Tonight Tonight Tonight

2 (two), count ’em (1…2), TWO episodes of Prison Break back to back tonight!  Unfortunately, I won’t see them as I’ll be at a Sports Bar somewhere drinking and watching my Ravens play Monday Night Football like the man I am (inside).  What does that mean for you?  No live- blog tonight and while we’re on the subject, there won’t be another one until 11/26 as my vacation is fast approaching.  Feel free to discuss tonight’s episodes in the comments section that I will be avoiding until I can manage to watch them.  Thank Goddess for Tivo.  Happy Watching!


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35 responses to “Tonight Tonight Tonight

  1. Cat's Meow

    WHOOHOO, 2 eppys back to back. 2 hours of Wentasies. Masturbation time!!!!

  2. Chainjix

    Oh no, I was relying on You, WFW!
    Here where I live we don’t get to see the 3d season:(
    Darn it, darn it, darn it! Double damn.
    Now I’ll have to wait ’til someone puts it online.

  3. KM

    Chainjix, you can watch it online, on sites like, from Tuesday morning.That’s what I do.

  4. sona chick

    Yep. More waiting to do. No worries though. I will download it tomorrow with the help of my dear dear friend Utorrent. Hopefully It’ll be down in 24 hours. and then I’ll watch it. With pleasure.
    Now Went, don’t think I didn’t consider moving to the US just so I can watch your face a day earlier. I did.

  5. Fashion Police

    CRAP!!!!!!!…..NO LIVE BLOG.

  6. Chainjix

    Thanx, KM!
    Let’s just hope I’ll be able to hold myself together until that blissful moment when I see Went again.
    Does anybody know, has a torrent file been released?

  7. yknip

    this is the best news i’ve heard in days..but i wont be able to see it until 2morrow just because in europe it aires on the net later:D..
    i love u’r’s very…interesting =P~
    keep up with this good work;)

  8. Skippy

    Yeah Monday night football…Ravens @ Shitsburg….you might as well TIVO that!

    I’d rather watch 2 hours of Pretty then the Ravens handing Shiltsburg their ass in a can.

    Either way it’s a hella good night for TV!

  9. Skippy

    PS…your favorite biyotch from “Ceciltucky”

  10. Kassie

    [Offensive reference to opposing team removed! Deleted! DIE STEELERS DIE! Motherfucking fuckers!] And yes, we who dwell outside the “homeland” must wait to see our Went. Please find another show to be on after Prison Break ends! What will we do if we can’t see him? I’ve watched my PB season 1 & 2 DVD’s so many times that I can recite all the lines…

  11. Chainjix

    They should make a reality show “Stalking Wentworth Miller”. I’d watch that for sure.
    And that one could go for seasons and seasons, never running out of new ideas..
    Khmm, sorry, got carried away by the image of myself carrying around a portable TV so that I could see Went every day. I even found some pretty cool parts in it that could include my lovely self:D

  12. Wait. So does this mean there won’t be any MiMa sex??! Booooooooo. *pouts and stomps foot*

  13. FMW

    IT WAS ORGASMIC!!! Wow Nick Santora did not lie when he said episode 6 is worth the wait. Funny how my comments sound like I just lost my virginity and it was amazing. Anywho I don’t wanna spoil it 4 those who haven’t seen epis 6th n 7th so all I’ll say is that Baby Boy delivered tonight and took it all the way home baby. Also, on next week’s preview *breathe breathe* Baby Boy took his SHIRT OFF AND THE TATS R BACK! AAAAAH! Thank. You. God.

  14. neri

    *…..finished watching show……*

    *…..tries. to. type. comment…….*


  15. Cat's Meow

    EXCELLENT EPISODES TONIGHT!!! Real edge of your seat, hands covering eyes, jump up & cheer eppys!!! Went was incredible!!!

  16. neri

    …..*previews flashback*…..

    *dies again.*

  17. DanceForMe

    I would tape the Pretty, too. And then
    rewatch, rewatch, stop, rewind, stop *beaming smile* and rewatch…
    and so on…
    (God, I really want to move to the US)

    Thanx for the hint to, Skippy.

  18. KM

    I never thought I’d be moved by Bellick! Great performance, Wade!

  19. shelley

    I was a little confused as far as Bellick was concerned. He seemed really sincere to Michael, but then told Whistler to go for the jugular during the fight?!? All in all, good episodes.

  20. Krissie

    Episode 6 fucking rocked! I CRIED, DAMMIT! I never cry for Prison break!

  21. Luci

    From everyone’s reaction I feel like we were not watching the same show last night. “Went was incredible”, really???

  22. justme

    I was disappointed. Seriously….the woman you love died and you just found out. You go in the basement and cry for 2 minutes and get back to your life??? Really???????? We were getting better scripts.

  23. Luci

    I was really hoping he would bring it in last nights episode, but damn he just seems to be such an inexperienced actor with little to no emotional range or depth.

  24. Rose

    No Luci lets have the alternative Michael crying in his cell for the rest of the season or commit suicide and beautiful LJ will die, Linc devastated.

