Wentworth Miller wishes you a Happy Halloween

And look he’s even in costume:

Look at him; He’s always got to be different. Other people wear masks and outfits, he puts on full makeup and ages himself. *shaking head* Only you Wentworth…

Although, that is the hottest senior I’ve ever seen. I’d still hit it.

Happy Halloween!


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50 responses to “Wentworth Miller wishes you a Happy Halloween

  1. Krissie

    I think he should go as a chimp .

  2. Van

    I like Senior Went.
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN Everybody!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Krissie what a laugh!

  3. bexyboo

    LOL, that is amazing!
    Is it just me or does he STILL look hot, even looking like that???
    If he came round my house trick or treating, I’d give him more than just chocolate….

    Happy Halloween! :o)


    Feel like pucking! Bring us BB back !

  5. sona chic

    The mouth and the chin don’t look like his in the slightest.

  6. neri

    WHOA…that’s disturbing!

    I sooo love him old and grey *giggles*

  7. Skippy

    Wow…yeah I’d hit that too…what a sexy senior!

  8. Erika

    I’m not into older men but I’ll a wrinkly Went looking like that anytime;-)

  9. Erika

    I must have been blinded by the older Went… “I’ll HAVE a wrinkly Went…”

  10. B

    Bloody hell that is not pretty!

  11. Jen

    I don’t know what is scarrier, old Went or the fact that I would hit that too!!

  12. Mink

    Yikes! Well, that’s going to give me nightmares tonight. Thanks WFW! You couldn’t use the far more obvious ‘Went as the Devil’ pic from “Popular” now could you, oh no…

    I blame you for finding that ‘aging pics’ website, Krissie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. artgirl

    Did you photoshop him, or did you find this pic somewhere?

  14. Krissie

    I am to blame, Mink, you know it. Sowy…

  15. WFW

    I did not photoshop him. Went, from the future, came to me. He was remembering his glory days and gave me a picture he reenacted much later in life. Then he went back to the future. He’s still got it…

  16. Cat's Meow


    What happened to Went’s luscious lips??? They shrunk! No likey! Went please don’t age!

  17. Kassie

    Thank god he quit smoking…but he’ll always be smokin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ even as an old man. I only hope I live to see the day…

  18. Sahra

    i don’t know i still think he will be just as sexy in his old age as he is now!!

  19. Sahra

    personally i wouldn’t mind chasing him on his zimmer frame – if he looked like that!! he’d be easier to catch!! lol

  20. Juma

    I can picture all the old ladies chasing him at the senior home in a few years. I know I would! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Darci

    He will look like that when he is eighty. He is 35 going on 25!


    Sorry, ladies, he’ll be with ME at our senior home, and we’ll entangle our zimmer frames…

  23. gypsiee

    he kinda looks like harrison ford …………

    yikes, Krissie, the chimp thing ………….thats sacrilege

  24. ChatJemena

    Stinky: It’s almost 1 a.m.! Come to bed. What are you looking at?
    Chat: Wet For Went’s latest wit on you. Here…
    Stinky: Whoa! *lol* Yup, just like grandpa alright.
    Chat: The girls think you’ll be the hottest senior around and that they’ll still chase you.
    Stinky: What do you think?
    Chat: Can’t decide between this grandpa photo or this Stinky chimp Krissie made…
    Stinky: *laughs so hard he is bent double on the floor* Go for the chimp! He’ll be more up to it.
    Chat: Oh, I don’t know. Stinky chimp will be jumping up and down–
    Stinky: *grinning evilly* Precisely!
    Chat: –but not hitting the right spot. I’ll go for Grandpa Went. His eyes are still sharp. Let’s wish the girls.
    Stinky and Chat: Thanks for another great laugh. Happy Halloween!!!

  25. Fee

    Man alive.


    Can he do no wrong?

  26. Cat's Meow

    If I was an old lady in a nursing home, I’d be sneaking in Went’s room every night. Our old wrinkled decrepit bodies would be doing the horizontal mambo under his covers!!!! lol!!!!

  27. bexyboo

    LMAO Cat’s Meow!

