Wentworth Miller: Batman?

I know this is like 100 days late; So sue me. Looks like Went may be up for Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie. Thoughts?

Here’s mine: Thinking about Bruce Wayne Went in those suits and then Went IN RUBBER is making me touch myself. [/thought]

Thanks Ev! Ooooopaaaaaaaa!


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19 responses to “Wentworth Miller: Batman?

  1. Darci

    WfW, Oh! Please don’t call me a traitor, I love Went (straight, gay or bi) but Christian Bale did a fantastic job as Bruce Wayne.

    The question now is, can Pretty out do Bale?

  2. Erika

    If this is true, then there could be a new addition placed in the book of records: “Most simultaneous orgasms in a movie theater”…huh and they say Batman has no special powers(only b/c they never had Went playing the part, duh).

  3. crazyforwent

    What I posted last night about not watching PB ever again if Wentworth lied, I didn’t mean it! And he’d make a good Batman.

  4. ChatJemena

    I’d rather have Miller as Aquaman. He’s got the eyes of a denizen of the seas…Also, imagine him in those Aquaman tights, with bare chest. Heezus!

  5. Holy rubbery balls! Went as a possible Batman?! I’m shuddering in glee all over!

  6. Gbaby


    Went as Batman!!
    Black , body tight outfit, God have mercy.

    I have to process this piece of information under a cold shower.

  7. Anonymous

    Batman is a gay icon, huh?

  8. ??

    What’s “oopa”? I think I heard Went say that in Korea.

  9. Fee

    I tot Christian Bale was great but Wenty… omg.. that suit.. those eyes from behind the mask.. that ASS.. sigh.. due to my overt happiness in this fact it may thus never come true.

    pardon me while I go lower my hopes.

  10. Jedi

    Holy Hell Batman! I think Went would make a terriffic Batman! He’s got the looks, they eyes, the refinement, the ass and THE VOICE!! I’m waiting in the movie theatre already – when is the movie due out?

  11. Juma

    hhhhmmmm! Went… rubber… mask… *faints*

  12. Brit Bird

    **fan girl squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee**
    Can Mahone be Robin? **dead**

  13. Tears

    Thanks for posting the link to the article.

  14. Mrs Miller


  15. anonymous

    Well, that seems fitting, given he has imitated Christian Bale’s Batman whisper for the past four episodes… *hides*

    I dunno. I suppose that movie will have a bad script, be camp, and totally ridiculous.

  16. Dani

    OH! Have more faith in our baby… Give me Miller in black rubber skin-tights any day…….


  17. Dani

    That jaw line !!!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  18. Dani

    I just want to play batwoman and ride him – er next to him in the bat mobile…. Suck on some hard rubber……….


    Rubbing him up behind tall buildings and working his sweat…. omg

  19. Oh Wet … you’re such a horndog. Sorry, I don’t see him as Bats. But he might work as Martian Manhunter (and I don’t mean that as a slight, he’s a cool character), though he’d be under lots of green paint and some prosthetics on the face no doubt.

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