Wentworth Miller shows off Wet For Went

Went: Check out this site; They’re insane.

JLO: Ahahahahaha, wet for Went? You’re kidding…

Other girl: *thinking* Why the hell didn’t I think of that?

Thanks unkut!


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186 responses to “Wentworth Miller shows off Wet For Went

  1. Krissie

    What’s the point in commenting, really?
    OK, go, suffocate this.

  2. SavMed


    They’re huge and I got somewhat big boobs. Yep, they’d fit just perfectly.

  3. LadyN

    Went: …and that’s LadyN right there. She’s my favorite. She always comments the best. I plan to give her fat ashy babies on our hiatus this season…*nods*

  4. mia

    is it me or has wentworth got extremely long thumbs , which is not a bad thing – but am i on my own here?

  5. Cat's Meow!

    You’re not alone sistah, yep Went has very long thumbs and fingers. Oh, don’t get me started!!! What I would have him do to me with those hands!!!! lol

    Wenty loves his new addiction since quitting smoking, his “Crackberry”!!! I heard from an extra on the PB set that he’s always on it. Text me Went, TEXT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! lol

  6. Kassie

    It bugs me to see him with those two brunettes…and he’s smiling…I want him to be happy, but it should be me. Or if not me, then WFW. Or me.

  7. Cat's Meow!


    Or me! Damn those beyotches!!!!

  8. lorie

    just throwing this out there feel free to give suggestions: Do you think that our Wenty has a big Penis, he does have long fingers???

  9. Cat's Meow!

    HELL YEAH, HE DOES!!!! Look at his big hands and those long sensual fingers of his!!!! And just check out his BBP (big black package) in those Bean Pole photoshoot pics!!! OMG!!!! I’ll bet he’s at least 10 inches erect!!! lol

    It’s very sad that I’ll never know for sure!!! *sobbing uncontrollably*

  10. Wentalicious

    How the hell do you guys find these pictures? Super sleuths I tells ya, super sleuths! However, I’m confuse, is he holding the crackberry in one hand and cupping some magic beans in the other or is his crackberry exceptionally big? [insert sexually-charged pun here].

    @Cat’s Meow: I can’t believe you said BBP, lol! I thought it was established (by mama bear?) that his package was to be referred to as the ‘mocha peen’… I could be wrong. Either way, I am very capable of enjoying whatever shade the man is working with, nawh mean?! Colour me bad (yes, Canadian spelling and all!)

  11. Cat's Meow!

    Really, MB says that too? We use BBP on another site that I frequent. Maybe MB is on that site as well, I’m not sure.

    And how do you feel about Went not being circumsized? I’ve heard he may not be because he was born in England. I’m not sure, but I think here in the States, it’s more common to get circumsized right after birth.

    I’ll take his BBP any which way he wants to give it to me!!!! lol

  12. ChatJemena

    Thanks for this sweet pic, W4W.

    Jeezus, his hands are made for cupping! What in Heaven’s name was the Divine Creator thinking of when She made Wentworth? She must have been in an extremely naughty frame of mind, titillated at the idea of thousands of women (and some men) feeling sexually tortured by one incadescent, very nice, and shy man. Lawd!

  13. sahra


    They’re huge and I got somewhat big boobs. Yep, they’d fit just perfectly.

    I hear ya, I hear ya!!

    But wait look at the real women standing in the background! yep she’s my hero!

  14. KM

    Sorry to tell those who’ve been avoiding “The Gay Debate” that what you’re talking about (“size and colour of peen, circumsized interest etc…) has long been discussed on the thread there!
    WFW: Since my regulars don't actually go there b/c the comments are really [supposed to be] about his suspected sexual orientation, they wouldn't really know that. If we want to get technical, all that has been discussed on various posts way before The Gay Debate was created. While I know that is one of your favorites, recruitment for more people to keep that post alive won't work with this lot, sorry to tell you.

    And the big hands for big boobs is not new : why do you think WFW sent him her photo?
    WFW: LOL, actually that's one of those things I never got around to doing; Oops!

    Huh? Aren’t his hands made for these boobs?
    WFW: Yes, yes they are. Remember this?

  15. KM

    I remember Dominic saying recently that Went “has his eyes on a woman”. Look at them two, giggling and squeaking around him: could it be one of them?
    When you “work 14 hours a day”, where else do you find women to eye?
    Sends shivers down your spine, no?

    *Please, God, not that Susan bitch! And Sofia is too young for him!*

  16. Kassie

    @lorie: Yes, Went has a big penis…at least when I’m playing the mandolin and thinking about him, it seems big! LOL

    @Cat’s Meow: Went not circumcised is good IMO…more to looooove!!!

    @KM: Susan and Sofia? Who ARE these hussies??

  17. KM

    OK, Kass, I meant Jodi Lyn O’Keefe and Danay Garcia.
    But as I said, Danay is much too young for him and I read that JLOK, has a boyfriend (I hope!).

    So why are they slutting like that?
    Isn’t it a shame how some women behave?
    Trying to take advantage of a poor innocent guy?

    Back off, harlots!

  18. Rose

    Those women are saying:

    JLO: “Finally! This is why I wanted to be in PB!!”

    DG:”Dom’s Okay but Went…”

    JLO: “I know! Even in that nasty poo coloured jacket is one hot tamale!”

    DG: “Speaking of wardrobe I need some new undies”

  19. Anon

    These girls shouldn’t laugh, WFW has got better boobies…

  20. WFW

    Well thanks Anon!

    My boobs

  21. Alison

    ^^ Exactly! I hope he doesn’t have his eyes on either of those girls, I hope he’d have his eyes on me, at least I have my eyes on him. But if he does have his eyes on those girls and he’s happy then I’m happy for him. I only want good things for precious Went. I love him too much. And I also think he has a big penis, ‘couse his so perfect.

  22. KM to WFW

    Lol, WFW, it’s exactly what I had in mind!:

    And glad you mentioned the fact that the Gay Debate is not about “is he/or not gay” very much now but more of a fun place, like the other threads!
    The gayness theme has given its last drop of juice sometime ago IMO, and I’m afraid those who are trying to revive it are flogging a dead horse.

    How are things going in Wet Beaver Creek, your hometown, my dear WFW?

  23. Kassie

    Ashamed to admit I didn’t recognize JLO and DG in that photo…*breathing a sigh of relief*

    Past history has shown that Went does not get his meat where he gets his bread. Smart man.

  24. Cat's Meow!

    Besides, Went doesn’t want an actress, he wants a regular woman to keep him grounded!

  25. Mama Bear

    My, my, my – how easy Went forgets SWC…they used to laugh and carry on like that.

    *whistling and walking away*

    P.S. – No, I’m not trying to resurge MiSa.
    *sheepish grin*

  26. SweetyKat

    How do they know that’s what he’s sharing? It could be anything. Was someone there, not from this site, that heard/saw this? It sounds like a plug for their own site to me.

    BTW, I’m in love with hands, too. 🙂

  27. Cat's Meow!

    @Mama Bear,
    I was thinking the same thing!!! Went is such a big FLIRT!!! Show him a pretty brunette, and he turns on the charm!!! lol

  28. 646

    SweetyKat I was there and I heard and saw it!!! It’s the truth!!!

  29. 646

    Forgot to say… I’m the woman on the right, the ine with glasses and I heard them saying those exact words… to be honest went added “I want to have sex with every single girl who leave comments on this site!”

  30. Marleen

    Who are JLO and DG?

  31. mia

    heres my idea – jlo and dg are lesbians and he is showing them a pic of wfw’s tits and telling them how they would never compare to her standards.

  32. Cat's Meow!

    These women are Went’s castmates on Prison Break. Jodi Lyn O’Keefe and Danay Garcia. Those lucky bitches!!!!

  33. pemphredo

    OK since I can waste hours trying to figure out trival stuff about ths particular gentleman, I don’t think he’s holding his normal Blackberry. I think it’s an IPhone, perhaps its his new gadget for Christmas?

    …or maybe it belongs to either JLO or DG and they’re showing him WFW’s most recent posts…..probably the one where she harasses Santa Claus and compliments his new jacket!

