Prison Break: Dirt Nap

Again, I didn’t see the whole ep (I know Went, I know); Shit got hectic, but you did so discuss!

Thanks for the caps dinamite!


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88 responses to “Prison Break: Dirt Nap

  1. fuushi

    Thanks for “discuss”! I am looking forward to reading, what U all think about that ep.
    I,personally, liked it. It was a lot better that the ones before. I like the way Michael and Alex were talking – funny and sarcastic! I totally fell (as always) for the look in his eyes, when he was suffering and thinking about Sammy´s death. *sigh* Don´t you wanna hug and comfort him? Do you think, that “killing” act, will change him? lol!

  2. Cat's Meow!

    LOVED THIS EPPI!!! The old Prison Break is BACK!!!

    Scoffy playing a trick on Sammie ends with Sammie taking a “dirt nap”!! Good, I couldn’t stand him anyway! Especially after he punched the angel boy in his perfectly precious head!

    Linc was sweet giving Sofia the Eiffel Tower key ring! Someone has a crush!

    Retchin Gretchin is a fucking BITCH screaming her ass off!!!

    Sucre “Sugar” is gonna blow that bitch to bits! Ha, ha!!!!

    T-bag up to his old self! Love him!

    Bellick still wearing those MC Hammer/Joey Buttafuco pants! He got himself some balls finally!!!

    Mahone is getting his act together and acting normal for once.

    Whistler is a fucking ungrateful, sneaky creep, cute but still a creep!

    Lots of action throughout the whole ep!

  3. Cat's Meow!

    Oh btw, I forgot to mention Scoffy feeling all remorseful about causing Sammie’s death! This was the first time he killed someone. And even though Sammie was a murdering, lowlife, scumbag, poor Scoffy still felt bad for killing him.

    OH I LOVE THAT MAN!!!! He’s so incredibly sweet & sexy!!!

    I don’t know who I love more, Scoffy or Went? hmmm, that’s a hard one cause they’re both so delectably irresistable!!! But if I had to choose, it would be Wenty cause he’s the real thing!

  4. bleuciel

    What I really want to know is this:
    Has Went been going to the gym lately??? Because I don’t think I’ve seen those muscles there before… Some of my friends thought that it was because of the shirt, which was tighter than the previous one, but I don’t know… Has he been working out and not telling us? 😉

    Hotter than usual (is that even possible? 😮 )

    *needs a drink*

  5. llychee

    Yeah, I loved MiMa! Glad to see Mahone got back on his feet, even though it was way too quickly, wasn’t it? Must be the magic of the coin… Whistler sucks like no other, I really can’t stand the guy and his lame fisherman story. Just shut up! Bellick in contrast was a cool chicken-footing champ, wooo! And then… Michael, hmm Michael, he was such a smart ass again, 5 steps in advance, yes that’s him. And nice new shirt. But why, oh why did he change it so secretly? Fuck the tattoo, at least they could have shown the double putting it on, better than nothing. But I won’t complain as long as they show that much hand porn… This was clearly not a double, because these hands are just unique!

  6. Snowflake

    Loved the episode!

    @ Cat’s Meow! completely agree with your
    summary! It’s good to have the old PB back!

    And MiMa is back as well WoooHooo
    Mahone’s comment to Whistler’s boring story, “Quit embarrassing yourself, we are not two chicks in a bar, you are trying to pick up…” then to Michael, “unless you want to hear this?” Michael shaking his head…, was priceless!!

  7. Aylla

    llyche, I totally agree with you that making Scoffy change his shirt without showing it to us was a crime against humanity ( at least its female part). And making us wait for 2 weeks for another episode is another.

  8. fuushi

    @snowflake: I totally agree!! First I was stunned and then I laughed my head off. That was soo cool.
    @bleuciel: Cheers! *pours herself a drink too” To our beloved, sexy …

  9. llychee

    Scoffy??? Help! THAT is a crime… Since I read it several times now, I wonder whether I missed something here? It sounds like a name for the chicken foot to me. Or is it Scoffy and Scarfy? Mr. Scofield, it seems your glorious days are over…

  10. Krissie

    Word @ llychee

  11. anon lower case

    Liked the ep!

    The Alex/Michael chemistry was back; I had dirty thoughts at Alex’s “we’re not two chicks you’re trying to chat up” (OMG THREESOME!!), Michael trying to get past Alex and Alex keeping him from it was RAWR, and then there was that delicious Alex-and-Michael-are-the-same-animal moment at the end.

