The Non-Went

We waited and we waited and we waited to see that tat again but instead we were greeted with the ill-fitting gray shirt of death. We begged and pleaded for skin, and we got it…Sort of.

Some of you may be wondering, who’s back was that?! that I wanted to lick if it wasn’t Went’s? I know I was! Now we know; That back belonged to Glen or as he will now be known: The Body.

Using my powers of deduction, I would have to say that is most certainly not Went’s ass and as such, I had questions and I wanted answers. Our Extra Groupie…Errr…Blog correspondent Neri was on the case and did a brief Wenterview with Non-Went (who managed to get some shots of himself in the tat with his camera phone).

1. How exactly does one get those kinds of muscles in their back?

i didn’t notice that i had such a great back since that episode aired…but working out i think did the trick though and nutrition. i try to work out 5-6 times a week but try to focus on every part of my body. i don’t get too many chances to stare at my back but from what i hear i don’t think i need to focus on it as much anymore lol.

2. Tell us all about Wentworth Miller. Everything. Tell us everything. Leave nothing out. We only care about His Royal Hotness and no one else…Well I’ve got love for Amaury but…Anyway, back to Went. Is he just wonderful?

most of the time when i am there it is because went isn’t there, but i have met him a couple of times and talked to him. in person he kinda reminds me of his character in PB. hes a little quiet and seems to be good at what he does. hes smart and dedicated. he seems to be a very genuine guy and pleasant to work with.

3. We all thought that you were Went since we haven’t seen his body in so very long. I just assumed he had been working out like his life depended on it. How does it feel to know I wanted to lick your back? Do you also know that you are now known as Glen “The Body?”

i like that name Glen “the body” but it may need a little touch up. something a little more catchy! lol…and licking my back is very flattering…i don’t think any sane guy would ever turn something like that down.

And there you have it people, the owner of the back we all wanted to hump is also apparently, a cool dude and a good sport. For the more in depth interview, go here and of course, be sure to visit Glen’s Myspace page and compliment him on his killer abs.

Disclaimer: This is not to say I wouldn’t still hump you Went; That offer will always and forever be on the table. Yes, that’s right, from now until the end of time. I didn’t forget about you baby, in fact, here’s my number again: 410…


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18 responses to “The Non-Went

  1. Kassie

    WFW, you’re back!!! Woohoo!! I was getting worried about you. Glen “the body” has a nice back, but sorry, I want Went. And I would like to have that grungy gray shirt of death if Went’s done wearing it. I’ll hold it close at night while I fall asleep…

  2. Van

    Well this is an interesting post.
    Glen, the Body, is such a lucky one!
    He is our connection to Wentworth Miller.
    I mean, it’s N’s connection to Went. lololol
    I don’t really mind Went has his double guys to do scenes for him, in fact that is the most normal thing that happens when the actors become big stars.
    So Glen, the Body, if you, by any chance, come check out this web site and get to read my comment, I have just one thing to ask you:
    Take a pic with Went and send it to WFW!!!

    We, the fans of the Prety Went and The body, would really apreciate that a lot. šŸ˜†

    Oh well, its just an idea! WENTPOWER!

  3. Melm

    Hello WFW. Nice to see you gathering us all around your witty blog again. During your own hiatus, I spoke with a girl who met OLP in the streets of LA two or three months ago. I suggested that she share the details of that religious encounter on this blog or the Church, but she likes keeping those blissful moments to herself. She confirms though that he is ever the gentleman, taking a series of pictures with the lucky girl and her sister and then waiting until the two siblings got in their car and drove away. Apparently, he didn’t leave on the spot, but waved them off with a “take care” and only then got into his own car. I saw the picture, he was eye-blinding as usual: blue shirt and beige bermudas, revealing his slender limbs. The scene took place in front of a Starbucks and he was of course having his legendary Mocca-frappucino.
    And oh, there was a woman in his car (he was coming out of the Starbucks with two cups which he put down for the pictures)ā€¦ Iā€™m still waiting for a description of the mysterious woman in the car, and will share it with you all as soon as the lucky girl answers my pleading email.

  4. WFW

    I am always happy to hear about a Wentcounter as I may never have my own…Let us know what you find out! šŸ™‚

  5. neri

    ohhhh the hotness!!! Thanks Glen for the inside scoop love!

    Now I’m 1 degree of separation from Went šŸ˜‰ yay!
    I’m can practically meet him and marry him now.
    and Ya’ll biatches are jealous! AND YOU KNOW IT!!! LMAO! j/k

    *sigh* to dream…

    ….only got love for you hos šŸ˜‰ Gotta share the love.

    btw, Glen, if you’re reading this….will you totally think of me when you get asked to a prison break event?! I will gladly be your date! šŸ˜‰

  6. neri


    what, WHat?!
    a girl in the car?! wtf?!

  7. Mama Bear

    With the Popeye forearms and the flatter ass, I knew it wasn’t Went’s body, but still…Glen is CUTE! And what a fun guy to interview! Nice job, Neri! šŸ™‚

  8. Kassie

    WFW, keep the faith…one day you will have a Wentcounter…and you deserve it girl!!!

  9. Rose

    I knew it wasn’t him! but this proof!

    I had to disappoint my much less obsessed sisters with the news, if I suffer so do they! *evil laugh*

  10. KM

    I hate PB scriptwriters.

    No sex with Sara, no sex with Mahone or Sucre.
    And now, Fake Went.


  11. Juma

    Wentworth definitly has a better ass!

  12. Rose

    I agree but I didn’t want to hurt Glen’s feelings.

    Why did they do it?
    Even without these photo’s I still knew it was not Went.
    Fox you piss me off! Do you take us for dumb bimbo’s?

    Can someone please explain the purpose of the shirt removal?
    Only to put on an almost identical one, The guards are gonna look at the red stripes and say;

    “No, That hunk of burning love hanging off Whistler’s balls had no stripes and this is a deeper shade of nasty grey, NEXT!!!”

    Michael is supposed to be a genus, he would never be that stupid.

  13. mia

    well i fell for it and now i feel violated after a major masturbation session after the tatt was revieled and now its not went omg -runs to get the soap.

  14. Kassie

    Mia, you crack me up!!! Thanks for making me laugh this morning.

  15. shortstuff

    well, glen seems nice………


  16. shortstuff

    oh yea, welcome back wfw! we missed you!!

  17. Dani

    Oh for fucks sake!

    The one, tiny little peek at W’s body for possibly the whole season – and even that turns out to be fake!

    My eye’s are blinded !! It was another man……!

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