And now I am dead

Snowflake said:
WFW, I love the new word *Wentcentric*.
Every episode of PB is wentcentric, that’s why we love it!!! We need our Went fix at least once a week, but I’ve just read (on the tvguide website) that pretty soon there will be an even longer Pretty-less hiatus! It seems that Fox has confirmed PB will go on hiatus on December 17 an return April 14!
Do they want to kill us??



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  1. Krissie

    FOX BASTARDS! Killing MiSa and then taking away this little PB we have left.
    LYNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! TORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LYNCH THE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Snowflake

    I am sorry WFW, I didn’t want to kill you.
    Pretty please stay alive, we need you!!!

    *still in shock myself*

  3. Kelleymary

    This is a really good quote.
    (Found by Genpop40 and put on PBreakfans)

    Thursday, October 18, 2007
    How To Kill Your TV Show
    Prison Break, the popular American TV series now in its 3rd season, has recently made a creative decision, based on behind-the-scenes problems, that will undoubtedly destroy the show’s already-perilous hopes for any future life, or viewer loyalty. They have recently killed off the character of Dr. Sara Tancredi, the main love object of tattooed protagonist Michael Scofield.

    Over the first two seasons, their painful, complex relationship (based on using, being used, and getting over that) was at first enigmatic, then deeply moving, becoming the centre of an otherwise often simply ludicrous and hyper-violent spectacle. Sara was the emotional anchor of the show. Unfortunately, the actor playing her character, Sarah Wayne Callies, pictured, became, in “real life”, pregnant, wanted out of the show, and refused, it is claimed, to co-operate with a third season 13-episode arc that would have had her death (one imagines) more artfully engineered.

    Instead, she was unceremoniously given the literal chop – her severed head appearing in a box. This grisly homage to David Fincher or indeed Psycho may have been a funny industry in-joke for a few suits, but it has also grossly insulted the fanbase (see the blogs) and ruined any sense of past or present continuity. As one fan put it, if this series is about hope, why should I care now? TV requires a comfort zone the cinema need not offer.

    Was Dr. Tancredi a John The Baptist figure? Is the “Greatest Story Ever Told” spoiled by his death at the hands of Salome? Prison Break was good TV storytelling, but it was founded on characters that the audience rooted for, and loved. With Sara gone, it is a bunch of sadists locked in a Panamanian prison. I recommend some radical script doctoring, or resurrectionary work. Make it somehow a faked death. Bring her back. Religion is based on love, and hope, and TV’s mass opiate requires the chance of a second life.

  4. ‘John the Baptist figure’ – spare us.

    I think the US TV hiatus thing is just crazy, I can’t see that it makes any sense at all. Being without WM for so long is just criminal. (Pun intended!)

  5. WFW

    Alright, that’s it. I’m coming out with it. I do not [read], do not, give a flying fuck about MiSa. Never did, never will.

    I will concede that in Season 1 they had chemistry. Michael’s using her but actually liking her was compelling but the show was never about MiSa and it never will be. What it was about was a motherfucking Prison Break by a couple of brothers and the drama that ensued.

    I understand that she wasn’t even supposed to make it past Season 1 but she did and her relevance to the storyline in Season 2 was plausible but if ever there was a cold fish, it was Sara. Where was all this love I was supposed to see? What I saw was Went and SWC, the friends in real life, not the Michael and Sara in love. Granted, SWC was pregnant but still, I didn’t feel it. Went brought it as best he could but he can’t do the work of two people. I think the pregnancy may have affected her acting or it could just be that she was playing the character the way she thought it ought to be played. I beg to differ.

    You have a man you helped not only break his brother out of jail, but his whole crew. He gets to you SO much that you freaking fell off the wagon and shot up. Then you come through it, lose your Dad who was mixed up in it, realize you do in fact have feelings for this guy and you’re on the run. Maybe you’re still conflicted, OK, then you ditch him in a motel room. Not the smartest move in the world, fine. But when you get him alone on that fucking train after you have survived torture and threat of death and you have finally been reunited with this man you gave up your career, your LIFE for who just roughed up your attacker, you fuck his god damned brains out. I heard that the script was changed by Went and SWC themselves: Bad move. It may have been good for her pregnancy or their friendship, but not the characters. I did not believe the relationship after that and felt it was one of the weaker points of the show.

    The people threatening not to watch and getting all outraged and even TURNING on a show they loved up to now (*cough*Kristin*cough*) are out of their fucking minds. Have you not seen the acting this season? Went is bringing it, EVERY FUCKING WEEK, as are the rest of them. Fuck, I’m even into Dom’s performance this season. Bill is fantastic as always, Wade is kicking ass, we have new characters and all anyone can fucking talk about is MiSa. FUCK MiSa.[/rant]

  6. neri

    That’s it, I’m cutting my wrist!
    Take me to a damn asylum!


  7. Kelleymary

    WFW, it’s not so much about MiSa, the story was lukewarm and I never adhered to it really, as no woman would do what she did (leave him half nakkid in a motel room!!! FOR GODSAKE!!!!)…

    But it’s about the COHERENCE of the show!

    Scofield went to prison TO PUT THINGS RIGHT, to show that we must “HAVE A LITTLE FAITH”, that there’s hope in this world for the good…

    PB3 is a joke now, anything (preferably gory) can be included in the show…

    The ending?

    Why not a remake of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” all the inmates running around chopping arms and legs off each other?

    Would be great, “kick ass”, visual etc….

  8. WFW

    It’s PRISON yo! It always was! The fairy tale was Season 1! Besides, and I realize this is selfish, I am looking forward to what Went is going to do with this new material. Think about it, if the writers were going to write her out this season anyway, they have obviously run out of uses for her. Shit fucking happens and in the real world, good things don’t always happen to good people so art imitates life. I’m not saying I know where the season is going but I’m damn sure going to find out and Sara’s head in a box isn’t going to change my mind at all. Lame Se7en rip off? Yes Will it make me stop watching or enjoying the show? No Great things could be just around the corner, even without Sara. You said it yourself, have a little faith.

  9. B

    I dont know where to start, but I shall go forth anyway:

    Misa are an utter joke, Sara was definitely off her head not to go there with Scofield…serves her bloody right!
    Fox are taking the piss with their bloody hiatus lad-dee-dah! I mean what the hell? Its bad enough not having Sky One!
    I believe in the saying there is life in the old dog yet, I hope that the rest of the season serves us well! us fans are the reason the show is on air in the first place, maybe they ought to think about that, before putting baseball ahead of my weekly dose of the show…

    That will be all for now!

  10. Anonymous

    In some ways all the MiSa b*tching and Moaning will inevitably cause the show to disappear from the lineup altogether..which is odd since most were pretty much watching to see Went. So if fans thought the complaining was going to reverse the storyline it is not working…This obsession clearly is going to limit the weekly Wentgasms!
    Stop the complaining about the head in order to keep Went on the air…show your loyalty to the Pretty I say.

  11. You know what? I DO NOT care if they kill off everybody and Michael is left all alone in prison, sitting on a chair and staring at the wall for half an hour, I will still watch it!

