Wentworth Miller makes me wet

Question: Sweet or salty?
Went: A little bit of both, like all Gemini I guess

This turns me on, so, so, much…For soooo many reasons. I’m going to let you all think about why.

Question: Is lying for the good cause acceptable?
Went: Honesty will always be preferable, but if a little distortion of the truth can spare somebody else’s feelings, it is probably acceptable.

What a diplomatic answer and true. Lie to me, I promise, I’ll believe.

Question: Your favorite room at home?
Went: The bedroom.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss! I bet it is Went; I just bet it is.

For the rest of the interview, go here.

Thanks unkut and inexorabilis!

And thank you Went, I love you today.


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81 responses to “Wentworth Miller makes me wet

  1. Van

    What can I say?! lol
    I love the first question…..I mean the first answer!!

  2. sarah

    hi WFW, been visiting for a while now but this is the first time i’ve posted anything, love your site first of all!
    i have to say i love the last question, went if i was living with you, the bedroom would be my favorite room too!! i’d never let you get out of bed (did i actually just type that?!), i’m now picturing all sorts of rude and dirty things going on!

  3. shelley

    I was beginning to wonder why Dom was giving interviews but not Went, then I log on, and here it is! Thanks gals!

  4. HereKitty

    I’d believe anything that man said … oh, wait .. I already do!

  5. artgirl

    Where did the real interview come from? Or is this just a compilation of quotes? Why doesn’t anybody ask him boxers or breifs? That’s what I would like to know!

  6. artgirl

    Did anybody notice the pics above the article? Who is the girl he’s with?

  7. WFW

    That is a series of pics from February and the girl is Mariana Klaveno.

  8. Krissie

    artgirl:Why doesn’t anybody ask him boxers or breifs?

    Are you for real? You’re kidding, right?

    “When I need boxers, I go to Gap.”

    Does that ring a bell? lol

  9. Glenn

    Q: The subject that upsets you.
    W: Everytime somebody tries to make his opinions look like real facts.

    So it’s not true that he is cool with everything (especially false things I suppose) that it is said about him… So even Wentworth Miller is human! And a beautiful one!

  10. Glenn

    MONK??? I love him!

  11. lorie

    could someone please ask him where is he spending christmas this year…i need to plan my christmas around his so i can just happen to be in the same city…at the same hotel…and oh my gosh i just happen to have a mistle toe in my pocket….i’m having Wentdrawals already..i need pics..

  12. Kassie

    OOOOH… I’m in love….. *dancing starry-eyed around the bedroom in the arms of an imaginary Went*

    Thank you WFW!!!

  13. Sahra

    A monk that is very spiritual of him!*sigh*

  14. shortstuff

    “And thank you Went, I love you today.”
    only today wfw??

    WFW: I love him every day, it's just today, I love him more.

    “Q: Black piste or green piste?”
    i dont get this question…

    and, no one could ever be “the new wentworth miller”. so i guess he will never feel old. πŸ˜›

    thanks for this! if its possible, i love him more… *sigh*

  15. shortstuff

    ps: i cant see any of the pics…

  16. sueli

    After reading those answers, WFW, my mind went to places. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    “Why doesn’t anybody ask him boxers or breifs? That’s what I would like to know!”

    I thought they had a few years back. [Answer was boxers, iirc.]

    “A monk that is very spiritual of him!*sigh*”

    Well, he did say he isn’t a “people person.” Perhaps he just wanted to be alone, as the great Garbo is known to have stated. At least until the hormones and puberty really kicked in…

  17. KM


    “Black piste” for us skiers, means the more difficult, adventurous ski slope, with a lot of bumps …
    “Green piste” is easy and flat, for lousy skiers….

    I bet Went likes skiing!

  18. WM


  19. Rose

    Can he just root me? NOW!

    Why do American guys wear boxers?
    Aussie guys wear Bonds Boxer Briefs, now they are hot!

    @KM I think Went likes lots of bumps!

  20. cece

    Rose!… root… means something else in America.

  21. Kassie

    Rose, your Aussie definitions always puzzle me… what does “root” mean???

