stop with your fucking pity,’ Alex was taken aback. ‘One minute you want to kill me and the next you want to craddle me in your arms, I’m not a fucking baby, Alex’. Michael stared at Alex, he couldn’t believe the change in him, was it real? Scarily it was.

    ‘I just hate the bad things I’ve done’

    ‘Me too, now can we please forget about it?… I asked you to come down here to, um…’ Michael blushed and quickly leaned in and they were back to kissing.

    Michael’s hand crept down and he started to slowly stroke Alex’s cock as they continued to kiss. Michael’s hand quickened and his kisses intensified. Alex couldn’t keep up, all he could do was breath and enjoy Michael’s beautiful tongue in his mouth. He gasped as he came. Michael moved to the side as not get cum on his jeans, he smiled.

    ‘Oh God Michael’ Alex panted through a relaxed smile.

    All of a sudden they both froze, they’d heard nose.
    Michael picked up their shirts and pushed Alex to run deeper into the corridors.

    He looked back at the cum on the floor, ‘Fuck,’ he thought and hid behind the corner next to Alex. They waited no one came. Just to be sure they gave it a couple of minutes, Michael keeping his eyes on where they just were and Alex, well Alex was keeping his eyes on and all over Michael.

    It was some how better lit around this corner and Alex took in Michael’s beautiful body from behind. Michael was bent slightly, the muscles in his shoulders and back were amazingly defined and with his jeans undone at the front they were riding very, very low. Alex couldn’t believe how incredibly attractive Michael was, Fucken Hell he was sexy and it was like he didn’t even know. Alex thought if he was that hot all he’d need was a mirror to get off. Alex bit his lip to stop a moan escaping, he could feel the heat rising in his groin again.

    All on the sudden the Sexy Back was moving. Michael turned, a wicked smile on his face, ‘Look at what it was’

    Alex peered around the corner and saw nothing, just as he was about to turn back to Michael it caught his eye.

    There was a fucking rat eating his cum. ‘Oh gross’

    Michael laughed, ‘Mine was good enough for you yesterday’

    “Yesterday” Alex thought of being blown by Michael yesterday. He was hard again, already.

    He leaned into Michael ‘I don’t want rats, who look like me, crawling around Sona’ they laughed.

    Alex took a deep breath, ‘Michael what you did to me yesterday was oh so good,’ as he said it he pushed his new bulge into Michael’s thigh.

    Michael looked surprised, he gaped at him and thought, Fuck, he was ready to go, again?

    Michael rubbed his thigh against Alex’s bulge and kissed him, he then replicated exactly what he had done yesterday, except better, he let his hand wander to Alex’s balls and beyond.

    After he came Alex was left with the biggest grin across his face, his Christmas’ had all come at once!

    After a moment of feeling connected to God himself, Alex opened his eyes still grinning. He giggled, he was utterly euphoric. Michael had to smile too, it was the best ‘Alex’ he had ever seen.

    ‘Oh God Michael I’m gonna try and give this to you, I am,’ he said quick and excited, pushing Michael’s pants down and kissing his neck. ‘You are a really beautiful man Michael, I have never seen anything like it.’ He looked into Michael’s face, ‘Your skin is just perfect, the colour is amazing, it’s like fucken Coffee Ice-Cream.’ He licked his cheek, ‘You know when you let it melt, real creamy, mmmmm?’

    Michael blushed, he was so embarrassed. He had never been spoken to in this way before, by anyone. He just stood there and smiled, shyly.

    Alex’s words were flying out of his mouth so quickly, he would have never said all this if he hadn’t felt this, oh, so good.

    ‘Michael this tattoo is gorgeous,’ he lifted Michael’s arms out and stood back to look at it shaking his head. ‘Beautiful,’ kissing his chest ‘Oh your body is perfect,’ teeth on nipple, letting his hand’s slide down Michael’s back, his hand’s slid to the front, palms cupping his nipples, massaging, ‘but I do wish you had breasts and… a…’ laughing he let his right hand wander down.

