Spoiler Pic of the Week

How about I actually GIVE you a little while this time; That might help.

*must stop thinking Dom looks hot this season…must stop thinking Dom looks hot this season*

[rant] You know what? I want some Went flesh. I WANT SOME GOD DAMNED WENT FLESH AND IF I DON’T GET IT I’M GOING TO HAVE A FUCKING FIT! I’m dying here! DYING!!![/rant]

Have fun…


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47 responses to “Spoiler Pic of the Week

  1. WFW, how can you resist the hotness that is Dom when his tricep is bulging like that?

    *Sona sweaty*

    OK, time to get down to business:

    Michael: “I fucking hate that you get to wear a t-shirt, while I’m sweating balls in here.”

    Lincoln: “Sorry, bro…don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

  2. Anonymous


    “Well…. also some Oreos and Reese’s whatsits… Mmm, that’s all…. Oh, get me some deodorant and a mouthwash, too….
    I feel I’ll soon get lucky with Mahone and Lechero!”

  3. Michael: How come your shirt looks so white after its been washed?
    Linc: Well I guess I don’t have so many ‘hard to shift’ stains like you do
    Michael: Bitch!

  4. Erika

    Michael: “Do you think if I stand like this it will distract them long enough while Whistler is trying to get over the fence?”

  5. Linds

    In regards to the rant : I know! He’s in friggin’ PANAMA. How about some gratuitous shirtless shots?? Is it too much to ask? Seriously.

  6. shelley

    I’m not sure if it’s the angle, but Wenty looks like he has a little belly. I used to stand like that when I was pregnant, you know, it’s a little more supportive to the back. If the writers won’t let us see Went shirtless, than AT LEAST give us Dom shirtless. Thank you, that’s all!

  7. neri

    Michael: *sigh* Are you sure it wasn’t a Dick in the box?…

  8. anonymous

    Linc: “So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s me, Lechero, or Alex starring at you in the spoiler pics, you indeed seem to only have one facial expression. Are you Orlando Bloom in disguise?”

    Michael: *glares*

  9. Odey

    Michael: So it’s not exactly Club Med but they do have a Starbucks in here. Instead of money, they have you punch out some beefy guys or kill a bunch of giant rats before you can get your Venti Latte. Linc: Oh yeah that’s great! They only had Folger’s at Fox River and no Splenda, cheap bastards!

  10. Odey

    Michael: So youre saying that Sucre overslept and didnt TiVo Oprah like I asked him to? Again?! Linc: Yeah what a jerk right? Did I also mention that Sara’s head was in a box?

  11. Rose

    Hot Damn!
    I’m in Australia and we are only gonna see Call Waiting tonight.
    Dominic man that white shirt is hot! I could almost jump the fence. (as if)
    Let’s sign a petition that we will erase our memorys of the Tattoo. It’s not like michael’s limping from his loss of toe.

  12. Rose

    Michael: Linc what can I do? Everytime i see Mahone i can’t get this song out of my head. “I wanna kiss you all over and over again.
    bomp bomp boom
    What the hell is the next line?
    Linc: Till the night closes in?

  13. SONA Sugar

    Laughing My Head Off !!!
    You guys are so hilarious.

  14. niknak

    Linc: Michael, Sara is dead. The Company cut off her head and put it in a box a la “Seven”

    Michael: Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Lincoln?!

  15. crazyforwent


  16. ChatJemena

    Mike: You forgot my clothes again? I’m stinking here!
    Linc: How can you ask me about clothes when *gulp*…when *gulp* (mumbles)…given head…Sara*gulp* (weeps)
    Mike: What?! Sara gave you head? Bastard!!! And you’re weeping!!!

  17. shortstuff

    Michael: *sigh* Are you sure it wasn’t a Dick in the box?…


  18. Emily

    Michael: oh sara, sara, sara, sara, sara….
    Lincoln: Have I mentioned it was really stupid of you to take the blame for killing Kim to save Sara? yeah, that was pretty much the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. I can’t say why. But trust me, it was.
    Michael: sara, sara, sara, sara…..

  19. Kelleymary

    Linc: “You have to excuse her, she couln’t come, she’s got a headache…”

  20. Kelleymary

    Sorry, “coulDn’t”!

  21. Brit Bird

    LINC Your tatoo was never for real was it?

    MICHAEL How can you say that Linc?

  22. Katjus

    I´m trying VERY hard to stay away from these S3 posts Mistress but u aint making it easy… *weeping & hair pulling*
    I SHALL NOT GIVE IN! I will hold out till later before i start DL´ing S3, I WILL I WILL I WILL!!!

    Stop tempting me with Wentworth AND Yums at the same time! I can take them one at a time but both of them in one pic… *cracks on the surface*
    Pleeeeeeezzz, i´m begging you Mistress… *hopeless crying*

  23. Kelleymary

    Variations on a theme:

    Michael:” Dunno what to think…I wish she was here ‘coz two heads are better than one….
    Are you sure she has this massive headache? Maybe she’s pretending….She doesn’t care for me!

    Linc: “Bullshit! You know she fell head over heels in love with you!”

    O.K. I stop the head jokes.

  24. Simi

    Lincoln needs to wear shirts like these all the time. Makes him look much better.

  25. AJ

    Linc: You let Alex put it WHERE??!

    Mike: What?? What was I supposed to do? He had a knife! Either way I was gettin’ “shanked!”

  26. Darci

    Michael: God, you look haaawt Linc!

