What do you do when you’re not working?

You lunch. A man’s gotta eat.

Holy shit Went! You’re leaving the house! *tearing up* I’m so happy…

And there’s even an ass shot. I can never say it enough; That hip lean is one of the sexiest things ever. Never stop Went, never stop…

For more, go see Jared.


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  1. angie

    did u know that he was the most searched actor this year
    first comment i cant believe it!!!!!!!!!

  2. bleuciel

    On staring, I mean looking closely I notice that the man has at least 3 layers of clothes on him. Is it really that chilly this time of year in LA? Cause it’s 0 degrees here (Celsius) and I’m still wearing only a blouse and my jacket. Don’t ask me how I managed to see it in all that blandness ๐Ÿ™„

    I do love the snickers and of course, the aviators ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Just me...

    Oh my God!!
    He’ so beautiful… and sexy ass shot (thanks to the photographer) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Wentworth if you need some of good company…I’m here in your totally disposition!!

    Yeah congratulation!!
    That doesn’t astonish me!!
    Seriously which is more interesting than Mr. Wentworth Miller?

  4. Just me...

    Wentworth…My darling…
    By seeing you on these photographs theres one thing I want to make too you (after claps you in my armes of course)!!!
    It is too put your hood put the hood of your waistcoat to the place?

    Another thing how that this make that the city seems so deserted?!

  5. OTKM

    Did you notice his hair is getting sparse on top of his head?

  6. Otkm

    And he’s got a tiny greasy spot on his right buttock..
    Awww, he wiped his finger on it..

  7. What an ass…that’s all I got…

  8. Jade

    Nice.. Hot.. Ass..
    *searches frantically for her x-ray vision goggles*

  9. Anonymous

    He had greasy KOO KOO ROO chicken.

  10. otkm

    How can you drink frappuccinos with whipped cream everyday, eat fried stuff and have a tiny firm ass like his???

  11. bleuciel

    @otkm: it’s his goddam genes! So not fair for the rest of the world, but so fair for us :D. And you forgot to mention he’s 35, not 21. So theoretically he shouldn’t be able to get away with it… But he does. Lucky bastard ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. sona chic

    oh my god, OTKM!
    His hair IS getting sparse on the top of his head.

  13. sona chic

    Who am I kidding? Hair or no hair, I still love him.

  14. shelley

    Apparently I stare at Went’s ass when I’m not working. I’d love to run my fingers through his porcupine like hair.

  15. 646

    What do they have in common?

    Maybe a lot…

  16. Chaya

    Thank you for posting so often again, WFW! You made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. WFW

    I do my best ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If Went is going through a rough time right now, all he has to do is come to Baltimore; I’ll fix him right up…

  18. Aylla

    WFW, you’re not the only one who’d like to cheer Wenty up……. even if he does have a bold spot at the top of his head.
    Good to see you back on the net, WFW.

  19. Juma

    Ahahaha@ WFW!
    I’ll bet you would WFW…

    Tonight I’ll be dreaming with that sexy ass of him, I just wanna bite it!

  20. Aylla

    I obviously meant ‘bald spot’, not bold… although ‘bold’ is definitely one word to use talking about WM

  21. niknak

    I can think of a few things that man should be eating for lunch. I’m one of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. WOW… I would like to touch his B-side :mrgreen:

    @646: LoL ๐Ÿ˜€ the only difference between those two is that the second is in my country and the first not.

  23. NewOne

    Hi everyone, I am a NewOne.

    By this I mean not just a new on this forum, but actually this whole fan issue is a new experience for me, because Iโ€™ve never been much of a fan of Celebrities.

    In less than ten days I watched both seasons of PB. So, itโ€™s pretty clear than why I spent some time looking through the fan sites. It started out of pure curiosity to find out WHO is this GUY? He just imprisoned me.

    I found this whole experience to be fairly entertaining. Itโ€™s more than amazing how much time, energy, fun and creativity you put into the development of WM virtual world. WM yahoo.groups (classic), holland myspace (serious), church (original with bizarre name), wetforworth (feminine creativity) etcโ€ฆIf not already, Wentworth Miller should be fan of his fans!

    I am curious, how do you handle not knowing if he is ever on the other side of the screen. Maybe he is member of this church, who knows? (Itโ€™s not me).

    Letโ€™s have a faith in his non-artificial, non-untouchable, non-classical Hollywood star, so he might become one day!

    Give us more of you Went!!!Real you!!!

  24. NewOne

    This comment I left before couple of months on Church’s site. That was the only one. I stoped. I prefer WFW. Thank you girl for every-wenthing. Keep going.

  25. super_girl

    Those new pics are the best.Thank God no scarfalotta on them.I like his shoes not a brown one and his outfit(I don’t care what people say about his outfit).And this is that first time in my life that I say that some guy has great ass.

  26. miz brisvegas

    Holy mother-freaking-Gods!!!

    Nice! Nice! Nice!

    Turn that frown upside down, Went. The latest episode of Prison Break wasn’t all that bad.

    Obviously the writers are yet to get my memo re. more screen time of you with your shirt off.

  27. Cat's Meow!

    Thanks WFW for more pics of Went so soon after the last ones!!! He’s my “Sweet Escape”!!!

    What a cute little hiney Went has! I’d want so much to nibble on it!!! lol

    Love him in the aviators! He’s back wearing the baggy beigh pants too! This is his casual, hanging out look. I guess he got a little dressed up on his lunch date with Aime the other day. Notice he hasn’t been wearing any headgear lately?!!! What’s that all about? I guess he doesn’t mind getting recognized that much anymore. And who cares if Went is losing his hair. Hell, I’ll take him bald ANY DAY. I already love him with a sexy shaved head any way, so a little less hair won’t bother me none. I’d take Wenty any which way I can get him……… with hair, without hair, fat, thin, flat footed, hairy earlobes, even zits on his ass!!!! lol

    BTW, I don’t see Went as looking especially sad. Just because he doesn’t smile into the camera each and every time he’s photographed, doesn’t mean the man is feeling down. He’s just going about his business like everybody else, that’s all.

  28. Wentalicious

    Why is he having a “rough time” right now? Did I miss something?

  29. anon lower case

    Somebody over at the church said the bald spot has been there since Joan of Arcadia and not changed since then. I tried to check, but the quality of the episode on youtube is too bad. Has his dad gone bald?

  30. Just me...

    Why are you so in trouble about his “bald spot”?
    And who really cares about it?!!

    No matter what happen to him…He will remain the most INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL and EXCEPTIONAL man!!

    It’s very sad how I’m completely in love with him!!

  31. anon lower case

    Some women just like full hair (or the ability to grow it). Take that away, and the physical attraction they feel drops too, particularly when talking about a mere crush. What’s the big deal?

  32. He always gets one thing wrong with the outfit…Ironed pants and a sweater with the hoodie inside out. lmao.

    I sooo do that by mistake all the time too. lol
    See, Went? We’re meant for each other like pb and chocolate! Mmmm.

    So cute I can pinch his cheeks!


  33. Darci

    Hey, What is the book in his hand?

  34. Darci

    Is it a magazine?

  35. Just me...

    Yes “The New Yorker “!

  36. sahra

    you know a bald spot is just another name for a solar powered love machine!!!

  37. sueli

    So cute I can pinch his cheeks!”

    Yeah, I don’t think any of us need to ask for clarification on that one, eh? I suppose it’s either that or deciding between bouncing quarters or stuffing $20 bills…

  38. otkm

    Yes, it’s “The New Yorker” and he was reading an article on Obama. I read it online and it said that his voters are “Starbucks liberals”. Well “liberal” I don’t know, but “Starbucks”, Went relates to this!

    @NewOne: is there really a”wetforworth” site?
    WFW should sue!

  39. Fuushi

    Thanks, WFW, for making my day!
    The ass shot is the best pic I’ve seen in ages, because itยดs not a photoshop-lying-pic of Went. Itยดs him. Just him. And georgious. And …. *sigh*

  40. otkm

    Surfing the web I found this:

    “I knew Wentworth back in the day… when he was working at the now-closed BOOKSTAR at the Beverly Connection… he was always polite and well-spoken. And yes, good looking. I hope he is happy even though he is living under the microscope. Best of luck Wentworth!”

    Posted on September 25, 2007 08:17 AM in a Socialite’s life.

    Under the microscope? Went ?

  41. Chat's Ghost

    @646: I prefer Went’s body to David’s. Not because he is my obsession right now, but because his physique pleases me.

    What a fine ass…I do like my men to have assess I can imagine myself holding on to. (My former crush, Christian Bale, also has a fine ass.) Work that ass, Went.

    To that photographer–thank you so much for giving us one of our dream shots. Now, for a Went is Speedo…

  42. otkm

    @Hi, Chat’s Ghost! Godd to see you back..

    His ass is a provocation, don’t you think? I had to sweat in the gym to lose the two kilos (four pounds?) I gained at Christmas and HE said he watches DVDs in BED all weekend(proof he doesn’t do much else in the sack!)
    Yet IT is visually as firm as two unripe peaches….

    *humming The Joker:”You’re the cutest thing
    That I ever did see
    I really love your peaches
    Want to shake your tree…*

  43. Chat's Ghost

    I don’t mind him going bald. I’d still want to frequently kiss and caress that head (the one on top of his shoulders, I mean ;>).

  44. otkm

    @ Chat’s: Ok, I’ll have the other one!

