And the winners are…

Ha! You probably thought I forgot all about the Where’s Went contest, but I didn’t!

We have winners:

#5 is from Silver in Croatia (who knew there were more of you) with her Paint Shop offering of Went on a necktie hanging around their Arena.

(Click the picture to read the words)

Is that really you Silver or are you messing with me? That’s exactly the way I imagine Went’s visit to Croatia. He sells out the arena and people stand in line just to say Hello to him. It ain’t easy being beautiful.

#4 is from Van in Portugal. She and a friend did a WFW & Nic re-enactment in Rossio Square in Lisbon with a rockin poster.

Van tells us about the location:

The big statue in the center of the square is the Statue of D. Pedro IV…which has 4 female figures below that represent: Justice, Wisdom, Strength and Moderation…all qualities of D. Pedro IV.
He was the first Brazilian Emperor in 1822.
Then in 1826, he returned to Portugal where he became King for only 7 days, Lmao

See, you didn’t think you’d actually be learning things by reading this entry did you? Love the pose…

#3 is from Soiled Undies in South Africa, otherwise known as SU and I think it speaks for itself…

Pole? Or is his pole in your undies too? LMAO, I love you.

#2 is from Nic in California who went to Disney Land and got frickin cartoon characters to pose for pics with the sign. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

The wicked stepmother looks like I felt for those horrible 2 months of nothingness we had this summer.

Brilliant! Is this The Man holding the sign or an employee?

Priceless. And finally we have motherfucking Mickey Mouse, looking for Went.

Mickey Mouse Went, Mickey Mouse.

#1 is also from Nic. Random people holding the sign, and they even look drunk.

Good show! Next we have one of Nic alone.

Where the hell are you Nic? In the wilderness?

I think this picture represents the barren state of our hearts when you go away, Went. When we can’t find you, we’re like Nic, in the middle of nowhere, with a sign in our hearts, a tear in our eye and a lump in our throat. *sniff* Where are you?

Thanks everyone for participating and may the force be in you.

Oh and Went, stalk you next year!  Love you!


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20 responses to “And the winners are…

  1. Van

    AHahah aahaa
    I had lots of fun doing my photo.
    My special friend is Magali (on the left), me (on the right side) and my little sista (10) took the pic, lol!
    We had a great time doing it.
    Lots of people were looking at us with curious looks on their faces 😆
    I loved all the posters.
    But Su made Went wear the undies! LMAO

    WFW, this was a cool way for us to participate on the site in a diferent way.
    Thank you so much for the FUN! 🙂

  2. Van

    Btw, sista name is Joana!

    She would “kill” me if I didn’t mention her name too, lmao.

  3. @Van…girl, I was standing right where u’re standing in that pic just a week ago!!!! I was visiting my friend from Slovenia who is studying in Lisboa!( needless to say, she is also a Wentaholic) Yeah, I got really wasted in Bairo Alto and then we went to Lux, I think that’s the name of the club, not sure, like I said I was pretty wasted and the next day I did some shopping in Baxia Chiado! How great is that?! I’m coming back in January, we should totally meet and drool over Went together…and of course look for him!

  4. Juma

    Wow! Great job girls!
    Of course my fav is Van’s… for the obvious reasons! 😀

  5. Van

    Milla OMG!!!
    We definetly have to meet.
    How cool is that!
    I am freakin out already, lmao.
    Where are you from?

  6. Van

    And Juma, YAY!
    *O que tu keres sei eu! AHAHHahahha

    *What you want I know*

  7. Erika

    LoL 🙂 …Great pics. I like SU’s one the most. I lack creativity and live in the boon doos and could come up with nothing worth sending to you WFW.

  8. @Van
    I was born in Italy but I just recently moved to Slovenia, because my mum is slovenian and so we moved back there after the divorce!And also my boyfriend is from Slovenia… But yeah, we should meet, I’m coming back to your beautiful city Lisboa in the middle of January! Awwww…isn’t this nice? Went is uniting people all over the world, he should be so proud of himself! If only he knew…Wait!!! Let’s go find him and tell him that! How’s that f0r an idea?!:)

  9. Aw, YAY! Congrats, ladies.

    Although, now I’m kinda wishin’ we HAD gotten Jared to hold up a sign. Lookin’ back, I’m pretty sure he would’ve been game. Jensen, not so much. Hahahaha.

    And how much do I wanna visit Lisbon right now. Looks prettyful.

  10. ChatJemena

    Great ideas, ladies…Thanks, W4W for the contest.

  11. Sahra

    Hard Case. I especially like the SU whities!!

  12. Van

    Milla, lmao.
    Here is my email so we can get in touch.
    Milla I can be your tour-guide when you come here.

  13. @Van…I have emailed u so now u have my email..Yeeey!

    I have to say I am starving for some new Went info, new pics and dare I say it…new clips of our Went talking with that smooth and silky voice of his, playing with his beautiful hands and looking oh so gooooood! Where are you Wentworth????!!!!

  14. wmitalia

    wow congrats girls! btw I like that arena in Croatia, seems like the Colosseum! 😀

  15. Mink

    LMAO! Excellent and hilarious! That is all.

  16. silver

    All so funny, interesting and even educational! Oh, Wenty, what you do to us!? Love you all! Until the new round, WFW!!? let the Pretty be with us!

  17. Mama Bear

    Great shots! Where is Went these days? I’m so clueless.

  18. Rosi


  19. I have more…

    Where’s Went…London…

  20. BB

    Can’t wait for where is Went London styleeee!!

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