New Sky One Wentworth Miller Interview

Watch it here

Thanks mink!


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18 responses to “New Sky One Wentworth Miller Interview

  1. kiki

    this is part 2….where the hell is part 1?

  2. julia

    thank u !! you’re better than justjared and better than
    You are always the first. I love wentworth miller. We love prison break in Europe.

  3. Rose

    Thank You WFW.
    We love PB in Australia!
    I believe as sad as it is that Michael’s “potential” shag is dead, that she really did need to take a back seat and PB should really get back to their true spirit of the show which is family and brotherly love.

    It’s beautiful.

    Linc and LJ’s relationship was so beautiful in Season 1 they need to go back to that too.

  4. Mrs Miller

    When the hell was that on?!!!!!
    I’ve been scanning sky one almost non-stop for months now and ?

    Well caught mink

  5. Cat's Meow

    Thanx!!!! Went speaks so intelligently, which in turn makes him so incredibly sexy!!!!! I could listen to him talk all day long!!!!!

    Prison Break is the best show on TV!!!!! I wish Sara was not killed off. Their lovestory was truly heartwarming. That was a bad move to kill Michael’s love interest. I hope we get to see more Linc & L.J. I love the father/son relationship, and of course the brothers’ relationship, as well!!!!

  6. B

    Fab stuff! thanks for posting!

  7. If Went was my professor, I’d be monopolizing his office hours. 😉

  8. SavMed


  9. BB


  10. Just me...

    He’s sooo talented and sooooo beautiful!!!

  11. Dani

    What a honeeeeeeey!

    Oh yuummmmmmmmm…..!!!!!!!!!!

    I weep.

  12. hey wentworth miller, i love you sooo much! i hope someday we’ll meet and when that day comes, im gonna kiss you and keep you!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. when i say im gonna keep you, im gonna keep you forever!!!!!!!!!!

  14. rentz105

    Love this site

  15. Cat's Meow!

    OMG, that Miller Man is like a walking orgasm! I love his smooth, sexy, deep voice. He speaks so eloquently and intelligently. He is delectably delicious, I just want to eat him up! Yummy, scrumptious, lip smacking good! Slurp, slurp!

  16. bleuciel

    Are you alright Cat’s? Should I be worried or is it just a mid-day crisis? 😆

  17. Cat's Meow!


    LMFAO!!! I JUST WANT TO EAT MILLER MAN UP WHOLE!!! He’s like a candy store…….. you can’t walk by without getting the urge to go in!!! lol

    Better yet, Went is like the CANDY in the candy store………. he’s too delicious to resist!!! lol

  18. He is so,so,so,so…. HhhOooTtt!CANDYMAN..

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