Went Speaking French

Because it’s cute…C’est Bon!

Thanks Wheelygirl!


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50 responses to “Went Speaking French

  1. Kassie

    First! C’est bon, alright! Are we starved for Wentworth or what???
    Bonjour, Went! Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir??
    Wentworth, ma belle, sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble!!!
    Went, do you DO French???

  2. Rose

    LMAO @ Kassie “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir??”
    That’s exactly what came to my mind!!!!!!

    Oh god I love his hair like that!
    And his eyes on ‘High Beam’ Holy Crap!
    I think if he looked at me like that I would die.

    That mouth, those lips. I want him so bad!

  3. sona chic

    Why does he open his eyes like that in the beginning? Very freaky.
    And I love his “I can try”. He said it so shyly and quietly.

  4. Darci

    My goodness! His eyes are huuuuge! Bodering on scary.

  5. KM

    Baise-moi, Went chéri, prends-moi comme un fou et dis-moi si c’est bon!

  6. DanceForMe

    Thanks for that French experience!
    Isn’t he the most adorable sweety of all times?!
    Aw, he’s so sweet…*sighs*

    Even though I really adore French speaking men, Went doesn’t need to speak to me at all… to totally get me. But when he does, I am lost.

    And about the scary eyes, does anyone know what they were talking about the minute before the video starts? Maybe somthing in French that he couldn’t understand?

  7. DanceForMe

    Oh, and I really adore the way he asks:
    …and you _watching_ TV-I?
    (eyebrows up and thaaat look!!!)

    and Thanks Wheelygirl!
    (sorry for double-posting)

  8. Ok, since my first language isn’t english, what does “crack the whip” mean? If I translate it word by word, it doesn’t make any sense, obviously, so I was hoping one of u guys could help me out? Pleaseeeee….

    Oh and HE is beyond lovely, a man with such class and just beautiful! I would marry him today, right now, no questions asked! And then I would start working on expanding our family…also no questions asked!!!!!

  9. Van

    This is a great christmas gift or us.
    He makes a funny face when he says:
    “It’s your job!” hihihih

  10. silver

    I just realized that we, the worshipers of His Glorious no-matching-beauty-oozing-sexiness Wentworth Miller the IIIrd speak Wentish! 🙂

    His eyes?! I wonna drown in them…

  11. Kassie

    @Milla, he says, “It’s your job. Crack the whip!” meaning that his employer is whipping him to make him work longer or harder…it’s a joke, but I like the way he thinks…kinda kinky, and that sexy laugh! Ooooh, that man!

  12. Bel

    Cher Wentworth,
    C’ est très très bon! Peut-être il faut que nous nous rencontrions (?) et que je te montre comment dire des mots mauvais? Non?

    Went, I wouldn’t mind teaching you French one bit! Just say the word.

  13. KM

    He’s so cute with some hair! He even looks younger. I hope he lets it grow again “Cannes style.”
    Ps: Have a peep at the “Gay Debate”, you may find causes for rejoicing…

  14. Just me...

    Oh my God!!!
    Wentworth of couse “c’est bon”!!!
    Everything about you is ” bon” je dirai même “TROP BON”!! 😀
    I need MORE than this “c’est bon?” words!!

    Sorry I completely obsess about him… 🙂

  15. Thank you, Kassie…I thought it meant something like that but I wasn’t sure…I too, like the way he thinks, it just shows us that there’s this side of him that we don’t get to see often because he’s always so guarded but every now and again, it peeks out just a little bit and I realise I’ll never get rid of this insane addiction! Oh, how I love this man…it’s not even funny anymore…

    Oh and while we’re translating things, forgive me for being off topic but what does “mop the brown” mean, or something like that anyway…he said it in Wade Williams’ diary…sorry for being foreign and all, but I like to know what this man is saying:)…Thank you

    xoxo, Milla

  16. KM

    @Bel: instead of “mots mauvais”, you say “mots cochons” ou better “cochonneries”! (yes it comes from the word “pig”!)

  17. SavMed

    Went can you say: Cvrči, cvrči cvrčak na čvoru crne smrče?

    Neither can I.

  18. Kassie


    I don’t think I’ve read that, but is it possible that he’s saying, “mop the brow” ? That would refer to sweat on the forehead that drips into the eyes…just a guess…

  19. Juma

    Ahahahahahahaha! SavMed!

    Wentworth’s smile and laugh makes my day everytime!

  20. Joy

    * Milla
    i belive it was * mob the brown * ( slang )
    kind of Molest, harass and the brown is WM.
    just as joke …. because Wade follow him with the camera …

  21. Thank you guys…I hope I can improve my english so that when I meet Wentworth I’ll have no trouble understanding him…although in my dreams he’s using the words I already understand…as a matter of fact, in my dreams he’s not using the words so much…I’m sure u get where my dirty mind is going with this…but I can’t help it, he brings out the worst in me!!!!!

