Here he is…

Mr. America! Yes, it’s Went walking back to his Toyota Highlander Hybrid (very cute) after having lunch with everyone’s favorite Went-hanger-oner, Scarfalotta…With no scarf! It’s a scandal!

Tomorrow we can all see Went (but not for lunch) on our tv screens once again as Prison Break returns. I like the jacket Went! Looking good…

If you actually want to see what old Scarfy is looking like these days, go see Jared.


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290 responses to “Here he is…

  1. Krissie

    Good thing I never stopped loving him cuz I’d be falling in love all over again and that’s just messy: drooling, creaming… Not that I’m not doing it, but this way I’m all set with my trusty bucket and a sponge.

  2. arabela

    Scarfalotta?Again?Do you think that they are in relationship or not?I think that they are not.It’s not my jelaousy it’s just my opinion.

  3. Bel

    He looks good, she looks not so good, but if he hangs out with her then she must be the most wonderful person ever. There’s no way he’d hang out with stupid people.
    And as for his sex life? All I care about is what he does to me before I open my eyes in the morning.

  4. miz brisvegas

    Hubba, hubba!

    Mmmmm! I’m loving me some Went in the ‘blue’ period!

    Luv it!
    Luv it!
    Luv it!

    Oh, no! Scarfy, what happened to the scarf??? I was just getting into the trend!

  5. Skippy

    I highly doubt there’s any RL there. He’s even said he’s “patently waiting for an encounter with the girl of his dreams”. I think they are just friends, and that’s it. As far as the ring on her finger…well dont know why she was hiding it….maybe she’s with someone else. Who knows. Oh and yeah…I love the fuzzy look….super hot!

  6. Skippy

    I hope he gets back into movies again. While this whole BS WGA strike is on right now, it would be a great opp. I pray that this gets resolved sooner rather than later and we have a 4th season.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the PB set move to the east coast? Maybe the DC area? It would make sense, but then again you never how the plot goes.

  7. shortstuff

    wfw, i didnt think it was possible, but i love you even more for just posting the pic of went in all his hotness, sans amie. fuck, he looks amazing. what i wouldnt give to have that scruff all over me…. *daydreaming*

    ps: did you guys read this?

  8. Kassie

    Oooooh! A Went sighting! Welcome back, baby…and I must say I’m happy to see Amie too. She is one lucky ho to sit next to him in his car! * squeeing so loud the crystal shatters* That would truly be, as they like to say in Texas, like dying and going to heaven….

    She must love him. Question is, how does he feel about her? He said he hadn’t yet found ‘The One’…but maybe he was being cagey like they all do in H-wood. She’s a blonde, and he has said he likes brunettes… Time will tell, and if her cares about her I swear I’ll never say a word against her (gulp).

    This proves that blondes really DO have more fun.

  9. niknak

    Still not an AB fan, but glad to see she got Wenty to go out and about! Oh, how I have missed him!!!As for the fan encounter, I was in L.A. on Friday… the only person I got bumped into by was some jackass nobody who didn’t even have the decency to say excuse me. Some girls have all the luck!

  10. *runs to throw away my skull scarf collection, and promptly runs to the Gap to stock up on pirate stripe cowl neck sweaters* what what…

    GodDAMN he looks good, even in those crusty-ass shoes. I’d still hit it…six ways, sideways…

  11. Wentalicious

    Aaawww shit, look who’s back… I can just imagine her saying:

    “It’s Scarfalota bitch!”


    Actually, I know I may be killed for saying this, but ol’ girl is growing on me. Ain’t a damn thing wrong with her. She’s just not “Hollywood” as in, designer duds, five pounds of air-brushed makeup and fake-ass veneers and tits to match. She’s a simple girl. Plus, I have to give her credit for showing up in public after the full-throttle bashing she got the last time around. The web is a powerful bitch ain’t it Scarfy? My only critique lies with the shoes. I don’t care how smart, down-to-earth, or kind you are, when you step out with a man as fine as him, you put on some damn sexy shoes, you hear!? Sexxxxxxxxy!

    Now, then on to more important things like my man. My man is looking sharp. My man is looking good. My man is back on Monday. THANK GOD.

    And, looky look, he’s out and about… with a woman. Oh my God! And smiling! Oh my God! He must be straight! Oh my God! Aaaaah!

    *End sarcasm.*

  12. Chat's Ghost

    *sigh* This guy can melt any chastity belt. I can imagine the degree of commotion he’ll cause if he ever decides to follow Fashion Police’s ideas on his clothes. Went, you are THE SEX!

  13. Cat's Meow!


    Looky looky, NO beanie, NO cap, NO ugly assed bucket hat!!! Went’s actually walking around outside baring his sexy shaved head!!! It’s a fucking miracle! Oh my Lord, that man is a walking ORGASM! Those jeans, those aviator glasses, that widow’s peak, that scruffy gorgeous face! I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!

    I am actually salivating right now! Look at him!!! How can you not!!! My mouth is so full of drool, I may drown myself! I’m drooling s0 much a cloth won’t help, a mop won’t help. Hell, I need a heavy duty industrial sized water vacuum! You know, the kind that soaks up water in your basement after you’ve had a flood!


    (Sorry, just wiping up the drool off my keyboard!)

  14. anon6

    @shortstuff: this is gonna be painfully awkward. But no encounter such as that ever happened.

  15. Cat's Meow!


    How do you know that encounter never happened?

  16. Kassie

    *staying on topic*

    @Wentalicious: Yes, Amie is growing on me too, kind of like moss on the north side of a tree…LOL, but actually I LIKE her normalness and much prefer her hanging with my man than Luke. Weird, huh?

    Giving vent to my kinky fantasies, wonder what’s in the box?? Perhaps something sweet and sticky to smear on her naked body for *later*? LOL That’s what I’d be planning if I were so lucky to be in her (admittedly not too sexy) shoes. And don’t tell me that they’re “just friends”. Oh Pleeeze!! If that could POSSIBLY be the case, if she’s not all OVER him the SECOND the door closes, then move over girl and let the rest of us through!!!

    @Cat’s Meow: Hold on lady, I’ll call 911 for the industrial sized water vacuum!! LMFAO

    A final thought: Went didn’t open the car door for Amie? What’s with that? Where are his manners!

  17. LadyN


    JUST when I was getting over him….
    …and so it beginsโ€”yet again.

    *puts extra pantyliner on*


  18. Chat's Ghost


    I agree with you, sweetie. I’ll scold him when he visits me later. (After I make love to him, of course.)

  19. cocot13

    DAMN, everytime I think I’m out, he pulls me back in!!!!!!!!

  20. Rose

    Went that jacket? We need to talk!

    Only you could make a
    jacket/too short so could be a shirt

    look good!!!

    Oh your such a fuckin’ tiger in those sunnies!!!

  21. Chat's Ghost

    Went, thank you for appearing without a beanie and looking different. Tell Amie that I like her for being brave. Now, I’d like to see you (a) with both Amie and Mariana [seeing as they’re friends of yours]; and (b) with kids [with Dom and the others, if you like]

  22. sahra

    oh my god oh my god GIRLS!!! huddle round huddle huddle…..

    I have just checked out all the pics on Just Jared and if I’m seeing correctly there is a ring on Ms Bice’s left hand 4th finger in (wedding ring finger)!! either she is married or in a relationship!! if she is married is it with went? as not all men wear wedding rings!! and he doesn’t seem to be wearing on or have any indications of ever worn one! But I ask you my fellow went-lusters what is the story here???

    WFW can you please do some investigating on this??

    oh my god oh my god…..ok girls break the huddle i need to breath!!

  23. Cat's Meow!

    Hurry up girl, I’m drowning, I’m drowning!!! lol

    You’d better believe that Amie was all over Went like chocolate on peanutbutter the minute they were behind closed doors! Hell, what woman in her right mind wouldn’t be all over that magnificent man?!!! That lucky BEYOTCH!!!!

    You’re right, Went didn’t open the car door for Amie. What happened to your impeccable gentlemanly manners, Went?!! I’m shocked!

    @Chat’s Ghost,
    I hear ya, Amie is brave for reappearing again! But even though Mariana looked better suited with Went, I’ll take Went spending time with Amie ANY DAY over Went taking a stroll with that troll nosed gay guy! lol

    LMFAO!!! Went is like the “mafia”. Once you’re connected, you can never be free!!! lol

  24. KM

    Isn’t he beautiful.

  25. anon6

    so nice to come to a site with no Amie bashing

  26. Snowflake

    OMG, he looks SO hot in those aviators!!


  27. Chat's Ghost

    @KM: Yes, he looks very embraceable. *pretends to embrace him tightly and rub my head against his chest. wow….*

  28. OTKM

    I wish he would grow more hair…

  29. I cannot get over how much I like Went’s look this time…he made an effort, don’t u think? And I’m loving that jacket, still hate the shoes and always will but I love this insanely hot man so much, all is forgiven…and he is out and about again, so joy to the world!!!!!!

    The only thing that I find kinda fishy, is that he decided to reappear ( without his beanie, bucket hat or any other kind of hat) 2 days before PB airs again…I don’t know, I’ll let it slide…he’s hot, what can I say?

  30. OTKM

    He’s getting greyer. He’ll probably look more like his dad, partly bald with white hair. But still good-looking. (I hope he won’t grow the same moustache!)

  31. Portugal

    it’s always nice to see went. I have de feeling that shes fatter now!!

  32. llychee

    Dear Scarfalotta!

    It’s time to thank you, really. Not only did you bring the Pretty back (hotter than ever)… it’s also your credit that I can welcome big hips, thin hair and dark circles around my eyes. You know, this is much more than I expected from you when I first saw you and your funny scarf touching the one who must not be touched. Who knew you’d become living proof that imperfection doesn’t deter the perfect one from hanging out with you? Look, there’s no Frap in his hand, but he still looks happy in your company… Scarfy, I have to admit I begin to …well not like… but admire you.

