Prison Break Tonight

Prison Break is back tonight but I hear the MiSa folks won’t be watching. A silent boycott is planned to try and affect ratings and who knows how many of them there really are. As a counter measure, some have banded together to try and make sure that the voices of those who don’t want to see the show fail, are heard. For more information, go here.

See you tonight for the Live-Blog…


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62 responses to “Prison Break Tonight

  1. Cat's Meow

    I’m sure as hell gonna watch!!!! I wouldn’t miss this show for anything. I’ll be sitting there right in front of my TV with my Scofield/PB nite shirt on, my glass of wine and snacks like every other Monday night since August ’05!!!!

    I could never give up my weekly fix of Wenty! My addiction to this amazing show is too strong!!!!

  2. evelyn

    “Prison Break is a story of love, faith and family…”

    Love?? Really?? WHERE???

    Faith?? Really?? WHERE???

    Family??Really?? SPOILERS SAY OTHERWISE….

  3. WFW

    The slogan is not important, keeping the show on the air is. It could be “Murder Death Kill,” for all I care. Weekly Went is my ONLY concern.

  4. evelyn

    Oooh WFW, I know hun… Trust me, I KNOW! LOL!
    Weekly MiSa was my ONLY concern.
    The thing that I don’t understand is, why risking loosing your weekly Went, instead of doing something that will DEFINITELY ensure his stay on air…

  5. Bel

    If I were a US inhabitant, I would watch PB tonite! The story is about two brothers trying to save each other’s lives. It was at the beginning and it still is. Plus, I didn’t like the MiSa chemistry in the second season, so why try to get them back? No offence to Sara W.C. She did great in season 1, her part was badly written in season 2.

  6. Kassie

    As I live overseas, it is impossible for me to watch, whether I want to or not…PB S3 has not started playing here yet. But it makes me curious about all the non-American fans of the world and how they feel about the recent turn of events. PB is much bigger outside the U.S. than it is at home… Went is very popular in France and Korea. Any foreign fans care to comment?

  7. WFW

    The thing that I don’t understand is, why risking loosing your weekly Went, instead of doing something that will DEFINITELY ensure his stay on air…

    And I don’t understand if MiSa is your only concern and you won’t be watching now that MiSa is dead and gone, why you continue to comment on a show you no longer have any interest in.

  8. Cat's Meow

    If Went was alone sitting on a chair for 1 whole hour just talking into a camera, I WOULD WATCH!!!! Nothing could ever keep me away from him. If you check out my DVR files, it’s filled with anything and everything of Went. I save it all, and when I’m missing him or need a little pick me up, I just press the button on my DVR and poof, there’s my angel boy!!!!

  9. pBluv

    WFW..I have tried to reason with Misa heads and its useless. A boycott will not help the show in anyway…how absolutely misguided can they be.
    Unbelivable..the story is written.
    I will have PB on both my tvs tonight…

  10. I was never on that MiSa ship, but right now I hate MiSa shippers and I realise that “hate” is a strong word but I just can’t help it…the way u guys bash the show and get to every fucking thread in every fucking forum or blog, it’s just annoying the hell out of me…u don’t like the show, fine…stop watching, stop posting ans stop the fuck ruining the joy for those uf us, who still enjoy the show…and to say something like “if u would like to continue the weekly fix of Went, just save the freakin’ doctor”…no, no, no and fucking no…I don’t want the doctor back, I have moved on, I’m fucking over it, ok?

    I don’t live in USA and I won’t be able to help by tuning in, but I will support the show in every way that I can..u guys, enjoy watching it tonight, I will join u for the live blogging if I can! WFW, thanks for such a vivid picture, it’s really easy to pretend I’m actually watching the show when I read your recap!


  11. Chaya

    I’ll still download it anyway 😉

  12. Erika

    I’ll write a script, name it “When Michael met Sara”. Michael will do the orgasm scene that Meg Ryan did. They’ll say “I love you” in every third sentence. To add suspence, Michael will not come home one night. And for the finale they will ride off into the sunset. Maybe Went and SWC can shoot this while PB is on haitus. I’m sure this will make the MiSa fans happy and they will finaly stop all the whining. In the mean time, I am off to write my support letter for PB.

