Wentworth Miller going to Israel?

According to this article, he will be there on December 17. To translate it to English, I used this site.

UPDATE: He’s not coming. Thanks fishy.

Ontwrt ‘ Miller on the way to the country?

Clarifies because star ” escape ” will exploit the strike of the film makers in order to go out to the vacation, and where Ynposh if is not in the country Zbt milk and honey? In 17 in December he is likely to land here and to promote the series Bcicobo

Was published: 30.11.07,12:05

Apparently that between the jail to the state of Israel Oontwrt ‘ Miller chooses her Holyland, because he escapes here )is( to the visit. Clarifies because star ” escape ” will land here in 17 in December, in order to promote the third season Of his series and to meet with friends. Miller will be guest of yes, that broadcasts the series. He will receive a tour of vips in the different sites in the country, will edit interviews with reporters and probably will fill debts Slbritaiot pleasant other like meeting with Shimon Peres.

Miller can permit to himself/itself to be ventilated M”nmltim ” that exited this month to be ceased her. Eight chapters already were broadcasted in United States from new season, and she will return to the screen in 14 in January.

In the aftermath of the forced intermission as a result from the strike of the film makers she will be amputated five chapters more late, in 11 in February.Miller began his way in the television Btpkidonim in Buffy equipped the vampires “, B”ai.ar “, in Joanne Markdia ” and in the sexual a series of the dinosaurs ” inotopia “. He appeared also in the cinema, when starred as Anthony Hopkins that is young in the movie ” the human stain “. B”nmltim ” he embodies image of Michael Skopild, innocent architect that inserted itself on purpose firstly to the jail in order to extricate from him his brother the big, that complicated by the case of murder and corruption in the federal administration. In the third season he is imprisoned in the jail Sona in Panama.

Considering, they have a question mark up themselves, I’m going to assume this is not confirmed and may be a rumor…But if it’s true, you lucky Israelis better get those cameras out and prepare yourself, for Wentsrael.

Thanks rusha!


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41 responses to “Wentworth Miller going to Israel?

  1. Krissie

    and in the sexual a series of the dinosaurs

    I knew there was something fishy with that David’s love for the dinosaurs!

  2. Mink

    Gotta love auto-translators…

    “…innocent architect that inserted itself on purpose firstly to the jail in order to extricate from him his brother the big”

    Bwahahahah!!! 😀 *in stitches*

  3. KM

    SEX, at last!!
    I KNEW Went wanted to insert himself, but I never thought it would involve Dominic…

  4. Darci

    I thought Shimon Peres was dead. Why meet him meet me Went!

  5. KM

    You confuse him with Ytzak Rabbin.
    Poor Shimon Peres is not a spring chicken and his sight is very poor (glaucoma), so he’ll be unable to enjoy The Pretty.
    This meeting is a waste of time when so many true, Wentstarved fans can’t see him…

  6. chilli

    That transalation is hilarious. Why is he even going there? If it is real it sounds more like a personal trip rather than PB related. I wouldn’t have thought that PB was popular in a country such as Isreal but then again I can be wrong! [end removed]

  7. yael

    I am amazed that you even found this article, though I have to say, as a hebrew speaker, the translation is so so.
    By the way- Shimon Peres – the man is 84 and in great shape, thank you very much. Probably waches PB too.
    As for all of you guys with your funny comments about Israel- little black and white TV? Secrets knocks? Israel guys, not Iran, not Iraq. You know, the Hi-Tec country, where we download the chapters before it’s on tv.
    You really should travel more…

  8. SavMed

    “Michael Skopild, innocent architect”

    So he WAS saving himself for Sara! And now she’s dead.

  9. cutiepie

    I hope its not true. It toooo dangerous for him to be in that part of the world. There’s a war going on!

  10. LadyN

    I effin’ love you Ontwrt ‘!!! Marry me/itself in )is(rael!!!

    I promised I would read this but… *shakes head*

  11. wmitalia

    ahahahah that program translator speaks an English better than mine.
    Btw…..Dear Went, could you please come in Europe?

  12. llychee

    So true, Miller can permit himself (or should I say “itself” since he’s such an innocent architect?) to be ventilated by me at any time “MmmUhmm”

  13. Alison

    Yea Went, come to Europe, and when your in there, pleeease come to Finland! I would do anything for you babe (so wouldn’t you?)

  14. sona chic

    OMG, this is so wierd. Poor guy, his days of “I have a very polite fans” are over. Girls here are rude and forward. He WILL be raped.

    Promise to self- I will NOT consider this turn of events as FATE and I’ll NOT try and meet him at the airport or some other place.

    I’m sick of Shimon Peres. He ALWAYS meets up with whatever celebrity that comes to Israel. What a bastard.

  15. Kassie

    “will land here in 17 in December, in order to promote the third season of his series and to meet with friends”…what friends? Are they Israeli friends, or is this a getaway with someone special??? [end removed]

  16. yael

    Wait, just let me park my camel outside my tent…. But Darci, I am calm and I thought I was funny too. Except maybe for the part of travelling more. You really should. It opens our minds.
    Oh well. All I need now is to figure out a way to leave everything behide, go back to Israel and find work in Peres’s office. And I have until the 17th to do that. I think I better start packing.

  17. silver

    ok Wenty, now we are gettin’ closer – Israel is much, much closer to Croatia than USA- LA-Dallas…but, still too faaaaar for me to reach out there and grab you! awwwww, baby… (deep sigh, and sigh and..)

  18. may

    I live in Israel too and the things that you guys said were quite insulting..
    but whatever, i am so glad he is coming!!!!
    yael- thanks!! 🙂 at sholetettt @%$^
    yesh lano ad ha 17 lehitconen!!