  45. Chat's Ghost

    @OTKM: Good day to you, too….Ooooh, shaking that tree and seeing the peaches juggle —-ooooooooh, the picture that one creates! *hisssssssssssssssssmack!* Good thing I’m a ghost already or I’ll be going ‘game over’ again.

  46. Chat's Ghost

    @otkm: sorry, I’m possessive.

    Went, I think that hip lean is spreading the luv around. *shivers delightedly* Pipol, if the UN blows up that pic to skyscraper high and plants it in troubled areas, do you think there’ll be some world peace?

  47. SavMed

    damn! I’d love to see the back seat…

  48. otkm

    It’s the way these mounds of delight are placed: high above the thigh (African ancestry) that makes my head go funny…. And the seam of his trousers, like a fine decorative line almost painted over the fabric and separating two hemispheres of perfect roundness…
    Thank you, Unknown Pap, for giving us this shot!!

  49. Chaya

    uuh Aylla?

    Bold means ugly right? I guess thats DEFINITLY NOT a word u use when u talk about Went!

  50. Aylla

    No, Chaya. ‘Bold’ as brave, not fearing danger
    or strong in colour or shape, noticeable to the eye. Whichever you choose, I think they both apply.

  51. Chaya

    oh ok lol I couldnt believe someone would call Went ugly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Aylla

    I’d be the last person on Earth to do such thing!!!!!!!

  53. bleuciel

    “Itโ€™s the way these mounds of delight are placed: high above the thigh (African ancestry) that makes my head go funnyโ€ฆ. And the seam of his trousers, like a fine decorative line almost painted over the fabric and separating two hemispheres of perfect roundnessโ€ฆ”

    LOL otkm. You’re making me look (even) closer *is that even possible?* Apparently so, since there are other butt-obsessed, I mean butt-fans in the world ๐Ÿ˜€

  54. artgirl

    @otkm: How did you get any work done having Went around?

    On a different note I went Tailand with my family, and there was a “I Wenty twenty first century” shirt.
    I tried the shirt on but it didn’t fit. Everyone there is tiny; I wear a small in the US, and there was nothing bigger than a medium in the Wenty shirt.

  55. bananne

    Oh my, oh my, have I ever seen such a perfect, innocent looking, and yet increadibly hot backside? This picture really caught a moment…

  56. otkm

    “How did you get any work done having Went around?”
    My working day is made of about 20 or 30 Went breaks (good thing I’m still a student, no boss!), I’ve got two posters over my desk and the most recent pic graces my screen. That’s how I survive. But you probably have a similar story to tell ?

    My screensaver: This delicious butt, enlarged !
    *life is hard*

  57. fuushi

    Hi! My boss (=my Mum -> big mistake) keeps walking by my laptop “accidentally” every four or five minutes, because she found out, that I am totally distracted by something. So far, I managed to “hide” Wentยดs ass-shot, because she wouldnยดt understand. Which also means: no ass-shot as a screen saver *sniff*.

  58. otkm

    @ Bleuciel
    Not just “butt-obsessed”! Any part of him would have the same results.
    But why, oh why, is he always covered? I understand they can’t show the tattoo, but what about naked LEGS ?
    Other prisoners in Sona are wearing shorts, for God’s sake!

  59. bleuciel

    @otkm: thick long-sleeved shirt and shorts? *raises eyebrow* Wouldn’t that be weird? At least now his clothes are (sort of) well-matched. That awful shirt and shorts would be too much of a fashion crisis, even for Went ๐Ÿ˜€
    Of course, I would love to see him just in shorts ๐Ÿ˜€ But that’s a long shot because of Went’s unwillingness/lack of time/allergies/whatever ๐Ÿ™„

  60. Cat's Meow!

    I don’t think Miller Man is going bald. It just looks that way because of his closely shaved haircut, coupled with the sun reflecting off that perfect dome it appears that he has shiney bare spots when he really doesn’t!

    I love when he grows his hair out a bit and all little gray hairs appear! Mmmmmm, that man is one hot human!!!!

  61. otkm

    Love his hair a bit longer, too!
    Remember the video “Went speaks French”?
    How adorable and young he looked? He had a little hair, and it suited him better.

  62. Cat's Meow!

    YES, KelleyMary, I agree!!! I love Went at Cannes when his hair was grown out a bit. He looked so adorable that way, and it brings out his incredible eyes too! Didn’t he look soooo delicious when he was speaking French?!!! And I think he did a pretty good job at it too! Is there anything this man can’t do?!!! NO, because he’s good at everything he does! And that includes his performances in bed too (at least in my fantasies and dreams he is!!!) lol

  63. Chaya

    good idea OTKM


    This is like Facebook, but it’s called Hyves in The Netherlands


  64. bleuciel

    What amazes me about the Cannes appearance is that although he had (more than) just a few greys he still managed to look so young. Mid to late 20’s ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I haven’t seen anything like that. Just like he does in the pics above

  65. artgirl


    “My working day is made of about 20 or 30 Went breaks”

    I work as a freelance artist, and I have my autographed pic of him above my desk for inspiration.

  66. bleuciel

    @artgirl: you lucky girl! :p

  67. MissMonkeysMommy

    I LOVE this site…I found it last night and I’ve somehow created a new addiction. He is one HOT human being…his smartness adds to his sexiness ten folds!

  68. MrsMiller

    DAMN!!!! I go away for a couple of days and the boy steps out without me!!!!!!!
    I’m glad he’s finally showing off what I got him for Xmas – a steam iron….

    Ps where did all you new people come from??

  69. Anastasia

    Hi,I’ve just discovered your site,it’s great!!!
    I’m from greece and there aren’t any sites about Went,so I started searching elsewere.

  70. bleuciel

    Hi Anastasia!
    A little bit offtopic ๐Ÿ˜€ : where are you with the show in Greece? I’m just curious… Because except for France and Holland, the rest of Europe is very well behind. I think…

  71. BB

    Ooooh butt shot…is it my b’day cause it sure feels like it!!!

  72. super_girl

    I come from Serbia.

    @bleuciel: in my country 11th episode of season 1 will be aired on Sunday night.:(But I have watched season 1 and season 2 and 5 episodes of season 3.:)

  73. gypsiee

    GBS!!!! ……… Merry Christmas Ladies

  74. hot4went01

    My mom would call Went ugly. “rolls eyes” I call Mom crazy! Wentworth is hot!!

  75. Cat's Meow!

    Here’s a poem of:

    “What Went Does When He’s Not Working!”

    In the morning you head out to the neighborhood gym,

    And dive in the pool to take a long, sexy swim!

    On the streets of L.A., you check out the ladies,

    While driving your “baby”, an ’82 Mercedes!

    You stop at Starbucks to get a peppermint frap,

    And drink it on your way home to take your afternoon nap.

    You like to watch some DVD’s when you wake up,

    While eating some Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups!

    For dinner you’ll go out to grab a bite,

    But afterward you’ll go home and stay in for the night.

    ‘Cause you’re not too fond of the clubs and the bars,

    You’d rather play Scrabble than to party with the Stars!

    Before you go to bed you take a long, hot shower,

    Then crawl between cool sheets that smell like a flower.

    You drift off to sleep like the angel that you are,

    And dream of all your fangirls that love you from afar!


  76. super_girl

    Great poem.I really like it.

  77. Kassie

    Love the poem, Cat’s!!! Here’s my snippet:

    You pose for a butt shot to make the girls squee
    Wenty how about havin’ some lunch with me??

  78. Rose

    FUCK so sexy in that Hoodie!

    He is bringing sexy back!

    So so hot!

    *I walk up behind him, lick his neck and bite his ear (I so want to do that) The top then the lobe. Whilst my hands wander under his shirt!
    Then I push him onto the car seat and rip his clothes off………..*

  79. bleuciel

    Great poem Cat’s Meow! And so truthful, it seems ๐Ÿ˜‰

  80. Chaya

    hot4went01, my mom does too! Unbelievable! I think we might be adopted lol

  81. MiSa

    awww..dont be mean about his hair….i luv it..when he has it..sooo ummm nearly not there LOL…..i think its just the way the prison break ppl make him have his hair cut that short for the ‘Scofield’ look…..coz lets face it..long hair scofield just isnt as mysterious and unbarably sexy!…..plus the sun makes it seem like there’s a shine..but we must remember wents no spring chicken…soooo….dont hold things like that against him……
    O and the butt shot…awww…wow!!!!!!!!!!….

  82. anon6

    -sings- I’m bringing sexy back,(…)oh I’m sorry where was I?
    oh yes!
    wow that was a lovely poem! and a funny one too! thanks.

  83. super_girl

    @ MiSa:
    you should watch Went in Mariah’s videos (“It’s Like That” and “We Belong Together”), he had the same hair style as in PB.So he probablly like it.(And I like it too.)

  84. Cat's Meow!

    Thanks Ladies!!! Glad you liked Went’s poem. I have another one coming up soon! That luscious man inspires me!!!

  85. Chaya

    No new post after a Prison Break episode? WFW are u ok? Or are u just busy?

