The Return of the Interview

I will not even attempt to count the days/weeks/months it’s been since we got any new info about Went; I’ll just post what’s available now.

The first is a translation of bits of a Dutch interview. Thanks baaca!

The question that is on everybody’s mind: Do you like girls or do you like boys?
First: They can gossip about it all they want, I won’t respond to it anymore, not because it makes me angry but because I already have stated that I don’t like boys. Apparently a lot of people refuse to believe that. I know how the rumours got started. I’m not the kind of guy who ‘scores’ every weekend. I’m a romantic; I don’t do one night stands. And then he goes on about wanting a family and people can fantasise all the want as long as they keep watching PB – (sigh).

You’ve got two sisters, aren’t they being harassed daily by girlfriends who want to date you?
Ha ha, you should ask them. I don’t think their friends would even think of trying something, because both Gillian and Leigh are very down-to-earth just like me. Thank God they never thought about setting me up for date. Of course they like having a famous brother, but that’s it. I still get treated the same way I used too, which means that if by chance we are all together, I’m still in trouble when it comes to who is going to do the dishes.

He mentioned that he still sings…but only in the shower…(yeah, I know, Wentworth in the shower – singing…)

In PB several characters are struggling with addictions. In RL do you have any addictions?
I smoked for ten years, but quit a few month ago. I started noticing that I had to cough and my respiratory system was becoming irritated. Quitting wasn’t easy, but I’m still managing fine. I just have to concentrate on something else. My phone bill has never been so high.

Many people call you an acting talent. Is there something you can’t do?
Well according to my friends I’m a disaster in the kitchen. I don’t know if you know her, but even Susan Meyer from Desperate Housewives can cook better than me. My friends always disagree whenever I think that my spaghetti dish turned out all right.

So what have we learned? He likes pussy, he sings in the shower, he talks on the phone a lot (and yet, strangely, he still hasn’t called me), he can’t cook…Did I mention he likes pussy? That’s hot…

The second was brought to Church by brooke; Thanks!

On the set of Prison Break from Dallas Wentworth told me with excitement in his eyes that he plans to visit Israel during this Christmas holiday. Miller told me this because in our last two meetings I begged him to cancel his trip to Australia (last year), and the trip he took two years ago, and to come to Israel, but it was more important to Miller to visit his family and to do a “search himself” trip rather than to come to Israel.

This year my effort of information bears fruit because Miller is coming to Israel.

Miller tells me with excitement in his voice “I want to travel all over Israel, to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem and to meet people like me.”

It’s easy to forget that Miller is an actor and not a prisoner because he’s best known as Michael Scofield. Maybe that is the reason why he gets so many job offers to play a prisoner, a convict or head of a crime organization. That is proof to Miller that he’s buried in a type cast that he made for himself. “Most of the screenplays that I get they want me to play a roll that I don’t want to do,” he tells me in one of his breaks between shoots.

The shooting of the show is so boring, the mood on the set is totally professional, there is no room for a diva on the set. The option to act like a diva is non-existent with the actors. The shooting is exhausting, there is no time for anything else,” Miller explains to me.

The interviewer: Is it difficult to ignore all the fans that chase you?

WM: The hardest thing is to protect my image, I’m amazed how many false interviews and misleading information there is about me on the internet, my identity fabricated completely, people making up stories about me, at best it’s ridiculous; it’s sad and human at the same time. I don’t want to be a part of it. There are fans that I like to keep in touch with because they love the show, but everyone that seeks me for gossip won’t find it.

Interviewer: What do you do with the paparazzi?

WM: I don’t like it, but I ignore them. I do what my parents told me to do: Treat them with respect; sometimes the photographers make everything more difficult.

The interviewer: Are you using the advantage of your success like for free clothes?

WM: I have a problem with things that you get for free. If it’s a little thing it’s OK, but, if I go to my dressing room and it’s full with things that I got from a fashion company I have a problem with it. I have a nice salary that allows me to buy those clothes, so I feel that it is immoral. I look at my watch and I remember how much it cost me, and how many days I worked to be able to buy it so because of that it has a true value to me.

The interviewer: You go to an opening or to a club sometimes?

WM: Yes, but I do the bare necessary that’s expected of me. I think that an actor should keep a little mystery.

The interviewer: You’ve thought of a life after Prison Break?

WM: No, the show is an international hit and it’s opened a lot of doors for me but I feel that it’s too soon for me to get the lead roll; I prefer to get secondary rolls beside actors like Denzel Washington or Meryl Streep where I could learn from them.