  13. Snowflake

    I lie in Switzerland, so I have to wait till tomorrow to watch it online, hopefully!
    I totally agree with Milla, thanks WFW for the live-blog and I also will support the show in every way I can.

    Just checked the fox website and it says, next week on Monday House is on instead of PB? Don’t get me wrong I really like House but it’s not the Pretty!!!
    I don’t get it, is this sort of a game or do they really want to annoy the fans?

  14. Snowflake

    I live … (typo) *shameattack*

    Good news, according to Spoilerfix there is a double episode on the 5th November!

  15. evelyn

    “And I don’t understand if MiSa is your only concern and you won’t be watching now that MiSa is dead and gone, why you continue to comment on a show you no longer have any interest in.”

    Because I do have interest in it!! I love PB! PB is my life! That’s why I want MiSa back! That’s why I’m “fighting” like crazy!! For 5 fucking minutes of MiSa… And I’ll say it once more! If PB gets canceled, there’s no MiSa at all! Is that so much to ask? 5 minutes of MiSa in a 45 minute Episode? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

    And forget about the MiSa fans bashing the show! Have you seen how the media is bashing it, for the way they killed her???
    I can post 20 different articles about this, (at least!) right now! Do it for the show and for your own personal reasons! For your weekly Went!! You’ll have your 45 minute Went and we’ll have our 5 minute MiSa. Why can’t everyone be happy?

    In case you haven’t noticed…

  16. B

    I know some feel strongly about Misa but seriously they need to move on, its bloody annoying, how old are some of these fans? it is really immature! I could understand if Misa were actually realistic, but they werent believable ever!

    Moving on…I live in the UK and am repping the show as much as I can here, showing my appreciation, being patient enough to wait to watch even though I cannot watch it like the viewers in the States! these irate Misa fans from over there are bloody lucky and the people who are threatening to boycott the show ought to be grateful they get to watch it! when the rest of the world have to wait! you dont see people threatening to not watch because it isnt airing at the same time!

    I love the show regardless! so the Misa fans can shove their boycott plans up their arses because Ive had enough!

    Rant over…lol!

  17. Jen

    I loved MiSa too, but the girl’s head was cut off and put in a box, I don’t think she is coming back! Now lets get on with the show! Long live WENT!!!

  18. Mink

    Good pimp, WFW. I’ve shamelessly stolen your idea and pimped this campaign at the Church board.

    I want to bloody see the end of the story too!

  19. Krissie

    It’s prison, yo!
    And there better be prison every Monday night, MiSa or no MiSa!

    Everybody, chant!
    We Want Went! We Want Went! We Want Went! We Want Went!

  20. SavMed

    I’m definitely not watching it tonight.

    But not because of the MiSa thing…

    *waves from a galaxy far, far away*

  21. Cat's Meow

    I love MiSa and was devastated when it was Sara’s head in the box, but I could and would never give up the show as long as Went is on. He is the first and foremost reason I watch. When I first saw in the promos for Prison Break back in the Spring of ’05, I thought “OMG there’s that hottie from the Mariah Carey video!!!!” So Went was the reason I watched the show.

    Prison Break is by far the best show on TV. The twists and turns are similar to watching a mini action/adventure film. I’m never bored. It’s riveting and fast moving. I wish it was 2 hours long, because it’s over before I know it. The cliffhangers are amazing! Hell, they even have a cliffhanger before each commercial break. What other show does that????!!!!

    But, watch out, because this show is highly addictive!!!! lol

  22. Emily

    I would have stayed on board with the MiSa thing but if they seriously try to bring her back in some sort of ‘it was a look-a-like head in the box’ plot twist, I’ll roll my eyes as my last shred of respect for this shows goes out the window. and then I’ll change the channel to The Bachelor. Gotta stick with quality TV. MiSa is dead.