    I liked MiSa in S1, in S2 not so much ( I mean who leaves Michael Scofield in a perfectly ok motel room, the man is naked, taking a shower, touching himself just a few steps away…what is wrong with u girl????…and then u’re alone with him on a train and again…u do nothing but complain how your life sucks…really, I mean really? Am I supposed to buy that?)

    I personally want to see Michael get all crazy and fucked up and angry…ummm, yeah, angry…remember in S2 when he yelled at T-bag in the car in Utah or somewhere…”THE MAP!!!!!!”…that was fucking hot and I’ve been wanting to fuck his brains out ever since…

    It clearly sucks, however that we will have to wait for so long for them to come back…and u know how Wentworth is or maybe I should say isn’t during hiatus…no Went fix…I might die, u know…

  12. Bel


    Don’t fret. We’ll get a new romance… I can see it blossoming right in front of me, don’t you?
    Alex and Michael sitting in a tree…
    F u c k i n g

  13. Krissie

    Alex and Michael sitting in a tree…
    F u c k i n g

    Let’s hope they’ve mastered balancing.

  14. You said it WFW – Went has got his best acting to come, once he finds out about Sara the place will explode – I want to see that happen, so who cares about MiSa? not me. If you’re a true fan then I hope you will continue to support the show so that the rest of us can see the end game.

    I felt there was no charisma between the two of them in S2 what so ever, lets face it you would not just kiss him demurely with you arms around his neck you would have thrown him to the floor and eaten him alive (least that’s what I’d have done). In the end I guess what I’m trying to say is – it’s only fiction – lets move on and enjoy the rest of the season. I know that will upset certain people and I know people have a right to say what they feel but please, for all our sakes, lets just watch and savour Went he is after all the best TV boyfriend ever.

  15. Linds

    That’s right, WFW! TESTIFY. I’m gonna be totally honest – I never felt the MiSa heat either. They looked like buds who were goofing around rather than star-crossed lovers. Whatever. I was sad to see her go, but now I’m over it. It makes for much angstier TV, and it serves Went’s character up a chance to flip his lid and I CAN’T WAIT to see his reaction when he finds out, as I can’t wait to see where this season is taking him. As for the hiatus, Prison Break could air at 3:00 am on a work night and I would still drag my sorry, tired, have-to-work-the-next-day- ass out of bed so I could see Scofield and crew lay it on me. End of story. It’s gonna take a little more than a four month hiatus to break my jaw, kid! I’m a Wentworth Miller fan – the dude is like Hailey’s comet – only peeking his head out to come around once every 72 days and still I adore him and diligently check all the sites and content myself with recycled information, pics, and interviews. I scoff at four months. Bah!

  16. Krissie

    It’s gonna take a little more than a four month hiatus to break my jaw, kid! I’m a Wentworth Miller fan – the dude is like Hailey’s comet – only peeking his head out to come around once every 72 days and still I adore him and diligently check all the sites and content myself with recycled information, pics, and interviews. I scoff at four months. Bah!

    Amen to that.

  17. SavMed

    4 months?

    oh come on, do another project man!

  18. Snowflake

    I am also looking forward to what Went is going to do now.
    Nick Santora said in a recent interview:
    “You are going to see a side of Michael you’ve never seen before. … Michael Scofield is going to do things you never imagined he could do. It is going to flip a switch….”
    That sounds promissing doesn’t it?!
    *thinking about all the Wentasies*
    *******************SPOILER BELOW******************

    PS: For those who can’t get enough of MiSa, Michael will get a new love interest, called Molly mid-season (for more see I hope this will satisfy you, for those of you still watching…

  19. Erika

    On the MiSa topic: WFW voiced my thoughts perfectly in her 1st comment. And rumor has it that Michael is getting a new love interest named Molly *the dream of seeing Went nakid and fucking is still alive! 😉 *

  20. Prison-gate

    Most of the comments where it’s easier to monitor about Prison Break and the meter rating and opinions are probably looked at on the IMdb Pro board..If network execs get the impression from media surveys and fans saying the show is over with and should end because of her head..they ‘ll assume by the low ratings it’s no longer interesting…Executves are not scouting about to Wentworth fansites….This is where fans need to voice their support for the show…write the network and say how much we enjoy the show! Each supporter to xecutives means $$ becuz of sponsers.

  21. SavMed

    his woman is decapitated and he goes off screwing another one? that michael scofield is one weird bloke. if i were him i’d choose mahone over a/any woman.
    that would be a highly moral and a sober decision.

  22. Erika

    OH geuss Snowflakes said it before… must have missed her comment due to selective reading. Where are my damn prescription lenses!

  23. WFW

    OK why am I just finding out about this? THIS FUCKING SUCKS!

  24. pemphredo

    Sheeesh…. the relief of finding somewhere that isn’t full of misa shippers positively relishing the demise of PB just because they feel they’ve been robbed of their happy ending.

    I simply can’t undertsand anyone wanting a show to end and with it thousands of fans enjoyment just because they don’t like the storyline direction. Let them turn it off if they want to, but leave me to enjoy my weekly Went please.

  25. bexyboo

    @ Milla.

    Spot on girl! The woman cannot be human, failing that she is dead from the waist down!
    Like you say she had numerous chances to rip his clothes off, and did she take them?? NO!
    God it that had been me, I’d still be fucking him rigid in that motel room now!!!

    BTW, the bit where I most wanted to fuck his brains was where he knocked on that woman’s door in season 2 to get the money. When he pretended he had to fix the water, and he looked into her eyes and said “I’ll be turning your juices back on!!!!!!”

    Do you remember?


    Good news on this Molly woman being a love interest. Hopefully then we’ll see some Went sex.

  26. Snowflake

    Can’t wait to see a pictures of the actress playing Molly!
    Anybody else curious?

  27. LAgurl

    OH. My. God. What in holy hell is HAPPENING here?????????????????????????????
    Hiatus? New love interest? No more PB online???


    I did like MiSa. I did. I know she wasn’t like this crazy sex Goddess, but I like that about her (them).
    Oh, and Molly? WTF? I don’t like that name!


    When I wanted to fuck Wenty like nobody’s business was whenever he got angry (or was yelling), but No.1 scene for me is when he breaks a glass bottle to fight with T-bag at the end of S2.

    I like it rough/aggressive….. *drool*

  28. shelley

    Off subject, but where’s Mama Bear? I’ve noticed that she’s not been commenting lately….I look forward to her hysterically funny insight…Just wondering…

  29. ilurvemv

    I’ll admit I’m one of the ones done with this show and I was a M/S lover and thought their chemistry was fine. But the M/S thing is just the final nail in the coffin in what I think is a lousy third season. (But then I liked season 2 so take my opinion with some salt). I used to love PB and even the commercial breaks were agonizing to sit through; now I couldn’t care less. Sona is a watered down version of the badass Fox River, Lechero is Abruzzi-lite, and Susan B. Anthony is the most laughably boring villain ever. I think she wouldn’t last 5 nanoseconds against Kellerman. The only thing I’ve really liked about this season has been how much Went has grown as an actor.

    Do I care if the show goes on or not? No, though I strongly suspect this is its last season. I’ll support Went, but I think he’s better off moving on to bigger and better things (no, Went, I’m not referring to modeling more ugly outfits…hmm, okay maybe some nice skimpy underwear).