    I can’t decide if Went looks pleased or panicked….

  34. Kassie

    @Mama Bear: I was thinking the same thing! Bring back MiSa!!

    Whether you like MiSa and/or SWC or not, it’s a great way to revive Prison Break. JLO and DG will never have hot scenes with Went…

    BTW, MB, welcome back…we missed you.

    @WFW: *sigh* Humor flies right over the heads of certain posters… nevermind…

  35. miz brisvegas

    From where I’m sitting, it looks like W. Miller’s giving a demo re. “Self Love 101: It’s All In The Wrist”.

    He is right handed, right? *smirks*

  36. shelley

    @646, I’ll have to start commenting again if Went wants to have sex with those who do comment here. The fantasy lives once again. Went, whenever you’re serious, look to the Midwest, you’ll find me waving a Hoosier flag!

  37. Notthedoctor

    LAMO & NATO@ WFW’s boobs and Went’s hands! GREAT VISUAL! I love it!

  38. Erika

    WM: See, I told you Chris Vance has nothing on me. Does he have a fansite like this?

  39. ChatJemena

    *giggling* Sex with all the girls on this site? I don’t mind sharing you, Went, as long as I’ll get my chance! Make it a week or two of lovin’, pleeze, and monthly visitations after that.

    W4W, I wish I had twins like yours. Mine aren’t identical. (Yeah, you should have sent Went that photo. I think that wicked man would have gone ballistic.)

  40. ChatJemena

    (Lawd! Wenthunger) If anyone on this site knows Calvin Klein or Armani, please ask them to get Went as a model. *dreaming of a big billboard of b/w Went in tight, white boxers or in an Armani suit.* It’s been toooooo long. I’m tired of seeing him in just jeans, beanies, jackets, etc. I want semi-naked Went!

    Btw, does anyone know if he’ll be a presenter at the Golden Globes?

  41. Erika

    In response to CJ question above me: According to an article on news.yahoo.com the Golden Globes will be held as a one hour press conference on NBC due to the number of actors who won’t be attending in support of the WGA strike. So there is no chance of seeing Wentworth at the event. I don’t think he would have been there even if the awards resumed as normal as there are no nominees for PB.

  42. ChatJemena

    Ouch! Thanks, Erika.

  43. Kassie

    @Chat Jemena: You are so good!!! Who needs David Beckham in Armani underwear when Went is available?

    OK, David Beckham is cute, but have you heard him talk??? Went on the other hand can send millions of women into ovulation just by the sound of his voice. Hmmm, wonder if the infertility specialists are aware of this…???

  44. KM

    Girls! Girls! I’ve found it!
    Yes, I’ve found the long disappeared proof that Went LIKES GIRLS!!!
    Don’t you remember the BP photoshoot? When he had an ENORMOUS ERECTION because they put a lovely Korean girl in a flimsy (probably see-through) dress next to him?
    It had been censored by prudish BP people!! You’ll NEVER know what I had to do to find it again!!

    Want to see him fighting his hard-on? (Beware the pic is not very good quality and you WON’T be able to get a closer crotch view. Unfortunately.)


  45. Chaya

    Hi! I’m from the Netherlands, but I heart that The Golden Globes were canceled because of the writers strike. Is that right?

  46. Chaya

    excuse me *heard

  47. fuushi

    Oooohhh! Yeeeeesssss, he likes girls.
    I am totally fascinated. *faint*

  48. Anonymous

    The girl is embarrassed , she turns her head the other way…hehehe.

  49. fuushi

    that´s a mistake. you don´t get he chance to look at something thaaat interesting oftenly …

  50. Gemini

    About this pic :

    Sorry,but I know the truth ! Yes, I do ! The photographer is my friend. So, he told me :

    Pretty : look at, this is my last smoked cigarette, the LAST stub. I keep it preciously, in memory…

    JLO : Fantastic ! You could offer this divine relic to you greatest fan, WFW. She will be happy.

    Pretty : What a good idea !

    DG (thinking) : OMG, I want to be a cigarette between his pretty lips ans caressed his sweet tongue…

    That is the reality.

    WFW, have you receive your sacred present ?

  51. Anonymous

    Where and when was this pic taken?

  52. Cat's Meow!

    This pic was taken in Dallas behind the scenes of the last episode before PB went on hiatus in November.

  53. Kassie

    @KM: Good on you, girl!! The backstory of the Korea pics: the second picture was taken BEFORE the girl came in, hence no erection. In the bulge pic (oooh sweetness!!) Went is looking down at his huge hard-on sadly, because the girl, a lesbian, has turned him down. The girl is also sad, because *shit!!!* she wishes she wasn’t a lesbian… LOL

    I will treasure this picture always….

  54. Kassie

    Forgive the double post, but I had to add what everyone, everywhere is thinking about The Beanpole Bulge: “If only I’d BEEN there… **sigh**”

    What happened next has been documented. Remember the older woman giving Went a neck massage? Well, that’s not ALL she gave him…

    Beanpole had to bury this picture, or be forced to change the name of the company to “Hugepole.” LMFAO

  55. ChatJemena

    @KM: Good girl! It’s always nice to see WM being ‘patriotic’. Very inspiring…

  56. ChatJemena

    Campaign, please: Wentworth in Armani underwear.

    “CLASS = Armani + Wentworth”

  57. KM

    I’m glad you appreciate my efforts to find the bulge pic!
    I had to sell my body to an old Korean executive, and all I got in return is a grainy, bad quality photo… Only people with good eyesight can relish that glorious bump!
    But still, we know that Went is a “grower” not a “shower”, as we suspected (his crotch is usually so flat!)
    Those “grower” peens are the best don’t you think?
    “Showers” promise so much, but turn out terribly disappointing…..

  58. @CJ: Not sure Went would like to pose for Armani underwear but maybe for other type of products, I would love to see him in one of those Armani glasses Ad with his gorgeous blue eyes… :mrgreen:

  59. KM

    “What happened next has been documented. Remember the older woman giving Went a neck massage? Well, that’s not ALL she gave him…”

    You mean this?

    What happened next?
    I think she keep the pics private for her own enjoyment….

  60. Kassie

    @KM: “Can I undo his fly?” LMFAO!!!!! That puts a smile on my face… And he looks like he’s totally OK with it, doesn’t he?

    I am SO much hotter than that woman… *sigh*…

    Fun with Wentworth is a great way to start the day!!!

  61. Cat's Meow!

    God if I knew there was a Wentworth Miller in the world, I would have sooooo gotten into the movie/TV business just to get a job working close to Wenty!!! Maybe a production assistant, make-up artist, hair stylist, etc. I’ve seen him giving hugs and kisses to all these behind the scenes ladies (bitches). I’m so fuckin jealous!!!!

    *Bursts out in song to a Cher tune*

    “If I can turn back time, if I can find the way………”

  62. Cat's Meow!

    If I was that lucky Korean beeyotch in the photo with Went I would “accidentally” (deliberately) brush my arm up against his BBP (big black package).

    Me: “OOOPS, I’m so sorry Wentworth, pardon me!”

    WM: “It’s O.K.” (Went shyly smiling)

    Me: “Well if you weren’t so big, it wouldn’t get in the way!”

    WM: “WHOA, I can’t believe you just said that!” (shyly chuckling and looking away with embarrassment)

    Me: “Hee hee Went, are you blushing?”

    WM: “Uh, um, who me, um no, I’m not blushing!”

    Me: “Yeah, right, O.K. Went whatever you say!” (giggling under my breath!)

  63. Kassie

    @Cat’s Meow: You are such a naughty girl…don’t ever change!!!

    And it’s never too late to get into the entertainment business and get close to Wenty. Do you think he has a housekeeper? (She’s obviously not ironing his shirts…there’s an opening for you!!)

  64. KM

    @Cat’s Meow
    She can’t touch it by “accident”, because (as I said above) Went is a “grower”, not a”shower”…..

  65. sahra

    ooooooh those girls are from the show??? oh i get it now…..i’m just waiting for season 3 to start here gosh darn it.

    Is that a Black Blackberry phone he is holding? I so want one!! the phone would be good too.