    I cried and Whistler was so beautiful to Michael.
    Oh Wentworth your devestated eyes, my heart aches.

  25. KM

    Well, it’s all about the editing and the silly music! I wished they let him express his feelings out loud… It’ not Went’s fault, but those bloody bad writers’!

  26. Mama Bear

    I haven’t watched these eps either, WFW, and like an idiot, I’m here in the comments section driving myself crazy trying to figure out what’s going on before I actually do watch them on-line. I think I need a lobotomy.

  27. SavMed

    I see you set your priorities straight! Ya, I’ll be watching something else, doing something else,too …
    You know this dial-up is making me set my priorities straight as well, with you it’s the game, with me it’s the dial-up…

    *pats WFW on the back*
    *don’t cry for me WFW, no no no no*

  28. Dani

    Ok – the 2 eppys are airing in Australia in 5 MINS time!! ********* aaaaaaaaaahhhh

    I’d forgotten what all the PB excitement felt like!

    I’m taking my phone off the hook and locking the doors with a FAT “DO NOT DISTURB FOR 2 HRS ” sign!


  29. Geisha

    Okay…here I go.

    Linc throughly pissed me off with his lame none-killing of evil woman with black hair. Kill her dammit! Shoot her in her big head and let’s move on already! And poor Sucre sacrificed himself and put himself at death’s door so you can rescue LJ and what do you do? Punk out. We almost lost our precious Sucre *cries*

    Mike, if anything happens to me please don’t cry like you did in tonight’s eppy. It was lame and a little creepy. And what the hell kinda fight was that? You know you can’t fight but yet still you challenged Whistler to a fight? You fight with your brain! Remember? Good grief.

    LJ, stop your damn whining all the time. Man up! Your dad can’t do everything.

    Whistler you and evil dark-haired woman are in cahoots together? No fucking way! This is too damn juicy. Wait until demure Spanish chick finds out. Word of advice: Don’t get Spanish chicks mad. Their temper is legendary.

    Mahone how could you not know that those agents were suckering you into a trap? You use to do the same thing to other people. See? I told you not to do those damn drugs. Now you’re handcuffed and locked up in a hotel room feening for some drugs. Shaking is not sexy, but you pull it off well enough that I would still do you in a moment of desperation as long as you keep the “crazy” in check.

    Lechero! You’re going down!

    Bellick……errr…..umm…..errr…stop it. Stop trying to be the good conscious of people who want to kill each other. I need my blood and gore dammit.

    T-Bag, I really liked your shirt this week. Very dapper.

  30. Rose

    Ok we, (aussies) only got one ep Photo finish, Last night. Dani what are you hooked up to?

    That was just too much for me, oh my god LJ. My poor babydoll, when the bitch got the plastic sheet bleach knife, I went spaz. I screamed at the tv! Not LJ! LJ is just a baby he cannot die, ever. You hear me FOX!
    Anyway Michaels emotions were beautiful! Those eyes when Linc told him. Ohhh *sniff*

    That gut wrencing crying when he was bent over. I personally have only cried like that twice and let me tell you that is pain and grief. It was so raw.

    I have to add when Brad said, “I can’t even kill myself.” I was really emotional. One minute you hate these bastards the next they make you cry. 😦

    Whistler was so tender with Mikey when Michael pushed his hand away. It was beautiful.

    That nasty guy hanging was disgusting!

    When Sammy pushed Wentworth, Yes my Wentworth! That was real buddy, watch yourself!

  31. Cat's Meow

    I wasn’t crazy that Mike was so quickly back to breakout mode after grieving for the love of his life for what, 2 whole minutes??? That was very unrealistic for Mike, or anyone else for that matter. They edited too much of Mike’s grieving. But from what we saw, Went did a great job. I was crying right along with him!

    Loved Linc punching out and pulling Psycho Susan’s hair. That was HOT!!! I only wish he would’ve shot the guy holding the gun on L.J. right between the eyes!!! The fucking writers better NOT kill off L.J.!!!! There’s a line in the sand that shouldn’t be crossed. Hell, he’s only a teenage boy, and Linc would not survive if he lost his only child.

    Mahone is flipping out and I LOVE IT!!! Sucre is sweet sending his money & photo to his baby-to-be!

  32. helen

    Can anyone let me know how I can watch the show online? I watched previous episodes on Youtube. But it seems they don’t have episode 6 and 7 this week.

  33. KM

    Go to , you ‘ll find them. Use Mozilla Firefox for cristal clear pics!

  34. Rose

    Is this really the end for MiMa. When Michael looked at Mahone and said, “There is no you and me!” I whimpered.
    I thought Mahone was blowing off that deal because he was gonna confess his undying love for Michael!

    I think I’ve been reading and creating way too much MiMa porn!

    It turned me on when Michael said “I stopped hiding things under my mattress a long time ago, Alex *hiss*”
    I love the way he hisses Alex! Hiss for me went Hisssssssssss!

  35. bexyboo

    I haven’t seen this episode yet but Mahone in handcuffs??? Let me at him!! I too am trying to work out what’s going on! Have got some pretty weird conclusions so far, I love guessing!!

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