  30. niknak

    You know what? I DO NOT care if they kill off everybody and Michael is left all alone in prison, sitting on a chair and staring at the wall for half an hour, I will still watch it!

    AMEN to Milla! The reason I started watching the show was for the storyline. The reason I continue watching the show is for Michael/Wentworth.

    I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the MiSa storyline. Dr, Sara had SO many opportunities to do what needed to be done to compell us to support their lame ass relationship. I stopped giving a fuck about the relationship when she left the motel room in New Mexico.

    Like WFW said, I cannot wait to see what Wentworth does with Michael’s character in reaction to the news. I cannot wait to see how he really shows his emotional acting range. He has rocked the hell out of this season, and if we get stuck with them deciding not to come back after the hiatus (PURE unfounded speculation on my part), I will be pissed!

    I think waiting 4 months to bring the show back is a definite nail in its coffin, but I do think it’s time for the show to end. I would love to see it go out on the high note it rode in on, but it looks like, at this point, it just needs to be done this season.

    An hour without Went every week will be hard, but we have all made it through before. I think being able to see him on the big screen, or another quality ensemble show, would make PB ending palatable, but who knows what Went is going to do?

    I, for one, plan to watch to the end. I have come this far and I am not going to stop now because someone lost their head. I don’t see this as a good sign for fansites, but fads and their fans come in phases. New Kids on the Block, anyone?

  31. umbrella



  32. Darci

    What do you mean ‘go on a haitus and return..’? Does that mean they will terminate? I don’t get it, why go on a haitus when they just started it?

  33. @bexyboo…yeah, I remember that scene…when he said :”…that’s right”…Oh my freakin’ god, how bad did u want to grab his ass, get rid of the clothes and give it to him?????

    @niknak….I didn’t start watching for Went either because I didn’t know him before ( I’m not into Mrs. Several nervous breakdowns’ music, so I didn’t see the videos), I started beacuse of the storyline. I think we can all agree that S1 was the best, however I still enjoy watching the show and very much so…and because of Went I will stick around until the end!
    Not only is he the most beautiful creature, not man,but creature I have ever seen, but he is also an amazing actor and he blossomed right in front of our eyes! Even Dom is doing great this season…not to mention Bill and Robert and Wade, they are all spectacular and they make me always come back for more!

    It is disturbing to me that so many people are giving up on the show, fans whining about MiSa, fansites closing and so on and so on…Fox should really listen to the fans more, and I don’t say this because I want them to bring Sara back ( she was lame and I m kinda hopin’ this Molly chick will go for it and finally naked Went in all his glory! With his long fingers, slim body and that oh so perfect ass…oh that asss…ok, where was I? …)…right, but I say this because they always come up with stupid decisions that will make the show lose its fans…like, who the fuck needs that hiatus to be so fucking long? Do they have to come up with a new story? Is that it?
    I don’t know and I don’t really care, all I want is to see Wentworth, so if it’s not too much to ask, during hiatus, Wentworth honey, do something u never thought u could do before, go out, go clubbing and meet fans and take pictures, lots of pictures and maybe u could get yourself caught on a tape even…like a sex tape maybe…what’s that, baby? I’m pushing it? Ok, ok, just take some pictures with the fans, that’ll do…

  34. Fee

    W.T.F.? PB is one ofthe FEW pleasures that I have and now they’re doing this?

    This is SO not funny. 😡

    Look, begging everyone’s pardon who loved MiSa, but I didnt really care about Sara because nothing about her supposedly dynamic character, was interesting because it never translated across to me.

    She had issues, for sure. She was a doctor with a past history of drug abuse, worked in an all male maximum security prison, played a pivotal role in assisting the escape of a high profile convicted (alleged) killer, shot up out of guilt and almost died, was on the run and had a brief “Wanted” stint, got herself some steel with Blue Steel himself, and then there was the whole Panama incident where she shot and killed a man or something (I forget), and yet.. nothing at all in this list of gritty achievements, came through in her character.

    As a result, I wasn’t a MiSa cheerleader because I couldn’t care for her. And so I couldn’t see what Michael saw in her.

    Plus at least now, we can anticipate the scene where Mike finds out and goes BALLISTIC, damn Wenty is SO fine when he’s MAD, maybe he’ll rip off his shirt (and pants) in mad fury..

    PB3 is just getting interesting, and characters like T-Bag and Bellick, Mahone and now Whistler are just making it better. Went is as usual, acting his fine ass off – so for the producers to go and do this – sucks ass.

    Has this been confirmed? Does anyone know why they’re stopping all of a sudden?

    Sigh – I just know I can scream blue bloody murder but I’ll hang around forever even for a hint of WWM.


    Yes, FEE, Sara was a badly written character, because the writers don’t care a fig about female characters!
    They have no deep, no flesh, no BLOOD!!

    Bring a female writer into PB and you may save the show, Mr Santora!
    But I doubt they’re listening…

  36. Mink

    Just a note about this hiatus business.

    They did this the first year, and planned to do it last year. They have to have a break in the middle of the 22 episode run for production reasons (they can’t shoot enough shows to run the season straight through unless they start the run in January, like “24”).

    Anyway, they had this hiatus during the first season. They showed 12 (I think) eps from August to end Nov/beginning Dec, then had a break until March, when they showed the rest of the season.

    They planned to do the same last year, but Fux brought the show back earlier due to the failure of some show that was supposed to be in its time slot from January to March -ish. This actually created significant problems production-wise. They were still shooting the final episode of the season only one or two weeks before it was due to air.

    This season, a new show called “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is due to air in “PB’s” slot from January to March, and it seems likely that the actual date of the return of “PB” will depend on the success of this show. If it fails badly, “PB” could be brought back onto the air earlier.

    Anyway, as I say, I know the hiatus is not ideal (and I’d certainly like for it to be shorter), but they have to have one for a few months at least so that they can shoot the shows for the second half of the season. I still think it’s better they do it this way than intersperse new episodes in amongst repeats, which given the serial nature of “PB” wouldn’t really work.

    And re. Sara, I had a huge problem with them making her a junkie at the end of S1 (both in her history and with her relapse) – it was just cheap. But overall I think her character was decently written last season – she got given a chance to be pretty ‘kick ass’. The main problem for me personally was SWC’s portrayal of Sara’s relationship with Michael, which hit every wrong note for me from the moment of Michael’s “It’s real” phone call to her near the beginning of the season. ‘Sara’ had every right to be pissy, but that’s all I got – I couldn’t see any underlying love or desire in her portrayal.

    I think the ‘slow burn’ (re. her leaving the motel in Gila – although she did then decide to go back before she was kidnapped – and the lack of sex in the train bathroom) was hers and Went’s choice as much as the writers, and I could live with that. What I could not live with was their interaction after that. ‘Sara’ had the hottest man in the universe making googly eyes at her, and all she could do was either not look at him, or, when she did, give him the Cold Fish Eye/Ice Queen stare. Seriously…What The Fuck? I think the word “unconvincing” was invented for that take on Sara’s ‘feelings’ for Michael. And when they were in that fancy hotel room in Chicago and they still didn’t ask Lincoln to step out for an hour or two? All I could think was, are you fucking kidding me? And to be honest, I blame Went and SWC as much as anyone for putting the brakes on it and making their relationship all virginal for way too long. My impression is that the writers wanted to push it more, but they pushed back. Just my impression from titbits I’ve picked up here and there.

