Prison Break: Boxed In

OK so I couldn’t live-blog last night b/c I had a prior engagement and when I did see the ep, I missed about 15 minutes of it in the middle so to pretend that I can speak intelligently on the subject (right this second) would just be retarded.

Some thoughts on the parts I did see:

Went looked hot
Amaury looked hot
Dom looked hot


Bellick kicked ass
Gretchen kicked ass
I am an ass


Thanks for the cap dinamite!


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52 responses to “Prison Break: Boxed In

  1. Fuushi

    Hi! Could pleeease someone tell me, what happened in the ep!! I am dying to know!

  2. shelley

    I’m going to continue to beat the dead horse, but, why in the hell didn’t the shirt COME OFF? I want Went flesh, I want Went flesh…

  3. thomas5

    Went looked delicious….all sweaty and edgy.

    Dom was just projecting thoughts of what hot, dirty, mind-blowing sex is all about.

    Amaury was sexy as always, especially towards the end where he smiled when he told Dom the plan worked.

    Gretchen…hmmm….as cool as she was kicking ass I still couldn’t bring myself to like her.

    Sofia needs to kick some ass soon too. Whistler should be her first victim of that ass kicking.

    Sammy needs to stop playing himself. Ain’t no way he’s going to be leader…of anything.


    Bellick fighting…very surprising. Dirty moves Bellick, but it got the job done.

    T-Bag is growing on me. Like whatever he does now(with the exception of harming Michael)I could justify.

  4. bleuciel

    WFW, don’t sell yourself short! You’re not an ass 😉 – if it weren’t for you who would make us laugh and keep us up to date with all the new Went goodies?

    ontopic: still waiting for e9 to download. Come on already!

  5. OTKM

    Best summary of PB3, ever! But too bad there’s more kickass than sex…

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you Thomas5.


    Girl with dialup

  7. For me, the most touching scene was when Sucre brought water to his papi Michael…*tears*…they are so cute together, it’s insane! And yes, everybody looked hot but nobody like my man Wentworth, he can take them all! So freakin’ hot, it’s wrong…

  8. artgirl

    If the box Went was in was so hot, then why didn’t Went take off his shirt! It makes no sense.

  9. bleuciel

    @artgirl: he was protecting his skin from the direct sun light? I don’t know, I’m just saying… The question doesn’t have a logical answer.

    Yeah, about the episode, it was kinda boring, but Went looked smoking hawt. Wow! I’m glad the editing people or whoever change the lightening or filters or whatever, because Went’s eyes and skin just glowed in this eppie. I know that that isn’t his real eye-color, but who cares? Don’t you just wanna lick him? 😀

  10. Krissie

    Word, artgirl. My thoughts exactly.
    And another thing: there’s no way everything will resolve in a believable and logical way in 4 episodes. Raise your hand if you think the end will suck monkey’s balls! *raises hand*

  11. bleuciel

    @Krissie: maybe we will have a 4th season? *torn apart between wanting to see more of Went and ending the show in a half-decent manner*. I suppose we’ll just have to see ep 13 to see and judge for ourselves.

  12. Notthedoctor

    raises hand…
    raises other hand…
    raises both feet too

    also could someone get Bill Fichtner out of this masquerade… it just hurts my eyes watching him waste his talent like that… GIVE.THE.MAN.A.STORYLINE.

  13. Cat's Meow!

    Wild for an angry, sweaty, non-whispery voiced Scoffy! Can’t wait til he kicks Psycho Susan’s ass! Linc looked smokin hot! Loved his heartwarming reunion with L.J. Laughed at T-Bag’s line, “Let’s see if Pretty has a tattoo to get outta this one” and impressed by Bellick’s dirty fighting! Prison Break ROX!!!

  14. Wentalicious

    Yay! I can finally dissect the episode! Sorry if I sound fanatical, but this episode revived my love of the show (cough, cough), since I’ve found season 3 to suck royaly up until now.

    1. Ok, one of the things I noticed was how they (the writers) gave themselves a sly little ‘out’ if you will with the whole Sara being dead drama. Notice LJ said to Linc that Susan was crazy and that she cut Sara’s head off, BUT he didn’t see it because he closed his eyes and that he just *heard* it! That line stuck out like a sore thumb, why would they make a point of stressing that the kid didn’t see it?

    2. How EFFING HOT was it when Went said to Susan, “I’m coming for you”????? Sexy non?! If I had tivo I’d be rewinding and playing that shit all night long!

    3. Did Michael really just break down and give up and tell them everything? Or was that part of his plan to find out how much Whistler knew? I found it odd that he just gave up like that.

    4. I agree 100% with Notthedoctor… Mahone’s storyline is like watching grass grow (did I really just use that old-ass cliche? Yes, I think I did). Bill Fitchner is the shit, the shit!, and they are indeed wasting his talents.