    Linc: Michael, I’m your brother.

    Michael: Life’s a bitch!

  27. Bel

    Linc: What’s that behind you?

    Mike: Don’t avoid the subject Linc.

    Linc: No, really, there’s someone gesturing.

    Mike: Oh that’s just Alex having a fit. He doesn’t want me out here with you. He’s afraid you might… get angry with him.

    Linc: What? I’m not ‘angry’ with him now?

    Mike: Yeah. (mysterious smile)

  28. AJ

    Michael: Wait, what??! You got head from Sara, and she let you put it in her box??? Dammit, I haven’t even scored with her yet!

    Linc: No, you idiot! I got Sara’s HEAD!…IN.A.BOX!!!

    Michael: ….I’m confused.

    Linc: Oh, for fucks sake…

  29. Rose

    Michael: “I could be brown
    I could be blue
    I could be violet sky
    I could be hurtful
    I could be purple
    I could be anything you like
    gotta be green
    gotta be mean
    gotta be everything more
    why dont you like me?
    why dont you like me?
    why dont you walk out the door? err gate”

    Linc: “Getting angry doesn’t solve anything!”

  30. LAgurl

    OK I have to say this – doesn’t Whistler look like RYAN SEACREST?????

  31. angie999

    Mike:stop lying 2 me Linc and just tell me the truth
    Linc:u cant handle the truth
    Mike:yes i can
    Linc:ok then…….the truth is that…you do look fat in this t-shirt
    Mike:i knew it,damn it!

  32. Snowflake

    There will be no Prison Break this Monday because of bloody Baseball?!!!!



  33. anonymous_lower_case

    Makes sense. House won’t return for two weeks, either.

  34. anonymous_lower_case

    Michael: “What do you mean, ‘wanna fuck’? See that fence?”

    Linc: “Lotsa glory holes, man…”

  35. Erika

    ANON_L_C, Linc and Mike doing the dirty? Ewww!

  36. anonymous_lower_case

    Michael: “Whaddya mean, I smell? Bitch!”

    Linc: “Bad breath, too.”


    Well you know the drill– you only do crazy stunts like getting thrown into prison on purpose for your children and people you sleep with. It’s basic biology– siblings all have inherited the DNA from the same mother and father, so as they’re all “the same”, there’s no sense risking your life for the other. You’d only do that if you used one of them for your body’s (misguided in the case of homosexuality) need to reproduce.

  37. Kelleymary


    Sorry to play Mrs Know-All but what you say:

    “siblings all have inherited the DNA from the same mother and father, so as they’re all “the same”,” is not exact.
    You inherit only HALF of your mother’s DNA and HALF of your father’s.

    Your brother or sister can inherit the other halves, or a mixture of the other halves or a quarter etc…
    The combinations are infinite!

    Only REAL twins have the same DNA.

    P.S. Reading WFW’s blog enriches your culture!

  38. Rose

    Snowflake thanks for the heads up.
    now Australia can catch up and I won’t spoil it by reading this early!
    *coughing* Damn that baseball!

  39. anonymous_lower_case


    “You inherit only HALF of your mother’s DNA and HALF of your father’s.”

    Yes, OBVIOUSLY. Give me some credit. Otherwise all siblings would look exactly the same. But, as for the “50% DNA from each parent” ratio, siblings are the same, so it makes no sense to save sibling #2, when for the reproduction of your parent’s DNA, sibling #1 himself will do just fine.

    Michael: “You’ve enrolled in the Open University?”

    Linc: “Yeah, I need some courses before I can come up with The Plan B.”

  40. Kelleymary

    Anonymous_lower_case, I’m glad you made yourself more explicit on the DNA issue.

    But don’t forget, that two siblings can potentially have totally different DNA!
    It must be exceptional, but not impossible.

    Anyway, I understand what you meant about the Michael/Linc relationship and it’s improbality…
    I’m convinced that the PB scriptwriters are …let’s say, a little intellectually challenged (No, I didn’t say morons!), and very anti-women.
    E.g. :Sara’s fate…

  41. anonymous_lower_case

    Yeah, men get killed, women get killed and chopped to pieces.

    Michael: “So, let’s discuss misogyny.”

    Linc: “???”

  42. Anon3

    Linc: -Yes man, fifty press-ups, twice a day, and you’d soon get rid of that Starbucks paunch!”

  43. Cat's Meow

    Linc: I’m so sorry bro, but they killed Sara.

    Mike: Whaaaaaaat????!!!!!

    Linc: Yeah, they cut off her head and put it in a bloody box.

    Mike: Hey, aren’t I still married to Nika????!!!!! Get me her number!!!!!

  44. Cat's Meow


    LMAO!!!! That’s HILARIOUS girl!!!!!

  45. Dani

    Linc is damn sexy – and getting it on with his bro ? Oh it couldn’t get steamier !

    Bring on that fence action !

  46. Dani

    Brooding Michael: The plan Linc..

    Cocky, chewing gum Linc: Oh yeah, bro didn’t I tell you? Sara’s gone man.. headless wonder. Brain just – SPLAT

    Serious Michael: You’re fucking with me right?

    Linc: Nup, sorry man – c’mon Michael, I told ya she was useless –

    Shitting bricks, bangs fists on fence, hysterically weeping Michael: YOU did this to her!! You’ll be sorry you sonofabitch!!!!!

    and goes totally ape shit

  47. Dani

    Man, I LOVE angry-Michael tantrums.

    Cant wait till shit hits the fan.

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