Wentworth Miller being cute on set

Wade Williams who plays Bellick is doing a video diary for Sky One on the set of Prison Break and it is only available for UK viewers but when has that ever stopped us? Went is in part 1 being cute. I took his clips out and put them all together and left William Fitchner’s part on the end b/c it was just too funny to remove. You can watch it here. Sorry it’s tagged but I’m not made of money people! Really it was a rush job and I’ve been drunk all weekend so I didn’t really try hard enough… If you want to see the whole thing, you can see that here.

“Mop the brow.”

Thanks dinamite!


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41 responses to “Wentworth Miller being cute on set

  1. The Queenie


    I love seeing him all happy and giggly. *sigh*
    All is well again in the world.
    Thank you Mistress!

  2. Juma

    I just love to see him laugh… *sigh

  3. Went's Helicopter

    Went and sandwiches… Went and food… a beautiful couple for my fantasy!

    Hey Went, why do you have sandwiches for the crew? You are a diva! You can’t do that! 😉

  4. MT

    Is it sick that when the guy asked for mayonnaise, i was hoping that Went would happy oblige with his own personal blend!

    Mmm Went’s man mayo…*mouth opens automatically*

  5. Pup

    @MT: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I just thought it was good enough he was the busboy. *bottom fantasies*

    OMFG, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuteee.

    “Life of a celebritah!” Bwahahahahah.

    Billy Fichtner kills me (and makes me a bit). Sona-chic. *love*

    I want more of this. More, more, mooore. 😀

  6. Rose

    They should just air the behind the scenes footage, I think they’d get more ratings!

    That 58 seconds was sadly more entertaining than some of season 2.

    Nah I love this show.

    It’s good to see the boys hanging out having fun it reminds me of high school.

    I hated Mahone last season but I have to say I’m warming up to him.

    Wentworth, what’s new your hot and cute in a dorky way. (did i just say dorky, eww!) love ya

  7. neri

    DAMN! Willy (1st camera assistant) is GORGEOUS!!

    oops, sorry went…I’m not cheating… you looks gorgeous too! :-/

    awww, went is soo nice serving sweaty sandwiches!! I would sooo eat one! lol

  8. Bel

    I love Went being so relaxed and funny. No rod up the ass in this one! Although I’m sure Pup disagrees 😉

    And Bill? I luuuv Bill.

  9. Darci

    I love the way he said ‘life of a celebrity’. Cute indeed!

  10. Fairy

    Things like this remind me why we love him – he’s so adorkable and normal. *smishes*
    And Bill can take my drugs whenever he wants.

  11. What a guy! He can fill my rolls any time he likes and WF you’ve gotta love him.

  12. Oh and I forgot to say – they can kill off all the characters for all I care as long as they leave WM and WF that would be a great show!!!!!!!

  13. Kelleymary

    Why does nobody say that Whistler is handsome too?

  14. bexyboo

    LOL MT!!!

    Went’s very own mayo……. My god (drooling uncontrollably)

    Runaway. I agree. There should be only Wentworth left in that show. The story is great, but lets face it we can live without it!

    I suggest 45 minutes of Wentworth taking a bath, then Wentworth rubbing melted chocolate all over himself. Then Wentworth playing with himself while looking into the camera….

    What do you think????

    x x

    PS Sorry to sound stupid, but who’s WF?

  15. BB

    AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA @ MT!!! All food should have a sprinkle of wentcum. Funny and pretty *fangirl sigh* Can I be his fluffer?

  16. B

    Loving it! good to see Wentworth having fun and looking chilled!

  17. LAgurl

    @ KellyMary – Whistler looks like Ryan Secrest!

    @ Bexy Boo – WF = William Fichtner (Mahone)

    Went’s so cute 🙂

  18. Fashion Police

    Was he serving sandwiches?…I thought it was fired Chicken!!

    I take a piece of HIS chicken, white or dark meat!

  19. Fashion Police

    Watched the clip agian ….and it is Sandwiches. Time for me to get glasses.

    Alright fine than….I’d like to sandwich his Weiner.

  20. Skippy


    Gotta wait for the free download…it’s 60MB’s


  21. kalypso

    Does anyone know if there is a part 2 to the interview? If so, can you please tell the rest of us where to download it or see it!!!! Thanks in advance!!!!!

    May The Pretty Be With You!!!!

  22. Just me...

    HAHAHA……I love it!!!
    Wentworth is completly crazy and funny in this video…. 😀
    The sandwichs doesn’t strike me appetizing as wentworth…
    I don’t want a sandwich, I WANT THE SERVER!!!

    Thanks WFW 😉



    You know what I would like for Christmas?
    The whole series of PB with ONLY the Went bits! Who cares about the rest?

    If any of you can edit a DVD with all his scenes, I buy it whatever the price!


    I don’t know Ryan Seacrest, I’ll have a look.

    But Chris Vance struck me at first for his ressemblance to a younger Harvey Keitel….

  24. SavMed

    Biting nails , shaking and sweating….

    And not because of Went, but because c-box is gone. Gone!

    Oh, and btw I really like that guy who said:”You are not a celebrity!” AHAHAHAAHAHAAAA excellent

    And Went saying: “Shhh!” Oh, my!

    Happy times.

