WFW is going on World Tour

Well, that or a family vacation…one of the two and that means the blog will be on hiatus until I return; Comments will be deactivated before I leave. If Went news breaks or you want to discuss Prison Break episodes, take it to the cbox; I will be making sporadic appearances there when I get the time.

If you live in Barcelona, Marseilles, Nice, Florence, Rome, Ajaccio, Gibraltar, Malaga, or Valencia, see you at the dock. If you need Prison Break news, head on over to Mikey’s blog. If you need Went news, head on over to Church and if you want entertainment and you’re a traitorous bitch with a secret thing for J-squared, head on over to AJ and MT’s new blog about those False Idols that we do not mention for they are the debil and OLP is Lord. WiP

Have a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday and be bad…not good, be bad. Oh and bundle up; It’s cold out there.


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33 responses to “WFW is going on World Tour

  1. KM

    Jesus, WFW, how long will you be gone?
    Anyway, enjoy yourself and I hope you’ll have good weather, it’s chilly at the moment in Europe!
    No chance you come to Geneva? Well, I know it’s a cruise….
    Bisous et bonnes vacances!

  2. MT

    …and if you want entertainment and you’re a traitorous bitch with a secret thing for J-squared, head on over to AJ and MT’s new blog about those False Idols that we do not mention for they are the devil…

    Hahaha. I can’t even argue with you, cuz J2 are TOTALLY made of sin!

    JiP. JiP.

  3. WFW

    I’ll be back on 11/23 and MT, Find your own term you blasphemous whore! WiP! I ‘ll miss you…

  4. SU


  5. Van

    WFW have a good time in Europe.
    I hope you come back soon!
    But above all enjoy your vacation … you trully need. 😀

    BTW, love that pic 😛

    Boa Viagem (means have a good trip!)

  6. Rose

    Spread the Wetness!
    I hope you have a good time and that we get some very interesting “Where is Went” pics from the cruise!

  7. MT

    Haha you love my blaspheming ass. Does Chicago have a port? Cuz you could do a detour to see J2. It’s not too late!!

    I forgot to say have a safe trip WFW. I hope Europe is bracing itself.

    Oh and fellow cruisers, when the ship is a-rocking, dont go a-knocking!!

  8. KM

    She’ll find herself a French lover and she’ll forget Went and us!

  9. SU

    Yes, Lover, SU jealous but you deserve it!

    Have fun!!! Give those Spanish stallions hell for me or just give ’em head – same diff!


    Oh and Went is definitely pretty in the above picture but they photoshopped the shit outta him. The character is gone from his face. He looks faker than my barbie butt avatar! AND where the fuck! is the BULGE???!!!! HELLO!!! BULGE???!!!!

    Anyhoo, Enjoy Lover!!!

    WHIP!!! PLANK!!! POLE!!!

    P.S. Can you say “Yo le joderé inconsciente!!!!” ?
    *Sorry if my translation is off…*

  10. Erika

    WFW, your presence will be missed in blogosphere. Have fun! 🙂

  11. WFW

    Yeah Went has been photoshopped within an inch of his life in that pic and I will miss you all!

  12. Gbaby

    Boohoohoo, *Sniff*,

    Where to go for my entertainment?

    Anyway, have a good vacation.

    *waves hand to departing ship*

  13. Krissie

    You better get you know who (and I don’t mean Voldemort!) signing my postcards. ‘Tis all.
    *off to hibernation till WFW returns*

  14. shelley

    WFW, you deserve an ocean view room, I hope you splurged!

  15. WFW

    Oh I’m Ocean View alright: Concierge Class baby!

  16. ladiuvernuà

    hey! I do live in Florence!
    Drop by when you get a chance!!
    Have fun.

  17. Thanks WFW for mention PBREAK, I really appreciate it. Just to let you know the new URL is:!

  18. neri

    my Gosh! where do all these lovely pictures come from?! *drools*

    oh yeah, TOTALLY photoshoped, you can tell they made his eyes brighter — but still CUTE! 😉

    *sigh* :-/ You didn’t stuff me in your suitcase so i can go with you but that’s ok, maybe next time :p

    love, peace and hair grease! 🙂

  19. neri

    didn’t realized they actually put that image up in the site like that with the leg cloned and layered so badly, wow. That designer totally got fired lol

  20. FMW

    Happy trails and safe travels WFW *waaah*

  21. Cat's Meow

    I love Went’s face with all his beauty marks, moles, freckles, lines, etc. This photo is airbrushed, and he looks too young without them. I prefer the fully grown & sexy Went!!!

    Bon Voyage WFW!!! Have fun eating, drinking, partying up a storm!!!

  22. When you get to Roma, make sure you wander around Trastevere! Hot shit. Oh, and you haven’t had pizza till you’ve been to this little shop called Simone’ off of via Pietro Roselli. Suppli, yo!!!

    I’m hungry….

    Have fun, WFW. I’ll be sure to have Jensen autograph a pair of his underwear for you this weekend. 😉 Wooooot!

  23. Mama Bear

    WFW, for the love of all things holy, PLEASE get a picture of you straddling some naked male (or female) statue. 😉 Have a great time and come home safe!

  24. Fashion Police

    How could you leave us??? Where is Went??? are you meeting up with him and not telling us???

  25. Fashion Police

    Where ever your going ….dress to impress!!!…oh!! and stay warm.

  26. Sahra

    wow that pic is hot hot hot….that would warm up ya bed real fast!! grawl!!
    oooooo i’m gonna miss our little comments wfw. But hope you have a bloody fab time. miss you already…… mwah!
    have a goodin!

  27. Juma

    Have a great trip WFW!!
    To bad you’re not stoping in Portugal because me and Van would meet you and show you the good stuff here!
    You are gonna rock Europe!

  28. bananne

    Pack all the warm clothes, it’s cold over here right now… Save trip and enjoy (your first real vacation since this site?)!!

  29. krisd81

    If I asked you to stay, would you? lol

  30. niknak

    What are “the Gay Debate”rs going to do???

    Have a FABULOUS time!! Don’t worry about us, we’ll be here when you get back. Maybe you can get the Pope to hold up your “Where’s Went?” sign!

  31. KM

    Anytime now, WFW is going to pull the plug and this blog will fade to dark.

    I just hope she gives us a countdown.

    Not yet, though. I can picture her this very moment, packing her most troubling undies, her favourite sex toys and her warmest, yet sexy, woollies to be ready for her Med adventures…

    Do you think we’ll get a full account of what happened?

  32. Wentworth's Wife

    Dear WFW,

    Please have a lovely vacation and keep an eye out for my husband… He has gone galavanting and I am missing him terribly.
    If he happens to be in Marseilles, Nice, Florence, Rome, Ajaccio, Gibraltar, Malaga or Valencia please spank his bottom and send him home.
    Lots of love

    Mrs Miller 🙂

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