    About the monk thing…picture this: a dimly lit chapel, candles burning, acappella voices singing devotional music, Went in a hooded monk’s robe, serious face, hands together in prayer…..in walks a lovely nun, tall, slender (played by SWC)… their eyes meet…sparks fly…I’m still working on the rest of the screenplay, but it WILL be x-rated hehe…

  22. Dannie

    I’m with you Rose!, root is a term used here in Australia, although not that much anymore and it means, fuck ,screw, have intercourse with. So yeah root me now, Went! ha ha

  23. Kassie

    Dannie, thanks for getting to the “root” of the issue, what everything involving Went comes down to, in the end…

    WFW, I have been pondering the sweet or salty question, obsessing over it actually, and it brings to mind the Craig David song, “What’s Your Flava”…ummm!! Could we beg Went to sing a duet with him? That man…he makes me wanna beg!!!

  24. Wentworth's Wife

    I love the fact that he knows his starsign!!! And believe it or not, the bedroom is my favourite room too πŸ˜‰

  25. Bel

    Of course he KNOWS his starsign, he’s a GEMINI! Whether he believes in it is debatable yet certain.


    a fellow Gemini,

  26. Inexorabilis

    You know WFW you’re the one who made me see the little games in outwardly inncocent pictures, the possible double meaning in some of his words, in short the naughty in The Pretty. Your view might be closer to the “real” him than what we all imagine. At least that’s what I like to fantasize.

  27. Rose

    Root is fuck! I didn’t want to be so rude what does it mean there? Gee Root me now! I wonder!

    Do you know what? other countries don’t call jam jelly and jelly jello but when an American says it we
    *use our brain
    *to think
    and say oh thats what they mean instead of jumping to. “HUH?”

    If I said to Went “root me” he would know I wasn’t going to plant a tree!

  28. miz brisvegas

    I’m late, per usual.

    Actually, I was here a lot, lot earlier. I just passed out from reading a W. Miller interview after months aaaaand months of silence!

    Christmas miracles DO happen!

    Ho, ho, ho, ladies and gents!

  29. Rosi

    I trully,trully enjoy this interview!I have nothing to say but- i love Wenty more and more!

  30. Cece

    Root….means to cheer for something….this is an american blog so most people will think you’re crazy. I lived in Sydney for a while that why I understand what your saying.

  31. Kassie

    Rose, did someone skip her meds today???

    Nevermind…… “tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la…”

  32. KM

    Asking you a question, girls: What do the people around you (loved ones or friends) think of your addiction to WM?
    Do they think you’re a fruitcake or do they share your vice?

  33. Kassie

    KM, my addiction is secret…at least the extent of it. My family and friends would think I needed rehab and stage an intervention…

    It will be one of my New Years resolutions to try to get over it.

    And you?

  34. Fuushi

    interesting question! my family teases me about my addiction for went. the girls, which i truly call friends adore him as much as i do. so does one of my male friends, who is gay . the other male friends think, that prison break is a totally cool and fascinating show, which happens to star a person called wentworth miller, nothing more nothing less.

  35. KM


    I have to admit that I, too, keep the extend of my addiction secret to my boyfriend. I love him to bits and I don’t want to bruise his ego…But he knows I “like” Went and he bought me Series1 and 2 of PB for my birthday! I make him wear chequered shirts, but he doesn’t suspect why…

    With my flatmates, it’s easier as one of the girls is as Jude Law Crazy as I am with Went!
    How can one dare compare JL (pretty face, but narrow shoulders) with Went? It’s beyond me!

    My parents don’t know, they may think I need a shrink… But is it wrong to be like a fifteen year old girl?
    Thank God we have this blog to share the secrets of our filthy minds!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    GIRLS, like Kassie and Fuushi, tell us about the gravity of your disease, it won’t go further than this blog, don’t be shy!

  36. My boyfriend used to think my crush is adorable, now he just thinks I’m crazy…he could be right! Most of the time we just kinda laugh about it ( well, he laughs, I’m dead serious…) but sometimes he gets really annoyed when I go on and on about the perfection that is Wentworth Miller….my friends, well most of them, share my addiction and we drool over Wentworth together…

  37. Bugsy

    Its crazy.went must be very special that every1 loves him.he is like the secret..the law of attraction.my husband gets very upset at my adoration of went.my mum understands it,she will organise the latest of pb for me!and my sister agrees me n went are meant to be.good to have a support group here at Wfw. Hi,my name is bugsy and im a wentaholic..