  25. Rose

    Comment Moved

    *Standing up*

    My name is Rose and I am a Wentaholic.
    I cannot stop thinking about this man he is my every dream, my every breath and my every heartbeat.

    He has set my standard for all men and no other man even comes close to measuring up to the man Mr Wentworth Miller is. I love him and I am pleading to God to either
    a) send me the real thing. Oh please, pretty please
    b) someone very, very, very close in personality and looks
    c) erase my memory of this man forever (or else I shall die all alone with high standards.)

    I have come to the conclusion that no man can or will ever satisfy my lust over Wentworth and I have officially become a Wentslut scouring the streets trying to find guys with moles on the side of their head’s, shaved heads, frappe’s, blue steels, bad bucket hats, suitcases with blue stipes, shirts with pocket that don’t line up and nasty brown pants! *sighs*

    *sits down*

    I am totally Wentobsessed.

    Sorry for putting all through that .
    and God if you read this scap point c) and work really, really hard on a) I know I will


    Comment Moved

    *delurking from the back*

    My name is Kelleymary, I’m 26 and I’ve been addicted to WM since I saw an episode of PB1 while on holiday in England.
    Strangely, watching two previous episodes dubbed in French had failed to change the dry state of my panties; I had just noticed that “this guy has a mouth every woman would be so proud to have”.

    But, when I saw again the incredible mixture of his beautiful mouth producing that sensual and velvety deep barytone voice, coupled with his big misty blue-green eyes, I exploded!!!

    Since then, I’m a wreck.
    I lead a miserable life, addicted to my Google Alert on Went News, sometimes trembling I may come across more Luke photos or PH gossip, sometimes crying in relief when a rag mag claims Went is NOT GAY!!
    My dreams are filled with X-plicit scenes of Wentlust unleashed in the cosy atmosphere of a mountain chalet in snowbound Verbier, where an unsuspecting Wentworth Miller got lost during a snowstorm…
    But , IT AIN’T ENOUGH!! I need more and more…
    This man is SATAN.
    There’s no other explanation.

    How can I be free from his spell?
    Help me, please….

    * goes back to her seat sobbing*


    Rats! WFW usurping my identity?

    Is the world going mad?


    SORRY, Great priestess of Wentlust, I didn’t understand you were moving comments….


    *to the tune of Black Eyed Peas’ My Hump*

    Mahone, Mahone, Mahone, Mahone
    Mahone, Mahone, Mahone,
    Mahone, Mahone, Mahone,
    Check it out!


  30. aawww…Wentworth…why can’t I shake off my freakin’ addiction????? Because you are so goddamn cute all the freakin’ time, that’s why!

    I love u…do I tell u that often enough?

    btw…WFW, I love your site, I love u, I especially love Mr. Miller, this is my first post but I have been a fan since day 1!


    I recently started to dress my real life boyfriend in Went style clothes (NO! Not Bean Pole stuff! God forbid!) But chequered blue shirts and boxers (he normally wears boxer briefs..) and brown pants (He already had an old pair and he was amazed when I told him he was so sexy in them).

    I’m a bit ashamed of what I’m doing, I must admit…

    Do you do this also?

    P.S.:I dare not try the bucket hat: my sweet man would revolt…

    Do you think Went wears socks? I hate the idea…

  32. Rose

    Does your bf look like went, even a mole?

  33. Dani

    Oh how adoreable is HE !!??

    My baby..

  34. Dani

    Love the clips! Love the clips! Love the clips!!!!


    No, he doesn’t! And no mole either….
    But I love him to bits…
    Let’s say he’s my dear husband and Went my devilish lover..

  36. Cat's Meow


    LOL, hey I do that too!!!! I got my hubby a couple of checkered button down shirts like Went. He usually wears button down shirts anyway, so he liked them. And he wears boxers too, though he’s not too crazy for the baggy tan khaki pants, he prefers jeans. But I am working on him getting his head shaved!!!! lol


    LOL! Cat’s Meow! You also have your little Went at home!

    I wonder how many girls here do that?

    COME FORWARD all those who play Went with their sweetheart and tell us what you do!

    (Cat’s, I can’t convince mine to shave, he’s so proud of his full head of hair, while his older brother is losing his: he wouldn’t be able to brag anymore!)

  38. Kassie

    Ah, real Went! Thanks so much for that clip, and any more would be appreciated, all you Wentfans.

  39. Cat's Meow


    LOL…..My hubby too! He’s got a full head of hair so at his age (40 something) why would he want to shave it, he wants to show it off!!!! lol

    But I’m gonna keep working on him!!! hee hee!

  40. ChatJemena


    I sympathize very, very much. I have been so cranky for the past few weeks due to–ahh–‘distempered (Went)lust’. When I learned of the planned 4-month hiatus, it became so bad that I–dumb ass–resorted to prayer: “Please, Higher Self (since I have no idea if the Great Creator approves of lust), give me an extremely good, Wentdream tonight. One that will have me grinning from ear to ear tomorrow.”

    You know what my Higher Self did? Turned the f** Wentlust off! Of course, I am now able to concentrate on my work (Tnx, HS), but the lust is just a whimper now *sobs*.

    Lesson: Make sure your HS is not a prude before turning to it for prayer regarding Wentlust…

  41. sharkslayer

    hi i saw the clip and it was so effing cute

    coud anyone tell what kind of sandwiches were those? lol just curious xxx

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