  23. shortstuff

    well thats just stupid.

    i, for one, will have my eyes glues to the tv set tonight.

  24. shelley

    I really want to see Went with a hot chick this time. Hot Went + hot chick=hot hot sex! MiSa fans, GIVE IT UP! Let the show move forward.

  25. LAgurl

    It’s my only Wenty time!
    I don’t care who’s on it, I’m still watchin’!!!!!

  26. chilli

    MiSa fashionistas – this site is Wet For Went NOT Wet for MiSa, please take your rantings elsewhere and leave us to relish in the man called Went. Y’all really need to move on. The MiSa saga had its start middle and end, it’s done and dusted and won’t be ressurected, Linc won’t be waking up and realising it was all a dream!
    The MiSa relationship was captivating in S1, boring and stagnant in S2 and now its dead. Those of you boycotting the show are not true PB fans and its truly unrealistic and conceited to expect the writers to change the plot to please the fickle few. You want your MiSa fix; then watch S1 & S2 again and again. Now leave us TRUE PB FANS alone to see Michael go through some new emotions giving Went the chance to shine and show us some serious acting…………..personally I can’t wait.

  27. silver

    Hello PB TPTB – this is a PB /WENT fan from Croatia! (and there are more like me!). PB’s been watched all over the Globe, there are millions of fans outside the USA! I wish I can watch the show as it is aired – I’d be glued to the TV, but I have made arrangements to have it downloaded asap, so I don’t miss a beat, you bet! Please, let us have our Pretty, let us have him for a long time to come… we all need angels in our lifes…

  28. Anushka

    I live in Germany and that’s why I won’t be able to watch it tonight. But even if the MiSa-thing was nice, it was unfortunate right from the start and the end of it was great drama because now the relationship of the two brothers is going to be very interesting. I’m dying to see Michael’s reaction when he get’s to know that Sara’s dead and that Linc was responsible for it in some way. This will provide Went the opportunity to impress the audience with his acting and not just with his looks…

  29. pemphredo

    I’m personally intrigued by how the story will progress now they don’t have to write Misa stuff.

    I think it was Mink who said on one site (maybe this ?)that it was WM and SWC who had continually asked the writers to slow their relationship down, and I think that was to the detriment of S2. I kinda lost interest in Misa when I realised they weren’t gonna jump each other too soon.(call me shallow)

    So no more Sara, an incredibly angry Michael and 17 more episodes. Mmmm
    Bring it on!

    This story has a beginning , a middle and an end and trying to warp the storyline to bring back a reluctant actress doesn’t make sense.

  30. DB

    Im going to be watching, I love Prison Break and I love Went. While I was personally indifferent to Misa during season two, I still understand that Misa fans must feel so let down by the chain of events that led to that storyline ending. It’s like finishing a book when you thought you had a few more chapters left to read. But I don’t understand the logic of boycotting a show you supposedly like in order to get a story back. That simply isn’t how it works. No amount of pressure is going to convince SWC to come back and act out the end of the plot the creative team envisioned. She didn’t like it, she made the choice to terminate her involvement with the show. They’re all grown-ups, doing their jobs or deciding that their job is no longer fullfilling for them. Its a shame the writers were ‘boxed’ into quickly writing an exit for an important character. But knowing what happened behind the scenes, I can forgive the rushed ending to the Misa story and I look forward to watching Michael deal with the guilt and the anger over Sara’s death. I will definately be watching tonight.

  31. Fashion Police

    YOUR LIVE BLOG IS DA’BOMB!!…..better than anything those dumb-ass writers could come up with.

  32. Kassie

    @Evelyn…I feel your pain, and I’m with you. Maybe some of you don’t get our MiSa obsession, and sometimes I can’t understand it myself, but I was absolutely in love with Michael and Sara as a couple. Some people have been really mean and nasty to us. We are grieving…please try to understand.

    SWC once said in an interview that she could work for the rest of her career with Went in a Tracy/ Hepburn way, that he had spoiled her for all other leading men. That’s how I feel about MiSa.