The interviewer: But with you “missing the train”, after PB no one will pursue you!

WM: Yes, I can see the catch, but I shoot PB 10 months a year and in the 2 months that I’m not shooting I prefer to rest, and I haven’t found a script yet that is worth wasting my vacation on.

Miller doesn’t lie, his schedule is crazy; he’s got 4 assistants (one of them is writing you the thank you notes). Miller wants to see every tourist site that Israel has to offer.

So, you’re not getting offered the kinds of roles you want to do huh? Prisoner? Yeah, it’s been done, although the head of a crime organization would technically be different so you have my permission to do that one, as long as it doesn’t suck. Who are these fans you’re keeping in touch with so I can kill them?  Only fans of the show get love?  How about fans that will follow you to whatever show you happen to be doing at the time?  Oh and you do as little appearing as possible?  You don’t say…Free shit is nice, enjoy it while it lasts and I never thought you were a diva, if there’s anything you aren’t, it’s difficult.  Say what?


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63 responses to “The Return of the Interview

  1. BB

    *SIGH* He’s a romantic, who doesn’t do 1 night stands…. I love him. Now I should really take a leaf out of his book….

  2. Krissie

    he’s got 4 assistants (one of them is writing you the thank you notes)

    Aaah but the question is who writes ROCK… LOVE… notes?

  3. Linds

    WAIT A MINUTE??? Wentworth Miller as crime boss?? *heart racing* The mere thought excites me enough to make me have to pee!!!

  4. artgirl

    I’m so happy to have him say he’s a romantic. 🙂

    Does anybody know how to find out if an autograph is by an assistant or him? Mine has the same writing style as WFW. I’m hoping it was done by him.

  5. artgirl

    I just looked on ebay and there was 3 different types of signatures. It was the W that obviously was different.

  6. Dear Wentworth…Don’t worry about your problems into the kitchen, I could cook for you whenever you want, just call me. :mrgreen:

  7. bleuciel

    What’s up with the “4 assistants” stuff? Is that for real? Seriously now, who in this world needs 4 assistants?! 🙄 I understand 1, even 2, but 4? What do they do exactly? And more importantly, does he need a 5th? 😀

  8. miz brisvegas

    The best part was when he re-affirmed he likes pussy.

    *stage whispers* Psssst, there’s a sweet kitty right here where I’m sitting, Went.

  9. Mercy

    I’m ambivalent about the fact he says he chooses to wait for supporting roles with the likes of Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington. Yes, this is the 2nd time I’ve heard that Meryl Streep comment.

    The last time he was in a ‘supporting role’ with the likes of Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins, the movie tanked. Now, Went, I know you are capable of delivering Oscar-worthy minimalist performances, but there’s nothing wrong in taking an action or a horror movie to build up your name.

    Even Nicole did a horror movie, and it was pretty good. (‘The Others’.)

    And we all know a lot of people build up their names by being action stars at first, namely Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock etc. It’s a good career move to build up your name THEN get the roles you really want a.k.a Heath Ledger.

    And yes, we know you are being offered a lot of movie scripts in the action and horror vein, Went, because you said so.

    Sorry, just had to vent.

  10. Kassie

    “Only fans of the show get love? What about fans that will follow you to whatever show you happen to be doing at the time?”

    Word, babe! You tell him!!!! …er, ask him…

  11. Bellaxx

    @ miz brisvegas: hahah i have to agree that was the best part! he just seems so nice and genuine

  12. I would just like to say:

    1. I cook

    2. I will make your fine ass do dishes


    3. I have a pussy.

    Got Nic?

  13. LadyN

    I get him.

    I understand why hes so “eww” about certain things.
    He ain’t into them, ok whatevs, that’s fine…love him all the more for it…

    …but brotha…*shaking head* take what you get. At the end of the day even the psycho bitch fans that want to harm you are still fans that will pay whatever price to see your “supporting roles.”

    Now, I think I deserve a “Thank you” letter for that dammit!

  14. LadyN

    p.s. We’d sound lovely in harmony in that shower together sugar…halleiluyah, halleiluyah, halleiluyah! 😉

  15. Erika

    Skip-Skip-Skip to my room!…and write a 10 page letter about how much I love Prison Break.

  16. ws

    My heart melts from pure bliss. Oh Wentworth, your gorgeous human, marry me already!

  17. Kassie

    I’ll pay big $$$ to see the rolls that support him
    when he’s sitting down…
    (aka his buns, butt, ass, what have you… LOL)

    Went, be a realist and take some lame-0 role, just so we can see you, OK? You ain’t an actor if you ain’t got a gig…

  18. Bel

    This is why I love this man. No bullshitting. And no using words like bullshitting.