    Anyway, I’m not disappointed she’s gone from the show given their total lack of chemistry in S2 (although I liked them together in S1); I just hope this extreme internet fan reaction from some quarters doesn’t translate into any significant drop in ratings for the show.


    “And to be honest, I blame Went and SWC as much as anyone for putting the brakes on it and making their relationship all virginal for way too long. ”

    And why did the actors do that?

  38. Dannie

    Totally agree with you guys WFW-1.03\2.10 and Milla 2.41. Sarah sucked and was a total drug taking loser, who didn’t give it to the pretty and i could care less she’s gone. And I too, would quite happily watch Went sit on a chair and do nothing. I think PB3 is back on track, i am no longer noticing the hour go by, halfway through S2 I was starting to get a bit like , hurry up i’m tired and want to go to bed, now i’m like wow is it over already. I just hope the don’t kill it off and finish the season properly and then our gorgeous Went can go onto something bigger and better.

  39. Dannie

    You aren’t going to start with the gay thing again are you? I know when i was pregnant and had really bad morning sickness, the slightest different smell could send me over the edge, even sometimes scents that are normally considered pleasant would leave me violently ill. And for a non smoker to try and kiss a smoker in this circumstance could have all been to much.

  40. Fee

    Mink – thanks for the hiatus note, I remember when they did that in S1.

    And totally agree with the bit about the lack of chemistry between MiSa or at least Sara’s end of it. The fact that Sara and Michael both managed to make something work after the timing has been so wrong for so long should be enough to elicit at the very least some fondness, you know – the kind where two people share some secret that no one else knows. The sly brushes of the arm, the unspoken words, the meaningful looks.

    I didnt quite understand the cold front that I saw on screen instead. It just didn’t translate and I don’t know if that was all Sara or SWC’s (non)commitment to the role.

  41. evelyn

    I was, I am and I will never stop being, a huge MiSa fan. Nothing can change that. That’s how I am.

    The fact that I was watching PB mostly about MiSa, doesn’t make me less of a PB fan. Some people are watching it for Wentworth, some others for Dominic, some others for Amaury. They still are PB fans, cause they are there for it, supporting its ratings and keeping it live in their own way, for their own reasons. I respect that.
    I was there for it, too. I watched it every Tuesday morning, live. I stayed awake all Monday night long, so I can watch it at 06:00 am, LIVE. I was supporting it in my own way and contributed to its ratings, for my own reasons. But that was till epi 04… My reasons for watching it, were killed. I really hope you can respect that. If not, I ‘m sorry…

    I’ll just quote some posts that I have found here and there, about Sara’s death and how some PB fans feel about it. Things that I never realized, but they are so true…

    “…After all, Michael and Linc didn’t get out of jail because of genius or tattoos, but because he got a woman employee to fall for him and leave the door open…”

    …Michael has had many chances to kill or seriously injure another, in his quest to save his brother and subsequently himself, Sara, LJ, etc. and he did not take those chances. He preaches to Sucre about not losing himself. But NOW it is OK to change all that? NOW Michael will think that this fine because it is OK to kill others and change who you are when you are not just really angry, but REALLY angry? Yeah, sure, very true to the character. They may as well get another actor to play the character if they are going to stray so far from the Michael we have all come to love and admire…

    I wanted to post one more, but it’s spoilerish. Those who have red the Matt Olmstead interview, know exactly what I mean. That was the final straw for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Wentaddict. I love this site (It’s the first on my bookmark list and it will remain like that, till my laptop is dead!), as well as everyone else in here.

    I just hope you’ll understand how I feel and that you won’t start throwing things at me when you’re done reading this post…

    *covers, waves white panties (has no flag)*

  42. Mink

    “And to be honest, I blame Went and SWC as much as anyone for putting the brakes on it and making their relationship all virginal for way too long. ”

    And why did the actors do that?

    KelleyMary, my impression (and this is strictly my personal impression of things) is that Went and Sarah Callies had an idea of the Michael/Sara relationship as very romantic in a somewhat old fashioned sense, and they felt that in order to protect the portrayal of that relationship, it shouldn’t be too ‘rushed’. Which would have been fine within reason.

    I actually think that Went got it pretty much right in his performance. He seemed to really bring the inhibited longing, but for some reason, after S1, SWC just wasn’t bringing if, for me anyway. She didn’t look like she as Sara was trying to hold in feelings that she didn’t know how to deal with; she just looked like she didn’t give a fuck. That said, I know her performance worked for a lot of people.

  43. WFW

    No it’s perfectly OK to be a MiSa fan Ev, you know I love you, but I’m kind of tired of hearing the complaining (and I don’t mean you).

    It was rumored she wasn’t coming back before the season even started. PEOPLE WERE PREPARED! And still they cry…

    Drastic things CHANGE people (like your love’s head ending up in a box), if Mike goes ballistic and kills the whole damn prison I’d understand. Went kept saying how far across the line can Mike go before we no longer call him good; I think we’re about to find out. I mean I might be more sympathetic if the show was sucking (as I actually sort of expected it to) but it isn’t. And I neglected to mention how Rob is doing a good job in my initial post. I love me some T-bag. I’m really one to talk though b/c when FOX killed Gale Harold off of Vanished, I had a fucking fit and boycotted but in my defense, that show actually did suck and I watched it for the actor so no actor, no show.

  44. Went's Helycopter

    Just to understand…
    Where I live we are currently watching season 2.
    I can’t understand if people are mad/sad because of Sara Tancredi death (I know I am a stupid with spoilers!!!) or because the whole season is bad. Went and other actors said that maybe this is the best season so I am a bit confused… Or Is it just because the cut head is too cruel? Why people are so upset to the this point?

  45. Went's Helycopter

    I mean… not considering the death of the dear doctor, is this season good or shit?

  46. pBluv

    Wents Hely..
    I think this season is dark and way different and I am enjoying it and many are but, the MiSA fans are in a uproar about the death of Sara so they are really bashing the show.
    I think you will have to decide for yourself.

  47. evelyn

    The thing that bugs me the most, WFW, is the disrespect these writers show towards the MiSa fans. They still count as fans, right?

    Going out and posting things like “…we write what WE want… we write what gets US excited…” and that “The message we want to convey to our young viewers is that, violence and cruelty reign and there’s no hope in this world.”, shows that they don’t give a shit about that fan base, when that second quote should make all of us angry, not just the MiSa fans.

    I don’t see how they will manage to get more viewers at this point. The show was already doing bad (ratings concerned). From those who didn’t abandon the show at the end of S02, those who are MiSa fans are out. I can’t see people who stopped watching at the end of S02 coming back because FINALLY Sara was killed. It’s crazy, right? Am I delusional?

    The MiSa fans petition and fight NOT to cancel the show as a lot of people think, but to bring SWC back. Cause if the show gets canceled, then there’s no MiSa AT ALL!

    So, by signing the petition, you don’t just bring SWC back, but you keep the show alive, for your own personal reasons. If you want to keep it alive, of course!

    And I will always be here for you, as I have been, singing and petitioning, writing letters and emailing, even if you tell me that you want to meet the Roman Pope! Cause when I did it, I didn’t have any personal reasons. Just seeing you happy and so enthusiastic about something, was making me happy and enthusiastic as well.

