Wentworth Miller shops for your future children

Yup, that’s him, coming out of Toys-R-Us getting a board game for his future children with YOU!

And then you wake up…

When were they taken? I don’t know.

Where were they taken? I don’t know.

Why do we care? B/c it’s Went, doing something. He looks so cute!

Thanks Pemphredo!


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120 responses to “Wentworth Miller shops for your future children

  1. Rosi

    Aww Wenty!That is too cute,but i told you lets make the baby first ;)Went is going to be the perfect daddy one day!

  2. SavMed

    Is that for me? Me? Oh, you know me so well.

  3. artgirl

    How do you know it’s really a board game? I don’t know about other people, but I am not magical and can’t see through plastic.

  4. miz brisvegas

    Hip, hip-hip, hooray! Some W. Miller pap pics I haven’t seen before!!!

    Ho, ho, ho ladies and gents! Ho, ho, ho indeed.

  5. Sweetie

    soooooooooooooo hot ..but soo cute

  6. niknak

    I love that this is news! I cannot wait for the day someone gets a pic of him coming out of the supermarket or at the gas station!!! Maybe even leaving a barber shop or buying toilet paper!

    It’s exciting to see him after all of this time, but personally, I would prefer to see him at some charitable event or work-related function. I think watching someone else Christmas shop is not all that interesting…. no matter how hot that someone else is. Though I would’ve LOVED to be the cashier or next patron in line when he was there.

  7. Rose

    MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm TOYS!

    I ain’t never seen ANYTHING that HOT in TOYSRUS!!!! WTF!!

    Is your Scrabble worn out Went?

    I love a man who loves kids, I want kids!!!!!

    I like the way they’re made!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That is NOT either of the beanies I made!!


  9. Kassie

    Looks like a Toys R Us in L.A. Went doesn’t look very happy about having his picture taken, and his shirt needs ironing…those are my observations.

    Do they sell sex toys at Toys R Us? ……HMMM?!!

  10. Hmmm…when i think of Went buying toys, this isnt really what i had in mind…

    Unless, he’s planning to do something really obscene with a ‘Bop-It’…?

    *shrugs and goes back to J2 blog*

  11. The REAL Cat's Meow!

    Wenty called me up that morning and said he needed ideas what to get my kids for Christmas! To make it easy for him, I told him to get them the Mastermind boardgame. So here he is coming out of Toys R Us after shopping for my kids! What a good stepdad he’ll be! lol

  12. sona chic

    His head looks wierd in those pics.

  13. ChatJemena

    I agree with you, Kassie. It’s like he was saying in his mind: “Gad! So early in the morning?”….Ok, going with my instinct here: I got the feeling he wasn’t his best because he was very tired (from his work). If my instinct is correct, someone should tell Baby Boy to rest more.

    Thanks, WfW. I get Wentwithdrawals if I don’t see His Hotness once a day.

  14. Snowflake

    Are those new shoes?
    I see…he is wearing jeans so at least his shoes have to be beige LOL

  15. Kupuje igracke za Sarino dete..

  16. Alaya

    * Kupuje igracke za Sarino dete..

    Good comment nobody has understood …
    Or is it just me? Ok, I think it means
    Wentworth is sweet …

  17. Alaya

    is it polish ? Google dont tranlated from polish to english …

  18. Alaya

    * translated * sigh * 🙂

  19. bleuciel

    well, at least he’s not coming out of a Starbucks 😀 That has to count for something, doesn’t it? That beanie is really growing on me 🙂

  20. fuushi

    please, what does “Kupuje igracke za Sarino dete” mean??

  21. Portugal

    Like always, very cute!!
    But he really really need someone to iron his clothes!! That the living prove that he don’t have a girlfriend and also don’t live with his mammy any more!!??
    (sorry the english)

  22. Melm

    ““Kupuje igracke za Sarino dete” means “He is buying toys for Sarah’s kid”.

  23. Melm

    And could people from the Balkans please refrain from putting their comments in croatian, serbian etc? Thanks.

