In case you care…

I’m home and alive.  Regularly scheduled programming will return as soon as I get settled.  That is all.


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95 responses to “In case you care…

  1. Kris

    I do, I do! Care that is. Good to have you back.

  2. KM

    OMG! You’re back and ALIVE!
    We missed you and the site SO much!
    Did you enjoy yourself?

  3. Mink

    Welcome back, honey! 🙂 Hope the trip was good. And if you’re online right now (which it seems that you are), then you are evidently suffering from that bitch they call “jet lag”. 😦

    You’ve actually got quite a lot to catch up on on the WM ‘activity’ front, so I’ll let you get to that. Talk to you later. *smooches*

  4. Sahra

    Yay your back……in case it matters…. I missed you!! yep aha

    I’m hanging out for an update on sexy went! oh yeah crawling at the walls ~ kinda hanging out!!

  5. shanti66

    Thanks God! I was getting VERY worried about you and of course missing you toooo much!
    Welcome back!
    Hope your vacation was great and you are soon ready to entertain us all.

  6. DanceForMe

    I do indeed care. Really missed you WFW, I guess I suffered from WFW-drought. Good to hear that you are okay and my favourite blog will revive soon. Wish you a nice relaxing week-end,

  7. WFW

    Thanks guys. Yeah, jet lag is going to kick my ass although it didn’t get me on the way there it’s getting me now plus I caught a cold while away so I’ll be drugged and in bed for a while. I had a great time though! More soon…

  8. Amaryllis

    Welcome back!
    We missed you

  9. shelley

    Well missy, I hope you had a good time aboard your ship. It’s been a long 2 weeks (?) here, but you know, as long as YOU had a good time…:) Good to have you back!

  10. Jen

    Missed ya! Glad you are back in lovely b-more safe and sound!

  11. Marleen

    Welcome back!

  12. Thank God you’re back – I’m a bit pissed (drunk in Blighty terms) so this is a little difficult to write – so glad you are home!!! I’ve been in Denver and Ottawa for the last two weeks so I guess we’ve just missed each other (not like we were on the same continent or anything). Managed to See Prison Break whilst in Canada thanks to a sympathetic husband of friend, so right up to date with everything – even the fake Wentworth tattoo guy….mmm need to stop now as screen is going out of focus. Hope you had a great cruise!!!!

  13. Erika

    Good heavens! You have no idea how much you were missed. Hope you had a great time and welcome back.

  14. Sweetie

    Welcome back from Toronto!

  15. Dannie

    Glad your back, missed you, hope you had a great time.

  16. Bugsy

    Hey,gud to have my fav blogger back! I just got to c prison break season 3 in south africa and i really loved it! Cant wait to hear news bout went .

  17. Van

    Welcome back Mistress.
    I hope you enjoyed your cruise.
    I missed you much.
    Good to have you back 😀

    *can´t wait for new Posts* ihihihihih

  18. Alison

    I do care! It is good to have you back WFW!! I hope you enjoyed your trip. We all missed you.


  19. Bel

    Hi! Good to have you back! But really, were we, the Europeans, so bad that it’s a relief to be back alive? Or so good? 😉

  20. WFW

    I wanted to stay in Europe! The alive part just means that my plane landed safely which I am always thankful for as I am not a fan of planes. Rome and Cannes were great and Marseilles actually felt like home; I liked their spirit there. Why am I awake? My body is so confused…

  21. KM

    WFW, get ready for an extensive account of your trip ( scenery, impressions, food, men…sex!) we need to know.
    You must justify leaving us all alone and lost here, staring at your dead blog…it was awful!

    Burning question: did you go to the Palais des Festivals or the Martinez pool where He Was Photographed at the MIDCOM?

    What was it like to breathe the very air He Breathed in Cannes?

  22. BB



  23. Snowflake

    Welcome back!
    Tell us everything about the cruise!!!

  24. Rose

    Welcome back, I’m shaking in need of a fix.

  25. Kassie

    Just know this, WFW, you were missed!!!! Glad you’re back safe and partially sound…get well soon. We need you. 🙂

    @Mink: are you referring to the blogger “Elkin” on Just Jared commenting about WM and LM?

    @runaway: “fake tattoo guy”? What did I miss?

  26. niknak

    Of course we care! Welcome back to the good ol’ U.S. of A.!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your European vacation!

  27. SU







  28. Darci

    Welcome back WfW. Missed you and Went!

  29. KM

    Yes, the fake tattoo was such a disappointment for us all! But we understand the reasons…Well, mostly, because this tattoo moment was TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the plot!
    I think that the FOX monkeys were trying to tease us with some fake Went flesh to boost the ratings…

  30. Mink

    “@Mink: are you referring to the blogger “Elkin” on Just Jared commenting about WM and LM?”

    Am I referring to that where? In this post to WFW re. WM ‘activity’?