    But most of all, I’m happy that calculating!sociopath!Michael is back; I missed him.

  12. bleuciel

    @llychee 10.14 am: you are so right!!! That is criminal! 😡 I would not be held responsible for my actions, I’m telling you… And then the PB suits are wondering why their numbers aren’t increasing. Well, doh 🙄

  13. I loved those sarcastic and mocking remarks: “I’ll do better next time.”, “I’m shocked.”, “What helicopter?”, “It actually starts to feel home.”, “And this is important to us how?”

    And Alex improvising some weapons for Michael out of debris…how sweet! Mahone did pretty well last episode considering the fact that he’s actually undergoing a drug withdrawal.

    ‘Till next week!

  14. bleuciel

    Sorry, my previous comment was referring to Aylla’s 9.48 am 😛

  15. MissMonkeysMommy

    I’m totally new here so I’m trying to catch up w/ you guys (& learn the lingo-I figured as long as we’re focused on the same prize~Wenty~, who cares what the lingo is!).
    But I LOVED this episode too. I’m terrible b/c I missed the entire last season (I have a lot of catching up to do!)…I agree, loved that Mahone was working with Michael, it was so sweet. And when he was remorseful after the Sammy incident (I wanted to hug & squeeze him too!) and Mahone came back to talk to him (since missing Season 2, this was such an “awww….” moment for me seeing Mahone being nice to him).
    And I couldn’t help but giggle when Linc gave Sofia the Eifel Tower key chain.
    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  16. Linds

    Hell Yeah!! THIS is the Prison Break I’ve come to know and love….now if only we could get WEnt to take off his shirt again, all would be right with the world. I agree with anon lower case – Mahone stole the show with the “quit embarassing yourself – we’re not two chicks you’re trying to pick up at a bar”. I also love how Michael’s all broody and Mahone tells him it never gets easier. Come to the dark side, Michael! We have cookies!

  17. Cat's Meow!

    What, you don’t like “Scoffy”? Oh lighten up, it’s just my pet name for the sexy Mr. Scofield! I think it’s cute! lol

  18. bleuciel

    @Linds: well, Went didn’t technically take his shirt off, but what a hell, I can live with a body double tattoo 😛

  19. anon lower case

    “And Alex improvising some weapons for Michael out of debris…how sweet!”

    LOL!! 😀

    But what did I hear? Two weeks until the next ep? Blah!

    “Come to the dark side, Michael! We have cookies!”

    Hehehe. I really missed sociopath!Michael – he can be so ruthless and calculating, but be so mesmerizing at the same time that people forget about it. *goes to bake cookies*

  20. bananne

    I really liked this one, too. Back to the good times. After the last epi I was a bit dispappointed and of course, they are rushing it, but I was still really happy after this one.
    The eiffel-tower-moment was just sweet and Mahone telling James off? Priceless. The new shirt they gave Michael suits him goooood and he looks simply hot anyways, but isn’t he a little “over-brooding”? And now, after Sammy, it’s not gonna be more cheerfull… Still, can’t wait, two more weeks…

  21. artgirl

    Finally another good episode. There is still things wrong about Panama in the show, slang, scenery, exct… The biggest thing that bugs me is the long sleeved shirts Went wears. When i’m in Panama in the winter, I wear tank tops and shorts, and I am still hot. I think I should write a complaint letter to the show. Maybe someone will hire me to tell them stuff about Panama, and I could stare at Went all the time. There should be a petition for Went to show more skin!

  22. shortstuff

    artgirl, im from panama, but i manage to overlook all the oversights (theres actually not too many.. but i dont live there so i could be missing some) but the long sleeve shirts are just unforgivable… at least give us some arms!! im sure i wont be the only one willing to sign your petition…

    and for the record I LOVED THIS EP! i cant believe we have to wait 2 weeks for the next one! damn you state of the union address!! *shaking fist* Just one more reason to hate Bush… not that i really needed another…

  23. Kassie

    @shortstuff: “Just one more reason to hate Bush…” Amen, baby. Why can’t he spew his drivel another time?

  24. bleuciel

    Please excuse my ignorance (I’m not American), but what is a “state of the union address”? And why is it so important that they have to postpone some shows? I notice that shortstuff said something about Bush… That’s President Bush or what?

  25. fuushi

    @Bleuciel: Yeah, I guess they were referring to President Bush. I don´t know, what the other stuff means either, I´m also not American. How many eps did air in your country yet?