  24. Just me...

    Oh my God !!!
    I’m so HAPPY to see a pictures of him after all this time!!
    I’m voluntary to be his wife, to carry his children and iron his clothes!!!

  25. Sabrina

    This is for our children 😀

  26. Krissie

    First of all, that was Serbian. (Just saying, this time I don’t need to apologise in the name of Croatian people.)
    Second of all…
    Went, would you be my toy? I promise, every night I’ll tuck you in…to ME!

  27. Erika

    I heard Luke is pregnant and Went is the father. Geuss that explains why he is shopping at ToysRus… *yeah, I know that was a bad joke. 🙂 *

  28. Kassie

    Maybe he bought the new Michael Scofield action figure…has anyone seen it? It actually looks like him, as opposed to the first one that came out. That Toy R Us is, supposedly, on La Cienega right off the Santa Monica Freeway…so he’s in LA, for all you stalkers.

  29. The REAL Cat's Meow!

    Yep, I saw it and it’s cute! I WANT IT FOR CHRISTMAS! That would be HILARIOUS if he actually bought one for himself!!! Imagine the check-out girl’s face looking down at the action figure while ringing it up and then looking up to see Went standing there! lol

  30. anon6

    Yes, that is for Sarah’s daughter. I’ve been reading several posts (not only here on wetforwent.com) and a lot of people think those shoes are new. But they’re not.

  31. For SWC’s daughter?? How old is the kid? I don’t think so…isn’t the baby like 6 mo. old?

    I don’t care who it’s for – he looks CUUUUUTE 🙂

  32. The REAL Cat's Meow!

    AWWWW, that’s so cute if he’s shopping for SWC’s daughter. Of course they sell baby toys in Toys R Us. I shop for baby items all the time! I wonder if he’s planning a trip to see the baby! Maybe he’s the baby’s Godfather!! Wouldn’t that be adorable?!?! Uncle Wenty!!!

  33. Kassie

    It would be even more adorable IMO if he were the baby’s father…

    I NEVER said that!!! ***running away fast to avoid the bullets***

  34. niknak

    WOW! We aren’t even conclusive on what’s in the bag, and now not only do we know who it’s for, but we are also assuming some sort of quasi-familial relationship with the recipient. No wonder he hides!

    What if he was purchasing toys for a charity fundraiser a la ‘Toys for Tots’? Has anyone considered him going the selfless, altruistic route?

  35. The REAL Cat's Meow!

    I’d love that idea too! Imagine Wenty as a daddy?! I wish he were my baby’s daddy! lol

    That would be nice if he were purchasing toys for charity. Boy, I sure hope he’s charitable with his money. Add “generous” and “compassionate” to his long list of good qualities and that would make me love him even more!

  36. Jedi

    Hey, I went shopping at Toys ‘R’ Us during a freaking blizzard this weekend – nobody took my picture. Oh well.

  37. niknak

    @ Jedi:

    Were you wearing a snazzy beanie and a sexy, wrinkled button down like Mr. Miller?

  38. Tracy

    Leave Went alone! Let him be free where he goes or buy! I just want him to be happy!!!
    Went, i want to say Merry Christmas and have joyous time with your friends and family!!

  39. Kassie


    Went IS free! He’s a free-ballin’ kinda guy… you DO know this is all for fun, yes? sighs*** Somebody stop me…I just can’t help myself!***

  40. sueli

    – Now that the writers are on strike, they are gonna go through the game to see if they can come up with the master plan…

    – It’s a gift for Alex [Mahone].

    Yeah, those shoes don’t look new to me, either, anon6.

  41. Rose

    Owwww imagine Went holding a baby, and the way he would look at it! He is such a beautiful man!

    Having a vivid image of me pushing him into those nasty bushes and fucking him silly!!!

    Those sunnies are oh so naughty!

  42. Kassie

    Rose, in the second picture off to the right behind Went is a woman pushing a stroller and craning her neck to look at him (I saw the enlargement at FCoWM). All sorts of scenarios come to mind, like:

    -He’s the father, and he’s walking out on her and the kid, naughty man!
    -She doesn’t know who the father is, and she’s thinking, “Hey, that looks like Went! I want him for a baby daddy!”
    -She did exactly what you are thinking about and look where it got her!