  38. Dannie

    My husband continually rolls his eyes and tells me he is so gay (Went) at every oportunity, a bit jealous perhaps, no! I don’t know what his problem is, my hubby is 6’2″ has a shaved head is so similar in build and appearance, from a distance, obviously he is no where near as pretty or eloquent. And i have had a thing for the pretty nearly as long as we have been together (10 years).My mother just laughs and my daughter calls him my boyfriend.

  39. bexyboo

    @ Dannie
    LOL!! Isn’t it strange how every bloke thinks Went is gay?? Probably tired of their wives/girlfriends all lusting crazily over him… Well get used to it men – we ain’t gonna stop!!

  40. The REAL Cat's Meow!

    Lighten up, she was just asking a question. Geez…!

    American men like boxers because they want their package to breathe! My hubby wears them too!

    Yes, you are right! Here in America, “root” means to cheer someone on! Not to FUCK someone! lol

    Keep your “Went’s a Monk” story going……I can’t wait to read the rest! It’s sounds HOT!

    Please describe a Gemini’s personality. I want to see if it’s similar to Went’s.

    For the most part I keep my addiction for Wenty a secret from my hubby, but I think he has an idea. He does know about my love for Prison Break and the 2 hot guys with the shaved heads who star on the show. I’ve even convinced him to buy me on ebay a Prison Break night shirt with Wenty’s picture on the front, an autographed photo of Went shirtless with the tattoos, and a PB calendar which I hangs on my fridge. So he has an idea, but he’s cool with it! My 8 year old daughter knows I love Went and she says he’s cute, but still thinks Zac Efron is hotter! lol

  41. kiwifan

    hi wfw and fellow wentaholics
    great to have you back from your world tour – im coming over there on Christmas Day to LAX i cant wait – my first time to Disneyland (mainly for my 10 yr old son by the way)

    anyway i just wanted to share yes i think my hubby also knows i have a bit of crush after all the youtube went videos i’ve downloaded

    anyway just wanted to let everyone know there is a great vid of went speaking french on http://www.prisonbreakmanhunt.com – very cool.

  42. Rose

    I’m just being sarcastic, I apologize to anyone I may have offended.
    This is an American blog and I should respect that.

    Everyone understand I want Went to Fuck me, not cheer! Well he can cheer as well, a girl can use some encouragement sometimes!

  43. KM

    We understand you perfectly. Don’t worry and carry on being funny!

    PS: I was surprised the first time I heard an Aussie girl say that a guy was “spunk”! For me it had another meaning…

  44. sarah

    my friends at work love him too, as well as my mum, that seems to be went’s appeal – men and women, young and old etc.
    the man is a god, who we all fall down on our knees to worship, Amen!

  45. Kassie

    Rose, you are forgiven…XXXOOO

    I will not ask for any more definitions…after all, this is not an online dictionary, it’s a site for lust-crazed Wentaholics.

    My sincere hope is that Went both fucks and cheers you …if and when you get so lucky, please make a sextape to share with all of us!

    Cat’s Meow, there are many scenarios in my head in which Went and SWC could star together in a movie, as well as monk/nun: doctor/nurse, knight/fair maiden, sheik/harem girl, etc. Then there’s the romantic comedy genre, or a horror film where she decides to join him as a vampire for eternity. The one aspect it MUST include… lots of nudity and hot sex…

  46. Rose

    I was listening to Michael Buble, I’ve Got The World On A String:
    and anyway the intro goes;

    “Hey Michael come on and swing,
    Looks like you got the world on a string”

    I blushed furiously as I recalled Michael Scofield’s SWINGAGE in PB1, shower, towel, need I say more?

    The song for me changed to;
    “Hey Michael come on and SWING,
    Looks like you’ve been free Ball-in’,”

    free balling; when a man wears no underwear.

  47. KM

    So, that’s why he likes boxers, they allow “free balling”, briefs don’t!
    Went the Free Baller….

  48. Snowflake

    @ Bugsy
    Hi, my name is Snowflake and I am a Wentaholic as well!

  49. Kassie

    Rose and KM…

    Tom Petty’s song, “Free Fallin'”…change the lyrics to “Free Ballin'”, and it’s all about Went!!! hehehe

  50. Dannie

    Thats already been done down here, i think Aussie’s have a bent sense of humour. I remember my younger brothers singing those exact modified lyrics when that song first came out.

  51. niknak

    Now WFW, is the headline of this post really a new bit of info??? Seems a bit redundant to me… LOL!