    Yes and if I was there, I would be giving him his bath every hour – on the hour!! The other oldies would just have to wait a week or so…. LOL xx

  28. Aelephant

    He looks like Bilbo Baggins and Joe Pesci’s illigitimate son. Only taller, of course.

  29. AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Aelephant! Dead-on-balls-accurate description! Yet, he’s still the hottest fucking (not)hobbit I’ve ever seen. I’d hit it.

    I can just see us now. I’ll be that old lady in the nursing home holding his dentures hostage till he gives me what I want.

    “You’ll get your teeth back when I get some ASS, dammit! Now, wheel on over here and put it on me…”

  30. While you ladies stick around for his 80’s I’ll take my piece now thank you very much.

  31. Kassie

    I was at the hairdresser’s, daydreaming about Went like I do all day, and thinking how wonderful it would be to shampoo his hair and give him a head massage. OOOH would I love to have my hands on him! When he gets his twice weekly haircut, do you think he gets a shampoo and head massage too? That lucky girl…

    When he’s in the nursing home, I’ll be happy to give him a daily sponge bath and spoon feed him his soup…

  32. Cat's Meow

    Kassie, yes he gets a head massage after his shampoo and head shaved. I saw it on the Prison Break Behind the Scenes footage, though it was Dom getting his head shaved and massaged. But I suppose Went gets the same treatment. The lucky bitch doing the massage had a big grin across her face!!!!

  33. Kassie

    @Cat’s Meow:

    Yes, I saw the Dom head massage…I’d rather do Went, if it’s all the same to everyone…and at no charge of course. I’ll pay!!

  34. Cat's Meow

    The lucky beeowch doin Dom was lovin it, she prob does Went as well. I WANT HER JOB!!!!

  35. Cat's Meow

    Sorry Kassie, it won’t let me post more than one sentence at a time.

  36. Kassie

    Wonder how someone would go about getting a job like that…go to Dallas…find the set…beg, plead, offer bribes, bj’s, anything! Is there a waiting list?

  37. Cat's Meow

    As long as the bj’s were for only Went, I’M THERE, SIGN ME UP!!!! lol

  38. Cat's Meow

    And I wouldn’t mind doin Dom either. Both at the same time, EVEN BETTER!!!! lol

  39. Cat's Meow

    Waiting list??? WHERE THE FUCK DO I SIGN???!!!! lol!!!!!!!

  40. anonymous

    Sorry, people, but Went is hardly going to age like that.
    If you want to know what he’s going to look like when he’d older, go check out his dad. And remember, good black don’t crack.

  41. Cat's Meow


    What’s the link to check out his dad??? Maybe I’ll do him too!!! lol

  42. anonymous

    Cat’s Meow, I hear you! lol
    Actually, there were pictures of his dad that some people saw back in the old days of the original TWoP Church forum. (Back in the kabesa days! lol)
    Went’s dad is a really handsome, youthful looking light-skinned black man. If his dad is any indication, Went has many more years of hotness for us to enjoy!
    One thing I’ll say about Went fans. We’re a loyal and considerate bunch. I’m sure quite a few people still have those photos of Went and his dad, plus other family members. Yet, they’ve never appeared anywhere on the internet out of respect for Went’s privacy! Talk about loyalty, right?

  43. WFW

    Yup, that’s loyalty ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. Cat's Meow

    Yep, we’re loyal to our angel boy! I know his dad travels the country teaching a bar exam prep course. Maybe I’ll check him out next time he’s in NYC!

  45. Mama Bear

    Slap this aged Went pic on some Metamucil containers, and you’ve got yourself a thrilling media blitz for fiber regularity! Hey, it’s gotta be better than the goofy prostrate billboard ads in Asia!

  46. Dani

    Went’s wrinkled penis in 2057 wouldn’t be too late for me – erect he will still be The Master..

    and my eyes still his rape victims.

    Anyhoo – Happy Belated Halloween all…………..!

  47. Fuushi

    good morning everyone!
    i just scrolled through this homepage and a sort of weird thought hit me. did you realise, that wentยดs halloween pic looks a lot like the oscar shales pic in season 2??

  48. Wentworth's Wife

    He should have gone as the incredible naked man!!!

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