  43. Tracy

    Oh come on! do not judge him! do not talk bad things about him being father! that is silly!! He is mature to handle himself well. He is sad coz anyone will not leave him alone and will not respect his way! Went- this is a message for you! just ignore the comments which is so silly and unmature!!
    Keep going and be happy!!

  44. Tracy

    I agree with you tht he is free man! but the point the people will not leave him alone! they should respect his way where he goes or whatever! it should be this way if he is free man! Maybe he likes the paparazzi to take photos of him, but the comments which other people say, is so silly! I see that all of them want a baby from him, that sounds so cool! this will not work!

  45. @Tracy…I don’t know about comments on other sites, but here…it’s all just for fun, baby! And we all love Went and realise he has a right to privacy but at the same time we have the right to a little entertainment…and it’s ok, because we’re not hurting anyone….

  46. Oh and that comment from Anon is in slovenian…

  47. Portugal

    Até com a roupa toda enrrugada e um gorro num dia cheio de sol ele consegue ficar sempre bem jeitoso!
    Ele bem que podia vir passear pelas lojas portuguesas. Iria ser bem recebido pelas suas poucas e boas fans portuguesas.
    AH, se por acaso não tens onde ficar, podes ficar na minha casa, combinado Went??

  48. fuushi

    oh mann, ihr macht mich alle fertig!
    können wir nicht beim englischen bleiben??

  49. Alison

    Oh man Went is sooo fucking cute!! And I don’t think his shirt needs ironing, I think it’s perfect, Went is perfect. I just love him.

    He would be so cute as a daddy, and he would be even cuter as a daddy for our children. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have him. :*

  50. Alison

    Oh, and by the way, I just realised that I have started laughing the same way as Went. I’m kinda lame, I know. 😀

  51. Chainjix

    Oh, so now this site that used to be in english is a place fo all of us to drool in our own language?
    I understand you, Fuushi, but I can’t fight the temptation:
    Ja vien es varētu, es to vīrieti ne tikai apprecētu, es būtu ar mieru pat bērnu viņam dzemdēt(un man patiešām nepatīk bērni!).

    So, I’ve done it. And basically it means “Went is cute”.

    And about the game – what if it really is just a board game for himself? Maybe his scrabbles indeed IS worn out? He’s got loads of free time now.

  52. Tracy

    I agree what you have said in your comment! But one thing you must see in Alison’s comment.. it is not what will Went think?? Went is human like us! i know that it is bit fun! I ask you, will Went read our comments if we are wasting our time writing to him or what? thanks!

  53. Raz

    Squeeing in Japanese: *Kakoii deshoo…* (He’s hot)

    Oi, Uentu-san! (Oi, Wenty!)

    Ima uchi ni o asobitai’n desu ka? (Wanna play at my house now?)
    Hayaku o itte kimasu, kudasai.
    (Please come here quickly)

    Suki desu.
    (I’d like that)
    Toki uchi ni kimasu, motto yukkuri o asobu…
    (When you’ve come here, play really slow…)

    I just spent 15 minutes brushing up on my Japanese to write this. What a waste of time. You better be impressed, Went!

    Yo, WFW, do I at least win something for the effort?

  54. Tracy

    what eposides are they when they will be shortly be shown in January? are they up to eposide 9 to upwards or what?? thanks

  55. Jedi

    @ niknak
    uuuumm, well I was wearing my toque, sunglasses, ski jacket, boots – did i mention there was a blizzard? But you’re right, I didn’t look as good as he did, lol!

  56. @Tracy…I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re getting at…

  57. Tracy

    @Milla…I’m sorry too!
    Maybe they just wrote the comment as a fun! it is up to them!
    For me, i like to write nice and kind words about Wentworth!
    Where do you come from? Nice to chat you on your comment!!

  58. KM

    WOW! Girls , look at this:
    and look at his pose on the pic!

    Doesn’t it give you ideas about the sort of performance you would hire him for?