    If you don’t want to sign it, it’s still ok. I will still be here for you, cause no matter what you think, YOU matter to me more than PB and MiSa.

    And pBluv, you just confirmed what I just said, about what people think of the MiSa fans…

    “Save the good Doctor and save the show!”, is NOT bashing it, at all. And if stopping to watch is something that might make TPTB bring SWC back cause of its low ratings and the possibility of getting canceled, that’s what we will do.

    So, basically, we are fighting for you too! Cause, no SWC, no MiSa. No MiSa, no MiSa fans. No MiSa fans, low ratings. Low ratings, NO PB AT ALL…….

    Think about it….

  48. Prison-gate

    The executives are not going to bring Sara Tancredi’s back…especially considering how behind the scenes negotiations did not go well… the producer /writers have their vision for the direction..I’m all for respecting their creativity and letting go of the overrrated MiSa Syndrome.
    How about just enjoying the ride of the show, and give up the fantasy. There are other terrific actors on that show, write the producers and say how much you love the show…and Went! Low ratings is only going to get the show axed. We wanna keep seeing Went don’t we? I’m looking forward to MiMo!!

  49. pbluv

    Evelyn, yes a good portion of the Misa crowd is bashing, are not respectful of the writer’s right to create and write as they see fit. Not your vision, their vision! JK Rowling had this issue too ..people were upset but JK remained true to her vision of Harry Potter.
    If I was a a writer I would not write according to my fans, I would write for what moves me, what feels *true* to me as a writer. Some not all Misa fans are so caught up in being right and having their way imho that they don’t care about the show.

    Sara is not coming back, she was offered 13 and she like some decided that it was 22 or nothing. She decided that the writers should not kill her and she would not allow them to write to their vision.
    Some Misa fans want the show to end due to her not being there. I find that appalling, but I applaud the care for a character. Still I would never be so arrogant as to assume a show is written for me and ruled by my feelings.
    I can imagine what the TV landscape would be like if that was true. I have thought about it and that is what I think.
    I think Misa fans are throwing out the baby with the bath water.

  50. evelyn

    I think MiSa fans just want 10 minutes of MiSa per episode. They would be more than whiling to keep watching the show and support it, even if they don’t like the rest of writers’ vision, like they have done so far.

    I guess you have red Mendelsohn’s interview regarding CSI. These are people that know how to keep a show on the air. 8 years for Christ’s sake! They keep true to their vision and everyone happy! I call that RESPECT to the fans who keeping it where it is for so many years. R E S P E C T !

    And don’t forget S02 Episode “Chicago”. It was the episode most viewed in the entire season. Why? I think it’s obvious…

    Unless that fan base has changed, I’m seeing PB taking a deep deep dive…

  51. pBluv

    Again, My opinion but CSI is complete tv formula 101. Case happened Case Solved, there is an audience for that and yes they write for that audience and they divide and write and write for that audience in different cities too. I could write one of those epsiodes in my head, pretty basic stuff, Murder-chase-twist-solve,
    I have no interest in it. I prefer, the interesting twists and turns of PB. If the 10 minutes of Misa moved the story along, made it interesting I would want it too, as it stands like WFW, I am waiting for the terror of a pissed off in a way, Misa is there and helping the story ..move along.

  52. pBluv

    PS….as far as seeing PB take a deep deep dive, I hope you aren’t taking pleasure in that possibly happening like so many Misa fans. I for one, would miss it terribly. Kristin said it jumped the Shark, she is an example in my opinion of a out of control Misa fan.

  53. evelyn

    1. CSI in the week of October 1, scored 20,2 Million viewers! You might not be interested in it, but 20,2 million seem to be…

    2. Prison Break is about to lose viewers not only from the whole Sara(h) thing but, because this Season is basically a copy paste of Season 1 in a different set and location. Yes, Season 1 was awesome, but it’s still same all same. It’s almost becoming a chore to watch. Not a good sign. Wanna reinvent the show? Put Sara behind bars for the murder she committed, keep Michael on the outside and let me see how the fuck he is gonna break her out! Along with the killing-butchering stuff they seem to like writing!

    3. I can name you 5 TV characters, like the one Scofield is about to become. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, X-man, Daredevil. BORING!! Michael’s originality was what made him interesting. HIS SMARTS! Now he will be just one more in the bunch.

    4. MiSa is MiSa! The reason I watch! So “…move along.”, is not an option for me.

    5. I will never take pleasure seeing PB getting canceled! But I will DEFINITELY take pleasure seeing the writing team’s face, as their dreams and visions get shattered into millions of pieces, for the way they fucked their own fans!

    6. Holly shit!!! 4:16 am!!! Good night!

  54. Dani


    Are you freaking serious man?????!!!

    4 months?!?!?! People will tune out by that time…… What the freak are these guys thinkin???

    Im convinced now that these guys are completely wacked off their minds! No doubt about it !!

    MORE loads of nothin’ to look forward to!

  55. Dani



  56. debbie

    MiSa Fan….can’t get over it… I need therepy. Not watching the show anymore…it’s not the same.

  57. Behind Barz

    I loved MiSa in S1. They had alot of chemistry and the push-pull attraction was amazing. But then in S2, the relationship faultered on SWC’s part. I was hoping that S3 would revitalize them, but now that’s impossible since her head was in a bloody box! Oh well, maybe Sara will make a cameo in the very last episode of Prison Break when Michael dies and sees her as an angel (similar to the ending of “Braveheart”). Then MiSa will be together for eternity.


    “Sara is not coming back, she was offered 13 and she like some decided that it was 22 or nothing. She decided that the writers should not kill her and she would not allow them to write to their vision.”

    Yes, but the question is this:

    Why did they suddenly decide that Michael’s love interest (=his future life!) could die?
    Because he has no future?

  59. No, they decided to kill her because they have to keep the drama going, it was obvious from the start that this is going to be the kinda show where nobody is safe. I for one, love that about it and they killed my Kellerman and I adored him, I liked him a lot more than Sara, so…did I go around bashing the show? No, I didn’t.

    The chemistry in S2 was clearly not there and as much as you guys hate to admit it, it was thanks to Sara, so…maybe this is why they didn’t want to keep her around forever! And now u guys are blaming the writers and the network, but it was her decision to not come back! They offered her 13 episodes and she got a little greedy and wanted the whole thing! I love SWC, but honey, that’s just being a diva! She said it herself that nobody except Wentworth is safe on that show! So…if u knew that, what the fuck is your problem?

    And if u’re worried about Molly, I’m sure she’s gonna be just another chick Michael cannot fuck, so…calm down and just enjoy the ride! It’s weekly fix of Went, for fuck’ sake…what the fuck is wrong with u people?!

  60. pBluv

    Why ? I don’t know..perhaps watching you will find out.
    Evelyn…lovely for CSI, numbers never mean smart tv.
    I was not saying you should move along btw, I was saying Misa could be there in spirit and help the story move along in other ways. You are free to mourn the loss forever really, forever and I am free to never watch *wash, rinse and repeat tv.
    I still mourn Arrested Development, daily, I know there was money in the banana stand.