  19. Juma

    I already knew he was perfect but now I am sure!!
    A romantic that even do the dishes…*sigh* I couldn’t ask for anything else!

  20. Aylla

    Dear Went,
    I don’t cook and neither do you- so we won’t have any dishes to do! Bright future ahead of us. Feel free to call any time:)

  21. fuushi

    hi! I just found a new interview!! Check out this link:
    The line below the pic means: “Wentworth Miller is Americas new sex-good. Brad Pit was yesterday.”
    (I agree :love:)
    The second paragraph: “Well, well, to get this job a lot of people would kill. A delicate girl is at the Prison Break Set is lost in rubbing dirt into Wentworth Millers pair of jeans. … She takes her time, as Wentworth Miller HIMSELF is IN THEM …”

  22. Alison

    I love that he says he’s romantic, and of course I love him too. I’m just crazy about him!! And of course it’s really great that he is not into boys. I just can’t understand why people can’t leave him alone, they just keep saying that he’s gay what he is so NOT!

  23. art girl

    @Fuushi-It doesn’t work! I don’t see Went at this site, also it’s not in English.

  24. cocot13

    Well, I guess I’m going to have to start believing what he says again.

  25. “WM: No, the show is an international hit and it’s opened a lot of doors for me but I feel that it’s too soon for me to get the lead roll; I prefer to get secondary rolls beside actors like Denzel Washington or Meryl Streep where I could learn from them.

    Pffft…Whatever. Show us your boobs!!!

    Oh, and apparently he likes pussy, now? Hm…

    *looks down*


  26. Notthedoctor

    LMAO@Nicky Love!

    “Went and The Pussies” that would make for a great film title.

    ROCK LOVE & …

    Yeah baby!

  27. Kassie

    Music video producers take note: Wentworth Miller, singing in the shower…there’s a hit video for sure!! Somebody, please do it…Brett Ratner, are you listening?

  28. Chat's Ghost

    @Kassie: Maybe they can do this “singing in the shower” in Prison Break S3 or S4–except that WM would be under a meager waterfall or in the sea? Hell, let’s have all the soon-to-escape PB guys taking a bath in the sea.

  29. Chainjix

    I checked the link mentioned above – article was moved, now it is here.
    Sorry, it’s still in german. But the title is international, so to say.

  30. fuushi

    Thanks to Chainjix! I didn´t know that they moved the link. Sorry! I am working on a translation. 🙂

  31. Chainjix

    I am not German, so this is a very approximate translation, but I did what I could. Enjoy! 🙂

    Women like his vulnerability, men would like to be as cool as he: Wentworth Miller, star of the US series “Prison Break”. The story of a man who lets himself to be imprisoned to free his brother is currently the exciting thing on German television.

    Oh, oh, for this job hundreds of thousands would kill! A delicate young woman during the shooting of “Prison Break” is wrapped in work, rubbing Wentworth Miller jeans from top to bottom with dirt. Here is another spot, a streak there: she takes here time, after all Miller himself is in the jeans. And the star of the American prison outbreak series also in reality looks so criminally good as on TV. In an American online survey Wentworth Miller, 35, was voted the “hottest guy of all time”, and left behind him such long-time fixed erotic Hollywood grands like Brad Pitt, Paul Newman or Marlon Brando. When he’s spoken to about this honor, Miller wrinkles his lips , not entirely innocent of his position in the top, and snorts so incredulous, as if he could not believe it when someone revered him as Sexgod.

    I took the liberty to try and translate it myself.

    This is what I managed to make of it. When fuushi does it, feel free to read a better version 🙂

  32. fuushi

    @chainjix: Very good!
    I did the rest of the interview. I apologize in advance, that it took so much time and that it is not perfect. I tried to be as close to the original script as possible. I couldn´t really translate the emotions and the wordplays Ms Weingarten used in her article. I am quite sure, she is really in love with Went 🙂
    So here we go:
    Wentworth Miller – America`s new sex-god
    by Susanne Weingarten

    Wentworth Miller is America´s new sex-god. Brad Pitt was yesterday.

    Women like his vulnerability, men would like to be as cool as him: Wentworth Miller, star of US-serial „Prison Break“. The story about a man, who gets himself thrown into prison, to free his detained brother, is the most fascinating (story) in German TV.

