The Tat is Back!

Next week, the motherfucking tat is back! *jumping up and down screaming*

When was the last time I got to label something Wentporn? Really, when? At long last, skin, glorious skin and look at those fucking muscles! !@#$%^&*+_)*&!@#$%^&*(_+_)(*&^@!#$%^Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*hyperventilating* Need air…need… *passing out*

*regaining consciousness to bow to maichan*

*out cold*


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70 responses to “The Tat is Back!

  1. Jen

    I know when I saw that preview last night I screamed out loud too! I can’t wait.

  2. Krissie


    And this is why I stuck with it during season 2!

    *licking screen* What??! It’s been a while!

  3. Mink

    By my reckoning it’s around a year and a half (at least) since Went last stripped for us. To say that we are overdue is a massive understatement IMHO.

    Spectacularly gorgeous as that back is though, we’d better get a front view though. We’d just better!

  4. Krissie

    I had to come back to see it again! It’s even better than I remember! I hope he strips in slow motion…

  5. shelley

    Oh yeah, it’s about damn time! I don’t know what makes me happier, seeing the tat or Went losing that disgusting shirt! Either way…

  6. Bel

    This the best news. EVER!

    *creams panties in advance*

  7. Gbaby


    There is a God. Our prayers are answered.


    *Runs off to the icy, cold shower*

  8. bexyboo

    Praise be! I can’t believe it! Although here in England we did not see previews of THE TAT at the end of the programme. Juat some whining old man’s voice advertising what was on next… :o(

  9. Agree with Mink and Krissie, MUST get a front view, and Oh dear Lord let it be in slow motion.
    God i wish i had tivo

  10. …check out that back….has he been working out?…oh, god…oh, lord…thank you, Wentworth…I love you, I love you and your back…

  11. artgirl

    Hopefully he gets really hot and dirty, and has to take his pants off too. Don’t you just love his perky ass. πŸ˜‰

  12. neri



    *….tries to type more….*

    *dies yet again*

  13. Snowflake

    Oh yeah! Can’t wait till next week!

  14. neri

    Ok, i got a drink of cold water so I’m fine if i don’t look at the taaa….taaat….*clears throat*….the tat.

    *phew* almost lost it there again….

    so yeah, wow did you guys notice they kept the scar he got from the pipes?! very nice touch fox….love how they kept the details!

    Hmmm, lets see if the Mr. pumped up some muscles this time around… πŸ˜‰ *slurp*

  15. If Wentworth came to my part of the of the globe I would readily sell my husband for a stick of chewing gum.

  16. Anonymous

    They are so up to every trick… But this one is really fine with me – fine indeed ^^

  17. Cat's Meow

    Thank you God for answering my prayers!!! It’s about fucking time we get to see the tats again!!!!

  18. Dannie

    Do you think all you guys going on about the lack of tat and how you want some Went flesh has anything to do with them including this (possiably gratutious but very much appreciated) peek at the goreous ones naked torso. I wonder how much they check the websites\blogs and if they really do take any notice, maybe this is a good omen. You know it’s been an awful long time since Michael was seen having a shower he must be getting pretty dirty by now. I think we should start talking about a shower scene (flashback to Went draped in towel) I mean think how hot and dirty he must have got digging in the dirt outside when “fixing ” the electricity. They must have some sort of bathing facilities in Sona. Shower scene, shower scene, come on start the call.

  19. Kassie

    He HAS been working out!! I hope now that the shirt is off, he keeps it off for the rest of the season…surely it would be more realistic to go shirtless in that hot Panamanian prison!!! Thank you, PB Powers That Be!!

  20. Kassie

    Take it off, baby, take it ALL off….

  21. HEY!!! Everyone!!! Shhhh!

    …..Do you hear that sound?

  22. niknak

    I have had to come out of hibernating for this one! OMG!!! The world is going to be right once again!

    Seriously,Wentworth Miller owes me a VS gift card. Because of him, I am totally lacking in the underwear department. I see him and my panties completely melt. So, I figure he either needs to give me something to do during the pantyless times, or he owes me a gift card. Either way, I win πŸ˜‰

  23. ChatJemena

    …also his perky front (don’t forget that!)

    WfW: Is it a bathing scene? Say it is so. My thirst is somewhat slaked. May we have more upper body nudity in S3 (and may The Hotness not suffer anymore from any fake-tattoo allergies). Amen! Ohhh, the Goddess is good…

  24. jackie0

    ooo myyyyyyyyyyy god….wet for went …lol jesus

  25. FMW

    Next Monday I’ll turn on some mood lighting, lite some Glade candles n sing out “Let me lick u up n down till u say stop…” when this scene comes on tv. AAAAW YEAAAH.