    The way things work in Hollywood is simple– it’s all about making money. The PB writers and producers knew that MiSa was a force, unless they don’t pay any attention to the fans at all, and they repeatedly said SWC would be back for S3, that her character was pivotal to the plot, etc. Then they pulled the rug out from under us! Why? It makes no sense from a business point of view to piss off your fans.

    TV is entertainment, and I don’t find Sara’s head in a box entertaining. Maybe some psychopaths are loving it, I don’t know. But I believe we MiSa fans have a right to our feelings, and if PB is hurt by what the writers did, it’s not our fault.

    This is what blogging is all about, and last time I checked, we had freedom of speech in the U.S. For those of you who say go to another site to whine about MiSa, I have and I do. That’s all…please be gentle with our crushed hearts…

  33. DB

    I think maybe some fans misinterpreted the word pivotal to mean what they wanted it to mean. Obviously, the writers wanted her back, no writer would want to be forced into a box, and not have the actress who played the character they created available to finish out the story they wrote for her. She didn’t like the story, so the ending of the arc ended up being rushed and gory. But campaigning to have a show lose ratings on a blog site devoted to an actor on the show is going to get people worked up. And PB fans who want the show to get to finish out have a right to their feelings too.

  34. lauraishot123456

    The truth is, I’m highly addicted to Wentworth Miller and the show, so I might have posted some things that were hurtful (like this gay crap) and episode 4 was pretty pridictable, and “Prison Break” is pretty fucking unpredictable most of the time! I also have to say that I can’t stay away from Went’s fan-sites either. However, I didn’t get to see tonight’s episode (I was at an audition for a Christmas play, and I may not see the rest of the season, so there’s another one after this). So, forgive me?

  35. pBluv

    Kassie..are you calling some fans of the show psychopaths for enjoying the story thus far?
    You can demand the right to your feelings if you want to take the right away from others, why do you not understand that?????????

    you said…
    TV is entertainment, and I don’t find Sara’s head in a box entertaining. Maybe some psychopaths are loving it, I don’t know. But I believe we MiSa fans have a right to our feelings, and if PB is hurt by what the writers did, it’s not our fault.

    It’s like talking to 3 year olds..I am done with it.

  36. evelyn

    Read at Kassie’s post again. She is not talking about the whole show. She is talking about “the head in the box” thing. Only psychopaths kill the way Sara was killed. Decapitation? Where are we? In the 12th century? What is this? Braveheart? You threw your shoe out the window, we take your head? Maybe you can agree on that one, that they could have killed her in another way… Cause it was the writers’ decision to kill her like that.

    Trust me, the writers enjoyed writing that scene!

    “…we write what we want … at the end of the day, we write what gets us excited. If killing characters is what we feel is best in a given situation, we’re gonna kill the shit out of ’em. We’re gonna stab ’em and shoot ’em and cut their heads off.”

    Now, the “given situation” was the fact that, Sara threw her shoe out of the window and reviled where TC was keeping them. (Santora is talking about the character.). She had to be punished for that. And she was, by them putting her head in a box.

    So, if cutting someone’s head is a psychopath’s act (I think it is) and considering the fact that the writers write what they want and what gets them excited, I’d have to say that the writers have serious problems! But that’s just me… Not to mention how Veronica ended up…

  37. Kassie

    @pBluv…I didn’t mean to say that PB fans are psychopaths, after all I’m a huge fan myself. My point was that only a sick individual would get some sort of enjoyment out of seeing Sara decapitated. Even T-Bag doesn’t deserve that fate. To me it felt like the writers were twisting the knife, after all the assurances we’d had over the summer that SWC would be back…I feel lied to and abused. After watching the show for 2 seasons, I have developed an attachment to many of the characters, as the writers no doubt intended. Now I feel I cannot trust them with my emotions. How would you feel if they did something horrible to Michael? It’s simply not entertaining to destroy a character who is loved by the fans.