  61. Krissie

    I’m really looking forward to Mikey’s breakdown when he finds out about Sara’s death. It’s just that then he might not be motivated to break Whistler or himself out at all cuz what’s the point if Sara’s dead, right? Except for revenge… So yeah, PB has yet a lot to offer, IMHO.

    But 4 months?! It’s gonna be a blue, blue Christmas… And Easter.

    *crossing fingers so that other show would flunk*

  62. JustMe

    Sara was bad because she was WRITTEN that way.
    And SWC had been assured that she’d be there for a whole season.
    They wrote her out after 13 episodes because if PB writers were capable to write a female character, we would have seen it by now.
    They may have had a moment of lucidity and realized they were bad at it!

    I understand why SWC was bitter and refused to act her own death..

  63. evelyn

    No, they decided to kill her because they have to keep the drama going, it was obvious from the start that this is going to be the kinda show where nobody is safe…


    “…they killed my Kellerman and I adored him…”

    As far as I’m concerned, Kelly isn’t dead… I liked him too!

    “And now u guys are blaming the writers and the network, but it was her decision to not come back!”

    She asked what she was promised! When Sarah was 7 MONTHS PREGNANT, she was the one that went to Spain to promote THEIR show. Where was everyone else? I don’t know…
    FOX decided not to renew her contract on May (read the interview, again!). This means that, the writers had already come up with the idea to kill her off, before May! Did they tell her? NO! Why? Cause she wouldn’t want to go to Spain!

    As for the rest of your post, read my posts above….

    “…numbers never mean smart tv.”

    So, what you’re basically saying is that, the 20,2 MI.LLI.ON. people that are watching that show are stupid… Interesting…

  64. bexyboo

    @ Milla

    I loved Kellerman too. In fact it was the only time I cried in PB, when he realised he had done bad and tried to kill himself in that motel room. And standing up in court like that?? CLASS.

    I hope he isn’t dead, he was ace.

    PS. Sorry I tell a lie. There were TWO times I cried. The first was the Kellerman thing, and the second was when Sara did absolutely NOTHING to Michael in the motel room. They were tears of sheer disbelief!!!!!

  65. evelyn

    “…and the second was when Sara did absolutely NOTHING to Michael in the motel room…”

    And who do we have to thank for that??
    Cause if my memory serves me right, ACTORS FOLLOW WRITERS SCRIPTS!

  66. Anonymous

    Where there’s sexual frustration, there’s violence!

  67. bexyboo

    @ Evelyn

    Ok then, I cried because the writers didn’t put it in!!!

    Whichever way, I didn’t get to see any Went flesh, BOOOOOO!!!!

    LOL x x

  68. So what if she was promised?! They didn’t renew her contract and she should know that things can change, since nobody is safe on that show and if u don’t like the way she was killed, u should definitely thank her because she didn’t want to come back to give MiSa a proper closure…they didn’t want to go down that road but she didn’t leave them much choice! This is the last thing that I write about the subject because I am tired of reading about fucking MiSa everyfuckingwhere and this site is about Wentworth!

    I love Wentworth…I love him a lot and I would watch Desperate housewives if he was in it! I think he is an amazing person, a great actor and the most beautiful and sexy man I have ever seen in my entire life and I will continue to stay his die hard fan until I fucking drop! There…now, excuse me, I have to go cry in my room, because I will never have him…

  69. evelyn

    Whichever way, I didn’t get to see any Went flesh, BOOOOOO!!!!

    I bet my ass that, by the end of Fall Finale, you WILL see some Went flesh! Mark my words and mark the date! Cause now that Sara(h) is gone, how are the writers gonna attract the female MiSa viewers?

    By showing some Went FLESH! YAY!

    It’s like the writers are saying, “I don’t give a fuck if you’re allergic, Wentworth! We are going down and we need to show the fans some FLESH! We’ve told the fans that the tats are a “time and money-consuming procedure” and that they have nothing to do with this season’s escape, but alas, you have to do it!! Plus you have a contract and you will do as you’re told!”

    Hell, I wanted to see those tats! But at this point, for me to watch again, Went has to show me his cute little ASS… Now that, I wouldn’t miss for the world!!

    Anon 12:34

    When you are “sexually frustrated”, you go around and kill people?

  70. evelyn

    I guess you haven’t been reading my post carefully, but just the part you found convenient… Fuck the “she was promised” part and keep the “she has been lied to” one…

  71. bexyboo

    Long live the Went flesh!!!! YAY.

    What I want to know is, when this Molly chick is supposed to be coming into it.

    Oh, and does anyone know why it has been stopped for a while?? Me and my English gal pals are having withdrawl symptoms this end. No more PB until 5th Nov!! ARGHHHHH.

    TV guide says that it has stopped in America, therefore it has to stop in England, but why the delay? x x

  72. DB

    eh. They’re all grown-ups. I think its funny to point fingers and call someone a liar cause they changed their minds. Bussiness is bussiness. SWC didn’t want to act in this season because her part in the bussiness changed. I dont blame her. I dont blame the writers for changing their gameplan. I’m slightly put off by the way some Misa shippers are attacking the writers and slandering them. But that’s about it. Because, things change.


    I wouldn’t bet on the “return of the tat”.Went’s flesh? Euwww!

    Pb writers don’t pander to women’s desires !They’re real men, not sissies.

    They love blood, kickass and torture, not crappy romance.
    Stop dreaming, wimps!

  74. pBluv

    Like things can never change once said…its just a little silly.

  75. Mink

    Oh, and does anyone know why it has been stopped for a while??

    Current short break is due to baseball on Fox in the U.S. (this affects all the Fox shows). That was the week just gone. Might also happen Monday, 29th, although we don’t know yet. That’s why it is currently on a break on Sky in the U.K. Re. the larger planned hiatus, see my post up thread for reasons.

    Re. the possible Return of the Tat, I don’t know if it will actually happen of course but there is a spoiler (a big one, so I’m not going to type it here) which leads me to suspect we might see it around Ep 7 or 8. Don’t know if my suspicions will pan out, but there’s a particular situation coming up which might justify it.

  76. evelyn

    “Re. the possible Return of the Tat, I don’t know if it will actually happen of course but there is a spoiler (a big one, so I’m not going to type it here) which leads me to suspect we might see it around Ep 7 or 8. Don’t know if my suspicions will pan out, but there’s a particular situation coming up which might justify it.”

    Ok God! I need about… eeeemm… eeeehm… Lets say $5,000,000……??

  77. WFW

    When you are “sexually frustrated”, you go around and kill people?

    I certainly want to…

    I do not care about the politics of the situation. It’s one thing not to like the direction the show is going, it’s quite another to defend an actress. This is Wet For Went, I have no allegiance to SWC as a person and I don’t care about MiSa. As long as Went is still on PB, I’m still watching. She could have come back and done the 13 episodes, she chose not to. I can’t say I don’t understand if she really was misled, I might have done the same, but if there’s anyone to blame for Sara’s head in a box, it’s the person who wouldn’t give the character a proper goodbye and that person ain’t a writer.

  78. lauraishot123456

    I wanted romance, but that was killed. Throw in several gay rumors about your favorite, hot actor, and you don’t like him any more 😦 ! The “you” is me. This is the last time I’ll come to these Wentworth sites.