    Michael shoved him away, ‘Piss-off,’ he was beyond embarrassed, his cheeks were so flushed. ‘Do you think you can shut-up? This isn’t doing anything for me!’

    ‘Okay, okay I’m sorry,’ he laughed and ran his fingers over the side of Michael’s hip and down near his navel. Michael jolted, tickled.

    ‘How the fuck did that women tattoo you when you’re this ticklish?’

    Michael just shook his head and shrugged.

    Back at Michael’s nipple, Alex couldn’t help himself, another laugh escaped his mouth. Michael couldn’t help it either, ‘What now?’ he asked through clenched teeth.

    ‘Tihehe, I just thought, haha, hmmmm, what kind of erotic pleasure was it when she…, ha, when she tattoed around here?, hmmm, hehe’ he circled his nipple with his middle finger.

    ‘I er don’t know,’ he replyed shyly. He had never, ever been this embarrassed.

    Alex burst out laughing and Michael couldn’t help but laugh too.

    Michael thought Alex was such a dickhead.

    Alex put a finger to his smiling lips and knelt down to start on Michael’s cock. He started to do to Michael what he had received earlier.

    Michael was really into it, he was on the tip of beginning his climax but all of a sudden Alex stopped, lips still around the tip of Michael’s cock laughing uncontrollably.

    Michael panted, ‘No,no,no,no don’t stop now,’ annoyed, rolling his eyes. Alex laughed harder, taking the raging cock out of his mouth licking his lips, still grasping it in his right hand.

    ‘Ha Ha I just saw, I mean I, I thought, you know this bit here?,’ he swapped Michael’s cock into his left hand and ran his finger over the bottom of the tattoo that was inches away from Michael’s rich, black curls of pubic hair. He looked up ‘How was it when she, um, did that bit?, you had to lie down yeah?’ he laughed.

    ‘Yeah so?’ Michael was annoyed, he had been just there, it would have taken ten seconds more.

    Alex rubbed the gap of un-inked skin between the tattoo and hair, ‘It’s just so close Michael, what happened when she was done? Did she straddle you to get it done? I bet she wanted you oh soooo bad. Imagine all the rotten bikies she had to deal with and then a hottie like you comes along and orders the lot. Her panties would have been drenched!’

    Michael stared at Alex with his mouth gaping open and then smiled, guitily, pushing Alex’s head down on his cock.

    ‘Please, just finish,’ he pleaded. With a couple more giggles Alex let Michael have his long awaited relief.

    Alex looked at Michael’s face, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, flushed pink cheeks, eye’s glistening, lips red and full in the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

    He had just found heaven in the hell of Sona.

  150. Rose

    I appologize again WFW


    “That’s not a Hard On it’s a Harness ”
    God, Rose, don’t destroy people’s dreams!
    I can’t believe a man doesn’t have an erection when the Pretty touches him!


    Rose, WFW doesn’ respond anymore. She’s probably dead and been replaced by one of the Bodysnatchers. Seen the film?


    Or a vampire! I noticed it’s 2:30 in Baltimore and she’s still online… And she sleeps during the day (doesn’t answer messages)…

  154. Rose

    I posted my second part to porn and I’m nervous.

  155. Rose

    It is awaiting moderation.

  156. Snowflake

    Thanks Rose, you are a star!
    Can’t wait to read the second part!!

  157. bexyboo

    @ Rose
    Yes I agree. Linc looked good from S2 onwards. To be honest tho I fancy most of them!! Obviously Went ranks the highest up the scale. But Lincoln, Whistler ,Sucre, and Mahone would all get it!!!

    T bag makes me laugh even tho I don’t fancy him. The only two that repel me are Lechero and Bellick! Do you agree?


    “Your comment is awaiting Moderation”!!

  159. bexyboo

    It’s weird, it was quite a short comment as well. Someof the longer ones go on no problem…x

  160. bexyboo

    @ Rose
    last comment didn’t go through. Just to say that that the only ones I don’t fancy in PB are Lechero and Bellick!! Obviously Went is best, but Linc, Whistler Mahone and Sucre would all get it!!
    Don’t fancy T Bag, but he does make me laugh, in a sick way! x

  161. bexyboo

    @ Rose 2 comments awaiting moderation!! Tried to send similar one twice, so if both appear don’t think I’ve lost it!! Can’t wait 4 2nd instalment! ;o)


    Posting is becoming impossible! WFW, have mercy on us!