    5. Random thought: I miss Kellerman. Lol.

    Ok, I’m going to stop there before I write a novel 🙂

  15. Am I the only one that was waiting for Michael to just steal Gretchen in the face towards the end there? Don’t get me wrong, I love the girl…she’s a FANTASTIC character. Hell, she killed Dr. Sara… what’s not to like?! But seriously, I would love to see her and Michael get into an all-out physical brawl before the series is over

    …and then have angry-sex afterwards.

  16. LadyN

    Sweaty Went…. *shivers*
    Yelling Went…. *shudders*
    “I’m coming for you.” *pleads on hands and knees*

    aaaaand….*raises hand*

  17. sahra

    oh oh *clapping hands jumping for joy* its starts here monday night i can’t wait!! hehehe…..giggle shhhh don’t tell me don’t tell me episode one season 3 weeeee hooooo….. yep we are a bit backward down here, a bit behind the rest of the world, with the whole season 3 thing……but hey at least we are nuclear free!!

  18. OTKM

    You’re right about the blue filters on the camera. So much is invested on Went’s sexiness! He, himself is guilty of a little trick when filmed: he pouts. (Not stupid Posh Spice’s style, of course!) But he alignes upper jaw and lower jaws teeth, to make his mouth more kissable. Consequence, when he talks, he has to distort slightly the lower jaw.
    It’s cute, thought!

  19. bleuciel

    @OTKM: really? So he does do it on purpose… Sneaky bastard ;). Of course, I don’t mind that at all 😀

  20. OTKM

    @Bleuciel: Yes, it makes his mouth irresistible!
    But he regularly forgets to do it as “Himself” in interviews….

  21. Juma

    *raising hand*
    They’re going to fuck up the show by rushing the end.

    Man! Does Went look hot in this pic! I love his badass look

  22. su

    When Mikey said to Gretchen “I’m coming for you” I was like YEAH!!!

    Look, I don’t care if bitch hatched off Sarah’s head with a machete or whatever, if she rides Mike like he’s her own personal merry go round – I’M DOWN WITH THAT!

    Lol, and that General dude saying to Suzie B. that “You’ve proved one thing – this wasn’t your first time” HAHA HA!!! Translation: girlfriend is a slut! (at least that was the trasnlation in my head)

    There was also some nice Dom and that other girl….Whistler’s dumbass girl (Sally right?), chemistry – they’ll be fucking soon. We can only hope.


    Now let’s hope they actually deliver.


  23. WFW

    I liked that part with Susan too, lol. I couldn’t stop cackling. I actually like JLO; It surprises me. At least the villain is now badass. I wasn’t afraid of Kim at all.

  24. su

    Kim was a pussy, one of T-Bag’s bitches could’ve smacked him around – and I’m not feeling JLO at all!

  25. miz brisvegas

    IMO, it was a rather ho-hum ep, but cause the Went drought’s particularly bad, I’m taking whatever I can get.

    Fave part was when Michael was telling Sucre to just leave. Those two are sooooo cute!!!

    Quick question: Is Robert Knepper three months along or what??? I don’t remember him sporting a belly in the last two seasons.

  26. anon lower case

    “I don’t remember him sporting a belly in the last two seasons.”

    I’m shallow; I thought the same thing. He didn’t have one in the shower scene in season 1, did he? Or was that only a medium close-up and you couldn’t see the belly?

    But hey, better him with a few pounds more than Went, back in season 2.

  27. Bel

    *raises hands* The end WILL suck.

    And kill me now, because I didn’t feel a thing when I saw Went after so long. The only emotions that ep evoked were anger and hatred for Whistler, a ‘hell yeah! for Bellick, and an amused/evil smirk for T-Bag. Without T-Bag I’d stop watching.

  28. fuushi

    well, i agree. there´s a saying in Europe (maybe everywhere..): stop when it´s at its best.
    sometimes i even think, that season 3 will hurt went´s career, because it keeps him from filming good stuff.
    nevertheless: i keep watching pb, just for the little but delicious moments like the pic above.

  29. Jedi

    @ Wentalicious – I miss Kellerman too! I hope they’re clever enough to end the show on a good note, but, i’m leaning towards the fact they will probably rush through it – that will suck ass. On a more positive note, how fucking HOT is Went looking?

  30. shortstuff

    @ Wentalicious
    “5. random thought: i miss kellerman. lol”

    my friend is convinced that he is making a comeback next ep:

  31. bleuciel

    shit shortstuff I clicked that damn link! 😡 And I was spoiler-free… Until now that is… Damn it! Anyway, that would be so cool if Kellerman made a comeback 🙂 Finally, someone interesting on the show.

