Oh my…

I. Just. Had. An. Orgasm. *panting and whispering* Thank you Wentworth…

Thanks giuliettonzola!

My dear Wentworth:

I know, you could give a fuck about clothes. I know, you could give a fuck about fame. I know, you could give a fuck about paps. I know, you really just want to be left alone and all that but please, for the sake of all of your fans, male and female alike, be photographed, somewhere, at some time, wearing this outfit; I’m begging you. Look how hot you look…No, LOOK AT THE FUCKING PICTURE WENT! I demand! you wear this outfit to some event. You WILL do as I ask, or I will have to kick your hot perfect ass. Thank you.


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83 responses to “Oh my…

  1. miller_thriller

    AJ, AJ, can this be my new study buddy??? I’ll trade???


    Holy shit! Seriously, it’s like… like…
    God, that tie could come in handy.

  3. I vote he drops acting and just models. Forever. Every day. Works gradually to nude modeling. Yeah.

  4. miller_thriller

    That fucking thumbs in pockets pose just kills me everytime! Just look at his eyes! He’s like ‘yeah I know I’m sexy as fuck!’

    Seriously, he just ooozes sex! *goes to mush*

  5. Oh. My. God. The veins. On his hands.

  6. wmitalia

    Yeah that pic is ORGASMIC!
    Btw I was reading the interview inside the vanity fair mag but there’s nothing really interesting on it, except the fact that his father suggest him to get a bodyguard for …being his bodyguard but Went doesn’t want. I’ve try to translate it but it’s more difficult from Italian into English (I didn’t know that)… I’m sure someone will translate it soon πŸ™‚

  7. Geisha

    Do you see that little smirkon his face? It’s like if he’s saing “Come and get some of this. I dare ya”

    Oh Went! You make my loins so happy.

  8. Erika

    Send Went to detention for disrupting my whole day… actually he needs a good spanking!

  9. SavMed

    It’s the I-know-you-want-to-fuck-me-but-you-can’t-tee-hee look. I hate him and love him at the same time.

  10. Wentfriend

    How do you prefer your Went?

    a)In photoshoots, overdressed, heavily made up, complete with pouting mouth and rehearsed frown?


    b)-Natural, relaxed, smiling, in one of his signature wrinkled shirts?

    For me, it’s b)-Went, smiling, wrinkly shirted Went wins hands down!

    a)-Went may be sexy but sometimes he’s EVIL!

  11. Krissie, you know what they say…

    Veins on the hands mean veins in the pants…woot! πŸ˜‰

  12. crazyforwent

    He’s hot!

  13. Darci

    Wentfriend, I prefer my Went a) AND b). Where and when Went is concerned it is NOT optional. It is compulsory!

  14. Mama Bear,
    a) who said that?
    b) does Went know?
    c) would he let me check if it’s true for him?

  15. WFW

    Evil Went does INSANE things to me. Look at him FUCKING with me. I can’t breathe…

  16. miller_thriller

    Why cant my uni tutor look like this? Noooooo i’m stuck with the bearded lady. I swear, if i had a went-tutor i would hang on his every word!

    Hey, he does crappy coffee ads for the money and cuz he’s ‘committed to excellence’ *snicker*

    Well, if he’s that committed to excellence, he should start tutoring. And i would pay him by stuffing dollars down his pants on an hourly basis.

  17. Darci

    Yes that what we get here, compulsory Went!

  18. Krissie,

    a) I fess up, I made it up. *snicker*

    b) Well, he could certainly do a quick comparison.

    c) If you bribed him with cookies first.

    If my local Mormon missionary man looked like Went in this get up when he came a’knockin, my house would definitely be a’rockin. πŸ˜‰

  19. Juma

    *Licking the screen*

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  21. OMG – a, b, whatever you got Went I’ll take it with both hands….

  22. anonymous_lower_case


    Instant. Ovulation.

    Srsly, if he dressed like that in private, he’d get harassed since he looks like an invitation to have sex.

  23. anonymous_lower_case

    Oh, and… any chance of getting this in a really high solution so I can print it out in A3 and put it on the wall opposite of my bed? *drools*

    And Erika… mmm, spanking.

  24. WFW

    I think we are all collectively waiting for a better scan. I know I am. *drumming fingers and waiting for HQ to add to Flickr*

  25. neri

    *stares*…….*no words*……*sigh*

    I just wanna eat his hair….please?! just one little bit….

    you know, this is too much, i can’t take this….its just not right….i hate him….

    *stares some more*…….*no words*……*sigh*

  26. neri

    i take that back, i don’t hate him, i really don’t….*whispers* sorry my sweet went…. *sigh*

  27. I love this man. I hate this man. I love this man.


  28. Anonymous

    Looks like an old photo….
    He has changed a bit since then… more mature…

  29. WFW

    Whatever it is I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. *weeping*

  30. wents_ladylove

    Absolute perfection.