  26. bleuciel

    @fuushi: 😳 I don’t watch it on TV 😀 Nobody actually does it 😆 (shhh, don’t tell anyone)

  27. otkm

    I don’t like PB3 and this last epi changed nothing. It’s so badly written that it borders on the ridiculous IMHO.
    But I delight in watching Went. Also Fitchner’s acting and sweet Nolasco and Vance’s physiques…

  28. fuushi

    @bleuciel: I was just confused, but I got your point ;-).
    It is not fair anyway, that in some countries season 3 is airing and some (theoretically) have to stick to season 2 .

  29. otkm

    Watch it online, Fuushi. That’s what many of us do.

  30. bleuciel

    @fuushi: or season 1, as I understand has just finished airing over here. I know, it’s not fair 😡 But what you gonna do if the networks are too cheap to invest in good-quality shows. They spend their cash on “the young and the bold” or whatever those crap shows are called 🙄

  31. fuushi

    you are both so right!
    Here, PB season1 got a lot of good critics even in “serious” newspapers, like: the most intelligent show on TV since the first days of colour TV. Interestingly, some networks, I guess the cheap ones like you say beuciel, argue, that you can´t bother the TV-watchers with having to remember what happened in the last eps to understand what is happening in the ep they are watching right know. They argue, that their customers are used to storylines that really finish after 42 minutes.
    Firstly: I can almost remember every word Went/Scofield spoke from ep1 s1 till now.
    Secondly, are they telling my, that all there customers are too stupid to stick to a storyline?
    I guess, I will stop watching TV at all and stick to your suggestion to watch online.
    *feels her boss watching her and needs to get back to work*

  32. bleuciel

    @fuushi: “I guess, I will stop watching TV at all and stick to your suggestion to watch online.”

    Welcome to the club! 🙂 I haven’t turned on my TV set in months! Why bother when everything you want is on the internet? :p And besides, the network channel that was airing the show had this very strange schedule: Monday nights at 11.30 pm, interrupted of course, by three 10-minute long commercial breaks. Wtf?!

    If you go to the “dark” side 😉 , you have the show forever and ever, and you can watch it anytime and as many times you want 😀

  33. fuushi

    the dark side is strong …
    poor little fushi longs for cookies

  34. fuushi

    uups… my blood glucosis level is so low, I can´t spell my name properly ….fuushi!!

  35. Chat's Ghost

    @bleuciel: where online do you watch the episodes? The network powers-that-be in my country have decided to repeat S3. That’s why I couldn’t post any comment on the epis. (whhhh…terribly Wenthungry)

  36. bleuciel

    @Chat’s Ghost: ok, maybe I was too evasive in my wording. I don’t watch PB online, I don’t even think I can do that in my country (that online thing is only for the US + Canada, right?). I download it from the internet 😉 Torrent sites. I know it’s a bad thing and all, but really, there’s no other option for me.

  37. artgirl

    @shortstuff- I don’t live in Panama but I go there all the time to visit family.

    @WFW-I think you should start a petition on this site to get Went to show some skin. It is important for the authenticity of the show 😉

  38. shortstuff

    @blueciel 5:15
    every year, the 3rd monday of january, the president gives a speech to the country and it is televised on all american stations…and thats why PB wont be on. im actually not american, but this is what my friend told me, so anyone please correct me if im wrong..

    @artgirl 6:13
    same for me.. i was born in panama, but i live in canada now and i go back to visit family frequently

  39. Otkm

    I knew we would get a rap on our knuckles for talking off topic! Like all good school·marms she has eyes behind her back…;-)

  40. MiMa was super hot! Not to mention Michael being all manpulative and evil and then feeling guilty…freakin’ hot!!!!!!!

    OTKM….u need to change your name again…

  41. Alison

    I should arrest him for being so damn hot!

  42. Cat's Meow!


    The world has lost a great talent and a good person, Heath Ledger. And guess what, his favorite show was “PRISON BREAK”!

    Check it out. Here’s the link:

  43. Anonymous

    Went hopes there will be no new love for Michael in PB now that Sara is dead, because it would be “disrespectful for the characters.” (Source TWop).
    “Disrespectful” is a word the scriptwriters don’t know, Went!

  44. bleuciel

    Well, fortunately or not (depending on how you want to look at it), I don’t think the show will go on more than a 4th season/sequel to the 3rd season. So there’s no time to replace Sara. IMO

  45. Kassie

    @Anonymous: As a devoted MiSa fanatic, I hope there will be no new love for Michael. It would be completely unrealistic given all that has taken place. IMHO the scriptwriters were both crazy and stupid for the way they wrote out the character of Sara…kind of like (to use an old cliche) killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

  46. Cat's Meow!


    I hear ya girl! And so does Went! He said in a recent interview that he was dismayed about the violence in Season 3 and that he missed SWC. He hopes they don’t give Michael another love interest because that would be disrespectful of both characters (Mike & Sara).

