Prison Break: Under & Out

Well well well, the title alone implies that they will, in fact, this time, get out…but Noooooooooo

I’d like to have this under and out

And then under and out, under in and out, under over and out…

Thanks for the cap dinamite!


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41 responses to “Prison Break: Under & Out

  1. shelley

    Susan’s a bitch and Sofia’s a wimp, but, thank the Lord, Went is still hot! Whistler is growing on me, especially when he got a little tough with Susan. Definately looking forward to the next 2 epi’s!

  2. Juma

    A million dirty things are crossing my mind about that finger right now…

  3. Geisha

    I will like to give props to the camera man for giving me all those close-ups of Went and his rude lips.

    I can’t even give my synopsis this morning because I didn’t hear a damn thing anyone was saying, as I was in a constant state of moistness and fantasizing about all the things Went’s lips could be doing on me, under me, above me and in me.

    Thank God for pantyliners because my panties would’ve been ruined….again.

  4. Krissie

    The episode’s title should’ve been “Under with Lechero almost out but not just yet”.

  5. Snowflake

    They are still “in” Sona… well sort of… but who cares if Went looks hotter than ever!!! Mmmm….

  6. Gbaby

    Never has a hand/vinger been so pornographic.
    Just saying like it is.

  7. Aylla

    A cliffhanger to finish with, again. You are under, but still not out. And we have to wait again…
    And so we shall, again.
    P.S. Just stay that hooooot, will you?

  8. bleuciel

    I wish Greg Yaitanes would direct every PB episode. He does such a marvelous job with close-ups πŸ™‚

    So, they didn’t break out of Sona… Yeah, who cares?! I was too distracted by Went’s face to notice anything else. The Pretty was prettier than usual.

    Maybe I should thank GY for offering me such a variety of screencaps πŸ˜›

  9. artgirl

    This episode was really good. All the close-ups of Went made it even better! I can’t wait for next week.

  10. Anonymous

    This boy… sweet as honey…

  11. Kassie

    There have been rumors that the writer’s strike might be about to end…will this mean more PB epi’s before the season is finished? *fingers crossed*

    Speaking of fingers…Went and the Fingers of Fantasy…

  12. M-Tizzle

    Is it wrong that i would sit on that? And by ‘that’, im being non-specific, as that could also apply to his face, or his peen…im not picky πŸ˜‰

  13. His fingers are absolutely ricockulous…

    I want them in me.

    That is all.

  14. Jackie0

    your soooo wrong…but i’m liking what your saying lol …i wouln’t mind either

  15. LadyN

    …this little finger went to the market…annnnd this “little” finger ran all the way up the skirt…

    woot! πŸ˜‰

  16. sahra

    ok someone get a ruler out and measure that finger….you know what they say!!!

  17. Van

    It looks like Went is trying to see if the wind is blowing?! lol
    I can’t wait to see the last episode πŸ™‚

  18. miz brisvegas

    Yep – I reckon this was a pretty good ep, especially near the end when the anticipation nearly killed me! Can’t hardly wait for the next one!!!

    bleuciel 2.15pm “The Pretty was prettier than usual.” Word.

  19. niknak

    Am I the only one who thought that scene with him on the phone with the cutest ever? He could SOOO call me! I would invite him over… oops, distracted by the pic of the finger… I have to go be alone for a bit.

  20. LadyN

    niknak I agree! Cracked me the hell up!

    I would sooooo buy something from him if he was a Telemarketer. Visa? Mastercard? Money order?! Account number?! Retirement?! Take it all, Went!!! :-/

  21. Rose

    Bastard Aussie Tv isn’t showin PB yet!

    How long does a girl have to wait to be fingered???????????

  22. Dani

    Haven’t seen the last couple of eps yet in Australia – need to get off my lard-ass and download them. But those probing fingers shown here – will be the reason for my muffled moaning tonight..

    Sheesh, he’s lubing my juice – f*cking my sh!t up – just nicely!

  23. fuushi

    Ahh, I finally got my fingers on this ep.
    That close ups of Went were fab!!!!
    Especially “30 Seconds -GO!”
    Yeah Went – GO! FINGERS…

  24. Wentalicious

    I am in agreement with the rest of the ladies, the episode was muy fun… and those digits kill me e’erytime I see ’em. Dayyuuuuum booooyeeee!

  25. Dani

    (thank you Lord for those blessed erect fingers)
    aaahhhhhhh, ooooohhhhh…. a little to the left Went… . . . . . . !

  26. Mama Bear

    WFW, that was so wrong and yet oh-so-right.

  27. Gemini

    The writer’s strike is over !!!
    PrettyWenty, vacation is ended !
    You must come back and continue your very good job…

  28. fuushi

    Does that mean, there will be more than 13 eps? I even read something about a season 4???

  29. Kassie

    Rumor is that a major character is about to bite the dust…

  30. bleuciel

    Well, I’m spoiler-free, but could that major character please be Bellick? Pretty please? [/wishful thinking]

    *whispering: and maybe Lincoln could get deadly hurt or sent to an isolated island, too* πŸ˜€

  31. Rose

    Writer’s could Michael and Alex at least have a moment? PLEASE?

    Just a look, a moment that will saturate my undies! please?

    God I think they are getting along now!

  32. Dannie

    Thankgod for the internet, as Rose was saying the cretins at CH.7 have yet to finish of season 3 here(Australia). But in desperation (see how far your fans will go Went) I have taught myself a new skill, I am now starting to understand about torrents and seeding and all that stuff just so I can get my next fix of our darling Went. The end of this episode, my god the suspense it’s killing me. Thankyou to all those knowlegeable people who upload it in the first place. Have the writer ‘s really gone back to work yet ? please, please work it out.

  33. Tracey


    This site is f’in PRICELESS

    sighh……Went is too dreamy….

  34. Kassie

    What gives? No postings at this site for a long time!

    Where is our WFW?

  35. mia

    i v got a feeling sucre is gonna bite the dust , i hope its gonna be bellick or mahone instead.

  36. Dannie

    wfw where are you ? Are you alright? or is your affection for the pretty waning?

  37. Wentworth, sorry…rant typo

  38. gemini

    oh, oh ! Is there somebody here ?
    After the writer’s strike, this is the WFW’s strike ! πŸ™‚

  39. Anonymous

    “guys please stop going off the topic on the β€˜comments’ column by asking whats going on – WFW will lose it and ban everybody!

    Please – just type these concerns and complaints in the c-box so WFW doesnt go nuts on us!

    We’ve all been warned”

    Anon =Idiot ass-sucker.

  40. thuli

    I cud think of a million things to do wit those fingers… grgrgrgrgr

  41. Just me...

    Good for you thuli πŸ˜‰

    Wentworth is the only man whom really attract me, but my imagination can’t go in this way!!
    And I think that I’m the only one who really can’t!

    Why, oh why? 😦

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