    Oh, and thanks for not being Luke… anything but another gay debate!!!

  33. Anon3

    OMG, he’s so hot!

  34. Sara

    Soo beautiful! I love you Went!

  35. Anonymous

    I am so pleased to see him again. He looks happy.

  36. Gina

    Love the aviators! They are so cool.

  37. Wentlove

    This guy is great: I love you Went.
    Please show more of you….

  38. Anon 4

    Marry me Went, I love you so!

  39. Lotta

    We are such great fans of Prison Break and Went.
    Long live Prison Break…

  40. WentFan

    You are wonderful, Went! You look good in jeans, and blue suits you!!!

  41. Anonymous

    Went is the best: we are very happy to see you! Where is the frapuccino?

  42. JustMe

    Went looks thinner, I hope he feeds himself properly.
    Love the aviators…

  43. LisaB.

    He has a lovely new car: I want one like that, too.

  44. Anonymous

    He wears the same old shoes, but I like the new shirt.
    He’s hot!

  45. Maya

    Went is back in our lives: don’t hide anymore, Went, we love you!

  46. PBmad

    Are we going to have a sequel to the show?
    When is the strike finishing?

  47. Lucy

    This man is incredible, so hot, there is no other in the world. And he’s so intelligent and educated. I love his voice!

  48. LOL

    Now you girls know you wanna kick and scream…

    “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy her!!!!!!!!! and not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  49. Lucy

    She’s just a friend.

  50. Anonymous

    Went, you’re so hot!!

  51. Sara

    Aviators really suit him.
    He’s so good-looking, anything goes.

  52. Anon2

    Thanks for the pictures, I love him so much and we had to wait so long!!

  53. Gina

    He looks like his dad. And Mr Miller senior looks cool, too!

  54. Just me...

    @ Giana…

    Have you a pictures of his dad?

    Because I just want to know how he looks a like!!!

  55. Gina

    Forbidden to link here.
    Go to IMDB.

  56. Merce

    What a beautiful man!

  57. Mercy

    I love his new clothes. He’s hot!

  58. Anon

    Awwww, he’s cute!

  59. Anonymous

    I love him and his new car.

  60. Sara

    I love his shirt.

  61. Cecily

    Wentworth Miller is beautiful man!!!

  62. Kylie

    He is soooooo hot!!!!Lucky Amie!!!!

  63. Lucy

    Love the aviators too. It’s so him…

  64. Marian

    He such a good looking man and the best actor on TV. I love himยง

  65. Anon2

    Amie is so lucky to know him…

  66. Wentismine

    Do you know if he will make a real film?

  67. WFW

    To the person posting as other people

    See, now I am amused, lol.

  68. Just me...

    Shit..I can’t find it!!!!

  69. bleuciel

    Since my post got lost somewhere in the cyberspace, I will ask the question again: does anyone have a photo of Mr Miller Sr? I’m dying to see what he looks like ๐Ÿ˜€ And I see that at least 2 posters here have already seen him.
    Ontopic: I’m impressed with Went’s look. Did he finally realized that this is the look for him? No beige/brown, no loose clothes, no bucket hat, just wow! Did he dress-up for the paps? ๐Ÿ˜€

  70. @bleuciel: I’ve never seen pics of WM Sr around the web…I think there’re not pics about him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. bleuciel

    @wmitalia: then how come OTKM and Gina both speak of all the physical similarities with his dad? And there’s no photo of his dad on imdb like Gina suggested above :P. If I’m going too far with pic thing just let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. anon6

    there he is, last row 2nd man with a mustache from your left. handsome man.

  73. bleuciel

    thanks anon6 ๐Ÿ™‚
    I can’t see such evident physical resemblance like some posters suggested here, but that’s just me :p. To be sure I’m looking at the right man, it’s the one in the black leather jacket with eye-glasses standing right behind the lady in the wheelchair, yeah?

  74. Went Whore

    Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Halleluja*fuckin*ah!!!
    He’s ALIVE!!!!

  75. Erika

    *ring-ring* Mariana: Hi Luke, did you see who Went is hanging with…oh no she didn’t! And she must have introduced him to Beyonce or something because he’s gone and upgrade himself. At least with you he was still wearing my beidge.

  76. anon6

    wow, I deeply apologize i mean your right instead of left, the guy in grey with the mustache last row, 2nd one from your right next to the guy in glasses right behind the man in blue. Again, Sorry!

  77. WFW

    I was just about to correct you anon, lol. The funny thing is that I don’t even know if I’m correct but yes, that is the one I believe is his Dad.

    Because this photo was found on a public blog, I’ll leave it up but I usually try not to post anything too personal about Went (family, personally identifiable information, etc).

  78. bleuciel

    thanks again anon6 ๐Ÿ™‚
    The resemblance is even vaguer now LOL. Oh, well… ๐Ÿ˜€

  79. Linds

    The weirdest thing happened to me just now….I opened up my link for….a new picture popped up on the screen….and a chior of angels started singing…..weird ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. bleuciel

    @Linds: are you sure they were singing and not drooling all over Went? ๐Ÿ˜†

  81. anon6

    WFW please, if you don’t find this appropiate, delete my comment. Have a nice day everyone.

  82. cocot13

    If I’m thinking of the right guy he kind of looks like Ghandi to me.

  83. Luci

    I have to say that I am a little surprised that PH has not jumped all over this.

  84. artgirl

    @ Kassie: Not opening the door for Amie might be a sign that they are just friends. If she was a special someone I would think he would open a door for her. I hate to think that Went has no manners.

  85. Skippy

    I would thank the lord everyday if I could be his BFF…just like AB. Welcome back baby, and we hope to see more of your super fine ass out and about!

    *What I wouldnt give to be Pretty’s BFF*


  86. super_girl

    Does anyone have pic of his mom or sisters?Please,forgive my curiousity.Thanks for pic of his dad.

  87. noelanimahana

    Looking good wenty! Tonights the big night for you Went fans! I like this season so far (being a new fan and all). I’m excited to see what happens next.

    but can we have a sista as his next love interest now that Sara got the…um…axe? Wenty needs a little more chocolate in his Vanilla swirl! *grins*

  88. Wentalicious

    LOL @ noelanimahana! You’re preaching to the choir! I would imagine after a hard day on the set the man would be CRAVING for some chocolate dessert, haha. Ah, mocha and chocolate together at last.

    Ahem, back to the topic at hand, there’s no way in hell that Amie’s with him. I mean she’s with him, but she’s not with him with him. There’s no sexual tension there at all. Nada. Of course, it’s none of my bidness, but I had to chime in with my 2 cents. Speaking of which, who saw the episode tonight? Thoughts?? I think it’s actually getting good… yeah, I said it. Haven’t been a big season 3 fan.

  89. sahra

    Hi sahra how are you? good thanks sahra and you? yep not bad and did you notice the ring too, yes i certainly did, do you think sahra that maybe…?? don’t be foolish…he’s single and damn fine!! hmmmm but…..?? sahra don’t even think it!!! but….ok breaking huddel with me myself and I….no more talking about it ok?? OKAY?? ok!! alright!!

  90. sueli

    [quote]He has a lovely new car: I want one like that, too.

    Those are very nice. Very quiet and drive like a dream. I wonder if he’s addicted to the navigator system [assuming his comes with one] like my dad is. LOL

    Sue me, but his last outing w/ friend was much hotter.
    *slinks out of thread before getting bashed*

  91. Anon4

    I love the family reunion pic because you can see they’re all related: most of the men could be brothers!

  92. Sammy77

    look at the last two post he clearly has a lot of girls after him cos dont tell me they wudnt jump his bones if they had a chance LOL

  93. shortstuff


    here’s an article about the family reunion that went’s dad was pictured in. went was there too, and in the second picture on the left, we see him sitting next to one of his sisters and some other relatives.

  94. Yes, Went comes from one … fine … family …

    But I digress. I don’t mind seeing him with Scarfy. Much better to see him with someone other than The Plastics most Hollywood men seem to favor.

    Go Went!

    And, please … do start making more movies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Fuushi

    Hi! Has anybody any news about the new episode? Didnยดt it air yesterday, Jan 14th, evening in the USA (=about 3 a.m. European time)?

  96. OTKM

    Just a second off topic, WFW!
    I’m glad you saw the snark. But it’s a bit worrying nobody else guessed it was sarcasm… Expect me to comply fully to orders, with more restrain, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do not want to ruin the fun, particularly the unintentional one.
    Ps: I loved the aviators. Not so sure about the face hair, though.:-)

  97. Gbaby

    I noticed (after studying the picture of his dad, I need to get a life) that his father has the same stare/ eyes as our dearly beloved.

    *looking at the picture of Went with a big smile while floating on a cloud*

  98. OTKM

    I wish we saw more significant pics than candids of him doing what we all do (shopping, eating , checking at airports etc..)

    *Sigh* It’s true that it’s better than nothing…But it’s not thrilling, Went!

  99. Wow, his sister is beautiful…just like him! ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Fashion Police

    WENT!!!!… your ass a pair of new shoes.

  101. anon6

    On a personal note, He is going through a bit of a difficult time right now. It would be very much appreciated if you could have some kind words for him to read, please remember he loves his fans. Have a wonderful day everybody!

  102. Luci

    Anon6, Is it true Lmf & WM are no longer together? Thanks

  103. wentmania

    anon6, what’s up with Went?

  104. Cat's Meow!

    Why do you say Went is going through a hard time right now??? What are you talking about??? What happened to our angel boy???

    Went was NEVER with that troll-nose gay guy in the first place. Don’t say they are no longer together, when they weren’t together in the first place! Went’s NOT gay!

  105. LadyN

    What, WHAT?!

    Went reading “Wet for Went” on a difficult time?!
    *gasp* Did you hear that wfw!?

    *waves to Went while laughing nervously*

  106. OTKM

    Lol, Cat’s Meow! “Troll Nose”.
    You don’t like Luke, do you?