    No, I am not referring to that. Not even a little bit.

  31. Gbaby

    *Throws arms in the air and does a dance around her desk*

    Bloggingwise these two weeks were BORING.

    Good to have you have back, blog mistress. Other blogs are just not the same.

    You know we expect a full report with all (dirty) details regarding you trip.

  32. bexyboo

    WOOOO HOOOO … Welcome back!

    Did you have a lovely time?

  33. gypsiee

    welcome bak luv …..

  34. KM

    By the way, girls, there are GIGANTIC photos of Went at the Church!
    You’ve never seen Went so CLOSE (* drools*) his eyes can fill (sorry, I first wrote “feel”!) your screen and you can see EVERY detail of his face, it’s almost indecent (* drools even more*).


  35. KM

    His eyes are mesmerizing and you can see his contact lenses… his arms are practically hairless… you notice his beautiful skin is a bit too dry..

    * mentally applying Naked Body Butter from Bliss (chosen for it’s name), all over Went to be sure not to miss any dry part*

    * Naked.Body.Butter. Bliss. Went.*

    * Back in a while*

  36. Rosi


  37. llychee

    Hey WFW!! Sooo glad you’re back! Missed you, missed Went… but WFW hiatus was even more boring than PB hiatus!

  38. Mother Furking Yaaaay!

    Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.

    *looking around*


  39. Mama Bear

    Aloha WFW! Welcome back! I miss you much! Screw the Went news…let’s hear about your naked statue humping escapades throughout Europe! 😉

  40. Juma

    YAY WFW! I’m glad You’re back!
    I hope you had a great time in Europe. Tell us all about it.

  41. KM

    Hello, Mama Bear!
    I’m pleased to see you’re not hibernating yet, but I’m shocked you can say things like: “Screw the Went news”.
    You deserve 20 whiplashes on your furry arse!:-)

    Dunno what happen to you all: has turkey clogged your libido? Can it be possible that those HUGE HQ pics of our Went do NOTHING to you?
    I’ve been studying them for HOURS since I saw them on the Church… I never thought you could get such minute details of a person’s face and arms. (oh, that tiny beauty spot in the middle of his right forearm!).
    Best pics in the world. I hope we’ll get more of those….

  42. bexyboo

    Those pics are amazing…..
    BUT…The best pics in the world would be ones of him NAKED!!

  43. KM

    Hello, Bex!

    Glad to see YOU are still in a state to appreciate our Went! But you are British, you haven’t been a victim of Thanksgiving bloating….

    Along with poor WFW and her germy cruise encounters, all the rest of the troops here seem strangely devoid of any sex-driven appetite…

    And what happened to ROSE?

  44. bexyboo

    I will never stop appreciating the walking orgasm that is Wentworth Miller…But you’re right. NO thanksgiving turkey for me..*Sob* Some of us have to wait until Xmas!!

    Have no idea about Rose..away for thanksgiving maybe?

  45. SavMed

    So happy ur back!

    naked statue humping escapades…. do tell =)

  46. Snowflake

    I am still speechless!! His eyes….Oh my God!!
    *starring at the pictures*

  47. Rose

    Rose is here,
    we don’t give thanks in Aussieland.
    But I do enjoy giving thanks to myself and I’m even more than happy to give thanks to Mr Miller.

    That fine ass at the airport!!

    God he looks young in the pic where he is smiling for the camera all sweet and shy,
    Virginal Went owww.
    Then the pic with those sunnies, Fuck Me!

  48. Anonymous

    where the hell are these pics of went in sum church!?!

    btw soo glad you’re back WFW… missed you, but missin the wentness more!

  49. Kassie

    WFW, how are you feeling? Please get well soon! And give us some more Went! What is he doing now that the show is on hiatus, going to Pennsylvania (as “Elkin” said on JJ)? Where is Went? We want Went!

  50. ChatJemena

    Hello, Lady:

    *sighs* Just confirmed something while you were away: Not only am I a Wentaholic, but I have also become a W4W addict. (damn! too many addictions…) Welcome home, love.

    Re your Brownie Winter Went pic: yummy. Thanks much. Have asked in the cbox if anyone would like to come up with a recipe for a new holiday drink–Hot Miller on Ice–using Kahlua as one of the main ingredients. The pic inspired me.

  51. ChatJemena

    Lady, for you (from Lord Byron):

    She walks in beauty, like the night
    Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
    And all that’s best of dark and bright
    Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
    Thus mellowed to that tender light
    Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

    One shade the more, one ray the less,
    Had half impaired the nameless grace
    Which waves in every raven tress,
    Or softly lightens o’er her face;
    Where thoughts serenely sweet express
    How pure, how dear their dwelling place.

    And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
    So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
    The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
    But tell of days in goodness spent,
    A mind at peace with all below,
    A heart whose love is innocent!