    Take care x

  86. otkm

    On his Wikipedia page there is this:
    .” When Wentworth was 15 he battled a very serious zinc deficiency which badly affected his skin to be acne prone. He got over this frustrating sickness after a long 7 month battle”
    I wonder if this is bullshit? His skin is lovely with no trace of the scars you see on some people…

    But if it’s true, it would explain part of his shyness. At 15, a trauma leaves mental scars if not physical ones…

  87. bleuciel

    @otkm: I think that’s just bull! ๐Ÿ™„ But then again why do we care about something that happened 20 years ago? As long as his skin looks the way it looks now, I don’t care if he had huge blisters all over his body ๐Ÿ˜†

  88. anon6

    About the wikipedia article, I don’t think you should read too much into it. Yes, he has had acne and a few years ago he still did. But that’s just because he has oily skin. It’s nothing as serious as zinc deficiency.

  89. Kassie

    He has beautiful skin…why can’t we see more of it??? Want Went skin!!!!

  90. bleuciel

    @anon6: what do you mean by “he has had acne and a few years ago he still did”? *raising eyebrow*

  91. omg, anon6 knows about his past acne problems and his oily skin?!


  92. bleuciel

    Shit, LadyN I just splashed my water all over my desk ๐Ÿ˜† Good thing the keyboard wasn’t on it! Too.Funny.

    (note to self: I really should stop drinking/eating while surfing the net – this is like the 4th time I almost destroyed my keyboard ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  93. OCee78

    LadyN: That was funny! No, I’m not.

  94. ws

    OCee78 you’re a fucking tease. Man up and tell us who you really are. I have an inkling that you have blogged as Rob Lowe (no not the actor).

  95. lj

    WS according to Mink on the Here He Is thread OCee78 isn’t from the same continent as Went!
    Care to comment OCee?

  96. OCee78

    Im not going to tell you who I am because you don’t know me and because I value my privacy as well of course. I don’t HAVE TO say anything about me or PROOF anything. I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling everyone: If you want to believe me, believe me, if you don’t, then don’t. It’s really as simple as that. I have never blogged as Rob Lowe…If he’s not the actor then I’m afraid I’m not sure who you are talking about. But again that’s not me.

    Besides, no matter what I say it’s not gonna make any difference is it?. Those who believe me, will keep on believing and the ones who don’t, will not. No matter what I say, That’s why I don’t feel the need to comment about me period.

    Thanks for understanding!.

  97. ws

    OCee78 LOL, ok I believe you I was just wondering anyway, you sound like the dude that was blogging as Rob Lowe who claimed to know Went. Say hi to Went for me! How does it feel to be famous by association?

  98. ws

    Oh just one more thing. You don’t have to tell us who you are specifically. Just give us a hint whether you are a friend, relative, co worker, employee etc, etc, of Went. It’ll just put your comments in more perspective, well for me anyway

  99. Luci

    @ws, What did theblogger, rob lowe, say about w.m.?

  100. ws

    He didn’t say anything per say, it’s what Went supposedly said; he gave him an alias but all clues pointed to Went.

  101. Luci

    @ws I’ll bite, What did Went supposedly say?

  102. ws

    Well he blogged about he’s going ons and some of those included trysts with Went and in those trysts he documented conversations they had which was mostly trashy boy talk. But disregarding all the f bombs and other obscene words I must admit it did sound like Went.

  103. Luci

    @ws Do you have a link or web address? I would love to read it.

  104. OCee78

    Just wanted to say that I replied to a few of your question but I posted it in the wrong thread, So sorry!. You can read that on the “Here he is” thread, thank you!

  105. ws

    Luci here you go, tell me what you think.

  106. ws

    Thanks OCee78, and you needn’t worry, this is one fan that chose to believe Went; without thinking he had a hidden agenda with the gay denials. But I must say even though I didn’t believe the diva rumors I did get a hearty laugh out of it. I presume Went for the most part did the same. The one thing I greatly admire about him and find truly inspiring is that regardless of what is said about him he does not feed or enable it; he just goes about his business with an air of quiet self dignity and respect for others.

  107. otkm

    @ws, thanks for the link to the blog, but in what part of the archives do we need to look? I must admit I’m not very interested by what he has to say in general. I just want to read the “Went” parts….

  108. ws

    I haven’t been on there in a long while. As you can see he stopped blogging sometime in 06 when “Jim” aka Went’s identity was revealed. I will have a look and post back later.k

  109. otkm

    @ws I’ve been reding a good part of the blog in question and I simply DON’T see Went in this “Jim!
    Read this :
    “Jim looked at me and smiled, sheepishly. He put his hand across his mouth and whispered.

    โ€œCall girls are so fucking great. Dude, youโ€™ll never be able to go back.โ€

    โ€œI think I will. But one of them did give me her number.โ€

    “Dude, let’s call her.”

    “And say what, ‘My friend Jim thinks you are cute and we are on a date together at the bowl?'”

    โ€œFuck no, Lowe.โ€ He got even quieter. โ€œBut seriously, I only stick prostitutes these days, itโ€™s much simpler.โ€

    Went fucking prostitutes and paying for sex????????????????

  110. otkm

    Another quote:
    Jim: ” If I fuck a chick and ditch her, I get called an asshole in the fucking Enquirer, or worse.”

    Seriously, ws, who thought it could be Went????

  111. otkm

    Went(Jim) climbed Mount Whitney!
    And when Rob and Jim are together, the girls try to hit on Rob but they look curiously at Jim because they feel he’s vaguely familiar..

  112. otkm

    Well, ws, I lost the best part of my morning reading that blog. How on earth could a fan suppose he was writing about Went? Because this Jim was an actor, drove an old “truck”, and had been to college?
    And this started a frenzy that forced this guy Rob to stop blogging?
    Some people are nuts.

  113. ws

    I tried linking some of his post but it’s not posting. For the record otkm I do think Jim could possibly be Went cause in some posts that I tried to link he says that he has a friend that went to an Ivy League school with a degree in English; and he does say that Jim was in a glee club when he was in college. He also says that Jim is an actor who was struggling behind the scenes, whose big break happened sometime in August 05 which is when PB

  114. ws

    I tried linking some of his posts but it’s not posting. For the record otkm I do think Jim could possibly be Went cause in some posts that I tried to link he says that he has a friend that went to an Ivy League school with a degree in English; and he does say that Jim was in a glee club when he was in college. He also says that Jim is an actor who was struggling behind the scenes, whose big break happened sometime in August 05 which is when PB hit off. In another post he says about Jim dying with a riddle (I so see Went being like that) and calling him on set, and Jim complaining about how cold it is (Chicago 1st season). He talks about Jim and his passive take on relationships. So yeah like I said it seems to be Went. However I believe some posts have been embellished for entertainment purposes including the one you posted. Then again maybe not. Who’s to say what type of person Went is around his friends. I for one when I am with my friends use the f bomb nearly all the time but am a professional when I am at work. It’s all about perceptions and how one acts in certain environments. It doesn’t mean he is a bad person, it does mean he is a man and not a saint with flaws and imperfections like every other human being.

  115. ws

    shit, sorry about the posting

  116. ws


    Even though you can’t see his face this pic looks like Went to me.

  117. Saffy

    Wow. I started reading Rob’s blog 2 years ago and for some reason, thought it was my guilty little secret!

  118. otkm

    God, ws ,do you really see Went paying hookers for sex? Went? And climbing Mount Whitney? And “having a vaguely familiar face ” instead of being a million times hotter than Rob: girls wouldn’t be able to see this instantly?
    And on this pic you linked , they aren’t his hands (too short!) I know his hands more than my own.
    Yes, this Jim is an actor and went to an I.L. college, but there must be thousands like than in LA!
    During a party, Rob is described “clinging to Jim’s drink soaked shirt”….
    Try to picture Went organising a bachelor party in Vegas. Went having sex only with hookers. Went climbing mountains and being a pig with women and using foul langage to talk about them.

    No, ws. NO.

    PS: if I was a hooker, I would pay HIM for sex!

  119. otkm

    One other thing: Jim is said to have had a job at Stratton’s. I googled and saw it’s a hotel. Went never worked in a hotel.

  120. lj

    Sorry ws I just don’t see it. Could be wishful thinking on your part. Those hands are way too big to belong to Went. In fact he looks overall too heavy. Nope it’s not him.

  121. ws

    lj i ain’t that caught up by it, it was a passing thought, hardly wishful thinking. If anything I’m glad your opinion is that it isn’t him.

  122. lj

    Rob’s a well known LA blogger. Or he used to be. But the guy he describes in his blog could be anyone. Or a combination. It’s entertaining reading but I don’t think you should read too much into it. It’s all part of the story.

  123. bleuciel

    I read some of the posts of that blog ws has posted, and may I just say: Funny shit! LMAO God, I was laughing out loud all afternoon! Now, I have no opinion whatsoever on “Jim”, but those posts that included him were freaking hilarious. And, for some reason or another, I could soooo see Went do that. I mean talking dirty, snarking, making fun of fangirls, even sleeping with hookers (“Jim” had a point there). But this doesn’t mean that I actually believe “Jim” is Went. Some details do match, that’s true, but overall, the description is way too ambiguous to form a proper opinion.

    BTW, just a little slide note (IMO): I never actually took Went for the dorky, preppie, shy, boring, way-too-mannered guy that he portrays himself to be. I think that IRL he’s different.

  124. ws

    Could be, but with many similarities to Went. But as of rule anything that doesn’t come from the source ie Went I take with a grain of salt

  125. otkm

    Well, everybody talks about him as a gentleman: his friends, the actors who worked with him (SWC, Muse Watson, Wade Williams, R.Knepper etc…) He himself refered to the ex-convicts at Joliet as “gentlemen”.
    He respects people and has always been described as polite with everybody (even as a teenager: somebody posted an article from a schoolfriend’s blog who talked about Went’s good manners).

