Prison Break hiatus starts early

Remember the four months we thought we were going to have to wait?  The painful suffering that was going to drive us mad…The Went drought to end ALL Went droughts?  Ahahahaha, well crisis averted baby!  Prison Break will go on hiatus after this coming Monday’s episode and will return on January 14.  There will be dancing in the streets tonight!  *dancin*


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31 responses to “Prison Break hiatus starts early

  1. Someone should send those writers a thank you card.

  2. Cat's Meow

    Praise God!!! I was dreading those 4 torturous months. But now there’s only 1 eppy left until January ’08. *sobbing* I miss Angel Boy already!!!

  3. Erika

    Now I’m convinced that there’s a high power watching over us. First we get the tattoo back and now the hiatus has been shorten. Happy days are here again. 🙂 Oh and since this higher power is on a roll… can we expect candid pics of the Pretty?

  4. Anon76

    Yes but only 5 epsiodes of Prison Break left after next week for a long, long time.:::cry:::
    I am not ready for this.

  5. ChatJemena

    Any news, even rumors, from the Fox/PB camp that it could be fans’ letter-writing campaign which caused Fox to shorten the hiatus? I hope so…Also, I think that the fact The Pretty became “Ultimate Hottie for All Time” has something to do with it, too. “Strike while the iron is hot” might be their mentality: if The Pretty is selling like delish pancakes, the show will sell well, too. Anyways, I am happy. Thanks, W4W, for telling us about the campaign and encouraging us.

    I have a proposal: Write to Fox/PB to hold a Fans’ Day with the PB cast. Scheduled for January, perhaps? Tell them to about the work being done by Wet For Went, The 1st Church of Wentworth Miller, PB Live Journal, etc. in keeping the show (and the stars) famous. Ask them to invite the “keepers” of these sites. That was what I was planning to do before the good news. Perhaps we can all do this?

  6. KM

    There are rumours that PB will end after episode 13 Source: TWoP)

  7. Krissie

    OK, so the hiatus is going to be shorter but just one more episode? NOOOOO!
    *being greedy and ungrateful*

  8. Amaryllis

    If the strike isn’t resolved quickly episode 13 will be the season finale sigh

  9. WFW

    That seems to be a possibility yes.

  10. Cat's Meow

    I guess Went will work on his “Hitchcock” type movie while on hiatus. Boy, I’d like to HITCH onto his COCK!!!! lol

  11. pemphredo

    But Went had said he wasn’t going to actually write the script for his ‘Hitchcock type ‘ movie.Recognising that he would need help turning his ideas into a workable and marketable product.

    He had employed a writer to do that….and since the writers are on strike, that means it stalls. I was kind of hoping that he was really pushing through on the development of this project to give him another role maybe next year.

    Now it may be delayed until the whole Writer’s strike is sorted.

  12. artgirl

    “I guess Went will work on his “Hitchcock” type movie while on hiatus. Boy, I’d like to HITCH onto his COCK!!!! lol”

    I gree with you. Although I think we will both have to fight over the position of the one who gets to “HITCH onto his COCK!!!!”

  13. Prison-gate

    uhhh…I read on another’s thread over on IMdb that the show will indeed return in January but for five episodes and then won’t return again till APRIL!

  14. WFW

    In April, or not at all, or…Yes, what initially sounded like good news may not be. I guess we just have to wait and see. Looks like it all rests on when the Writers’ Strike ends.

  15. Cat's Meow


    LMAO!!! Fighting over who gets to have sex with Went gives the term “COCKFIGHT” a whole new meaning!!! lol

  16. Rose

    Oh I do hope in Aussieland we get it Jan 14 or else it’s gonna be one very, very, long, hot summer!

  17. Skippy

    It’s likely that they have at least two to three more episodes done after this one on Monday.

    Thanks writers….lets get this strike resolved!

    Honestly, the way isn’t too bad….it’s not like some other shows out there that went in the crapper after a long hiatus

  18. Sahra

    hmm it doesn’t worry me here as season 3 hasn’t started yet!! Just coz we are at the bottom of the world doesn’t mean we have to be the last to see everything!!! but i guess sometimes its a good thing!! the hiatus break probably wont affect our viewing once it gets started – cross fingers, toes, leges eyes that it starts in the new year!! wee hoo….

  19. KM

    When PB is over (soon) I hope they ask him to do another TV show, because if he turns to films we won’t see much of him anymore. We need our weekly fix ot we’ll end up like Mahone…

  20. ChatJemena

    How about Went in “Law & Order”?

  21. KM

    @ Not sexy enough! I’d prefer him in Nip/Tuck or Californication, where we could see his FLESH!

  22. KM

    By the way, the star of Nip/Tuck, (the one who plays Christian) has just been doing a photoshoot for Playgirl magazine, scantily clad, of course.
    Can you imagine Went, in the buff, reclining on a fur bed? I can!

  23. Cat's Meow

    @KM, I agree honey. Most peeps want Went to do films, but that’s not enough for me. You know how lazy he is, he’ll only do 1 or 2 films a year. I need my Wenty fix each and every week. My addiction for this angel boy is too great! I’d rather him do a weekly show on FX or HBO, or some show where we can see plenty of love scenes and nude scenes!!! He’s mentioned recently he’d like to work 5 or 6 eppys on “Law & Order” because he loves that show so much. Fuck that Went, we need to see more skin!!!!

  24. ChatJemena

    KM and Cat’s Meow:

    Went in “Law & Order” will have him wearing that thing he wore for that Italian mag: white polo shirt, sleeves rolled half-way up his arms, loooong necktie, belt with that sexy buckle, denims, and the “I know you want to fuck me” smirk. The one that nearly caused WfW to have a heart attack. The one that Fashion Police approved of. The one–(oh, shit! I’m horny again…)

  25. Krissie

    I read that there’ll be one more epi on Nov 19.

  26. Cat's Meow

    Hot description of Went!!! At this point I wouldn’t mind Went doing fucking commercials, just as long as I get to see him on my TV. I don’t want to have to wait once a year to see him in a movie. The ideal would be Went doing a TV though I would want him to do that along with a TV show.

  27. Cat's Meow

    Sorry, my computer posted before I was finished. The last sentence should read:

    The ideal thing would be Went doing a TV show, as well as movies, that way we get to see him as much as possible!!!

  28. eustacia

    I donThis isn’t really good news, is it? Before the writers’ strike, we were supposed to get 13 episodes before the 4-month hiatus. Now we got only 8 episodes pre-hiatus, and when the show returns in January, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll get the planned 14 episodes in succession. In the new schedule released, another show replaces PB in the timeslot come April, so it seems that when PB returns in January, it will only run for 5 episodes (unless the strike miraculously gets resolved soon).

  29. Wentworth's Wife

    In sunny South Africa, PB is shown in succession with no break in between the “Wentness”. The only sucky thing, excuse my colloquialism, is that we have to wait until March, I think, for the first episode of the third season 😦

  30. Wentworth's Wife

    February, my bad 😉

  31. KM

    On a Prison Break forum, there’s a photo of the Arlington shooting with an unknown actress who could be “Molly”
    What do you think?

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