    Well, well, for this job hundred-thousand (people) would scramble/kill for! A delicate young girl at the set of „Prison Break“ is lost in rubbing dirt onto Wentwort Miller´s jeans. Here a blotch, a smear of dust there: She takes her time, as Miller himself is in the jeans. And the star of the prison break serial looks in reality as criminally good as on TV. Wentworth Miller, was voted „hottest man of all times“ in an online poll, and this a lot ahead of erotic hollywood giants like Brad Pit, Paul Newman and Marlon Brando. Asked about this glory, he purses his lips, lips, which are not quite innocent for this position, and snorts disbelievingly, as if he couldn´t believe, that anybody could possibly adore him as a sex-god.
    Then he quickly adds a well-behaved flowery phrase, that he has „some loyal fans“. Well said, und in recent times there were added a lot (of fans), because from Finland, Korea to Germany, where second season of „prison break“ is airing, the newcomer with the stoically compressed eyes doesn´t miss this impact. Women like his vulnerability, which is sensed in this tall, secretive boy, gays like his trained 1,90m-body and hetero men like the imagination, they could be the same cool, calculated hero that he is. Thats about how his impact divides (among people). He is the gender idol of the new millenium: a real man to/for men, in the same time a man, who women would like to save.
    (Then she talks about the set in Texas). …

    „When I took the role, it was just a paycheck for me“
    (Now she explains the concept of PB)…
    By now, it is close to midnight und his jeans are considerably more dirty than the hours before. But by now, he has truely been wallowing in the dirt. The crew of prison break has been filming the escape from Sona. Crawling through getaway tunnels, on the stomach under army-trucks and hiding from grim guards is not the kind of career, that Wentworth´s parents had imagined for their son. He grew up in a liberal household of academics in New York (City), where „the emphasis was on good education and achievement“. He was wanted to become a lawyer, doctor or a professor. He can´t deny the burgeoise/plain background at all. He is polite and thoughtful, he talks with a cultivated timbre, his analysises of the show could be handed in as a uni-assignement. He is nearly as much a nerd/eccentricas Michael, head-controlled and inapproachable. Among the, well, earthy people in TV-world, Miller is as alien as his character among the other prisoners. „I often have to ask, what the words that he uses, mean“ Brad moans, who doubles him at rehearsals.
    Having just made his final exams at Ivy-League-Uni Princeton, he left his promising way and went to LA. For him it is a „relief to stand in front of the camera, a redemtion from the controlled every day life“, he says. „Each and everyone wants to kick over the traces but only a few find an arena where they can do so.“ But it took some time til the intelligent Beau got the right roles…
    (Now she describes the human stain story and set)… He plays an light coloured Afroamerican who pretends to be white for his whole life. „I absolutely knew, against what he was rebelling“ says Miller, „it were the stereotypes he had to face as a black (person).“ In prison break he plays a white person, „and until now, no one has said anything, that I am from a mixed background“. Totally revolutioary for Hollywood. Does he feel like a pioneer? „Maybe“ Miller says cautionessly „we are all pegged as someone, we want to break away/free from.“ And this is a lot more difficult than breaking out of TV-prisons.

  33. Chat's Ghost

    It would be really nice to see Wentworth Miller in a very good drama about race and bigotry (or anything that has something to do with prejudice) or redemption. He will make a terrific Lucifer, too–conflicted and beautiful. I’m not sure I want to see him as the Anti-Christ in a remake of “The Omen”, though.

    Musical? A TV remake of “Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat” (as Joseph, WM’s innocence and vulnerability will work) and “South Pacific” (as Lt. John Gable); a film or TV version of “Miss Saigon” (as Chris).

    @Chainjix and fuushi: thanks for the translations.

  34. miz brisvegas

    Awwwww, shit!

    Seems like the ‘tards are back.

    Fucking dumb shits.

  35. Mink

    I prefer to get secondary rolls beside actors like Denzel Washington or Meryl Streep where I could learn from them.“

    Pffft…Whatever. Show us your boobs!!!

    Bwahahahaha! I’d say, ‘Show us your tits!’ but same diff. I ❤ you, AJ.

  36. Right back atcha, Mink. And just so ya know, I considered saying “tits,” but thought that it might be a bit crass 😉 *snort*

    *skipping off humming, and contemplating making a “Princeton Boys Gone Wild Documentary” featuring ” Princeton college grads with their own hit TV shows, who do coffee bean ads and ill-fitting clothing campaigns to pay the bills on their off-time rather than keeping their fans entertained by starring in a major motion picture of any sort no matter how seemingly unintelligent the plot may be.”*

    I smell victory…and victory smells like Wentworth Miller starring in a movie… ANY movie…

  37. Chat's Ghost

    Advertising companies: Went can sing in the shower for any soap commercial (i.e., Dial?).