  163. bexyboo

    Oh My God Rose!!!!
    AMAZING! I am at work at the moment, and I may have to slip off to the bathroom any minute…
    How in God’s name do you do it??? I think I’m gonna cum right at my desk!! x x


    JUST GREAT, Rose! I could picture every second…
    Oh, for Michael flushed face and glistening eyes!
    Only thing I found gross is the rat eating cum!

  165. Snowflake

    I found the rat really funny!

    Perfect Rose, thanks!!! I hope you will continue writing. I had flushed pink cheeks after reading it…

  166. Rose

    Thank you guys, I’m gushing, I hope it wasn’t too ‘nasty’
    The gist of it comes to me like a dream, I am so embarrassed that you guys are actually reading it!

  167. Rose

    I honestly had to express how beautiful I think Wentworth is and ‘Michael’
    I wonder about that tattoo and if it really did happen, that chick, even gay would have so wanted him.

  168. bexyboo

    I just keep on reading it and reading it (then going for a lie down *wink*) then reading it again then going for another lie down *wink*……….
    MiMa make the perfect fuck couple. Michael to a degree is so innocent and pretty. Mahone is raw calculating and sultry. It really is total cum material Rose, I salute you!! Apart from Went who is your next fave? x

  169. Rose

    @ bexyboo, I hope your work chair is leather so you can wipe it down.

  170. bexyboo

    @Rose. The story is pure orgasm material! There’s Michael who is so pretty and somewhat innocent. Then there’s Mahone who is calculating and dominant. I would’ve said the same as you about Mahone in S2, but now he’s so rugged unshaven and sultry!! And those ARMS! ….Mmmm. He’d get it!!
    Yes its a leather chair. It fucking needs to be!! . . .

  171. bexyboo

    @Rose: Certainly is leather, it needs to be! I put it in last comment, but it’s awaiting moderation.

  172. bexyboo

    If you see similar comments twice, it’s cos I panic thinking they won’t go through so I write them again only shorter. I haven’t lost my mind or anything!!!

  173. Rose

    I am so hot for Wentworth I need some alone time!
    I have new comments too before the second porn.

  174. bexyboo

    Rose do you actually find Mahone unattractive or just not fancy him? You have opened my eyes to the fact that while he isn’t Went handsome he IS hot!! He has the whole crazy eyed rugged strong armed thing going on and it drives me crazy!! x x

  175. Snowflake

    I totally agree on your comment about the MiMa porn website stories. I like the story but found it strange that Michael is acting more and more childish and naive. I prefer strong Michael!

    I am working on a small MiMa story myself but it could take a bit longer because English it not my frist language, so be patient and check back here in a few days.

  176. Rose

    Thanks again guys!!

    @bexyboo Wentworth is oh so hot,
    I like Mahone this season, he is very attractive but he was being nice with the empty coffee cup last ep so I like him more, his arms are pretty good,
    T-bag freaks me out,
    Bellick ewww,
    Linc is a hottie!
    Sucre is an ok cutie.
    Whistler is ok too but he doesn’t hold a candle.

    Wentworth has done something to me! I have had a huge crush on a famous person since early primary school! I won’t say who *blush* I sweat when I see anything related to him! Even this guy cannot do for me what Wentworth does!

  177. Rose

    I was watching S1 is there a photo where you can see the bottom of the tattoo? I mean you know where!
    Where does it end and how come he never needed to go to that part of the prison?
    Well I need to go there!

    Oh why Oh why couldn’t I be a Make-up artist/Fake Tattoo applicator *crying*

  178. bexyboo

    @ Rose
    Oh Why Oh Why couldn’t I have been cast as Sara?? I would have deliberately messed up the kissing scenes so I would have to do it over and over again!!!
    Still in disbelief as to why she left him in that motel room… Stupid bloody woman!! I would have soon taken over! x x

  179. Snowflake

    The cast of Molly is still open… why don’t we all apply? But I was first!

