Breaking News: Wentworth Miller is an ass man

Breast? Thigh? Leg? No, we’re not talking about chicken; We’re talking about body parts and which one Went might prefer. It seems that Went was asked this very question to which he replied:

“I like my women to have this much ass.”

He went on to add, “And that’s just one ass cheek.”

WFW couldn’t be located for comment as she was sitting on a copy machine so that she could send Went samples…

Thanks maichan! I could look at this pic all day…

More interviews here and here.

Thanks satinfee!


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16 responses to “Breaking News: Wentworth Miller is an ass man

  1. Rose

    mmmmm… watching it over and over and over is just like a wentmassage i can almost feel it!
    (shirt’s way to baggy)

  2. Darci

    *sobbing and wiping tears* Because I am sooo flat. Ass, thighs and boobs! Hey, infact I look like a teenage boy. Do I have a chance?

  3. shortstuff

    bahahahahah! thank you for making my day after today’s PB.. *goes back to being distraught now*

  4. LMFAO!!! Great work, Maichan! Too bad my ass is as flat as the Utah Salt Flats. *whimpering*

  5. Fee

    I have booty I have booty I have boooooooooooty! Too much of it in fact!
    Plus I am an ass woman too and I am mighty pleased with Wenty’s fine behind ^_^ *slobbers*

    Actually I’m pleased with pretty much every part of his mighty fine bod.

    This might take a while.
    I need a mighty moment.

  6. Jedi

    Gawd, us white chicks don’t have asses! I guess that means I’d better get on that stair climber and develop a real booty!

  7. anonymous

    Yay! Right now I’m very happy with my $3,000 surgically enhanced awesome behind.

  8. That’s just Maichan trying to kill me. Thanks for that. Really.

  9. crazyforwent

    I have breasts, but not much of an ass ;(!

  10. Juma

    Went baby I have a large, round, cosy latino ass all for you!!

  11. Brit Bird

    I GOT A HUUUUUUUUGE BOOTY hahaha I knew it would come in handy one day! Wanna come play with it Wenty?

  12. Julez

    LOL i luv it lolll

  13. Rose

    Don’t these moving pictures remind you of the newspapers in Harry Potter!?

    Then it makes me think if the Tattoo was the Marauders Map where would you go?
    I’d find his Nipples, get on my hands and knees and crawl licking the ground.
    mmmmmm the possibilities

  14. Dani

    Haaaaaaaa – come get mine honey!!
    Plenty to get around your sweet little mouth…..


  15. Dani

    Awesome insight WFW!! Good old pal!!

    Always rely on you for that shit!

  16. Yootha

    All lies. He loves the cock.

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