It’s time for a poll


Yes! How long has it been since we won something for our boy? I don’t even remember, so now is your chance to show the world that Went is “teh sex.” Vote here and here, vote often, get blisters, never give up! Thank you.

Thanks mink!


That’s right, Ultimate Hottie of ALL TIME goes to Wentworth Eye-fuck Miller.

You are all made of awesome. Went’s fan internet presence is second to none. I salute you.

Thanks PrimulaBlue!


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69 responses to “It’s time for a poll

  1. Bless you WFW. Bless you.

    But seriously…how’s a girl supposed to choose from a list that includes not just The Pretty, but Matthew, Jake, Colin and Denzel? That’s some serious hotness overload!

  2. WFW

    I’m sure you will make the right decision. I’m torn too but there is only one choice and that choice is Went. Anyone who votes for someone else will be hunted down like the dog they are and PUT DOWN. Thank you for your cooperation.

  3. Juma

    I must confess altough I voted on our pretty Wentworth, other guys there would get my vote too. But Went is number one. Always!

  4. Umm…yes Mistress.


  5. Snowflake

    Tough decision… but there is only ONE Pretty!

  6. Let it be known that I have done my duty to The Pretty…I have rocked the vote.

  7. Phat

    I voted for the obvious hottie on that list: Wentworth Miller.
    Get to voting People! He’s in fourth place!

  8. crazyforwent

    I voted for Wentworth!

  9. ilurvemv

    I don’t think any of those guys is better than Went…well okay, maybe Viggo, but I voted for Went.

  10. brit bird

    **shakes head** George Clooney? Christian Bale? These 2 are currently beating Went

  11. Erika

    As if there was any competition. Anyone and anything just fades everytime I see Went…imagin how difficult it is for me to watch PB, that is why I need to come and read WFWs recap. Anyway, my vote is obvious.

  12. Mink

    Can I just say how proud I am of y’all. When I first posted that poll at Church earlier today, Went had 3% and was languishing well down in the rankings. Now he’s second! LMAO! πŸ˜€

    Keep it up! You know you’ve got nothing better to do with your time than constantly re-vote at (or is that just me?). *blush*

  13. B

    Christian Bale at no.1? nooo it cannot be lol! keep up the voting chicas!

  14. HereKitty

    It’s not just you, Mink. After I saw your post at the Church, I spammed all the other forums!

  15. kassie

    Gotta say I luuuv Johnny and George, but the Pretty? Now that boy is in a class all by himself! He should be first on the list…

  16. ChatJemena


    Bale is Extreme Hotness, but Went is Divine. Bale is already a great actor, while Our Boy is on the way there. It’s a hard decision, but I have always been a faithful chick, so—–I voted WENT. (Bale, I’m sorry, but it’s difficult to be obssessed with a married guy…)

  17. Mink

    It’s not just you, Mink. After I saw your post at the Church, I spammed all the other forums!

    LOL! Oh, believe me, I realise that it was the ‘spreading of the word’ – such as the reposting here – that did it.

    Current status: Went is still hanging in there in second place, but Christian Bale has a commanding lead. Y’all know what to do. πŸ˜‰

  18. gypsiee

    gael garcia bernal ….. clive owen and baby boy ………….. hmmmmmmmmmm wondering who to vote for …..

    “shrinks away from the lynchers” …….

  19. gypsiee

    ok …. its done. Went baby … U win as always ….. “blushing demurely”

  20. niknak

    Do I get a sticker after I vote? If so, someone please send me the whole roll. I have voted my ass off! He better win damn it!!

  21. Chrissy

    I didn’t even look at the other names on the list. Just looked for THE name.

  22. Chrissy

    Bale’s OK but who’s voting for him and how can he more popular than Silky Silk??!!

  23. Come on girls – just a few more votes and he will win, we can do it, he simply has to beat Christian Bale. Think of those eyes, the hands, the thighs, the freckles and all his other juicy bits……off to vote again!

  24. READER

    Vote again?
    This poll is worthless if you vote and vote again, it doesn’t reflect reality….And there’s nothing to win, right?
    Went is not yet a big star, and it not by cooking the books that you’ll help him.

  25. Mink

    Ooh, READER. First of all you post that fake “Public” article in the ‘gay’ thread, and now you’re posting here not to bother to keep voting for Went in that poll.

    So what exactly is your agenda?

  26. Reader

    I voted ONCE. For Went.

    What’s the point in doing as you do?

    What’s the gain?

  27. Reader

    Wins what?
    There is no prize….

  28. *sighing*

    The prize is that we get to see Went win over the other hotties…geez!

    *slapping head*

  29. Reader

    Do you REALLY need confirmation by way of a false poll?

    I bet HE wouldn’t want that (I mean if the man is honest).
    Cheating is crap.

  30. I guess you’re right, Reader. We’ll just sit around with our thumbs up our asses instead of on our mouses. Wait, that sounds pretty kinky…hmmm, I wonder if Went would like that?

    *preparing to move this discussion to “Gay Debate”*

  31. Anonymous

    May The Pretty Be With You!!!!

  32. Well done everyone he’s in the lead – sorry to those who find it pointless but the rest of us are having fun.

  33. kalypso

    How the hell do I vote twice…the website won’t let me it’s like it recognizes my ip or something. Everytime I click on the link above it goes to the results and not the voting page.

    May The Pretty Be With You!

  34. WFW

    Delete your cookies and try again

  35. crazyforwent

    How do we delete cookies? Baby Boy is currently at number one!

  36. Dani

    20% and still rising… C’mon baby – you can do it..

  37. Cat's Meow

    Angel Boy is in the lead!!!!