    @bexyboo and Rose
    My MiMa porn should be ready for posting by tomorrow if you are still interested.

  180. bexyboo

    @ Snowflake
    YEAH BABY!! Bring it on! MiMa porn rocks, the more the better!
    Yes lets all apply for Molly… Wouldn’t it be great if they were looking for a string of women for Wentworth to have sex with?? AND to be paid for it as well!! WOOO HOOOO…..

  181. Snowflake

    I will post it now! *shameattack*
    Let’s see how long it takes…

    I hope you like it and sorry in advance for my English, because I am not a native speaker.

  182. Snowflake

    Sona, The Night before Michael’s fight with „Gigator“
    – Or Mahone giving Michael more than fight Tipps…
    The night was pitch black and Michael was in his cell. Eyes wide open, he couldn’t sleep. Of course he couldn’t, not after what had happened. He felt sick when he thought about the next day and his upcoming fight against Gigator.
    He must have missed something, a way out, something to get around this fight. His head was pounding.
    Not that he was afraid, but Lechero had made it clear, crystal clear, that there could only be one person alive after the fight and Michael wasn’t prepared to kill somebody to save his own life. God, this situation was totally out of control.
    What was that? That noise … he felt somebody approaching his cell. Nervously he got up, trying to get a glimpse of who it was.
    „Michael?“ „It’s me.“
    „Mahone? What the fuck, are you doing in my cell?“
    „ I am here to help you … you know with your fight tomorrow.“
    „ Unless you can teach me martial art in like two hours, get the fuck out of here“ … „ I won’t fight anyway. I’m not going to kill anybody! You should know that.“
    „Just a few tricks. Maybe Lechero will let you of the hock when he sees that you are able to win. You could be helpful for him, you know,“ Mahone tried to convince him. Then firmer, loosing his patience, „get up!“ Dragging Michael to the small window, where the light was better. „I will show you exactly what to do. Go for the knee-cap, right here,” Mahone said, fingering his way up Michael’s leg. Michael didn’t know what to think, he sort of liked being touched by Alex. His head was still pounding, he felt hot and confused.
    „Now, you,“ Alex said, “try it on me.”
    Michael did as he was told… lost balance, fell hard on the bare ground and Mahone right on top of him. „Fuck, Scofield, do you want to kill me?“ then realising that Michael fell harder, „are you ok?“ He felt Michael’s soft, but well-built body under him … what…was that … something unexpected, hard … well… little Michael was really hard. „At least down here everything seems to be alright,“ Mahone said smiling.
    „It’s not what you … um… think,“ Michael said. Mahone didn’t know what to think, but he knew that he was really turned on by it. „Let me see if you broke something,“ Mahone said, touching first Michael’s arms, stroking up his strong neck. Then down towards his nipples, holding on for a while. Before he went further along the beautiful inked body, over each rip, slowly making his way down… „I am not sure,“ he said, breathing heavily, „I think you have to take off your pants so that I can be sure you are alright.“
    Michael got up and took off his pants while Mahone was kneeling in front of him. He leaned towards Michael and took his cock in his strong hands. “Does this hurt or do shall I carry on?” Mahone asked. Michael groaned “Yeah, please don’t stop!”
    Mahone stroke Michael’s cock slowly then firmer…suddenly stopped, but just to start licking it from bottom to the top. Michael trembled, pressing his back against the cold wall. Alex tortured the top of his cock with his tongue before taking it in his mouth completely, deeper and deeper. Michael couldn’t breathe, his legs were all weak, he moaned, “Oh Alex…” … then couldn’t hold it back any longer and he came all over Mahone. Feeling good, relaxed and weak he sank on his bunk and whispered, ”Wow Alex, was that technique part of your FBI training?”
    “Shut the fuck up. Michael” “Sleep now! I will be back tomorrow before the fight to show you where the real knee-cap is …and Michael, don’t you dare die before you have returned the favour!”