  66. I have been reading this blog since the very start ( never got around to posting) and I have been a huge fan of both, Wentworth and WFW…
    I am still a big fan of Wentworth, however I couldn’t care less if WFW stoped posting because this blog just sucks…sorry to say this, I know I will upset a lot of people, but do you not remember the times when this blog was hilarious and just so much fun…There are no Went news now, ok, but things were like that before and WFW still managed to post something fucking funny! What happened?
    To WFW…I am sorry if this is a bit harsh, I was such a huge fan of yours, but lately u barely post anything and even when u do, it’s just so…blah…maybe u should stop if u feel like u have nothing more to say…I don’t know, but it just isn’t what it used to be…

    Sorry for my english, I’m not american…

  67. Anon

    RACHEL, to each his own.
    You may not like this blog but NOBODY forces you to come here!
    You may have a jaundiced view of everything that’s written here, but it’s your problem.
    I find this blog very funny, and I love the humor and I know I’m not the only one.
    I don’t think WFW is less amusing than before, she simply has less material to post because Went is making himself scarse. Also, she may have her personal reasons to intervene less frequently.

    Why should WFW close her blog because YOU think it sucks?
    She may have lost you as “a huge fan” but she’s gained new others!
    And I hope she knows we love her.

  68. MY2CENTS

    Rachel has issues.
    Rachel, under another name, has already tried to persuade WFW to shut her blog.
    Rachel speaks very good English, though she lives abroad.
    Rachel is a bit jealous of WFW.


  69. MY2CENTS

    Hi, Krissie.

  70. Tracy

    @Rachel, I agree with you fully 100% what you said. WFW has to stop the blog.. i know that Went will not read their blogs! they are making just a fun of WFW and Went..

  71. Look, I’m not trying to persuade anybody to shut their blog, I was just stating my opinion and yeah, you are absolutely right, if there’s something I don’t like, I shouldn’t be coming here…and I won’t anymore. But this was a great place for Went addicts and it makes me sad that it lost its charm and is now boring…I’m not a troll, I’m not using different nicks to get my point of view across and I’m sorry if I have offended u guys, and u WFW, but just for a minute, be true to yourself and u will realise that this place is not the same anymore and it’s just not as much fun…

  72. went's bulge

    want more pix? scrool down and take a look at the last 5…like oh no!!! not now!! lol


  73. Tracy

    @Rachel, i know it is sad that it lost its charm and is now boring…Also i do not like the other blogs which the people say silly or bad about Went! Went is human like us! They will not leave Went. Those blogs are disgusting. You have a good point saying in your comment.

  74. Tracy

    @Rachel, I like your word,-but just for a minute, be true to yourself and u will realise that this place is not the same anymore and it’s just not as much fun…

  75. went's bulge

    @646: yes

  76. mia

    sorry rachel and tracy but if you dont like coming here then just go instead of going on and on about it , why dont you get each others phone numbers so you can have a private bitch, everyone is entitled to an opinion but its getting boring now and seeing as you both have been saying how unfunny the blog has become -your comments havent helped. i think wfw is hilarious , and puts alot of work into this site , you seem to forget that went has been out of the limelight over christmas and there isnt much to write home about , and i m sure wentworth would find wfw funny too.

    646 that pic of wents face is hilarious. he looks crosseyed lol.

  77. Kassie

    @went’s bulge: Thanks for all the pics (“Oh no, not now!) absolutely hilarious!!! How embarassing for him. How wonderful for us….

  78. ChatJemena

    @KM,KM…I hope that old Korean executive was an Asian version of an older Went and that he gave you lots of kimchi afterwards.

    Uhmm..what is a “grower” and a “shower”? Why are “growers” better? enlighten me, my dirty minds needs to be educated badly.

    @Anon (Jan.10): Amen.

    @Rachel: the thing is, this site is just a hobby of W4W. She doe sit when she has free time. She tries to bring fun to us Wentaholics, but it’s hard when The Hawtness keeps trying to hide under a rock. To meet the Lady half-way, we W4W bloggers try to create some fun by posting saucy comments

    @Tracy: We do make fun of Went sometimes, but it’s usually out of fondness and lust for the boy. We need to make light of how we feel for WM else we (at least, I) may go mad. We have to have some outlet, girl! Making jokes is a good equivalent for a sexual release.

    @646: *laughs* that’s his face when someone give him head!

  79. KM to 646

    I’m absolutely gutted!
    As I said , I had to do unspeakable things to get that Went’s bulge photo!
    And all the while dear Mundy had it on his blog (with TWO others!)…
    Mundy is a Spanish fan and he he has the best collection of Went photos… why didn’t I think of him before selling myself?
    *kicking herself*

  80. shortstuff

    ChatJemma… i too need to be enlightened on the terms “grower” and “shower”.. anyone?

    rachel and tracy… shut the hell up.

    wfw… i made a little caption when i first saw that pic

    but of course yours is a billion times funnier.

  81. KM

    Unfortunately, this old Korean didn’t look at all like Went (shudder…).
    Let’s think about more pleasant things,my dear!

    A “shower” peen is the type that looks enormous when flaccid: it makes you expect wonders, but when fully “deployed” it’s just as big as before … And doesn’t stay very hard because there’s not enough blood supply!
    Some foolish girls, attracted by all that shines, fall for “showers”. They often end up disappointed…
    *Hum.. never happened to me…*

    “Growers”, on the contrary, are very discreet when dressed. Nothing shows, even in quite tight jeans (like Went). You feel like asking them “Are you always cold?”.
    But once alone with a grower, in the privacy of your bedroom, you can watch a magic trick being performed: a ridiculously limp little worm unfolds into a big, glorious rocket-like love machine!

    ChatJemena, that technician I wished for you: make sure he’s a grower when you meet him! 🙂

  82. KM

    How do you make captions on pics,SHORTSTUFF?
    We could perhaps suggest WFW to have a new topic like: “Find the best caption for this photo” and we could all compete…
    What do you think?


    Went understands sex jokes. In a recent interview, Dominic Purcell said that Went covered Dom’s script with “obscene drawings and sentences I can’t repeat”!
    You said it right, Tracy, “Went is human, like all of us”.

  84. Kassie

    @KM: A photo caption contest would be fun!!! Great idea!

    My caption for the photo above:

    Went: Look at this girls! Can you believe it? Millions of bids on ebay for this little handful of semen here…I’m gonna be rich!

    JLO: Cool! I’d buy some!

    DG: Me too!

    Woman in background, thinking: If only I could afford to bid on that semen…

  85. Kassie

    Rachel: Sorry if this blog is no longer fun for you… I’m LOVIN’ it!! Bye.

    Tracy: This is a blog for adults with adult content. If you don’t get it or find it offensive, go post, “I love you Went” somewhere else. We badgirls have more important things to do here. And IMO Went would love our naughty and raunchy comments too.

  86. JIZZY

    How old are you, Tracy?

  87. Anna

    Teh secse iz good!!
    WFW iz good!!

  88. ChatJemena

    Ohhh, KM! Your words bring up such naughty pictures in my head. Thank you!…….Uhhm, you wrote “little worm”? I hope you don’t think that Went’s is like that? “Long worm” yes (based on the BP pics). Grower! Grower! Grower Went! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  89. ChatJemena

    Went in Armani! Went in Armani! Went in Armani! (A little help here, pleeze, guyz. i’m really tired of the beanies and the jeanies. Inundate Giorgio with requests of getting Wentworth Miller to model Armani suits, eyewear, underwear, etc.)

  90. Kassie

    @ChatJemena: “Little worm,” good god no! More like enormous snake… LOL

    The idea of Went modeling an Armani suit is nice…Hey, does Armani make birthday suits???

  91. KM

    : “Little worm,” good god no! More like enormous snake… LOL”
    @ Kassie, I beg to differ! If you read my explanations to ChatJemena(KM
    January 11, 2008 at 1:40 am ) the more shrivelled the worm at rest , the more impressive the snake at work!
    Hey, girl, I know what I’m talking about: I’ve been an eager crotchwatcher since I was a teenager…
    And Went rarely shows his “feelings”, except during the BP photoshoot AND when he was saluting his Korean fans…

    Off topic: Went sends a little message for all the “fans” who want to rain on WFW’s parade:


  92. Just for the record….I don’t have a problem with sex jokes and I do not agree with Tracy. And yes, I realise that Went is hiding under a rock somewhere right now, but still…I remember the days ( and I remember them fondly) when he went into a hiding and WFW still managed to crack me up! These days….not so much…

  93. Kassie

    @KM: OK, point taken. But when I think about Went junior, I prefer to think about the big snake stage, not the previous little worm stage.