    It was a bad move to kill off the love interest of the main character/hero. Did Superman’s Lois Lane die? Did Spiderman’s MaryJane die? No to both. By killing Sara, they killed the best part of the story, IMO.

  47. MissMonkeysMommy

    I agree, I thought it was really weird of the writers to kill of Sara, I really liked her character and IMHO, they were really cute together (even on some interviews, they seem to have this playful bond)…and even though it’s not a ‘romance’ show, a little love wouldn’t hurt.

  48. fuushi

    Yeah, a little love won´t hurt.
    Or for being “disrespectful”: some skin. Yo know whose I´m thinking … dreaming of

  49. otkm

    Luscious flesh!!!

  50. otkm

    Paul Scheuring said he has a new idea for PB4. Well, it can’t be as good as mine.

    Picture it:
    Went escapes on that inflatable boat from the cooler and ends up on a nudist island full of escaped convicts.
    This would be great: we would keep the “prison theme” and all the female viewers would shut their clam and open wide their eyes…
    … and moan a little bit.

    Just imagine the ratings.

  51. otkm

    I’ve just finished reading this:
    ” US TV network ABC, is facing a $1-million fine for broadcasting an episode of Hill Street Blues that showed a woman’s buttocks ”
    American TV is unbelievably prudish. Bloody bunch of hypocrits.

    *sigh*. No nude Went, then…

  52. bleuciel

    Jesus Christ Allmighty!!!!! :O $1 million for showing something we can all see when walking the streets in the summer?! What’s wrong with those people? Anyhow… 🙄

    BTW, otkm I soooo love your idea about nekkid Went, but can you please make that only nekkid Went (and not a beach full of escaped convicts – I sooo do not want to see Bellick’s belly anymore :s ). And from time to time Sucre, Linc and Whistler can drop by, what a hell 😀

  53. Chat's Ghost

    Campaign for Armani to use Went in his ads, then.

  54. bleuciel

    Hell, as long as they’re replacing David Beckham 🙄 *huge yawn*, I’m gonna be happy with just about anybody. Of course, Went would be “the most perfect”, so to speak 😀

  55. Chat's Ghost

    Awww, blueciel. don’t put Beckham down. He’s a fan of PB, I hear.

  56. bleuciel

    So is Novak Djokovic (tennis player), but I still hate him 😐

  57. Chat's Ghost

    oh, ok. accepted. (I’m not fond of tennis, i’m afraid, so I don’t know this Novak.)

  58. fuushi

    IMO Went would be the perfect Armani Model: Tall, intelligent, beautiful and sexy in a very sophisticated way.That´s what Armani stands for. And that´s why I admire Went.

  59. bleuciel

    @fuushi: then why did Armani hire Beckham? 😈

  60. fuushi

    I don´t know. Maybe he got old …
    I will hand over a petition next time I´m in Italy 😉
    But I am positive, that Went will be the next super-Armani-Model. Beckhams star is fading, Went’s ist still rising.

  61. Chat's Ghost

    @fuushi: *falls on my knees and bows repeatedly to the Great Fuushi*

  62. Chat's Ghost

    Lord, if Went isn’t photographed soon or makes news (sorry, Went dear–am Wenthungry), I’ll be reduced to describing that delicious backside…

  63. bleuciel

    Yeah, isn’t he going to Starbucks or something? LOL

  64. fuushi

    Yeah, I totally need Went-news, too. Just SOMETHING!!
    Describing his delicious backside is unfortunatelly no option for me because I am at work, when I visit you/ When I think about his backside, my eyes sort of slide out of focus and I start to drool…
    and my boss (=my mum) gets suspicious ;-(

  65. Aylla

    @ Chat’s Ghost & blueciel: Well, ladies- a man has got to eat (and drink). So let’s keep our fingers crossed. LOL
    As for Armani modelling- Went is definitely a perfect choice. Do I need to explain why? … No.

  66. Cat's Meow!

    Someone on another site said her neice works at the Larchmont Starbucks and she sees Went all the time! He comes in all alone, either on the phone or with his I-pod. The neice is 16 years old and thinks Went is “an old man”. She prefers Justin Timberlake! But she does say that Went is shy, polite and friendly, and a complete gentleman! And he has an amazing smile and incredible eyes! He gives his name as “Went”, but she never calls out his name when his order is ready so that he doesn’t get noticed. He usually waits at the end of the counter and she hands him his drink. She said he seems appreciative of her doing this. She mentioned to him that her aunt is a big fan and loves the show, and he told her to thank his aunt for watching!