  107. OTKM

    Girls, Anon6 has no insight on Went’s life. She “thinks” he’s unhappy.
    The only reliable source ( Somebody who actually knows him), is Summerwine in the Media thread of TWoP.

  108. OTKM

    WOW! Pretty in grey at KOO KOO ROO, and a buttshot! Wonderful day!

  109. Cat's Meow!

    LOL, is it obvious?!!! Yep I don’t like that troll nose, smug looking D-Lister who had the smirk expression of a cheshire cat while walking with Went last year like to say “Hey girls, I’m with him and YOU’RE NOT! Ha, ha. So there!” in his best gay voice!!! lol His show sucks big time and he’s a bad actor. What else can I add?!!! Oh yeah, also he’s a Went wannabe who dresses like him! lol

    What does Summerwine say about Went and how well does she know him?

    What is KOO KOO ROO? You saw a buttshot? Where, when, how? Please tell!!!! I’ll luv ya forever!!! lol

  110. OTKM

    If WFW allows me (Promised, I won’t link!), you can read the 4/5 posts Summerwine posted on the Media thread at TWoP. He (or she) sounds very genuine.
    There were new pics this morning (my time) at JJared: grey Went, lovely buttshot!!

    They’re gone. Hope they come back.

  111. OTKM

    @OK? Cat’s. As you said you’ll” love me forever,” *and while WFW is not looking*

    Forever? ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. bleuciel

    LOL at new candids. I see that the grey/beige/cream or whatever those non-colors are called are back! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Too bad those pants aren’t tighter *whistles innocently*

  113. Anonymous

    Too bad those pants arenโ€™t tighter *whistles innocently*
    One day, Bleuciel, one day, we’ll see the real Mc Coy….

  114. Anonymous

    anon6: He is going through a bit of a difficult time right now

    Is it Luke’s birthday?

  115. anon6

    Sadly, that’s all i can and will say, you’re all very lovely! It’s ok if you don’t believe me, I wouldn’t either. Feel free to diss me but It would be so great if we could all write just a few kind words about him and/or his work, just a suggestion, Have a great Day.

  116. Cat's Meow!

    How can we not believe you when you didn’t say anything yet? You can’t keep us wondering here, you’re torturing us! Why do we have to compliment Went and his work? Was he fired from PB? Is PB not being picked up for Season 4? What gives? Do tell please…………..pretty please! I’ll be your bff!!! lol

    BTW, Went seemed pretty damn happy to me hanging out with Aime the other day. He was all smiles and giggles. He doesn’t look sad at all.

    Thanks SOOOO much, sistah! I just got home from work, and that was a SWEET SURPRISE for me after a long rough day! Our man is SMOKIN HOTTTTTT!!!! I luv ya forever and ALWAYS!!!! lol

  117. LadyN

    Isn’t this WHOLE perverted, lovely, hilarious, and highly contagious Blog not enough kind words and support for the man of our dreams! Come on, we’re drooling over his Khaki cute ass here!

    TELL HIM TO GIVE A LITTLE BACK AND FINALLY GIVE WFW A CALL, DAMN IT!!! The poor girl needs some encouragement to run this freak show!!!

    …and you tell himโ€”anon6 who knows him and doesn’t want to share himโ€”that LadyN says she will GLADLY have his babies, damn it, GLADLY! …and to also give me call while he’s at it!

    ….I will be waiting…. >-|

  118. sueli

    *stands in line, waiting, behind LadyN*

  119. Luci

    Hmmm, notice that anon6 has never said they are just friends. That would be such an outrageous intrusion of privicy, wouldn’y it?

  120. BB

    Aha! Scarfy returns!!! *cough* bitch!! *cough*
    Went looks happy, go scarfy you get yrs girl

  121. gypsiee

    Looks like Went’s got himself a new phone. Thats loks like a motorazr, in his right hand. In fact it looks like the D&G Gold version.

    (We use the same phone …. I cant stop smiling)

    ***My cheeks hurt****

  122. bleuciel

    [obsessed fangirl]
    @gypsiee: what phone did he have before? [/obsessed fangirl]

  123. gypsiee

    Blackberry ……. he called it his Crackberry.

  124. anon6

    haha! If you are talking about Amie Bice, yes they’re just friends, she’s in a comitted relationship. that’s all i can say for now. Have a nice day ladies!!

  125. Luci

    Actually I was talking about LMF. Thanks anyway!

  126. Anonymous

    Why anon6?
    Are you intend to tell us more after?
    Thanks…And have a nice day you too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  127. Just me...

    Shitโ€ฆ I forget to write my name!!
    Sorry anon6… this question was from me!!

  128. Luci

    Hmm I wonder if anon6 will answer my question….

  129. Just me...

    Luci…Who is LMF?

  130. anon6

    Luci: if you mean your question (above) about Wentworth and Luke, they were never toguether “like that” in the first place. I hope that answers your question. But what I say is not gonna make any difference, now is it? Have a good night everybody!

  131. Luci

    Make a differance in what way? This site is entertaining and humorous, and I don’t take anything , especially rumors about some actor to seriously. I was curious and bored, so I asked, and you answered. Thanks!

  132. anon6

    I was referring to everyone who thinks he’s gay. Not you especifically. You’re very much welcome by the way!

  133. Just me...

    I know that this topic is not “the gay debate” but….
    Wentworth is absolutely not gay!!!

  134. Luci

    Anon6, So this Darren person that Perez said dated W.M. for along time is just a figment of his immagination? Still curious and bored…..

  135. anon6

    Well, clearly (at least for the people who know Wentworth) it’s a fabricated fact.

  136. Cat's Meow!

    It seems there’s a possibility that you may know Went on a personal basis. You mentioned a few posts back that he’s going through a hard time right now and we should say some nice things about him. Rest assured, that’s all most of us do here!

    Is he going through a rough time because of the writer’s strike and he’s out of work? Is his family o.k.? I surely hope all is well.

    After hearing about Heath Ledger, I can’t help but think about all his fans. I cannot imagine ever losing wonderful Wentworth. If you do indeed know him, please tell him to always be safe because a whole lotta ladies would be completely DEVASTATED if anything ever happened to our angel boy.

    Went is a very special man. We adore him, not because he’s hot, but because he’s a caring, sensative, well-mannered, respectful gentleman with class and integrity. On top of that he’s a very talented actor. We admire him for ALL his great qualities. He’s the whole package, a truly unique person.

    And we love that Went is not the typical Hollywood type going to clubs every night, screwing bimbos and getting arrested for drunk driving. He’s a great guy who has strong beliefs, morals and principles.

    So if you do know him, please let him know how much we care about him! Thanks, sweetie!

  137. Luci

    Oh Cat’s meow, I have a mouth full of cavities just from reading your last post. Gush much??

  138. Cat's Meow!

    LMFAO!!! Well anon6 said to say a few nice things about Went, so I did!! I guess I got a little carried away. Went tends to do that to women! lol

    I can’t help if I love the guy. Can you blame me?!!! lol

  139. Kassie

    @Cat’s Meow: Terrible about Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro… We can be grateful that Went is not into the drug scene. In many ways it’s fortunate that his career did not take off until he was mature enough to handle The Beast. We fans need to be gentle and respectful with the objects of our adoration.

  140. Kassie

    @anon6: Can you give us any hint about the ‘difficult time’ you referred to last week? Personal or professional? Of course we have kind words for him! He’s got a great body of work behind him with many varied roles. He was the best thing about “The Human Stain”, and even though I didn’t see him for many years after that in all the TV guest appearances he did (live outside the U.S.), I never forgot him. BTW, does he read our comments?

  141. bleuciel

    @Kassie: “BTW, does he read our comments?”
    LOL I truly hope not, for his mental health state and ours ๐Ÿ˜†

  142. Just me...

    @Cat’s Meow!
    You have all sayโ€ฆ thank you!!!

    When I heard on line of CNN this tragedy about Heath Ledger. I was complete shock, my heart beat so speed that it hurt me!!
    Even if I find that he was a very talented actor, I am however not one of his fans. I am human and tragedies similar puts to me in this state!!
    The first person of which I thought was Wentworthโ€ฆ
    I thought โ€œOh my God!! If anything ever happened to him,
    I would never go back and be completely devastated !!

    So please Wentworth give us a favour take care of yourself!!!
    And if he doesn’t read our comments… then anon6 if you do know him(what I believe), please let him know it!!

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  143. Anonymous

    Went, honey,you’re killing yourself! Think about your arteries:

  144. anon6

    Don’t worry. I have no idea whether Heath Ledger killed himself or not, but Wentworth would never do something like that. He’s just stressing, nothing major. That’s why I asked for some kind word from his fans because, as you all know, he really cares about them (you). Trust me when I say the last thing he wants is for you to get the wrong idea about him. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. But especially, those comments about him being a diva on set were fake also.

    I really appreciate those kind words and he does too.

    Cat’s Meow: that was one of the loveliest things Ive read, thank you.

    Kassie: Whenever he gets the chance, yes, he does. Which is ot very often, but he does read them when he has some free time on his hands.
    I’m gonna tell him to read the fanfics haha kidding!

  145. 646

    anon6, considering that you know so well Wentworth you can ask hin the difference between “The Hour” and “The Confession” instead of asking to a blog…

  146. WFW

    The Confession is online and The Hour is not?

    The Hour is 14 min and includes some steamy scenes.

    The Confession is…The Confession (It’s been a while since I’ve seen it).

    Anyone else?

  147. 646

    My point was… I doubt anon6 is so close to Went, as he/she says if he/she has to ask to a blog what “the hour” is… I don’ think is funny that people claim to be close to Wentworth and answer other people curiosity about him… just my thought.

    Anyway, I have never saw that steamy scenes and I wonder how much I have to wait to see them on line… please!!!!

