Senior Photo

Wentworth Miller

Most likely to star in your dreams
Best Dressed, Friendliest
Yearbook Committee, Kick-Boxing, Glee Club, Interpretive Dance
“I have always had a commitment to excellence.”
WM & WFW 4ever; Go Ravens!


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57 responses to “Senior Photo

  1. MT

    I’m kinda bummed. Why can’t we have pics of Went on the cheerleading team like that boy who shall not be mentioned??

    I would love to see pics of Went in an ill-fitting top, hoisting some men/women around! *snicker*

    Can we say MANAZON?? 😉

  2. WFW


  3. Krissie

    You forgot singing in a school play.

  4. Snowflake

    …. and Scrabble club!

    He looks so hot! I love the shirt with the two open butons… he has learned something from Dominic!

  5. Raz

    Where’s the pic from the synchronized swimming team? The one with a lot of skin and a small rubber cap on his head.

  6. sona chic

    Omg RAZ. Rubber cap! LMAO

  7. Mink

    LMAO! Okay, exactly how bored were you when you thought up this post?

    I particularly enjoyed “Interpretive Dance”, natch.

  8. Skippy

    He’d be the type I’d drool over in high school. Once a hot P.O.A…always a P.O.A!

    Go Ravens!!!

  9. WFW

    Mink, you do not want to know how bored I was, and am, right now. And Interpretive Dance is my favorite part too, ahahahahaah. I can just see him prancing around trying to express a feeling. That cracks my shit up.

  10. lauraishot123456


  11. Juma

    And a choir boy! *drooling

  12. AJ

    I dunno guys, I kinda picture him as a band geek, myself. I could totally see him rockin’ the shit out of the “yazz flute!” Or perhaps marching band…. wearing one of those tall ass “Pope hats” that makes you look like you’re gonna fall over. Yeah…that’s hot.

  13. Darci

    Best dressed! That’s right WfW in your dreams. Mine he isn’t wearing anything only the brood!

  14. Interpretive Dance…Bwahahahahahaha…Classic!

  15. gypsiee

    Why does he look so resigned. Sad. I dnt like him sad.

  16. SavMed


    this is why I keep coming here. your humor. and Went. but mostly your humor.

  17. silver

    yeah, his eyes are sad and his (sweetest) mouth not poutin’…Poor baby, what’d they do to you, sweety?!

  18. neri

    uhhh where did this pic come from?!?!
    His shirt brings out the color in his dreamy eyes…. *sigh*

    He is SOOO the guy you got up in the morning to get all pretty and dressed up to go to school—hoping he’d notice your new outfit…*sigh*

    btw, GO SOX!! :-p
    sorry had to do that…lol

  19. Kassie

    Would love to see pictures of him as a baby or little boy. And pictures of his parents and sisters. Anyone got some???

  20. I hope you fellow Wenties can get this, there is a vote going on for ultimate hottest male over at Entertainment Weekly. Went is second just 1% behind Christian Bale. We can’t have they now can we. Vote at, I for one would definitely like to see him crowned in all sorts of ways. Mmmmmmmm.

  21. niknak

    I’m with AJ on the marching band front, however, if Went was a band geek, he would be playing the clarinet, thank you very much!

    WFW, I think you forgot “Most likely to get head from the entire pep squad under the bleachers during half-time.”

    What? You guys didn’t make the most of the 15 minutes during half-time???

  22. niknak

    ETA: He does look a bit sad, but I LOVE how completely un-shopped this pic is!!!

  23. Mama Bear

    Nice one, WFW! Does “Interpretive Dance” mean “Crip Walking”? 😉

  24. Cat's Meow

    LMAO!!!! This pic of Went SOOOO looks like a yearbook photo!!!

  25. Cat's Meow

    If Went was in MY highschool looking this fine, he would’ve definately been voted “Prom King”!!! lol

  26. *shakes head at WFW*

    Wow you really WERE bored…

    Well, enjoy my entries into the Where’s Went Photo Contest. Hope they bring you a laugh.

  27. Rose

    I think this picture is

    “most likely to vomit”

    He doesn’t look well, well as unwell as our royal hotness can look.

    Hey fuck I got the same pic, but standing with beige pants in Who mag.

    *running to dig it out*

  28. KelleyMary

    It’s an old photo (2005?) belonging to a series in which our Went is not looking his best…

  29. KelleyMary

    In the whole photoshoot, I only like number 12: he’s sitting on the floor, with some CROTCH exposure….

