Spoiler Pic of the Week

You know what to do.


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19 responses to “Spoiler Pic of the Week

  1. Bel

    Lechero: “Now you listen up. No. more. making out in public. Its making my men restless and I just cannot have that. Understand?”

    Mike: “But, but…”

    Lechero: *waves hand in a dismissive gesture*
    “I don’t care what you do in the privacy of let’s say, the secret passages in de basement, but no. more. mauling pretty Alex’s mouth in front of my men.”

    Mike: “But…”

    Lechero: “No! We’re not discussing this any further and that’s final!”
    *Walks away with a pouting leaving behind a puty Mike*

  2. Bel

    Damn, I screwed up the last sentence. It should read:

    *walks away leaving behind a pouty Mike*

  3. sueli

    Michael: You are getting very, veerrry sleepy…

    Lechero: Stop tha- *grabs onto bars for support*

  4. Lechero:”My prison, my rules! Damnit, how dare you break rule #1.’No inmate will look sexier then Lechero.'”

  5. B

    Lechero: ”That is the last time you take my razor to shave your head, without asking my permission to use it okay? same goes for my cellphone bwoy!

    Scofield: ”With all due respect, I dont know what your talking about”…

  6. Lechero: *seething with rage and pointing a punitive finger at Michael* “Boy, what made you think you could use my phone for your personal business?”

    Michael: *dead pan stare into Lechero’s eyes* “I’m sorry…I guess I just misunderstood the meaning of “cell phone.”

  7. Snowflake

    Lechero: Look at you! This is Sona not a wet t-shirt contest! You can’t walk around all sweaty… you can nearly see a nipple there… we don’t want riots like last week…

    Michael wispering to himself after Lechero has left:
    Little knows my royal dame
    “stinky” is my name.

  8. Anty

    Lechero: “Okay. I’m gonna do the naked chicken dance in front of you now, and then we’ll see whether you are capable of another facial expression.”

    Michael: *glares*

  9. Emily

    Lechero: YOU BLINKED!

  10. Odey

    Lechero: I have an itch the size of a chihuahua on my butt cheek, wanna see? Actually, the real reason I cornered you is to compliment on those perfectly round sweat stains you always have around your shirt collar. Mike: Errr, thanks? Now excuse me while I use your cellphone and call the Gap for some new khakhis.

  11. ChatJemena

    Lechero: “My brood is better than yours.”
    Mike: “Yeah, but ‘My milk shake gets the boys in the yard / Damn right, it’s better than yours / Damn right, it’s better than yours / I could teach you, but I’d have to charge…'”

  12. Michael: If I stare at you this hard do you think your accent will get better?
    Lechero: No brother me gonna have to go back to actin skool for dat one.

  13. Anonymous

    LECHERO: First one finger…..

  14. neri

    Lechero: Pull my finger!!! NOW!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Lechero: “T-bag will bring us some lubricant, I swear”

  16. Brit Bird

    ‘I told you Michael, I do not flamenco…

  17. Dani

    Lechero: Now listen.. You will fuck me each and every night – and I will not hear any more about it..

    Michael: *..finally*

  18. Kelleymary

    Lechero: “You’re putting on weight, my boy, I can see a budding double chin here!”

  19. Rose

    Lechero: *waving finger* Bom Chicka Wah Wah

    (it doesn’t die for me)

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