  148. bleuciel

    @WFW: yeah, I thought so too. I know “The Confession” is available online at Atomic Films or something like that, but “The Hour”, which includes some additional steamy scenes, is not. The latter is available only at Denver Public Library (or something…) or you may order it from somewhere… I don’t remember exactly. I read it a while back at the Church. The girls there know better ๐Ÿ˜€

  149. WFW

    Oh LMAO 646 that totally went over my head. I must be getting stupider…

    I really don’t know if anon6 knows him or not and it doesn’t really change anything for me. I’ve been known to play along with fake Went’s in the cbox and on the blog so I take it all in stride but then I’m a cynic.

    Bluciel, I was actually in on the purchasing of the DVD when the Church did it way back when so yeah, you can only get it from the Library or buy it from the company. It was never released.

  150. Mink

    I am just about sure that the person posting as anon6 is the same person who has been posting as summerwine at TWoP. I see the same style, tone and hints at ‘insider info’.

    As at TWoP, I really feel this person either needs to give us her (I’m assuming it’s a ‘her’) proper credentials for how she apparently knows all this inside information, or keep it to herself.

    To post that WM is going through a “difficult time right now” without any kind of proper information about why, or any kind of information that can confirm this information is correct, is out of order IMO. For those of us who care about him, this kind of thing is worrying if true, but we have no way of *knowing* if this is true, or just someone trolling and playing with our fan affections.

    I can’t help but question if this poster really does have any kind of real ‘in’ with Wentworth, as she posted a family picture up thread that included his father (something which I can hardly believe he would condone), and then seems to be hinting at the state of his personal, private business/state of mind, again something which I find it difficult to believe he would welcome.

    Gushing, loving comments are posted for him to read at various sites on the web, which I’m sure he’s aware of, on an ongoing basis. He knows where to find them.

    If this person is not the same person posting as ‘summerwine’, the same applies IMO: put up or shut up, but stop playing with fan affections.

  151. 646

    At least that summerwine gave an interesting explanation about the helicopter/plane thing… I don’t know if she was fake but at least she sounded credible and didn’t answer personal questions… this anon6 speaks about acne and “difficult time” and wants also to answers more personal questions… please…

  152. 646

    …and about the picture anon6 linked… thet link comes from imdb, it was posted by a person who saw the old pictures about Went family, the ones that were removed, and recognized his father in this picture (it was posted in a blog by a relative who attended the menphis party).

  153. Mink

    Yes, I’m aware of where the family picture came from. I just can’t believe anyone who was genuinely connected to WM would re-post it elsewhere, thus spreading it around the web.

    As for the “acne” comment (I’m only just now catching up), I have no idea what that’s about. We have photos of Went going back years; we know what his skin’s looked like over the years. It’s been more oily and blemish-prone in the past than the picture of perfection it is now, but I’ve never seen much in the way of what I would term “acne”. *shrugs*

  154. bleuciel

    Speaking of that summerwine, could someone please refresh my memory on what he/she said exactly regarding the helicopter issue? I know he/she (it) caused quite a commotion at TwoP, so I was kind of scanning the posts and not reading them thoroughly ๐Ÿ˜€ – in my opinion, that article was completely fake, so I didn’t really get what summerwine was saying amidst all that babbling. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. 646

    Ok sorry Mink, but my english sucks!
    I agree about the picture issue.
    And about acne I laughed a lot when I read it! It would be the only case in which acne then gives you a perfect skin… well, we know Went is surprising but…

  156. anon6

    Actually those are off-shoots from his Bebe Scent commercial directed by Ash Baron Cohen. Basically, In The Confession you have the flash backs (kissing scene) which you can look up on you tube.
    Now, in the Bebe commercial (also in youtube) you don’t have the flash backs BUT you do have the extra scene (thats a lot more sensual) in the end which i assume that’s the one in The Hour.

  157. Luci

    I don’t think anon6 and summertime are one in the same. There writing style is not similar at all in my opinion. Personally, I take everything I read on the internet with a grain of salt.

  158. out of the loop

    anon6, can you tell us what the difference is between “the hour” and “the confession” – is the plot different or anything? i missed out on that, and want to know if its worth getting the hour on dvd. thanx. ๐Ÿ˜€

  159. alina

    i’m sure this is nothing new to you all but i think this video and the song are kinda cute, check this link ;). apparently it is one of the songs that Wentworth sang with the Tigetones in Princeton + the pics are just … how can i say this… adorable ๐Ÿ˜€

  160. anon6

    Mink: I’ll try to be as concise as posible, I came here asking for some nice comments about him or his work ’cause he was going throught a bit of a hard time dealing with stress. I thought that would be a nice gesture and he would appreciate it. But he’s a lot better now, he’s well rested ๐Ÿ™‚ You are all free to believe me or not. I don’t HAVE TO show any “credencials”, I like to answer some doubts some of his fans might have. As long as i can, I’m always willing to help. However, I would rather keep my mouth shut for good if those are the options I’m given. I came to this blog because i thought it was the least prejudiced. You go to imdb, and they bite your head off over nothing. Same at Just Jared’s.

    Out of the Loop: Hi, I dont think The Hour is available on DVD, However, I do recommend you to watch Bebe Scent: .
    Trust me, you want to see this ๐Ÿ˜‰

    About the differences between “The Confession” and “The hour”, I would say it’s not that big of a difference, the plot is the same, but in The Hour you have some really hot scenes that were edited from The Confession.

    -The reason why you won’t find The Hour, it’s because its NOT an original (official) name like say The Confession (the commercial) or Bebe Scent. It’s just a SIMPLE NAME used by the person who licked The Conf. but with those extra scenes.

  161. bleuciel

    @anon6: thanks for the link, but it doesn’t work. Can you please post another one? ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. Luci

    @anon6 does the man even date? I have a few good male friends who live in L.A., and I know the women are a different breed, they find dating to be very difficult. It’s difficult anywhere, but they think it is trickier there.

  163. Luci

    On a different note, I am completely addicted to peanut M&M’S.

    WFW: Ahahahahahahahhaahahahahaha

  164. random_person

    Mink, you are WRONG! How can summerwine be anon6? Anon 6 clearly does NOT know Went at all. He made very glaring MISTAKES by saying that The Hour is not available on DVD – it is, by purchase. And he also said that the plot is the SAME in Hour and Confession!?!? Hah! The plot in The Hour is quite a bit different from the plot in The Confession!

    All Anon6 is talking about can be found on youtube – if he knows Went, he would’ve seen both films to be able to talk in depth about the differences!

    Anon6 is talking rubbish! Summerwine made more sense, i think she’s the real deal.

    Mink, they both clearly have different styles of writing, and content too, Anon6 is just pretending to know Went. But summerwine clearly knows him well.

  165. Luci

    I had no idea that people were taking this does she know him or not, so seriously.

  166. anon6

    Random_person: No, The Hour is not available online but since you are sure it is, Why don’t you link us to a website where you can purchase that DVD, so everyone can have the oportunity to purchase it too. If it is available it wasn’t supossed to unless like I said someone licked it. Because really, they’re just off-shoots from The Confession and Bebe Scent commercial (Timeless). I repeat, It’s nothing official.

    Now, the plot, if we are talking about the plot, it is the same. A woman (Josie Maran) visiting her husband in prison, but in The Confession, you have, as the title implies, the confession made by the inmate (Wentworth), that one particular scene, but the plot itself is the same.

    bleuciel: Here’s the link

    Since you all keep mentioning Summerwine: I’m not sure who that is but it is NOT me, besides isn’t she a woman? (I’m saying this because you said “she”)

    I hope that can clear some things up, if you have any other dubts or questions please feel free to ask. If I can, I’ll always help.

  167. random_person

    The Hour is NOT off shoots of The Confession at all, or the Bebe Scent, ……….. the hour has a proper narrative. IT IS A PROPER STORY! Anyone who claims to know Went would know THAT! In fact only a fan who has seen youtube and wants to pretend to know Went would think it is an offshoot, when it isn’t!

    Here is the link – if you wanna buy

    So yeah, quit pretending that you know Went and he was stressed, he seemed fine in the pictures. You are a troll, you are fake, you are a liar, and you don’t know Went at all.

  168. anon6

    random_person: why don’t you take a deep breath and count to 10. Im not gonna tell you what to think, think what you want, you dont believe me, fine I don’t trust easily either. I don’t blame you.

    Ive seen that link before but I still sustain what I said before. And i think you’re a little “out of the loop”, Even when they are used for different porpuses and have different outcomes they are STILL OFF-SHOOTS from the original.

    So, why dont you quit your attitude ’cause we’re all grown ups here. Im not a troll, nor a fake nor a liar.

    Ps: I’m not interested in arguing or anything like that, unless o course I feel directly attacked. So, don’t worry random_person, you can be at ease now because From now on, UNLESS I’m asked of course (i have manners so I always try to reply), I won’t be saying anything else about Wentworth, comments like that the one I made about him being stressed, since it seems to upset some people. But I completely understand that.

    -I just thought that you as his fans would like to know that, but now I’ve learned that it’s a double edged sword and I don’t have to deal with accusations like this, but it was foreseen, I was warned, so it’s my own fault. Because If someone would claim that Eva Longoria or any other of my favourite actresses was going through hard times, I would probably bite thier head off!!! Because I don’t trust easily either like i said before, so I know where you are coming from random_person-

    Have a good night everybody.

  169. shortstuff

    harsh words, but i think im with random_person. then again, i could really care less…

  170. Chat's Ghost

    @Anon6: fake or not fake? I have no idea. But thank you for all the info (if you are really someone who does know him).

    My only request—to anyone who does know Went (and is visiting this blog)—please tell The Boy that we do care for him (and it’s not all due to the tingling we feel when we look at him)…..I like the fact that he’s a nice person, a gentleman. That, for all his tough times during the lean years, he managed to come out fine (and that is very difficult, trust me). I am happy when he’s happy, wins lists, is adored, gets his dreams. I thank the The Divine Creator each night for creating him (on the other hand, I rile at times about it, too–he is The Hawtness!) and pray that WM will always feel
    His/Her love, guidance, and protection.
    (awww, shucks! Now I know I belong to the psychiatric ward. ;>)

  171. Chat's Ghost

    …and tell The Boy that perhaps he should try cutting down on his frappucino to once a day. Maybe he should also consider Yoga, Tai-chi, or Tetada Kalimasada.