    And that pic…even looking grumpy, Went is still absolutely adorable…*sob*

  94. KM

    @Rachel, why don’t you send a private mail to WFW?
    But remember, she may have her reasons (life, work etc..) for being less present here.
    Asking her to end this blog because you think she’s not as funny as she used to be, would be detrimental to all of us who enjoy talking and laughing between ourselves in the comments!

    So, let your hair down, Rachel, and laugh with us! You don’t need Mummy WFW to enjoy yourself…

  95. Kassie

    @went’s bulge: IMO Went should sue those sneaky Beanpole people for slipping viagra into his frappacino. The rest of us should be eternally grateful to them for doing it.. LOL

  96. Tracy

    @Funlover-Are you sure that Went understand the sex jokes!
    OK! it is up to u all who want to write in the blog! I have nothing to stop you!

  97. Tracy

    @Jizzy – i am 25 years old! what is wrong?

  98. Tracy

    @Kassie, does Went read the naughty comments??

  99. Tracy

    @ChatJemena- OK! I leave all of you to do this blog!

  100. Kassie

    @Tracy: I have no idea if Went has ever visited this blog. (My assumption is that he does not read our comments, at least not on a regular basis.) We’re posting for the amusement of each other, not because we think he’s reading this.

    My point was that he is a grown man and we know that he makes his own naughty comments in interviews. So I assume that he has no problem with others doing the same on this blog and/or elsewhere. We are his biggest fans. The last thing we would ever do is disrespect him. We love him. That should be obvious.

  101. KM

    @Tracy, I agree with Kassie.
    Went is an intelligent and fun loving guy. He drew dirty drawings on Dom’s script and he likes sexy jokes!
    Tracy, you seem to have a problem with sex? It’s not my business, I know, but I’m a bit sad for you, because sex is one of the greatest joys of life(chocolate being another one, of course!).
    On this blog, you can enjoy anonymity: it allows you to open up without any shame ,as long as you don’t insult anybody.
    As I said to Rachel, join us instead of expecting WFW to provide all the fun, feel free to express yourself (and your dirtiest thoughts!) , bring your own fun, your jokes, your funny pics and sexiest fantasies!

    Come on, girl!

  102. ChatJemena

    @KM, ‘shrivelled worm’?! Traitor! Make it a schublig. And you know how a schublig is best prepared and eaten…(describe it, girl!)

    Ok, since W4W said once that this site is also good for exchanging cultural notes [;>]—-If you were a fellow Filipino, I’d have described WM’s peen as more like “Pampanga’s Best Hotdog”. Pampanga is a province here in Luzon Island (where you could also find you “Sex Moan”–now known as Sismuan). Some of the people are famous for making very good meat delicacies…..Why did I use the term? I usually use it to describe the peens of Oblation runners—University of the Philippines-based boys who run naked in the streets once a year (sometimes to titillate, sometimes as a form of protest).

  103. KM

    @Wow,ChatJemena! I never thought you knew the delights of Swiss cuisine!(A schublig , girls is a looong sausage for barbecues…). But , yes, I’d love to sample your “Pampangas”! It seems there’s fun to be had in the Philippines!

    I knew about SEXMOAN, of course, I said (in “Went shops for your future children
    December 20, 2007 at 1:39 am” ) that this is where I would take Went on a vacation after going to Mount Mee, Cockplay, Big Cockup ,Twatt , Muff and Fucking .
    Vagina and Pussy where also places were I wanted to take him.

  104. KM

    Pussy looks lovely, rustic, invigorating and simple: I’m sure Went would love it!
    http://www.france-voyage.com/communes/pussy-88615.htm – 34k
    And it’s not even far from Geneva!

  105. KM

    COM= (Contains Offensive Material. A warning for easily offended people)

    I chuckled reading in the Pussy information guide that the place is” attached to La Lechère”.
    The joke is lost on you, English speakers, if you don’t know that La Léchère = “licking”!

    Yes, come to Pussy, Went, for a licking..

  106. ChatJemena

    @KM: (sites in France) “Pussy” attached to “La Lechere”? Whew! We really pass cultural notes here at this site.

    Okay, some more Notes: I first encountered the schublig in “The Kensington Ladies’ Erotica”. Naturally, I looked for it in our groceries. Found them. They really look delicious. But I am hesitant to buy them as I keep getting erotic thoughts just looking at them. I am afraid that, lost in their gloriousness, I might drop the things instead of cooking them properly.

  107. Tracy

    @KM- thank you for your comment. I do not have a problem with sex… I will try to bring my own fun, your jokes, your funny pics and sexiest fantasies!
    Thank you, KM
    Are you sure that Went drew dirty drawings? i did not see that!
    @Kassie, are you sure that Went made naughty comments in interviews?

  108. KM

    You have some good reading! 😉

    Now, I want to say like Napoleon (yes, I have culture, too. I’m not just a perv.), that “a good drawing is better than a long speech”.
    Here it’s a video, an example of a “grower” (but circumcized, unfortunately, which makes it less spectacular).

    Stay away if you are under 16, a blushing violet, easily shocked, afraid of anything sexual, traumatised by men’s parts, about to embrace a religious abstinent career etc…
    I don’t want you to be scarred for life if you still think that storks bring babies….


    Amazing, isn’t it?

  109. KM

    TRACY, you’re welcome!!

    *hopes Tracy hasn’t watched video. But has sufficiently warned*

    Yes, Tracy, Went, according to Dom, enjoys drawing and talking about sex. The interview was in a Belgian mag and it was translated on FCoWM. You will find it there.
    I’m glad you want to participate in our good and naughty fun, here! 🙂

  110. Tracy

    KM-Thank you! I did not see this interview in the mag. What a pity!

  111. KM

    @Tracy , here’s the passage in Dom’s interview:

    “Q: You are great friends, Wentworth and you..

    A: Yes.We discovered celebrity together and we often agree. He’s a brother to me.
    I have a great respect for him and he has enormous talent and charisma. On set, he’s a real hypnotiser! With our shaven heads we may look like brutes, but we behave like kids.We’re always playing jokes on each other. I just remember I must take my revenge on him.
    You know what Went did last week? He stole my script on which I had written comments and indications for my next scenes..He added lots of little obscene drawings and dirty sentences I can’t repeat here!
    Unfortunately for me, I opened the script while I was onboard a plane and the passenger next to me saw it all : he kept watching me with a strange look for the rest of the trip! He must have thought I was a maniac..
    .So, next time Wentworth puts his sandwich down for a minute, you can be sure he won’t like its taste when he takes it again!”

  112. Tracy

    @KM, thank you for the passage! Well, i thought he is not the type to talk dirty or else!
    The warning video -who is that?
    Nice chatting with you on this blog!

  113. ChatJemena

    @KM: thank you for the additional education. much appreciated__/\/\/\^^^^-___/\/\/\/\^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    ^^__________________(game over for this one)

    | ChatJemena |
    | “she died smiling” |

  114. KM

    @Tracy you say:”! Well, i thought he is not the type to talk dirty or else!”
    You know, Tracy, you and me are about the same age and my experience has told me that education and good manners have nothing to do with sex! Everyone feels horny, everyone has so
    called “dirty” thoughts and it’s good to express them with your friends! Went wouldn’t say anything “risqué” on TV, obviously, but privately I’m sure he’s quite saucy…
    Haven’t you seen the twinkle in his eye?

    PS: Forget about the video. There’s no video.

  115. ChatJemena

    ChatJemena will henceforth be known as CHAT’s GHOST

  116. Tracy

    KM- i have not seen the twinkle in his eye? Do you have?
    why do you say there’s no video. i just saw the video!