    If someone ever convinces him to record a song, I hope he’ll consider “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal. I was listening to it last night and I thought that Went’s voice would go well with it.

  38. Van

    Oh my what an interview.
    Thanks WFW!
    And we always find out something new about this fine gentleman 😆
    Mama would do the dishes for you!

  39. Dani

    He likes PUSSY ~~~~~~ !!!

    Again folks: he said PUSSY ~~~~ if you don’t accept it – EAT IT !

    (yeeeaaaaaaaah baby!!!!!!!!!!)

    wahooooo !

  40. Dani

    Today, I fell in love with Wentperfection, all over again…

    The man is a pure knockout **

    and I need to go rub somethin’………>

  41. alina

    @ Dani : “The man is a pure knockout **”

    Totally agree 😀

    and I’ve been knockout since day 1 i saw him *rolls eyes and falls on the floor*

  42. alina

    thanks soooo so much for the new interviews :*

    *falling on the floor again … dammit i just got up*

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  44. Mama Bear

    Went’s not into one night stands, eh? Well, he obviously just doesn’t understand how romantic a proper wall job in a cool, dark alley can be.


  45. Kassie

    @MB: Word, lady!

    OK, so no one night stands. How about a long weekend…………..?? 😉

  46. sueli

    The best part was when he re-affirmed he likes pussy.

    I thought he was allergic to cats?

    Psst. Dani, re-read the articles, he didn’t say “Pussy,” implied perhaps but it was WFW who translated with that term.

  47. Chat's Ghost

    @sueli: allergic to cats, yes, but not Cat Women

  48. sueli

    allergic to cats, yes, but not Cat Women

    Pussy Galore, too?

  49. Anonymous

    “Oh, and apparently he likes pussy, now? Hm…”

    hmmm, he’s strange.

  50. Chat's Ghost

    Pussy Galore *nods*, but no WM word yet on Plenty ‘Toole. WM word on butts? W4W made a topic once–with video– that WM likes each half to be nice, large, and round (like bucket hats). Although squishing round butts may give him visual pleasure, I do not know if he likes them to go “bing-a-bong” when a woman walks…

  51. sueli

    Although squishing round butts may give him visual pleasure, I do not know if he likes them to go “bing-a-bong” when a woman walks…

    Will you look at that! Look how she moves! It’s like Jell-O on springs. Must have some sort of built-in motor or something. I tell you, it’s a whole different sex!

  52. Chat's Ghost

    *LoL* Yeah, that kind of motorized, Jell-O springy butt can sure clean the floor of Went’s house and mop it as well. Not to mention being a very cushiony, er…you know.

    Btw, at the risk of getting my knuckles rapped for going off topic, I wish you all HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! (yeah, it’s tomorrow in my country.) Enjoy yourselves, but play safely.

    *dear higher self: please give me two nights of wentastic, wentgasmic dreams with my wentasy man. amen*

  53. Anon76

    Dominic was just in Brussels, why no Went!!
    I love Dominic, a true hottie, but no Wentworth, do they ever travel together? He said he was off to Ireland after.

  54. Just me...


    What Dominic in Brussels?!…..Why?!!

  55. OCee78

    He was in Brussels? I didn’t know all I know is that he was (is?) in Spain to promote the show. So maybe he went to Belgium afterwards.

  56. Rosi

    Down to earth,romantic,funny,gentle…sexy…The woman who date with him is the luckiest B*** in the world.
    I had a friend request on myspace,yesterday.So the guy is Dominic Purcell’s photo double in Prison Break S1.Weeeell i had no time to waste and i asked him if he know Went and if he have seen him and here is his answer.(The name of the guy is Charlie,btw).
    ”Yeah, the first season….He wasnt REAL friendly but not rude. Hes soft spoken an Im not…hehe. We trying to get him for our film Brave New World….”
    Say what?Went wasnt friendly???Man,thats hard to belive.
    Went in new movie?Now thats interesting…who knows maybe he’ll take the part.
    I posted Charlie’s words with his permission.

  57. Mary

    thanks for that! could you ask him if he met marshall allman?…ill totally understand if you dont want to 🙂

    sorry for going off topic i like Wentworth too though.

  58. Rosi

    He He,no problems girl.Ill ask.

  59. Leah

    i have to watch an episode of prison break every day (even if ive seen it 40 times already) just to see him. Am i addicted to him? how do i cure this? seriously 😦

  60. Linda

    omg could he be more perfect!!!

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