  172. Chat's Ghost

    A good massage will also be good. Just tell WM to go to a very reputable spa. We don’t want him harassed or accused of sexual harassment.

  173. Otkm

    I don’t know if Anon 6 is genuine but I’m quite sure he’s NOT SUMMERWINE. Sorry, Mink, you are wrong and your conclusion here is far too hasty. The tone and the wording are different and S. kept a distance with us and was not as”fan like” and personal. SUMMERWINE would never disclose personal things.
    I wish also Anon 6 used a proper name to avoid confusing with other anons. I have been the victim of a “friend” on this blog last year who used anonymity to post silly things here on my computer and I wish again that WFW asked us to use a password to be allowed to post. It would be easy and safe.

    But if Anon6 is genuine, welcome to him. But we’ll need PROOF.

  174. Otkm

    …and if you know Went, tell him that his fans are really worried about those high calorie fraps!

    I know he stays slim but all that fat is cholesterol which clogs the arteries. They’re a time bomb when drunk on a daily basis.
    Went, baby, you really need a woman in your life!

  175. lj

    @anon6. Thanks for promising to answer questions. I have one for you. Are you the same anon6 who posted on IMDB recently and claimed that Went’s sisters were both in their 30s and that Leigh looked her age? And didn’t you also state that Leigh was the middle sister?

    I hate to spoil the party but if you are the same anon6 (how many anon6’s can there be?) then perhaps you don’t know as much about Went as you’d like everyone to think. If you actually knew Went you’d know that his sisters are much younger and that Gillian is the middle sister not Leigh. Sorry to be so pedantic but it’s these little clues that give you away as an attention seeking fraud. I guess that’s the reason they bit your head off over on IMDB and why you’ve now moved to WFW.

    anon6. I agree with Mink on this one, it’s not nice to mess with Went fans. And neither is it nice to mention Heath Ledger’s tragic death in connection with Went. No one knows the true story about Heath at this stage. You should have a bit more respect for Heath Ledger’s family, friends and fans before you go talking about things you know nothing about.

    Have a nice day.

  176. Chat's Ghost

    @lj: good point. I think I read once that WM said that Leigh is his youngest sister.

    @otkm: “…needs a woman in his life.” Yeah, to keep his bad calories down and keep his stress manageable, Went really needs a woman to exercise him….’exercise with’, I mean. (darn English is just my second language ;})

  177. bleuciel

    Ok, I just saw that youtube clip posted by anon6, but it’s the same scenes I’ve seen on “The Confession”. I understand that “The Hour” has some “additional” scenes *cough* That’s what I wanted to see. Oh, it’s all so confusing! ๐Ÿ˜ก To hell with these freaking movies! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  178. Otkm

    To whoever saw those “steamy bits”in “The Hour”: can we have an explicit description?

    Please.We need it. Badly.

  179. 646

    Otkm I would like to help you but I haven’t seen it… I just saw this
    and it is enough to have dirty thought!!!

  180. bleuciel

    Thanks 646! *big hug* That sure did brighten my day ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad most of the pics are of her ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Well, it is her fansite, but still ๐Ÿ˜€

  181. Otkm

    Thanks 646, I’m going to have a look right now….

    OMG! His hands on her hips! And she’s a brunette!I’m not sure I’ll survive this!

  182. anon6

    lj: I never disrespected Heath Ledger, nor his family. All said was that I didn’t know if he commited suicide or not. Bacause that’s the truth, i don’t. But that Wentworth would never do something like that. That’s all I said.

    Also, I’m Not on IMDB anymore, I haven’t post there since 2006. And I only think I posted 5 times or less. I’m not that big of a fan of IMDB because nobody has tact there. Let’s just say there were much too passionate for me over there. I doubt everyone’s the same but most of them were.

    From now on I’ll start posting as OCee78 which was my old IMDB id. I’ll do that so we can have no more confusions with the anons.

  183. Chat's Ghost

    @646: Thank you!!!

    You’re right. Seeing those hardworking hands on her hips really made me lose my breath for a while. I will download that pic, print it large on tarp, and put in my bedroom!

  184. bleuciel

    @Chat’s Ghost: you’re crazy! LOL And here I thought I was being wild and crazy on “thinking” whether or not to make that pic my new computer wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜†

  185. lj

    Thanks anon6/OCee78.

    It must be some other poster calling himself anon6 who’s been posting on IMDB. Wow, what a strange coincidence!! Two people called anon6 who post on Went fanboards.

  186. Cat's Meow!


    I want to believe you are sincere about knowing Went. I’m sure you understand that some of us are doubtful because we’ve heard our share of nutjobs on the internet claiming they know him (at least I have) and it turns out they really don’t (for example, that idiot “elKin” at Just Jared). Though you and Summerwine at TWOP do sound quite convincing. So I think you 2 may be the exception. And IMO, I don’t think you and her sound at all alike and I definately believe you’re not the same person.

    Wentworth is a beautiful soul. His female fans adore him because he’s down to earth, unmaterialistic, a regular guy who loves to act, but doesn’t necessarily need the big fancy lifestyle of a “star” to be happy. We love that about him! And love that he’s honest, truthful and kind. I never once believed any of the idiotic rumors that were said about him (diva/gay). I’ll believe Went’s word way before I believe in low-life gossip mongers and clueless, delusional posters on the internet or in gossip rags ANY DAY who get off saying negative things about him. He’s a great guy, and no one will convince me otherwise!

  187. OCee78

    lj: The funny thing is I didn’t even know there was an anon6 on IMDB until now. Haha! yes! actually I got my username from this board..well almost, I was lurking on a thread that had a lot of anon, anonimous, anonimous8 or anon with different numbers so I took their username but with a different number lol. But if you go to just jared’s there’s one anon6 there too, I think, it was on the Amie Bice thread if I’m not mistaken. I posted there too as the original anon6, feel free to look it up ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cat’s Meow: hi!, thanks for the kind words, and that last paragraph, wow, that was beautiful, really, thanks much!!

  188. Cat's Meow!


    Your very welcome!!! BTW, it’s a good thing you changed your screen name because I checked “The Gay Debate” and there was also an “anon6” there as well. Was that you? If not, I guess that name is quite common.

    Is it too personal to ask what Went has been doing lately because we miss him alot. He hasn’t been seen lately, so is he just relaxing at home or busy writing? He must be lost not working and not knowing when he’ll get back to work. I imagine it’s quite frustrating for him.

  189. Mink

    Hey guys.

    Yes, I now think it’s unlikely that ‘summerwine’ and ‘anon6’ are one and the same. I was put on my guard by two people claiming to know Went, and have consequent ‘insider info’, appearing on the web at around the same time. There were also certain things that ‘anon6’ was trying to press which ‘summerwine’ had been as well. (And just as an aside, people really need to be on guard about buying into anyone’s claims to *know Went* without their providing solid evidence, however genuine they may seem.)

    However, the more that ‘anon6’ has posted, the more obvious it’s become that she is a total fraud. Not knowing even the basics about “The Hour” (where it’s available, that it is a totally different plot to “The Confession” – and yes, I’ve seen it) for eg.

    Some investigation has been done into ‘anon6’, and suffice to say she’s not even on the same continent as Went. Unfortunately, people need to be on their guard at all times for people trolling fandoms.

    As for ‘random_person’, apparently I see similarities everywhere, but her shouty style is exactly like that of ‘risababy’ from IMDb. (And if she comes on here SHOUTING that’s she’s NOT her, you’ll know that I’m RIGHT! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  190. OCee78

    Mink: Now Im risababy?ยก? no I’m, not. Is that user a woman because I’m not. I think you’re a little confused if you did indeed see the hour then you’ll know what I’m talking about. But STILL there could be some details about the hour I’m not familiar with. why not? I didn’t see it (I must confess I don’t even watch Prison Break that often) and I certainly was not part of the production team. But I can see where you’re coming from. Those who want to believe, believe, those who don’t, then don’t. I hope I didn’t sound too blunt but It needed to be said.

  191. 646

    OCee78 my thought is that someone close to Went would never speak as you do, knowing how private and descreet he is. Why a friend of Went’s has to come here and speak as you do? I don’t know…

  192. Luci

    I wouldn’t expect a friend of his to know everything concerning projects that he has worked on. Why would he/she? With that being said, it’s best to take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt. Also, If OCee78 begins to call others a frog turd than you will know it is Risababy, that’s her pet name for people who disagree with her. OCee78, would you answer the question that I asked you a day or so ago?

  193. OCee78

    Cat’s Meow: Hi!, I would say a bit of both. The thing is Wentworth is rarely at home. He has always errands to run, paperwork, etc. You know, your daily stuff, the same things you and I do. He does go out to lunch too, sometimes alone sometimes with friends, you just don’t always see that posted online. He’s not a hermit. But on the weekends, well, those are the days he rests from all the weekly crazyness. And yes, you are right on target, he has been working on his own scripts with the help of a writer/s for a while now. But the truth is, it’s a lot of work, very demanding, plus, it took some time before he really decided to begin to expose his writing ideas to others like producers and writers. That was a bit of a big step for him but he is a confident guy so I’m sure that helped him :). But it will probably take some other time to get that proyect to take off completely. There’s still some work left to do. Because it’s not really done yet. Besides there’s the strike factor.
    BUT, I’m sure, as soon as the writers’ strike is over, he’ll be back to work, so will the rest of the cast and actors in general. Let’s just hope it all gets sorted out as soon as posible.

