Dear Santa

Did you forget about me? You must not be in the business of granting the wishes of good girls like me or else I would have met The Perfect One by now. You may think that b/c I’ve kind of slacked up on the posting that I no longer desire to lick His Hotness but I can assure you, that is not the case. You know, in a way, I even kind of deserve it. I know that it is you that usually makes these kinds of determinations, but dammit, I earned this. Get off your fat ass and help me out or the reindeer gets it. I’m sick of this shit…

Went. At my door. Now.

P.S. Thanks for getting Went a new coat; It’s fab.

P.P.S. I’m sorry I called you a fatass but I’m really really ready for my present now. Really.

Thanks unkut!


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112 responses to “Dear Santa

  1. Nicbeast


    Oh yeah, and mutherfuckingword, WFW.

  2. Kassie

    Merry Wentmas, WFW!!! Where is our pretty boy going? To Baltimore, perhaps??!!! …remember, we want IT (you and Went doin’ the nasty) on video…

  3. Cat's Meow!

    Where ya goin angel boy?? I bet you’re flying back east to see your mommy and daddy for Christmas. How the hell did you fit all those presents you shopped for the other day in that one suitcase and still have room for your clothes, toiletries, extra pair of shoes and of course, pornos?! Oh wait, you have that infamous backpack with you too. But with the “Dracula” script, Reese’s peanutbutter cups, your blackberry and books, it’s a wonder you have room for anything else!

    Have a fun-filled Christmas my pretty boy! I’m still waiting for my kiss under the mistletoe. And I’m still willing to kiss your “missile” and your “toes” like I said I would!!! lol

  4. Cat's Meow!

    Merry Christmas to all you Wentworth Earl Miller the Third fans! Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year filled with lots of Wenty encounters, Wenty sightings, Wenty on Prison Break, Wenty behind the scenes, Wenty public appearances, Wenty interviews, Wenty on talk shows promoting PB, Wenty randomly singing to a bunch of screaming fangirls, Wenty filming his new movie this Summer, Wenty on a date (preferably with a woman), Wenty in the nude (wishful thinking!)

  5. lorie

    Jesus Ch*&$ you can give a girl heart attack ike this here i am waiting up for Santa and decide to check this site and kapow the pretty in a new jacket looking sexy..(without the beige pants) where is he going and does any one know when was this taken…i’m checking into rehab soon i promise this is too much for my heart to take Went just come to PEI we love you to death here..literally
    Merry Christmas everyone and i hope atleast one of us will have our wish come through in 08

  6. Anonymous

    Wait a minute: is he still wearing the SAME jeans, the SAME shirt and the SAME beanie that he wore on his shopping spree?

    They must be filthy!
    *and smell of his intoxicating sweat and hold millions of his DNA cells*

  7. Erika

    Hey WFW, now why did go and ask Santa for the same gift as mine? Maybe that’s why I didn’t get my present either… or on second thought, could it be that just maybe there was a reeeaaally good boy this year? 😉 BTW, I love the new and improved outfit but please Went, don’t let it be your look for the next 5 years like you did with the brown shoes and beidge trousers.

  8. Rose

    I wrote exactly the same letter WFW!!!

    God! I’m not liking that jacket.

    That flawless skin and those naughty, naughy aviators. Holy Crap!!! *grabbing Christmas tree as not to fall over*

    Question: How come I have never, ever seen anything like that at the airport or ToysRUs?

    Not fair!!!!!!!!

    Merry Wentmas Everybody!!!!!

  9. I just came from the airport ( not the same one as Went, but still) and there was nobody this hot there!!!!Just a bunch of regular guys….I guess there really is nobody like Wentworth! And after these candids, I think there is nobody who could rock a pair of jeans like our boy! Look at him, he looks like he’s modelling right now! Oh and I like the jacket, must be warm…in his arms…smelling his neck and kissing it lightly…sorry, where was I?

    Anyway…I wish everybody a very merry Wentmas, and a very happy Went year! I hope that in this year we all either get the help that we need or we finally get to meet HIM!