  183. Anonymous

    Ohhh YEAHHHH!
    Don’t panic if it takes a while to get posted. I did one in October and because it was so long it took about 2 days to post…

  184. bexyboo

    Sorry Snowflake Anonymous was me!! Forgot to put my name in!! Duhhh!

  185. Snowflake

    I hope it will post soon, can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

  186. bexyboo

    If only I could take the laptop into the shower with me while I proof read it!!!! LOL! x x

  187. Snowflake

    It’s not a shower scene. I thought we already had enough of those. No sorry, we can never have enough of Went in the shower!!!
    Anyway, here is the title for my MiMa porn:

    Sona, The Night before Michael’s fight – or Mahone giving Michael more than fight tipps…

    I hope this gets you through the night…

  188. Cat's Meow

    ROSE, liked the 1st porn, not so much the 2nd, but next time make it with a WOMAN!

  189. Cat's Meow

    ROSE, that’s Mike with Sara, not Mahone! PLEASE!

  190. Rose

    @Cat’s Meow
    I’m confused there are no women in Sona. The Hairdresser is close, but that wouldn’t turn me on.

    Sara is dead so Mike fucking a headless Sara would be just so nasty.

  191. Rose

    love has no language!

  192. Rose

    In the motel scene I like waved my hands and said “No, no dumbo where the fuck are you going?”
    As if. Fuck bandaging his arm!

  193. Cat's Meow

    ROSE, does it have to be in Sona? I just wanted some porn with Mike and a woman this time outside Sona.

  194. Cat's Meow

    ROSE, how about Mike & Sara in that shack in the last eppy of S2! Some hot desperate yearning sex!

  195. Kassie

    Yeah, Rose, I like Cat’s Meow’s idea, Mike and Sara in the shack! They were being chased the whole fucking season, but what if they’d had 15 minutes alone before the police came? Please write it!!

  196. Rose

    Fuck the pressure, I really don’t like sara but I’ll try I guess. It will probably be gooey.

  197. Rose

    @Cat’s Meow
    why didn’t you like the second?

  198. Cat's Meow

    ROSE, the first one was hot because it was unexpected between the men. They didn’t want it to happen, but were so horny that they just let it happen. I was so turned on by that. The second one was planned, and therefore they seem like a couple and that’s not a turn on for me.

  199. Cat's Meow

    ROSE, Mike seems too feminine with Mahone. I want to see HIM be the aggressor with Sara in that shack!! PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

  200. Cat's Meow

    ROSE, Mike & Sara love eachother but have not consumated their love. They’re so gentle and caring towards eachother. After 2 years of their push/pull relationship, I want to see them finally devour one another!!!

  201. Cat's Meow

    ROSE, Mike & Sara are in love. After watching them for 2 years in their push/pull relationship, I wanna finally see them DEVOUR eachother!!!

  202. Cat's Meow

    Mike & Sara fucking, sucking, licking, dicking, moaning, groaning!!! Now, that’s what I wanna see!!! lol

  203. anya

    There were women in Sona when Michael gets thrown in at the end of season 2. Now it’s all-male.

    Cat’s Meow, if you want MiSa pron, you should check out – they do it. XD

  204. Cat's Meow

    Thanks anya, I’ll check it out!!!

  205. Rose

    @Cat’s Meow

    I was just giving people someting to think about during the commercials of S3.
    I don’t think I can do Soppy, GUILTY, love.
    I am not a ‘porn writer” that’s all I’ve done up there.
    Now Run along and play where Anya sent you!

  206. Rose

    I’m liking it hot at the moment. I don’t think I made Michael feminine I think I made him just the way he is, emotional doesn’t equal feminine!

  207. Kassie

    Thanks, Anya…trying to regain my composure… there’s a beautiful “porn” story at:
    for all MiSa fans…yes, we are still out here, and we’re not going away!

  208. bexyboo

    @ Rose
    I am 100% for your MiMa porn!! The 1st AND 2nd were fucking masterpieces and I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Keep writing what comes naturally Rose. You rock!