    Ws: Hi, I’m just a friend. Famous by association haha that was funny *not being sarcastic ๐Ÿ™‚ *. Now, seriously, the last thing I want is to become “famous”. I only began posting here because I felt like I needed to clarify some things, I’m sometimes impulsive what can I do? There seem to be some misconceptions about Wentworth, that he’s gay, that he’s a diva. I couldn’t help to feel a bit upset myself. Please don’t believe any of this. He’s not gay nor a diva on set.

    Luci: How are you, If you are talking about the “dating” question; yes, he does, but right now, he doesn’t have the time, but I’m sure he will anytime soon cause he’s a great person. The thing is, he doesn’t date just anyone, when he goes on a date is because he’s really interested in getting to know that person, he takes is quite seriously. He doesn’t date just to date.

    About women being a different breed in Los Angeles: not just the women but the men too, everybody in there seems to have one thing on their mind, being pretty and famous. I’m not saying everyone’s like that, but most of the people there, are. There’s definitely a pattern alright. So I guess it could be difficult to meet someone there who has the same values and priorities as you, unless you are only interested in being pretty/famous too of course ;).

  194. OCee78

    wrong thread, sorry!

  195. Luci

    Thank’s OCee78!

  196. Luci

    @OCee78 I have often wondered what W.M. thinks of Perez. He must have an opinion on the subject since P.H. has gone after Went in such an agressive manner. Has he ever met or spoken to Perez? Why is Perez so hell bent on outing him if he is not gay?

  197. lj

    Stop encouraging him people. He’s a troll.

    OCee78’s IP address shows that he’s posting outside of North America. I think it’s perfectly obvious that the closest he’s ever come to WM is his television screen.

  198. ws

    lj isn’t it possible that Went has friends outside of America who were formerly in America. I know it’s stretching it a bit but hell I’ll play along.

  199. lj

    Oh………….right. So we are playing along? Ok I can do that. Sure. It’s not likely……….but anything’s possible!

  200. Cat's Meow!

    Good question to OCee78 about that asshole PH?

    And another question I’ve always wondered is why the hell does FOX employ that loser, PH? He was a guest host on “MAD TV” a few months back and I constantly see him on the “Mike & Juliet Morning Show”. On his blog, he’s always repeatedly accusing Went of being a liar/gay. Went is the star of PB and bringing that idiotic network (FOX) millions of dollars world-wide, yet they disrespect one of their biggest money-makers by allowing that low-life PH to appear on their morning show numerous times. This in turn gives that scumbag more notoreity/fame/exposure to continue jeopardizing the ratings of Prison Break and Went’s career and reputation. I don’t get it!!!

    Does Went have any say about this? Can he complain to FOX? Does he even care what PH says about him? I noticed even when that loser doesn’t have any new dirt on Went, he’ll bring up the gay/liar shit ocassionally just to keep the rumors going. He posts Went’s photo on his site with “GAY” written across Went’s body. Doesn’t this annoy Went?

  201. Cat's Meow!

    And OCee78, thanks so much for answering my previous questions!!!

  202. Alison

    Oh my god he’s hot!! The jacket really suits him. *lovelovelovelove*

  203. sueli

    It seems thereโ€™s a possibility that you may know Went on a personal basis. You mentioned a few posts back that heโ€™s going through a hard time right now and we should say some nice things about him.

    [bull horn] Wentworth, put the pack of cigarettes down. Step away from the cigarettes.

    RE The Confession v. The Hour

    The Confession: A wife visits her incarcerated husband for a conjugal visit only to have him confess to the [hate?] crime that put behind bars.

    The Hour: A wife visits her husband for a conjugal visit. During the encounter she imagines the possibility of escape.

    Both feature a Bebe dress from quite a few seasons ago worn in a fashion that is equally outdated. I am not sure if the original shoot was for a Bebe commercial, but I don’t remembwer if it was for perfume or clothing.

    RE Who knows Miller, Who “knows” Miller, and “who knows Miller”

    It could go either way. It could be someone who actually knows him either professionally or personally who keeps tabs on boards. It could be someone who is acquainted with him professionally or personally who wants to feel more special and “in the know” with the possibility of being fawned over by the fanbase. It could be someone who keeps tabs on various sites re favorite celebs and offers p.o.v. in a way, intentionally or unintentionally, that is viewed as “in the know.”

    [When I would give my opinion on another actor’s board, there were times when I had to make it very clear that I didn’t know the actor but was only giving speculation on a topic. Some people just read too much into things they read.]

    RE The acne thing

    OMG! An actor had acne when he was a teenager?!?! Pfft. Who didn’t at some degree during puberty? [My skin wasn’t really that bad when I was in junior high/high school, but my primary care doctor happened to have studied dermatology so I was prescribed topical tetracyclene. He also studied cardiology and seemed to be obsessed with heart murmurs. Whatever. I do get complimented on my skin on the daily basis, though.]

    RE Leigh and Gillian

    I remember someone was able to snurch some stories from a high school lit magazine from Miller. In the same magazine was a poem or something from Leigh re Doc Martens. That would put her within 4-5 yrs younger.

    RE working on scripts

    I don’t think [certainly don’t know] if Miller is a member of WGA, but if he is working with other writers, surely he wouldn’t be getting very far now considering the strike. Or is it a “dirty little secret” that some writers will continue working behind closed doors on various projects for when the strike is over?

  204. OCee78

    Cat’s Meow: you’re more than welcome. irst of all…He was on those shows?, guess I need to watch more TV. Well you see, your question is not that easy to answer. You would probably recieve a much concise and precise answer from a Fox Exec. My guess is Fox probably doesn’t see Perez a that much of a threat for their show, you would have to check the rating stats to see IF the rumors have affected Prison Break and on what scale. I think they use him because he’s marketable (outrageous, outspoken, blunt) because let’s face it as much as I or anyone dislike Perez, we have to admit the guy has some sort of charisma, perfect for the Hollywood game.
    And of course, Wentworth doesn’t like this rumors at all, but what’s the point to say, take legal action agaisnt this Perez?, It’s preferable to just ignore him, because all this man wants is attention, and if you show any reation, well, he’ll react even more. And that’s exactly what Wentworth does not want, to make this a bigger deal than it is. Because at the end of the day he and his loved ones know the truth and that’s all it should matter imo.

  205. Cat's Meow!


    Hi guy! Thanks for replying! I totally understand Went’s reasons for not taking legal action against PH, and hope that someday that loser finally gives up. But the sad thing is, some of Went’s fans believe that jerk because he won’t let up. Practically everytime Just Jared posts a new photo of Went, the posters bring up the same old gay debate. It’s unnerving. The same thing was happening here too, but thankfully WFW started a separate thread for the gay debate.

    When the photos of Went and Luke MacFarlane surfaced last August, it was just 2 weeks before Prison Break’s Season 3 Premiere. The ratings showed a huge decline from last season (approx. 2 million viewers). I think those photos had something to do with that. I may be wrong, but hearing the shock and dismay from many fans all over the internet convinced me that was the reason.

    Of course, I never doubted Went’s word and just brushed off the pictures as friends hanging out for the day, but many people thought otherwise because PH set the stage a couple months prior by posting pics of Went and LMF and saying they were a couple. I understand why Went doesn’t feel the need to “feed the beast”, but why is he so hell-bent on “outing” Wentworth, when Went isn’t even gay? Was he misinformed about Went or does he deliberately lie about Went for attention? If he deliberately lies for attention, how the hell can he get away with doing that? Isn’t that defamation of Went’s character? It’s sad that when you google Went’s name, “Wentworth Miller Gay” comes up first. He should be known as “Wentworth Miller, a talented actor, NOT the gay actor.

    I guess it all boils down to either you believe Went or you don’t. I choose to believe Went over an idiotic gossip monger and delusional posters on the internet. But sadly, alot of people/fans were swayed to believe the latter. Sorry for the long post! Thanks so much!

  206. Hello. My name is....

    Cat’s Meow, and OLKM, please quit embarassing yourselves! It is very clear to everyone that Anon6/OCee78 is not telling us anything we don’t already know from Went interviews. I feel embarassed for you the way you are licking up every bit of lie he is feeding you!

    Clearly you are also desperate that he be the real thing, that connects you to Went. Believe me, nobody who really knows Went would come here and answer silly questions.

    And he never even answered your questions about PH – he simply answered them with questions himself! Yet you aren’t able to see this, and thanked him for answering? Well, he didn’t answer hon!

    I really suggest you quit embarassing yourself and give it a rest, you are encouraging a troll. He has not said anything we don’t know from interviews.

    Also, no Went doesn’t swear, so already Anon6/OLKM is wrong. He was also wrong about Gillian and Leigh as pointed out earlier. Leigh is not 4-5 years older, she is right now as we speak only 24.

  207. Luci

    I find this all quite amusing lol. See I laughed.

  208. Luci

    Creepy and amusing.

  209. Cat's Meow!

    @Hello, my name is…….,

    CHILLAX!!! I don’t appreciate you repeatedly saying I’m embarrassing myself, because I’M NOT!! If I choose to believe him, then that’s my perogative! Did you ever think that is why I’m asking him questions, to see if he’s the real McCoy?! Hey, you never know!

    And btw, I’ve heard Went swear at least twice in interviews. Once when they were in Fox River (Joliet Prison)during Season 1. Dom was kidding around and threw something down from the second tier at Went while he was being interviewed below. Went looked up and said to Dom “motherfucker”! Dom replied, “My turn, my turn!” lol (I saw that on YouTube).

    The other time was when Went was being interviewed by E! Channel and said something like “I’m 35 years old and a little long in the tooth to act like some “asshole” going to the bars with a fistful of cash……..” Of course “asshole” was bleeped, but it was obvious he said it.

  210. Cat's Meow!

    I might add that OCee78 has NEVER said a nasty thing about Went, NOT ONCE! He has said only nice things so far, so what’s the harm in him posting here? Lighten up peeps!

  211. Hello. My name is....

    Went never said that motherfucker line. Cat’s meow, you need better ears, and you need to grow up and stop trusting trolls. Yes, I am terribly embarassed for you.