    And the man who said he doesn’t like one-night-stands, would rent whores?
    Why pay when ANY woman would shag him for free and thank him afterwards?

  126. ws

    Just sometimes I like to play the “what if” fantasy, no crime in that. Wow! This amount of posting is a record for me. I’m gonna go back to the comfort of lurkdom now. Sorry about the off topic and multiple posting w4w, feel free to delete.

  127. ws

    Saffy, you just got me out of lurking again cause girl so did I. And here I was thinking I was the only one in on the dirty little secret.

  128. Cat's Meow!

    I don’t buy it either. It doesn’t even look like Went in that pic. Went is much taller, even seated. It’s not Went’s hands either.

    Went didn’t really complain about the cold weather in Chicago when filming PB Season 1. I heard him say in an interview that he didn’t mind it all that much because it was the same weather as when he grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

    And Went with hookers, NO WAY! According to Wade Williams (Bellick on PB) Went tells really funny jokes on set, but they’re all CLEAN! lol If Went won’t even tell a dirty joke, do you really think he’d have sex with dirty-ass hookers? I DON’T THINK SO! lol He’s even admitted to never having a one night stand, so that rules him out ever having sex with hookers!!

    And don’t you think we would have heard about the Mount Whitney climb? The ivy league school, the glee club, and hitting it big in August ’05 are probably a coincidence. The guy could’ve been in a movie at that time, not necessarily TV. People Magazine had a whole page of male actors/celebrities who were ivy league graduates in their Beautiful People issue last year. Yes, Went was one of them. “Jim” was probably one of the other men in that issue, NOT Went.

  129. ws

    Actually Cat’s Meow in an interview and I’m badly paraphrasing here Went was asked if there was any superpower he would have, what would it be and he said change the weather cause in Chicago he was suffering.

  130. bleuciel

    I hope this isn’t too offtopic…

    @otkm: I specifically said “I have no opinion whatsoever on โ€œJimโ€ “. Which means just that; I enjoyed reading that blog, but I don’t believe anything of it.

    My “I could soooo see Went do that. I mean talking dirty, snarking, making fun of fangirls, even sleeping with hookers (โ€Jimโ€ had a point there)” and “I never actually took Went for the dorky, preppie, shy, boring, way-too-mannered guy that he portrays himself to be” are strictly personal opinions, that are not in any form influenced by that blog. I’ve had these ideas for quite a while now. But, I repeat, they’re my own private opinions and I’m not trying to shove them down on anybody’s throats.

    And, for the record, I believe Went is a gentleman. You can pay for sex and still be a gentleman. The 2 things don’t exclude each other. As well as talking dirty in the company of friends.

    Everybody has multiple facets of personality, that adapt according to the situation.

    Again, I’m not saying that I take”Jim” for Went, but I’m saying that IRL he may be different from what fans seem to think of him. No one’s really Prince Charming 24/7.

  131. Anonymous

    Couch potato, smoking Went(at least until a few months ago) never climbed Mount Whitney.
    His PR would have delighted in telling us so.

  132. Alison

    Lovin’ the ass shot. *drawling all over the place* He’s really posing over there with the ass shot. And for that, thank you Went, I fucking love you and your perfect pink ass!

  133. anonymous

    the “rob lowe” blog is old news. it surfaced a few years ago and piqued the curiosity of a few original prettyphiles. if memory serves me right, the blogger was contacted by an OP. he admitted to her that “Jim” was not Went.

  134. OTKM

    We knew it, didn’t we?
    And it’s not just fangurl wishful thinking: a guy who dare not call back girls who gave him their phone number is not going to get himself a whore..
    No way.
    Besides our Went is (dare I say it?) a little careful with his purse strings. Why pay when you can get some free?

  135. Anonymous

    He only calls Rosy and her five hooker sisters…

  136. Cat's Meow!



  137. Cat's Meow!


    Went may very well act differently with his buddies, all wild and crazy, but I still think in real life he’s a quiet, reserved, dorky, boring, well mannered, well behaved NERD! I don’t think it’s an act at all, it’s just who he is.

    We all associate “nerds” as ugly, skinny, thick glasses, with pocket protectors and wearing too tight, too short, polyester pants! Went is anything but this description! He happens to be the HOTTEST LOOKING nerd on the face of the Earth! But he’s STILL a nerd. You would think someone looking like he does would be a “playa”, partier, womanizer, like Colin Farrell, but Went is none of these things. That’s why he’s so loved by his female fans.

    When I look at photos of him back in the day with his Princeton Tigertones group he doesn’t look like the rest. But that’s what makes him stand out. He’s unique because he’s perfect on the outside, and equally perfect on the inside. I imagine he has his faults, bad habits, vices like the rest of us, but overall he’s still a great guy. That is very rare in a man, especially in “Hollyweird”. And with all his great qualities, that’s why he’s so friggin sexy. And he doesn’t try to be sexy, HE JUST IS!

  138. ws

    Blue, can I call you that, I totally agree. Sure there are coincidences in the blog but with me it only allowed me to realise that I do not know Went and who’s to say how he is around his friends. I hope that he allows his snark to come out in full force cause it’s a highlight for me when it pops up in interviews. You know when he says he wants a women with sugar and spice I can only speculate that he is just the same. So Cat’s Meow and otkm aka off topic km before you continue to start CAPATALISE at me I didn’t think it was him, just some points pointed towards him so then “possibly”, “seemed” to be, were my conclusions. I know what let’s ask OCee78. Oi Ocee78 are Rob Lowe and Went friends, or has Went ever said he was inclined to stick prostitutes?? LOL. Us fangirls will luuuurve an answer.

  139. bleuciel

    @Cat’s Meow: “We all associate โ€œnerdsโ€ as ugly, skinny, thick glasses, with pocket protectors and wearing too tight, too short, polyester pants!”

    First of all LOL That’s funny! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Second, I never said I considered him to be a nerd (and BTW, in my country that’s not the definition of a nerd, so there’s no way I could ever associate this American image of a nerd with Went). I merely stated that there are multiple facets in someone’s personality. And that Went quite possibly is showing the public just one of them, the one he thinks best suits his image. Now, that doesn’t mean that I think IRL he goes out partying every night, having wild sex with various persons, getting drugged, etc, etc. Not at all.
    Don’t forget that no matter how beautiful he is or how adorable his interviews are, he’s still just an image (for us fans, I mean). That’s why I think there’s more there than meets the eye.

    So I am somewhat reserved in believing everything that comes out of his pretty mouth. I was taught never to judge a book by its cover.

  140. ws

    …before you continue to CAPATALISE…

  141. Cat's Meow!

    I don’t think Went is “Jim” but like you I like Went’s “snark” too! Believe me, I’d love to see a different side of Went and I’m sure he has one when he’s not in front of the camera and spending time with friends. I’ve witnessed little bits of it a couple of times when he’s joking around behind the scenes with his castmates. It’s too bad we don’t see more of it!

    Sorry, my bad, you said “dorky/preppie” which is the same as “nerdy” here in the States. I agree with you about Went having various facets of his personality and may very well be showing the public the best one that suits his image. But I still think for the most part Went is alot like the way we perceive him to be. Though he jokes around with his castmates, they’ve also said he’s very quiet and reserved. Like I told “ws” I wish we could see more of Went’s fun/crazy side. Most of his interviews show him as a reserved guy, but I’m sure he’s alot different with people he’s comfortable with (family/pals).

  142. OCee78

    Ws: Hi, about your question: Wentworth and Rob Lowe friends? No, Not that I know of and Wentworth and prostitutes? well, I very much doubt it.

    Now, I took a glance at that link and saw the picture, I don’t think that hand belongs to him, that looks like a woman’s. I could be awfully wrong though. From what I’ve been reading on your posts I do think that this man, Rob Lowe, was implying that this “Jeff” person was Wentworth, I would have to read those posts on his blog to be sure.
    *But yes, Wentworth does make spicy (or not)jokes/comments -from time to time- once he’s confortable around you. Just like everyone else, or at least me hehe. What can I say, the guy is actually quite a joker (believe it or not ;))
    *And yes, he tends to swear, just a little bit, not to an excessive point and nothing offensive towards women or anything like that. But there’s nothing wrong with that It’s completely normal and it is no secret I think he has even sweared once or twice on camera. That’s when you realize he’s just like everyone else. No big deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Cat's Meow!


    Hi there! Yep, I’ve heard Went swear a couple of times on camera when getting interviewed! But like you said, he probably doesn’t swear excessively. I wish I could say the same for myself! hee hee!

    If this is not too personal to ask, I was wondering if you had gone to school with Wentworth? Are you a friend from his past or did you meet him after he arrived in L.A.? Or maybe you’re a relative? Just curious.

    BTW, I asked you another question in the “Here he is…” thread when you get the time. Thanks alot!

  144. OCee78

    I’m just a friend from his school days that’s all I’ll say, I did not meet him in Los Angeles. Ok, I’ll take a look at it, hope I can help.

  145. Cat's Meow!


    Went and I grew up in the same Brooklyn neighborhood (Park Slope). I was wondering if you were from there as well. I believe he was in his first or second year of high school when he moved to Pennsylvania, so you could have gone to school with him there or at Princeton. But I will not pry.