  79. Fee

    wow. last i checked this was a wentworth site. why all the anger towards MiSa for? Michael is still on the show isn’t he? :S

  80. pBluv

    Bye Lauraishot123456…buh bye!
    I am so looking forward to the show this week.
    I wonder how much longer Linc will keep the secret…you know Michael is gonna go crazy!

  81. I know!!!!! He is gonna flip!!!!! I cannot wait to see that! U know, I was just thinking the other day, for a show that seems to be so far fetched, they have managed to build up pretty believable characters…now that’s what I call great acting! I personally love this season’ storyline, I think we’re in for a rollercoaster ride and I was so angry and frustrated when there was no PB this week, I don’t know if I can make it through 4 months of no PB! Imagine my sexual frustration…I might kill somebody!

    Ok, so it’s 7:30 am in Italy, I was out all night ( not fucking Wentworth and I say that with great sadness and frustration ) so it’s time for me to go to bed and dream about Wentworth! I wonder what he’ll be wearing tonight in my dreams? Oh, who am I kidding?!!!! Naked Went!!!! Yeeeey! Can’t wait! Good night, people!



    “When you are “sexually frustrated”, you go around and kill people?”

    Not you and me particularly, but it’s true that repressed people or societies are more violent.
    Witness what happens in muslim countries where extremists dominate society: women are repressed, natural instinct are bottled up and young men explode in violence.
    Same in prisons.
    And unfortunately, PB is an expression of this violence. In PB1, love and feelings counterbalanced this violence.
    In PB3, love and humanity are second best, what counts is hatred, sadism and humiliation.
    Some people enjoy this.

  83. bexyboo

    I can do without love and humanity, but is some hot Went sex really too much to ask, Fox people??

    At least show us some shots of him doing himself before he goes to sleep…………..

    Ahhhhhhhh. x x

  84. Kassie

    One of the reasons I loved MiSa was for the way the characters were portrayed as idealists who valued loyalty and sacrifice. There is plenty of violence on TV, but true love is a lot harder to come by. We have not heard SWC’s version of why she didn’t come back, and IMO we still don’t know the whole truth. For whatever reason, even with the lame writing, I was totally in love with MiSa. PB without Sara is like an endless night, and giving Michael a new love interest is simply ludicrous! It strains all credibility.

    But fear not, fair Wentfans! Our hero is still with us… And even though I still grieve for MiSa, when PB ends (as the FOX people seem to be hastening), Went will have another project. He’s just too adored to leave lying around unused. (If I ever find him lying around, I promise to use him…)

  85. Kassie

    “In Muslim countries where extremists dominate society” means places like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the majority of people living there are extremists, but that the views and actions of a small number of extremist people have a highly disruptive effect on their society. By the way, is Went Muslim? I read somewhere a long time ago that he is. Before anyone reads anything negative into this, let me say for the record that I have no problem with it.

  86. Erika

    WOW, have this place turned into a political forum now? The continues debating and everyone trying to impose their views on others! You guys really know how to take out the fun out of every new thread. What happend to the times when we all agreed Went is eveyones dream boat and every post was followed with the most hilarious comments. C’mon people…love not war.

  87. ws

    I was Anonymous by the way

  88. Went's Helycopter

    Wentworth Earl Miller III is my religion and my culture. 😉

  89. ws

    well said well said went’s helycopter

  90. Mink

    Just to say, that the “Went is a Muslim” rumor seems to have proliferated only on IMDb, and we have had no indication that this is true whatsoever in any interviews/activities/behaviour/expressed views/whatever.

    Whilst it would of course be fine if he were, I think we have no credible reason to think this is the case.

    And as for any discussion which addresses extreme religious activities… if there’s any guarantee that a discussion will go into meltdown, that is it.

  91. ws

    peace through the submission of God KELLYMARY and here I stop. This is fruitless as Mink said, a meltdown is the only result.

  92. Rose

    I’m with you bexyboo,
    I would love to see him patting his python.
    Even him running a thumb down his chest and over his nipple…. mmmm.

  93. Kassie

    Let us all meditate on the Pretty…he brings me peace…and I would gladly give him a piece!


    On IMDb you can find the craziest customers in the world! I suppose they have no moderators as insults fly very low between people…
    But on the subject of ” Went is a muslim” it’s a credible as ” Went is an Alien”.

    He can’t be a Muslim or a Jew, he’s UNCUT!

    *needs silence to have a clear vision of the intact part*
    * retreats in the privacy of her room to think about it*

  95. Rose

    Get a grip girl!

  96. ws

    KELLYMARY, learn some diplomacy from Mink you come off as a moron. And how do you know the status of his penis, have you seen it?

  97. AJ

    I’m sorry, what was the topic of this post, again? Cuz I thought it was about a PB hiatus, but I just started reading the comments, aaaand people are talking about religious turtlenecks… I’m confused.


    PB gone…will be missed…too bad about that girl…can’t wait for Mike to go BatShit Crazy…MiMa=LOVE!

    And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…?


    Went mentionned his intact penis status on the British show “Des and Mel”. The presenters had been talking about circumcision .

    It ‘s a well-known fact amongst Prettyphiles.

    As a European, I’m very pleased to know he’s got his little hood.
    It’s a lot more fun to play with!

  99. Bexyboo

    @ Rose.

    I KNOW!! I mean there are no women in there, they can’t go all that time without giving themselves some hand action once in a while!!

    People at Fox take note! In order to keep the show realistic you have to show the prisoners playing with themselves….

    Oh and to keep my imagination happy as well…

  100. Dani

    Don’t care what anyone is sayin’ SWC is a sook and thought she could tantrum her way out of their plan to kill her.

    Well guess what???? – CHOP!


  101. Dani

    The damn station wouldn’t accept the writers original choice to have her stay for the full season so they HAD to, repeat, HAD TO propose a new plan to write her off at some point before the end, and they notified her of this; but her MiSa ego couldnt handle it so she threw a hissy-fit and refused to have anything more to do with the show!

    Well boo-hoo SWC ! Ya happy now?

    Look what you did to your die-hard fans.

  102. Rose

    Maybe Mahone could give him a Hand!!!

    SWC only chucked a tantrum because now she can’t be with the Pretty! I would too.

    Who cares look how Veronica died!
    Her and Linc had a deeper relationship!
    That was sad, even though she was a complete idiot. Poor Linc!
    I mean could we really say MiSa was going anywhere with the guilt and not ever being a real relationship?
    He used her and felt bad.

    Too Bad! Get back to the real story of how far you would you go for your Brother, not a root!

  103. Kassie

    Wow, Kelleymary, I’m pondering your information and thinking I’ll have to change my visual…I had kind of imagined him circumcised. WFW’s “description” had him long and bending to one side…
    I’ve certainly imagined him to be well hung, stiff as a rock, kinda juicy…hmmm, gotta go!!!

  104. niknak

    I’m with AJ here… Not sure where the religious turtlenecks conversation got started, but it’s weird, and has nothing to do with the long hiatus. (unless the length of hiatus is directly in relation to the length of WM’s penis, and even then it’s still a bit weird since the correlation is obscure at best).