  117. Chat's Ghost

    Hello, W4W, everyone (esp. KM)! Back from the afterlife and still Wentlusting. Btw, have a happy weekend, y’all!

  118. KM

    @Dear ChatJemena,
    Happy to see you survived the experience!
    Much tamer educational matter now, this lady ‘s advice,( straight from geisha tradition) for the day your “technician” comes around (Do you have a name for him? How shall we call him? A romantic filipino name?):

    Start making room for that shrine in your bedroom, ChatJemena!
    Have you got a good camera?

  119. KM

    “why do you say there’s no video. i just saw the video!”


  120. KM

    @Hi, Chat’s Ghost!
    Have we met before?

  121. Chat's Ghost

    @KM: Take a breather, girl. You’ve just served humankind a lot today. Rest and get a margarita.

  122. Chat's Ghost

    @KM: scroll up a little–right after ChatJemena ‘died smiling.’

  123. KM

    ROTFLMAO! ChatJemena!!!!
    I love you, girl!!!

  124. Tracy

    @KM, Ooohh, *Blushes* why??

  125. KM

    @Wow, Tracy, you’re tough! I blushed because shy people make me blush and I thought you were shy…
    Imagine me in front of shy Went! I have fair skin, I would look like a fire engine…

    Do you like perfume?
    Here is one for you (for us all really!)

    I found it at FCoWM.

  126. Tracy

    @KM: Don’t blush! I am not shy! Is Went shy?? If you are standing in front of Went, just give a smile!! Cool!! 🙂

    I love perfume, wish I have his perfume! Cool!
    Did he have own advert of perfume? Stinky is cool and nice!

    Went is charming in this perfume!!!


    The advert is just a spoof, Tracy. Went’s nickname at college was “Stinky”.
    He explained that it was not because his personal hygiene was bad in any way, but because he has a very sarcastic humor.
    I love the picture, it’s one of my fave!

  128. shortstuff

    @KM 1:40/1:49
    thanks for the lesson! i get it now. tho i have yet to watch the vid as there are youngins in the room..

    as for the captions, i just used paint!

    @ Tracy 8:27
    just look at went’s face and how he makes fun of swc’s potentially dirty sentence in this interview…

    “long, hot, dirty…”

    oh how i do love me some wesah…

  129. Kassie


    “oh how i do love me some wesah…”

    Amen. I miss seeing Went in those interviews…now we have nothing but Went going through airport security…

    Am I the only one who wishes the PB writers would bring back SWC/ Dr. Sara?

  130. KM

    @God, Kassie, you’re not the only one who wishes that!
    I used to think the MiSa story was a bit tepid (What woman would leave Michael in boxers in a motel room “untouched”?), but her gross death and the crap PB3 writers have been dishing up lately, make me wish for her return and a bit of sanity! None of the sluts we’ve seen in PB3 has managed to really interest us….
    By the way read the new Dom interview:

    Went is terrified by sharks!

    Thanks , SHORTSTUFF for the caption trick!
    And also for the old interview of the time when PB was fun to watch! I love Went’s laugh when he’s embarrassed…..

  131. KM

    About airports and security and for those who hadn’t seen it, here’s again Kellythern’s caption work at the Church:
    I love poor innocent Went and the girl’s face!

  132. Kassie

    KM: Thanks for the links! Both interesting. My 2 cents on various topics:

    Dr. Sara left the motel room before Michael came out of the bathroom so she missed seeing him in his boxers. What was HE thinking? That she’d jump in bed with him after all that had happened? Not reasonable from her point of view while she’s recovering from an overdose and fighting a nasty heroin addiction. And her father was just murdered. Remember too that she does not KNOW him as well as we do at this point…to her he’s a manipulative escaped convict who happens to be married to another woman. While she’s drawn to him she’s also being cautious as a matter of self preservation. Naturally she’s attracted to him, but they’ve kissed exactly once. I think she wants and hopes for so much more than a quickie. And she knows that if she sleeps with him she won’t be emotionally able to cope with any potentially negative consequences. We didn’t want her to leave him because WE were ready for it…she wasn’t. When she was in the car, she reconsidered and turned off the engine. She was about to go back to the room when Kellerman grabbed her. I write all this because some people can’t understand why Sara would hesitate. It was a completely understandable decision from her perspective, but not everyone thinks this through. We just want them to fuck. YEAH!!! *sigh*

    Re: Went being afraid of sharks, well DUH! If you were a shark wouldn’t you want to bite him? Went is no dummy…

    Yay Dom and Dom’s brother! (For saving the baby…that’s so sweet!)

    And that woman passenger screener at the airport… LMFAO…talk about winning the lottery! She is one happy lady!

  133. KM

    Your psychological analysis is excellent and very accurate as far as Sara is concerned. In real life it would probably happened like that.
    But seen from the average lusty female’s point of view it was a let down. As you said, we wanted to see Went in action, we were expecting it and we felt betrayed… And now she’s dead! It’s as if those bloody scriptwriters had been playing with us all along…*sigh*.

    I enjoy watching or listening to the old interviews Went used to give. It’s so sad to just have airport pics…
    I like this other one, though:


  134. Krissie

    I SWEAR TO GOD I’M NOT RACHEL. And I totally knew you were addressing me even before you said Hi Krissie. LMFAO
    (Besides, I know why blog is still running.)

  135. My2Cents

    “I totally knew you were addressing me even before you said Hi Krissie.”
    So you means I was right….

    What do you have against WFW and her blog?
    Why does it bother you?
    And what are you insinuating with your”Besides, I know why blog is still running”?

  136. My2Cents

    You “mean”!

  137. Anon 54

    Someone may have pissed in her cornflakes.

  138. KM

    @Kassie (sorry, for a moment I though “Krissie” was you. What’s her problem?)

    Yes, Dom saved this baby! And do you remember last year Went saved two children from a burning car?

  139. BB


    Ok there are few Went posts cause WENT IS FUCKING MIA!
    Have some of u people not noticed that? I know WFW is good, but even she cannott comment on thin air.(and previously people have contributed to the pots) Have u bothered to look and send pics to this blog?

    Rachel u have obviously returned after yr 1st post, why, if its that bad? Don’t bother returning, no one would know cause u have never posted. It is not for u to say whether the blog should be closed opinion or not, sure say that u don’t like it but don’t tell people what u think they should do.
    I have made alot of friends through here, WFW being 1 of them and yes the posts have been few, but still funny, WFW has a full time job and does the best she can for us. And maybe she has some shit going on in her life? Have you ever thought of that? She has a life you know!

  140. What is this? National “Pick on Krissie Day?” Ah, bore-dumb at its best…

    My2Cents said, ‘“I totally knew you were addressing me even before you said Hi Krissie.”
    So you means I was right….
    What do you have against WFW and her blog?
    Why does it bother you?
    And what are you insinuating with your”Besides, I know why blog is still running”?’

    Well, sweetpea… first of all, Krissie does not have anything against WFW. Although, I’d have to figure that she DOES (like many other long-timers) have a bit of an issue with a select few “newer” commenters coming into every single post and turning it into an all out, full on MSN chat session about nothing. And as far as you wanting to know how she knows the reason for the blog still being up and running, that would be because she and WFW are FRIENDS. They, as well as many other long time regulars, actually speak to each other OFF the blog. Hm…now there’s a concept…keeping random chit chat and irrelevant talk off the blog. It’s deep, it’s innovative, I like it. Afterall, the C-box was created for a REASON. But whatever.

    And BB,, muthaphuckin word… WFW does have a life, and an actual job. It is not her civic duty to sit around entertaining a group of fans, whose idol doesn’t particularly give a shit that he even has a fanbase. She does whatever she can for this fandom, but it’s just a tad bit difficult when the “subject” seems to no longer exist. Speaking of which, who is this “Wentworth” that you all speak of? The name sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t quite recall…

    I bet if I think real hard, I can recall a point in time in which he may or may not have been the object of my fangirly affection. Ah, the good ol’ days. But hell, I’m so far gone, I can’t even say I miss them. But it was quite a lovely chapter in my fangirl life…
    *nostalgic sigh*

    Anyhoo…carry on with your nonsensical bashing, M2C and anyone else who thinks Krissie is Rachel. Seriously, guys…that is “laugh out loud” funny. Grow up.

