Wentworth Miller: Sexiest Man Alive Part Deux

Check him out on the video and guess who else is on there? Amaury! SHOUT OUT TO AMAURY! Way to go baby!

Wentworth is an obvious choice, hell, he’s hotter than Lindsey Lohan’s Firecrotch. He’s hotter than feet in sweat socks. He’s hotter than a menopausal woman. While none of these analogies are hot, Went definitely is.

My question is this: Will he get more than a third of a page this year? HE MOTHERFUCKING BETTER!

*ahem* The issue hits news stands in a couple weeks. Oh and I WILL hunt you down if you fuck it up People, I’m not kidding…EW gets it. They even used *gasp* a pic from SEASON 3! In fact, I think you may need some pic suggestions, so here you go:

I named the above pic “FUCK” for a reason. Just, FUUUUUUUUUUCK …

The world could use a little Vamp Went. If you want to spice things up a bit, the above has my vote.

You can’t go wrong with Blue Motherfucking Steel Bitches. It has it all. Blue Steel, Open Crotch, Lovely Foot, Forearm, Chest Hair, Fingers. It just works on so many levels; It should be hanging in a museum.

A classic choice, “Tuck” is not for the faint of heart. I love the open shirt, the way the jeans bunch at the bottom and the way the buckle of the belt is begging you to unzip him. Oh yes belt buckle, I will obey.

Who gives a damn that the shirt is too tight, LOOK. AT. THAT. POSE. No explanation necessary.

And if one wants to truly be different, in a feat of impossible proportions, they could go Harry Potter on ’em and just put in MOVING pictures. I think the power of the Pretty could make this possible and I demand that someone actually try it.

Penetration…Do I need to explain its utter magnificence? Do I? No. No, I do not.

And how about this one? This scene DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN YET and ALREADY there’s a moving picture. It’s like Back to the Future or something.

He just KEEPS TAKING IT OFF! Over and over and over and over and I think my eyes are crossing. *smacking self in the back of the head*

Was this post just a reason for gratuitous pic spam? You be the judge.

What are we going to do tonight Brain?
The same thing we do every night Pinky, try and take over the world!

This post is brought to you by, the residual effects of gin; May the force be in you.

Thanks for the heads up Aniela!


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71 responses to “Wentworth Miller: Sexiest Man Alive Part Deux

  1. Van

    “Magnifica” as always!
    HURRAY to the Sexiest Man ALIVE!

    LMAO @ Bend Over Went 😀

  2. KM

    Glad to see Amaury in there, too. He’s got such beautiful features and chiseled lips….

  3. sona chic

    My vote goes to the season 1 moving picture. So hot. Who is hotter then Wentworth Miller? Season1 Wentworth Miller. Yep.

    And, if I may add- that is one funny post WFW. Lmao. I keep having those silly images of Went actually reading this, gasping with outrage and blushing like the nerd he is.

  4. KM

    How many times have we been drooling over the cavity search clip? And it WORKS every time!

  5. sona chic

    Oh and the boots in the Vamp pic are nice.

  6. neri

    That was like a milli-sec of Went on the video!! WTF?!

    and then they have a poll about who has the sexiest eyes….WENT’s NOT EVEN ON THERE?!?!?! hello!

    and oh yeah, they sooo better NOT even recycle a photo from some random place of Went that won’t even do him justice, I will not have it! >-|

    do him….. *snickers*

  7. SavMed

    WFW, you are so wonderful. I don’t think I can emphasise that enough.

    And the moving picture and word penetration, should not be used so close together. No, they definitely should. Forgive me, I’m out of my mind.

  8. neri

    oh! I sooo vote for the Blue steel…..its got a little bit of everything that needs to be showcased!

    *stares at the tatt ani*
    *runs to the bathroom*

  9. Mink

    As those motherfucking animated gifs take ages to make I feel duty bound to dive in and point out that I made the first one (‘Penetration’ – nice title, WFW) and Maichan made ‘Take It Off’.

    No need to thank us. We did it for the love. 😉

    As for “People” mag…oh, you so know they are gonna fuck it up again this year with some paltry mention. They don’t have a fucking clue. End of story.