    Fuck a Caribbean cruise!!! The next time I take a vacation will be in Larchmont, California so I can stake out the Starbucks for a sighting and hopefully an ENCOUNTER with Wentworth!

    I can just imagine me trying to explain this vacation to my friends:

    Friends to Cat: Oh, where did you go on vacation this Spring?

    Cat: I went to Larchmont, California!


    Cat: Oh, uh, um…. I heard there was a good Starbucks there!

    Friends: WHAT THE FUCK???!!!


  67. fuushi

    *searching the internet for flights to California*

  68. Aylla

    **a new employment plan- get a job at Larchmont Starbucks**

  69. bleuciel

    Aylla, great minds think alike! LOL Oh, fuck the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degrees. I wanna work at Larchmont Starbucks!

    Maybe then I can slip some roofies in his coffee 😉 But I don’t know how much it will work on a man 😆

  70. Notthedoctor


  71. MissMonkeysMommy

    Ooh…*ponders how I can talk hubby into watching Miss Monkey while I hop on the next flight across country to Larchmont, CA to stand next to Cat’s Meow, Fuushi, Aylla & Bleuciel at Starbucks!*
    I was so hoping for glitch and they’d play an episode today…sigh…

  72. Chat's Ghost

    Young or old, I’ll take Went anytime and everytime.
    *coughs, coughs* I think we’re being reminded that we’ve gone off topic again….Back to “Dirt Nap”: someone describe–uh–decribe—well, how hot were MiMa?

  73. otkm

    MissMonkeysMommy, are you the sadly missed MamaBear??

  74. Anonymous

    No, sorry…I’ve read some past posts from the ever funny MamaBear, but I’m not her. I’m just a newbie Went fan (and addict of WFW fan!)from the east coast.

  75. MissMonkeysMommy

    Sorry, wasn’t logged on. Above comment was moi.

  76. shortstuff

    @ cat’s meow 7:42

    you’ve stolen the dream right out of my head…

    *fan-girly sigh*

  77. Anonymous

    Cat’sMeow, where did you read about the Starbucks girl who knows Went?

  78. Rose

    Jesus Christ!

  79. Cat's Meow!


    I saw it on another WM site. The poster’s 16 year old neice works at the Larchmont Starbucks. She sees Went (not the poster) when he comes in for his fraps. The neice, though not a fan, admits that Went is all the great things we know him to be! BTW, he usually uses a credit card to pay (for anyone who’s interested in that little piece of information). hee, hee!

  80. Cat's Meow!


    Also, the neice says Went is quiet, but very nice and very sweet natured, and he has killer eyes!

    I’ll update you when I find out more!

  81. otkm

    Come on,Cat’s Meow, post us the link!
    Don’t be selfish, Sistah!


  82. Cat's Meow!


    I’m trying sistah, but it won’t let me post!

  83. bleuciel

    Well, maybe you can write the name of the site without the link… 🙂

  84. Kassie

    Just wondering how it is that the Larchmont Starbucks is not completely besieged by drooling Wentfans? It seems like it would have as long a line as a popular ride at Disneyland…

    *trying to figure out a plausible excuse to ditch the husband and children in LA this summer and sneak off to Larchmont (for a few days)* LOL

    Is this off topic, WFW? Well, if we don’t get more wentnews soon, I’ll be taking a dirt nap! (Not to put any pressure on you…LOL)

  85. Anonymous

    Kassie – don’t worry about ditching the kids, I treated mine to a Starbucks coffee every morning ( the Larchmont one obviously) when we were in LA last summer on holiday. We also went to the Arclight cinema (another haunt of his) for a film and several other stops in Wentyland.

    They understand my WM affliction and didn’t kick up too much of a fuss…….

    I kinda justified it by knowing he was filming in Dallas at the time and therefore it wasn’t actually stalking …right?

  86. Why can’t the next episode come on faster! I’ve been dying of the wait to watch the Hottest Guy Ever!!! (A.K.A. Wentworth Miller) on the screan, again. It’s not fair! Why make us wait! After all we’re the excited viewers wanting to watch the Sexy Model on the screan! Although, I wish I were on the crew. At least they know Wentworth Miller in person! Lucky Bitches!!!

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