  212. otkm

    @Hello, my name is….

    Here again on this thread, you say I “believe Ocee.”

    Read better: I haven’t paid ANY attention to him except to say that HE WAS NOT SUMMERWINE.

    And I believe Summerwine because (he or she) said things that showed me(s)he was genuine.

    PS: I’m not buying into Occe’s claims. He simply says what we all know.

  213. otkm

    And yes, Cat’s Meow is right about Went swearing. We heard the “motherfucker” and “asshole” incidents. He was relaxed and joking with Dom, “Dom’s style”. Doesn’t mean he talks like this all the time….

    About Went’s jokes? If they are clean in public, they are not with a friend like Dom!
    He revealed (in an October interview)that Went drew dirty drawings and wrote things on his script that embarrassed him (Dom) when he opened his script on a plane.

  214. sueli

    RE “Went never said that motherfucker line. ”

    While he didn’t say it, it was certainly implied. But I suppose you would say that isn’t so despite the fact that he clearly said, “motherfff-” then laughed.

    Whatever. ‘No, Wentworth Miller never said a cockadoodie bad word ever in his whole entire 35+ years on this little green planet.’

    Relax. Sit back. Whatever anyone chooses to believe is their business. Take everything with a grain of salt when online no matter what it is. Some days people will believe one thing, some days another. It’s all speculation anyway unless you know these people personally in real life. [Even then, I’ve had my doubts.]

  215. otkm

    It seems Went is a very adaptable person: when he’s with Dominic, he’s not going to discuss Shakespeare or Sartre.
    Dom is no high-brow, but a straightforward, fun-loving guy and with him Went is able to relax, lose his shyness…and use some very colloquial language!
    Good for him!

  216. Cat's Meow!

    @Hello, my name is……,

    LOL!!! OMG YOU ARE HYSTERICAL! Why are you so upset? You’ve got to calm yourself before you pop a blood vessel in your head! What is the big fucking deal about Went swearing anyway? He’s a grown man, he’s allowed to honey, so chill out! I think YOU are the one embarrassing yourself!

    @otkm & sueli,

    Thanks sistahs for confirming about Went’s swearing! Not that I care what “Hello, my name is…” thinks anyway. Some peeps are way too serious around here. *geez*

  217. bleuciel

    You guys, who is this girl?

    Someone on my local board post it, but she doesn’t seem to have anymore or remember where she got it from. I notice that it’s quite old – from THS premiere. Have you already discussed it and I’m too late to the party? ๐Ÿ˜

  218. bleuciel

    Disregard my previous post, I sorted it out :mrgreen: Sorry about that ๐Ÿ˜€

  219. Cat's Meow!


    I heard she was an old girlfriend of Went’s, but I forgot her name. Am I right?

  220. Kassie

    @bleuciel: Her name is Kelly Feeney (sp) if I remember correctly.

  221. Cat's Meow!


    Yeah, that’s it!!! Was she his girlfriend?

  222. sueli

    [quote]Thanks sistahs for confirming about Wentโ€™s swearing! Not that I care what โ€œHello, my name isโ€ฆโ€ thinks anyway. Some peeps are way too serious around here. *geez*[/quote]

    Hee! Now I’m in the mood for The Big Lebowski…

    The Stranger: There’s just one thing, Dude.

    The Dude: And what’s that?

    The Stranger: Do you have to use so many cuss words?

    The Dude: What the fuck you talking about?

  223. sueli

    Oop. Forgot to add re THS gf/date

    I bet she wakes up every morning with a sigh of relief not to have to go through the incredible b.s. of the immature, hate spewing, more reality/sanity challenged of Miller’s fan base.

  224. Cat's Meow!


    LOL!!! Here’s what Went says on a daily basis:

    “fuck, shit, bitch, bastard, asshole, scumbag, cunt, dickhead, cocksucker!” lol

    I’m kidding, but I’m sure the man says his share of cuss words now and then like the rest of us! He may be an angel, but not the kind that floats on clouds!

    Hell if I was that ex-gf of his, I’d wake up every morning kicking myself for letting him slip through my fingers! She may be relieved that she didn’t experience being ripped apart by fangirls, but I bet she’d be willing to go through that bullshit if only she could be with Went again. He’s well worth it, that’s for damn sure!

  225. sueli

    “… but I bet sheโ€™d be willing to go through that bullshit if only she could be with Went again.”

    Who knows? Amie had another lunch “date,” and the crap she [and her friends?] had to go through for knowing him was pretty intense. I wondered if some of the more coquettish pictures from them were either completely not knowing they were being photographed [though that was questionable for the video] or not anticipating how rabid some fans can get.

  226. Kassie

    Those of us who truly love and respect Went should make a pact here and now that we will NEVER make harassing or unkind comments about any woman (or man) with whom he’s seen. I’ve been guilty of it myself, but mostly in a joking way (all due to jealousy). From here on I promise: if the person is his friend, she/ he has my respect.

    He’s nearly 36, and IMO he’s mature enough to choose for himself. We don’t know him, let alone his friends and/or dates, so we have no right to judge. Constant scrutiny and the aggressive presence of the paps would be enough to crater a budding relationship. That would be very sad.

    We want him to find someone and be happy, right? So maybe we need to give him a little space. Even zoo animals are allowed to mate in private! LOL

    I’d hate to look back 10 years from now and see Went alone because no one could take the crap that his “fans” dished out. As much as I adore him, I don’t think I could take it (as if I’d ever have the chance to try, but still…)

  227. anonymous

    just to weigh in on the “went swearing” issue, i saw that same clip where he turns and says “muthafu…?” why that would shock anyone is beyond me. the man is a grown man.

  228. Hello. My name is....

    Geez, cat’s meow, you need to calm down, i never said he doesn’t swear or that it is a big deal, i said he didn’t swear in that clip. He doesn’t say “motherfffffff” and giggle, he said “what the…..” and giggled. You need to get hearing aids.

    And yes, you going on and on and on about the swearing shows it’s a big deal to YOU! I never said swearing was a big deal, it isn’t, i was just correcting you. Again, i feel embarassed for you!

  229. sueli

    Giggle? No, he didn’t do that. And I don’t need a hearing aid.

    RE the swearing/perceived swearing
    It seems to be a bigger deal for you as you are the one who is harping on it. Who cares?

    “We want him to find someone and be happy, right? So maybe we need to give him a little space. Even zoo animals are allowed to mate in private! LOL”

    If it’s ever happy with the likes of Jessica Alba it’s over. Unless someone can tell me, pretty please I beg you, that I didn’t hear that correctly and he didn’t mention being possibly interested in meeting her at an event during a radio interview.

    I think the main thing re some of the friends he’s been out with is that a few of them are not in the business.

    Mariana K and MacFarlane are both in the business and part of that includes being seen by either media or fans during their careers as they, hopefully, get more work.

    Others, like Amie B, past gfs, family, and those unidentified are not in the business and shouldn’t have to be subjected to the more insane goings on online just because they happen to know and like to hang out with a friend or relative who happens to have some level of celebrity.

    Of course, there is that whole thing with entourages, but so far I don’t think anyone listed here really applies [so far] as they all seem to be fairly grounded and grounding.

  230. otkm

    Thanks for quoting my favourite film! The Dude and his cuss words… and that fucking rug which really tied the room together.
    Fuck! What a great film.

    *off-topic, I know WFW. Won’t do it again. I fucking swear.*

  231. bleuciel

    RE. that pic I posted: I said I figured it out, because I then discovered some more pics from the premiere where he was photographed with other girls, and that particular girl didn’t struck me as his gf. *hmmm* Of course, I may wrong, but something seemed off. IMO, I think she was just someone at the party or/and involved in the production of the film.

  232. Chat's Ghost

    Guys, I have been happy and interested reading the posts. Thank you. Pulled me from the blues. I bet it would be really nice to meet all of you someday. (as if that would happen in our lifetime. Probably when Star Trek universe becomes real.)

  233. otkm

    So sorry to read you’re feeling low, Chat’s!
    You know what I do when I’m low? I go through my whole collection of Went pics or the Wentworth Miller Online Gallery: it won’t solve your problems, but it helps to drool over him…

    Cheer up, friend! Life is good in spite of some unavoidable shit we all get at one time or other!
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxxxxx

  234. bleuciel

    @Chat’s: or you can watch some particular scenes from THS and dance around the house listening to local dead-beat songs. Oh, wait, that’s me ๐Ÿ˜€ But you can do that as well, it’s not a registered trademark, what a hell :mrgreen:

  235. Chat's Ghost

    @otkm: Thanks, sweetie…btw, looking through Went pics and websites to pull us from the blues–this can be an additional description for Went. From what I’ve read from the blogs, Went could make a living as a possible sperm donor, human cloning material, viagra (for both men and women), escort, crack (as in Crackworth Miller), ads model (for high fashion clothes, nerds, geeks, nudity, tooth whitener, boxers, masculine sweetness), and now–anti-depressant. :]

  236. Chat's Ghost

    @blueciel: Thanks, sweetie……ohhh my God! THS?! I luv watching that one (at least his scenes). That’s WM’s best so far. Those eyes, face, smile, butt, small of the back, butt, eyes, nekkid Went(!!!) *pfffft! ghost becomes vapor as Chat…*

  237. bleuciel

    Yeap, it’s true, those scenes are better than the continual brooding and whispering in PB. But, I must confess that sometimes I can’t get past the hair ๐Ÿ˜† It’s freaking hilarious! I know it’s supposed to be the mid 40’s or something, but it’s just too funny ๐Ÿ˜†
    But then again who’s paying attention to the hair-do? *cough* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  238. fuushi

    help! whatยดs “THS”???

