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In case you care…

I’m home and alive.  Regularly scheduled programming will return as soon as I get settled.  That is all.


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WFW is going on World Tour

Well, that or a family vacation…one of the two and that means the blog will be on hiatus until I return; Comments will be deactivated before I leave. If Went news breaks or you want to discuss Prison Break episodes, take it to the cbox; I will be making sporadic appearances there when I get the time.

If you live in Barcelona, Marseilles, Nice, Florence, Rome, Ajaccio, Gibraltar, Malaga, or Valencia, see you at the dock. If you need Prison Break news, head on over to Mikey’s blog. If you need Went news, head on over to Church and if you want entertainment and you’re a traitorous bitch with a secret thing for J-squared, head on over to AJ and MT’s new blog about those False Idols that we do not mention for they are the debil and OLP is Lord. WiP

Have a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday and be bad…not good, be bad. Oh and bundle up; It’s cold out there.


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Prison Break hiatus starts early

Remember the four months we thought we were going to have to wait?  The painful suffering that was going to drive us mad…The Went drought to end ALL Went droughts?  Ahahahaha, well crisis averted baby!  Prison Break will go on hiatus after this coming Monday’s episode and will return on January 14.  There will be dancing in the streets tonight!  *dancin*


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Wentworth Miller: Sexiest Man Alive Part Deux

Check him out on the video and guess who else is on there? Amaury! SHOUT OUT TO AMAURY! Way to go baby!

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The Tat is Back!

Next week, the motherfucking tat is back! *jumping up and down screaming*

When was the last time I got to label something Wentporn? Really, when? At long last, skin, glorious skin and look at those fucking muscles! !@#$%^&*+_)*&!@#$%^&*(_+_)(*&^@!#$%^Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*hyperventilating* Need air…need… *passing out*

*regaining consciousness to bow to maichan*

*out cold*


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