  209. Snowflake

    I totally agree with Bexyboo! Your MiMa porn rocks!!
    You and Bexyboo have inspired me to write one myself, which is still not posted… ahh, god, I am so nervous!!

    Michael feminine in your second porn…?? I don’t think so…

  210. bexyboo

    No need to be nervous, trust me! I was too with the one I wrote. Then I just thought “there is no point now – it’s posted!”
    We’ve all got minds like whores when it comes to Went!! xx

  211. Rose

    Thank you bexyboo, I love you. Yours is hot too I read it all the time. Secretly I read my own cos it doesn’t seem like it came from me 😛
    Do you? I hope I’m not the only freak.

  212. Rose

    Thanks Snowflake I really can’t wait for yours to appear I have checked 20 times!

    I didn’t think feminine either, but anyway!
    Don’t be nervous when I posted I turned a hot shade of red!

  213. bexyboo

    @ Rose
    You opened my eyes to MiMa porn, I love you more than anything!!
    Yes I do read mine over and over again. It would be crazy not to. Its good that when we use our imaginations we appreciate what we have done, we would be freaks if we DIDN’T read it!!

  214. Rose

    Bexyboo *singing* “we be on together”

  215. bexyboo

    If I sang anything you’d run away!! I read both of yours again when I got up! It cheered me up on a Monday morning *wink*

  216. Rose

    Are you writing any more?
    I may do MiSa I dunno.
    I like to make it funny, even if I’m the only one that laughs. Hehe

  217. bexyboo

    Yes I will write more. I might do a threesome with Michael Mahone and Whistler!!! He could catch them at it and just watch them in a doorway without being seen! Or I could do Lecharos nun whore getting nailed by Mi and Ma! What do you think?
    Whatever you write will be amazing, your imagination is gr8.

  218. Rose

    Thanks I was thinking about whistler too the 3 of them! that pic of Ma looking at Mi and Mi looking at Wh, Wh looking at Mi. I gotta go ciao.

    Nail the nun that’s gold! lmao

  219. bexyboo

    I will write one about both scenarios, will take a few days tho. 1st to write then to get moderated.
    I LOVE that picture. My imagination runs riot!!
    Did you say CV is Australian? You lucky lucky girl!

  220. Snowflake

    A threesome MiMaWi, you’re joking, that’s exactly what I thought of!
    MiSa doesn’t do it for me, maybe in season 1 but then, so boring… I mean, she was alone with HIM in a hotel room with a bed… come on!

    What about Nika visiting Michael in a nun’s costume, Ma could watch…

    I am also checking all the time if my porn has already been posted.

  221. Snowflake

    By the way, for your inspiration watch:

  222. bexyboo

    Good thinking Snowflake! I’d actually forgotten all about her..
    Yes that would be horny. Ma looks like the kind of guy that would really enjoy watching as well…
    God I’m getting wound up just thinking of it!!!

  223. Cat's Meow

    BEXYBOO, hot MiMa porn!! That’s what I like, very unexpected, not planned.

  224. bexyboo

    Question. Didn’t Nika die??

  225. Cat's Meow

    BEX, now how about MiSa in the S2 finale shack!!!

  226. Snowflake

    I am not sure if Nika died or not… does anyone remember?

  227. bexyboo

    @Rose and Snowflake
    Brace yourselves, this is gonna be SO funny (and gross)
    Bellick and TBag porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *laughing till I am crying imagining your faces*

  228. Snowflake

    T-bag can watch, lip licking, but Bellick… iek…

  229. bexyboo

    *still laughing imagining your faces, but getting myself together*
    LOL! I have a pretty weird sense of humour, you’ll get used to me! What a passion killer! Bellick, YIKES!
    Don’t worry I will NOT be writing about that!

  230. Snowflake

    I like your humour. Are you English? I thought of “Little Britain” when I read your comment LOL…

  231. Snowflake

    Ahhhh, finally my MiMa porn shows!!

  232. bexyboo

    @ Snowflake
    That was BRILL!!! I just loved it when Mahone fell on top of Mike SO HOT, you and Rose have got the gift of making it seem so real… and why were you worried about your English?? It’s perfect!!