  32. otkm

    How do you know this back is Kellerman’s?????
    I don’t get it?

  33. Cat's Meow!

    Are you KelleyMary with a new screen name?

    Thanks for the info about “Summerwine”. She sounds like she knows Went very well. Whether it’s on a personal or professional manner, I believe her!

    If Paul Adelstein (Kellerman) comes back it would be very briefly because his new show is a hit. He may come back just to end his storyline. That looks like him from the back, but it could be anyone. God, I hope it is! But we’ll see!

  34. otkm

    @ Yes, Cat’s, I’m my old self! But since WFW read us the riot act with orders to stay “on topic”, I’m On Topic KelleyMary.=otkm. And believe me, it’s difficult. Old habits die hard…

    Yes, Summerwine said certain things that proved (IMHO) that this person IS genuine. This is not the place to discuss this, but she (or he) is friend or family.

  35. Cat's Meow!

    LMFAO!!!! Hi KelleyMary!!! I was wondering where you’ve been and all this time I’m talking with you!!! lol

    I know what you mean, old habits die hard. We’ll try to be good and stay on track, WFW! lol

  36. otkm

    Don’t tell anyone, but my name “change” is like a new virginity……
    I’m as white as driven snow!!

    By the way, is Kassie still around?
    I hope so.

  37. Cat's Meow!

    LMFAO!!! O.K. girlfriend, I won’t tell anyone!! Shhhhhhh, mums the word!! My lips are sealed!! lol

    Let’s sing, “Like a virgin, touched for the very first time, like a virrrrrrr-gin, when Wenty’s heart beats next to mine”! Hmmmm, I wonder if Went likes virgins or prefers experienced women??!!! I hope the latter, because I haven’t been a virgin for many, many years now!!! lol

    I haven’t seen Kassie around lately. Do you think she’s Chat’s Ghost?!!

  38. Just me...

    Haha…Cat’s Meow!!
    I like your new version of “Like a virgin” but sorry you can’t sing it any more… 😀

    And I hope the first…that he likes virgins!!
    Because I am… 😀

  39. otkm

    Well then, Just Me, a lil’ limerick for you:

    “A virgin with eyes that were blue,
    Was told that it’s sinful to screw.
    So she rubbed on her clit,
    But swore that she’d quit,
    At least in the next year or two.”

    Are you eyes blue?

  40. Just me...

    @ otkm…
    No they not!!
    They are brown 😉

  41. Kassie

    @otkm & cat’s meow:

    Still alive…lurking…working the 12 steps on my Wentaholism. LOL

    Boxed In: PBS3 still not playing in Thailand, so can’t comment except to say **SHOUTING** “Bring back Dr. Sara, you clowns (writers), and save PB from dying a slow, painful death! ”

    *Running swiftly away as bullets fly.*

    (Will never understand how some people didn’t “get” MiSa…)

  42. shortstuff

    @bluciel 7:09
    its not really a spoiler… its just a screencap from the promo for next weeks ep

    @otkm 8:12
    i DONT know that this back is kellerman.. i was merely stating that my friend pointed this out and is convinced that its kellerman’s…

    @Cat’s Meow 8:45
    it does look like him because of the beard, but it really could be anyone… we’ll find out on monday i guess!

  43. shortstuff

    @kassie: (Will never understand how some people didn’t “get” MiSa…)

    i know, right?!

  44. bleuciel

    @shortstuff 1.34 am: I know, I was just teasing you! 😀 I normally don’t click any kind of links containing or not spoilers from the next eppies. I guess I don’t want to ruin the small joy and surprise there’s left in the show…

  45. Cat's Meow!

    Welcome back, sweetie! You’d better believe I “got” MiSa! That’s how I fell in love with Scoffy/Wenty! And the way he said her name “Sara”, I’ll bet millions of women wished they had that name! Oooooh what that man does to me!!!

  46. shortstuff

    ah, ic. its cool then 🙂

  47. Kassie


    Yeah…I love the way he says, “Sara”. How does “Amie” sound, I wonder????

  48. Fuushi

    @WFW: Will there be a live blog of the next episode??

  49. Chat's Ghost

    @Cat’s Meow: Nope. Kassie, if I got the old posts correctly, is in her 20s and slender. Me, I’m 43 and weight-challenged.

    I used to be ‘ChatJemena’ until Kelly Mary (now OTKM) decided to show me the difference between “grower” and “shower”. (It was under the topic where W4W gave us the riot act for going off-topic.). otkm’s video was very educational and inspiring. So, naturally, I “died smiling”. I have now resurrected as Chat’s Ghost.

  50. anonymus

    hey, i´ve got a little question: has went a girlfriend at the moment? news say “yes”, news say “no” – please, let me know

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