  10. Krissie

    Dear Santa!
    Thanks for the new candids, they’re lovely, really, they are and I hope you won’t think I’m being ungrateful and all but there’s one little teeny tiny thing I’d really really need: a back-door access to this blog. You know why.
    Love, Kris

  11. miz brisvegas

    Meh. Jacket, schmacket.

    At least the whole outfit matched. Gotta give him props for that.

    Little boy blue, come blow MY horn!

  12. Cat's Meow!

    I love Wenty in blue!

  13. ChatJemena

    Yes, dear Santa, please grant W4W’s wish so she could tell us about it. She’s a fantastic, witty writer and knows all the delicious words to describe Our Boy and the-soon-to-be-legendary encounter (how does he taste? is he really a virgin or just ‘on hold’? is he really, really a nice gentleman, but a tiger in bed? rawrrrr!). With her words, W4W will have us bloggers dreamin’ and drippin’ and creamin’ till Kingdom come!

    (Take pictures, W4W!)

  14. Alison

    The jacket really suits Went. I love it (and him too). And the hole picture is really cute, ‘couse Went’s in it (of course).

  15. Cat's Meow!

    Went is SMOKIN HOTTTTT!!! He looks like he’s in a J. Crew ad! Man, every candid of him looks like he’s doing a photoshoot. I’ve never seen a bad photo of him. NOT ONCE!!! Can this pretty boy be the epitome of perfection? Yep, he can!!!

  16. Merry Wentmas everyone 🙂
    OK, if you want to – I can see where he flew to, I fly for the airline he took, you remember?

    BTW OMG, he is soooooo cute…..
    How come people that are on my flight are always just friggin’ mean and fat and old?

    Wenty, you look absolutely PERFECT, honey – mwah!

  17. sona chic

    He looks so good in blue….like he did in the first season.

  18. Kassie

    @LAgurl: Uh, yeah, we want to know where he flew to!!!! Give us the 411! Everyone who is looking at that hot piece of ass is hoping he’s flying to their city, so a lot of people will be disappointed… well, fuck, we’re used to it…Wentless again this holiday season with nothing but dreams. Remember girls and boys, he belongs to ALL of us…and will he ever be tired out when we’re all done with him..hehe

  19. niknak

    Wow! Who would have thought that an entire globe of women (and some men) wrote the SAME “Dear Santa” letter that WFW did??? Did anyone else’s letter include a P.S. to put a lump of shit covered coal in Ellen Degeneres’s stocking?

    Well, hon, I really hope you get your Christmas wish. Santa knows you deserve it, but “good girl”? Santa’s not stupid. He reads this blog too! And if by “good” you mean being a saucy, brazen hellcat who is determined to land her man or die trying, then a “good girl” you truly are!

    Merry Wentmas!!!

  20. Kassie

    That’s right, niknak! Santa knows what WFW has been up to this year… Sorry, WFW, Went is MINE!!! ***sound of maniacal laughter as men in white coats enter with a straitjacket***

  21. Just me...

    Oh my God I want to kiss his beautiful and delicious neck!!!

  22. LadyN

    *brings flowers to cotw’s grave*
    *a sniff and a gag*

    *a slurp for the coat*


  23. Anonymous

    LAGIRL, please tell us quick!
    Did he fly to Pittsburg?

  24. Tracy

    Went is so cool in his jacket! it suits him!! He looks nice in jeans and blue shirt! He wears nice clothes! He might be tired when i looked at the photo of him! Probably visiting his family for christmas! Merry Christmas to Went! AND to you all!
    @Kassie, pls can you give me the new candids??

  25. sona chic

    Just me,

    I want to kiss his neck too. So bad.

  26. Alright girls, I will try to get the info re: where he flew to – I’m going to work tomorrow….

  27. Kassie

    @LAgurl: …great…I’ll be looking forward to that, thanks.