  19. yael

    Toda May. Yesh!! Yesh!!! Yesh!!
    And Went – this is how you say “I love you” in Hebrew: Ani ohev otach. I’ll be the cute one in Peres’s cabinet.

  20. Darci

    yeal, I will take your advice and try to travel more. May be I’ll start from Israel, may be I’ll see you and Went there:)

  21. WFW

    Political remarks of any kind as well as disparaging comments about other countries are offensive and will be deleted.

  22. Kassie

    WFW, my comment about the protective vest and hat was meant to be a joke…nobody gets my (lame) sense of humor…*sigh*

  23. Kassie

    It’s me again, the bad girl, double-posting. Please accept my sincere apologies if my (deleted) post offended anyone…it truly was not my intent. The most beautiful man that I have ever met in person was living on a kibbutz in Israel, and I’ve always wanted to visit him!!! It’s a great country.

  24. Darci

    Please accept my apology too WfW. I am very political, but this is not the forum. I get it.

  25. miz brisvegas

    I haven’t been to this site in a while because Went made me do it.

    Evidently, it’s entirely his fault there hasn’t been any Went related news, or, [my personal fave] pap shots to gas about.

    So, imagine my disappointment when the translator site didn’t work for me on the article!

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! *rants and raves and strangles my four year old Apple Mac*

    Would someone puh-leeeeeeze just give me the low down in fifty words or less???

  26. azer

    yes very well news pics went from israel but please went going from paris we lovvvvvve you in france super lol

  27. fishy

    I haven’t been here for a while so I didn’t see the political/insulting comments, but thanks WFW for removing them! As a smart man once said, you rock ;).
    miz brisvegas, I’ll be happy to translate any info you’re interested in 🙂 (though the article really doesn’t say much).

  28. fishy

    you know what? I’m bored, so here’s the translation of the informative bits:
    It appears the star of Prison Break will land here on December 17th, to promote the third season of his show and meet with friends (for those who wondered, it doesn’t say who these friends might be). He will be a guest of “Yes” (satellite TV), which airs the show. He’ll get a VIP tour of various tourist sites, give interviews, and will probably fulfill other pleasant celebrity duties like meeting Shimon Peres. (I think she’s being sarcastic in calling it pleasant…).
    Blah blah about the writers’ strike…
    Miller got his break on television in small parts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, E.R., Joan of Arcadia and the dinosaur mini series Dinotopia. He’s also appeared in movies – he starred as the young Anthony Hopkins in The Human Stain. On Prison Break he plays the character of Michael Scofield, an innocent architect who gets himself into prison on purpose to break out his older brother, etc…

  29. shortstuff

    ack! im going to panama on the 17th! (for reals, yo.) dammit went!!

    *throwing a hissy fit, wondering why they cant ACTUALLY film in panama so i can rape him while im there*

    damn it all to hell… -_-

  30. Hanna

    Oh My god
    Went i’ll be there i swear
    My dream is about to come true ❤
    I cant believe it
    The 2 things i love the most in this world , Went & Israel will be reuneted !!!
    My dream is coming true and thanks God for that 😀

  31. Wentworth's Wife

    “Michael Skopild”
    That is the most hysterical thing I have read in a while and I read quite a bit…
    “she will be amputated five chapters more late, in 11 in February.”
    Did a South African polititian contribute this segment of the article? EISH!!!
    Which site did you translate it from again? I want to avoid it at all costs.

  32. miz brisvegas

    Yey! The translated page is up!!!

    Fishy 2.24, Cheers, mate, for translating the informative bits! It’s much appreciated.

  33. fishy

    miz brisvegas: Anytime 🙂 I’ll let you guys know if anything new comes up.

  34. Just me...

    The December 17th is gonna be my 24th birthdays!!!
    And as gift I want… Is the lovely Mr.Wentworth Miller!!!!

    PS: I thing that rumor is not true!!

  35. Mrs Miller

    ‘Wentworth’s wife????!!!!!!! wtf – no one told me I was divorced!!!!!!!!!

  36. Went's boyfriend

    Now, YOU tell me!

  37. Dani

    fuck, I’m all Israeled out after reading that passage!

    If he goes – I’m gonna be waiting for the Israeli-mad footage..

  38. Dani

    – and no political intent from my comment, just the usual Went madness – and the interesting translated text !

    Peace folks..

  39. fishy

    For those who care, he’s not coming…
    Source: http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3483656,00.html

    translation of important bits, my notes in italics (if the tags worked…):
    Even thought the shooting of the third season of Prison Break is suspended, Miller cancelled his visit due to “strike related complications”.
    Miller was supposed to land in Israel today, but lately he was thinking of postponing the visit, and now it seems it’s been cancelled. Due to the writers’ strike his calendar has filled up with unexpected plans, which made him go back on his promise. (like going to Toys R Us? 😉 )
    In a recent interview he said: “I love Israel because it mixes the old with the new. I want to see all the holy places in Jerusalem this time because I didn’t get to last time”. Miller first visited Israel 12 years ago, when he was a student at Princeton, and met Yizhak Rabin (they didn’t meet of course, the Tigertones performed in an event Rabin was in ), a short time before he was murdered. “After the assasination I was very shocked”, he said.
    Miller was supposed to visit Israel last year, but that visit was cancelled because of the war. Even though in interview he stated he hasn’t yet been offered a script worth spending his hiatus on, he must have found one, or there’s something else preventing him from visiting these parts.

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  41. hiii i’m helen i’m in Georgia in our country prison break is very popular and i love wentworth miller very much i want that he and dimonuc and sarah and other people to prison break come to georgia


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