    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I’ll be hot and bothered all week long just thinking about the new PB episode coming!!!

    1, 2, 3, 4 we want Went in tats more
    5, 6, 7, 8 went in tats is really great!!!

    Gimme a T
    Gimme an A
    Gimme another T
    Gimme an S
    what does it spell???



    *leaving and singing I’m so excited*

  27. KM

    HI! HI!! Fox are trying to boost the ratings and it will work!!Those new muscles are from swimming rather than pumping iron!
    *imagining Went in tight speedos*

  28. Juma

    *picturing Went naked*
    * having a heart attack*

  29. Mama Bear

    All I can say is that better not be a stunt back!

  30. bexyboo

    If they want to see the ratings go through the roof, they should show him NAKED!!
    That tat looks mighty fine – so amazing. I’d forgotten all about that burn on his shoulder!!!

  31. SavMed

    yeah yeah yeah

    Someone post pics ASAP, for us watching-on-line challenged.

    Thank you.

  32. KM

    According to ratings sites, PB did at 9 pm (8 million!) up against Heroes. It went UP through the evening, its best ratings for the season!

  33. ChatJemena

    Ooohhh! A gossip blog-site (a sedate one) reported once that Went, seen in swimming trunks at the Hollywood YMCA(?), “does not disappoint physically unlike other stars.” Unfortunately, the dude who runs the site did not take a pic (damn!)…hmmm, since harmless stalking isn’t forbidden among his followers, can someone take a pic of him in trunks?

  34. ChatJemena

    I read the two recaps for “Photofinish” and “Vamanos” on a Prison Break site. I’m bothered: it seems that Whistler is “in” on the plan being run by The Company and Susan B. What are the chances Michael is really the one those people are after?

  35. Krissie

    LMAO, DOC! I sang I’m so excited in the cbox yesterday!


  36. Dani


    I wanna see some muscle-defining tattoo action baby!!

    and the old Scofield angry persona!

  37. bexyboo

    I agree with Shelley, is that the only shirt he has??? It’s a good thing he’s hot and I can still focus on his face! And soon….THE TAT AGAIN!!! x

  38. Darci

    Oh yeah! Went is bringing sexy BACK!

  39. KM

    CHATJEMENA, for God’s sake, give us the link, so we can enjoy what this guy says!!!!!!

  40. bexyboo

    Why hasn’t THE TAT been here all this time? Was it because it was too time consuming to do every episode? Oh, to be Went’s tattoo artist…..*daydreaming*

  41. neri

    What, what?! β€” CHATJEMENA!!!

    more details please! πŸ™‚

    Imagine you just happen to be at the YMCA when he gets there!!! *gasp* I would soooo swim with a towel on! lol

    ohhhh the things we would in the the Sauna! *giggles* πŸ˜‰

  42. Snowflake

    Yes, too time comsuming and I think the Pretty’s skin is too sensitive to put it on all the time.
    But why can’t we have a tat’s slow motion during the theme music before every episode. They only have to shoot it once and we can watch all the time!!

  43. bexyboo

    Yes Snowflake. They could somehow “computer generate” THE TAT” so its there in every episode. That jumper looks as though it would walk to the laundrette on its own! I’LL WASH IT, I’LL WASH IT!

  44. KM

    Bex, You’re JOKING! Wash his shirt?
    With his sweat and pheromones? My, I want to be buried in it!

  45. bexyboo

    Oh yeah good point KM.
    YES! Buried in it, I will go to Fox and steal it before any of you lot get your hands on it!!

  46. Amaryllis

    about time!

  47. Kaia

    Went IS art, with or without the tattoo!


    If that is not the most beautiful picutre I have EVER seen, I don’t know what is.
    Can I just lick his back? The beautiful back? OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

  49. bexyboo

    Just his back????

  50. Cat's Meow

    To see Went naked, I would give up my first born (he’s going off to college soon anyway)!!! lol

    Has Stinky ever pose in the nude??? I doubt it since he’s so shy, but boy would I love to see him in all his glory!!!

  51. KM

    CHATJEMENA is selfishly keeping the details of the blog which talks about WENT IN SPEEDOS!!!!

  52. shortstuff

    …is currently unavailable. please try again later…

  53. Rose

    Please can I be on the make-up team, please.
    Imagine doing his
    I need to lie down.
    I wonder if he’s ticklish? I wonder if they lick the tat and stick it on? I’d lick him and then stick it!