    Found some great outtake pics of the Beanpole photoshoot I’d never seen before…scroll down on this site:

  28. KM

    Great find, Kassie!
    On this (Algerian?) blog we have some of the pics WFW was forced to remove from her blog by Bean Pole (like the pic of Went eating and the MASSAGE one!)
    Ah, the massage one….I love it. Look at his face…

    Lucky bitch!

  29. Juma

    I wonder if there’s going to be enough Went for all this women…

  30. Can’t imagine what Went is doing this Holiday Season?

  31. gypsie

    Cant imagine who Went is doing this Holiday Season?

  32. gypsie

    The massage one KM!!! …. I think I ovulated by just looking at those arms (oh Went, dont you look tough with the football and all) …… Why is that woman pulling his shirt though.(She seems to have the right idea. More I say. More, Over and above the head)

  33. 646

    Can’t imagine how Went is doing this Holiday Season?

  34. Tracy

    Went might be enjoying his holiday season! Maybe he is going to jol more!! He might be EXHAUSTED from travelling from there to other place!! Went deserve to have a good break!!! Happy New Year to you- Went and to you all!!

  35. sona chic

    Thanks WS!!

    Went, honey, reading Vanity Fair is so not you. Stop it. Seriously.

  36. Skippy

    Pretty was probably getting on a connecting flight to LA from NY.

    I could care less about the VF mag. The man shops like a “metro” and apparently reads like one too.

    There’s nothing like a man who’s fine as hell, shops like no other, and looks sexy as hell in ALL of it.

    Mmmmm..must be my birthday!

  37. gemini

    Happy to see him again ! But, he still hasn’t smiled or given a wave…

    I don’t know Vanity Fair… What’s the problem with this magazine ?

  38. Oh, I guess you guys found out – yeah, he was in ORD – O’hare – where I am based and the gate he flew out of??? Do you know how close I was to him????? ARGHHHH! Damn!!!!!! BTW he wouldn’t connect through ORD to go to NY. We have hourly service to JFK from LAX – he wouldn’t bother with that. Too much trouble. (Those flight is always full of celebs!)
    Anyone know why he was in Chicago??

  39. 646

    Maybe he was in Pittsbourgh… Pittsbourgh-Chicago-Los Angeles

  40. 646

    Or maybe he spent these days with his friends who live in Chicago… can you remember season1?

  41. Alaya

    Dear Santa,
    ……. simlpy Thank you 🙂

    your Alaya

  42. Cat's Meow!

    That’s too bad you missed him!!! I feel for you girl! Why couldn’t you have been working that day??!! I guess it wasn’t in the cards. Don’t you hate when that happens??!!

    Could it be that Went was either going to Pennsylvania or coming back from Pennsylvania where his dad lives when these photos were taken? Are there flights directly from Pennsylvania to L.A. or do you have to stop over in Chicago. I know for sure his dad still lives in the town where Went graduated high school (forgot the name of the town). Can you check where he actually flew to? I don’t know who he would be visiting for Christmas in Chicago. I think he was just there for a connecting flight. What do you think?

  43. I can totally see that as a possiblity – connecting through to go see people in PIT? Yea.

    I am crying though – I’m just gonna go to that gate and lick the chair he was sitting in, and the floor he was standing on when he was boarding the flight – do you know how many flgiths to LAX I’ve worked? I’m going there on Friday!

    BTW it’s probably good that he wasn’t on my flight – I would have been a crying mess.

  44. BTW the lady I checked with said if it’s within 24 hours they can trace back stuff but past that – unless I know where he flew to (duh, that’s what we’re trying to figure out) they can’t pull up the record.
    I’ll try though 🙂
    (For all the Wentaholics out there!!!!! Represent!!)

  45. Cat's Meow!

    I would sit on that same chair Went was sitting on in the airport and hope some of his DNA would rub off on me and impregnate me!!! lol

    I just remembered where Went’s dad lives! It’s Sewickley, Pennsylvania. I don’t know what airport that would be close to. Can you please check. Is it Pittsburgh? Could he have been coming back to L.A. from there?

    Does anyone know where his mom lives?

