WFW: The Copy Cat?




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20 responses to “WFW: The Copy Cat?

  1. KM

    Congratulations, WFW!

  2. Van

    Went was there.
    You were there.
    You rock!


  3. Krissie

    Tell me you brought me some of that sand you both walked on.

  4. Mink

    Hee! You totally needed to go and get your pic taken on that pier thingy though where Went and Dom did their photo op. Did you see it? Did ya? Could you feel TPO’s *vibe*? 😉

  5. WFW

    LOL I know, the building is actually in front of me instead of behind; I had to work with the sun. Also, there was a convention there so I couldn’t really get the shot I wanted but it was better than nothing! I saw the building, there was a red carpet out and I thought of him looking at the water on the pier…*sigh*

    I could feel him there. I could feel his presence. I even heard his voice. He said: WFW, love the sweater. One day your prince will come and yes I am that prince and yes we will have hot monkey sex and yes I really do love you.

    Or maybe I forgot to take my crazy pills that day.

  6. KM

    Another unsollicited piece of information from me, but I give it anyway:
    WFW is standing on the Martinez Beach, in front of the Hotel Martinez, one of the main luxury hotels in Cannes, where Went was photographed last year. His pictures were taken by the swimming-pool of the hotel.

  7. wmitalia

    nooo i can’t believe!! Wfw you are the best!!!

  8. Darci

    You are awesome WfW! Fucking a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

  9. sueli

    WFW, I love the sweater, too.

  10. SavMed

    You made me cry. You were THERE. Happy cry.

  11. Fashion Police

    FINALLY!!…I get an opportunity to comment on your sense of style WFW…..well it very Wentwortish….laced with a touch of gay-Parie…ooh la la.

    Magnificent work!!

  12. wmitalia

    Oh God! I didn’t notice the similar sweater… ahahahah this is the best WfW’s post ever!!!!! 😀

  13. Alison

    Oh my god, you were actually there? Oh man…

    P.S. I love your sweater, too.

  14. HereKitty

    And she’s back! These are the types of posts we missed so much while you were gone.

    Hey, if Went won’t cooperate & show up when & where he’s supposed to, at least he left his presence behind in Cannes for you! Now if he would only leave his behind as a present for you! 😉

  15. Love the sweater girl, you’re so lucky to have stood in that holy place and walked in the ‘Went Steps’. It’s amazing how these things can give you the shivers – last year on holiday we had to go through Chicago and LA airports and that was bad enough for me! Please come back to Europe Went – particularly the UK, I promise I won’t squee or anything *note to self – really must stop lying*

  16. Cat's Meow

    LMFAO!!!!! The argyle sweater is HILARIOUS!!!!


    I love you… I really, really love you….

    Seriously, the argyle just MAKES it. And I can only assume you were making the same face that he did, Hmm?

  18. bananne

    I _really_ liked that as well! 🙂

    Looks, like you had a great trip. And thanks for all the catching up (which I’m doing right now, while I should actually sleep for hours…)

  19. Dani

    You’re busted doing the ‘fan’ thing WFW..

    You are human like the rest of us, Our Lady..

    x x x

  20. noelanimahana

    Is wentworth graying?

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