  38. KelleyMary

    “I think it was Mink who said on one site (maybe this ?)that it was WM and SWC who had continually asked the writers to slow their relationship down, and I think that was to the detriment of S2. I kinda lost interest in Misa when I realised they weren’t gonna jump each other too soon.”

    I wonder why WM and SWC would have asked to slow their relationship down???

  39. Kassie

    I’d also like to make the point that, since we live in an environment where fans of a TV show can provide feedback to the writers and producers, what is wrong with doing that? Art aside, they are selling a product and we are buying it or not. I think Went understands this. Ultimately, the fans will decide which shows succeed and which ones fail, and the producers and writers ignore this at their peril. Keep in mind, I did not endorse the MiSa boycott, but what is good for the fans is good for the show. The psychopath demographic is (hopefully) pretty damn small.

  40. ChatJemena


    I’m from the Philippines. PB fans here have asked me to say HI! I work in UP Manila–a few times I have updated doctors and admi staff who have not been able to watch an episode due to a change in work skeds…The hiatus? We don’t like it. I told them to write Fox and PB powers-that-be. I sure will–many times (even if all the words are the same each time). I already sent e-mails to Roush, Ausiello, and Kristin.

  41. shelley

    I agree that the head in the box was a bit over the top, but I wasn’t surprised. There were many hints as to where this show could go. Michael’s toe gets cut off, T-bag kills a guard in the riot and slits Abruzzi’s throat , T-bag loses a hand (need I go on?) all in S1…Veronica and Kellerman in S2…To me Sara is pivotal to this season, it just seems that the hard core MiSa fans thought her pivotal role would go in a different direction. There aren’t always butterflies and rainbows at the end of a story and I’d think that if PB fans have learned anything it’s to expect the unexpected. I hate to say it, but if it’s a love story you’re after than PB is not the show for you. Personally I look forward to Michael going ape shit and he probably wouldn’t be going there if it weren’t for Sara’s death.

  42. DB

    If I watched a show for only one reason, and that reason was killed, I wouldn’t watch it. Which has happened to me before. But I really dont get bashing other people for watching. And I dont understand why chopping someone’s fictional head off makes anyone but the character who performed the act a psychopath. I write a lot of things that I’d never do. My characters aren’t me. I have a feeling its the same for most people who write. To expect a writer to say, man I was really bummed out that SWC wouldn’t come back for even one or two episodes and I wish I got to write a proper exit for the character I helped create…when it was the actresses choice to terminate her involvement, is unrealistic in my opinion. For as much or as little as the actress had invested in the character of Sara, the people that built her and wrote her were invested in her too. If they weren’t, no one would mourne her, cause she would have fallen flat. Blaming the writers for this is misplaced; obviously they did a good job writing for her or no one would care that the character is dead. Coming here and bashing PB is kind of like going to a Steakhouse and telling me not to enjoy my steak because your dont eat meat. Im sorry for the fans that are grieving Sara, but why not just stop watching the show?

  43. Fee

    OMG. Is anyone else getting really annoyed by all this?

    As hard as this may be for some people to take, Prison Break isn’t about MiSa.

    If you don’t like the show anymore because she’s gone, or if you disagree with the writers, just stop watching it. Either put up with it or don’t. Either way, this is getting old really fast.

    Messy politics aside, things happened and she’s not on the show anymore. If you still like PB continue watching it, if you only liked it for the MiSa ‘saga’ – just stop. I respect that MiSa fans have your own views as well, so it’s your prerogative to boycott the show and all but really, it’s been awhile, I think it’s time to get over it and continue watching the show and see what else is the writers have to offer or start watching something else.

    It’s really quite that simple.

  44. Fee

    And well said, DB.

  45. WFW

    But campaigning to have a show lose ratings on a blog site devoted to an actor on the show is going to get people worked up.

