Prison Break Interference Live-Blog

Here we go…
– Sona by night and the very first shot is GBS, oh yeah. Went bring that sweet ass to me baby…Mike is at his window throwing chocolate out, feeding the rats; I’m sure there’s a reason for this. All of a sudden the lights all come on as well as several sets of headlights, damn the guards can even see a rat? They shot that shit too.

– Daylight. Mahone and Mike are having a chat at the water hole while a new prisoner enters Sona. Lechero’s #2 greets the new man in Spanish although he pretended not to understand that he was being asked for his wallet. He gets punched out and wakes up in the same spot on the ground with his clothes gone. Welcome to Sona bitch.

– Linc comes to visit Mike wanting an update but so does Mike. LINC LIES! He says that he saw a picture of LJ and Sara proving they were fine but Susan wouldn’t let him keep them. Oooooooo…Mike explains that the breakout would have to happen during the day as the perimeter is patrolled at night. Mike is out of his fucking mind.

– Cut to new clothesless dude, he knows Whistler from somewhere. Oh the mystery…Aaaaand credits.

– Mike is hitting up B-baller for more supplies. He needs 2 watches and some binoculars. I smell a Mikeguyver plot. Now Mike is drawing on the floor of his cell showing Whistler how they’re going to get out and I’m not writing all that shit. I’ll edit this later.

– Linc and Sofia are working together and Susan calls. She’s looking for news and Linc starts yelling at her. She tells him to calm down and that it sounds like they are in over their heads. “There’s a bad joke about Sara in there somewhere.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! I like this bitch more and more with every episode; She warms my heart.

– Sucre is waiting at the bus stop to go to work and while there an SUV pulls up and a guy gets out. He’s being offered five thousand dollars to deliver a package inside Sona on his way to dig graves. He agrees to a one time delivery oh and Amaury looks hot.

– Bellick is offering the new prisoner a helping hand (some food) since he is the new waterless, foodless, clothesless, Sona bitch while Mike and Whistler plan to watch the guards for the exact time of day the sun glare forces them to look away from the area directly outside the prison (where they will have to be when they get out).

– Lechero wants T-bag to make good on his treachery talk. So far, he sees no evidence that his men are against him so he forces T-bag to hang out with them so he can do more spying, lol.

– Mahone and Whistler are watching one guard while Mike watches the other. Mahone is lookout while Whistler watches. Banter is exchanged. Whistler says he has respect for the law. I bet.

– Mahone has a run in with the new guy when he catches him trying to spy on Scofield and Whistler and tells him to mind his own business. “Now take a walk.” AHAHAHAHAHAHA I love Mahone…

– Linc is asking Sofia about Whistler as they drive. They are supposed to be meeting Mike outside Sona the next day after the breakout but they get stopped by the cops a couple miles out and have to turn around. What are they going to do now?

– What is Mike trying to steal a microwave for? I missed something. Damn live-blogging. Mike didn’t it either so he’ll have to come back.

-Linc says they should go to the shore and is asking about the location of International waters (12 miles out) while he buys supplies. I love how he’s smart all of a sudden. I think he has a plan.

– Lechero’s Nun Whore says she isn’t getting paid anymore from whoever is supposed to be paying her. Uh oh.

-Sucre put the package into a crate of fruit and Lechero’s #2 man picks it up. I smell a rat.

-T-bag is making is daily drug deliveries and tells Mahone it’s two-for-one Tuesday and that he’s going to start running Mahone a tab, ahahahaha.

– Whistler is getting paranoid about what’s going to happen to him when he gets out. Dude, they are so gonna kill you.

– OK I know why Michael wanted the microwave now, He’s going to knock out the TVs with it. Don’t ask me how, lol. He was trying to get the guard to fiddle with his television and look away when it stopped working in preparation for the breakout. It works too but when Mike turns back around the guard is shooting INTO HIS CELL! Holy Shit!

– Alarms are going off and all the prisoners run outside. The guards are coming in. They saw a rifle scope pointing at a guard and are convinced there’s a gun in there.

-T-bag’s job is to watch the girl and make sure she’s not found since she’s not out yet. They hide in a closet and don’t get caught.

-Linc and Sofia are on the beach; She’s talking to him, trying to get him to open up but he’s not having it. She says fuck it (well she doesn’t say fuck it but…) while he digs in the sand (he’s digging a hole for some reason), takes off her sweater and relaxes. That gets his attention, lol. She says “Do you need something?” Oh I just bet he does, lol.