    Chippendales, eat your hearts out!
    And he would be requested to sing , too….

  59. @Tracy – what’s up, girl? Just chill….it’s all fun ‘n’ games, OK? We all LOVE Wenty – it’s cool, we’re not making any waves…. 🙂

  60. KM

    Dear Mr”BookTheBest”organiser,

    I saw your advert and I would like to book Wentworth Miller for my birthday party.
    If WM is not available on that particular date, I’m ready to change my birthday date. No problem.

    About the specifics of his performance:

    -Could he turn up in the Armani suit he had in M.Carey’s video?

    – I would very much like to see him dance and disrobe gradually on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet music. Went said he enjoys this composer .

    – No, it won’t be necessary for him to show his “nuts” to be in keeping with the ballet name, I know he’s a shy person and I (reluctantly) wish to respect his modesty.

    – BUT, I want to see him in the attire he usually wears at his favourite LA swimming-pool.
    Yes, his tight fitting speedos.

    -He will be requested to end his show by a rich toned rendition of “Happy Birthday to You, dear KM”. He can, he rehearsed in Korea.


    -Your price is mine. I’m going to pawn my grandmother’s two carats solitaire diamond that I inherited. It should cover all the expenses.

    Contact me ASAP . Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,


  61. Rose

    WTF is that serious KM?

    Everybody empty your pockets and put it in the middle of the table!

  62. Tracy

    @LAgurl- OK! OK! let us chill!! i will see that!

  63. miz brisvegas

    KM 4.19am, ” … If WM is not available on that particular date, I’m ready to change my birthday date. No problem.”

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha-haaaaaaa!!! So good to see the humour hasn’t completely left this site. *high fives*

    Okie-dokie Rose 6.29am, here’s my bus fare home. Sorry, it’s all I got – it’s Christmas which means I’m broke. *shrugs*

  64. ChatJemena

    I would like to see a pic of Wentworth carrying a child in his arms. I wish he’d be photographed carrying one of his fellow PB actors’ kids (Dom, Wade, Rob). Why? [a] your blogs about him and kids, and [b] I saw him carrying a baby dino in his arms in “Dinotopia.” He was like this: he was standing hip-shot and carrying a baby dino in one arm. He was–is this the word?–jiggling it a little so that it won’t cry (the way parents do with their babies). He seemed soooo blissfully paternal! I wonder if he took care of his sisters when their parents were busy? Must be thrilling to see! (This is just wishful thinking as WM likes his family protected from the limelight.)

  65. Rose

    Hey there is a pic of him and ‘young Michael’!!!!!!


  66. gypsie

    I’m payin for whoever gets me a pic of Went in speedos …

    Dang .. I’ll sell myself if I have to.

  67. ChatJemena

    Rose, where? Can you give the link? Thanks much.

  68. gypsie

    Went hun see, we’re all trying to go the intellectual way ….. language classes.

    Dn’t ever say this site ain’t taught you nothing. (2 negatives in 1 sentence, forgive me OLP.)

  69. gypsie

    @ WFW … How about an encore of the 12 Days of Wentmas episode 2 …there’s nuff juicy material …

    I’ll start…

    On the 1st day of Wentmas my true love gave to me …. My ovaries bak to me.

    Ok Ur Turn.

  70. KM

    On a more serious note, why does Wentworth offers himself “for personal appearances and performances for special events and corporate functions.”?

    Huh? It’s not as if he needed the money?
    And he’s not really looking for buddies?

    And what would he talk about to an audience of, say, a congress of shoe salesmen from Yocumtown (Pennsylvania) or Euren (Wisconsin) ? (Yes, thoses towns DO exist.)

    Huh, can you tell me?

  71. Kassie

    @KM: Is this for real? Has he ever done a gig through this agency? Here’s my “event”: I just want him to come lie on my sofa for an hour and watch TV. He can choose the program, film, whatever. I won’t bother him at all– just bring him a drink and snack of his choice. As long as he doesn’t mind me sighing and staring at him for an hour…that’s all I ask. I have a diamond bracelet I can hock to cover the fee. When is he available?