    We’ll figure out where he went for Christmas if it kills us!!! lol

  46. Kassie

    @Cat’s Meow: Sewickley is a suburb of Pittsburgh; he’d have flown out of the Pittsburgh airport.

  47. Cat's Meow!

    Thanks, hon! So if we find out he flew out of Pittsburgh, then we’ll know he went to see his daddy for Christmas! How sweet is that?!!!

    I wonder if he saw his mom too? He seems like he’s a sweet mama’s boy! He’s mentioned her quite a few times in interviews. AWWWW, he’s such a good son!!! lol

  48. Mercy

    Guys, there’s nothing wrong with reading Vanity Fair. It’s a fantastic magazine highlighting very real issues around the world. Celebrities actually would KILL to be on the cover of Vanity Fair – it’s seen as a sign to your peers and the rest of the world you’ve ‘made it’ in Hollywood.

  49. Oh yeah, Vanity Fair – do you guys remember this episode on ‘Will and Grace’ where they both (Will and Grace) liked this same guy but he kept giving both of them mixed sign and consulted Jack – to see if he was gay or not? Jack said – ‘What does he have in his bathroom to read?’ and before they answered he said ‘if it’s Vanity Fair, I can’t help you because that is unisex reading it doesn’t mean anything, either way’

    I agree, Mercy!
    It is a nice read, nothing gay about it!!

  50. Mercy

    Totally, LA Gurl! And their interviewers are so sharp and on the ball. Not to mention their gorgeous photo shoots with the likes of Annie Leibowitz. Remember that wonderful shot of baby Suri with Tom and Katie? Wasn’t that Vanity Fair? Oh yeah… (not that I like Tom, just thought it was wonderful photography)

  51. KM

    One of you in the States should buy Vanity Fair and tell us what he read for 20 minutes…

    We are dying to know what could interest him!

  52. SamW

    Is Went frugal (cheap) or what he did’nt even take first class he took the cheapest seats to fly to his destinations.

  53. KM

    Our Went IS frugal. He said he doesn’t like to splash out like a typical Hollywood star.
    He knows what matters in life.
    Great guy.

  54. Tracy

    Nothing wrong with Vanity Fair!! Went can read any magazines! Vanity Fair is a cool magazine! i have read them!
    Went – keep going reading Vanity Fair!!!!

  55. Tracy

    @KM, I see that Went is like us, trying to be normal like us, not a hollywood star! He is great and cool!

  56. Kassie

    Maybe his whole family got together for Christmas. Maybe one of his sisters lent him a magazine for his layover in Chicago.

    Maybe he’ll fly here some day…and I damn well hope I’ll know about it so I can be at the airport waiting for him (although it might be considered stalking, in the legal sense).

    I hope his Christmas was a good one , and that 2008 will be a great year for him. If he’s busy working it will also be a great year for all the rest of us.

  57. KM

    @Kassie, where do you live?
    I thought you were American?

  58. Kassie

    @KM: I’m American…I live in Bangkok. Thanks to the internet it is possible for me to keep tabs on Went…All the cities that he is associated with (LA, Chicago, Dallas, and Sewickley) are familiar. Although I can’t say I’ve ever been to Brooklyn or Chipping Norton…

    You speak English very well, BTW!

    I love to read Vanity Fair and hope to see Went in it sometime soon!

  59. KM

    Thanks for the information! Bang..kok. Wow ! Two rude words together (dirty thoughts)….
    You’re familiar with Went’s whereabouts in the US, and I know Chipping Norton!
    I spent a year in Banbury (not far) in 2001 to improve my English and in Pinner near London(Thanks for the compliment, Kass, but I sometimes make the most stupid mistakes in English).
    Chipping Norton is nothing remarkable if I remember well.
    Sorry, Went…

  60. Wentalicious

    Aww, Wenty. He’s looking good. Coat’s nice too. The shoes… meh, but he’s making good progress.. And how cute is he carrying around that backpack with his luggage? Happy holidays Wenty and WFW!