  22. Bel

    Thanks KM! I guess high school French didn’t quite cover that subject 😀

  23. Just me...

    Hahaha hahah… 😀

    Girl… you’re mind is REALLY, REALLY dirty!!! 😀 😀

    I think that nobody can!!! 😉

  24. Erika

    Oui oui, me likes it when ze pretty speaks ze language of love… Now all I want for christmas is for Went to french kiss me.

  25. A French loves went

    Hi i’m french and i would say he speaks french very well and he’s so cute everybody in france loves him just because he’s so awesome
    One day i will go to america and i will see him i will die
    thanks for the video and good luck for yours space 😉

    ( sorry for my english but i’m just fourteen =D )

  26. Erika

    14 & reading WetforWent?! Ooooh I’m telling your mamma. *just kidding*

  27. Chainjix

    Hmm. Actually, I don’t think I care about the language this man is using, but I must admit he sounds awfully cute when speaking French. When his voice goes reeealy low and quiet.. Mmm, I get the good kind of goosebumps all over me.. Dammit, now I’m gonna have to cool off. The only thing I don’t like about Went is all those cold showers I need to take when he does something like this.

    And, SavMed.
    I actually can say it. Not that difficult. I have no idea what it means (and IF it means anything). But that’s just one of the benefits on gets from living in the Baltics.
    Where the hell did you get that phrase? Is that in an earthly language?

  28. A French loves went

    Yeah I’m 14 ans i looooooooooove him 😀
    He’s so gifted ans very cuuuuuuuuute

  29. A French loves went

    sorry for my english :S

  30. Melm

    That hairstyle is so becoming, the colour of his eyes so intense that it projects a blue-green halo around his face and that “c’est bon?” at the end is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.
    This short video is a real proof for all these photographers’ stories about certain actors and models capturing and reflecting more light than mere mortals. I always thought it was just another showbusiness invention, but Went does have that light coming out of him. It’s almost too much to look straight at him because of all that beauty and light. I feel like screaming “My eyes, my eyes!!!!”

  31. Rose

    14 years old? @ A French loves Went

    You shouldn’t be reading this!

    He was 21 when you were born!
    Although he is very much older than me and I don’t give a shit!

    You go girl! or boy!

    Learn what a real man is now!
    14 year olds shouldn’t get hung up on dickheads like um …backstreet boys! ewww

    Go straight to dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Huh? I love the way Wentworth speaks French! Il est tres, tres, tres beau et gentil! I hope my French isn’t rusty!

  33. A French loves went

    I don’t give a fuck
    I just love him 😀
    and when i was born i was already loving him lol
    I wanna meet him 😦

  34. A French loves went

    Laura your french is exellent 😉 😀

  35. Kassie

    Girls, here’s a treat for you, a little holiday gift. Maybe some of you have seen this before, but I hadn’t. Click on the link and scroll down to the picture at the bottom. It’s from the Bean Pole photo shoot….she is one lucky lady!!!


  36. Erika

    @ Kassie, thanks for the link. 🙂 … Why lord, why are some people so damn lucky?

  37. KM

    … but you can notice he’s protecting IT with his hand (he doesn’t trust her!)

  38. SavMed

    Here we go again… cock talk.

    Not that I mind =)

  39. Kassie

    @KM: IT’s beginning to get…ah, shall we say…embarrasing for him, so he’s hiding IT with his hand…he he he

  40. KM

    @ Hey, Kassie, could you find the “bulging crotch in too tight white jeans” again?

    You know the one with the very pretty Korean girl sitting at the piano, and Went in the corner, head down, trying desperately to control himself?

    It would be nice to treat ourselves to it again!

  41. Rose

    Did someone say cock?

    That women doesn’t need to be almost STRADDLING his leg, but it’s instinct.

    I think I found a new occupation;
    Wentworth’s Jean Adjuster.

    After I yank them down, blow him and wipe the corners of my mouth, I’ll fix them damn it!!!!!!!!

    Oh the thought…………….

  42. KM

    A new interview of Dom Purcell in a French mag:


    He thinks there may be a Season 4 of PB!!

    He’ll be a guest on French Tv on Tuesday…

    And Went’s new French biography is on sale since Nov 26:

    They’re using a photo of the same take than above for the cover.

  43. Alison

    Yeah, indeed a few inches from paradise, like u said KM.

    But about the video, he was so cute speaking french. Please, more of those videos! Everyone of his videos always makes me smile, and I always laugh with him, ‘couse you just gotta. You just can’t be quiet when the ultimate hottie Went is on the screen! 😀 I love him. *silence*

  44. Kassie

    @KM: I’ve been looking for the “bulging crotch in too tight white jeans” shot, but so far no luck. It seems to have mysteriously disappeared…I’ll keep looking as time permits.

    Anyone have it handy??

    In the meantime, here’s a cute one to tide you over…


  45. went

    his cute but he has a big nose…

  46. wentworth miller

    “Une série événement” sorry for the rrrrs in série.

  47. Kassie

    @wentworth miller:

    Apology accepted. What were you doing on New Year’s Eve?

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