    You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but if you were a Princeton Tigertone, I just love their music! I listen to it all the time and I’m amazed how well they sing with no music. Of course, I consider Went’s voice to be impeccable. He could have easily become a crooner like Harry Connick, Jr. or Michael Buble! I hope he gets a movie role someday where he has to sing. I would love that!

    Do you and Went have any similar interests, such as singing, swimming, board games, Law & Order, peanutbutter cups?!! lol

  146. OCee78

    Cat’s Meow: yes, I went to school with him, I’ll only gonna say Im not from Brooklyn. Thanks for asking but that’s it for now. Ive realized that you have to be very careful about what you say online. So, hope you can be so kind to understand. And you know, it’s actually kind of funny because I was going to say: “And no, I was not a Princeton Tigertone” but then I didn’t. So, my answer’s no. And, yes, I find their music quite unique too. He reminds me of Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli at times exagerating much? nah! : )

    Well, we played scrabble one or two times, he kicked my ass, my ego was hurt, end of story! ; ) Anyways, I do try to watch Law and Order, but he’s the expert when it comes to that show. Me? I’m more of a L&O SVU type of guy. And peanutbutter cups? lol they’re ok i guess, I’m not that into sweet things though, as least not as much as he is. And no, not much of a Starbucks guy either : )

  147. Hello. My name is....

    Cat’s Meow, and OLKM, please quit embarassing yourselves! It is very clear to everyone that Anon6/OCee78 is not telling us anything we don’t already know from Went interviews. I feel embarassed for you the way you are licking up every bit of lie he is feeding you!

    Clearly you are also desperate that he be the real thing, that connects you to Went. Believe me, nobody who really knows Went would come here and answer silly questions.

    And he never even answered your questions about PH – he simply answered them with questions himself! Yet you aren’t able to see this, and thanked him for answering? Well, he didn’t answer hon!

    I really suggest you quit embarassing yourself and give it a rest, you are encouraging a troll. He has not said anything we don’t know from interviews.

    Also, no Went doesn’t swear, so already Anon6/OLKM is wrong. He was also wrong about Gillian and Leigh as pointed out earlier. Leigh is not 4-5 years older, she is right now as we speak only 24.

    Thank you.

  148. lj

    Hey OCee. Thank you so much for posting on WFW. I also have a question for you.

    What were the names of the two dogs Went had when he was a kid? Since the dogs are no longer part of his life you should be able to reveal their names, right?

    Can you ask Went and report back to us……….

  149. sueli

    Who said Leigh was 4-5 years older than Went, Hello my name is… ?

  150. Hello. My name is....

    My bad, sueli, Leigh is not 4-5 years younger. She is 24. You do the math.

  151. otkm

    @hello, My name is….
    “Catโ€™s Meow, and OLKM, please quit embarassing yourselves!”

    If you read my posts carefully you’d see I NEVER said that I believe OCEE one second. Never even talked to him directly.
    I just said he couldn’t be Summerwine.

  152. sueli

    Okay. I’m sure you know them personally and just want to set the record straight, Hello…

  153. Cat's Meow!


    Thanks alot guy! LOL….. I imagine it’s not easy to beat Went at Scrabble! But it’s sure fun to try! lol

    So you probably went to highschool with Went in Pennsylvania. I imagine it was hard for Went to move from Brooklyn as a teenager and leave all his friends behind to start a new life. I commend him for that. I know my son would never go for that. Went was probably an easy going, sweet boy. His parents were lucky he was so agreeable. They raised him well.

    Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week-end! UGHHH, I just realized we have no Prison Break tomorrow. That sux big time! Do you watch?

  154. anonymous

    isn’t leigh a bit older than 24? more like 26-27?

  155. bleuciel

    On imdb it says that Leigh is definitely the youngest, but unfortunately, it doesn’t say by how many years. Personal speculation: I don’t remember where the hell I read it, but it kind of stuck to me the fact that Gillian was 8 years younger and Leigh 11. Which would make them turning 28, and 25 respectively, this year. But, like I said, I’m not sure…

  156. sueli

    [italic]Personal speculation: I donโ€™t remember where the hell I read it, but it kind of stuck to me the fact that Gillian was 8 years younger and Leigh 11.[/italic]

    Hmm. I vaguely remember someone posting “early on” [2005? 2006?] something about living in the same/nearby neighborhood when they lived in Brooklyn and being friends with one of the sisters. The person didn’t really remember much about the older brother, only that he was in his pre-/early teens and was very skinny. How true it was or if I am getting it mixed up with another story about another actor is anyone’s guess.

    I just distinctly remember that when Miller’s short stories for high school were found, one of his sisters also had a story/poem in the magazine. Who knows, maybe it was someone with the same name.

  157. Cat's Meow!


    That makes Gillian only 10 years old and Leigh only 7 years old when Wentworth left for Princeton. They were little girls when their big brother went off to college. He must adore his little sisters, and they the same for him. That’s so sweet!

  158. sueli

    Again, I still think at least one of them is older by at least 2 years. And, why am I worrying the math on this now? LOL

    Forget it. Never mind. Nothing to see here. Whatever age they are thought to be and whatever age they actually are are what they are.

  159. sueli

    Darn it. My very last [hopefully not just “last for now”] to clarify “older by at least 2 years” than what most people think, meaning whichever one is older of the two sisters may be at very most 6 years younger.

  160. anonymous

    sueli, you’re right. when went’s short stories from high school were found, leigh had a story in the same magazine. my guess is that leigh is about 27.

  161. Kassie

    Re the sister’s age issue, Leigh has completed law school and done a year of post-grad study, which should make her at least 25. However old they are precisely, Went is a good bit older at almost 36. He seems like a sweet and protective older brother…he’s PERFECT as we all know!

    My older brother was rather fond of hitting me when we were kids…

  162. Hello. My name is....

    Leigh has not completed law school, she is currently in law school. She has not done any post grad study, that was Gillian. You are getting both sisters mixed up. Gillian is 8 years younger – born in 1980, and Leigh is 11 years younger – born in 1983. She has not turned 25 yet.

  163. bleuciel

    Hey, I got that right then! [/smartass] ๐Ÿ˜€

  164. Laura

    Gillian is a year older than my sister.

  165. bleuciel

    LOL Laura, which means what? ๐Ÿ˜†

  166. anonymous

    @hello, my name is and laura

    how do you know gillian and leigh’s ages? do you know them personally?

  167. super_girl

    I wanted to ask hello,my name is the same question.

  168. Cat's Meow!

    @Hello, my name is……..,

    What are you the authority on Went? Do you know him and his sisters? Fess up will ya!

    BTW, like you always say to me……… “Quit embarrassing yourself! I’m embarrassed for YOU!!”

    Ha, ha, got ya last!! Nah nah nah nah nah!! lol


  169. LadyN

    OCee78: He reminds me of Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli at times exagerating much? nah! : )

    You’d looove for him to serenade to you, huh?
    Its ok, say it, don’t be shy.

    You have a HUGE floppy donkey dick crush in WEEEeeeennntt!!! You’re DYING for a piece of that ass!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  170. sueli

    OCee78: He reminds me of Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli at times exagerating much? nah! : )

    Young Chet Baker. Voice is a little too “clean.” You know what I mean?

  171. OCee78

    LadyN: Whoa! God no. I like him, just not in that way :S

    Sueli: I do.

  172. bleuciel

    @OCee78: “He reminds me of Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli at times exagerating much? nah! : )”

    Yes, he reminds me of them too especially when he’s quiet and Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli do the singing!!!! ๐Ÿ˜† Jeeezz, Ocee, gush much?! ๐Ÿ™„

    Oh, and now that I’ve re-read Hello’s comment regarding the sisters’ years of birth, it just struck me: I’m Leigh’s age. And for some reason or another that’s a turn off. And a bit creepy. Hope I’m over this creepiness soon ๐Ÿ˜†

  173. OCee78

    I only said he REMINDED me of them since he’s a baritone and he has a very low and deep voice. I never said he sounded just like them.

  174. bleuciel

    Yeah, I was referring to the reminding thing. That’s stretching it a little bit, isn’t it?

  175. Just me...

    @LadyN: “You have a HUGE floppy donkey dick crush in WEEEeeeennntt!!! Youโ€™re DYING for a piece of that ass!! ”

    That was funny!!!!

    Not interesting, but I was also born in 1983!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  176. fuushi

    Gee, you are so young! I will turn 30 this year!! Buhu…
    But I am (naturally) brunette. Does that count for Went?

  177. bleuciel

    We’re not THAT young fuushi! lol We would’ve been “so young” if we turned 17 or something ๐Ÿ˜†
    Btw, my hair is dark brown – how many extra cookies do I get for that? ๐Ÿ˜€

  178. fuushi

    Well you are mid twenty. MAybe I am just a little depressed, that I turn 30. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I did a internet search for characteristicas a girl should have – in Wentยดs opinion. Thereยดs an interview, he did in Australia and he said, that she should have: BROWN HAIR!!
    Bleuciel – we are in!

  179. Just me...

    @fuushi: “I will turn 30 this year!! Buhuโ€ฆ”

    You don’t have too be depressed!!
    30 it’s absolutely not old… I will turn 25 this year
    and there only 5 years separates us!!!

    And girls I’m in too!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am 24, single and brunette!!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  180. super_girl

    I am 21,single and brunette!But I am far away from the USA.

