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Prison Break: Dirt Nap

Again, I didn’t see the whole ep (I know Went, I know); Shit got hectic, but you did so discuss!

Thanks for the caps dinamite!


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What do you do when you’re not working?

You lunch. A man’s gotta eat.

Holy shit Went! You’re leaving the house! *tearing up* I’m so happy…

And there’s even an ass shot. I can never say it enough; That hip lean is one of the sexiest things ever. Never stop Went, never stop…

For more, go see Jared.


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Prison Break: Boxed In

OK so I couldn’t live-blog last night b/c I had a prior engagement and when I did see the ep, I missed about 15 minutes of it in the middle so to pretend that I can speak intelligently on the subject (right this second) would just be retarded.

Some thoughts on the parts I did see:

Went looked hot
Amaury looked hot
Dom looked hot


Bellick kicked ass
Gretchen kicked ass
I am an ass


Thanks for the cap dinamite!


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Here he is…

Mr. America! Yes, it’s Went walking back to his Toyota Highlander Hybrid (very cute) after having lunch with everyone’s favorite Went-hanger-oner, Scarfalotta…With no scarf! It’s a scandal!

Tomorrow we can all see Went (but not for lunch) on our tv screens once again as Prison Break returns. I like the jacket Went! Looking good…

If you actually want to see what old Scarfy is looking like these days, go see Jared.


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Wentworth Miller shows off Wet For Went

Went: Check out this site; They’re insane.

JLO: Ahahahahaha, wet for Went? You’re kidding…

Other girl: *thinking* Why the hell didn’t I think of that?

Thanks unkut!


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