    @Rose: Am anxiously awaiting the link to the picture you mentioned!

  72. Just me...


    If you book Wentworth for your birthday party…
    I hope that you will invite me…(if not I encrust myself)!!
    If the entry is paying…Your price is mine!!!! 😉

  73. angie

    hi tracy
    u welcome
    as for the vid i have no idea what eposides r there but i just saw that it was a new vid of Went and decided to post it in the place were ppl love him the most

  74. Alison

    Well, if you really need to know, I’m actually from Finland. And I don’t quite get you. I do think that “cute” and “perfect” are both kind and nice words for Wentworth IF he even reads any of these comments (and btw I’m not sure if you were talking to me). And if you were talking to me, well, isn’t the topic “WM shops for YOUR future children”? So I don’t get why are you complaining to me (if that was what you were doing). *confused*

    My mother language is not English, ‘couse it’s actually Finnish. So I’m sorry if I don’t always get your language. *frustrated*

  75. KM

    @Kassie, are you trying to fool us?

    You would watch him for an hour without finally throwing yourself on his body and starting to fondle him hungrily with sweaty, trembling hands?

    What are you made of, woman???

  76. Portugal

    If you want to see more photos of went shopping, go to the site wentworthmiller.es.vg

  77. Portugal

    I think that in the same day he also brought a new jacket! He’s like me, buy every gift in one day!

  78. artgirl

    To KM
    If you can book Went to come to your party in speedos, I will happily pay you to be able to come to your party. 😉

  79. Kassie

    @KM: *hanging head with a guilty expression* Of course you are right…I wouldn’t be able to leave him alone *sigh*

    But, when booking him for an appearance, I’d have to pretend that my intentions were totally honorable…he he he

    Another idea that comes to mind is to find out what his favorite charity is, start a chapter in my city, and book him for an appearance to promote the charity. Afterwards I would take him out for dinner and drinks, get him drunk and take advantage of him! LOL …oooh, the fantasies he inspires…

  80. Kassie

    @Portugal: Thanks for the photos! Our dear boy does not look happy…perhaps he needs some holiday cheer to get into the spirit of the season. I’ll invite him to stop by for some eggnog and a good snog….oooh baby!

    @KM: Are you sure he wears speedos? That doesn’t seem his style to me. American men typically wear them only for swimming competition. They’re considered too revealing otherwise…but hey…we can hope, can’t we??

  81. KM

    I assumed he wears speedos, all real swimmers do for freedom of movement… In Europe you have no choice in public swimming-pools, otherwise some dirty customers would wear their filthy outside shorts in the water.
    Yes, our Went looks tired. he needs a vacation, round the world…with me!
    I would take him to places like Mount Mee (Australia) and Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines). Also Cockplay (Scotland) or Big Cockup in England.
    I’d expect him to want to go to Twatt (Orkney, UK)
    or Muff (County Donegal, Ireland). We would go to France, to the fair city of Condom, but certainly not to Anus. No way would we visit Shit (Iran)!

    But we would finish our world tour in Fucking (Austria)….
    Yes, that’s what he needs!

    PS: All these places do exist, I found them on the Net.

  82. Kassie

    @KM: Thanks for the hilarity! If Went is free to travel with me over the holidays, this is where I will take him: First to Sweet Lips, Tennessee (US), then we’ll fly to Kissing, Germany. Back in the U.S., we’ll visit Wet Beaver Creek, Colorado, then on to Dick, Mozambique. In Spread Eagle, Wisconsin I’ll have some recreational activities planned (HEHE!!!) before we get to Climax, Colorado. Our trip will end in Bliss, Idaho or Love, Mississippi.

    Perhaps he will consent to having his photo taken in speedos. If so, I promise to post it here on WFW.org(y) LOL

  83. KM

    Roflmao, Kass!

    You know that Dominic has been invited to Paris all this week?
    Well, two towns want to make Went their guest of honour. They are Pussy (in France) and Vagina (Russia).
    The locals are eagerly awaiting his response…

    Kass, have a wonderful Christmas, you and your family!