  181. bleuciel

    OMG, fuushi, you just made my day! LOL

    But don’t be upset; on the other hand you are in Went’s age range ๐Ÿ˜‰ He said something like “a woman in her thirties, dark hair, loyal, honest and funny”[/paraphrasing]. Well, I meet all the other criteria except age – but, what a hell, I’ll wear extra (or should I say any) make-up ๐Ÿ˜€

    @super_girl: don’t let something so insignificant as distance stop you. After all, we live in the era of fast travel and communication ๐Ÿ˜‰

  182. Chat's Ghost

    @blueciel, etc.: …trustworthy, too.

    YOUNG Magazine: “What’s your dream woman supposed to be like then?”
    Wentworth Miller: “Honest and loyal! The most important thing in a relationship is trust. If you don’t have that, it doesn’t matter how fun, pretty or intelligent a woman is. I’m not interested in her. But if I can trust her and she’s dark haired on top of that โ€“ perfect!”…
    YOUNG: “Would you at least be interested in a flirtation?”
    Wentworth Miller: “Of course. There’s nothing better than flirting. It just takes awfully long for me to fall in love and lose my heart. Maybe that’s another reason why I’m still single.”

    (from the http://www.fcowm.com)

  183. ws

    OCee78 since you’re in the know; how old really are Wentworth’s sisters?

  184. OCee78

    Hello, My name is…is right, Leigh is 24 but Gillian is 30.

    Lj: His dog name was Woody, I had to ask, I had no idea, you and your questions guys!! haha…

  185. sueli

    Any chance of requesting he get rid of the bucket hat?

  186. fuushi

    @bleuciel: Thanks! I fell better now – I really do

  187. otkm

    As we are in quote mode, here are some from his latest interview:

    “You appear very secretive about your personal life ? What do you think of the rumours ?

    I ignore them. Iโ€™m only interested in PB fans and my work. Itโ€™s pretty humain to want to know more about celebrities, but for me only work matters. I pay no attention to the photographers and I keep my cool when a limousine is waiting for me outside my home.

    You have been picked as one of the Sexiest Stars in the World by People Magazine. Are your co-stars making fun of your sex-symbol status ?

    All the time ! On set, the atmosphere is as ยซ male ยป as in the show : thereโ€™s no room for divas ! Between stunts, extreme weather conditions, hundreds of extras and shooting half a film in 8 days, we all need to unwind.”

  188. fuushi

    Good Morning otkm! Is there a difference between “otkm” and “OTKM”?

  189. Chat's Ghost

    @lj, ocee78: Wait, here is what I don’t understand–Went said many times that he’s allergic to cats and dogs. Yet, he also said in an interview that when he was a PA to a producer(?), part of his job was to walk the lady’s dog. And he did carry that kitty in PB S1. What’s this? The wonders of medicine?

  190. wentworthlovers4life

    Went must have took meds for that.

  191. fuushi

    Yeah. There are highly potent antihistaminicas (Sorry, if I spelled that wrong, English is not my first language). They make you quite tired, but they work good.

  192. lj

    @OCee78: Went had two dogs and they both can’t have been called Woody! Can you go back to Went and ask what was the name of his OTHER dog and what breed were they?


  193. Chat's Ghost

    Unless he never had dogs when he was a kid.

  194. lj

    @Chat’s: Let’s just leave it to OCee to verify with Went. All will be revealed I’m sure.

  195. otkm

    @Hi, fuushi!
    “Good Morning otkm! Is there a difference between โ€œotkmโ€ and โ€œOTKMโ€?”

    –>Same person! Maybe when I use capitals it’s because I’m having a “SOILED UNDIES’MOMENT”???
    I hope it won’t become permanent, BECAUSE THERE IS NO CURE!
    Sorry, there is no cure….

  196. fuushi

    @otkm: fine by me ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just curious.
    Maybe cookies can reduce the symptoms … ๐Ÿ™‚

  197. otkm

    I have to erase my cookies (common computer!);-)

  198. Chat's Ghost

    I blow a delicate air onto the triangular depression at the small of his back. Wentworth doesnโ€™t move, sleeping the sleep of the just after a 13-hour shoot. I stick out my tongue and lick that depression. Still no movement, but a gentle snore answers me. I smile. I stick out my tongue again and slowly make a wet trail from that depression and up the hills of his buttocks. I stop at the start of the slit. I shudder, controlling myself with some difficulty because I always want to bite his cheeks. The sensation passes. I begin to lick to and fro the start of that fissure. He groans and raises his buttocks quickly, bumping my chin, his sleepy version of swatting a fly. Geez! I really want to bite those cheeks. I satisfy myself with a quick nip at each cheek. He groans loudly this time and turns around. My eyes widenโ€ฆ

    (Awwww, Went! Iโ€™m supposed to be preparing next monthโ€™s community news. *groans*)

  199. OCee78

    lj: He had only ONE dog, an English bull terrier, THAT was Woody.

  200. ws

    …so is he allergic to cats and dogs or what OCee78? By the way does he know you are doing this, and does he agree or not care.

  201. lj

    OCee78: Gotcha!! You’ve been busted.

    It’s true that Went mentions in a BBC radio interview that he had a bull terrier but it was a girl and her name wasn’t Woody!! Nice guess though. However in the acknowledgment page of his Princeton thesis Went thanked his family and his TWO BIG DOGS who kept him company in the park.

  202. bleuciel

    @lj: then why did WM repeatedly say that he’s allergic to dogs and cats? I distinctly remember him saying that on Ellen back in 2006. Is he playing with the journalists or what? I mean, it’s just a little bit of trivia, no need for embellishment or lying (it’s not like they asked him the name of the first girl he had sex with, jeezz ๐Ÿ™„ )

  203. lj

    @bleuciel: Not sure. He has said many times that he’s allergic so I’m sure it’s true. It could be acquired allergy. Perhaps he didn’t have it when he was a kid. Or it could be that the dogs were kept outside. Some people are allergic to their pets but they still have them. They just don’t get too close.

  204. bleuciel

    Thanks lj! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s just weird then. And not that interesting when you come to think about it ๐Ÿ˜†

    Moving on…

  205. otkm

    If I can add my grain of salt, I say that Went feeds himself VERY BADLY (Oreos, Starbucks fraps, fried food etc…full of crap and preservatives!).And he used to smoke.
    No wonder he developed allergies, he could become asthmatic or have an anaphylactic shock and DIE!
    If I was his gf, I would change his diet and cook proper food for him!
    *and fuck him several times a day*

  206. OCee78

    lj: Hi, I’m sorry but he had only one dog and it was a MALE. And HIS name WAS Woody. And he did have that allergy since he was little. He is DEADLY allergic to them, dogs and cats.

    If I was pretending to be someone I’m not, like you’re saying, I would have said I’m him, or his ex/girlfriend or someone more interesting ;). I’m only telling you the truth, I’m not a “troll” that claims he’s gay or that he’s a player, that he sleeps with prostitutes. I guess some people only believe the bad stuff. If you read my posts, Ive never said anythings that could be considered sensationalist.
    People who say those things want attention, If I wanted attention I’d set up a fake Wentworth’s MySpace.
    Trust me I’ve to other sites and there are a lot of people like that over there. Another friend Wentworth and I have in common (a woman) did one posting on Just Jared denying that Wentworth was gay, and of course no one believed her, and she was treated very poorly by a few fans. So, better get off the lion’s den now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    have a good day all!

  207. OCee78

    @ otkm/OTKM: naughty naughty girl!

  208. bleuciel

    @otkm: no need to worry about Went’s diet and smoking, he’s not gonna need them after all that fucking! ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† Don’t wear the man out, he has movies to make (or he’d better have some ๐Ÿ˜ก )

  209. sueli

    As someone with brothers/sister/nephews with asthma and are allergic to just about all cats and most dogs, it doesn’t mean they don’t or haven’t owned any. They take meds [those who are asthmatic] and make sure the pets stay in areas that are not carpeted [where dander could get trapped]. Also, my sister did research on which dogs are least likely to cause allergies. [She has a lhasa apso/poodle mix]

    If Miller’s [rumored] “BIG DOGS” were standard poodles, I’d lmao. However, for those who say people with allergies cannot have any kind of dog, here is a list of hypoallergenic breeds:


  210. sueli

    Also, I’m just as suspicious of people who insist that what they’ve read online or in celebrity interviews is EXACTLY true as I am of people who claim to know said celebrities.

    I’ve seen many a delayed interview/photoshoot [done months in advance of a project so that those involved have time to do other projects] and enough interview quotes completely taken out of context to build interest to know that not all is ever as it seems. Heck, my take on things gets a different perspective on the weekly basis. That’s not even beginning to take on the fact, yes FACT, that many people will read something too quickly while having a specific image for the person in question in mind and take what they say out of context or be hurt and/or surprised when they see something clarified. [too bad I cannot write that at the moment to make more sense, sorry WFW, I really should’ve waited for my coffee to finish brewing]

    Yes, he has mentioned allergies, he even joked about being allergic to Dom which some sites took seriously.

  211. sueli

    I would do an “eta,” but that function isn’t available.

    I’d also like to add that I am also suspicious of what comes out of the “horses mouth.” He [and they] are actors, after all, with a specific image to sell at any moment. It’s part of the job. Don’t get so upset because he is giving you what you want on one day and giving someone else something else another. Plus, he’s a Gemini, sometimes they just like to hear themselves talk and most times they just like to see your reactions to what they have to say.