-The scope is found! The guard Mike was watching asks whose cell it is and breaks some guy’s legs until Mike yells out that it’s his. The guard hits him! NOOOOOOOO NOT THAT FACE! NOT THE FACE!!!!!!!! He really is too pretty for that…OK things are moving way too fast now. He asks Mike “Why were you watching me?” I know why I’d be watching your fine ass. Why is everyone on PB hot?

-Please Mike, say you think he’s sexy…Say it. Just say it. Whistler yells out that it’s his and says he was watching birds and takes out the bird book. It works. Mike rushes back to his cell but it’s been locked. He can’t reach his EMP device. DAMMIT!

– The Nun Whore is leaving but on her way out Lechero grabs her and she accidentally drops the money she stole from him. Oops! T-bag tries to cover for her and Lechero punches him in the stomach and tells him to go get a bucket and wash his feet. I wonder how much longer T-bag is gonna take this shit.

-Linc is now burying the cooler but first he opened it and showed Sofia what was inside and told her that she should tell Whistler what she saw and that they were all part of a team. OK I cam BEYOND confused but then I’m also kind of tired. They walk through the woods a while and there’s Sona!

-Sucre is being asked to deliver another package. He tries to tell the guy it was a one time deal but he has no choice but to continue delivering the packages.

-New guy remembers where he knows Whistler from. “You’re McFadden…You were with the Ambassador,” Whistler denies it. Mike looks suspicious.

-Mahone has discovered by looking out his cell window, high, that the guard that hit Michael IN THE FACE has a coffee in the morning and the afternoon and gets rid of the cup on the ground. “A man’s gotta have his fix.” So the object is now to get to the cup (which is closer than the gate) b/c if they can do that, they can get to the guard (and I assume take his gun, dress up in his clothes or SOMETHING but that wasn’t explained). New plan! Over and out.


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50 responses to “Prison Break Interference Live-Blog

  1. FMW

    Great blog WFW! So we have to wait for 2 agonizingly long weeks for the next epi BUT it’ll be a 2-hour event. This according to Nick Santora is the best. episode. ever. *fingers crossed for some Scofield skin*

  2. ws

    Don’t know where to put this but is this a manip?

    If not dayum is all I have to say

  3. Cindy

    I loved that picture, thats why I bought the magzine on ebay today.

  4. Wentalicious

    I just watched the show and was confused as hell. I thought “hmm… wonder if WFW did a live blog tonight.” Thank god you did!

    And yes I agree, why the hell *is* everyone so damn hot on this show? Sucre is killing it right now. So, so, so fine.

    I love how Mike is the only one who actually looks clean and well-rested… all the time. Hahaha. Ahhh the pretty…

  5. Cindy

    Not everyone is hot on the show, did you NOT see the new guy? fugly little loser if I ever saw one. Not to mention lechero is ugly and the guy he’s always with, they’re both ugly as fuck!

  6. Cindy

    Oh and Michael isnt the only one who looks clean, Whister and T-Bag also look fairly clean, especially T-Bag.

  7. Darci

    Long live our Queen of blog! One small suggestion, when you edit could you please be more descriptive.

    WFW: I usually do but I didn't get a chance to last night.

  8. Just me...

    Oh my God!!! Why?…Why?…. 😦
    We have to wait 2 long weeks for the next episode!!!
    Wentworth will miss me … how will I survive this? I need my dose of Wentworth and of Prison Break!!!

  9. pBluv

    Thank you Diva of the Blog!!! So added to my enjoyment on my TWO TV’s watching my PB!!!

  10. Another two weeks????? It’s bad enough I have to wait an extra day to find a decent torrent, and now this…???!!!! I feel like throwing things now…

    And what is with the 2-hour episode…is that really going to happen or is it just a rumor…well, I hope it’s true because an hour with Wentworth seems like 5 minutes to me, so I wouldn’t mind getting an extra Went fix…

    God, I love this man…I was watching some of the old interviews yesterday and it just hit me all over again….he rocks my world!!!!!

  11. Krissie

    I ain’t readin’ it, I ain’t readin’ it…
    ‘Tis all.

  12. shelley

    Thought Linc would maybe try to take it from Sophia. Suddenly I’m becoming very sex obsessed, somebody, anybody on the show please have sex!

  13. shelley

    Somebody other than Luchero that is…

  14. Krissie

    GBS AND Little Pieces of Heaven right at the beginning? Best. Beginning. Ever.
    Oh and nice manicure, Mikey.


    Pretty lame episode, don’t you think?