  84. gypsie

    I Love the Education in this site.

    Geography lessons. Wow

  85. Portugal

    @KM: are you sure that Pussy and Vagina are in France and Russia??? Because i’m pretty sure that in Portugal we have a lot of places with the same name, at least 6 milliones… You know are i mean???

  86. Kassie

    @KM: Thanks, and the same to you!

    There are more pictures of Went shopping at http://www.justjared.com…probably on the same day because he’s dressed the same (which doesn’t necessarily mean anything in his case). The pictures were taken at The Grove in LA. Next time I’m in town, I’m going into the stores where he was shopping to kiss the floors.

  87. gemini

    Hello !
    Dresses aren’t exactly the same. The Toy’r’us shirt : there is a label down, not on the Grove shirt. And shoes seems different…
    He looks so handsome but so sad (or angry ?). I’m sad when he’s sad !
    Dom is in France, this week, and he seems happy… So Went, please, come back to France and find again your nice smile !
    Dom’s visiting Paris and has taken part in M6 show. He has said about him : “he’s a great, great guy” and on NRJ radio, he has said : “he’s a very good friend, a straight (honest !) man and a very good actor”. Kind of you, Dom !
    In France PB is a big success : season 3 rates are good ans season 1 is the best sale of DVD boxset. Many people appreciate Went and there is not really gay debate on the french webforum. Generally, the girls think he’s straight, and some boys he’s gay (little jealous !). But people aren’t obsessed by that. It doesn’t matter ! The most important is that he is a talented actor, gorgeous,lovely, smart, intelligent, cultured, kind and modest… But everybody know that….
    Please, Wenty go back ! We waits for you with impatience ! and Wentmas everyone !
    (sorry for my english !)

  88. Anon 2

    GEMINI, Went may go to France and to Russia, as KM told us.

  89. gemini

    Oh yes, great ! The Pussygirls always will make him welcome. Life is beautiful, Went !

  90. Tracy

    Does Shit (Iran) really exist? Lol!

  91. Rose

    I felt bad when I saw the look on his face, but today my expression was 100 times worse!

    I never, ever want to go shopping again!!!!!!!

    If someone was taking a photo of me in the carpark I would have biffed them with my heavy shopping bags!

    I love Christmas, but Wentmas is better!

    Re: photo of Wentworth and young Michael I saw it once at the church and can’t find it now!

  92. The REAL Cat's Meow!

    According to you, while in France, Dom described Went as, “He’s a great, great guy….. a really good friend, a straight (honest!) man, and a very good actor!”

    Did Dom really say “a straight man” about Went??

    Wow, this is like the 3rd time Dom has said that about Went. Was he asked if Went was gay, or did Dom just mention that on his own?

  93. gemini

    @The REAL Cat’s Meow
    I’m not sure. But the frensh translator has translated “un homme droit”. In french “droit” means “honest” et not “not gay”. He answered to the question : How does that pass with WM in the real life ?

  94. The REAL Cat's Meow!

    Thanks alot sweets! It seems like Dominic answers the “gay” question more times than Went does! It must be true, because I don’t think Dom would continuously lie about Went. He has his own integrity to uphold. And if Went was really gay, he wouldn’t want Dom to lie for him.

  95. The REAL Cat's Meow!

    Went, stop covering up your sexy head………… with pants! lol

    Went, can I see your package? The one in your boxers, not your shopping bag!! lol

    Wenty, it’s Christmastime, so please kiss me under the mistletoe! Afterward, I’ll be happy to kiss your missile………. and your toes!!!! lol

  96. KM

    I confirm “droit” means honest and not straight.
    It implies we can believe what Went says.

    More interesting is the family reunion pic at the Church. We see his sister Leigh, his aunt, a political personality(see Wikipedia) and two cousins.
    I’m glad he let the paper publish the photo: it relieves a bit the fans’ pressure and makes him more “human”…

  97. bexyboo

    @ the real Cat’s Meow
    I agree with you ….how many times has Dom said that Went is straight now?? Went is not the kind of person to expect ANYONE to cover for him..
    BTW – it’s now Xmas day!! In England anyway.. (12.07) HAPPY XMAS GUYS! Hope you have a brilliant Xmas. Anyone watching PB repeats? Ohhh yeahhh!