  212. bleuciel

    [i]heโ€™s a Gemini, sometimes they just like to hear themselves talk and most times they just like to see your reactions to what they have to say.[/i]

    Hey, watch your mouth little missy! ๐Ÿ˜› (jk)

  213. bleuciel

    offtopic: how the hell do you insert italics in your text? My previous attempt wasn’t too successful… ๐Ÿ™„

  214. sueli

    I used to know how, bleuciel, but I don’t remember.

    RE Geminis
    My mother is a Gemini [just about every freaking planet is in Gemini] with one planet/aspect in Capricorn to keep her somewhat grounded. [Even she acknowledges it isn’t enough. LOL] My sister is also a Gemini. Trust me, I know my Geminis. And as a Gemini [I assume], you know what I’m talking about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  215. sueli

    Yay! I got the italic to work!

    Use html [without the spaces]. But does it work for quotes?

  216. sueli

    use instead of [ ]the darn thing didn’t post.

    Sorry, WFW, for the off topic-ness.

  217. sueli

    “” instead of [ ]


  218. sueli

    AAARGGG! *tears hair out in frustration*

    Sorry, WFW, I’d delete the last few posts if I could.

  219. bleuciel

    Thanks sueli, but I still don’t understand *innocent look* So, use quotation marks? or what? jeeezz, this is bugging the shit out of me.

    Re the zodiac thingie: I didn’t understand the part with the aspects and planets ๐Ÿ˜† What aspect? I’m born in June so… I’m a Gemini ๐Ÿ˜€ There’s more to it?

  220. bleuciel

    “i”Ok, just testing “/i” – hope this works… ๐Ÿ™„

    sorry about that WFW ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  221. lj


    I’m sorry OCee but you’ve failed the dog ownership test. Not only does Went thank his two big dogs in his thesis but there was something on the old TWOP Wentworth Actor thread where someone who used to live across the street from him posted. She said the family had TWO LARGE dogs. That was when Went was very young. So his family owned at least three dogs that we know of.

  222. lj

    OCee78: If you really contacted Went to ask the question like you claimed then you’d know about the two big dogs. The fact that didn’t shows that your knowledge of Went is based on what you’ve read on the web.

    Went’s thesis isn’t readily available which is why you’ve never seen it. Same with the TWOP post. That thread is now gone. Only someone who was a fan in those days would have read the post about Went’s family owning two big dogs. But it was there.

  223. sueli

    bleuciel, use the < keys [open and closed]. The ones that look like ^ but are sideways. Does that make sense now? did they show up now?

  224. sueli

    lj, Miller also mentioned in one of the radio interviews that he had a bull terrier, a dog that was “like the Spuds MacKenzie” dog.


    Again, could be that OCee78 got this info from the interview, but how does that make what some anonymous poster put be absolute truth? Just sayin’…

    *goes back to salt lick*

  225. sueli

    RE dog he did describe in radio interview

    I would say I was surprised he didn’t describe it as being like Petey from the Little Rascals or Bullseye from Oliver!, but then he is younger than I am. LOL Still, as an English major, wouldn’t he know about Bill Syke’s dog? Maybe it was for the audience he was addressing. Who knows?


  226. OCee78

    lj: feel free to believe anyone you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. Cat's Meow!

    I believe you dude! You haven’t said one bad thing about Went. Trolls are usually nasty and insist Went is gay, a liar, etc. You’ve been the complete opposite and you don’t seem to have an agenda. You seem like a really nice guy!

    Like you, I would have said “Petey” or “Bullseye” too! I wonder if Went likes older women?!! hee hee!

  228. sueli

    Well, he has claimed to like Charlotte Rampling and I believe Famke is in her 40s.

  229. sueli

    One of these days I will remember I cannot go back to edit. May I remember to not hit ‘enter’ before saying whatever it is I’m gonna say in one post. Sorry, WFW. [again]

    Not that I ever want to meet him, Cat’s Meow.

  230. OCee78

    Cat’s Meow!: Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it, hope you had a good day ๐Ÿ™‚

  231. OCee78

    I’m sorry, I almost forgot. You seem like a really nice person too : D

  232. Hello. My name is....

    I can’t believe how naive some of you are! OCee78 did not say anything bad about Went, but don’t fool yourself into thinking he isn’t enjoying the attention – yup, the attention from naive girls like yourselves who not only believe him, but are asking him questions.

    OCee78, you’ve proved that you don’t know anything! I am just going to provide one link, and that’s it, and the reason i am providing this is because I too am on this list, and I am just fed up with your claims to know Went. As you can see, in 1997, Gillian was 16 (turning 17 later that year), and Leigh was 14! You can see they competed in that age category, which proves beyond a doubt that Ocee78 is talking out of his/her fucking ass! Gillian is not 30, she is only 27, turning 28 later this year. And just so you know, I took part in Judo competitions with the girls, don’t ask me anything about them, i don’t know them well and i am not going to answer any questions. But I know their ages very well, because I am the same age as one of them, and have competed with her. I don’t know how much proof you need to see that Anon6/Ocee78 is talking rubbish! That is the only reason why i am posting this.This troll is enjoying the attention you are providing him – and while he didn’t badmouth Went, he is lying about knowing him. And a few of you are stupid enough to believe him!

    Here is the link, scroll down, you can see Gillian and Leigh and their age groupings. http://recsports.tamu.edu/judo/97USJA.html

    Regarding the dogs, when I was competing with the girls, they had 2 dogs then already! So, again Ocee78 is talking nonsense about them only having one male dog called Woody. I too am a dog owner, even back then, and I’ve had conversations about the dogs with the girls.

    OK, can we stop encouraging this idiot on further please? He doesn’t know Went, he can’t get you closer to Went, he can’t get Went to have sex with you, he can’t get you to meet Went, he can’t get you married to Went – kapeesh? Thanks!

  233. Cat's Meow!

    @Hello, my name is……,

    O.K. you made your point. Why do you have to call people names? Why are you so NASTY and CRUEL? Good for you that you knew Went’s sisters back in the day. That doesn’t give you a reason to disrespect other posters on this blog. Even if OCee78 doesn’t know Went, at least he didn’t come here and call us names like “stupid” and saying we are “embarrassing” ourselves. YOU are the one acting that way, not us. I’d MUCH RATHER communicate with OCee78 ANY DAY, than you. At least he’s a nice person. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about you.

  234. Hello. My name is....

    Cat’s meow, i am sure OCee78 also loves communicating with you, since you are giving him all this attention and encouraging him to go on with his stupid lies. Why don’t you both continue talking, since he loves spinning his fantasies, and you love hearing those untrue, fanstasy, made up stories about Went.

    My post was for anyone who would rather know the truth. You can continue living in your fairytale land with OCee78! He doesn’t know Went, but he needs naive stupid people like you obviously to believe his stupid lies, that is probably the reason why he’s here anyway – because people like you are giving him what he wants.

  235. OCee78

    wow i never thought someone could take things so personal coming from stangers, good luck anyways

  236. Cat's Meow!

    @Hello, my name is……,

    I don’t really give 2 shits if you know .oooo1 % more than OCee78 does about Went!! Do you enjoy being a nasty beyotch? Your parents must be so proud!

    I’d rather talk to a NICE person who doesn’t know Wentworth at all, than someone like YOU. It’s a good thing Went didn’t know you, because with a foul attitude like yours, he wouldn’t have associated with you anyway!

  237. Hello. My name is....

    Oops, Cat’s Meow, did i hit a nerve? You don’t give 2 shits? Right! That must be why you insist on replying and insulting me then. Girlie, I guess i showed how stupid and naive you were, and you must be ashamed and embarrassed for how easily you believed and encouraged that other idiot anon6/OCee78.

    You WISH i knew .00001% more than OCee78, I think i’ve proved I know a lot more than i would ever post on a blog. I only posted that link to prove what a troll OCee78 was since i didn’t know there were so many gullible stupid people around.

    By the way, how do you know Went doesn’t know me? He has come to many of his sisters’ competitions, where I too was a competitor. Don’t ask me anything about Went, i no longer live in the States and am not going to call long distance to ask him your questions the way OCee78 “claimed” he did! One thing i know though about Went is that he would never associate with stupid gullible people. Enjoy your fantasy, stupid gullible beyotch! Your parents must be so proud.

    PS – Don’t bother replying Cat’s Meow, i proved that Ocee78 is a liar, and that you were gullible to believe him and encourage him. Further than that, I am not interested in pursuing. Cat’s Meow, you are getting rude and nasty just because I’ve shamed you by posting the truth about OCee78. Like I said, i am extremely embarrassed for you. But you are not nice, you’ve turned nasty just because you are now EMBARRASSED that i’ve exposed you and OCee78. Bye!

  238. Sammy77

    Hello. My name is……………. Risa??????? another one who got busted?? she’d do anything to proove people wrong no matter what they say, she’s a total nutcase over at imdb.

  239. Hello. My name is....

    Risa? No I am not. And I’m none of the other names i’ve heard people throw around here either. I never post anywhere because this whole Went business is too close to me, and i feel bad doing so. I only posted now because it irritated me how OCee78 was posting lies and people were believing him. But now i’ve posted the truth, and i’ll be on my way. Bye.