  61. Cat's Meow!

    LOL….It figures Wenty would confuse us like the guy that both Grace & Jack liked in “Will & Grace” by reading Vanity Fair!!! He’s always doing these things to keep us guessing!!! lol

    Wenty may have just found the Vanity Fair magazine lying on the chair when he sat down. Someone may have left it there. Either way, I agree, you don’t have to be gay to read it. There is entertainment, politics, current news, etc., all things both sexes would be interested in.

  62. Kassie

    @KM: IMHO there should be a huge bronze plaque at the town limits of Chipping Norton announcing that it is the birthplace of the most beautiful man on Earth, aka Wentworth E. Miller, III. Or they could put a statue of him in the town square. Nude, preferably.

    @Wentalicious: It’s been said before but bears repeating…Went needs a woman to help him dress. I’m available and have excellent taste. I can also help him undress… hehe…

    @Cat’s Meow: If I saw WM sitting at an airport gate I’d wet my pants and faint straight away! Wonder why he didn’t wait in the VIP lounge??? He’s so ridiculously perfect… **whimpering**

  63. gemini

    Thanks guys for clarification about Vanity Fair !
    Maybe, some people would prefer a porno mag….
    But, that would be surprising….
    ok, went not in the airports ! Telephoto lens are everywhere !

  64. bexyboo

    He was coming to see me!! That’s right! He got the plane to Heathrow – and he’s still here now. LMAO!
    Seriously – if he was here, I wouldn’t be writing to you guys – I would be upstairs rocking the bed with him! LOL
    LMAO at that pic of the woman massaging his wonder she’s smiling – I would be too!

  65. Kassie

    @bexyboo: Yes, she’s smiling…because she knows that, at that moment, she is the envy of every woman on the planet (and quite a few men as well). What wouldn’t YOU give to get your hands on him? I for one would not be able to stop myself at just a shoulder massage…

    “Mr. Miller, please come into the other room and lie down so I can give you a proper massage. Best thing for jet lag. Would you like a glass of wine, some Scotch, a margarita?”

    Before he could say boo my hands would be all over him, followed quickly by my lips and tongue. Afterwards he’d be very relaxed…

    Imagination is a wonderful thing…

  66. KM

    …or :” Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll have to bodysearch you for illicit drugs..Please, the gentleman with a beanie, can you follow officer Kassie to the search booth?Thank you.”

    He is yours, Kassie. Don’t forget the cavity search…

  67. Kassie

    @KM: Wow, that’s the best offer I’ve had all year… but if it’s all the same to you, I’d rather have him search MY “cavity.” I believe he carries a certain cavity-probing device that is reportedly uncircumcised hehe……*oooh, sir! That tickles!!*

    Went is an illicit drug….

    Happy New Year, KM!

  68. KM

    @Yes, Kass,I lent him to you knowing you’d take great care of him (No scratches please, and careful on the hickeys!).
    Don’t forget there’s a long queue of Wentlusters behind us waiting for their turn…

    Happy (hot) New Year to you in Thailand!
    My New Year will be very, very cold and snowy…

    **will revive my fantasy of me and Went snowbound for a week in the chalet. Not new but
    always works**

  69. bexyboo

    Oh god – envy is right! Can you imagine having her job?? Touching Went and getting PAID for it??? The lucky BITCH… Tell you something – if our imaginations run riot – can you think what hers must be like??? Illicit drug – you’re not kidding!!
    @KM – Hurry up in that booth – you’ve had long enough!! LMAO..Did you find anything??

  70. Snowflake

    You and Went in a chalet… Mmmm… brings back memories… is he still there with you!! He must be very tired out by now!

  71. Kassie

    Mmmmm…snowbound…with Went…in a chalet…ooooh…Keep him warm for me, and if it gets too cold send him here!!

  72. KM

    For all you girls, Santa ‘s late pressie: Went’s real cousin (the one on the Memphis pic), Jason Cox:

    Hot guy! And THERE IS a strong ressemblance!