  98. Cat's Meow!

    I’ve heard Dom say Went wasn’t gay at least 3 times so far. And you’re right, Went would NEVER expect anyone to cover for him. If he was gay, he would admit he was before allowing anyone to lie for him.

    Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you have a fun-filled day! And yeah, I’ll be watching PB repeats all week long!

  99. Kassie

    @KM: thank you to whoever it was who found the picture…his sister is lovely, of course. He has so many reasons to be proud of his family. Wishing them, and all of, you peace and joy today and every day…

  100. Kassie

    On the subject of family, Went’s sister REALLY looks like him, even down to the long fingers. She’s almost his female clone… a stunning girl!!

    And I think I’ve found their long-lost Welsh cousin, an actor named Ioan Gruffudd (…yeah, I know…) Check out this picture of him and tell me he doesn’t look like The Pretty in his peacoat:


  101. Cat's Meow!

    I tried to check out Went’s look-a-like, but all I got was a blank screen. Do you have another link? I’ll try to google him. Thanks anyway, honey!

  102. anonymous

    @KM and Kassie, Went’s sister, Leigh, is very lovely. And what an impressive family history! All the more impressive when you consider the social climate of the era (racism, discrimination, etc.) Went comes from great stock!

  103. Kassie

    @anonymous: Yes, he does come from great stock, but we already knew that (just by looking at him!!) His comment about almost being the shame of the family (in his salad days trying to establish himself as an actor) has more meaning to me now; in his family being an Ivy League educated, professional pillar of the community is the standard.

    **feeling faint from admiration and lust**

  104. Kassie

    @Cat’s Meow: Sorry, for some reason if you click on the link it doesn’t work…you have to type it in and then it will go to the picture. Wonder if Went knows him? When I googled Ioan Gruffudd, one of the links said he lived in West Hollywood, which is Went’s neighborhood. (His name is pronounced YO-an Griffith, BTW, and he was in The Fantastic Four.)

  105. You guys – did I miss this pic of his family you’re talking about??? I read and am a member of the Church – how did I miss it??
    Can someone tell me which page it’s on???? WTF???

  106. anon6

    At Kassie, nice to meet you. Wm does not live in West Hollywood. Have a nice day and happpy new year everyone.

  107. Kassie

    @anon6: He doesn’t live in West Hollywood? Where, then? Larchmont?

    Note to self: You will not stalk WM.

  108. mee

    yes, yes u r right, for my n Went’s children ;)) lol

  109. anon6

    He lives in Hancock Park thats all I’ll say.

  110. Anna

    well I also noticed something similar between Wentworth and Ioan Gruffudd.. I guess it’s something like quiet intellegence and charm..
    I remember him from “Great Expectations” and “The Forsyte Saga” and loved his acting.

  111. Kassie

    Anon6: “He lives in Hancock Park that’s all I’ll say.”

    …sorry to be crude, but Hancock Park sounds like a place where men go to masturbate…very interesting…LOL

  112. Kassie

    Maybe it could be said that I live in Mandolin Park…LMFAO!

  113. KM

    LOL, Kass! I love you!
    My apartment is next to yours in Mandolin Park. Only trouble, we are too far from Hancock Park where he lives…

  114. Tracy

    No news of Went so far??? Where is he now??
    Missing his new pictures?
    Looking forward to coming eposides of Prison Break 3 on 14th????
    Cannot wait to see it!!!!

  115. Just me...

    @ KM…
    Believe me… Wentworth deserve the displacement!!!

    @ Anon6…
    Who are you?
    And how hold you the information that he lives in Hancock Park ?

  116. anon6

    I know, Im sorry shouldnt have said anything. Have a nice day everyone 🙂

  117. Kassie

    @anon6: We’ll all just forget about it and hope he doesn’t feel a need to move elsewhere.

    Wentworth Miller lives in my heart… LOL

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