  52. Sahra

    I hope you don’t mind i got board so i wrote the following!!!:
    Wenty wenty thank ‘God’ you sent he!!

    In the land of plenty there was one man named wenty, who made a fabulouse show.
    He made all the girls scream, and all the dirty dreams 7 nights in a row.
    With photos here, and interview’s there, he’s secreative like a pro.


  53. HereKitty

    Welcome back, WFW! Hope you’re feeling better soon and get back to your naughty Went ways!

  54. Welcome back, WFW…I have a question for ya and I really hope you don’t take it the wrong way but as a big fan of your work I was wondering…is your love for Went fading away? It’s just a feeling I got, so if I’m wrong, I apologize in advance!

  55. Kassie

    KM, thanks for the link to some serious eye candy. Looking at those close-ups, I saw a couple of moles that might need to be checked by a dermatologist. As a matter of fact, Went should have all the moles on his body examined!

    Kassie, free-lance dermatologist

  56. KM

    Kassie, I agree with you. I couldn’t help noticing all the moles on his body as I was massaging him with the hydrating cream yesterday.
    Next time I do it, I’ll call you for a thorough professional examination…

  57. Rose

    Holy Fuck KM
    The 2nd and 2nd last pic zoomed in! That mouth!

    Those almost purple lips and gums, oh-hh-h g-od.

    His hair the way it just curls, slightly.
    Every freckle every crease.
    Flawless, perfection!

  58. Dani

    Mama’s back!

    Heck – you been gone too long

  59. Sahra

    huh…..back photos???? moles??? where are these photos???

  60. Kassie

    Sahra, KM posted a link to some FCoWM photos of our beloved…see above “KM @ anonymous”

  61. Kassie

    KM, I looked at the photos again, and it seems Went “dresses” to the left, which is in keeping with the swingage video of him coming out of the Fox River shower wearing NOTHING but a towel…the naughty boy appears to be quite well hung. *drooling, weak, dizzy* Went, you manwhore!!! Stop this torture!!!

  62. KM

    “the naughty boy appears to be quite well hung”
    Did you expect anything else from such a tall man?
    Remember his semi-erection in Korea when he was saluting his fans? And the too tight fitting white jeans at the photo session. I wondered then if it was caused by the pretty Korean girl at the piano…. But,if he is gay…

  63. bexyboo

    LOL.. I know the EXACT place on my Season 1 dvd where Went comes out of that shower – I must have watched it about about 50 times!
    Torture?…. Are you kidding me???

  64. maya

    Welcome back ^^

  65. KM

    To Milla,

    You said: “WFW…I have a question for ya and I really hope you don’t take it the wrong way but as a big fan of your work I was wondering…is your love for Went fading away? It’s just a feeling I got, so if I’m wrong, I apologize in advance!”

    Well, WFW didn’t answer, and I’ve been wondering , too, if she’s less interested in her blog than she was earlier .
    Maybe it’s because there are too many busybodies like me who give their unsollicitated opinion (Lol)!

    But it can also be that she’s hurt and disappointed. Last year, she spent time and money to go all the way to L.A. to meet him and he didn’t turn up. True, he was filming in Florida at the time, but she sent him a present. Not a word to thank her.

    And what did she get, much later?
    A small signed photo which said:”You rock!”.

    Couldn’t he say, you rock, WFW”? It probably was a pre-signed pic that his agent dishes up by the dozen.
    It’s such a crying shame!
    Wet For Went is famous around the world, now. It was quoted in the German mag. And along with the Church, WFW made us vote for him repeatedly to make him “Ultimate Hottie of All Times”.
    His agent (if he did his work properly!) could at least make Went aware of such dedicated fan and fanbase…
    A little word HERE wouldn’t KILL HIM!!!I know some other actors do it on their fansite.

    I understand if WFW is hurt and feels cooler than before, I would , too.
    If she reads this (I doubt it) I would like to tell her that there is still time for the m………er to acknowledge her work, so she MUSTN’T GIVE UP!

  66. silver

    it was about time, leaving us like that!! 🙂
    Wellcome back, I missed you! Went missed you! (he did, he did!)

  67. silver

    “A little word HERE wouldn’t KILL HIM!!!I know some other actors do it on their fansite.”
    Exactly, KM! like William Fichtner did to his fans (fichtner_firsthand group), there’s a beautiful letter he sent…
    Wenty, darlin’, kick your agent’s butt or find another one more empatic to the needs of your fans….or, better yet, wake up and meet us!
    btw, does any one know the best snail address to send a letter to Went? (and what are the odds to receive a signed pic from Went when you live in Croatia when WFW barely managed to get one after such an effort she put in…it’s a crying shame, Wenty!)