  10. Krissie

    Wentworth Miller: Sexiest Man Alive


  11. WFW

    I forgot you made that first one Mink! Oh and Take it Off should be clickable and take you right to Maichan‘s post. YAY! I’m way too hyper; I think I need a time out.

  12. Bel

    I vote for the vamp pic.

    vamp went
    vamp went
    vamp went
    vamp went

    Seriously, he wouldn’t be ALLOWED to undress. Just jank away some annoying fabric and get going.

  13. Bel

    And Amauoooooooooooooohhhhhhryyyyyy!
    Thanks to this post I’m imagining him in vamp attire too, and can I just say … muy muy caliente!

  14. Rose

    Oh Fuck, Wentworth even orange and out of focus you do it for me like no other.

    I am a big fan of the Harry Potter moving pics, (ie: Breaking News WM is an ass man)!

    And now the Marauders Map (aka tat) is back
    Can I get a Yee Haaa!

  15. Rose

    Bring us the MOVING “Towel Swingage” from s1. Oh god I’m gonna die.

  16. Kassie

    OMG such eye candy so early in the morning…I need an insulin shot, my hands are shaking!! Thank you thank you thank you WFW.

    To brag on myself, I scored 7 out of 8 on the chest quiz…

    That pic of Went was way too fast…don’t like the 100 men in one minute…prefer 100 men at my leisure…

    OOOOH…gotta go…need some “alone time”…

  17. Kassie

    By the way WFW, all those pics of Went are smouldering hot…the man MUST procreate!!! Who volunteers? *he he*

  18. neri

    ^ME, ME!!! *raises hands and legs*

    and don’t even get me started with that sexy Boricua Amaury

    *runs to the bathroom again*

  19. Skippy

    He could be having a really shitty day…and still look hot as hell

    **thinking why the hell could he ever have a bad day with a fine ass like that **

    Thank you jesus!

  20. Cat's Meow

    Those peeps at PEOPLE MAGAZINE are high on crack! Went should be on the cover as the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!! No one else compares!

  21. niknak

    @ Cat’s: AMEN! Still not sure why Went is not getting the proper pic coverage and interview with his ‘Sexiest’ stint. Let me run a magazine for a day. It will be all Went, all the time!

  22. ChatJemena

    You just made my day again. Maraming Salamat to you (ginned or unginned–>oooh, “coining” sounds just like “boinking”), Mink, and Maichan. Goddess, I hope lots of EW mags with Miller on the cover gets shipped to my country…If there’s a problem, will someone kindly put it up? Thanks mucho again!

  23. Darci

    Ladies (and some gentlemen) Pic no. 3: the best crotch ever! I can’t take my eyes off the crotch!

  24. Cat's Meow

    @Darci, I was just going to say the same thing. Pic #3 is the HOTTEST pic of Went by far. He has one sexy crotch!!! I wish I had x-ray vision!!! lol

  25. KM

    The crotch pic has been gracing my screen for a long time: I’m just SO GOOD now at mentally photoshopping those jeans …..

  26. Rose

    Pic 3 is so hot but looks so uncomfortable! “Here Wentworth let’s find a more comfortable position, on top of me!”
    Fuck Pic 5 screams Italian, the hair’s hot the hint of belly HOT! Crotch Hot!

    Pic 2 Screams “I want you back, I want you back, I want you back for good” (back for good, Take That)

    Pic 1 SHIT I think I just died!

  27. KM

    Pic 5 isn’t Italian, Rose, it’s one of the “infamous” Mark Liddell pictures….

    WFW: Actually, Pic 5 IS Italian, seeing that it's from the D Mag shoot which is an Italian Magazine.

  28. KM

    …M.Liddell also the “masturbation and cum dripping” pic, in the same series!

  29. Rose

    KM you take everything literally!

  30. KM

    Well, Rose, that’s how I’m made. Too much of a scientist, I’m afraid…Everything has to be questioned.

  31. KM

    Since we had him voted Ultimate Hottie, don’t you think he OWES us more gratuitous naked flesh?