    Oh god does anyone know what happens in that scene I don’t think I can wait? and has anyone got a pic of the bottom of the tat? I HAVE to see it!

  54. bexyboo

    This girl must have the best bloody job in the world! She gets to touch Went’ torso and face for hours on end AND gets paid for it?? I would pay Fox!!
    No actually 2nd best job. The 1st would be his massuese!! x

  55. ChatJemena

    KM and Neri:
    Am not being selfish. I just stumbled into it while surfing the Images section of Google (’cause I was Went-hungry). Stupid me, I didn’t take note of the address (but will search this weekend). What I wrote in the post earlier? That’s basically what the site owner wrote–“that Miller didn’t disappoint physically unlike other stars.” (And no photo, either.)

    I wouldn’t dream of keeping a Speedo Went to myself–I’m terribly happy when he’s adored or winning lists.

  56. DanceForMe

    so maybe it’s worth waiting another year, ’til season 3 is on TV over here in Germany… *hm*

    *rewatching the tat pic*

    Yes, definetly.
    and Dani, I totally agree, shower scence please.
    Total nudity not required. But I wouldn’t mind…

    *need a shower myself now*

  57. Cat's Meow

    Anybody got the link of Went in a speedo??? He has an amazing swimmer’s body! I need to see his nearly naked body. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if it was photoshopped. I need a visual!!!! lol

  58. Cat's Meow

    The money he would make if he posed nude!!! But I love that he’s shy. Oh Went, you little TEASE!!!

  59. bexyboo

    I would be his artist and paint him if he posed nude!! Or I’d just paint a stick man then leap on him! x

  60. KM

    Thanks for the explanations, ChatJemena!

  61. WFW

    Jesus Fucking Christ…

    There is no picture of Went in speedos or any other swimwear. In fact, the original story does not mention what he was wearing, just that he was tall and handsome and wet.

    Β· On Saturday, May 26 and again on Memorial Day, spotted a very handsome and wet Wentworth Miller at the Hollywood Y. I think he was just emerging from the pool. Unlike other celebrity sightings, he did not disappoint. Tall and handsome.

    One more thing, the automatic moderation of comments is out of my control (it is done by the blogging platform I use) but when I go behind you and approve your comments and find 20 of the same fucking thing, it makes me not want to approve any of them. Please. Stop. Posting. The. Same. Thing. More. Than. Once. It. Is. Driving. Me. Crazy. And incidentally, you may be getting moderated b/c you comment so much the system thinks you're spam or BECAUSE you CONSISTENTLY post the same thing multiple times. The system then recognizes you as a nuisance and BAM! moderation. Oh and the posting of just one sentence at a time instead of saying everything you want to say in one comment has NO effect on moderation and annoys the shit out of me.

  62. KM

    SORRY, WFW! But you understand we were in the dark! At least we now can proceed more intelligently (if we are able to, that is!)

    * grovels unashamedly to appease Great Priestess*

  63. WFW

    LMAO, no need. I swear I thought I already posted all that; Maybe I didn’t. MY BAD!

  64. Cat's Meow

    @WFW, thanks for letting us know! It was so frustrating not being able to post and not knowing what was going on. And sorry for all the multiple posts, I thought it was my computer acting up. I guess we’ll all have to be patient when posting.

  65. Cat's Meow

    That tattoo is so HOT, I was compelled to write another Wenty poem:

    “Went, these past 2 years have not been a breeze,
    Because you’re such a little tease,
    You make me so weak in the knees,
    I want to fuck you, pretty please!”

  66. shortstuff

    wfw said:
    “…tall and handsome and wet.”

    i dont even need the speedos.. that is enough to make my panties melt… *dies*

  67. bexyboo

    Wentworth could be standing there in a bin liner, and he’d still make my knickers melt then set on FIRE! x

  68. Cat's Meow

    Imagine after taking quite a few laps in the pool, Went emerging from the pool, dripping wet with thousands of water beads cascading down his extremely toned, tall, glistening body, as he walks slowly over to grab his towel and wipe his incredibly gorgeous face!

    When that chick at the YMCA spotted him, where the hell was her camera phone????

  69. bexyboo

    HELL YEAH!! Where was her camera phone, zoom lens and laptop for that matter so she could put it straight on here!! AND her towel. She could have rubbed Went down and kept that towel for life!!

  70. Rose

    “Went’s bringin’ the tat back!
    Them other boys don’t have as sexy a back,
    So why don’t you slide up into my crack,
    ‘Coz I’m burnin’ up and I’m gonna cum fast!,
    Take it to the bridge!”

    God I’m so fucking dirty on here!!

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