  141. Cat's Meow!

    Went, where the hell are you, boyfriend??? You’re driving us all wild not knowing your whereabouts. You can’t be hanging out in your condo this long. What on earth could you be doing in there? Come on Went, make an appearance soon before everyone here goes “haywire”! We miss you our precious angel boy!

    Hey, where are all the L.A. fangirls? Please go stake out the Larchmont Starbucks, the Archlight movie theater, and the YMCA. Come on girls, we can’t depend on the paps. We’ve got to find our guy! If I lived there, I would do it, but I’m a New York girl. So it’s up to you! Come thru for us. We Wenty lovers have to help eachother out, right?!!
    Please, please, please. We need your help!!!

    BTW Monday is the return of Prison Break! Where will Went be promoting his show? Does anyone know?

  142. Kassie

    @Saffy: WOW… some women have ALL the luck!! Location, location, location… I must move to LA (choke). I have only DREAMED of bumping into Him… (We were lying next to each other naked and repeatedly…ahem… kind of bumping into each other… ) Why not ME? I’m a random woman!!!

    @A-Jizzle: Please, how did you overcome your Wentaholism? I need to know…it’s taken over my life and I need to get it back! Please, some assistance here would be greatly appreciated!

    @Cat’s Meow: That random woman’s miracle (see Saffy’s link) occurred on the afternoon of January 10th. It’s a sign from god, girl. Move to LA.

    **Across America, women pack their suitcases, fly to LA, and sit under trees for days on end, hoping…**

  143. KM

    We all suffer for this Wentdrought which threatens to become permanent (I hope NOT!).

    But I don’t understand why some people want WFW to close this blog! It seems they’re venting their anger at it, when the one responsible is HIDING somewhere in L.A..

    I, personally think than WFW is as funny as ever and I’m grateful for the freedom of expression we enjoy here. I suppose the other girls here feel the same: we miss WFW, but we love exchanging jokes (and jests) in praise of OLP. Who cares if he doesn’t know it? (Well, I’d have a heart attack if I knew he saw what we post here!)
    OK, he’s not doing anything and some people are bored! But, Rachel, Krissie etc… think about us: we come here to worship in memory of the days of plenty, we listen to His old interviews, share His old photos and our fantasies.

    This place is a SHRINE.
    And we believe in resurrection…….

  144. Kassie

    @KM: Let us all pray for the Resurrection of The Peen… I believe, do YOU believe???

  145. Kassie

    May I just ask that if anyone, especially WFW, considers my postings to be “random chit chat and/or irrelevant talk” to please notify me specifically by name? I know I get carried away here sometimes but I have no desire to offend or bore anyone…

  146. KM

    Reading your post more carefully:

    “Although, I’d have to figure that she DOES (like many other long-timers) have a bit of an issue with a select few “newer” commenters coming into every single post and turning it into an all out, full on MSN chat session about nothing”
    —> I imagine if this was true, that WFW, IN PERSON would tell us when we derail in her own words. She wouldn’t need to delegate on this issue, would she?
    If she didn’t like a few “newer” commenters, she has the ultimate weapon in her hands: erasing them.
    Also, where are the “old, genuine” commenters? Tell us : they fled because the “new” ones have a nasty body odour? Isn’t it what we call discrimination?

    You say:
    .” They, as well as many other long time regulars, actually speak to each other OFF the blog. Hm…now there’s a concept…keeping random chit chat and irrelevant talk off the blog. It’s deep, it’s innovating. Afterall, the C-box was created for a REASON. But whatever.”
    —> What IS random chit chat? Please tell us.
    The comments here may sometimes be repetitive, like in the Gay Debate, but it’s a way of expressing and sharing our common feelings, they have a cathartic value: isn’t what a blog is for?
    A C-box can’t perform the same function.

    PS: Promised, A-JIZZLE: we’ll read the archives to see what those fantastic old commentators used to write and maybe, draw humbling lessons from them.

  147. Kassie

    Thanks, KM for coming to our defense! And for A-Jizzle: The C-box is great! Problem is, my time zone is on the opposite side of the world and you are asleep when I’m awake. 95% of all the people on earth live outside the United States. Went has many fans who live in other countries, and we love him just as much as you do.

  148. KM:

    “I imagine if this was true, that WFW, IN PERSON would tell us when we derail in her own words. “

    Don’t count on it, love…

    “Also, where are the “old, genuine” commenters? Tell us : they fled because the “new” ones have a nasty body odour? Isn’t it what we call discrimination?”

    We all fled/stopped commenting around the time that the “Great Gay Debate” refused to die down. Shit gets repetitive, and we get bored. Simple as that. 1400+ comments?!? You’re not serious…

    “The comments here may sometimes be repetitive, like in the Gay Debate, but it’s a way of expressing and sharing our common feelings, they have a cathartic value: isn’t what a blog is for?
    A C-box can’t perform the same function.”

    No, sweetie, that’s what an open forum (like FCoWM) is for. This is not a forum. It’s a blog. You read it, you comment. If you wanna reminisce about the good ol’ days when Went liked girls and actually did talk show interviews, you take it to the box. Idle back and forth open conversation (like what’s going on here, right now) is the EXACT reason that WFW created the c-box in the first place (go read back). She didn’t want people running rampant in the comment sections, getting off topic. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in a post with over 130 comments, it’s the same 5 people commenting over and over. Now I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past, but we at least TRIED to stay on the topic specifically related to the post. Honestly, if you guys wanna discuss old shit, fine…whatever, but most of the stuff you link each other in the comments, is already linked somewhere else on the blog. It’s all here. Just go back, find it, and comment in THAT post. For the love of God, utilize the search button. Which brings us to…

    “PS: Promised, A-JIZZLE: we’ll read the archives to see what those fantastic old commentators used to write and maybe, draw humbling lessons from them.”

    Please do. I think you’ll find the “glory days” truly amazing. 😉 There’s a reason we used to have COTW. *sigh* Those days are long gone.

    “@A-Jizzle: Please, how did you overcome your Wentaholism? I need to know…it’s taken over my life and I need to get it back! Please, some assistance here would be greatly appreciated!”

    It’s quite simple. I found a new fandom, Kassie. Shhhh. Don’t tell Went. 😉 LOL. But seriously, I still love Wentworth, I do. I just find it extremely difficult to maintain interest in someone who doesn’t want to be idolized. The man loathes fame, as far as I can tell, and I just don’t have the heart to hang onto his every word anymore. I’m a blasphemous whore, and I need instant gratification. So I worship false idols now. I blame my adult ADD. Either way, I’m not insinuating that WFW should shut down the blog. I love this place just as much as the next person. I’ve made SO many virtual AND real life friends here, including WFW. And for that I’ll be forever grateful.

    When she’s ready to call it quits, she will. Till then she’s gonna keep on keepin’ on, just like the rest of us. 😉

  149. miz brisvegas

    Ooh, ooh, must be my turn to give the c-box a go.

    To KM, 2.25am: As an ‘old, genuine’ poster, I’m right up there high fiving A-Jizzle 2.12pm regarding certain new posters turning the comments section into a fucking chat box.

    And, nah, it’s not the body odour that’s stinking up the place, I reckon it’s the chit-chat about … well, … NOTHING which makes me wanna arm myself with Glade everytime I click on this site.

    Maybe I’m having a senior moment right now, but back in my day, I thought the way a blog worked was when the blogger, [in this instance WFW], posts a subject [in this instance, “Wentworth Miller shows off Wet For Went”] then the posters [in this instance, cool fan girls like A-Jizzle or dorky ones like Miz Brisvegas] should comment about that particular post.

    Much as I’d love for WFW to take down names and kick a couple of chatterbox asses into the stratosphere, I’m respectful that this is her forum and I’m just a guest. Which means I stick to rules and regulations and keep my posts relevant to what she writes about.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’m breaking the rule right now, so here’s a grovelling apology to WFW:

    *kneels and squeals* Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! This is the first and only time I’ll turn a post section into a chat. I don’t want to get into a fucking debate about this – I’ve said my bit and I’ll leave it at that.