  32. KM

    I want legs. I’m a whore thigh…

  33. Kassie

    Yes! Legs! …and more butt!! And is there a chest shot without the tattoo? WFW, gotta say that I love the pic on your homepage. Makes me want to hug him, then kiss his neck, his jaw, his cheek, and then those hot hot lips…

  34. Rose

    I’m a fucken arm whore!
    Went get some T-Shirts boy!
    If it’s too cold over there, It’s definitly warming up in Australia!
    Oh Fuck the arms I wanna SEE EVERYTHING! and I mean everything!

  35. Rose

    Oh haha PIC 5 is Italian!
    You see I am Italian and they made him look oh so masculine! *shuddering*
    Italian’s don’t play around they go straight for what they want, no being coy! 😉

    Thank you for the link, I’ll try to read it! If I can stop drooling!

  36. rach

    wfw u just rock my world. thank you for all those pics. i tink my brain turned into ooze. much love!

  37. Rose

    Oh god just when I thought I couldn’t be any hotter for Went that interview did it for me! Thank You WFW.
    Not that I haven’t heard all that shit before but Wentworth described in Italian has brought his sexiness to a higher level!

    The caption on the pic that describes what he is wearing… *hyperventilating*
    Oh god I could just tear that fucking shirt off, even if it probably costs $700!

  38. Darci

    @ Cat’s Meow, I just wanna bury myself deep in that crotch and only come up for air! Or may be not come up at all………Just take my last breath in there! (bit dramatic I know but the pic is sooo hawt I can’t help it!)

  39. bexyboo

    It HAS to be Picture 6!!! I could look at it over and over again!! Actually if I lie flat on my back and hold the laptop above me it’s even better!!!!!

  40. Rose

    Holy Crap I tried that Bexyboo and I was so mesmerized that it fell on my face! It also could have been due to the fact I was holding the computer with one hand, hehe!

  41. bexyboo

    @ Rose
    LMAO at PC nearly falling on you, yes a steady hand is essential (especially as the other one is moving at sucha fast pace!) LOL

  42. KM

    BEX, do you watch “A Girl’s Guide to 21rs century Sex” on Channel FIVE (UK) ? Last night there was a close-up of a man in action, whose thighs looked exactly like Went’s! So I was able to imagine the erect peen was Went’s too….
    I went to bed in a sweet disposition!

  43. bexyboo

    Previous comment being modded Rose!
    @ KM Have never seen it, but seen adverts for it. A man with thighs like Went?? Will Sky plus every episode! If u like legs your fave pic is prob number 5, am I right?? LOL

  44. Cat's Meow


    LMFAO!!! After seeing pics #3 and #5, I never wanted to give a guy a BJ so much in my life!!!! lol

  45. Cat's Meow

    @KM & BB,

    Went’s thighs are so sexy in jeans. That whole Jensen interview, I was wetting my panties just checking out his incredible thighs!!!

  46. KM

    @Bex, #3 is the best one for me, thighs, crotch and lovely naked foot! It’s been one of my faves since I first put foot in Wentland, early last year… I also love the black and white armchair pose,with the black wifebeater , the pout and the fuck-me-please- I’m- so- lonely expression….

  47. bexyboo

    @ Cat’s Meow
    Arms do it for me and eyes. Not that I don’t love EVERY CENTIMETRE of Went……I just love the whole “strong thing” going on. Mmmmm…

  48. bexyboo

    Have you seen the one of him on the bed topless with a tat on his spine? Arms are perfection & his face is just saying “come here now, I’m waiting for you!” GOOOOOOD….

    WFW: It's Fake

  49. KM

    Be careful, it’s not the montage photo? The one with Beckham’s body and tattoo, and Went’s head with a blue bonnet?

    WFW: Not the same picture but also fake.

  50. bexyboo

    No don’t think thats the one, he definately ain’t wearing a bonnet! And the tat is a small one above his jeans. One of his hands is tied to the bedpost.

  51. Rose

    I had to come back for pic5.
    The way his ass hovers off the chair! (look below the crotch!)
    That shirt is begging to be ripped off.

    Oh and yes Went you hold the sides of that chair tight, because it’s a gonna be ROCKIN’!

  52. bexyboo

    You’re right!! Have just googled it and it shows Beckham in just the same pose. SHIIIITT! :o(

  53. bexyboo

    I’m still looking at pic 6 since this morning! (laptop still up in the fucking air!!)

