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Days of our Wentworth

Like ice in a Frappuccino, these are the Days of our Wentworth…

Hi. I’m Wentworth Miller and today I’m going to get a haircut. The barber is within walking distance so I, and my wrinkled shirt, have decided to take a walk.

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Prison Break: Under & Out

Well well well, the title alone implies that they will, in fact, this time, get out…but Noooooooooo

I’d like to have this under and out

And then under and out, under in and out, under over and out…

Thanks for the cap dinamite!


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The Return of the Interview

I will not even attempt to count the days/weeks/months it’s been since we got any new info about Went; I’ll just post what’s available now.

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Happy Black History Month

It being Black History Month (The calendar’s shortest month has an added day this year) and all, I would like to take some time out to highlight Wentworth Miller’s blackness. Yup folks, he’s black; We have pics of his family to prove it! Look! Here’s one right here!

But seriously folks, maybe it’s the joint I just smoked, maybe it’s the music playing, maybe I’ve just snapped but I feel that it is my right, as a black woman, to put my god damned foot down. Today, I’m taking the blog back.

Repeatedly I have told certain people to stop all the damn chit-chatting in the comments section but it has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe it’s because I got bored and walked away from the blog for a while, maybe it’s because I didn’t immediately do anything about it, maybe it’s because your inane, unfunny, annoying ass comments are the reason I don’t even read my own fucking blog anymore, whatever the reason, you feel I am to be ignored and that is your right, but it’s also my right, as a black woman, since it is Black History Month, to ban your motherfucking ass.

That’s right, the day has come that I shall be banning some of you forever. It’s been…NOT fun and if I ever want to find my creative juices again or just not want to die, you must go. From now on, if I say something and you don’t listen (yup, I sound just like yo momma) or if you get on my nerves, or hell, if I just plain don’t like you, I’m going to use my little ban button (BAN!) and gone you’ll be! That’s right, I’m a mutherfuckin tyrant up in here; I have fucking had it and so has everyone who IM’d, emailed, texted, and called me begging me to ban you.

So if you find you can no longer comment, yes, this means you. For those of you that know damn well you’ve been showing off but are still able to comment, you have been mercifully granted another chance; not that you deserve it, but don’t piss me off. Oh and don’t send me any emails kissing my ass: I have men that do that for me. Peace out.

P.S. Where is Went?


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