    God forbid this site turns into an IMDB – eeeeek!
    ‘Nuff said.

  150. KM

    @A- Jizzle
    WE all fled/stopped commenting around the time that the “Great Gay Debate” refused to die down. Shit gets repetitive, and we get bored.”

    —>Then, you don’t realise the FUNCTION the Gay Debate had! Think about it. As far as I’m concerned, it helped me a lot( and some info I managed to get through a journalist who talked directly to Went), was seminal to my U-turn in belief.
    You say:
    “She didn’t want people running rampant in the comment sections, getting off topic. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in a post with over 130 comments, it’s the same 5 people commenting over and over. Now I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past, but we at least TRIED to stay on the topic specifically related to the post”
    —> Ok, but commenting on only ONE post for a long time leads inevitably to get off topic!
    We made a few remarks on this last pic, but WHAT ELSE can you say about it????That is why we import our own pics and fun…
    Back in the “glory days”, there was a plethora of Went stuff, he was so visible in the press and WFW could give free reign to her wit.
    But now?

    We may not abide to the rules of the game, but we are faithful to the blog (Whatever definition we have of this word. But really, who cares?).
    We live in so many places around the world, Kassie is in Thailand, ChatJemena in the Philippines, I’m from Switzerland etc….etc…
    We enjoy commenting here.
    If this is offensive to the “First Disciples”, if some of us are persona non grata, well , tell us to leave.
    I’ll miss the girls here.
    But if this is what it takes to save the blog and bring back awesomely funny people, let it be….

  151. hello

    A-Jizzle , why leaving the blog because of the gay issue that doesn’t die when there is one topic dedicated to it? Just avoid it and comment the others… if there is a topic called the gay debate it is clear that people talk about it…

  152. KM

    Maybe it’s time for those who read the comments, but don’t usually bother to post, to say “hi” and be counted?

  153. Kassie

    I truly appreciate WFW and the beautiful work she has done creating and maintaining this blog. She has my respect, admiration and gratitude.

    Please, WFW, give us your feedback on the issue we’ve been discussing (A-Jizzle, KM, etc.) about the proper use of your blog. I will abide by your wishes.

  154. fuushi

    @ KM: Hi!
    (Some real news would be really great nevertheless…)

  155. Cat's Meow!

    I’m grateful WFW opened the great “Gay Debate” so not for this subject to constantly monopolize other threads. It was getting so irritating! Besides I love countering all the gay sayers. I guess that’s the “lawyer” in me!

    I truly believe in my heart of hearts that Went isn’t gay and it’s not because I love him so much and desperately want him to be straight so I can keep swooning and drooling over him. It’s because I believe, trust and most importantly, understand him. My woman’s intuition and my gaydar tell me he is NOT gay. I know this sounds like a cliche, but this man is “misunderstood”. All he is is a hot-looking NERD. Peeps wonder how a man so good looking would not be out carousing every night with a lady on his arm. What appears on his outside may not be what’s on his inside. Yes he’s GORGEOUS, but that doesn’t mean he’s a player. He’s still a nerdy, studious, quiet, shy, reserved, loner on the inside. Yes he exhumes SEXINESS, but people who are sexy don’t try to be, they just ARE. His extreme intelligence, deep smooth sounding voice, amazing eyes, incredible lips, perfect tall slender body, coupled with his pristine gentlemanly manners and an air of mystery around him ALL make him sexy. He doesn’t work at this, he doesn’t try to be sexy, he just IS sexy because of all his great qualities. That doesn’t mean he can just go up to any woman and try to pick her up. I’ve known many good-looking men who still had a hard time meeting women. That doesn’t mean they are gay. And yes Went attracts the women, but who’s to say they are his type or he, their type. I’m sure the ones who approach him with their phone numbers scribbled on a scrap of paper are not the type of women Went would go for. I imagine Went is very particular when it comes to meeting his soulmate and woman of his dreams.

  156. Cat's Meow!

    OMG!!! There was a Wenty sighting?!!! How did I miss that?!!! YAYYYY!!! He’s ALIVE!!!! That girl who bumped into him has got to be the luckiest beyotch in the world! And the funny thing is she was feeling bummed out and look at who bumps into her and makes her fucking day!!! I’m telling you he’s an angel from above, that’s for damn sure! Fuck, I’m moving to L.A. I have got to experience my own Wenty-encounter sometime in my lifetime. You know how people want to skydive or travel the world before they die? Well, all I want is one fucking Wenty-encounter. Is that so much to ask for? Worse comes to worse, I’ll fake a terminal illness and for my “Make-A-Wish”, I’ll request to meet Went. But hopefully it won’t come down to that!!! lol

    My fucking luck is that I’ve already had my Wenty-encounter sometime when I was a kid since we lived in the same Brooklyn neighborhood, but I don’t remember it. Now my chances for a 2nd encounter are slim to none. But I doubt if that happened to me as a kid, because if it did, how would I not remember his precious angel face! I swear if I ever saw him in person, the Heavens would come down around us with beautiful floating angels playing Heavenly music on their harps and stars sparkling all around us!!! It would be like I’ve just died and gone to Heaven!!! lol

  157. KM

    @Thanks, Fuushi!
    Girls, come forward and be counted!

    We must let WFW know we love her blog/forum .Oh, yes, it has turned into a sort of forum. …
    Why is it bad, tell us,A-Jizzle and Miz Brisvegas?
    Is there a law against this? I mean, will we hear a knock on our doors at crack of dawn and the Blog Gestapo will burst in and arrest us at gunpoint?

    If so, I’ll comply and grovel.
    But only if so.

  158. Cat's Meow!

    LMFAO!!! You are fucking HILARIOUS!!!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  159. I thought that was a fake-sighting, but it’s actually true!!
    [/stalker]From random woman’s profile, you can notice that she works in a Coffe&Tea shop in L.A. near the places Went usually go for his daily coffee&stuff! :mgreen: [/stalker]
    Gosh so he’s alive and in L.A. 😀
    *hope for NEW candid pics or cute NEW interviews*

  160. Aylla

    So glad to know that WM was found and -apparently- well. Too bad this lucky beyotch who bumped into him didn’t take a pic. I wonder if his headgear is still present and correct.

    WFW- love your blog, keep it up!!!!

  161. KM:
    “Girls, come forward and be counted!

    We must let WFW know we love her blog/forum .Oh, yes, it has turned into a sort of forum. …
    Why is it bad, tell us,A-Jizzle and Miz Brisvegas?
    Is there a law against this? I mean, will we hear a knock on our doors at crack of dawn and the Blog Gestapo will burst in and arrest us at gunpoint?

    If so, I’ll comply and grovel.
    But only if so.”

    Did I not say “go back and read?” THIS is why:


    Now, if there are any more questions directed at ME, either e-mail me personally, or bring it to the goddamn BOX! I’m not gonna go back and forth with you guys ANYMORE on the fucking blog. Cuz this is retarded.

  162. Aylla

    Thanks for the link wmitalia. Good to see Went happy and without the beanie/teacosy on his head!

  163. Erika

    @ KM – Stop feeling like you have to be defensive and just take the hint. I’m not one of the older posters but even I find the constant off topic chitter chat annoying. I don’t think anyone wants some of you to leave, as no one except has the right to ask you to. Just grasp the diffirence between commenting in the comment section and the chat box then post accordingly.

  164. KM

    Well, I hope nobody is going to rip Amie Bice to pieces again.
    She’s not very pretty and unless he needs glasses…
    They are probably just friends and she deserves to be respected as such, don’t you think?

    @ A-Jizzle

    I had a look at the C-Box and I can’t see how we could talk and exchange like we do here?
    It’s a very different kettle of fish: girls talking about themselves, what they’re doing at the moment, what they are going to do…
    To each his own, but I find it …boring.

    Which makes me believe that those who criticise us here, haven’t really read what we have been posting.
    Anyway, we have been enjoying ourselves here: Kassie, ChatJ., Cat’s, Bexyboo and some others.

    We have been talking about Went ONLY
    If WFW had been able to post more, we would have kept “within the limits”.
    We thought we were not off topic, because this place is called “Wet for Went”.