  233. bexyboo

    DON’T YOU DARE TIRE HIM OUT!!! I am next anyway godammit .I’m still at the airport!! LOL
    Yes I am from England, I would love to go to Switzerland, it’s beautiful…
    Do you ski?

  234. Snowflake

    A little bit of snowboarding ..but I am not much of a snow bunny.
    Let me know when come over!
    I will be in London next weekend, you will know it’s me when you see somebody with a WFW t-shirt! *just joking*

  235. bexyboo

    @ Snowflake 2 comments awaiting mod. Keep looking 4 them – important info in there!

  236. bexyboo

    Will write them again what the hell! Harrods, B. Palace, Madame Tussards, and Planetarium are gr8 and @ night time the Ivy is good for celeb spotting!x

  237. bexyboo

    Wahey! It went through! x x :o)

  238. Snowflake

    Thank you so much, that’s so nice of you. I’ve been to London several times so I have already seen most of it, not the Ivy.
    Only for 2 days,but I absolutely want to go to the Portobello market and do some early X-Mas shopping!

  239. bexyboo

    No problem at all.
    Portobello is good, and also check out Covent Garden & Notting Hill! x

  240. Kassie

    Nika is still alive & was last seen when Mike and Linc left her by the side of the road, after they escaped from Bellick and the other guard (can’t remember his name). I’ve always wondered why the PB writers didn’t follow up with Nika, or do a flashback. After all, she is married to Michael! Was it consummated? Would someone please write it? I am not into the mano a mano thing…

  241. bexyboo

    Rose and Snowflake – check this out!! The first half of a mega long porn fest…

    Lechero’s mistress, Mary Francis stood unhappily looking out of the cold iron bars into the night while Lechero viciously beat up a new prisoner.As he came back into the room, Mary could see that he was in a vile mood. He yelled at her to go, instructing her not to be seen.
    Robed in black from head to toe, she sneaked through the prison. It was 2.00am so most were crashed out in their cells. As she passed one cell she heard Michael Scofield’s heavenly voice – only he was whispering to someone. She stood in the doorway and listened carefully.
    “Oh god” Michael was whispering “Oh fuck yeah. Swallow me down….”
    She looked nervously around the door and gasped in disbelief. Alex Mahone was on his knees with his head between Michael’s legs. His head was thrusting back and forth, his strong hands on Michael’s hips. Michael was against the wall looking down at him, his hands on Mahone’s head..
    Mary watched them frozen in shock. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She let out another gasp and put her hand to her mouth.
    Michael looked up quickly. He had seen her.He pushed Alex’s head away “Alex” he whispered loudly
    Mahone was as high as a kite. His glazed eyes looked up at Michael, then his head turned slowly towards the door. Michael adjusted himself and walked towards her staring intently.
    “Out spying for your boyfriend?” Michael said, still walking towards her. As he got closer he noticed her big brown eyes and saw that her face was flushed and slightly excited. He could hear her breathing erraticlly.
    “I’m sorry” she whispered nervously in her soft foreign voice. “I’ll go.” Her cheeks were getting more pink as she turned around
    “Wait.” Michael said, still staring at her. He was giving her “that look” The look she had dreamed about. The eyes and the ever so slight smile. “You’re blushing” he said softly. His eyes shifted quickly. All the way down her and up to her face again. “Why are you blushing?”
    Her brown eyes looked at him like a schoolgirl who had been caught smoking by a teacher. “Noth…Nothing…no.. no reason she said demurely her eyes now looking at the floor. Michael was still looking at her with those beautiful eyes.
    “Did you er”..his eyes moved down her again then back up “LIKE what you saw?”
    Mary felt light headed and very turned on. She started to feel herself go.
    “Come on” Michael said steadying her “Come and sit down on the bed until you feel better.”
    Mary lay down on the bed. Her head was spinning with excitement. As she lay down, her black robe fell open slightly, revealing the red lace on her bra.She hadn’t noticed and closed her eyes. Michael however had. And judging by the way Mahone’s icy blue eyes focused on her breasts, so had he. Him and Michael glanced at each other and smiled.
    Mary felt them looking at her and opened her eyes. Embarassed, she tugged at her robe to cover herself up. Michael’s hand grabbed hers.
    “Please” he said with that amazing half smile. “There’s no need. I don’t mind in the slightest.” He looked over at Mahone “Do you Alex?”
    Alex’s glazed eyes wers still feasting on her. “Hell no I don’t” he said ruggedly, still slightly dazed. Mary lay back feeling as though she was going to burst.
    “Why don’t you just relax?” Michael said in that soft quiet voice, gazing into her eyes. Very slowly he ran his long fingers along her robe before gently tugging it off.
    His eyes ran all the way down her amazing curves. He let out a sigh as he observed her creamy skin against the red lace bra and knickers. He slipped his amazing fingers into the bra and gently fingered her nipples. He had to have her. Very gently he put his mouth to her nipple and swirled it with his tongue.
    Mary moaned and looked down on him. He was sucking it gently now while massaging the other.
    Alex looked on, his eyes still intent. He was sitting at the other end of the bed. While Michael was still sucking on her breasts, Alex reached out and slowly took off her knickers fingering her gently as he did so. He gazed at her for a moment, then opened her legs slowly and ran his tongue over her clit.
    Mary was in seventh heaven. As Michael sucked on her nipples, and Alex licked her clit she could feel herself start to come. Not yet though. Michael started to run his tongue down her belly, and Alex ran his upwards. Alex was doing her nipples now and Michael gazed up at her, his head between her legs. He looked into her eyes, with that fuckable stare.
    “I’m going to eat you alive” he said in his soft voice, before slowly putting his head deep between her legs.