  68. Fuushi

    hi! i seldomly post something on this blog, because everytime i am online noone else is 😉 damn time zones ;o) and my english is qiute bad. (sorry in advance)
    but… I am a totally devote reader of this blog. Today I feel like i should write something: I am concerned, that wfw will stop caring about went (although i think he should really care more about his fans, especially fans like wfw, and i could understand her beeing angry with him) and her blog, which would actually hurt more to me. this blog gives ma a laugh and happy (in many meanings *grinning*) thoughts everytime i read it . so please, wfw, don´t stop your blog!!! luv from “old europe”!

  69. KM

    Fuushi, don’t worry, I ASSUMED WFW was fed up with her blog, burt SHE didn’t say anything!

    It’s just she’s not here very much now…

  70. Fuushi

    km, i see what you mean. she didn´t chat, didn´t update since nov 24 th…. but i´ll be totally disappointed, if this blog closes down. ;-(

  71. Fuushi

    i wouldn´t just miss went, but also YOU ALL. *sniff*

  72. Kassie

    WFW is ill, or was ill and is hopefully on the mend. She’s also just back from a major trip, has jet lag, and might have holiday shopping and lots of other things to do. Her love for Went is true, and IMO his lack of contact will not change the way she feels about him…although it would be more than nice for all of us if he’d write her a kind letter, send her some flowers, and fuck her.

  73. Fuushi

    right 🙂
    i hope he follows your recommendations.
    but if i where wfw, i wouldn´t care about letters or flowers :-))

  74. WFW

    Awww your concern is touching. The truth is I just haven’t gotten around to posting; Hell I haven’t even unpacked yet. I’m desperately holding on to those blissfully stress free two weeks where all I had to do was make the tour bus or make it to the dining room at a certain time to eat. If anything is disappointing it’s coming back to my bills and various other things that I could have left forever for all I care. My love for Went has not changed and I’m actually working on a couple of Went related projects in the background which is usually the case when I’m not active. I don’t expect any contact with Went, direct or otherwise but if he wants to fuck me, I will not say no, lol.

  75. Cat's Meow

    Glad to have you back, WFW!! How was Rome? My dream is to go to Europe and most especially, Italy! Was it everything you had hoped it would be?

  76. Fuushi

    Hiiii! It´s good to hear from you wfw!
    @Cat´s Meow: rome is wonderful. fascinating, romantic, antique and bursting of live – all together at the same time. the rest of europe is fine, too. whenever your dream comes close to becoming true, feel free contact me (i live near nuremberg, bavaria, germany) 😉

  77. Mama Bear

    OK, I’ll bite…what Went projects are you working on now? A set visit? *relentless*

  78. Fuushi

    I am glad, that you stepped forward, Mama Bear. I am so curious!! ProjectS, so it´s more than one that you work on??

  79. Sahra

    one must ask, how does one become a member of “the Church??” one has applied but has the registration been lost in the cyber space? is one not worthy? hmmmmm…..

  80. KM

    Hey, WFW, I was surfing on the net when I discovered this gay site which stole your Went poem (but they say it comes from Wet for Went without further explanation)

  81. WFW

    Awww he liked it! Awesome…

    The projects are a surprise! I’m getting my shit together somewhat so new posts are coming; I promise!

  82. silver

    er…WFW, what about Where is Went project / contest? is this still on? Recently, I kinda tend to forget… the dates and the …and…see what I mean?

  83. WFW

    I haven’t made final selections yet so it’s still possible to send them to me. I’ll make a decision over the weekend. 🙂

  84. M-Tizzle

    I heard a cruise ship sunk whilst you were away. I thought OMG its gonna be on the news – ”WFW alive and well”. It wasnt your ship.

    Glad you’re back though. Good trip?

  85. KM

    I’m glad you erased my post, WFW! I was horrified and upset yesterday. Sorry. Things are better now.

  86. Wentworth's Wife

    You eternally lucky person!!!
    I would do anything to go on a trip like yours – well except give up Wentworth, but who could- I’m glad you had a safe trip and that you’re back on solid land…

  87. sueli

    *leaves large cup of cocoa for WFW*

    Welcome back. 🙂

  88. Anonymous

    IS THIS BLOG DYING????????

  89. Anon

    I’ll run amok if anybody welcomes WFW back another time round!

  90. mia

    welcome back wfw , anon runs amok lol

  91. Anon


  92. Wheelygirl

    Itching to seeing the new projects now………

    BTW Cheers for the tip re the poster hangers – brilliant & yep, those mesmorising eyes follow every move. Bliss on a wall.

  93. Anon2

    Yes, is this blog dying?
    WFW doesn’t seem to care anymore.
    She’s been back a long time and no sign of life since then..

  94. mia

    yeah but you know what its like when you come back from holiday, as well as sorting out all the stuff like packing and bills , there is the reallity that the holiday is now over and wfw probably just needs a lil time to get back in the swing of things.

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