    And that’s what we are.

  165. KM

    I’ve just read WFW’s A Few Things.
    I joined the fray only in 2007 and I never knew WFW had written this before.
    I understand what you said. It is sad in a way and I got everything wrong, didn’t I?
    I feel disappointed in discovering this quiproquo , I imagined there was more freedom of expression.
    My mistake.
    Well, I suppose WFW wants the blog to die its natural death?

  166. Tracy

    @ See the nice picture of Went! At http//justjared.buzznet.com/2008/01/13/amie-bice-wentworth-miller-reunion/
    Cool picture!!! Went is charming!

  167. artgirl

    NOOOOO! I want to see pics of Went, but not with that Amie Bice 😦

    If anybody is with him it should be me, or any of the WFW fan girls. Preferably it would be me with him.

  168. miz brisvegas

    To KM 9.46am: Wow, you so don’t get it. Thank your lucky stars someone like Erika 12.24pm has more patience than me cause I haven’t got time to get into a shit-fit over a topic that’s clearly very cut and dry to follow.


    • Step 1 Blogger writes about a new post

    • Step 2 Posters write a relevant
    comment about said post.

    • Step 3 Then, blogger and posters alike all hang out at their local Starbucks in the hopes W. Miller makes a cameo appearance (acting like a giddy school girl/boy is optional).

    And just for the record – No. One. Is. Telling. You. To. Leave. This. Blog. And assuming that WFW wants this site to [as you put it] “die a natural death” is just plain stupid. But you already knew that, right???

    We’re all here cause of the free Went Lovin’, so stop making a big deal about the ‘chat’ topic. A-Jizzle’s pointed you to the archives section of the blog, so please do me and yourself a massive favour and read as much of it as you can.

    So, go on girl, off to the archives with you! 🙂

    Hey, WFW! Hurry up and do a section on the new Scarfaletta sighting! My fingers are itching to post some choice comments on that one! :p

  169. mia

    @ BB , i v just read one of your posts above and you have confirmed ” WENT IS FUCKING MIA” ,
    * mia rolling around in ecstacy.

  170. Chat's Ghost

    @KM: Thanks very much, miss. Another topic: Went saved two kids last year?! Please give me the link (or the details). I missed that one. TY again, sweetie.

    @Cat’s Meow (Jan. 13 / 8:59 am): Amen. Oh, God, the way you described him! I’m melting again and it’s just 9:20 am here. I agree with you regarding Went being misunderstood. My woman’s intuition and my gaydar are both telling me he’s straight.

  171. WFW

    Long ago, I just got tired of repeating myself and so I stopped. I have only said that comments on the posts should be relevant to the post about a million fucking times.

    There was a time when, if I hadn't posted about some Went news, someone would just email me, not just post about it in the comments sections of another unrelated post and start a discussion about it there. Additionally, if they had an idea about a post, they would email me about it and 9 times out of 10 I would go ahead and post about it to open up the discussion. People just wouldn't decide to talk about something and try and start a discussion themselves and carry on about it as if their name is WFW. That irks the fucking shit out of me and if I haven't named names, it's probably b/c they might not like what I have to say and it is never my intention to embarrass anyone. It's the softie in me.

    The blog sucking now has to do with a lot of things, one of which is that some of my favorite people (and they are not just commenters, most regulars know me, and not as a persona) are gone. Either they went back to work full time when they used to be a stay at home mom, they got bored with Went and moved to another fandom, they got fed up with how it seemed like Went wasn't enjoying himself and actually stopped enjoying themselves as well, they had surgery, they needed to concentrate on law school, there are any number of reasons that the blog is not what it used to be and a lot of it has to do with the people, b/c regardless of my sense of humor or imagination, the heart and soul of this place were the OTHER FANS. I was never a one woman show; It has always been and continues to be, about all of you and of course, Wentworth himself.

    Like in my normal life, I get bored with shit and I just ignore it. I have done this with the blog from time to time and I admit it, but there has also been a call for me to ban certain people to try and bring the original spirit of the blog back. For fucks sake, a comment used to be a one liner; There's a reason there was a Comments of the Week, b/c my commenters are fucking funny too but lately, not so much of that either.

    It's a long standing joke that I hate long comments but it's not really a joke (although this might just be my longest comment ever). When I see a long comment going on and on and on, or a fic in the comments of a post that has nothing to do with a fic, or extensive pic linking, or back and forth you know what I do? I don't read it. There was a time when I would check the comments of the blog immediately and delete or comment back and lately I just don't bother. It's not my favorite place to be these days and several days go by before I'll check the comments and even then, I skim.

    The Gay Debate was created, not b/c I really wanted to facilitate the conversation, but b/c I thought that may be the ONLY way to get some of you to shut up about it in the other posts. My regulars and I moved on quite quickly from the whole Went/Luke thing and partially b/c, if you've beeen reading here long enough, the gay rumors were not new anyhow. Of course we took his word for it when he said he wasn't b/c that's all we could do but even if the man fucks farm animals (although I would be grossed out as all hell) it would not affect my love for him one bit. It has never been about who he sleeps with or who he loves for me, and a lot of others and when that became the only topic of conversation, as if that is all there is to him, that his sexuality defines him, it was like a part of us DYING. Homophobia, in all of its forms, even if Went is completely straight and all the rumors are all wrong, upsets me deeply. Hoping he's straight (like there's something wrong with him being gay) or any number of other derogatory comments completely turned me off of the whole discussion b/c I felt like I needed to cuss someone out every 5 minutes.

    The Luke thing as a whole sent a ripple through the fandom and I tried to maintain the best I could by keeping the emphasis in one post, which by the way I didn't have to do, I just didn't want to go all Nazi and start deleting references as if there was something wrong with the discussion. I just didn't want to talk about it constantly and neither did most of the other people who read and enjoy this blog (at least the ones who actually comment and talk to me).

    I really am grateful for all of the friendships I've made and the fun times I've had over the course of running this blog. I will cherish the message in the pic Went sent and count it as special since even now, I have never seen its equal. And even if I never get to meet him, I'm sure he knows how special I think he is and that all of this, was for him. If it feels like it's dying, that's probably b/c it is. Only time will tell if I can bring it back to its former glory or whether I will just give up completely. Regardless, there are things I need to accomplish before I go and that's why I keep going.

    I do have a life, a life that hasn't exactly been all roses and fucking sunshine lately and I was sick...There are always reasons, beyond lack of material, that keep me from posting but I won't pretend that the state of the comments section is not one of the major reasons that I find myself avoiding my own blog. The reason I never called anyone out by name is that I don't need to. Anyone who is still reading the comments already knows.

    P.S. Krissie and I are very close. Fucking with her will get you hurt. In the future, don't do it. Oh, and AJ lives in MD (and so do I) so if it sounds like she is speaking for me, it's probably just b/c she knows how I feel seeing that we actually KNOW each other.

    The c-box was created for all off topic chat (there's even some false idol worship in there from time to time, lol) and even if you are not in my time zone (hell, who says you want to talk to me) there is someone who is, and who will fantasize about Went with you until you can no longer keep your eyes open. Oh and there is also, email and IM. If you feel a particular kinship to someone on the blog, email me and I will send you their info. This happened just recently when a few newer posters wanted to talk fanfic in posts. I hooked them all up and now they can chat to their hearts content. But you know, I don't even know what the hell my point is anymore. I'm tired of talking...

  172. Kassie

    Thank you, WFW, for your feedback. I love your blog and would never do anything to diminish it. And it would not hurt my feelings or embarrass me if you told me, by name, to stifle myself. I can be a little thick sometimes and tend to get carried away by Wentlust…

    Please keep doing what you do so well! I’ll try to be better.

  173. Chat's Ghost

    Sorry, too, W4W. And thank you.

  174. KM

    Note taken.
    Let’s have a go at sycophantic banalities. 😉

  175. WFW

    Sycophantic banalities are completely unnecessary; I am but a humble blogger. It’s my fault for not saying anything before…

  176. shortstuff

    *hugs wfw*

  177. anon6

    This was back when they were filming in Arlington ton if I’m not mistaken


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