  239. Cat's Meow!

    @Chat’s & bleuciel,

    In THS, I love the scene after that blonde beyotch finishes her strip dance, Went slowly stands up and walks over to her saying something sexy with his incredibly deep, smooth, orgasmic voice of his and looking toward her with his amazing, sea-green eyes of his and kisses her asks her to meet his mother. Tell me that is not one of the HOTTEST scenes in the history of the world of entertainment!!! (that one and his nude scene too)!!! lol

  240. Cat's Meow!



  241. otkm

    @Cat’s Meow
    What did you think of the girl’s body in that scene? She had a lovely face but her body was strange, not very nice, ugly boobs , strange pubes…And I found her strip-tease hilarious!
    I wished he could oogle something better…

  242. Cat's Meow!


    Hi sweets! Yep, although she was skinny, she did have a weird body from what I recall. Her boobs were so pointy like missiles! They looked like Madonna’s cone bra!! lol And I cracked up when I saw those big ole bloomers she wore! lol Went even laughed during her dance, remember?!!! lol

  243. bleuciel

    Yeah, that particular strip dance was bizarre to say the least ๐Ÿ™„ Or maybe embarrassing is the word… I don’t think they should’ve gone all naked with her. There was something really off… But I’m optimistic and I’m grateful Nicole didn’t go that far ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyhow, my favorite part is this

    and when he kisses Jacinda in his apartment, after teaching her how to box. I thought they had great chemistry in that scene (better than S2 MiSa *whistling* *ducks flying tomatoes* ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  244. sueli

    I think that awkwardness in that scene was part of it [the story]. It ain’t called seduction for nothin’ and from the intro to their first scene at the library it was something that Coleman had done many times before. I think it was her shy awkwardness that charmed him.

  245. Chat's Ghost

    @Cat’s Meow, etc: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! that striptease-dance! oooooooooooooh! if I were that girl, I’d have wrapped my legs around young Coleman/Went and say, “To h____ with your mother and the director. You’re mine!”

  246. fuushi

    @bleuciel: I totally agree! *melts* This look in his eyes! It gives me the heebie-jeebie!
    Itยดs this mixture of danger and sweetness.

  247. bleuciel

    @sueli: “I think that awkwardness in that scene was part of it [the story]”

    I don’t know about that… I didn’t get that impression from the book, so when I saw it on screen I thought that maybe Jacinda wasn’t that comfortable with complete nudity. But I suppose the screenwriters could have changed that.

  248. otkm

    ” I donโ€™t think they shouldโ€™ve gone all naked with her.”
    Right, Bleuciel! For God’s sake, why show HER naked and not him? The bed scene was half-baked, we couldn’t see his butt very well and the lighting was bad.
    Wonder why the film was a failure???

  249. bleuciel

    LOL otkm, I was thinking all throughout this scene
    “move that fucking camera to the LEFT!!!” LOL

    Can you imagine Went doing a strip dance? ๐Ÿ˜† For some reason, I find that extremely hilarious ๐Ÿ˜† But they could’ve showed some more flesh, ‘s all I’m sayin’ :mrgreen:

  250. bleuciel

    sorry, here’s the pic

  251. fuushi

    *crawls back on her chair*
    blueciel – you made my day
    *faints again*

  252. OTKM

    Yeah, camera to the left, and SPOTLIGHTS, please!

    What happened on that set?

    Shortage of money for props?
    No lightbulbs at Wal-Mart’s round the corner?

  253. bleuciel

    Well, thankfully, WFW managed to get her hands on some lightened pics ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  254. OTKM

    Yes, she did her best, like we all did!
    I, myself, tried to lighten it as much as I could but the result lacks definition because of the stupid filters on the camera…
    Do you realise that we have naked pics of almost everybody in Hollywood, (even some full- frontal shots for some) and practically NOTHING from the most beautiful, peachy derriรจre in Christendom?
    Now in PB we are being deprived of basic chest view!
    I’m ready to sign the petition for Went Flesh.
    Hand it to me.

  255. bleuciel

    Well, it’s not nothing. We have like 3/4 of it ๐Ÿ˜† But not nearly enough ๐Ÿ˜ And it’s sadistic how they’ve been hiding that fucking tattoo for the past two seasons ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  256. OTKM

    Look how they teased us with the shirt change in “Bang and burn” and it wasn’t even him!

    Without the sharp eye and the super-sleuth qualities of some fans, we would never have discovered the truth….

  257. OTKM

    And I want LEGS!

  258. fuushi

    Legs … and fingers … his fingers running down my legs … and up

  259. fuushi

    Thanks OTKM!
    *imagination running wild*

  260. otkm

    Place your naked boobs next to the screen…

    Not bad either, huh?

  261. OCee78

    You are all so funny!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  262. bleuciel

    You girls crack me up! ๐Ÿ˜† LOL But please do not (overly) sexually abuse your computer screens ๐Ÿ˜† The poor things have already seen so much of Went, that they must be sick of him (I know mine probably is ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  263. Kassie

    @OTKM: I know that ‘Went’s hands’ picture…it’s from PB S1, when MS saves Dr. Sara during the riot and helps her down from the ceiling. OMG!!! I loooove that scene!!

    I’m off to play the mandolin…later, girls! LOL

  264. shortstuff


    lol, is it scary that i too could identify the exact scene those beautiful hands appeared in?? *loves riots, drills, and the devil part 2*

  265. Kassie


    Scary, yes. The problem is, we need more Went! We never get enough of him, and he’s probably engineered it that way to keep us thirsting for more. I’m beginning to think that he is a very cruel man…cute but cruel… LOL

    Went, please eat again soon!

  266. bleuciel

    He’s eating every day, but it’s those damn paps that are stalking Bitchney or whoever ๐Ÿ™„ instead of taking some pics of the Pretty ๐Ÿ˜ก

    On a lighter mode, we have another episode of PB on Monday. Yay! Here’s something to make the waiting a little bit sweeter:

  267. Kassie

    @otkm: Americans call their mothers ‘Mommy’…just thought you’d better know this when you call our baby…LOL

  268. fuushi

    That pic is gorgeous! brused, dark shodows under his eyes, nearly crying (?) ….
    It breaks my heart

  269. fuushi

    Does anybody know, where that scar on his upper lip comes from?
    I wonder, if you can feel it when kissing ??

  270. Just me...

    @ fuushi: No I don’t.

    But I remember an interview when somebody ask him this same question. He answered that he doesn’t remember and that he have to ask his mom!

    Wentworth we always await the answer… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  271. bleuciel

    What scar people????? I’ve heard something like this before but I stared and stared at his candids and I couldn’t see a damn thing. So upper lip… Left, right, middle? Could somebody please post a pic with this hide-and-seek scar and a big red sign pointing to it? ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks

    Oh, btw, if he says he doesn’t know where he got it from, he’s lying his ass off. I know where I got every single scar on my body, and let me tell you there are quite a few (I was a naughty child)

  272. Just me...

    Oups, sorry…
    I had not seen that Cat’ S Meow had answered the question!!!

  273. bleuciel

    Jesus, otkm, you’re making me pull out the dictionary and then go online and look for the explanation of the native term ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

  274. fuushi

    @otkm: I donยดt think it is a cleft lip, because these scars are at a very special position: on the right or the left of the upper lip right below the lowest part of the corresponding nostril. Wentยดs scar seems to be right in the middle of the lip. And: thereยดs no further sign like an asymmetric lipline or nose …
    To me, it looks like he might have fallen e.g. of a bike or tree or whatever, onto the chin and mouth region, maybe as a kid, so he canยดt remember !?

  275. bleuciel

    Hey, I went online to check for that microform cleft thing, and I found out that Stacy Keach (warden Pope) from PB was also born with a cleft. Here’s the link:

    Scroll down to “Famous people born with a cleft”

  276. bleuciel

    Seeing different photos of people born with a cleft and again, staring at Went’s upper lip (still, I don’t see anything!), I tend to agree with fuushi.

  277. fuushi

    I just looked it up in my anatomy and embryology-books. A cleft, no matter if it is micro or huge, has to be on the side and not in the middle of the lip, because the upper lip consists of three parts which grow together in the embryo-phase. thereยดs a central (!!) part and to parts which grow towards the central part and mend with it. A cleft is, when the mending together isnยดt completed. My English is too bad to be more precise or give you more details, but I hope everyone got the point/essence.
    Iยดm still positive, that itยดs an injury.

  278. bleuciel

    I think I need new contacts because I see nothing there! Wtf?!

  279. fuushi

    @bleuciel: Use your pic as a e.g. background for your desktop. Then youยดll see it.

  280. bleuciel

    Ok, ok, I think I see something. Is this it?

    Cause I don’t see anything else. And I’m not sure it’s the best pic because he’s wearing make-up on PB…

  281. bleuciel

    So, the scar goes down from the center of the ridge to the red part of his lip, right? *hopefully I’m not delusional*

  282. bleuciel

    Hey, hopefully! ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe this is why he’s been working out lately ๐Ÿ˜‰ And this would better be the reason, cause I don’t think there’s gonna be any tattoo sighting any time soon ๐Ÿ˜ก

  283. fuushi

    somewhere i read, that the cast teased went for using a body double.
    maybe he rips his shirt when fleeing from sona and wants to impress us this time with his body?

  284. bleuciel

    Well, it suits him right for using a body-double. And wanting to keep it hidden ๐Ÿ˜ˆ There’s no escaping from us, Went! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    I don’t want to hear any excuses like he didn’t have the time, disposition, health, whatever, to put on the damn tattoo. It’s his job. Like he said in that “C’est bon?” interview, “Crack the whip, Went!” ๐Ÿ˜€

  285. fuushi

    You are right!!
    (by the way, how do you make this devil smilies?)

  286. bleuciel

    @fuushi – ๐Ÿ˜ˆ -> colon twisted colon (with no spaces in between)

  287. Sammy77

    the scar is in the middle and even when its brushed a lot in mags you can still see its a very thin and subtle scar…so i doubt its hairlip. But his upper lis is i dont know, looks like its been streched up.

    i still think he has the sexiest lips ever and that scar makes him even sexier!!

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