    I’m thinking this is photo is part of the L’Officiel Hommes shoot.

  31. wmitalia

    The better scan we could have is this one: http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee174/wmitalia/vanity%20fair%20italy/scansionebn0002rw5.png
    because the resolution of the pic in the mag is not so good as usually.. I don’t know why and because the pic is not in a entire page but is near the summary…. so it’s not that big… 😦

  32. Bel

    I don’t know what to say.
    Just… please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.Please. Please.Please. Please.Please. Please.Please. Please.Please. Please.Please. Please.

    I’m begging and Went can fill in the request.

  33. Fashion Police

    EXCELLENT choice!!

    I just run my eyes down his tie….over, and over again.

  34. WFW

    WENT! DID YOU HEAR THAT? Fashion Police approves! This day will go down in history…

  35. sueli

    a)-Went may be sexy but sometimes he’s EVIL!

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. Personally, I think EVIL!Went is the best Went there is.

  36. B

    Absolutely stunning!

  37. LAgurl

    miller_thriller, LMFAO!!!!

    “Why cant my uni tutor look like this? Noooooo i’m stuck with the bearded lady. ”


    BTW Went = HOTTTTTTTTTT! Damn!

  38. Brit Bird

    How does this man not walking around shouting….

    ‘I’M THE BOMB’

    If I was that hot I would want the world to know

  39. cat's meow

    “Went is Heaven Sent”!!!!!!!

  40. Just me...

    Oh my God!! πŸ˜€
    I’m completely in love with this man…
    Wentworth you can’t imagine how much I love you… πŸ˜€
    (this love scary me) 😦

  41. Just me...

    Oh my God he’s beautiful!! πŸ˜€
    I’m completely in love with this man…
    Wentworth you can’t imagine how much I love you… πŸ˜€
    (this love scary me) 😦

  42. Julie

    Okay, My goddie fuck, he’s HOT!
    That tie and tight shirt is killing me!
    He needs a stylist A.S.A.P.!

    BTW, I think it’s an old pic, just look at the picture in the banner at the top of the page … same belt, and I think same jeans too!
    Anyway, I don’t mind (actually I can’t believe they haven’t published this one before!)

  43. Just me...

    Brit Bird
    How does this man not walking around shouting….
    “I’M THE BOMB”
    If I was that hot I would want the world to know

    That is the difference between wentworth and all the others peoples!!
    He’s like no one others and that’s why i love her… πŸ˜‰

  44. miller_thriller

    He’s like no one others and that’s why i love her…

    Went’s a girl now?? Lol well THAT’s a turn up for the books!

    I guess he can’t be gay gay gay after all. BOOOOO!

  45. cat's meow

    WENT BRINGS SEXY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. kalypso

    Oh for the love of everything holy…..Went why do you mess with us like this?

    Someone should send this pic to People mag so they can name him The Sexiest Man In All of Existence!

  47. DanceForMe

    Well, did anyone notice that this tie just ends right above the Holy Grail? πŸ˜‰ So yes, I agree that tie could come in handy…

    And that question how we prefer our Went?
    a) or b)? There’s another option. Obviously.

    Common, c) nude, tantalized Went quivering under my fingers and moaning in his low voice my name breathlessly in my ears and making me totally and instantly mad, of cause.
    Does anyone prefer dressed Went to this? Really?
    You bloody phoneys…dressed Went
    *thinking ph, yeah right*

  48. DanceForMe

    ups, wispering my name _into_ my ears, of cause
    *non-native apology*

  49. FMW

    OH.MY.DAMN. If I ever meet this man I’m afraid I might just do a Mr. Peepers on his legs right then and there.

  50. anonymous_lower_case


    May one enquire what precisely you’re doing in scenario c)? Blowing him? Riding him? Spanking him? Fingering him? Pegging him?

  51. shelley

    I’m seriously keep trying to kick my Went habit. BUT then, I stupidly come back to WFW, and see this shit! Dammit WFW, have mercy on me! Now I’ll never get over him! I guess I’ll keep praying to just be under him!

  52. AJ

    Damn! I swear I was wearing panties a minute ago…. Seriously, why do I bother.

    and MT, you already have a study buddy… stop being greedy… mmmm, study-buddy Went makes me want to go back to school. I bet he could teach me a thing or two.

  53. seza

    hmmmmm……you can do dangerous things with that tie!!!