  38. Mink

    I feel it’s only fair to point out that it appears that Went’s winning of this poll is a lock (Yay Prettyphiles!).

    Went rules the ‘Ultimate Male Hottie, ’90s to today’ poll with 19%, beating second placed Ewan McGregor with 11% in a landslide:,,20153312_20153316_20068688,00.html

    However, there is a new poll (heads up courtesy Primula Blue) for ‘Ultimate Male Hottie Of All Time’:,,20153312_20153316_20154186,00.html

    Went currently has a commanding lead, but you know what they say about resting on your laurels… πŸ˜‰

  39. Bel

    I voted for Went, but I admit it… I would SO vote for Christian Bale if it could magically make him appear in my bed. Also: even though Went is hot and lovely, I found the PICTURES they posted of Christian Bale and Russell Crowe waaaaaayyy hotter than his pic. Why didn’t they chose a pic from that German shoot with the long leather coat and the combat boots?

    I hang my head in shame… I love too many men from that list… Christian, Russell, Johnny Depp… sigh.

  40. Krissie

    I voted.
    For Bale.

  41. WFW

    You did what beeyotch?

  42. Cat's Meow


    WHAAAAT?! I know it’s tempting to vote for one of the other hot men, but come on where is your loyalty??? Went gets my vote every time!!!

  43. M-Tizzle

    Looking for Jensen and Jared on the list….

    Clearly this is not a serious pole!

    Oh well, im voting for Leonardo DiCaprio πŸ˜‰

  44. Kassie

    Those eyes, that voice, those lips, those hands….dear God help me!!!! Why did He create such hotness when it can never be mine???? Well, at least a LOT of other people think he’s incendiary …. hmmm, I wonder if he was he in southern California recently? All those fires… πŸ˜‰

  45. Dannie

    There’s only one man for me and he seems to be leading these polls. yeah, I don’t think anyone can compare to the visual perfection that is our Went.

  46. sa

    If only we could vote in political elections as often as in these polls….one person, one vote those have its limitations….

  47. sa

    “does”, not “those”…lack of sleep never helps one’s inner editor…

  48. Rose

    *standing on my chair, leaning to type, shouting*

    Christian Bale is Na Na Na Nastyyyyy

    Wtf Ok Ewan and Hugh cute, Orlando sexy, George gorgeous but come on against Wentworth who is Cute, Sexy, Gorgeous, Hot, Smart and not to mention fucking

    Oh his skin, it’s like the crema layer on a espresso. I want him so bad.

    Oh fuck.

    *falling off the chair*
    Rose apoligises to those people who enjoy looking at Chrisine Bale and suggests that they are blinded by nastyness and confuse it with hotness.

  49. Darci

    Krissie, I understand. Difficult to ignore Christian Bale. He really is hawt! I voted for both. CB and WM:)

  50. gypsiee

    I did I did…… Just for me precious I deed…

  51. Krissie

    Jesus Christ, people! I didn’t really vote for Bale! Are you crazy?! It’s Went we’re talking about!

  52. Darci

    Krissie, Ya right!

  53. Bel

    LOL, Krissie! No way you voted for CB!

  54. Cat's Meow

    YAYYYYYYY!!!! WENT WON!!!!! He is the hottest fucking man on the planet!!!!

  55. Prison-gate

    You would think he would come out of hiding..take a quick bow…thank his fans and then return safely under lock down.

  56. This just in…

    More people voted for Wentworth in this poll, than for the last American Idol. Excellent work, citizens. Everyone gets a cookie! πŸ˜‰

    WOOOOOT! Take THAT Batman!!!!

  57. Kassie

    The best man won!!! (Thanks to all his adoring fangirls)…Let’s hope we’ll get to see a lot more of him in the future. Anyone know what he’ll be doing over the hiatus? WFW, any rumors?

  58. Erika

    Okay Went, now that I have helped to reconfirm that you are the hottest guy ever, how will you show me your appreciation? Maybe a lick here and a kiss there?

  59. Linds

    Yay!!! Woot is right A-Jizzle. Went is soooooo my fucking daddy!!!

  60. Rose

    I’m standing in line behind Erika.

  61. Juma

    But of course he won!!

  62. Was there ever any doubt that he is the ultimate hottie? I mean, look at the man, no really…LOOK AT HIM! I know,too hot to look at him…And I can’t wait for Monday and two hours of that hottness…

    Wentworth, U rock my world!!!!


    Seriously, think about what kind of signal we’re sending Went… he won 9 points ahead of the second in number, mister Christian Bale. WE beat The Batman!!! How cool is that?!
    Look at how cool your fans are!
    WE ROCK… purely and simply.

  64. Doc said:

    “Seriously, think about what kind of signal we’re sending Went… he won 9 points ahead of the second in number, mister Christian Bale. WE beat The Batman!!! How cool is that?!”

    Now if Went can snag the Batman gig in the upcoming “Justice League of America” movie, that will be a double whammy! POW! BOOM! KERSPLAT! πŸ˜‰

  65. Dani


    to the hottest motherf*cker that walked this earth

    well, I wish I COULD say eye-fuck(ed) Miller

    – my eyes are raped!!!

  66. KM

    WFW, the power your blog has! You made us vote for Went and now all the European Tv Mags talk of a landslide vote for Went, Ultimate Hottie… thanks to us all here!

  67. WFW

    LOL, it ain’t me people; It’s you. All of you, you rock!

  68. Wentworth's Wife

    Hmm… was there any contest?
    Another completely relevant question is:
    Why the hell was Matt D(e)amon voted People’s Sexiest Man of the Year?
    I’m just not seeing it.
    Went is scrumdiddliumptious!!!:-D

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