    *shall I continue??? there’s still loads to go!*

  242. bexyboo

    @ Rose and Snowflake
    I have posted the first half of my porn! Am doing it in 2 parts, if you think the 1st half is steamy, wait till you see the 2nd!! Will post the 2nd after I’ve heard what you guys think!

  243. bexyboo

    I just want to know if we see his amazing torso again!! Now the tat has been mentioned I’m all of a fluster….. Ooooh!! xx

  244. Snowflake

    The tat back? *fainting*
    KM where, please where did you watch Vamonos?!

  245. Rose

    What the TAT is BACK? Oh god I can’t wait till tomorrow night! I’m even desperate for a wrist!

    Good PORN Snowflake! hot innocent Michael, mmmm

  246. bexyboo

    LOL! Yes vampires! And Mahone can come back as a vampire as well. He bit my neck enough yesterday….
    Rose you’re a vampire as well. Let’s go bite Went! x

  247. KM

    @SNOWFLAKE, I watched it online, but there’s only one link. We need to wait a few hours more…

  248. Snowflake

    Thanks KM, even blurry pics do it for me… he is so hot!

  249. Rose

    Now that is Michael tearing off his clothes so he can fuck Alex!

  250. Snowflake

    Exactly what I am talking about!

  251. bexyboo

    OH MY GOD THOSE PICTURES! Yes he is definately tearing his clothes off to get into Alex’s boxer shorts!! *drools*

  252. bexyboo

    My porn has been posted!!!!! About 35 posts up…
    What do you think??
    CHEERS WFW, you’re a STAR.xx

  253. bexyboo

    Or if it makes things easier 5th Nov 8.59!

  254. Snowflake

    Shy blushing nun, dreaming about blue steel (don’t we all..?)…Mahone on his knees once again…post the rest NOW!

  255. bexyboo

    Really glad you like it. (I’m bright tomato ketchup red!) Will have to post the rest later, cos I’m at work!! LOL!! The 1st part is foreplay, the 2nd is RED HOT SEX! x

  256. WFW

    Wow it’s apparent I haven’t been in here modding in a while. While I think it’s lovely that people are writing PB porn, I think you need to get a live journal or something to display it as my blog is not the place for it. Also, how about talking about other episodes on the post specifically about them. And lastly, OT convo should be taken to IM or email or something. This is not the first time I’ve said this…

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