  54. silver

    Seriously, I was never in fav of cloning business…this man changed my perception: the least you can do for us Went (oooohhhh, Wenty, Wenty, Went…damn, another wentdrawal spell tearing me apart…), an army of starving Wentaddicts, to let them clone you, let them make like millions of you…Still, we’ll all know there is only ONE REAL THING in the World…

  55. Amaryllis

    Baby Boy is STUNNING!

  56. *does a double take*

    What the … ? W. Miller is wearing THAT?!?


    This is such a SEH-HEH-HEH-HEH-SIIIIII shot! I think I’m having a heart attack!


  57. Rose

    FUCK ME!
    please, oh pretty please.

    Italian’s do it better.

    The caption reads:

    “I’ve waited ten years to become Famous”
    (Thats if anyone saw the writing!)

    oh yes you did you were looking at his crotch!

  58. Rose

    Bom Chika Wah Wah!

  59. Fashion Police

    11th of October …..a historical day indeed!!….glad to share this moment with everyone.

  60. Cat's Meow

    ANGEL BOY!!!!!

    The top of Went’s picture is cut off, but I swear there’s a halo there!!!!

  61. crazyforwent

    Whatta hottie!

  62. Oh…my…

    But, um, is that a COCK RING at the end his tie?!

    I’m just sayin’…

  63. seza

    Um….if he added a pair of trendy glasses (ie reading glases) to that pic……oh my god i’d attach my face to the screen with scotch tape!

  64. Anonymous

    Why is he always photographed from the top of a ladder?
    Don’t they realise he’s got loooong beautiful legs and we want to see them??

  65. Rose

    The belt is the same as L’Officiel Hommes Magazine.

    Just look at the Wet For Went sign at the top!!!

  66. Rose

    Damn that means we had to wait 9 months to see this Come Fuck Me picture as the jeans also look the same!!!

  67. DanceForMe

    @ anonymous_lower_case

    I am multitasking and very flexible. It’s up to you to decide what you want to imagine…
    and yes, I’ll do it over and over again. πŸ˜‰

  68. Went's Helicopter

    …pure pure pure orgasm…

  69. Dani



    a-la fuckable College boy

  70. Rose

    I am here come and unleash your wentasies Kelleymary.

    Apologies to the gay obsessed. I will not enter The Gay Debate again, I have distracted people from your very ‘important’ subject and i am truly sorry.
    I really am!


    @ROSE, I cracked up after you on “CBOX has died”.

    I saw the light, came in and I heard your confession…

    I couldn’t hold myself anymore….

  72. Rose

    A song For Wentworth Miller

    My life is brilliant.

    My life is brilliant
    My love is pure.
    I saw an angel.
    Of that I’m sure.
    He smiled at Sara in the infirmary.
    He walked with another man. (bastard Luke)
    But I won’t lose no sleep on that,
    ‘Cause I’ve got a plan.

    You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
    You’re beautiful, it’s true.
    I saw your Pretty face
    In Prison Break,
    And Google for you,
    ‘Cause I love to masturbate over you.

    Yes, he caught my eye,
    As he stole toothpaste,
    You could see from my face that I was,
    Fucking Wet,
    And I don’t think that I’ll see anyone again,
    Who can crawl and bend.

    You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
    You’re beautiful, it’s true.
    I saw your Pretty face
    In Prison Break,
    And I Google for you,
    ‘Cause I love to masturbate over you.

    La la la la la la la la la

    You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
    You’re beautiful, it’s true.
    There must be an angel with a smile on her face,(bitch)
    When she thought up that I should masturbate over you.(boo hoo)
    But it’s time to face the truth,
    I will never be with you.



    *jaw drops to the ground*

  74. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    LOL at the song, that is amazing!

    And Yes, same goes for me people, apologies for putting smutty comments on the gay debate thread. It won’t happen again…….

    On that thread anyway, so WAHEY!!! Wentworth, your mouth and tongue are MADE for red hot action!
    I saw a picture of him where he was eating a red piece of liqourice or something. The way he was swirling it around his tongue made me cum in my knickers!!

  75. Rose

    @ bexyboo
    That last line’s very graphic! But i think this blog draws it out of us!

  76. bexyboo

    @ Rose

    It certainly does bring out the beast in us *sigh*

    I have all good intentions of keeping my comments non filth, and focusing on the show etc. Then Wentworth’s “come fuck me” face slides into my head, and I can’t just can’t keep quiet!

    Plus I’m having withdrawl symptons at this end, no PB until 5th November. I think because America is taking a break from it, England has to as well.

    Do you know why they’re stopping it for a while?

    x x x

  77. Rose

    Here in Australia we get Interference on the 24th of October so with time difference we have nearly caught up to the US, who see it on the 22nd.

  78. Bexyboo

    @ Rose

    Ahhh that explains it..

    For now I am having to make do with watching Season 1 re runs on my DVD!!!

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