  30. Cat's Meow

    @Rose and KelleyMary,

    I can’t believe you don’t think Went looks good in this pic? I think he looks HOT!!! Just look at those smoldering eyes!!! And those lips are so kissable!!! Yummy man!

  31. Cat's Meow


    LMAO!!! I love CROTCH exposure!!!! lol
    Where can I see the rest of the pics????? Thanks, honey!


    These photos are SAD….

  33. Cat's Meow

    Went’s expression may look a little melancholy, but he’s still SEXY AS HELL!!!!

  34. Rose

    Oh I love it, I love him!
    If I look at it long enough my eyes can pull his shirt down and maybe even undo a button or two or damn no more buttons. I have Wentvision.

  35. Rose

    Oh god why do I feel this way about a man I have never met. My heart aches at your fine mixture of beauty and hotness.

    Wentworth please come to Melbourne this Christmas, I’ll show you around. Just leave the Robert Langdon Tweed jacket at home. It’s fucken Hot here!

  36. Cat's Meow

    Went is SMOKIN HOT!!! Bom chicka wow wow!!!

  37. Kassie

    Here’s a recent picture of Went with his shirt off–tatoo included–oooh this boy is sweet!

  38. Rose

    Did I mention how I love how tight the shirt is over his right arm.

    Oh fuck I’m melting more than wicked witch.

  39. ChatJemena

    Heezus… if my college adviser looked like Miller (and as sweet and kind as reported), plus very attentive to me–Wow!!! I’d have graduated a cum laude [would hate to disappoint such a man!]. Graduating a suma is asking for too much–unless he promised to regularly + industriously bed me as an incentive. (Umm, that would probably make me knock off Einstein from his pedestal.)

  40. I have to say this is one of my fav. pictures – I think he looks just fine. No grinning for the photographers or pulling his brow PB style or striking a pose in his modelling photos. He seems to look natural to me.

  41. Dani

    What about President of the ScrewMeInTheLibrary association?

    Surely there WAS one when he was around then?

  42. Dani

    Is it just me or does it look like Went’s shirt needs a good iron when you look closely??

  43. Cat's Meow


    Yep, as always his shirt is wrinkled! That has become Went’s trademark!!! lol

  44. Rose

    I’ll iron it, by pressing myself all over him.

  45. Cat's Meow

    This poem goes under Went’s yearbook photo:

    “There once was a boy named Wentworth,
    He was quiet, shy and smart,
    He grew up to be the hottest man on Earth,
    And broke all the ladies’ hearts!”

  46. Kassie

    Thanks for the poem, Cats’ Meow!
    (Second stanza)

    Swimming was his sport
    And Scrabble was his game
    He met a girl and fell in love
    and KASSIE was her name. 🙂

  47. Anonymous

    LOL!!! Good poem Kassie! I have another one coming up!

  48. Cat's Meow


    Cute poem!!! Now don’t try to steal my man!!! lol

  49. Cat's Meow

    Kassie, I have another poem, but it won’t let me post more than one sentence, so I’ll try later!

  50. Cat's Meow

    My message in Went’s yearbook:

    “Wenty you’re such a little “Stinky”,
    You’ve got me wrapped around your pinky!
    You do things to me like no other can,
    In my eyes you’re one hot sexy hunk of a man!
    So stop acting all calm, collected and cool,
    And give me some hot lovin you damn fool!”

  51. Kassie

    My message in the yearbook,
    “To the hottest, coolest, sweetest, smartest, most adorable guy I’ve ever met. Sitting behind you in History class has been one of the great experiences of my life. I will always remember how I worshipped the back of your head, how I yearned to put my hands on your shoulders and kiss your neck…no wonder I failed History…


  52. Dani

    You all get straight A’s !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done students!


  53. Dani

    Gawd I’d love to tutor his ass…….

    after class …….

    (more poetry)

  54. Wentworth's Wife

    At least he wasn’t wearing that…. that…. that green thing (shudder)
    Bucket hats should be burned unless you actually like that particular look.
    I would be proud to be his personal stylest with the added bonus of seeing him strip 😉

  55. Cat's Meow

    @Wentworth’s Wife,
    I agree, that bucket hat should be burned! That thing is hideous and ridiculous looking. WTF is he thinking? The only humans who wear bucket hats are under 8 months old and over 80! Went’s stylest should be fired immediately. Now YOU can apply for the job! But only if you promise to get me a picture of him naked!!!

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