  73. Kassie


    OMG, even his cousin is hot!!! Those incredible, superhuman genes…

    Could Went be an alien…sent from another galaxy to repopulate Earth and save our species??!! I want to help…I will have his baby… LOL

  74. SoCalGal

    @LAgurl … any news on where he was traveling to and/or from?

  75. KM

    Yes, his cousin is handsome, too!
    If you remove mentally the moustache, you see he could be Went’s younger brother: same bone structure, same face shape and lovely smile..

    He’s a producer and director. I see who Went meant when he talked about his “family in L.A.”

    Gifted and beautiful family…

  76. KM

    We are gradually discovering part of his family:

    -His younger sister Leigh (classy girl), lawyer.

    -His very hot cousin, Jason Fox, film producer and director.

    -His aunt, Mila Jasey, Democrat politician of South Orange New Jersey.

    -His other cousin, Rhena(Mila’s daughter).

    -We know now that his dad has got at least two sisters (Mila Miller Jasey and Jason Miller Fox’s mother)

    They all descend from an exceptional man, Dr. Green Forte Pinkston, Went’s great grandfather, who was one of the first black doctors in Memphis at a time when discrimination was prevalent.
    His descendants on Went’s side, are lawyers, politicians, teachers , film producers and actors…

    The more we discover about Went the more we can admire him and his background….

  77. Kassie

    According to IMDb Jason Cox, Went’s cute younger cousin, was the producer, director, and cinematographer for the 2007 film “White Pants.” Sadly, it is a short story about a baseball player who gets diarrhea in the outfield. When I first saw the title the visual that popped into my head was of course Went and his bulging package in the tight white jeans from the Beanpole photoshoot.

    Note to Jason: That would be much more interesting! Maybe you should ask your cousin if he’d like to star in it…all he has to do is wear tight white pants…we’ll all pay to see it…

  78. KM

    @Great idea, Kassie!

    Let’s propose a sinopsis to J.Cox, without the “trots”this time…

    PS: I re-iterate my question: does anyone have the link to “Went and his bulging package in the tight white jeans from the Beanpole photoshoot.” ?

    I’ll sell one of my future children to the person who finds it…

  79. Kassie

    Happy New Year!!!

    Snowflakes are falling on our Wenty and he’s not wearing a coat…quick, WFW…wrap your arms around him to keep him warm!

  80. WFW

    *slipping arms through coat and wrapping around him tightly*

  81. Kassie

    Ahhh, thanks, WFW…now I can go to sleep in 2008 knowing that Went is safe and warm…

  82. Alison

    Happy new year to you all! How was your new year’s eve? Did you get really drunk? I didn’t. I wonder if Went did. I hope not. He would have a bad hang-over if he did get drunk, and I want no bad things for our precious Went.

    BTW, my Went 2008 calendar is now on my wall. *smiling*

  83. ChatJemena

    Happy New Year to all!

  84. Kassie

    @Alison: The really important question is who (if anyone) was he kissing at midnight?

    Happy New Year!!!

  85. Rose

    Snow is my favourite and my best!

    Let me rub my hand’s together to keep warm!
    Oh Went, yes you can put your cock in between. OK I’ll rub harder…. oh hey I have somewhere warmer you can put it…………

  86. Tracy

    @where is Went now? No pictures of Went so far! Maybe he is so tired after his holiday! Went-Happy New Year!

  87. anonimous8

    for all of those who were discussing the vanity fair thing. remember when we went to buy Cosmopolitan?, now thats a really girly magazine! with all those-how to please your men- stuff.

  88. anon lower case


    Does anybody know where to send fanmail to? Is Went with William Morris or Management 360?

  89. KM

    Mink said he’s with William Morris now.

  90. Kassie


    Went’s with William Morris now? That gay actor in a movie about cowboys? Whatever happened to Luke? Are you starting a rumor, or do you have pictures to prove it?? This will revitalize the gay debate! LOL

    …I’m bored, and no sign of WFW. Certainly hope she’s recovered from New Years… Wait a minute–was Went in Baltimore for New Years???