  240. sueli

    I canโ€™t believe how naive some of you are! OCee78 did not say anything bad about Went, but donโ€™t fool yourself into thinking he isnโ€™t enjoying the attention – yup, the attention from naive girls like yourselves who not only believe him, but are asking him questions.

    And you are different, how, exactly? [Other than, I think, most of us find you obnoxious.] However, …
    He doesnโ€™t know Went, he canโ€™t get you closer to Went, he canโ€™t get Went to have sex with you, he canโ€™t get you to meet Went, he canโ€™t get you married to Went – kapeesh? Thanks!

    Brilliant! And funny ’cause it’s true.

    My post was for anyone who would rather know the truth.
    And that truth, fortunately/unfortunately is solely in the ages of the sisters off a website. It doesn’t fortunately/unfortunately give 100% proof that you are on that list as you claim. I’m sorry, but if you are so well informed about who to believe or not to believe and why you will understand my not taking everything you post at face value. You say you don’t know Miller, only his sisters in one post than follow with you DO know him on another. Is that for attention’s sake, also? Or to say that anyone can say it?

    If you do know them, or did, I’m sure you have your reasons for keeping things to yourself for the sake of their privacy. But I’m embarrassed for you to get so riled up over something as [otherwise] innocuous as these specific issues you have.

    Whatever floats your boat, baby. Read you at your next frustrated post.

  241. otkm

    Please people, stop calling each other names.
    This is supposed to be a FUN place…..
    (Thanks, Hello…, for your infos on Went’s sisters, but I hope everybody cools down now. )

    Remember, WFW’s vengeful eye is watching us all and she’s cracking her whip!!!

  242. sueli

    I also think it’s funny, Hello, …, that you got so bent out of shape that we might think Miller cusses, yet you know him well enough to insult some of his most supportive fans. Thanks. I truly and sincerely do look forward to your next post as it’s been a slow week for posts at most other places and I’m kinda bored now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  243. ws

    sueli, i couldn’t agree more, this is highly entertaining…hello…you may be in the know but you shouldve taken a page out of the man’s book you allegedly know and stated it with a bit of dignity. Sure you may know the ages of Went’s sisters but how exactly is this even important. Whether we choose to believe OCee78 is our perogative just as it is to believe you and the *evidence* you have so kindly…provided.

  244. Fuushi

    I am kinda bored too.
    Is there REAL NEWS?? I`ll be satisfied, if he just drinks a coffee somewhere and I get a new pic to adore.
    @everyone online: If there are no new pics, could you pleeeeze bombard me/this homepage with your collections of pics, like youยดve done before. Like: the nicest pics of his hands … neckline … teasing smile …

  245. Sammy77

    @otkm: lol

    I wonder why s/he is not gonna post anymore, afraid were gonna ask you for any more proofs? haha jk!

  246. Sammy77

    @fuushi: hmmmmmmm neckline *said like homer*

  247. sueli

    Smoking: Very Bad
    The Look: Naughty

  248. otkm

    Sueli! You stole my pic!
    I love the naughty look (noticed the man kneeling at the back? What has he been doing to Went?)

    OK, Fuushi, as you requested, one of my faves of all times, which haunted my bedtime fantasies:

  249. Fuushi

    @suelli and otkm: gosh! *heart stops*
    Thanks so much! That pics really cheered me up!
    I am lost for words …
    … bedtime fantasies … *starts daydreaming*

  250. Fuushi

    Me again: How do you upload these links? I want to show you my fav pic

  251. Fuushi

    sorry for quatruple posting: itยดs this:
    maybe .. I canยดt deside!!:-( ๐Ÿ™‚

  252. otkm

    WOW, Fuushi! You have some that I don’t have!
    Can I pinch them?

  253. otkm

    Jeeezuss! You’ve got EVERYTHING!!!!

  254. otkm

    Fuushi, how can I work today when you show me this?

  255. bleuciel

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! Pictures!!! *golf claps* *more golf claps* My turn, my turn ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wow, his eyes! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Don’t you wish you were that bottle? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Just beautiful

  256. Fuushi

    @otkm: dito!

  257. bleuciel

    This site really hates my posts today ๐Ÿ˜ก
    Thank you for the lovely pics ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

  258. mee

    lovely sexi hot whatevaa.. mm;)

    u said: “A men’s gotta eat” – so I could cook for him xDD ๐Ÿ˜‰

  259. Kassie

    Oooh you naughty girls!! Thanks for all the beautiful pics! *swooning*

    @sueli: ‘the smoking pic’: I am SO glad he quit…*worries about that dear man doing anything that might harm him*

    @Hello. My name is… Are you Canadian? And wow, those Miller girls can fight! No wonder Went likes “kick-ass” women!

    @Chat’s Ghost 1/30 post: I thought you were a virgin, girl… Baby, you need to get laid! As do we all, which might be one of the reasons we lust after Perfection…

    @bleuciel: ‘It’s not like they asked him the name of the first girl he had sex with’. (Sooo much more interesting question than the name of his f**king dog!!!)Can someone find that girl and interview her??? And while you’re at it, how about the LAST girl he had sex with? We need details! Today I am in NO mood to give my darling his privacy…LOL

  260. Chat's Ghost

    @Kassie: technically, I am. But my mind isn’t. Where do I get the erotic ideas? Chick lit (mostly), movies, reference materials, people’s stories, own imagination + fueled by horniness unsatiated since my last incarnation

    Did you like that bit? One gets so mad with Wenthunger!

  261. Kassie

    @Chat’s Ghost: You should write more Wentworth erotica! That man is such a f**king muse…

    Can we please have some naked Went, or at least show a little bit of skin? I’m rather partial to his ears and his neck…among other things…

    12 steps are not working… Wentlust is too strong…LOL

  262. Chat's Ghost

    @Kassie: I can only provide words. For very good pics, the other Wentlusters do it sooo much better.

    Seriously, Kassie, I am wondering if I didn’t do Went a disservice by publishing such erotica. Because you are right. Went is such a great f**king muse; inspiring. (Btw, I am not aiming this next bit at you) And he is just that–a nice, beautiful man we adore. But not an object we can own. I hope that we continue to treat him as an individual with his own life, and that we give his family, his friends, especially his loves (awww!) some respect. Sorry, I just worry about that boy sometimes.

  263. Chat's Ghost

    @otkm: Thanks, luv!

    What I meant was this: I am worried that a few of his fans may go overly obsessive about him to the point of psychological unhealthiness (as in, do him some harm). That’s why it hit me afterwards that that bit of erotica may not be right. Maybe I should have made it funny.

    Anyway, at the risk of being laughed at by all of you bloggers/lurkers, maybe you can include him in your prayers? ๐Ÿ˜•

  264. Sammy77

    quoting otmk:
    “like in that radio interview when the host asked him:โ€ How does it feel to have all these women wanting to have sex with you without a condom?โ€ And he said it was great! ”

    actually he said -“whoa! easy!”…and then..awkward silence haha!!

  265. Kassie

    @otkm: Radio interview about “all these women wanting to have sex with you without a condom”??
    Link, please. And how in hell did that radio host know about me wanting to have sex with Went without a condom? (He never wears a condom in my fantasies…) LMFAO

    @Chat’s Ghost: Wentlust is a terrible sickness, affecting millions. I’m the one you should be worried about! LOL

    Yeah, there could be crazies out there. I think Went gets that and protects his friends and family by remaining low-key. But if he’s gonna stand around outside in public, showing off that cute ass, what are we supposed to do? He knows the effect he has on his fans… Has he no mercy???? LOL *whispering* Next time, Went, show more skin…

    This is why the women are covered up in some strict Muslim countries…to cut down on strangers lusting after them. We can fall on our knees with gratitude that, in the U.S., gorgeous hot men can appear in public and be photographed from behind…

  266. Chat's Ghost

    @Sammy77: awkward silence, huh? oooooh, my shy, sweet, dorky boy!

    @Kassie: thank you for the much needed humor!
    That sexy hip lean of his? I plan to make that into a tarp that I can hang in my room, by the door. I want to have some good luck charm to touch whenever I go in and out my room. (geez! what if, someday, i forgot that that is a cute ass and not holy water, and i end up touching it before genuflecting? Well, God will understand. After all, He created The Hawtness!)

  267. bleuciel

    ” ‘Whoa, easy!’ and then nervous laugh/awkward silence”

    LOL God, that was embarrassing! ๐Ÿ˜† What were they thinking asking him such a question? ๐Ÿ™„ It’s almost as embarrassing (and funny) as that female radio dj who thanked him for all the wonderful fantasies he has provided for her when going to bed ๐Ÿ˜† Jeeezzz!

  268. Sammy77

    I really dont know who to belive cos wasnt hello my name is the one who said that wm doesnt swear so i dont know

  269. raw

    I grew up in LA and have a ton of associations with classmates who became famous, but none I would consider friends. For the most part because their on-screen persona is so different than how they act in real life. Not really people I want to be around.

    A few notes: Strattons is a bar in westwood, well, at least it was. The 90210 cast used to hang there as well as ucla kids. Another note: for some of these people who are so concerned about their privacy, and keeping their association with Wentworth quiet, they sure do spend a ton of time writing comments on a site called (and this is not meant to be a slam to the creators, “wet for wentworth.” Seriously, if you were a friend would you hang out here? Maybe if you were suffering from an acute case of the “Look at Me’s.” Seriously, I don’t buy it.

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