    Why did the nun have to hide? She signed in, didn’t she?
    And WHAT is inside the cooler?
    Don’t tell me it’s Sara’s decomposing head…

    But Went was delicious with his so sad face (though at times I felt he wanted to burst out laughing!) and Whistler is sexier by the day..

    And dear Sucre?

    The guy is absolutely…crunchy!

  16. WFW

    I forgot to mention how fucking hot the look between Mike and Whistler was in the cell…OMG that smirk! Mmmmmm

    Yeah it looks like 2 weeks until the next one. I’m just going to sleep until then.

    Oh and no, I don’t think the episode was lame. In fact, I found myself having to type during commercials which meant I was watching but not typing. I don’t really get the nun thing either though and there is no way that could have been Sara’s head in that cooler. Why the hell would Linc keep it? That would just be weird.

  17. Krissie

    I forgot to mention how fucking hot the look between Mike and Whistler was in the cell…OMG that smirk! Mmmmmm


  18. Darci

    WfW, my Queen, I know you absolutely despise your subjects lusting for anyone other than Went. But Your Majesty look at Mahone! He is looking sooooo hawt!

    Thank goodness, I am literally on the otherside of the world. I don’t know what I would do if I get my hands on him.



  20. Darci

    Spot on Kelleymary. WfW should have had a warning!Really, I mean…. more dirty, nasty and sexy…Mmmm… I would go to bed tonight thinking of him.

  21. WFW

    LOL I skipped a week with the spoiler pics by mistake. The one I put up for this week was actually for the next episode. Oops! I like this pic though so that’s why I added it. And actually, lusting after men within the realm of PB, especially slashed with a little Michael is totally fine.

  22. Gbaby

    Why were Michael and Mahone not robbed from their clothes?
    It remains a mystery.


    GOD! This picture gives me visions of a fantastic threesome with Mahone as the hinge….

    WMaMi: W at the rear, Mi at the front.

    But Mahone looks a bit worried: Am I man enough ?

  24. Snowflake

    Thanks WFW for the Live-Blog!
    I liked the episode, not lame at all, there was a lot going on.
    Two of the guys were tempted! Linc on the beach (I loved Linc’s look and Sofia’s “Do you need something?”) and T-bag with the Nun in the closet…
    The Pretty cute as ever, but with all the frowning, he will need a botox shot at the end of season 3. *just kidding*

  25. Snowflake

    Why were Michael and Mahone not robbed from their clothes? Very good question.

    That would be great extra material for the DVD, deleted scene: Michael and Mahone naked in Sona after being robbed from their clothes!!

  26. Bel

    I am sooo exited about the ep now…
    Kelleymary, do we happen to share a brain or sth? Because that image flashed before my eyes as well as soon as I saw that pic!
    And Sucre was hot? Yaaaaaayyyyy! Finally ot Sucre again! I hope I can download the ep tonight (and that I have the time to actually watch it!). It’s going to be sweet dreams after that!


    LOL, Bel!!!

    Who cares about the action in PB with all these hot men?
    Strange to think that we hated Mahone’s guts in Pb2, and now, wet T-shirt and tousled hair…..

  28. DB

    I thought that the nun was hiding because she wasnt dressed as a nun when the prison was suddenly raided. And for some reason, I was thinking that there was an inflateable raft or something in the cooler. which might make little sense, but I was really stumped. Which I enjoy. I loved the interaction between Whistler, Michael and Mahone. And it was nice to finally see Lechero question T-Bag’s motives. Wenty did an awesome job acting, I thought, after the whole gun to the head thing, when his plan had fallen apart.

  29. “Nun whore” – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

    Thanks, [b]WFW[/b], for the recap. I missed most of last night’s ep because of the stupid time difference thing…arghhhh! I caught the part where Linc eye gropes Sofia, so that was something I guess.

    Question: how is it possible that Michael can get beaten so badly on the face and still have pretty bruises?

  30. LAgurl

    You guys are so funny….
    I loved the epi, though because of the thunderstroms in my area, it was like listening to it on the radio for most of the epi…..geez.

    Mikey/Wenty as far as I can tell was sooo cute 🙂 Just wanna hug him!
    I still think Whistler looks like damn Ryan Seacrest!
    I can’t understand what he’s saying either with the accent…..I know I sound like a moron for saying that but it’s true!

    Also, Linc and his face when Sophia took off her sweater – I though he was gonna lose it, LOL!!!

  31. anya

    I need to read a slashfic. A big, dirty, pervy, smutty, NC-17 fucking threesome slashfic. I mean, GUH!!