    @ KELLEYMARY re: Went’s penis:
    I have heard many an interview with Mr. Miller, and I honestly cannot believe he would verbalize the state of his manhood. He seems way to private a person to mention being circumsized. Feel free to post a link to the interview to prove me wrong, but until I hear it….

  105. ChatJemena

    The hiatus may also be due to an impending Writers’ Strike at the end of October. See link:

    I’ll hate missing PB and Went. Would letter-writing to Fox help?

    If Went (and the others) don’t make an appearacne during the hiatus, we may have to resort to some games…

  106. Kassie

    OK, this is kind of off topic, but Went is on this site: for being “intact” for those who are interested.


    WFW, great idea to moderate!
    But could you accept my following post?
    It’s informative (though I admit a bit off topic. But every bit of our Went is interesting, isn’t??)

    I think that male mutilation, like female excision is a type of violence imposed on children, and any occasion is good to inform people.
    Thank you.

  108. Anon2

    I think the reason why season3 goes on a hiatus is that the cast and the writers are tired. And the fact that Dominic Purcell is getting a divorce might be the “private life drama” that someone from the staff stated as a reason for them being too tired to film episodes back-to-back.

  109. evelyn

    WOW! I’ve been away for, what, 1 1/2 days??

    Muslim??? Penis??? Circumcision?? Jesus!! LOL!

    Any way, back to PB.
    I found a very interesting convo between 2 common PB fans. Not MiSa addicts, not Wentworth addicts. I thought I had to share. Sorry if I’m repeating myself, but I’m just trying to make a point here! Hellooooooo, people! LOL! Just kidding… Anyway, here it goes…

    “-Does it worry you that MiSa may now have hijacked the show once more?

    -You make a good point there for people who are annoyed by the whole MiSa part of the story and by MiSa fans. Supposedly the romance was not central to the story, some people were even bored by it, etc. However by killing Sara the writers make MiSa the basic motivation for the plot. Right now Sara’s fans are outraged, but I wonder how the rest of the viewers are going to react when Michael’s motivation is going to be all about avenging Sara’s death.

    -Exactly. If some fans are sick of the whole Sara outcry right now, I don’t think they’ll be happy if several episodes later PB is going to be all about Mike avenging her death. If, on the other hand, the writers try to scrape her off completely – eg. with a new love interest – they can kiss all the (remaining) Sara-MiSa fans goodbye. And those fans who didn’t like romance until now, aren’t going to like it in the future either. No matter how you look at it, the writers messed up.”

    As their convo continues, it gets far more interesting, but it’s quite long and if I post it here, well, it will be my head in the box, right WFW? LOL!

    If you feel like reading it, it’s at the Fox boards, General Discussion – PB-A Shakespearean Tragedy.

    xxx peace and love!

    PS. WFW? Have you started planing that Went convention?? OOOOOOOOOOPPPAAA…..!!!!

  110. Prison-gate

    I think all the complaining will begin to eventually reveal that the MiSa syndrome will fade to black…with the excitement and anticipation of Molly…(I’m soooo lokking forward to seeing who the lucky gal is who gets to be up close and personal with Went on set) …the memory of Sara will definitely disappear….The writers are aware of Went’s attraction magnet…that is why they know that the complainers will complain and STILL tune in…sure there is no MiSa romance but one look at Went and the heart *flutters* and just when it will becoming unbearable to watch him without someone …in will come Molly. Undoubtedly a pretty demure thing who will capture his heart and ours and a NEW chapter will begin…the writers know how to create suspense drama and how to keep Went fans hooked….

  111. evelyn

    “…the writers know how to create suspense drama….”

    I wonder if that’s why the show has gone downhill since S01….. LMAO!!!

    BTW, Molly is my dog’s name… Fetch Molly, fetch!!

  112. Went's Helycopter

    Me too… I liked MiSa and I wanted them together and happy and fucking at the end of the serie but honestly who cares??? I’m looking forward to seeing what the future will be for Michael!

  113. Chrissy

    Dominic’s getting divorced???!!! Anon2, where’d you hear that? And about MISA, if the show dies because of the MISA fan nonesense just know i have a shotgun. The Pretty must remain onscreen.
    I hate the idea of a hiatus. God i hope he’s NOT coming out and FOX wants to use the hiatus to test the waters. *she wrote feverishly offering sacrifices to the heavens this wasn’t so!*

  114. Mink

    God i hope he’s NOT coming out and FOX wants to use the hiatus to test the waters. *she wrote feverishly offering sacrifices to the heavens this wasn’t so!*

    I am completely and utterly certain it is absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this. There are production reasons for the hiatus. If anyone is interested in the real, non-hysterical reasons for the hiatus, I posted on this up thread.

  115. Anon76

    I officially dislike Evelyn…

  116. Kassie

    @Anon76…you mean you disagree with Evelyn, not that you dislike her, right? Can’t we all just get along? 🙂

  117. Anon76

    Nope dislike her, I didn’t want to say hate but she is so annoying!!!! Like a scratched record for real!!!
    And I really disagree with her too. 🙂

  118. pbluv

    So curious to see the numbers for PB last night, where do you find them?

  119. evelyn

    Aaaaaaaawwwwww…. Anon76…

    It’s really good to know that there’s actually ONE person in this world that dislikes me. You truly are original! You are the first person, in 30 years, that actually says that. I can’t change the way you feel, but so you know, spitting poison is never good. Not just for you… This goes for everybody around the world…

    “When you sling mud, there’s always some left in your hands…”

    Same goes with roses… But then, all that would be left in your hands would be sweet aroma…

  120. Anon76

    Did someone speak??
    PBluv, I saw the numbers in another thread and they were not at all affected by the tantrum of the MiSA crowd, so onward and upward!


    So is it only the cbox had died post I’m not allowed to comment on?


  122. evelyn


    Did someone speak??

    I pray to God, that you’re not blind nor deaf…
    But I guess, that’s all you could answer, with all that mud left in your hands…

  123. bexyboo

    I admit I was disappointed when MiSa finished. They didn’t give it chance to really get going. BUT on the other hand, there are so many good actors in PB, that it is making up for it to a certain degree.
    If I’m honest, it was because MiSa hadn’t got it on properly. I am of the same opinion of most of you. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t have ?!The story just didn’t ring true.

    Keep hearing about this hiatus! English TV does nothing to keep viewers informed!!

    When is it gonna happen? I am getting withdrawl symptons after 2 weeks, it’s not on again here until 5th Nov!! :o(

  124. Anon76

    Bexyboo there will be a four month hiatus starting Dec 17th in the US. Sad but true.

  125. bexyboo


    That means I will have to watch the 1st 2 seasons over and over again to get my weekly Went fix!!

  126. Snowflake

    You can find the ratings for all the season 3 episodes here:

    It seems that Molly will make her first appearance on 19th November. Can’t wait to see which actress the writers chose to play Molly, but I am even more curious to see Michael’s reaction when Linc has to tell him about the box…!

  127. Sahra

    I’m going to add salt to the wound, please don’t hate me i have just read that there is a writers (guild) strike about to happen which will in turn mean prison break may be affected!! They are hoping for it to be over sooner rather than later but it may mean the haiatus may go on for a little longer!!

  128. WFW

    Yup I heard about the strike. We have loads of reality TV to look forward to.
    *preparing rope to hang self with*
    I hate reality TV…

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