    I LOVE that he says his favorite room is the bedroom. I can just imagine him saying it with a dreamy, naughty look on his face. Cheeky bastard! It’s my favorite room too. I mean, what’s not to love about a room with a huge bed, a TV, and, in my case, floor to ceiling bedroom mirrors…

    Kassie and Dannie, is there really any other way to sing that song? πŸ™‚

  52. gypsiee

    “sweet or salty – A little bit of both”

    My mind is seriously working overtime here …

  53. KM

    With all the frappuccinos, it must be very sweet….

  54. KM

    Could give you diabetes….

  55. Juma

    I love my bedroom too… and with Went in it I would never leave the bed room!

  56. Rose

    *Homer Simpson voice*

    Mmmm Free Balls

  57. Kassie

    Latest Fake News:

    UP: The actor Wentworth Miller has been required by the U.S. government to wear boxers, not briefs. Following scientific research which demonstrates that sperm count and motility are higher when the testicles are allowed to move freely, Miller has been selected, for reasons of national security, to maintain his fertility.

    Some scientists are critical of this program, saying it smacks of eugenics.

    The program, code-named Project Free Ballin’, also allows its subjects to go “commando”. Pictures will, hopefully, follow.

  58. Dani

    He is simply sex.

    That’s it guys. Pure and simple.

    That perfectly speaking tongue should be preserved forever.

  59. Kassie

    More Fake News:

    UP: FOX TV has two new projects in development. One, called “Everybody Loves Went” is a sitcom starring Wentworth Miller, Jamie Foxx as his hapless brother, and Morgan Freeman and Meryl Streep as their parents. Miller’s onscreen wife has yet to be cast, but FOX Studios has been inundated with women wanting the part. The plot will revolve around the character, Went, as he tries to go about his day hounded by the papparazzi and fans. Pilot guest stars Perez Hilton and WFW.

    Another show in development, “My Middle Name is Earl,” also features Miller in a starring role. The plot is nebulous at this point, but involves Miller wearing plaid shirts. Hordes of scantilly-clad women, and gay men in short shorts, have besieged the FOX lot, and extra security has been hired.

  60. KM

    Roflmao, Rose! Love the free-balling experiment, he has been selected because he’s a NATURAL free-baller!
    What do you think happens when he’s running in Prison Break? Are they swaying dangerously? This would explain the way he runs, trying to keep his legs together…:-)

  61. Rose

    More undue credit to Rose!
    I said nothing about experiments!
    Roflmao @ Kassie, KM

    But I love the opportunity to speak of Wentworth’s manhood again……………..

    Oh I think I zoned out!

  62. Kassie

    KM, that’s an interesting theory about the girly way Went ran in some of the PB episodes. It was because he was free ballin’! Geez, what about when there are stunts? Went needs to protect the “family jewels”!!!

  63. Kassie

    Here I am, double -posting again…

    @Dani, have we ever seen Went’s tongue? As far as I’m concerned, it could be put to far better uses than speaking, he he he. Oh wait…I love him for his mind…

  64. ChatJemena

    Sorry, I read just now the latest comments under this topic.

    @KM: become diabetic because of continuously playing Went’s flute? I already am pre-diabetic, so I guess we’re right for each other. (Plus, the drug companies will root for me because of all the medz I’ll buy.)

    @Kassie: great “fake news”! you really had me laughing

  65. ChatJemena

    Ohhhh…a Wentworth ‘breathing’ freely! *sigh* Sooo nice to feel up! Can you imagine it?

  66. KM

    “Diabetic for playing Went’s flute”?
    Sorry, I don’t get it??

    I know the guy’s blood must be 100% sugar with all the Starbucks stuff he’s drinking, but I didn’t
    think you could turn diabetic by,well, playing his “flute” and digesting his “music”?

  67. ChatJemena

    @KM: I may be a vierge, but naturally, I’d sw….. (you know). Why should I let one drop of all that ‘mocha frappucino’ goodness go to waste?

    (If I have offended with my imagination, I apologize. Tell me if I went too far, okay?)

  68. KM

    ChatJemena, nobody is offended! We all love sauciness, here!
    I was just asking some clarification about the “diabetes” thing.
    Then I realised you were mentioning one of my previous posts about “Salty or Sweet?”
    How silly of me…!

    PS: Are you really a “vierge” (in the French meaning?).
    Are you pulling my leg? πŸ™‚

  69. Kassie

    @ChatJemena: IMO, if you are a vierge then you have NOT gone too far.