    Also: *checks out ebay link*


    Is it worrying that I find the idea of tying Wentworth up and beding him over and spanking him and nailing him with a strap-on more appealing than the idea of him doing me?

  32. anya



  33. anya

    New game of, “What’s in the box?” Erm, cooler, How about Sara’s head?

  34. Dani

    Ha! it’s airing in Australia just 2 days after the U.S now – ROCK ON BABY!!

    I’ll be watching like a hawk tonight.

  35. Sahra

    He is just sooooooo damn fine…..hmmhmmm


    Yes, what needs to be kept in a COOLER?

    Did you notice Linc didn’t cover the cooler with sand?
    Anyone can find it!

    And why couldn’t Michael break in his cell?


  37. Oh my God!!!!! I have seen it!!!!! Oh, my God and oh my Went! I cannot and I repeat, I cannot get over the fact, how hot Went looked in this epi! Oh, my freakin’ God…this man is just getting hotter and steamier, I don’t know how much more of his hotness I can take…

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode, IT WAS NOT LAME AT ALL, but I couldn’t follow the storyline, because whenever I saw Went, I was like …ok, just keep your panties on, just keep you panties on…MUST KEEP MY PANTIES ON…Oh, fuck it! Off with the panties!

    He is just…he’s…..simply delicious…

    And for MiSa freaks who didn’t watch the show…I feel so sorry for u guys…really, I do…u missed GBS….oh, well…glad to hear the ratings didn’t drop!

  38. Dani

    PB is definately back in the game! and Sara is loooooong gone.. this epi was awesome!

    And I also thought the prostitute was hiding cos she wasn’t wearing any clothes..? Can’t remember if she actually was now..

    Oh, what an episode! and Went looked rapable!

    Luv it.

  39. Anonymous

    Amazing how photos can lie: on this one Chris Vance looks as tall as Went!

  40. Bel

    Anya, don’t worry. The symptoms you are experiencing are very common amongst slash readers and it is called the Slasher’s Gay in a Female Body Syndrome. Do not worry. Although it is usually accompanied by the It’s not Fair that I Don’t Have a Dick Syndrome as well, which can lead to penis envy.

  41. B

    Somebody mentioned about what could be in the watercooler? I reckon its a raft to ship em out…btw this episode was bloody fantastic! I cannot wait for the double bill! bring it on!

  42. kiwifan

    hi guys thanks ag wfw always enjoy reading your recaps after watching ep on youtube. anyway breaking news about dom – prison to marriage break pls see below..,23663,22641795-5013560,00.html
    i guess all his talk about getting laid on the show got to him for real.

    also a new spinoff happening with mikey’s new love interest Molly anyway more details over here…

    back to work i guess just one more binoculars scene…

  43. Juma

    This episode sounds exciting.
    Thanks WFW!
    *of to download it

  44. ws

    This eppie was all kinds of awesome save one thing. Its the return of the scary girl monster, when Michael was running to his cell. Wentworth Miller no, just no.

    WFW: LMAO *whispering* I noticed it too and just didn't mention it. Ahahahahahahaha It's back! Noooooooooooo!

  45. Rose

    How funny was the Microwave lmfao.

    I love when “Michael’s” shirt catch’s above his ass.

    Those shots of him visiting Linc, when the camera was on the ground had some
    “Hot Crotch Shots” oh god.

    Wentworth looks oh so big in Sona.

  46. ws

    LOL Rose I thought I was the only perve that noticed that.

  47. Great recap WFW, no wonder you couldn’t keep up this episode was awsome – so much going on and Wents acting and face and butt and hands and …well everything were so fine.

    Bring it on Went you’re the finest thing in Sona and they should let you out just cos’ you’re so pretty!!!

  48. Krissie

    Went you’re the finest thing in Sona and they should let you out just cos’ you’re so pretty!!!

    Ahahahahahahahahahaha! OMG, that’s so funny.
    And so very very true.

  49. silver

    the problem with Went being so HOT ALL THE TIME is that I need to find a distraction now and then merely to survive his heat…but that ain’t easy, I mean, distract from Went? bhaa! Still, one man manages – Mahone!
    Was I the only one swooning and wetting over the “orgasmic high” Alex?!! (I swear, If I could get *those* hands grabbing me instead of his own hot tighs…ahhhh…)

  50. anonymous16

    okay, this is the reason why i sooo love this site. lucky for you guys that you get to watch it, we here in the philippines won’t get to do so for at least 4 more f!*%ing weeks! *sigh* i miss pretty….

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