  54. KM

    It was Maichan at the Church who did the montage, and it’s been borrowed by many sites as genuine ! She should ask for money…

  55. bexyboo

    It LOOKS so genuine tho doesn’t it?? I thought the tat was a stick on job, and it really was Went…*excuse me while I cry!!*

  56. KM

    Don’t cry Bex! We’ll soon see half nekkid Went on PB!

  57. bexyboo

    *cheers up almost instantly* OOOH yes, lord have mercy – only it will be another 2 weeks for me!! *starts to cry again* BUT! You guys will put it on here what it’s like and give me loadsa feedback b4 I see it! *happy again!*

  58. Cat's Meow


    WHAAAAAAT????? All this time I thought those pics were really Went!!!!! You mean to tell me those are really Beckham’s body????? I’m shocked!!!!


  59. bexyboo

    @Cat’s Meow
    I know – I’m gutted too *starts crying again* BUT if you think about it, Went’s body is better than Beck’s anyway! I just got turned on by the pose itself..

  60. Cat's Meow

    I still can’t believe those pics are photoshopped!!! They are really good! In the 2nd pic how the hell did they get Went’s face looking downward??? Are you sure that one is photoshopped??? It looks too real!!

    Now that we know they aren’t real, in a way they are out of character for Went. I mean, his pants are undone, and I don’t think Went would go for that. He’s very reserved and even though the pics of him sitting with his legs spread are extremely sexy, he is fully clothed. Am I right???!!!

  61. Rose

    Geez Wentworth you are oh so hot! I just had to come back and see your crotch!

    Pic4 those lips, those lips, those luscious lips!

  62. bexyboo

    @Cat’s Meow
    Unfortunately you are right. Don’t think he would ever lose his clothes for pics. Oh if ONLY there was a Playboy type mag except for women…Went as centrefold??? Imagine that??

  63. KM

    BEX, there is a Playgirl magazine! Check it out, it’s great!

  64. bexyboo

    England doesn’t do ANY of this, the closest we get is Cosmo’s 100 sexiest blokes! *stamping foot* Have celebs appeared in Playgirl?? How naked are they?? *still picturing went in this mag*

  65. KM

    Well, Bex, I bought one or two copies of “Playgirl” in Switzerland! I’m sure you can find it in England.
    Yes, some celebs appear regularly in it, but don’t show their dicks!
    By the way, Playgirl is online( but you must pay!)

  66. bexyboo

    Holy shit! Talk about not knowing where to look!! Online? I’LL PAY, I’LL PAY!

  67. Cat's Meow

    Yes, “Playgirl” has been around for years in the States!! It’s just as popular as “Playboy”. And celebs have posed nude in the past. I haven’t checked out the magazine in a while, so I’m not sure if they show their cocks now. Let me know when you find it!!!

    How I wish Went would pose nude, but I doubt that would happen since he’s so shy and reserved. Boy, I would give just about anything to see him fully nude, but it’ll never happen. And I suppose I love him for that, it’s sweet that he’s so shy!!!

  68. Cat's Meow

    Went’s a fucking tease, that’s what he is! He knows we would love to see him nude, but he won’t do it just to drive us fucking CRAZY!!!!

    Went’s a very smart man. He knows that women think a mysterious man is intriguing. He knows you gotta leave them wanting more, and that’s exacly what he does!!! And you have to admit, he’s fucking RIGHT!!! lol

  69. KM

    Well, Playgirl shows men’s dicks (but not celebs’!) and the online site, well, it shows a bit more, apparently… Not that I have paid to be a member, I share my computer with 4 other people (two boys!) and it would be very embarrasing if they found Playgirl spreads on the Desktop!

  70. Rose

    NO Way would Wentworth do that nasty Playgirl shit!
    I just went on that website and I am scarred!
    All those n-n-n-nasty guys who spend way too much time working out/drinking protein shakes/taking steroids, are gross!
    Wentworth is not a tosser like that, oh god all those guys are disgusting! ewwww!!!!!

  71. Rose

    Oh I just tortured myself even more by watching the Playgirl TV. God is it really a turn on for women to see another woman please an arrogant arse with biceps bigger that his brains but not his ego, argh! The looks on those men’s faces just made me so angry!
    You’d think Playgirl would be about pleasure for women!

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