    Is it even possible to go too far where Went is concerned?…*whispering* “I’ll go all the way, Went.”

  70. ChatJemena

    @KM, @Kassie: yup (technically), but my mind isn’t.

    Visiting W4W’s site (as well as FCoWM’s), reading all the remarks, and being free to write something saucy is like wearing boxers or free-balling for me. I owe you a lot, guys. You (and Wentworth) do make my day.

  71. KM

    “yup (technically), but my mind isn’t.”

    CHATJEMENA, then, can we wish you to find a good TECHNICIAN in 2008?

    A skilled and dedicated one, with a good set of tools and ready to come to your assistance every time you need him…

  72. ChatJemena

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Nominate Wentworth the Technician, please? In return, I’ll ask him to lend his services to all in this blogsite. I’ll tell him it’s for the good of humankind. (mwah! KM)

  73. Kassie

    Good for you, girl! There aren’t many left…

    You could use it (virginity) as a selling point, as in: “Went, I’m a virgin, and I want my first time to be with you.” He might fall for it.

    Damn…wish I could use that excuse… πŸ˜‰

  74. ChatJemena

    @Kassie: I’d need total physical overhauling first, I think, before Went will agree. Even drunk, he still might say ‘no’. (Which means I would need to cover hjis eyes and tie him up…whew!)

    Seriously, you still have a chance. My instinct tells me that WM doesn’t put the usual value on the hymen. Remember he said he wants a woman who is smart and with character. That type knows where the real value of a person lies.

  75. Kassie

    Thanks, ChatJemena, for your kind words…Perhaps it can be argued that I am smart, but after reading my posts on this blog, WM might have some serious concerns about my character!! *Went thinking, “Whoa! What a SLUT!!!” * πŸ˜‰

  76. “My middle name is Earl”… LooooL πŸ˜† girls you are the best!!! :mrgreen:

  77. Kassie

    Thank you wmitalia…cute picture! (All pictures of Went are cute. Or hot, beautiful, tantalizing, and definitely memorable.) More fake news is coming soon.

  78. Kassie

    Latest (fake) news:

    UPI: The Lingerie Designers and Manufacturers Association of America (LDMAA) has announced they will be paying tribute to actor Wentworth Miller for his unwitting assistance in reviving sales of women’s lingerie. Miller will be honored at a gala dinner in New York in March.

    The unexpected surge in sales of women’s panties caught the manufacturers off guard last year. In order to explain this unprecedented development, the LDMAA conducted a recent study. Through the use of focus groups and telephone surveys, it was determined that women had begun changing their panties several times a day due to “wetness” caused by thinking about Wentworth Miller. Millions of women went out and bought several new pairs of panties.

    The LDMAA issued this statement, “We are extremely grateful to Mr. Miller for reviving our industry. Perhaps we can persuade him to assist us further by appearing in a men’s underwear advertisement.”

    Men and women everywhere are hoping Miller will agree to this modeling offer. The LDMAA believes sales of both men’s and women’s underwear will increase dramatically if Miller appears on billboards modeling underwear.

  79. KM


    @646, for your pic:
    But this is a cropped photo! The old lady who was “seeing” to Went’s erection was kneeling in front of him!

    @Kassie: well, the “wetness” in my pants is not always what you think! You girls make me piss myself!
    (Sorry, Prudes, don’t read this!)

    *goes change panties*

  80. Kassie

    Thanks, KM! BTW I LOVE that pic of him!!! He looks so cute and so sweet I want to eat him alive!!! **

    He would be in serious danger if he ever fell into the hands of cannibals…

    ** Can you picture him trussed to a spit over the fire (wearing only a tiny loincloth), cannibals drooling in anticipation…then I rush in and shoot the cannibals and rescue him and he’s so grateful to me for saving his life that he says, “Kassie, what can I do to thank you?”

    he he he…”Well, gee Went…let me think about that for a nanosecond…”**

    This is what he does to me, damn his cuteness!! My New Year’s resolution was to curb my Wentaholism, but I’m failing miserably…SH*T!!

  81. ChatJemena

    @Kassie: that was the best! Jeez, it would be nice to come up with a crazy newsletter with fake Went news inside (of course, we’d have to put a label outside that it’s a MAD-style newspaper or we’d end up sued). No!no!no! Bad good-idea! Considering how fake news tend to spin out of control and end up being believed. *sigh*

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