Wentworth Miller gets his own page

Well People, I yelled and you listened, Thank you kindly. Next year: THE COVER!

Thanks for the scan jedi!


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13 responses to “Wentworth Miller gets his own page

  1. neri


    the lips…the eyes….the grey hair….
    its too much to bare!!!



  2. Mama Bear

    This man will age like fine wine.

  3. Rosi

    Ill drink to that,MB.So true!Cheers!WFW and Jedi u ROCK!

  4. I have that picture up on my wall.

  5. Kassie

    That’s my idea of art…looks like a Rembrandt. And Mr. Miller, please feel free to put your head on MY pillow anytime!!!

  6. Jen

    I was so happy he got a whole page to himself this year, as it should be. Matt Damon on the cover though- please- he ain’t got nothin on Went. He better get the cover next year!!!

  7. Sahra

    *Climbing back on to my seat*


    Dear Santa
    All I want for Christmas is Wenty in a Big Red Bow…..hmmm ok bow is optional!


  8. Juma

    Beauty and intelligence…
    I just have to love him!

  9. Rose

    Yeah my ass,
    In Aussieland we only got McSteamy and some other McNastys I can’t remember, because I was so angry and I jammed that magazine back in it’s slot.
    Dog eared it. Hmph

  10. Wentalicious

    Oh yes, this is my Went of choice: smooth, sexy, smart, sophisticated… smoldering. A Went for the grown and sexy (only for the grown and sexy). A Went for all seasons. A Went worth waiting for.

    Man looks like should be sipping a sifter of brandy and waxing poetically about some sort of thinking man’s topic or what have you…

    Teach me Went. Teach… me…

  11. Dani

    Way to go Jedi !

    Those alluring lips, those hypnotising eyes….

    Oh God.. oh God……… I think I’m gonna……………..

    cuuuummmm aahhhhhhh………………………..

    I’m good to go and get changed.

  12. Dani

    Christ almighty, holy Jesus………………………..

  13. Dani

    Oh Wentworth, sweet heart.. Of course you may rest your head on my pillow… why of course, just close your sweet eyes and dream away…

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