  91. Tracy

    Why is Went so quiet? No news of him so far???

  92. Just me...

    PS: I re-iterate my question: does anyone have the link to “Went and his bulging package in the tight white jeans from the Beanpole photoshoot.” ?

    KM…Do you mean this picture?…

    But I like his bulging package in this jeans…

  93. Just me...

    God only know!!!

  94. anon lower case

    Thanks, KM.

  95. Tracy

    @anon lower case, i think you must send to his agent – ! Try it!

    @Just me, it is true that God only knows!!! Hope to see him in sight soon!!

  96. Is it always wrong to imagine Wentworth, instead of your partner during sex?

  97. mia

    nope i actually called my ex went all the time when bonking and i was jennifer (aniston) just to keep each other happy ,eventually he wasnt up to wents standard so he’s now with a roseann barr lookalike.

  98. Tracy

    @Surreal, it is wrong to imagine Wentworth instead of your partner during sex…. Coz it will not help you to get him in reality! Take your mind off and focus on your partner! i have noticed that some people have the same problem!

  99. Tracy

    Wentworth Miller-it is for you! Stand up for your rights, live today like it is your last, be creative, do something nice for someone else every day, love yourself regardless of how you look or feel, feel free in your own skin, and remember that we are equal and we all just want to be loved.
    Don’t forget to sing along to your favorite song and dance like no one is watching.
    Be yourself.
    Just be.

  100. Tracy

    This is for you, Wentworth Miller-There is so much that I adore about you. We haven’t known each other long.
    You were so charming when i first met you
    I could keep no secrets, you demand honesty and won’t accept my silence.
    I love how comfortable I am around you
    and you around me
    I love that we can talk about everything and anything
    I love how you hold me
    I love the sound of your heartbeat
    I love how your hands smother mine
    I love your laugh
    your personailty
    I love everything about you
    maybe someday
    you will Love me too
    or if you already do….tell me…

    because I Adore you.

  101. xfan

    Sorry to tell you this but your blog sucks, it used to be cool but now that you have become afraid of the Chruch-Crazy people, it’s just plain boring…go ahead and delete this…as evey comment that dosen’t please the church is deleted. I’m sure even Wentworth Miller finds this blog boring

    WFW: The fact that my blog sucks now actually has nothing to do with Church; It's my lack of imagination and my focus elsewhere which has contributed to the decline as well as other things...I have no idea where you got that idea, but I see you have a grudge, so be it. I am not a mod over there, just a member, like hundreds of others. Since I actually agree with you and you didn't call my mother a bitch or anything, the comment stays.

  102. Kassie


    Excuse me, I’m confused by your post. Who are these “Chruch-Crazy people”?

    IMO, WFW ain’t afraid of NOBODY.

    P.S. Your spelling sucks.

  103. Kassie


    It’s been 12 days..are you OK? **fingers crossed** We need you, I hope you know that… *suffering gruesome withdrawal symptoms*

    And if you’re with Went, who also seems to have gone AWOL, we want it ON VIDEO. No excuses…and for god’s sake use better lighting than that nude clip from The Human Stain.

  104. KM

    Kass, WFW is not with Went.
    But look at these two!

    What do you think they’re saying?
    “Oh, Went, is that what they call a cell phone? I’ve never seen one before! Can I touch?”


  105. Just me...

    I don’t know what they’re saying!!
    But the only think I know for sure is that they two fucking BITCHES are very LUCKY!!!!

  106. Kassie

    OMG, KM!! Those girls are both brunettes…damn them and their dark hair. Leave our Went alone, cellphone whores!!

  107. KM

    I ‘ve been worrying since brunettesJodi Lyn O’Keefe and Danay Garcia joined the cast. I felt they would try to hit on him!

    I’m livid seeing this PROOF!

    *Has threesome in mind*
    *Needs brain bleach*

  108. mia

    i think he has a small creature in his hands which looks cute from where the girls are standing, but its like a gremlin and its gonna turn all nasty and bitey and he is gonna throw it at them. i m not jealous – much

  109. su






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