Happy Black History Month

It being Black History Month (The calendar’s shortest month has an added day this year) and all, I would like to take some time out to highlight Wentworth Miller’s blackness. Yup folks, he’s black; We have pics of his family to prove it! Look! Here’s one right here!

But seriously folks, maybe it’s the joint I just smoked, maybe it’s the music playing, maybe I’ve just snapped but I feel that it is my right, as a black woman, to put my god damned foot down. Today, I’m taking the blog back.

Repeatedly I have told certain people to stop all the damn chit-chatting in the comments section but it has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe it’s because I got bored and walked away from the blog for a while, maybe it’s because I didn’t immediately do anything about it, maybe it’s because your inane, unfunny, annoying ass comments are the reason I don’t even read my own fucking blog anymore, whatever the reason, you feel I am to be ignored and that is your right, but it’s also my right, as a black woman, since it is Black History Month, to ban your motherfucking ass.

That’s right, the day has come that I shall be banning some of you forever. It’s been…NOT fun and if I ever want to find my creative juices again or just not want to die, you must go. From now on, if I say something and you don’t listen (yup, I sound just like yo momma) or if you get on my nerves, or hell, if I just plain don’t like you, I’m going to use my little ban button (BAN!) and gone you’ll be! That’s right, I’m a mutherfuckin tyrant up in here; I have fucking had it and so has everyone who IM’d, emailed, texted, and called me begging me to ban you.

So if you find you can no longer comment, yes, this means you. For those of you that know damn well you’ve been showing off but are still able to comment, you have been mercifully granted another chance; not that you deserve it, but don’t piss me off. Oh and don’t send me any emails kissing my ass: I have men that do that for me. Peace out.

P.S. Where is Went?


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40 responses to “Happy Black History Month

  1. fuushi

    I am not black,but I agree. with WFW and Krissie.

  2. Van

    I am glad you let it all out.
    I like that you go straight to the matter.
    I want to continue being part of this blog in the same way that this blog is part of me, in so many ways.
    Once again thank you.

  3. Good for you WFW – say it like it is. And I wish I knew where Went was!

  4. bananne

    I value honesty a lot as well and for me it would be a shame if some people spoil your (and thus our) enjoyment of this blog.
    I (mostly) lurk in for almost a year now and it made my day so many days!

    I hope your juices still start flowing again like they used to and you will enjoy it even more!!
    Hurray to you taking over again! 🙂

  5. bananne

    will start not still, sorry

  6. shelley

    Hot damn!! WFW is back *wipes tear from eye*-thank you!

  7. Kassie

    Love those pics of Went’s family!

  8. Jedi

    The Mistress is back!! We love you WFW!!

  9. sahra

    bout bloody time…..get creative again WFW I have missed those creative went poems ….

    P.S. I’ve looked under all the rocks, left not stone unturned and I can’t bloody well find Went either!!!

  10. Oh thank motherfucking God. The tards are gone. Now we can bring back the funny…

    Y’know, I may be a J-Squared whore now, but “Wentworf” will always have a place in my panties…

    Holla fo’ a dolla!

  11. Dannie

    Thank god, it wasn’t funny anymore.

  12. miz brisvegas

    Whuh – wait, Went’s black??? Kidding! Kidding!

    Wow, his background is quite impressive. Nice work, unkut!

    And thanks for taking a stand, WFW.

  13. Erika

    WFW+Fierce = HOT!!! Happy Black History Month to all my mocha, chocolate and caramel people… and if you are vanilla then celebrate Went’s blackness.

  14. Good for you…and us!!!! Lately I wanted to fucking scream everytime I read those insane and completely off topic comments….finally…I can breathe again…

    Where is Went? U mean, he’s not with you?

  15. mia

    i m so glad you are back wfw ,this blog is one of the few things i come on the net for.

  16. Anonymous

    wellcome back wfw.you go missing and so does all the fun. so so boreing when your not around.xx

  17. SavMed

    Krissie someone should be sitting in that lap. IMHO

    Yay, I’m not banned! lalalalalalalalala But this just might get me banned.

  18. ilurvemv

    Huh. I go away for a while because of real life and because I quit watching Prison Break and it looks like I missed something. Erm, no idea what that missed something is, but good luck getting your creative groove back, WFW!

  19. LadyN


    like i said…The weed does miracles…lovely miracles!

    Love Peace and Hair Grease! 😉

  20. su






  21. su

    P.S Is there place in your poanties for me too AJ?

    And where’s Went? I think we established that….


    Link me Lover?






  22. BB

    Yayyy she’s back ….*heres hoping i can post*

    bubye loooosers……

  23. niknak

    Yay! Now I can start reading the comments again!

    Solidarity Sistah!

  24. Juma


    Thank’s WFW!

  25. anon lower case

    So… no more gay debate either? Awww, that place was the most fun. Particularly when people got into the bisexuality-doesn’t-exist mode (*cough Cynthia Nixon cough*).

  26. Mink

    Bwahahahaha!!! Phew! Now I can start reading this mothafucking blog again! Love you, WFW. *smooches*

  27. cocot13

    Damn, what has being going on up in here??????




    ‘sup girl?!!

  29. ws

    Wentlust is truly not the same without you w4w

  30. LMAO!!!!

    Be my mama WFW!!!!!

  31. Notthedoctor

    I have no idea what was going on and who was banned but people and you (most importantly) seem to be happy now.
    I have to say : what were you waiting for?!

    BAN! away lady, it’s your blog for ROCKS’ sake!

    Back to work!


  32. Kassie

    It being Black History Month, yes, celebrate that sweet streak of dark chocolate that runs through the man like a vein of gold.

    Wentworth, do not let those fine genes lie fallow! Honor your ancestry! The human species cries out for more of your kind !!

  33. Anonymous

    i love you woman. *hugs wfw and never lets go*

  34. shortstuff

    ^^oops, that was me..

  35. alina

    Welcome back WFW!

    This blog always makes my day, makes me laugh, gets me in a happy mood…. now with you back and taking control it’s even better ;;)

    aaaaaaaa…. what the hell……I love it! 😀

  36. Mama Bear

    I would’ve commented earlier, but I was banned.

    Word to your mother, WFW. I miss you.

  37. sueli

    Happy Black History Month, WFW and everyone.

    [I always think of Chris Rock’s “Nat X” BHM skit.]

    May your muse return and your blog not become a form of work/torture. That can be so disheartening.

    *heads back to lurking*

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