    That’s right and it WILL stop or I will stop it myself. Went is still on the show so nothing has changed. Is complaining going to undo Sara’s head in a box? No! SHE IS DEAD; IT IS OVER. I have never seen so much complaining in my life. And if some people change their minds and begin to agree with you, what then? If you think I’m going to help you promote something that might hurt Wentworth, you are sadly mistaken. Don’t you have other places to bitch, no wait, you don’t b/c everyone’s shutting their sites down and making a big production out of Prison Break death #1,000,040. Are we watching the same show? LOL Haywire was talked into jumping off a tower to his splattery death, T-bag slit Abruzzi’s throat, unarmed Tweener was shot after being raped in jail, C-Note had a hanging scene, T-bag lost a hand, had it reattached and then PULLED OFF so he could escape capture…The. Show. Is. Violent. Yes she was the main characters’ love interest, yes I understand some people are upset about the romance being over but it IS over so if you can’t handle it, just. stop. watching. And better yet, forget about PB altogether. You’ll be much happier and those of us who are going to continue to watch, will be too.

  46. Erika

    Do any you know know how the MiSa boycott affected the PB ratings last night?

  47. chilli

    @WFW – “But campaigning to have a show lose ratings on a blog site devoted to an actor on the show is going to get people worked up”.

    I applaud you – I think some people needed reminding where they were. Hopefully there will be no more PB bashing and boycotting propoganda on this site. Now lets sit back and enjoy the rest of the show.

  48. Mink

    Some good news for those not up for the show being brought down by the haters: initial ratings info for last night’s ep had the ratings (in overall number of people who watched) as the highest of the season so far at 7.45 million.

    Still way off last season’s numbers, but at least this season is holding steady so far.

  49. ilurvemv

    Do any you know know how the MiSa boycott affected the PB ratings last night?

    The ratings weren’t negatively affected per Mink’s post. Keep in mind that the MiSa fans aren’t necessarily the ones who have Nielsen boxes and so can’t directly affect ratings.

  50. Erika

    Thanks Mink… good news indeed. 😀 ROCK ON PB! ROCK.ON.

  51. pbluv

    Thanks Mink 🙂
    and thanks WFW for commenting on this, I have to walk away from the circular fight.

  52. anya

    It amuses me that after they killed Sara, the ratings climbed.

    Does anybody know how season 3 is doing in Oz and the UK?

  53. shortstuff

    wfw: WORD, YO.

    and mink you beat me to it… i was about to write that last nites ratings were the best of the season… so much for that one! 😛

  54. Dani

    Hey friends – don’t forget how ‘we’ were born –

    through the creation of PRISON BREAK – and WENT FUCKABLE MILLER remains the star of that show – not his side-kick-doc Sarah.

    So lets NOT forget the main reason we ever came together..



    (plus don’t forget Sarah was primarily an aid to his escape – and then a fuck-buddy-gone-wrong) hehehheeeeee

  55. Dani

    AMEN we should all still watch the damn show!

    If you don’t believe this is true:

    Be on your way.. !

  56. This show rocks – and I was one of those psychopaths this was a great ending for her she should be proud – I live in the UK and cannot understand the fuss. Went is our priority and I enjoy my fix and it’s great to hear that the ratings were the highest of the season. There really is nothing left to say except bring me some more Went that boy is like toffee you could lick him for hours.

  57. lauraishot123456

    Have you guys heard that “Prison Break” is doing a spin-off? This new girl, named Molly is supposed to spin things off for the show, “Prison Break: Cherry Hill”. It’s like a female Fox River. Or Sona. But, if the show doesn’t get picked up, she can stay on PB.

  58. Juma

    New girl, old girl…
    I still love the show and more important I still love Went. So as long as it keeps going on air I’ll watch it if I can.

  59. ChatJemena

    Maraming, maraming salamat, Mink, WfW, at lahat ng PB fans.
    (Thank you very, very much, Mink, WfW, and all PB fans.)

  60. KelleyMary

    Let’s check here if my “comments are awaiting moderation”

  61. KelleyMary

    Then why do they on the gay debate?
    I’m hardly a subversive poster !!!

  62. KelleyMary

    They do!

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